Attacking The Snack… This Junk Foodie Taste Tests “Healthy” Snacks

There is no doubt in my mind that when you wander through the aisles of your local grocery store…

You wonder if…

You’ll see a completely HAMMERED Tony the Tiger juggling bananas while jumping on a trampoline.

Tony The Tiger Totally Wasted

Oh wait… Just me?

But in all “seriousness”… You probably ponder…

  • Whether or not that bag of eye-catching chocolate covered “skinny” popcorn is actually tasty
  • If you should risk it and buy that fruit and grain no-mess snack for the moments when you’re stuck in traffic and about to gnaw your arm off out of hunger…
  • Or why the bleepity bleep people are eating green sheets of crunchy tissue paper and calling it snack food.

Nori Sheet Taste Test Landon Ashworth GiGi Dubois

Alas… You then look at the price tag of said “healthier” munchy options and… Food erection… GONE!

Nori Sheets Gross Snack Landon Ashworth

You blink a few dozen times… Thinking you need to head to the ophthalmologist to get your eyes checked because those price tags cannot be right… 

Why aren’t those “el cheapo” reading glasses sold in aisle five, dammit!

Walmart Vision Center

ALMOST $2 for a 10 gram packet of nori squares… A teeny tiny pouch filled with air and stuff gathered from the sea… Is really NOT worth that price... ESPECIALLY IF you have NO IDEA if you will actually enjoy it… And if you’re like the majority of the world… You will probably think those seaweed snacks taste about as good as swallowing a cup full of sewage.


I on the other hand… Snack on nori like I am getting paid to do so. I wish I were getting paid. I would make MILLIONS BILLIONS!!! Anyone looking for a professional seaweed eater?

GiGi Eats Nori Sheets

Ugh… and don’t seem to list “professional sea vegetable eater” as a type of job to apply for.

What is my life about?!


Don’t you worry… I am not about to have an identity crisis over this sad, sad, sad realization because THANKFULLY I am pretty confident with what’s going on in my world… Which includes…

Forcing THIS DUDE…

Healthy Food Taste Test GiGi Landon Ashworth

To taste-test a whole bunch of these “healthy” nibbles you’re losing sleep over, so as to save you your hard earned coinage.

When I was at the Natural Food Expo… I walked around that BONANZA with a few re-useable shopping sacks (WOO WOO… Eco-friendly me!) and basically swept the goodies into my bags… Like a house cleaner simply doing the tasks asked of her.

But wait… I was doing my job…


As you know at this point (although if you’re a new reader, YOU DON’T)… I cannot eat a lot of foods… So um, why the heck would I gather such fare like raisin-studded wannabe English muffins…  Or pretzels that look like bagel chips

Natural Food Expo Snacks 2016


And because I really wanted to see my Chick-Fil-A loving fiance gag…

Healthy Food Taste Test GiGi Landon

YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SEE THAT TOO… And then take note as to which foods you should just quit eye flirting with at the grocery store.

So click play…

So Tell Me…

  • What was the last thing you put in your mouth that made you gag?
  • What “healthy” snack food have you been dying to try? Why haven’t you tried it yet?
  • Are you a self-proclaimed “professional seaweed eater” like me?
  • When you’re tempted to eat your arm… Aka: when you’re hungry AF… What do you chow down on? 
  • Have you seen my fiance’s YouTube channel… He’s a pretty funny giraffe, if you didn’t already get that from our video!


  1. Oh my god! Tequila frosties? Please tell me that is actually a thing!

    • Only when you’re drunk… You pour tequila in your bowl of Frosted Flakes…. And chow down 😉

    • I was thinking the same Dannii, and GiGi can I have some? Yummm…Seriously most so called healthy snacks taste like cardboard and I am being very kind. Your Boo is not holding back good man :) Gimme a steak any day :)

  2. Raw granmas! Lol!!!!

    • BAH HA HA HA HA HA!!!! This definitely brought back MEMORIES!!!! L thought some of this food tasted “grandma-like” as well!!! 😉

  3. I’m such a fan of spicy kale chips, but damn if that price tag didn’t keep me from binge eating them. They’re super expensive off the shelf. I recently solved that little problem, however. I found a recipe that was simple enough for me (lazy cook here). It’s actually worked out well. Thanks for another amusing post. You’re the queen of comedic blogs posts.

    • RIGHT?!!?!?!??! I see Kale Chips at the store and then I look at the ingredients and I am like, uh….. I CAN MAKE THESE AT HOME!!!

      And um. YOU just made my day! MADE IT. THANK YOU SO MUCH for dubbing my blog “the queen of comedy blog posts”! WOO WOO! 😀

  4. This is hilarious! I am always skeptical of “healthy snacks”. Mostly because while they may appear healthy they often aren’t when you look a little closer and secondly because they are usually insanely overpriced. I can find healthy good food to eat without spending my money on that kind of stuff.

    • RIGHT? They’re simply GLORIFIED junk food – it drives me BANANAS! Hence my quotation marks around “healthy” – he he he!

      What’s wrong with just buying butternut squash and making your OWN CHIPS…. Right? 😉

  5. HAHAHHA This is amazing! I have to agree with your fiance when it comes to seaweed. Nasty! I’d give it negative dog bones fo sho!

    • SHUSH!! SEAWEED IS THE BEST!! LOL!!!! At least you can handle it wrapped around delicious SUSHI… Which, by the way, we need to go out for ! 😉

    • My d-in-law’s the healthiest either I know. She brings home some awesome snacks but I always forget what they’re called I think taro chips, or Terra chips, or something she brought home recently I tried when I was visiting. I like them but darmed if I can’t remember their name. I have not tried seaweed.

  6. I can’t say that I am the healthiest of eaters – far from it. However, I don’t purchase too much junk food or these convenience meals/snacks that are available on the market. I prefer to make home-cooked meals and have leftovers. Most cereals would not pass my lips – not because I am that health conscious because I am not but I was not grown up that way to eat those things. I really appreciate that now.

    • You are exactly like my dad! He makes everything from scratch – and honestly… That is 32842394832x healthier than buying pre-made, “easy” snacks! So I totally commend you!

  7. I love seaweed, but it really is hella expensive. I keep trying “raw foods” and not being impressed. AT ALL.

    • I buy all my seaweed on Amazon – in bulk. Seasnax is hands down my favorite – it’s made with olive oil, which I love!

  8. I LOVE SEAWEED!! I would love to get more on a regular basis. I’m dying at “last time put something in your mouth that made you gag” – totally need to my head out of the gutter.

    • I eat like 10 packages a day – Sometimes I google if you can have seaweed overdose because if you can, well then I am in trouble! ha ha ha ha!

  9. Hilarious! I can watch you two all day. I love seaweed too but wouldn’t touch the drink that tasted like rose petals! LOL

    • Perhaps this stud muffin of mine and I should just wear Go-Pros…. And make YouTube vLogs on the regular – ha ha ha ah ah!

      And girl, that drink really did taste like flowers – it was vile!

  10. You guys are hilarious! Looks like the dog bone cookie was the big winner, lol. My fav snack is lemony kale popcorn but lately I just snack on celery, carrots and I have a weird thing for marinated aritchokes.
    I have to say that the fiance was very brave!! lol. I’m not good at trying new foods unless I’m blindfolded but that’s a story for another day. ha!

    • Dog Bone Cookies and the Pressels… Those were his favorites – Oh and the wanna be Doritos! LOL

      And um…. I need to hear this BLINDFOLDED story, tee he he he!

  11. “Long live unhealthy food”- lol! Can I just say you two are hilarious. Please make this a reoccurring series because it’s so funny! I’m so glad he loved the seaweed snacks. 😉

    • I need to sit him down and propose this YouTube series to him…. Bah ha ha! Or at least make another TASTE TEST video when… We try the food we will be serving at our wedding 😉

  12. I give this post 5 out of 4 dog bones.

  13. OMG this is hilarious! Also, I too am a profesh seaweed eater–luckily THEY HAVE SEAWEED SNAX AT COSTCO!! :-) :-) Made my life so much happier, lol! I wish I were saying that with any sort of irony, but I’m not. Totally addicted to those things!

    • I HAVE SEEN THEM AT COSTCO!!! HOW MUCH are they over there??! I don’t have a Costco membership anymore…. UGH – But if they’re cheap as F…. Then I might re-up it! ha ha ah! I buy all my nori on Amazon! SEASNAX for the WIN!!!

  14. Ohmygoodness, I’d love to do this with my fiance! He would definitely make some of those faces and have the same kinds of reactions because he is NOT a health nut like I am. And he’s a very picky eater. Great experiment, Gigi!

    • YOU MUST!! It’s the funniest thing ever. We filmed for 40 minutes (I am shocked I could cut it down to 11 minutes)…. And I think I laughed for a good 35 of them!

  15. That. was. hilarious. Bring the boy to the blog more often ;).
    What healthy food I’ve been wanting to try for-ev-er? So many! Why haven’t I? Because they’re not available over here. Bummer.
    Also, the last time I gagged was … eating chickpeas which happen to be one of my favourite snacks. But the freshly opened can (!) was nasty. So nasty even the few I’d eaten gave me severe stomach pain.

    • Girl, I bet if I were you – there would be SOOOO MANY American foods I would want to try, but you’re actually LUCKY you cannot get your hands on them, because they’re really just crap!! So many fillers/additives and added/hidden sugars!! You’re better off without – and you’re better off making your own awesome treats :)

      I’ve never eaten Chickpeas from a can… That doesn’t sound all that appetizing… However, I do love crunchy Chickpeas! Hope your stomach is feeling better!

      • Say what?! I was able to bring up a snack YOU would find weird 😀 ??! Also, I didn’t know you were able to eat chickpeas because many people even with less sensible stomachs than yours can’t. But: yay, chickpeas!
        By the way: It is possible to overdo seeweed ;).

        • I literally can eat a handful of chickpeas and THAT IS IT! I made the mistake of going over board a few months ago and OMG THE PAINNNNNN I had was just – astronomical! Stinks because they’re super tasty! WOMP WOMP!

          And crap, really about the seaweed? Well… I guess I will be the first person to die of seaweed overdose! LOL!

  16. That was nice of him to do that for you! I like healthy snacks that are actually just food! Like apples and peanut butter. Yum. But I admit I love these snap pea crisp things, although they don’t claim to be healthy. So that’s a plus!

    • I LIKE REAL NATURAL foods too – with one or two ingredients! Snack foods do NOT appeal to me, hence why I only ate… Seaweed – ha ha! And MADE HIM eat the rest 😉 He will do anything for me! What a keeper – ha ah aha!

      I think I have seen those snap pea things…. Trader Joes?

      • Oh yes! That’s why I loved this. Because I know you don’t eat this stuff. That’s what good men are for!
        The snap pea things used to be only at Trader Joe’s, but we also get a few other brands at the co-op.

  17. This is such a fun idea! I’m the same way at food expos – I love all the samples! I like to go on the last day when they literally are dumping their displays into your bag.

    • I AM DOING THAT NEXT YEAR Kelly! I couldn’t go on Sunday this year – WOMP! BUT YOU BEST believe I am all over that with a dump truck next year LOL!

  18. Holy healthy snacks girl! Did you leave any samples for anyone else at the Expo? lol!! Seriously, you two are so damn cute, I can’t even. Your giraffe fiance is just as funny/personable as you and I think you two would be perfect as hosts for QVC. You could hold up and model whatever you’re trying to sell and he could pitch it. I don’t even watch QVC but I would if you two were on it. Just sayin’. I also think he’s pretty great because he loves Chick-fil-a. In my book, anyone who loves Chick-fil-a is a fantastic, well rounded person (btw, I really love chick-fil-a). Sorry, can’t tell you the last thing I put in my mouth that made me gag b/c trying to keep it PG-13 around here. hahahaha! I’d love to try those Pressels (the everything flavor) but haven’t seen them around here. Love seaweed in any form, I’ll grab a handful of dried fruit/raw nuts & seeds if I’m hungry but need something fast. I’m heading over to the giraffe’s channel now. BTW, his hair looks darker. Did he do something to it for a role or is it just the lighting? Just wondering if I need to be looking out for him on a TV show or movie 😉

    • Everyone else at the EXPO gave me the middle finger because I TOOK EVERYTHING. I am sorry/not sorry that I am good at doing the CLEAN SWEEP – tee he he he!

      And I have to agree with you about my giraffe – he’s kind of the best person ever. He’s ridiculous, just like moi 😉 And you’re not seeing things – his hair is darker… He had to dye it! HA! I am having a hard time getting used to it, but he could have purple hair, or no hair and still be a stud! Am I just being bias? LOL! And really… You should ALWAYS be looking out for him on TV and in the movies – you never know where he might just POP OUT!

  19. Love that we are now seeing more of your fiance! So cute you 2 are! I am not really a seaweed lover-too salty. I can’t seem to get the chia seed thing. Something about the texture and the memory of the chia plant I had growing a few years back

    • I have a feeling he might be on more of my videos in the future – I mean, if he’s marrying me, that just comes with the package – ha ah ah!

      Have you ever tried nori without added salt?? That might just taste like weird paper to you – lol! Do you at least like it with sushi??

      Oh and the chia thing… I can agree with you on that. I don’t reallly go for it – I tell myself to try but then I throw back a bunless burger instead lol!

  20. Great post. I must admit I have never tried any healthy snacks as I’ve been told they all taste like cardboard but thanks for sharing :)

  21. LOL! This is soooooo Vegas. I want to make a video like this with her. She’d rather have Chick-fil-a any day of the week. In fact, sometimes she sneaks out for a chicken sandwich or a Wendy’s burger. I dunno…

    I don’t put things in my mouth that make me gag. I’ll leave that for you. 😉

    • WOW VEGAS AND LANDON = same person!!! HA HA HA AH AH! But seriously.

      And thanks for letting me do all the GAGGING for ya! 😉

  22. Thank you for making him suffer!! I made an absolutely horrendous protein smoothie this weekend, which I chugged like a champ. And in the car, I keep multiseed whole grain crackers to keep me from going postal with hunger.

    • Ha Ha! Smart move to have snacks in the car 😉
      I am curious though…. What was in this smoothie that was absolutely horrid?? lol

  23. AS I wrote on your YouTube channel – LOVE! Hubby is going to love cause he feels the same way!!!!

    I am not a seaweed person though! :)

  24. So maybe I should actually try that seaweed that I’ve seen EVERYWHERE recently?! Love this post!

  25. Well I’m drinking a 360mg caffeine delight, no carbs or sugar just pure sin. It’s perfect for this post, good to see lovey, like the new do !!! This is a great video I’ve eaten milk bones as a kid I would take them over the sea weed strips any day :) “So many snacks so little time ” HaHa I like to buy a cooked chicken when I need to snack. it’s rare these days to see a couple who compliment each other, keep us smiling and well informed. :)

    • Rocco, you and I are so similar. Snacking on chicken is what I do best!! I love those whole roasted chickens – I um… Eat a whole one to myself at times – ha ha ha ha ha ha! I don’t let the stud in the video have ANY – he can get his own, 😉

      And I think… He will be in future videos. He’s very easy on the eyes and definitely makes us laugh! 😉

  26. Gah, I DIED. This was wonderful–finally get to see the face of the fiance! LOL! Definitely had my fair share of stealing all the samples that were available!

    • HA HA HA HA! Next year we are going back on SUNDAY yo! 😉 With grocery carts……… Yep, it’s happening – PENCIL IT IN your planner he he.

  27. Damn, I have to force my boyfriend to eat healthy snacks, too. He could use them and it would be hilarious to see his face.. it will be a combination of dread and disgust.

  28. Does putting your video in my mouth count?? Yeah, young love is so sickly sweet!

    OK, I;m very happy for you both!!!

    Can’t offer much as I never eat any of this stuff.

  29. Healthy snack foods are a state of mind… Okay, maybe not,but they sure are expensive for what you get! Same as the food allergy items we have to buy in the “natural” section of the grocery store. It is a necessary evil, but that’s where we have to shop.

  30. You guys are adorable and that video was hilarious. Loved it!

    I can’t think of the last snack that I literally spit out, but the last food would be a dairy-free cream cheese that I taste tested. It wasn’t that it was bad in any particular way but it had a weird sweet kind of flavor that just did not taste good at all to me!

    • I just asked someone about dairy-free cream cheese… If there were such a thing. I guess SO! But it doesn’t sound all that appetizing, especially since you SPIT IT OUT!! What was it made out of?

  31. I’m obsessed with nori sea weed your fiance’s reaction LOLOLOLOL is something wrong with us or are our guys just weird? My boyfriend did something similar 😛

  32. That was an impressive take home batch of “goodies” from the expo! I have to admit that I like the seaweed snacks too, but holy cow are they $$$. Your fiance’s reactions were hilarious & his opinion sounds about right with some of the stuff “smells like my grandma’s elbow” hahaha Thank you for sharing and making me LOL!!! :-)

    • AH HA HA HA HA! Just reading “smells like my grandma’s elbow” made me laugh! LOL!!!!!!
      As for seaweed – I buy it all in BULK on AMAZON!!! —>

      This stuff – I am totally addicted to and I will be up at like midnight eating it! ha ha ah!

  33. I so wanted to go to this event! I’m hoping to go next year. Did you try lots of good stuff anyways? There is so much health food that is god awful, it’s frustrating to find the good things in between ( and expensive) I love those muesli breakfast buns! I always buy them at Whole Foods

    • Oh you HAVE TO go Amber, HAVE TO! There is an EXPO EAST later this year if you really can’t wait until next year!!

      And, um, YES – there are so many “healthy” snack that taste like… Well… My fiance said it! ha ha ha!!! He hates 3/4 of the healthy stuff I try and feed him. Granted, all of the snacks I gave him in this video…. I didn’t think were all that healthy, except the nori and the tea perhaps! ha ha

  34. Awesome post and video. Your other half is hilarious. I was the guinea pig when hubby decided to go Vegan for Health reasons, and had to tag along. Not caught on Video. Lasted about 2 weeks. My 12 year old wanted us to join Costco just so she could get Nori…. I know we could find it elsewhere. We love in with our Sushi. I cannot wait for your next post…

    • OH MAN! I could NOT be the guinea pig for a vegan, that’s for sure… Because… I cannot eat vegan, ha! My diet is insanely strict, so vegan food is out for me – hence why I had my other half eating everything! The second he walks into the room, I am always laughing 😉

      And you can buy nori on AMAZON!! I buy it in bulk –> – Seasnax is the best brand out there and they make their nori with olive oil :) PS: LUCKY YOU to have a 12 year old want to eat nori!!!

  35. Valerie Robinson says:

    I tried seaweed and hated it so much. Tasted like dirt lol. You guys are so hilarious- I love it!

  36. Elizabeth O. says:

    That’s so fun. It’s always exciting and a little nerve wracking to taste food for the first time. I love healthy snacks though, some are quite enjoyable!

  37. Great post! Love the humor – Thanks for sharing on the “What’s for Dinner” linky!

  38. My kids LOVE roasted seaweed snack–good thing Costco has it in bulk!

  39. This is way too funny! I feel you on the junk food eating partner…. I mean, I’m the healthy food loving girl who married a fried food raised Southern man! 😛

    PS: I just realised my feedly has been eating your posts! What the heck?!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! Oh yes, this man in my life is from the mid-west and loves his banana cream pie! ha ha ah! 😉

      And I don’t even know what that means… Feedly was hungry and thought my blog looked tasty??? ha ha ha!

  40. I love how he says, “Kill me now” with such a huge smile on his face.

    Ahahahaa, gnawing on a rose petal. Loved this video!

    But don’t you be hatin’ on nori!!! (Actually it’s fine, just give it to me or you!)

    Please make more videos together in the future. 😀 This video made my day!

    • Ha Ha! I have a slight feeling that he MAY be on future videos with me, ha ha. It comes with the “package” – he he!

  41. Oh man, I have tried so hard to get on the seaweed train because PR people keep sending me the seaweed thins but…unless nori is wrapped around sticky rice and doused in soy sauce that has been mixed with a substantial amount of wasabi I cannot.
    Pretzel crisps have been my crunchy jam of late. Maybe I need to try pressels!

  42. Ha! I love this. I can’t say the word “healthy” to my husband cause he’ll just automatically assume it tastes bad. I bought those seaweed snacks at Trader Joe’s one time and he thought I was crazy. They’re so good though!

    • Seriously – it’s like “healthy” is a bad word… HOWEVER -it’s actually a GOOD word! LOL!!! Men are just so predictable 😉

  43. This is HILARIOUS! Your fiance and you are just gorgeous and so funny! Love the comment about sweet potato making a good cookie-hahaha! I’m subscribing to your channel! Thanks for linking up to #Tastytuesdays

  44. My go to snacks depending on what I’m craving and if I don’t want to leave the house. Almonds, boiled egg whites, yogurt or green olives lol Super all over the place but I tend to have these in my home lol

  45. FUN post, and the video is even better. 4 out of 4 dog bones!

  46. Love this! My husband is also a junk food dude, and I also try to make him eat healthier!

  47. SO funny! It’s so funny trying to show others healthy snacks, best reaction is when people try kombucha.

  48. You guys are hilarious! I’m sure I already sub to your Youtube channel. I’ll check.

  49. What a perfect match you two are! Hope you have many great years together searching for the perfect “healthy” “junk” food.

    • What’s wonderful is that he does actually like some healthy food! We ate KALE and SPAGHETTI SQUASH this evening!! 😉

  50. Hilarious and kinda nasty too! Those seaweed snack is kinda out of this world…

  51. I love nori chips, too, particularly the ones that we bought from Korea. I loved them so much I brought a few bags home. :)

  52. Love your humour!!! The good thing is that I can’t remember which last food I ate made me gag!!!

  53. This….yes. I call dibs on the next taste test video! Landon and I should have a taste off.

  54. OMG I love seaweed! Think it’s cuz I’m asian tho? I’m also part german and love sauerkraut and beer. So.

    • Hmmm I ADORE seaweed and eat a toxic amount probably… But I am not Asian, so perhaps your theory is not exactly true? lol

  55. Your Tony the Tiger had me snort laughing! I’ll never see grocery shelves the same way again!

    • I might have just bummed you out because I heard Tony got arrested for public intoxication… And offering booze to kids…. So he probably won’t be hanging out in aisle 5 anymore!

  56. OMG LOL. I couldn’t stop laughing. I just couldn’t. I definitely needed this girl. I really did. Loved this Gigi.

    Kia / KTS

    • Aw I am so glad that I could help you UP your mood this morning!!! :) Hopefully the rest of the day goes well for you! <3

  57. A few things…

    1. “Or why the bleepity bleep people are eating green sheets of crunchy tissue paper and calling it snack food.” STILL trying to figure this out! That mess is grooooooos!
    2. “Chick-Fil-A loving fiance gag” I like him so much cuz that is my favorite fast food spot like DAAAAAANG!!!!
    3. He was legit a flip flopper changing his rating. Stick to your guns man!

    Great job as always <3

  58. THis was hilarious! You two should do this more often.

  59. OMG so funny! I totally have to agree with your fiance about those seaweed snacks. BLECH! The worst thing I’ve tried recently though has been though Hint waters. I know some people are obsessed with them, but I could barely even swallow the first sip, it was so disgusting!

  60. Your a nut, i love the blog, thanks for sharing

  61. Answer to question one… 😉 That’s all for today.

  62. Do the words healthy and snack go together? Always wondered about that!

    • If they are ever paired together (and described a package) then you know it’s all “glorified” junk! Take Protein Bars for example – UGHHHH!

  63. When I’m HAF, I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwichless. That means I dip a spoon into the peanut butter jar, then into the jelly jar, and then enjoy. No bread. It’s horrifying, so I try never to let myself get that hungry.

    • So really, it’s not a sandwich… You eat a PB & J Spoon!

      Oh and if you want to see HORRIFYINGGGGGGGGGGGG don’t feed me for 20 hours. Yep. I am surprised my fiance is still in my life – HA HA HA HA HA!

  64. Haha you two had way too much fun with this video.

    I am a professional seaweed eater. I can’t remember the last thing that made me gag. Cast-Iron Stomach here. Even Castor oil doesn’t do it.

    I always go for the handful of peanuts and raisins when I’m hungry. It’s so simple and satisfying.

  65. Good looking fiance there! Just stopping by to greet you a wonderful Easter!


  66. I eat chocolate when I’m hungry, I enjoyed reading this, so funny.

  67. I’m not much a of snack eater, but when I do, I’m guilty of not giving it much of thought…. I like granola bars, though!

  68. HAHAHA – GiGi – you are your fiance are adorable – what an act! Girlyfriend I think y’all need to take your show on the road! Ooops that might offend the food pervert – maybe she could chip in too somehow?!?! Too too funny!

  69. I loved how he spat out that seaweed! That was absolutely hilarious!

    Just brilliant. 😀

    I need more of this please GiGi!

    • Right? Seriously the best part of the whole video 😉

      And don’t you worry Neil! Lots more is on the way. I mean, he’s marrying me – he’s signing up for this! LOL!

  70. Lol this is great! Also love the lab meme!

  71. So need tequila frosties! Agreed on nori, I bought a package once from Trader Joe’s and literally felt guilty about the amount of packaging for … salty air! I would like to try calorie free ice cream like from The Sweetest Thing, but haven’t found it yet!

    • Girl, WINK FROZEN DESSERTS is the closest thing to CALORIE FREE ICE CREAM!!!!!!! It’s 100 calories per pint. Um, yes please?!

  72. I must admit that I’m not a fan of nori. I’ve tried it in soups and it just sort of gives me the shivers when I happen to get a piece on my spoon.

  73. I totally agree with you on the price of healthy snacks…I get sticker shock too! Why is it that the “junk” is always so much cheaper! Always enjoy reading your posts! They’re truthful and entertaining at the same time and you always make me giggle! (P.S. My hubby is obsessed with Chick-Fil-A!)

    • I think unhealthy food is cheaper because… It’s full of CHEAPER ingredients, aka: fake, artificial, crappy stuff that can be mass produced for next to nother – UGH! And then the healthy stuff, like seaweed, takes a lot of man powder and production to process. It’s so annoying :( Stupid food system!!! I do like that HEALTHIER food is catching on everywhere though… Ahem, have you gone to Chick-Fil-A with your husband recently?? They now offer a SUPERFOODS salad! WTF? ha!

  74. Gaaaaaaah don’t ever talk about chocolate covered popcorn again!! It makes me want to turn my pantry upside down to find some 😉 Ok so this is super sad, but salmon was the last thing that made me gag. Pregnancy. UGH!

    • BAH HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA! Do you make your own or buy it at the store? I feel like if you made it with air-popped plain popcorn and sugar-free dark chocolate…… You could gobble down that guilt-free.

      Sorry to talk about it again! LOL!

      AND OMG!! I AM TERRIFIED THAT IS GOING TO BE ME WHEN/IF I ever get pregnant!!!!!! AH HA HA! It would happen, seriously! I am so sorry to hear that about salmon :(

  75. Loved your video and loved seeing all of those “healthy” snacks! Oh and chocolate covered popcorn sounds heavenly! I’ve tried the seaweed snacks a couple of times and I honestly don’t know how anyone likes them! Barf. I wish I liked them though because I’m sure they’re one of the better healthy snacks out there!!

    • He He He. Well I adore them, almost TOO MUCH! I sometimes google if there is such thing as a seaweed overdose! LOL!!!

  76. lol loved the video. Got to give him credit for trying the healthy snacks.

  77. Healthy snacks? All I have done is eat fattening, unhealthy snacks since my kids are in town for college.

  78. I tried nori and couldn’t get into it. They sell it in bulk at Costco!

  79. I was smiling throughout the video! Way to go for some totally honest reviews, haha!

    I always see those morning round things at Sprouts and but never was convinced that they were worth the $3+ price.

    • I knew if I wanted 100000% honest, I would have to go to the man I know to be 100000% honest with me all the time, ha!

      And so what do you think now, do you think you’ll go for the Morning Rounds now??

  80. Love the reviews! I can’t tell you how much $$$ I have wasted on “healthy” items that looked and sounded good but were awful! The video had me laughing all the way through, I loved that it was the spring water at the end that made your fiancé actually gag…I would’ve gagged way before that one, lol. As far as the seaweed, I will leave that job to you, I only like it on sushi. Those nori sheets just aren’t for me. Take care.

    • Ah ha ha ha! RIGHT?! The WATER was the tipping point, but in his defense, it was Grapefruit flavor… And that’s just KIND OF gross! 😉
      And THANK YOU for letting me have your share of seaweed! I certainly appreciate that as I just truly cannot get enough. Have a wonderful Monday!

  81. The last thing that made me want to gag was actually an herbal tea! I’ve had some weird ones, but the last one I had was pretty atrocious. As for foods I’ve been wanting to try… that’s a long list. But, alas! So much to do, and so little time!

    • Ugh I have had some HORRIFIC teas in my day too – NO GOOD. Care to disclose the Brand name? LOL! I don’t want to make THAT mistake – bah ha ha! Wouldn’t it be funny if the tea that made you want to hurl, is actually my favorite…. LOL

  82. When you’re tempted to eat your arm? I think I will have some ice cream or some sinigang, its a sour pork stew in the Philippines, one of my favourite comfort meals

    • Mmmmm I love “comfort food” – that term is 100% relative as you definitely made apparent! Pork Stew for you. Salmon for me. :)

  83. Riza Smith says:

    This is so amazing and the video was really fun. Thanks for the good post.

  84. You guys are completely hilarious! I love it =)
    I ALMOST went to the Natural Food Expo, but had a pesky half marathon the same weekend. We could have met up!
    Glad you went – looks like you got a ton of goodies, even if you couldn’t eat a lot of them ;p
    I actually LOVE nori. I think it’s awesome sauce. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I have definitely seen people look at me weirdly as I sit and quietly enjoy it. Haha.
    I find rice cakes kind gross. I want to like them as they are a decent snack, but just kind of taste like cardboard :/

    • OKAY NEXT YEAR —- LETS MEET! I plan on going on SUNDAY because that’s when they get rid of ALL THE GOODS… And I want to TAKE ALL THE CANNED SEAFOOD home with me, LOL!!
      Oh and I totally agree with you about rice cakes – BLECH! Boring! I’d so rather chow down on something else!

  85. Hi Gigi,
    Look at all these comments!
    What made me gag? Kimchi
    I would also make a billion dollars if I got paid to eat.
    I didn’t know you were engaged. Congratulations!
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

    • Ha Ha! Everyone wants to tell me about the foods that make them gag but of course 😉
      And um, getting paid to eat = LIFE GOAL and um…. I WAS JUST HIRED TODAY TO DO JUST THAT!! 😮 Holy Moly!!

      THANK YOU for the congrats too! I am so dang lucky, seriously! This man is just too amazing and hysterical!!

  86. Hi GiGi,

    This post will be featured on the Blogger’s Pit Stop Friday – Woot

  87. So funny!!!! I would have the same reaction to a couple of those. I am not good with packaged health food.

  88. We’re big fans of seaweed snacks in our house. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Savoring Saturdays gluten free linky party. Hope you’ll join us again this week.

  89. I can’t stand seaweed, but my kids and husband love sushi. I don’t remember the last time I gagged when I ate something. Great post! Have a terrific week!

    • When you go out to sushi do you get your rolls wrapped in rice paper or cucumber then? Or do you just not go to sushi?

  90. This is one of my favorite posts! I love the idea of making your honey eat healthy snacks. I am so glad you shared your “fun with fiance times” with us at the Plant-based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.