An Australian Get Away, Thanks To Teas’ Tea


Home of Vegemite, the kangaroo and Chris Hemsworth (hubba, hubba)…

Chris Hemsworth is friggin' sexy!

Have you had visions of riding kangaroos into the sunset with Chris Hemsworth as he feeds you Vegemite too?

What if I told you that your dream could become a reality… All thanks to Teas’ Tea!

Learn about Teas’ Tea (and the health benefits of green tea – DRINK UP!) in my LATEST VIDEO:

So what’s up with the HASHTAG: #TeaFreshing in the lower left hand corner of my video?

Well, Teas’ Tea is hosting a WIN A TRIP TO AUSTRALIA sweepstakes until September 3, 2013!

In order to rev (just like green tea REVS your metabolism) your chances of winning the trip, you have to take photos of your “refreshing moments” from this summer, posting them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with #TeaFreshing! How simple is that?

First however, you must REGISTER at Teas’ Tea’s FACEBOOK PAGE! 

Teas' Tea Facebook Page

Yeah, you might be thinking, “HA! What are the chances of me actually being able to climb eucalyptus trees with Koalas?!”

Even though winning the GRAND PRIZE might be compared to that of winning the lottery, Teas’ Tea is giving away other prizes such as tea, tote bags, cameras, tablets and tons of other accessories!

So it’s time to SNAP SOME #TeaFreshing MOMENTS! (Chris is waiting!) 

Koala Eating

So tell me…

  • Have you ever been to Australia?
  • Do you find Chris Hemsworth sexy? (Okay guys: Do you find… Abbie Cornish sexy?)
  • Koalas or Kangaroos? Which do you prefer?
  • Tell me, what (if you can remember) has been your craziest dream to date?
  • Do you drink green tea? Or do you prefer black tea?
  • Have you ever tried Teas’ Tea? Are you a fan?
  • If you won a trip to Australia, what would you want to do when you got there?
  • Is there any topic you would like for me to make a video about?


  1. This is a great contest, thank you for posting. I have never been to Australia, but I would love to go. I also have to admit I didn’t recognize the name Chris Hemsworth; had you said Thor, I would have immediately responded. I’m sort of a nerd, lol! Green tea might be one of my absolute favorite drinks, but I have never tried Tea’s Tea’s. I will have to check it out!

    • Ah ha ha! I should write an, AKA; THOR – And then people would know! I should change the title of my post to THOR loves Green Tea! LOL!
      Definitely try out Teas’ Tea – As I said in my video, it’s super easy because it’s already brewed for you! :)

  2. Wow, this would be the ultimate trip for one lucky winner. I like Koalas, they are so cute!

    • YOU could be the lucky winner!! 😀 ha ha! Definitely get in there and try! Who doesn’t love taking pictures anyways?!

  3. What a great contest. I have always wanted to visit Australia so I think I am going to have to enter.

  4. I have never been to Austrailia, but would love to go… When I drink tea, I prefer herbal decaffeinated. Chris Hemsworth is a brilliant actor! What a fun post!

    • What brand of tea is your favorite? I love Celestial Seasonings Honey Chamomile if I am going for herbal!

      • I don’t usually drink tea, so I don’t really have a favorite brand… If I get in the mood, I just check out my local health food store – here’s it’s Mother’s Market. They have their own blend which is delicious!

  5. I love Chris Hemsworth! I actually saw him IRL last year at the Tribeca Film Festival. He’s even more good looking in person. I can’t wait for his new Thor movie!

    • Oh really! I guess I am just going to have to stalk where he hangs out so I too can get a glimpse of him in person! 😉

  6. How fun! I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, too!

  7. I actually ordered a green tea at Starbucks last weekend! I added a little honey and it was delicious! Always happy to hear the health benefits too. Hope I win the trip! :)

    • Now you want to go order another one 😉

      And even if you don’t win the BIG TRIP, I hope you win some cool SHWAG!!!

  8. If Liam wasn’t attached to that annoying fiance of his, I’d jump at the chance to date him. Being related to Chris wouldn’t be such a bad thing either 😉

    • Oh that relationship. One second it is on and the next it is off. Even if they do get married, they will break up in a matter of years… Okay, maybe months! LOL!

  9. Love green tea! One of our favorite drinks around here. And koalas are totally cooler than kangaroos.

    • I am thrilled that green tea is one of your favorite drinks – Obviously if you watched the video – YOUR HABIT is super healthy! :)

  10. Numer 1… that dancing dog, hahaha. Number 2… I remember doing a clinical study review on green tea and metabolism and it actually DOES speed metabolism, however the amount you would have to drink on a daily basis to actually achieve said-metabolism-speeding is obnoxious. But that’s not to say we can’t try! and Number 3.. I love your haircut!

    • Isn’t that dog the CUTEST!!!! I wanted to grab him out of my computer screen because who doesn’t want to own an amazing dancing dog?!?!?!?!
      AND AH! I wanted to see if anyone would notice my hair cut, and you did!!!! You are the winner! I wish I could say of the Australia trip, however, if you do actually take part, you very well may be!!!

  11. AUSTRALIA IS MY NUMBER ONE!! I WANNA GO I WANNA GO! I drink green tea like erry damn day! BOTH the Hemsworth brothers are sexyyy as sshiiiitt!! I want them the same time! BAHAHAAH. I want to have a tea party..with you.

    • How about we have a tea party with the Hemsworth boys?!?!?! And then… Ride into the sunset with them (on Kangaroos)… and then, well, you know! I call Chris! LOL!

      • DEAL DEAL DEAL DEAL!! I am 100% OK with taking Liam…he could use a little stability away from crazy Miley. I kinda like the crazy though, she can come hangout with me after I am done with her ex fiance! HA!

        • I think I would punch Miley in the mouth so hard that I would get arrested… And that would be a problem, so I think we need to leave her out of this! LOL…. However, if you DO HER fiance… that’s kind of like me punching her in the face – SO DEAL!

  12. ALWAYS wanted to go to Australia…and ANY of the Hemsworth boys. Seriously.

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Both of them….. I would lick vegemite off of them? LOL – I have heard that stuff is gross though, so that must me I think they are both REALLY fine! lol!

  13. He is pretty flippin yummy looking I must say! :)

  14. Australia is near the top of places I want to go. The first year we were married, Chris got to go for 3 weeks (while I was stuck in Kansas) – 17+ years later I’m still not totally over that one!!!
    I think kangaroos are fascinating animals.
    And, I know this is going to be a blow – I rarely drink tea of any kind! (sometimes when I have a sore throat I will have hot tea and honey)

    • Ah ha ha! Your story sounds a lot like mine, minus the marriage situation. Last August I was invited to go to Australia but was then un-invited for NO REASON AT ALL. Instead my brother and dad got to enjoy the outback and I stayed in…. “lovely” Los Angeles! NO FAIR AT ALL!!!

  15. I’ve never been to Australia (Oceania is the only continent, apart from Antartica, that I haven’t set foot on), but I had a pen pal in Sidney for many years as a teenager.

    Not koala nor kangaroo, I like the platypus. Versatile and cute. :-)

    I love all teas, discovered many of them while in China, and drink some every day except for summer time. Green tea is wonderful of course. I also really like Darjeeling and anything with jasmine. I also had some good mate with a bunch of Argentines… in Italy. :-)

    Craziest dream to date, well recently I had a nightmare about being in a sect that decided to go for collective suicide! I woke up pretty confused and traumatized!!! I think I need to stop eating whatever I had that night before bed time!!!

    A good dream I have is my recurring dream of selling everything to live a bohemian life on the road (or on the sea). Watch out, maybe one day I’ll go for it.

    • OMG YOUR DREAM SOUNDS TERRIFYING!!!!!!!!! Yes, do stop eating anything before bed if you believe that to be the cause! I sometimes have nightmares and then wake up and cannot sleep for 3 hours or so because I feel like someone is hiding under my bed or in my closet! LOL! Yes, I know, I am not 12! lol

  16. Your video was the highlight of my day!
    Haven’t been to Australia. South Africa was as close as I’ve been so far.
    I don’t love tea, but I drink it occasionally. Green or Jasmine are my favorites.
    I agree to the benefits so I will throw a teabag into water I am making rice with, for example.

    • I am thrilled that my video could be of some service for your sour mood! What’s wrong today???

      What was S. Africa like?! I am/have been dying to go… I need to go! It’s on my bucket list for sure!

      And I love your approach to tea, I have heard about flavoring rice or other dishes with tea bags yet I have yet to do it! Thanks for reminding me Dr. J! :)

  17. Never been to Australia, but someday I would LOVE to go. Chris is so yummy looking. I could stare at him all day. LOL.

    • I have been staring at him all day, and I can report that… I am full. LOL! He is a good diet tool, not that I am on one or anything! Ah ha ha!

  18. Tea and aussies…what a great post! In a nutshell;

    Finding out what the current mileage is for an white-house SUV for Obama.
    Earl grey tea bitches
    Never tried
    Strip down to a speedo and go swimming
    My blog!

    So did I pass or fail the test? I was going to go for Eat a Kiwi for first thing I would do if I won a trip to Australia, but I knew I would of got that wrong!

    • LMFAO! I think you pass the test because you like kangaroos better than koalas! I am right there with you! I saw this WEIRD YouTube video once though where this guy was talking to the camera about kangaroos, literally walked right up next to one and pushed it into his grocery bag and then walks off camera. It wasn’t even a struggle to get the kangaroo in the bag, literally just knocked him in!! SO WEIRD.

      Well, I hope you entered to WIN the Australia TRIP! if you win, I do think you need to take me?!?!?!

  19. I went to Australia when I was 15 on a debrief from a mission’s trip. It was completely amazing and I would love to go back!! I also got to hold a koala bear while I was there at a park–the softest thing I have ever touched. It was so cute!!

  20. I was supposed to go to Australia but I was not in the Oprah Ellen audience! 😉

    OK – love the dancing chihuahua!

    My dreams are always crazy! If I could bring them to real life I would be a millionaire!

    I wish I like tea period! :)

    I love watching your videos no matter what!!! :)

    • Aw thanks Jody! What if I made a video of me staring at the wall? LOL! I would actually probably make it funny some how with a weird noise and/or edit, lol!

      Have you been on the Ellen audience waitlist for the past year like some people? It’s crazy!!!

  21. I having a spot as we speak. Oh lovey what shall we have for a snack with this fine beverage? I do enjoy some Huntley & Palmers biscuits on occasion, Wow never knew I had a British accent or English accent,, wait how is that possible? Ok I’m typing in my native key strokes now, I drink at least 6 cups of both black and green a day mixed with various mints I grow. I would not do good on a long flight my limit is about 5 hours. Miranda Kerr is attractive, from down under. I’m anxiously awaiting my GiGi shirt to arrive, wish it was autographed :)

    • OMG A GIGI T-SHIRT! You got one YAY 😀 ha ha! Then you will have to wear it, while drinking tea and eating protein packed biscuits that are sugar, flour, soy & dairy free! LOL!

      I didn’t know I could do an English accent either – if you can tell, 1/2 way through the video, I kind of screw it up, LOL!! Then I think I sound Australian. Who knows. I actually at one point filmed myself saying, “I am terribly sorry if this offended anyone” – because I thought I was just THAT bad! LOL!!


  23. I’ve never been and sadly, it wasn’t on the destination list. You’ve sparked my interest. Thanks for sharing the contest.

  24. I want to go to Oz too!!! They have a wine country. We should make that happen.

    • Well, let me talk to Teas’ Tea and perhaps I can actually MAKE IT HAPPEN!! In the mean time, post some #TEAFRESHING instagram photos!!!

  25. I am all about the koalas, I swear they are just too adorable. I love green tea, but I am a total chai tea addict. More specifically, almond milk chai lattes. It’s a problem. 😉

    • I wonder if koalas are vicious? They may look all cute but…. They have a devil lurking inside? LOL. I can see a movie coming out in the near future: KILLER KOALAS! LMFAO – That’s when we really know the movie industry has gone to shit!

      I use to LOVE chai tea… but Chai is only really good with milk and I don’t do the milk thing! lol

  26. Australia is on my list of places to go before I die. Can you imagine actually riding a kangaroo? I think I’d lose my lunch everywhere. Way too much hopping for this girl! :)

    • Ah ha ha! It would definitely feel like a weird amusement park ride – kind of like riding a bull. if you can believe it, I actually have!!! Crossed that off the bucket list – not sure why it was even on there, lol!!!

  27. uh oh
    am I officially OLD I had no idea who chris was?!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha! No way! You just haven’t seen any of his movies, no worries!! To be honest, I have only seen ONE!

  28. Yes to koalas, going to Australia, green tea and Chris!

  29. Love your video – too, too funny!
    So glad to have stumbled on your blog!
    Nope I have not been to Australia but it’s on mu bucket list – and yup, Chris Hemsworth – def. yum! Koalas for sure – dream date was with my current boyfriend: our first official date which was a hike followed by a picnic where he cooked the food on a burner he had packed (when he said picnic I was thinking mo like packaged stuff) – I do drink green tea – love Yogi fa have not tried teas tea!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! :) I hope I wrangled you in!

      That is literally the cutest date ever!! Your boyfriend is a keeper! I hope I find me one as cute as yours! :)

  30. Great facts about tea! Now I want a KOALA!

    • That would be THE COOLEST PET EVER!!!!! Well, aside form a mini giraffe! I wonder how we can smuggle these animals into the states!

  31. I like tea, but not a huge fan of green tea! I am, however, a HUGE fan of all the Australian hunks that have taken over America! Keep ’em coming mates!

  32. If I win a trip to Australia, I’m not sure I will end up coming back!

  33. Do I think Chris Hemsworth is sexy? Is that even a question?!?!! He is a sex god lol! I’ve never tried Teas’ Tea but looks like I am going to start! I’m a green tea drinker all the way.

    • ah ha ha ha! oh so he is a sex god huh???? you’ve had sex with him? should we be alerting E! News about this! LMFAO – JK JK!

      Definitely check out Teas’ Tea!!! I think you may get hooked!

  34. The frozen screen shot on your youtube video is epic :)

    I have never been to Australia but the first thing that I would sign up for would be scuba diving or snorkeling in the reef. Oh my goodness how amazing would that be?

    And yes yes yes to the whole Hemsworth clan.

    • Ah ha ha ha! I always try to get the most ridiculous face as my screen shot! 😉 Works like a charm!

      Oh man, snorkeling/scuba diving in the reef would be EPIC!!!!!!!!! And it would be THAT MUCH MORE SO if… Mr. Hemsworth joined!

  35. I’ve been loving iced green tea this summer!

    • It’s absolutely positively refreshing!! I have been loving iced tea in general, over coffee which is interesting as I typically love coffee!

  36. G to da G looking all fo-ine with her new haircut. PS. LA has been temporarily sidelined…boo i may be in another big ass city though 😉

  37. I lived in Australia for two years after college. It is such an awesome place! The weather is fantastic and the people are so nice. I’m going back in December for a trip! Your accent isn’t that bad!

    • Oh I am very very jealous!! You just make me want to hide in your suitcase when you go back in December!!!! 😉

      **Ah ha ha ha! My accent is….. bipolar! lol

  38. Australia is actually at the top of my list for our next big vacation. hoping to maybe plan it for next year…um if they want to send me for free though that would be totally amazeballs <<<yeah I said it!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Man, I do hope that you win then! Get to having some #teafreshing moments ASAP! 😉

      I cannot wait for you to go because then I can live vicariously through your photos!

  39. my husband is from new zealand (so i am bias) but if i win, i’ll just jump the ditch (as they say) and go visit family!! woohoo!

    • Ha ha! I had a feeling you might say something about New Zealand. My best friend actually lives there right now. Do you visit often? I would really friggin’ love to go there too! Hey, if I get to Australia, I will jump the ditch too… and then go to Tazmania… And just travel all around that area, I mean, WHY NOT if I am there! LOL!

  40. I’ve never been to Australia – I do remember this crazy semi-animated movie/show? when I was a kid about a girl in Australia and it had dingos and kangaroos but I have yet to find anyone else who remembers it. Maybe it was a dream.

    • LMFAO!!!!!!! I have a feeling, it may have been a dream. I do not have a clue what that show is. I think you need to google it and get back to me! Prove me wrong, lol.

  41. I never been in australia. I don’t see that Abbie Cornish sexy, ‘i’m more sexy’ Lolll…..i do prefer Kangaroos.

  42. I love green and black teas fo’ sho!
    You ask so many great questions I want to answer them all!!! HAHA!
    Chris (and Liam) Hemsworth are totaly babes and I would take a pet koala bear any day!

  43. LOVED the video. I also think my life would be complete if I got to meet the Hemsworth brothers. Specifically Chris though, he is soooo puuuuurty.

  44. I am an ice tea kind of girl but will drink any kind. I would LOVE to go to Australia someday. The accents alone are so darn entertaining.

    • I completely agree! Is it weird that I am not a huge fan of British accents but Australia make my knees buckle?! lol

  45. I would love to go to.Australia! It’s on my wish list.


    Not much of a tea drinker. Don’t tell.

  46. Green tea upsets my stomach. :( The only way that I have found that I can drink it is in a green tea smoothie made with Sencha powder. I absolutely love how it perks me up!

  47. I think riding a kangaroo with Chris Hemsworth would be epic!! I love green tea — drink it every day, all day!

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    • THank you for hosting!!! Ah aha h, and I am thrilled you and I are on the same page when it comes to roos & Chris! 😉

  48. How did you know?!! I am dying to go to Australia one day and Chris Hemsworth is by far my biggest celebrity crush other than my awesome husband of course. I love THOR! hehe. :)