The Bachelor: Here Come The Crazies!

Very Special Video Below! (Rated PG-13)

Will you accept this rose!

NO I WILL NOT. Okay, maybe I will…

BUT I won’t if it’s coming from Sean Lowe! 

Alright, raise your hand if you watch or have at least seen five minutes of The Bachelor?! 

Love it (yeah, I kind of do…) or hate it, this show is ridiculous, especially when it comes to the people casted. 

This season there was a “professional organizer”… And in previous seasons some contestants flew in on Helicopters, rode in on horses and sky dived in to meet the Bachelor or Bachelorette (okay just kidding about the last one)…

That being said, check out my impersonations of a few of the ladies who actually voluntarily submitted themselves to the show! 

Whoops… Nope this had nothing to do with health, nutrition or fitness… ALTHOUGH Sean Lowe definitely was working out shirtless in every opening scene this season on the show.

Mmm… Scrumptious! GiGi Eats Celebrities & Groceries! Although, today I eat the Bachelor! 

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GiGi Dubois in BikiniWhere am I?

  • What are your thoughts on this show?
  • Would you ever consider being on this show?
  • Did you have a favorite contestant this season?
  • Did you find Sean attractive? (personally I found him very boring)
  • How do you feel about Sean’s chosen one?
  • What do you think about Desiree being the new Bachelorette?


  1. Ah…the Bachelor! I don’t have a tv, so I had never seen it, UNTIL a blogger that I read (SweetTater) was actually cast on the show. I watched a few clips of it online and – yikes! – it is a crazy show.

    • LOL. You’re probably doing yourself a favor by NOT watching! I got sucked in… Honestly though, I only really watch the first and last episodes! 😉

  2. haha love this! I love the bachelor! I really started watching it in the beginning but then my work schedule changed so I read more about it than watched it.

    • Ah ha! All you have to really do is watch the first and last episodes anyways – the stuff in the middle is just FLUFF and the last episode always recaps EVERYTHING! lol

  3. I don’t watch this show, but I would most definitely watch if you were on it. I would vote for you every day..does that work..can I vote!? I would harass until you won! Actually wait, I don’t want you to win I want you to loose and then they will pick YOU as the bachlorette of the next season and you can be all like, “I get to pick from all ya’ll bitches!” I watch The Biggest Loser, and that’s it. I live a very wild life. I would be on both shows.

    • You might get REALLY JEALOUS when I tell you this but… I am going to the Season Finale taping of the Biggest Loser next week. NEVER seen the show before in my life but the opportunity presented itself and I said, SURE!! 😀

      AnD YESSSSSS!! I want to LOSE the Bachelor so I can be the BACHELORETTE! I want MENNNNNN TO CHASE AFTER ME WITH THEIR SAUSAGES!! Because you know me and my meat! 😉

      • I just saw this HOW COOL they need you on the show as a coach. I can’t believe there are no decent men in LA, and that none are chasing you around :)

  4. HAHA. I don’t watch the bachelor, but your pretty much just summed up my perception of it. Specially the meat part??? HAHAHA

  5. Oh the Bachelor! The last one I watched was years ago with Ryan and Tristan. They were of course my favorite!

  6. I think the show is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Yet I watched that crap last night. *le sigh*

  7. This was great, I have never watched any of those shows nor will I ever. It is so far from the truth but people watch, air time is sold and they make money. And for those DoDaDOOSS on,,,, I can’t even write it, that show with the drunk drug addict fools what a disgrace to TV. It’s easy to find a social companion but to build a lasting friendship with unconditional love is not. Thanks for the laughs :)

    • The only reality show I really watch is this one, and I am not sure why! LOL! Maybe it helps remind myself that I am so much better than the people on the show… Well that is, until I actually go on it myself! LOL!

      • GiGi if you were ever on that show I would buy a TV and watch it for sure, your an honest lady, it would be a fresh change for the show.

        • Ha Ha! Wow, I am completely HONORED! Now I MUST get on TV! But hopefully NOT for a reality show like this! 😉

  8. I’ve never really watched the show, and now you’ve spoiled me! Very funny video, GiGi!

    Miracles do happen with love though or at least for one evening or two :-)

    The only reality show I watch is The Ultimate Fighter. At least with this show there is no hidden agenda, everybody just want to kick the crap out of everyone else. If you are as savvy as you appear, you know that’s a lot easier on us than emotional torture.

    • Ha! We can only hope about the miracles and love 😉 The Ultimate Fighter huh?? I was actually going to interview one of them for my show but he is a bit too busy when I am planning to shoot – but perhaps in the future I will do something to involve him! :)

  9. OH MY WORD! You make me laugh so much GiGi! Thank you for that. :) I actually did NOT watch this season. Only because I had other shows suck me in instead.
    It SO can suck you in though. 😉 Such garbage too- glad we all know it is! I think I am over it for good now too as I did not miss this season AT ALL.

    • AHH HA!! I am thrilled that you were laughing! That’s ALWAYS my intent!

      I really hate all reality shows except for some reason, totally sucked into this one and Dancing With The Stars!! AH HA HA! Oh my, stupid TV!

      PS: If you’re in LA – we should get coffee!

  10. honestly, I have never watched it. The commercials make me gag!

    • They make me gag but for SOME REASON… My hand gravitates to the remote control and changes my TV’s channel to ABC when it’s Monday NIGHT! LOL! Perhaps me watching this show makes me feel better about myself?

  11. Aww, Gigi, you’re so cute. I’d watch it if you were in because you take them to town. Unfortunately I endured one episode while visiting friends. Then my brains liquified and dribbled out. Now I have a hankering to nosh on heads. So I can’t watch the Bachelor because there are no Brainzzzzz.

    • AHHHH HA HA HA!! I THINK this show has made me stupider!! Thank goodness it’s over, now my brain cells can regenerate, hopefully it works that way! LOL!

      What happened to QUALITY TV? Seriously!

  12. You are quite possibly the most annoying person online. Please stop.

  13. Literally rolling on the floor laughing :-). I haven’t watched the Bachelor since the Firestone guy was the bachelor, but your imitation is dead on of those but cases. The giraffe persona was my fav hope you have an amazing week Love + Shine Courtstar

    • Ha Ha!! I wouldn’t be surprised if next season someone comes in riding on a giraffe or elephant… but then the show would have to go the EXTRA MILE to one up the chick or dude who came riding in on the animal!!

      Thanks for stopping by! Happy Hump DAY :)

  14. Ok, you probably won’t believe me, but I’ve never watched the show! Safe travels.

    • Ah ha ha! Actually, I do believe you because I do know a fare amount of people who don’t watch the show! And I am actually very PROUD of you – do NOT get sucked in like I did!!!

  15. I don’t watch the show (believe it or not we have no television – just Netflix!). I used to watch it ages ago when it first came out, and have to agree it can be mind-numbing. I really wanted to watch your video but it isn’t loading for me :(

    • I had just Netflix for awhile but I could still watch the Bachelor on and Hulu – LOL! So I always got sucked in! But don’t do it! Don’t! I am so not proud of myself!

      Try reloading the web page, sometimes YouTube takes a minute to load – otherwise you can check out my youtube channel! :)

  16. how could you find dating hard? are you saying LA is full of d-bags?

  17. I have never watched that or the it’s counter part Bachelorette!!! Drives me crazy. Love their success rate – NOT! 😉 Good luck tomorrow!!!!!

    • THANK GOD you have never watched!!!!! It’s not worth your time, I am just the sorry sucker who got lured in and just cannot stop! I only really watch the first and last episodes though because that’s all you need. The rest is fluff… Wait, the whole show is fluff, just kidding! LOL!

  18. I’m clueless about the Bachelor, but I just love watching you on video <3

    • Ah ha ha! Stay clueless! Honestly the show makes people stupider, LOL!!

      Thank you so much for watching!! Many more videos coming! :)

  19. I always watch the 1st and last episodes…nothing more! My husband sat with me for all of 5 minutes this week and was like, “Umm…I’m going to do something that doesn’t kill brain cells.” HAHA!

    Great site, btw! Can’t wait to read more. :)

    • You and I are the same person! I too really only watch the first and last episodes of The Bachelor/Bachelorette – They’re the most captivating – All the other episodes are just pure fluff and get dragged on FOR EVER!!!!

      And your husband is SOOOO right – the show really does kill brain cells, I swear I got stupider over the past 10 weeks, LOL! Now I get to watch DWTS to make me even dumber! LOL!

      And thank you for stopping by! I update every Tuesday 😀

  20. Haha I love this post! I have to admit it. I am guilty of liking the Bachelor. It’s a guilty pleasure. I can’t help it. I waste too much time watching it haha

  21. I’ve only watched the show once…when it first aired. I’m with you, girl. TOTALLY with you. I would say so much more about it, but then you’d have a blog post to read. lol

    • Ah ha ha! Perhaps I inspired you to write this blog post??!! Well I guess maybe wait until the Bachelorette debuts! 😉

  22. LOL, I don’t watch the Bachelor but you could sell those recaps. So funny!

  23. LOL! You are spot on! I actually don’t watch the show, but I know I would get sucked in. I just don’t have time for it…I’m too busy watching the Real Housewives. Haha….quality television right there!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ah ah!!! See I was soooo right, screw the Bachelor for some Real Housewives! If you can believe it, I have actually NEVER seen any of those shows before!

  24. I haven’t watched the show in .. well… I dunno… like… 4 years? lol

    I have no idea who you be speaking about LOL

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Even if you watched the show, you wouldn’t have a clue because it’s so ridiculous and all over the place! The girls are out of their minds!

  25. OK OK I watch the Bachelor, I know, hubby rolls his eyes too lol

    I am glad he ended up with her, she would have been my pick for him. But don’t get me started on them choosing to have Desiree for the next one. No comment!

    Fun video today!

    • Ugh, I agree with the NO COMMENT about Desiree! I actually have a friend who KNOWS HER and KNOWS she is an ACTRESS!!! Ugh, it kind of stinks being in the entertainment industry because all my shows get ruined for me! :( LOL!!!

      How long do you think Catherine and Sean are going to last though, really?!

  26. I despise reality TV; my life is interesting/crazy/chaotic enough! Much prefer science fiction (Dr. Who anybody?) and psychological thrillers (Homeland has sucked me in)… Me thinks I’m getting old…

    • NO WAY! You’re smart to NOT watch ANY reality TV (although Top Chef on Bravo is wonderful!)… because it makes you stupid – LOL! I lost LOTS of brain cells! LOL- perhaps that’s why I made the video?

  27. Can’t lie – love the Bachelor (it’s the perfect show to watch when I’m on the treadmill!). Sean was a total goof!!
    You’re video is super cute!

    • I kinda love it too! Uh, clearly – I confessed 😉 It totally is a GREAT SHOW for the treadmill!! ha ha. my friend walked into (literally) Sean yesterday on Rodeo – he was with Catherine and apparently she has amazing legs. LOL!

  28. OMG. Laughing my buns off.


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