Give Me Some Sugar, Sweet Lips!

Today I have TWO sweet treats for you… And they’re not loaded with my HEALTHY sugar-replacing stevia.

Shocked GiGi Face

Instead, they’re packed with the white death that is oh so very tasty.

The first sweet succulence: poetic candy that truly rivals Robert Frost’s goodies

Have a bite of some ear dessert (well I guess if you read it aloud?) inspired by this high fructose corn syrup-filled Twix bar

It’s like Rock, Paper, Scissors with facial expressions… #whowon?

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If I gifted you with the original version of this poem, I would have felt so very guilty for making you hyperglycemic

Plus… I am selfish and want to keep some of his original lyrics to myself… 

Sugar Yum Yum

Sweet as sugar… So tasty on my tongue

Yet so bad for my thighs… And even my lung.

I think about you every night

And that I cannot fight. 

Sugar, even though you do so much harm… 

I would eat you every day.

But then… I would end up like a pig… On a wide-spread farm.

I’d waddle around… Jowls sagged to the floor

Because I’d be 1000 pounds… As I ate you more and more.  

You’d rot my teeth, you’d rot my soul 

But I would just want another bowl. 

You’d rot my heart out too

Yes, this is so very true. I’d probably try to sue. 

Yet, you taste so nice, but you are so deadly 

And that’s not a very nice medley. 

So cheers to sugar…

Cheers to white gold… 

Cheers to all of us… Never living to old.

Because although sugar tastes so sweet…

It will take years off our lives…

And that… That’s not very neat. 

Obviously this poem was NOT created by public health authorities and researchers. Nonetheless, this confection does in fact have some not so tasty truth sprinkled on top… As the sweet stuff is in fact linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, rotten teeth and…. It even has the capability of taking years off our lives! 

GiGi Dubois Shocked!

So if you’re not sure whether or not you are in fact addicted to sucroseGlucoseDextrose (the list of monikers goes on and on)… Do yourself a favor and watch TREAT NUMBER TWO… A very informative video I created with Brad Gouthro of Live Lean TV… That showcases some SERIOUS signs of sugar addiction. 


Cake was harmed in the making of this YouTube video… And I highly advise you DO NOT try the “cake-plant” at home… 


  • What’s your “sweetest sin”?
  • Does your average day look a lot like this video?
  • What goody would you throw in Brad’s face if you had the chance? 
  • I’d love to know your thoughts on sugar? Do you try to avoid it? Eat it in moderation? Inject it in your veins with an IV?
  • Donuts or cookies?
  • What sugar-laden nosh do you wish was 100% guilt-free? 
  • Sugar is everywhere… What food products were you shocked to see sugar listed on the ingredients label?


PS… Jessica (Brad’s stunning wife) asked me to be her work out model in one of her exercise videos… If you want a 5 Minute Wake Up Work Out… Check this out: 

Waste Not, Want Not Wednesday


  1. lol I love this! I AM a Sugar addict and I relate very well to the poem above :) 5 minutes work out is very interesting…may have to check it out! Thanks :)

  2. Haha this is awesome! I am a sugar avoider, mostly but I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so that helps!

  3. Best start to my morning! It’s crazy how many times a day we have to chose against added sugar at EVERY single meal! Literally every time we eat we have to make the choice how much sugar we are willing to consume… crazyness, sometimes I feel like it’s a battle. Like do I want the eggs or a muffin, eggs okay phew. Do I want the salad or should I have a sandwhich on honey wheat. what do I want for snacks sugar or protein/healthy fat? Every decision is either for or against sugar! Cute video!

    • THIS IS SO TRUE! And even when you pick the salad over the sandwich at lunch… You then have to make the decision of what dressing to use, and even dressings have sugar in them! It’s crazy!

  4. I’m speechless :-)

    You are right about sugar being everywhere!! I think it’s even in toothpaste.

    I certainly try to minimize it. I learned years ago that sugar caused wrinkles! Yeah, sugar makes you look old!

    If that can’t stop people from eating a lot of it, I guess nothing can.

  5. Bahahaha this was so a post for me. I sometimes shower with just sugar too, I thought I was the only one. I love the cake pillow idea, it looks so fluffy and comfy. Donuts or cookies…lately…DONUTS. In fact, I stumbled across a donut shop in LA that makes vegan donuts that looks like pure fucking sex. Holy shit I can’t even. I am deciding if I want to go or not, becasue they cannot be even remotely ok. On the other hand, babycakes bitch at least used like garbanzo flour and ingredients that I can read so that makes me feel safer consuming the stuff. Forever battle….oh here is sign number 11 you’re addicted to sugar..when leaving a comment about your friends post you ramble about what sugar you want to consume when you visit.

    • You know what we should INVENT when you come to visit? A calorie-free, yet CRAZY AMAAAAAZING AND FLUFFY AND LUSCIOUS DONUT! Um yes. Um yes.

  6. Since I quit doing traditional baking a few years ago we use very very little sugar here. I can honestly say I haven’t purchased any in a few years now.

    • It helps so much to just get the WHITE STUFF OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! I am thrilled to hear that you haven’t purchased any sugar in years :)

  7. I do love sugar! As much as I know how terrible it is for you I just can’t stop myself sometimes. I think it’s a combo of being chronically sleep deprived and addicted to it. One of these days I’ll try to cut back!

    • OH HECK YES IT IS! Lack of Sleep + Addiction = a recipe for disaster! Hopefully you have check out some of my sugar-free recipes… They totally satisfy my sweet cravings :)

  8. Fabulous Fun! You did it again. Sugar addiction is no laughing matter, but a light touch gets the point across very well. Nancy A @

  9. I eat sugar in moderation. A piece of chocolate is ok for me.

  10. Chocolate can not cross these lips ’cause I can not have just one or then the next day I will have a hankering and then within a week we are back on the roller coaster of sugar addiction. Rolling from hyper and insane to tired and grouchy. The only cure is going cold turkey.
    Why pollute your chocolate with cookie or doughnut dough? Coffee Black, Chocolate bar and Potato chips plain.

    • That is a problem for lots of people!! Once Pandora’s Box is open… All hell breaks loose! ha ha, Glad you know this though! I am a cold-turkey girl myself.

  11. I love me some sugar, but I also love my salt. And my carbs. I love all of my foods.
    Anything in front of me, I am addicted to, I guess you could say!

  12. Looks like you guys had so much fun! That might be me in a few of the sugar scenes… thank goodness for Stevia! Love the 5 minute workout as well– that’s all I have these days.

    • We had a little TOO MUCH fun if you ask me, LOL!
      AND RIGHT – THANK GOODNESS FOR STEVIA!!! I have been using it for at least 15 years at this point, how crazy is that!!

      Glad you like that little work out video treat too by the way 😉 Let me know which move is hardest for you!

  13. I don’t understand the point of the video? I see nothing abnormal with that day. What?

  14. I’m not a big fan of sugar, well to be honest I sort of hate sugar. I guess it’s a good thing, right? 😀

    • You were blessed for sure, and I am sure a lot of people have you on their hit list because it’s almost impossible to find someone who does not like sugar – ha! I actually happen to be one as well… Sure, I might not be ABLE TO eat sugar thanks to allergies… But I am far more of a SALT TOOTH type of person anyways!

  15. I do try to limit my sugar, but I have a big sweet tooth! Chocolate brownies get me every time. :(

    • Ugh! Having a sweet tooth can be SUPER TOUGH! How do you combat it? Or do you just allow yourself to go for it? I luckily do NOT like chocolate and I do not like sweet really, so I am pretttyyyyyy blessed! LOL!

  16. I am an “everything in moderation” person. I LOVE sweets but try not to eat too much of them. I do use some stuff with stevia or (gasp) equal from time to time, but when I bake, I use real sugar and enjoy it and start with salad haha. As for the question about donuts…I never liked them. But I will take a bowl of cookie dough hehe;)

    • EQUAL! ha ha ah ah! I used to LIVE on equal! My mom never let us have sugar in the house when we were younger (or ever really – even now)… So equal was my GO TO in order to “sweeten” my Cheerios! LOL! I would use at least like 10 packs in a bowl, LOL!

      Oh and snap, that’s where you and I differ… I’d totally DONUT instead of COOKIE!

  17. Hi my name is Deborah and I am so addicted to sugar. I’ve cut a lot out but I cannot give up chocolate-ever! Love the poem :)

    • HA HA! Hi Deborah… Welcome to Sugar Addicts Anonymous! 😉
      And glad you liked the poem, you can thank that Sugary Twix Bar for the inspiration! ha ha.

  18. And now I’m singing Pour Some Sugar on Me. :)

  19. I bake and get it out of the house! Spreading heart disease, diabetes and even wrinkles??? to my friends. I eat mostly healthy foods, but it’s that darn cookie dough that gets me every time!

    • HA HA HA HA AH! I DO THE SAME THING! OMG so funny!! I don’t mind baking and love making people smile… SO I mean, I am gunna bake and give it all away 😉

      Have you ever made healthier cookie dough???

  20. I burst out laughing through the whole thing! I loved when you guys broke character and cracked up. And poor Brad – did he get sick from that? I know he was really eating some of that!!
    This put the Tom Petty “Honeybee” song in my head… “Give me some sugar, little honeybee.”

    Honestly I love sugar but I don’t relate to this – whew. It made me queasy! I love cookies and ice cream, but I don’t eat them often enough. Sad face.

    • AH HA HA HA! Brad actually ate these things!!! He forgot that I cannot eat sugar, so he took is ALL for the team – ha ha ha! He’s definitely a TROOPER 😉

      And I am THRILLED you do not relate to the video. I really hope NO ONE DOES! And um, you shouldn’t have a sad face about not eating cookies and ice cream often, you should be smiling!!

  21. My sweet tooth checks in on me periodically, so sometimes, I crave all the sweet things ever, and other times, it’s all about the savory stuffs! :O

  22. That video is ridiculous! But if we really knew how much sugar was in the food we ate, it prob. wouldn’t be as funny?! And I really like the workout video! Stealin’ some of those moves 😉

    • Ugh – I HATE the fact that there is even sugar in things like tomato sauces… canned veggies, etc! It’s ridiculous!
      AND GIRL – by all means, steal, steal some of those movesss!

  23. this is all that and a bag of sugar..errr chips? haha. Love it! Brad did a great job and you’re one hot fitness model. Just sayin.

    I don’t wake up with sugar. Kiwi, on the other hand… I LOVE. hint hint

    • HA HA! Flattery will get you everywhere missy 😉

      And um…. THANK GOODNESS I am not allergic to THAT kind of sugar – ha ha ha! 😉 “Sugar” in the morning is always a good time… LMFAO!

  24. I did a whole30 last spring and was shocked at how many foods have sugar added to them! Dressings, canned tomato/pasta sauce, oatmeal, cereals, sauces, seasonings, dried fruit (even when claims natural). I am a huge fan of natural sugars in fruit, sweet potatoes, etc. but the processed stuff makes me feel sick! I wish that sorbet didn’t have so much sugar- mmm so good!

    • ISN’T IT SO SAD!!!! AND for someone who cannot eat sugar, it’s IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO SHOP the aisles of grocery stores, and you can ONLY IMAGINE my HAPPY DANCE I do when I find something that doesn’t have any added sugar in it! LOL!!!!!!!

      Roasted Squash is my go-to natural sugarrrrr!!! And isn’t there some sorbet in the world that’s sugar free? Perhaps you should be creating this recipe! 😉

  25. I do like sweet, I admit, but I really try to avoid sugar as much as possible.

  26. SUGAR SHOWER!!! Hehehe funny video… I definitely have a sweet tooth but I try to keep my diet balanced with not too much sweet stuff! Stevia is my friend too :)

  27. Sugar is actually something I’ve become a lot more conscious about recently and it adds up SO fast with just about any kind of processed food or baked good, sadly. I’ve always aimed for the “everything in moderation” approach but have started cutting back even more because I’ve realized sugar addition is definitely real!

    • You’ve got THAT right!! Sugar addiction is NO JOKE AT ALL! Stupid white “gold”… Or “death” depending on how you look at it! ha.

  28. I am DEFINITELY a sugar addict. If I go a few days with no sugar I get so cranky and irritable and headachey. Need to try to cut back, that’s for sure…

    • Oh no! You get the sugar-aches!! 😮 It’s a real thing, as you obviously know! Have you ever tried to replace some of your sugar consumption with natural sweeteners?

  29. We watched a movie about sugar the other day and it totally grossed me out. I love sugar but only when I add it to stuff myself like in baked goods – because there’s no such thing as too much cake! But all that added sugar they put in our food, even when it’s “healthy” food, yuk! I think like most things in life, sugar is good, in moderation! As for that video, you guys should be up for an Oscar!

    • I HATE GLORIFIED JUNK FOOD THE MOST! UGH… And hmmmm I have a feeling I know a few to many people who KNOW that there is no such thing as too much cake… AKA: bad bad stomach aches – LOL!

  30. Um, yesterday I brought in amazing donuts from Sugar Shack. Look ’em up on IG. They’re worth the early death. 😉

  31. OMG the music reminded me of the Coyote and Roadrunner hour :) and what was she calling you at the sugar bar ????? I will admit it I have two jumbo chocolate chip cookies every week, it’s like this is sugar and this is your brain on sugar . I’m very careful about eating sugar I finally hit my target weight and must keep it. Glad to see Capt. “L” aka CSI Miami I’ll be in NO end of month I’m sure there will be evil foods tempting me at every turn. Also I have a friend multiple B belts, Crossfit and martial schools etc. his kids run around with bowls of donuts, ice pops among other sugar infested foods, go figure. Makes me crazy

    • I AM SO HAPPY to hear you hit your target weight!!!! That’s the biggest motivation EVER to cut the sugar out, but 2 cookies a week is OKAY… I mean, if it keeps you SANE – go for it!

      BE SURE TO bring your willpower to NO… And keep your eyes peeled on the TV for Capt. “L” will be making a few more appearances!

  32. It’s scary how many things are laced with sugar! I do have a sweet tooth, but I try to keep it under control. That video…wow!

  33. Don’t judge me for saying this but ummmm I totally have licked one of my sugar bath products before and lived to tell the tale!

    Also, the short but sweet life sounds like my signature cocktail! hahaha

    • BAH HA HA HA AH! WHY ON EARTH WOULD I EVER JUDGE YOU?!? Did you not see me do the SAME THING in the video – TEE HE HE EHE HE! 😉 Although… That wasn’t actually sugar since I cannot eat sugar -bah ha ha! So maybe I am judging you… Just a tiny bit? 😉

  34. I find I need something sweet after lunch and dinner… my chocolate consumption is getting out of hand lately! lol at the video!

    • I have heard about some FREAKS OF NATURE who can eat one tiny square of chocolate and be good to go… Um, who are these weirdos?! lol

  35. I try to keep the sugar monsters at bay & only eat in moderation. I’m more of a salty foodie person – chips & guac please! I can pass on the dessert most of the time.

  36. There are times I wonder, why I’m not sugar addicted. But I am beginning to try stevia which I am so happy about. Great video, it was just funny as hell.

    Kia / KTS

  37. Oh my! This has got to be my favorite post of yours yet! Dare I say, Brad is all the sugar I would ever need in life! hahaha! I totally cringed in horror every time a nasty can of coke was opened. Ugh! That stuff is terrible. Don’t eat a lot of sugar but I do love eating dark chocolate brownies and wish with all my heart that they were 100% guilt free.

  38. “Hey Sugar Tits…”
    bwahahaha. You make me laugh GiGi! And your poem is awesome.
    I used to LOVE sugar. Candy bars and doughnuts and pastries, oh my! But I learned how unhealthy it is and figured out how crappy it made me feel. Blargh! So I cut it out. I’ve been known to have something with actual sugar in it, maybe once a year. But I actually really like things sweetened with dates (like raw cakes), or just plain fruit. Although… I am Canadian and do enjoy a bit of maple syrup now and again ;p

    • It’s crazy when people cut out sugar from their diets after eating it for so long… Initially they miss it, but if/when they introduce it back into their lives, I always hear about how sick it makes them feels! Sugar is not as SWEET as people think 😉

      And I am glad you simply KNOWING how unhealthy it is for you, has given you enough strength to cut it out! High FIVING you from Los Angeles!

      XX – Sugar Tits. LOL

  39. ha! so good! I have quite the sweet tooth, so I try to get most of my sugar from natural sources, like fruit! “Nice” cream is my jam.

  40. im watching your workout video and smiling as i write this haha you’re way too cute. Look at those back muscles! Killing it Gigi :)

    • 😉 My backles thank you?? That is supposed to be “back” and “muscles” together in ONE. BAH HA HA HA!!

      Just you wait, getting back into my pilates routine, my backles will be far more tense very very soon!

  41. Sugar really is everywhere! It’s amazing when you read labels what you find. I do definitely wish doughnuts were guilt free because darn are they tasty!

    • OMG calorie free donuts is an upcoming recipe of mine! The lovely Blissful Britt will be joining me in that episode! WHAT WHAT! 😉

  42. Love the workout video. Your last two exercise videos have been so helpful to me. I really needed to change things up and you’ve got some great suggestions! Thanks so much, GiGi!
    The sugar video is hilarious and I always find it shocking how much sugar people ingest every day. I don’t crave sweets actually, I’m more of a savory girl. But I do love the sugars I get from my fruits – completely addicted to those!
    Thanks for some giggles!
    btw…did you get the FBC thing sorted yet?

  43. LOL!!! That sugar video is awesome!! I love the cake plant, lol!!! I definitely feel like a sugar addict, but I’m slowly becoming a “recovering sugar addict.” Ha! Love your workout video too!!!!

    • The cake plant was my idea 😉 ha ha ha ha—– ONLY BECAUSE I have a sick mind and if I could cake, that’s totally how I would sleep at night, LOL!!!!

  44. You, my dear, are a linguisting genuis!

  45. Oh, I can not resist a cupcake!!!!! Anyone who knows me, I absolutely can not turn down an offered cupcake! LOL! Luckily, I don’t eat them too frequently! But gotta cheat here and there, right?!?

  46. Haha, great post! I try to avoid sugar as much as possible, pretty much only special occasions when eating out. Other than that, it’s stevia and fruit at home! :-)

  47. I am definitely a sugar addict, but I try my best to keep it within moderation! Cookies for the win! :)

  48. Hahaha I love this. I used to be a total sugar junkie and I am a little better now and go with quality over quantity. I love me a square or two of dark chocolate every day.

  49. Argh sugar!! It’s everywhere! Great post! I just saw That Sugar Film last weekend and I absolutely loved the experiment in it. Adding the average person’s sugar consumption each day, but ONLY through foods marked as healthy. It takes nothing to get over the limit. Me and my husband have switched to natural sweeteners (which took getting used to) but after getting my nutritional therapy cert I was so freaked over the impact sugar has on the entire body AND our ability to absorb other vitamins and minerals! That said, I wish Swedish Fish and Cadbury chocolate didn’t have all the poison in them. Great post, as per, GiGi! :)

    • OMG THINK OF THE DAY when Sweedish Fish & Cadbury use STEVIA and/or monk fruit extract as sweeteners! HOLY CRAP – that’ll be the day!

      I NEED to see this sugar film you speak of!!! Weekend MUST for me! 😉

  50. I try to avoid sugar as much as possible but it is hard since it seems to be in everything we eat.

  51. Sugar is in freaking everything and I’m addicted!! I have a terrible sweet tooth for all things pastry and ice cream. Gah.

  52. I’m in stitches…OMG Gigi! xD

    Ok, so I know I have a teensy weensy addiction to sugar…I add it to my coffee…and I drink a lot of coffee. I do use Stevia on and off though. Other than that though, I’d rather have my sweetened coffee than dessert. So maybe I’m not too bad.

    Also, love the morning fitness routine. I will also admit that I’m a zombie in the morning. Don’t even look at me until I’ve had my coffee…so that may be my go-to afternoon workout. Haha. Always fun and entertaining Gigi.

    Have a great one :)


    • I CANNOT wait for you to see my blog post next week!!!!!!! It’s a coffee drink I have a feeling you’re going to LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  53. Such a great post! I’ve always wondered if I’m allergic to sugar. I don’t crave sugar… per se… but I crave carbs! Love your blog!

    • THANKS Eryn!!! I am actually allergic to sugar, if you need the symptoms of the allergy, feel free to ask and I can detail them at great length! LOL!

  54. while I agree that sugar can have some negative consequences and, just like anything, you should not have too much of it, I kind of disagree with some of your claims. Yes, too much sugar can contribute to health problems and lead to health issues, but I think a lot of what you said is misleading, to be honest. For instance, carbohydrates turn to sugar in your bloodstream and can do just as much harm if you eat too many of them, especially if they’re simple, processed foods. On top of that, your claim that sugar rots teeth is totally wrong. Sugar does not rot teeth. Sugar can contribute to a build up of plaque and some can wear down on your enamel, but it’s actually the bacteria caused from plaque that gives you cavities and eventually rots your teeth. Also, according to my good friend who is a registered dietitian nutritionist, a woman who has her masters in the science of nutrition, salt is actually the cause of more health problems than sugar. I appreciate your article and I enjoyed the humor in your video, but I really think it’s so important to do your research before posting about health-related issues.

    • Hey Tianna,

      I appreciate your response and I must let you know that my style of “reporting” is very loose because I don’t want to come off as a text book, however I do know some people would prefer such explanations. I actually must inform you though, that I too have my masters in nutrition communications and there are a plethora of studies out there so it’s hard to truly deduce what is true and what is false. I have linked to articles that only support my claims, however, one can take the information however they please. :)

      • I understand what you mean. I guess I just see it from a regular person (meaning not a nutritionist or doctor) point of view and I know that so many people, myself included, might have a tendency to demonize certain food groups because of articles like this. I’m sure that’s not your intention, but I digress. It’s great to know that you are well studied on this matter because it’s really important to me to trust bloggers who ” report” on this kind of thing. I think so many people just right whatever they see on google or what’s trending and that’s kind of scary when you’re just a person online reading articles. What is the difference between nutrition communications and dietetics science? I hope I’m not prying – I’m just curious :) thanks for your response!

        • I HATE THAT SO VERY MUCH TOO Tianna!!!!! This is why everyone is so confused when it comes to NUTRITION (and well, everything for that matter, ha!)

          Nutriton Communications: Communications professionals, such as journalists, freelancers, marketing, corporate and public relations professionals (and bloggers), are often responsible for generating nutrition information. While inaccurate messages confuse and mislead (as we are currently discussing with sugar and salt), breed skepticism, and can harm reputations, truthful and accurate messages can turn communications professionals into nutrition educators, helping consumers make positive lifestyle choices.

          The program I took taught me the skills required to interpret nutrition-related research studies for consumers, and the ability to apply this knowledge to help inform and guide marketing efforts.

          Dietetics: Dietetics specialization prepares people for a career as a Registered Dietitian (RD). RDs try and help translate the science of nutrition into practical applications for individuals and groups in clinical, food service, or community settings.

          OF COURSE – regardless of where someone earns their degree and in whatever field, you need to ALSO think about WHO the school is being funded by! If the school is being funded by say, a corn oil company, the school will most likely say that corn oil is good for them.

          • I totally agree. It can be so confusing.

            Thanks for sharing the difference between the 2 professions/degrees.

            And yeah I totally agree about funding. That’s true for high schools who make deals with pepsi or coke and sell their brand of orange juice and call it “healthy” or doctors who prescribe medication to meet a quota for pharma companies where they make commissions. It’s really terrible that even in health and education areas, people are corrupted. Thank you for being so helpful and transparent about this; I really appreciate it :) Have an awesome weekend Gigi ♥

  55. I am an “all things in moderation” kind of gal. As long as there are no delicious sugary treats around. Especially if chocolate is also included…

    Thanks for sharing on Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesdays link up. Hope to see you back next week.

    • YOU ARE ONE OF THE FEW … You are truly a unicorn! “all things in moderation” is a phrase not too many people can achieve. You should write a book on how you do it! 😉

  56. I am a stevia girl all the way! I will admit I have a tiny bit of an addiction to those sugar filled jelly belly beans! SHHHHHHHHH!

  57. Hahaha – I LOVE that poem! I think I’m gonna have to print it out and tape it to my fridge!
    I though I was a sugar addict – till I saw the video (which was just too hilarious BTW) – now I feel ALOT better about my “sin”! I adore frosting and wish it was guilt free – but since it isn’t, I only have it at special occasions – otherwise I make a mock-osting!

    • BA HA HA! OMG PLEASE print it out and tape it on the fridge 😉 And then you can print out that IG photo above too… Cause I mean, you want me staring at you in the kitchen, right? 😉

      I need to master a healthy frosting recipe, ASAP cause vanilla frosting and I… Oh man!

  58. I like real sugar, I’ve never been able to stomach the fake stuff. I haven’t been able to find a stevia I liked either :(

    • What brands of stevia have you tried? Natvia Baking Stevia is THE BOMB… As is Swerve (but that’s erythritol)… I also like NuNaturals (droplets).

  59. Yo B, whose the hottie you took a selfie with hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? What’s the story there chum?! My sugar weakness is Vanilla bean ice cream – not rocky road, nothing fancy; just vanilla bean. I’m sure its easy to make at home but I don’t have an ice cream machine. Otherwise, I think just the hard candies I get around work – My coworker is always giving my a kit kat here and there. I don’t add sugar to my coffee and avoid soda.. I’ve been good. Fresh Orange Juice is the shit. I could jug a good gallon of that. I like baking so there’s the REAL problem. Lol. Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

    • I AM NOT FANCY EITHER – Vanilla Bean, THAT IS IT!!! I am right there with you Iva 😉 I am not a complicated person, I like plain and simple! What things do you like baking by the way? Wish we lived closer – I would totally make healthy vanilla bean ice cream with you all day every day…. And we could sweeten it with that man-candy up there 😉

      • See, we’re two peas in a simple pod. Vanilla bean, not vanilla – I will be very dissatisfied if my boyfriend gets me “vanilla”, I need to see the caviar in that bitch. LoL. I like to bake anything and erry’thang. I’m in experimentation mode, so I like to try different things and flavors to see what makes my taste buds happy. I do use sugar and dairy but the organic, grass-fed good stuff. I can always adjust just for you 😛 If you have any plans to hit up our Nations Capital, holllaaaa city of squalaa!!! Oh you better get you some of that delicious eye-candy up there. Get it!! :)

        • GIRL YES! I am thrilled to hear about the GRASS FED GOOD STUFF you’re using!!!!! 😉
          AND UM…. GIRL YES! You know I will blast my travel plans on the BLOG so if I am going to be heading to your area – WOO WOO!!! HOLLAAAA – LMFAO. I don’t think I have said HOLLA in like 10 years or however many years it’s been since that song Holla Back Youngin’ – LOL!!!!!!!

          • Yes, grass fed is definitely where its at! 😛 LOL Good, get your hiney to DC 😛 LOL omg that song is high school for me old.. Ugh where does the time go? I’m old as balls. HAHAHA

  60. HAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG I am dying! Brad’s facial expression when he is pouring the can of soda into the cake mix box is hilarious. He is trying so hard not to laugh. I love this! So fun!

    Sugar is everywhere, it’s crazy! I really try hard to eliminate as much as possible and get most of my sugars from fruits.

    • I am glad your main sugar source is FRUIT! And the more you hang out with me, the LESS you will have sugar in your life, cause it’s definitely not a apart of mine! ha ha ha!

  61. Oh my God, how did he not spit out that sugar-haaha! Such a fun video. And the workout video is fantastic. I learned a few new moves that I’m going to incorporate into my workouts. Thanks, Gigi!!! Oh, and you’re adorable. :)

    • YAY!! I am glad you’re going to incorporate some of those moves!!! I have been doing the crazy side squats on the chair… Painfully “fun”!

  62. I admit I am totally a sugar addict. Recently though I have really cut back. I have educated myself on how bad the sweet stuff can be for your health. I’ve also learned more about the recommended amounts and how much I was actually having. Even in smoothies and juices. MINDBLOWN I have really cut back and am still trying to cut back even more.

    • RIGHT?! If you’ve never really thought about how much sugar is in things… When you finally start to pay attention you’re FLABBERGASTED!! WITWW! HA HA! (what in the what what – that’s what what meant, LMFAO).
      I am glad you’re educating yourself on the negative effects! Hopefully that’s all it takes for you to nix the white devil!

  63. Sugar is so freakin addicting. I try to limit it, but don’t deprive myself- if my mom makes a cake, you better believe I’m having a piece. It’s way to easy to go overboard with sugary treats. Love both video’s! You’re too cute in both. Fave part was the sugar tits- bahaha. That would be my fave part.

  64. Oh Wow! This is one of the rarest moments that I thank God for my allergy. I barely eat junk food or anything processed. I am definitely forwarding this to my family and friends so they know. Thanks for sharing.

    • I am glad it could be informative to you Nicekly! :) And I agree… I have a lot of food allergies/intolerances and I actually see them as quite a blessing!

  65. Haha, I loved your poem! Especially the line about still wanting another bowl after all the bad stuff it causes. I have such a sweet tooth! Right now my biggest temptation is the mellowcreme pumpkins and candy corn that have come out for fall. Those are my absolute favourite! Usually I try to stay away from candy and refined sugar. At home I use dates, raisins, honey, and stuff like that to sweeten my treats. I still definitely go out for treats occasionally though. I’d never be able to (or even want to) deprive myself entirely.

    • Oh man, you’re getting sucked into the fall treats! :O EEKS!! Ha Ha! You should stay tuned for tomorrow’s post… I am posting a HEALTHY Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe! 😉 Perhaps it will help you curb your craving for those Pumpkin Mellowcreme things (never even heard of them, LOL).
      PS: thank YOU for stopping by!!! Happy Monday!

  66. Ha! Your poem is all sorts of awesome! But you had me at white death. Love the workout video! Cheers, lady!

  67. Thank you so much for sharing this GiGi! Chocolate is definitely my sweet weakness! I have such a sweet tooth but I do try to keep it under control!!! Hehe!

    • It is so interesting to me how many people ADORE chocolate… I myself actually… HATE IT! LOL! I guess that helps keep my sweet tooth under control, for sure!

  68. I have actually been trying to regulate my blood sugar overall to cut cravings. But it is so goood! have you seen the movie That Sugar Film? You should, makes me want to eat more good fats.

    • I NEED to watch this SUGAR FILM asap!!! Where can I find it?? Netflix?

      And you better believe I am ALL ABOUT the good fats! 😉

  69. My goodness, Gigi,
    you are a poet
    and I didn’t even know it 😉

    Thanks for sharing your awesomeness on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, I’m featuring this post this week!

  70. I love lots of sugar in coffee. I know it’s bad but sugar make it so tasty. lol…

  71. I wouldn’t say I’m a sugar addict, but I’m not a sugar avoider either. I like vegetables, fruit, carbs, desserts, dairy, nuts, and um… seeds … + more. :)

  72. LOL! I remember this video from last year. and i am so glad i am not a cake face planter. I don’t crave it much. Unless it’s your birthday cake balls! 😉