MA! The Meatloaf… FACK!

GiGi Dubois is HANGRY!

Are your eyes going cross-eyed as you try to focus on your computer screen, the stop light ahead of you or your kids playing in the jungle gym…? (Whoops, did little Harry just fall SPLAT on the ground?)  Are you getting irritated by even the slightest of noises? (That coworker or dog better STOP breathing!) Is that black dot on the ceiling transforming into a scrumptious chocolate chip? (Wow, now you’re in Willy Wanka’s Chocolate Factory!) You don’t need WebMD [Read On!]

So Hungry You Could Eat A…

Down Bed Comforter

Have you ever been so hungry that… Your shoe, your car bumper… The designs on a rug… Made you drool? I’m about to bite your hand off if you don’t give me that treat right NOW! You’re definitely not alone if you too envision a fluffy cinnamon roll as you stare at your bed comforter when you’re “starving”.              =             Imagine napping on a pile of cinnamon rolls? The problem is, is that people do not plan ahead. By [Read On!]