T-Rex Take Out, A Thanksgiving Appetizer

Hey YOU over there…

Yep, I am talking to you…

With that frozen 20 pounds turkey carcass wedged under your arm…


That five-pound bag of yams slung over your shoulder…


And those stalks of Brussels sprouts sticking out of your grocery bag like samurai swords…


I just wanted to let you know that it looks like you may have sat on one of your bags filled with cranberries because your butt is a slightly purplish red hue.


Well now that you have to go back to the grocery store to pick up some powerful detergentCan I tell you some other items you need to pick up?


Punch people out of the way to quickly get to the meat department so you can scoop up some ground grass-fed/finished beef… Then weasel your way between the people contemplating if they should get cage-free eggs, omega-3 enriched eggs, or brown eggs… And grab yourself some more omega-3 enriched eggs, because I am pretty sure you already picked some up so you could attempt to make a picture-perfect pumpkin pie.


Teach me your perfectionist ways Britt!

Ugh. I know. I know. The last thing you THINK you need is more food…

You’re actually probably thinking you might need to get yourself a new pair of bloat-friendly elastic waist band pants


But let me assure you, you will THANK ME (and my friend Kiyra, who decided to join me in the kitchen this week) after you create the recipe I am about to reveal to you!


Before I do that though… I have to virtually HIGH-FIVE Disney/Pixar for helping excavate this recipe from the depths of my inner workings…


Now… Go throw your pants in the washing machine…


Put that turkey in the fridge to thaw (don’t leave it on the counter… Apparently that’s not good practice… And you wouldn’t want to poison Aunt Lisa… Or would you?)…

And leave the yams and Brussels sprouts on the kitchen counter (maybe they’ll make themselves?)…


So you can check out the recipe my brain “fossilized”… After Disney/Pixar allowed me to see a pre-screening and attend the press junket for The Good Dinosaur.

DIG IN… I promise you’ll be ROARING OVER IT when you take a bite (well, unless your a vegan or vegetarian). 

T-Rex Take Out… APATOSAURUS EGGSPaleo-Scotch-EggsNow you’re expecting to find the recipe details… Well, don’t worry, T-Rex didn’t eat this recipe… It can just be found over on KELAPO COCONUT OIL’S BLOG! **

Before you head over there though, let me answer the question that you’re now waiting for me to answer…

Was The Good Dinosaur a movie worth seeing?


Welp, I have to say, that the latest Pixar movie… Where the geniuses at Disney (specifically Peter Sohn, Denise Ream, etc) took the “what if an asteroid NEVER hit Earth” idea to the big screen… Is a rather heart-warming movie, you’ll want to take your family to go see!

This animated “documentary” introduces us to Arlo, a young and terrified of everything, Apatosaurus, who winds up getting lost after a tragic accident… He then must face his fears and navigate his way home…


Without GPS! **GASP**

This movie will certainly make everyone who sees it EXTRA thankful and appreciative of everything they have, including Google Maps!

So do yourself (and the rest of your family… No one likes a bi**y relative) a favor; push your stress and anxiety about the holidays aside, nosh on some Apatosaurus Eggs and check out he movie The Good Dinosaur


  • Check your pants… Do they have any stains on them?
  • How to you calm yourself down during the holiday madness?
  • What is your holiday feast uniform?
  • What is your least favorite thing to cook… But your favorite thing to eat, during the holidays?
  • What is your favorite Pixar movie?
  • Have you ever heard of the Butcher Box? That’s where I got my ground grass-fed meat from… SO GOOD!
  • Are you planning to see a movie this holiday weekend? If so… Which one? I hear THE GOOD DINOSAUR is a cute one! 



  1. Yummyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. …I had no idea Brussels sprouts looked like that on a stalk, haha.

    Those eggs look amazing–I’m definitely gonna have to try making em’ sometime! <3 My nickname at Brazilian jiu-jitsu is T-rex arms because I have short limbs, hahaha. ._.

    • Ha ha! I try to make my blog as “educational” as possible…

      And um, if you’re NICKNAME is T-Rex (arms… LOL), then this recipe is OBVIOUSLY for you! Hopefully your arms can make this recipe reach your mouth? Otherwise, just go face first – ha ha!

  3. I love the style of your blog:) so much fun. The eggs turned out amazing and looks super yummy.

    • :) WHY thank you!!!! I am glad you could pop in prior to getting nuts for the impending holiday!
      AND YOU are so right, this recipe = AMAZING! ha ah ah! Sure I may be bias but….. Um, it’s true!

  4. potassi-YAM..you kill me..
    But seriouslyyyy, have NEVER tried quail eggs, KINDA nervous about that one!
    okay okay with all the weird things I eat, I’m not that nervous about this new one 😛

    • Girl, DONT BE NERVOUS – they kinda, sorta, totally kick ass…. And you can eat like 20 of them, no problem 😉 ha ha ha ha!

  5. Thanks for sharing at my recipe share! I appreciate it!

  6. I would like to see a Dinosaur attempt to make these. I feel it would be worth the price of admission.

  7. Did you know I LOVE scotch eggs and I have been super bummed about being gluten free and all? Thanks for saving my life!!!!

  8. Um, those eggs look amazing!!! Is it bad that I’d rather eat that then boring old turkey??

    • GIRL ME TOO! I jut said that to someone else!!! This year we aren’t doing traditional Thanksgiving either so um… This is a HUGE possibility! ha ah!

  9. I reluctantly must admit they look good. Reluctant because I object to any other cohost but me…

    • You DO realize that if you WERE IN LA… You would be the one making these with me, ha! That being said, when you come back… They can be apart of your welcome back DAY! 😛

  10. Yum! I’ve always wanted to try making gluten-free scotch eggs.

  11. We don’t have Thanksgiving over here, but I’ll try and cook those eggs in it’s honour… They look quite similar to scotch eggs, but I don’t know if those are just a British/ Irish thing?..

  12. This is the year that I am saying no to the turkey as I am not eating meat. I am also trying to eat less dairy.

  13. Bahaaaa you two are adorable. I cannot say I’ll be making this, but I do still want to see the movie…regardless of your review. I will wait until it comes out though, or maybe until Netflix has it. Or maybe if my movie friend can take me for free. HA. I have stains in my pants not on them. HAHA KIDDING.

    • BRITT WTF?! I made this recipe SPECIAL FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO.

      Wanna have a Netflix & Chill date with me and watch The Good Dinosaur? LMFAO.

      I take that back… The stains IN your pants… HUGE TURN OFF – bahhh ha ha ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!

  14. Look at you!! All fancy, gettin’ invited to a Hollywood pre-screening and press stuff. I was kinda impressed with you before but now I’m really impressed! lol! Seriously, I do want to see that movie :) I love scotch eggs so much that I would marry them if I wasn’t already married. I always coat them in breadcrumbs prior to frying but your recipe is so much better, omitting all that unhealthy business. You and Kiyra are brilliant for using quail eggs too! Happy Thanksgiving :)

    • Ha Ha Ha! Come visit me out here, and I can take you to ALL the screenings/junkets… Before you marry the Scotch Eggs though because I heard once you tie the knot… It’s like a BALL AND CHAIN, so I assume Mr. Scotch wouldn’t let you go do anything fun 😉 Just munch on him, LMFAO!

  15. There’s turducken and then there’s dinosaur quail eggs! I love scotch eggs and it’s been eons since I had one…better get cooking eh?!

    I am planning on seeing a movie this weekend – the story of me painting my living room – wanna come help? I’ll leave the cooking to ya? Deal? :)
    Happy Thanksgiving My West Coast Friend!

    • I WOULD LOVE TO COME HELP YOU PANT! Funny you think that I am kidding, SOOOOO NOT KIDDING!!
      But wait, what do you want me to do… Cook or Paint?! While I am in fact a super hero… I turn off those powers during the holiday so they can reboot! SO you have to pick! LOL

  16. This is such a fun blog post! You are hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  17. Sucha cute idea! I am not a beef person but I suppose ground lean chicken or turkey. :) Who am I kidding, I am too lazy to make!!! :) xoxoxox

    You are too cute! Looks like you are getting lots more opportunities!!!!! SMOOCH!

    • Ugh. Okay, so here’s the deal: 2016… We will need to meet one Saturday and I will bring some TREATS! How does that sound???

  18. I am not column-worthy today since no turkey here, although I did try tofurkey once. It tasted like it was sliced off my Jeep’s tires, lol But back to your column. If I did go over to the dark side, I would probably eat just as you do, though not as wonderfully creative.

    I have had Brussels sprouts right off the plant like in the photo, and they were so much better than the ones I had as a kid.

    Wall-E for the movie :-)

    • I couldn’t agree more! My dad always gets the B. Sprouts SPEARS and I love them more than the loose ones!! 😉

      And um…. Tofurkey always brings to mind JEEP TIRES… So ugh, thanks to solidifying my beliefs!

  19. Thanksgiving thoughts: 1) you can’t make me eat Brussels sprouts, no matter how hard you try 2) I never liked marshmallow on my sweet potato, even if I adored my Aunt Ethel 3) I always check my pants for stains but hubbie doesn’t even check his shirts for holes and 4) Those eggs would make an adventurous New Year’s Eve appetizer. As for movies, I will stay home and watch something on Amazon.

    • OOOO love the whole staying at home, watching something on Amazon idea 😉 Sounds super cozy…. Perhaps with some Brussels Sprouts topped with marshmallows? 😉

  20. This looks really good, I eat lots of eggs so no excuse for me not to try this. Of course the adolescent portion of my brain was flashing back on your twitter photo from last night :) :) but I’m ok now just focusing on the recipe. Brittany could make lentil balls with minced portabella stuffing ?? I wear everything I eat it’s a given. Looks like you both had a great time with the video thank you. Have a great holiday travel safe.

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! That twitter photo 😉 Pretty priceless. She didn’t THINK I would post that… But whatever I take pictures of… Is game to be posted ANYWHERE lol!

  21. OMG THOSE LOOK AMAZING. I need it in my mouth. I know, I know, that’s what she said.

    • Yes, it’s what SHE SAID… And it’s what I said… Another she! We love round objects in our mouths…. It’s in our genetics? LOL

  22. I totally want to take my son to see the Good Dinosaur. He’s only 2, but I think he’d like it! I also love how you tied in the movie to your dish, very clever! I never tried scotch eggs, your Apatosaurus eggs look good!

    • You must try them… And maybe sneak them into the movie as a snack, LOL! 😉 And I too think your son will like this movie, I mean, it’s Pixar – they truly can do no wrong!

  23. Wow that was a lot of questions! and the food looks amazing. To emphasize how much of my life is lived separated from the media and world at large: I had no idea this was a movie or a thing at all. I also didn’t know there was a new Star Wars coming out but I’m not a big follower of theirs.

    1) No stains on my pants.
    2) We disconnect (even more than usual). We stay home, spend time just the immediate family and I’ll take a long run and my wife will do yoga and then we’ll sit around the fire.
    3 )My general uniform is running shorts only though in the cooler months it is running tights.
    4) Posole. I love it but I haven’t quite gotten it right yet.
    5) Wall-E
    6) Never heard of it. Don’t eat much meat.
    7) No movie plans currently. Opting outside.

    • AH ha ha ha! SOMETIMES it’s GREAT to not be connected… It’s actually probably better that way. Sometimes I wish I could disconnect, but then when I try, I get anxious – LOL!

      Oh and funny you bring up Star Wars! I just got invited to the screening/movie junket for that too, so if you visit Dec 17th, you will see my interesting recipe I create for that, haha! Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful disconnected Thanksgiving!

  24. I have to say that being a vegetarian makes this whole crazy week a little easier! Those dinosaur eggs look fun and messy so my boys would probably love them. I secretly still love to watch Disney movies even though my kiddos are old. Hope you have a fantastic fun filled Thanksgiving!

  25. I think I have loved and cried with every Pixar movie ever. Scarlet wants me to see it with her.
    I will. Without stains on my pants.
    And your recipe is awesome but I think you know how much I love eggs.

    • You will cry during this movie. JUST SAYIN’. Bring the tissues… And maybe make these eggs and sneak them into the theater with you? ha ha ha!

  26. Hmm I’d like some of those yams and brussels sprouts that cook themselves. :) The scotch eggs look real yummy and the movie does look cute. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, GiGi.

    • Right? HOW COME we can genetically modify the crap out of our crops, but we cannot breed veggies to cook themselves? LOL!

  27. I definitely want to see this movie—looks absolutely adorable, and of course, it’s Pixar so how can it not be good 😛 ?

    I wonder how this recipe would turn out with ground soy crumbles instead of beef? I then wonder if they can be snuck into a theater as something to snack on while watching The Good Dinosaur…

    • Pixar REALLY can do NO WRONG!!!

      And um, you use TRY using the soy crumbles and let me know what happens! I am serious! It’s all about experimenting in the kitchen :) Happy T-Day WEEK lady!

  28. I about fell out when I saw this. I want like 50 of them in my tummy. No cranberries. Blech.

  29. I think the movie looks very cute. And I’ll bet the dinosaur is a vegetarian :-)

    • IT IS!!! IT IS!!! It doesn’t eat any meat – it’s cute! HA AH! They should re-name one of the female dinosaurs Debbie 😉

  30. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was watching the video and the ROOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR was sooooo loud! My husband was in the other room and he was like what is that?!?!?!? ahahahha. P.S. These look YUMMM!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!! I HAD A FEELING that might happen 😉 But I love to WAKE PEOPLE UP! ha ha ha ah ah aha! As you are WELL aware – lol

  31. *Giggles. You crack me up. I need to know which screening were you at? I went to one too with SCL. And yes.. if only ingredients cook themselves and dishes wash themselves, life would be good.

    • RIGHT?! Common technology – where is the food that cooks itself?!?!
      And I went to the Saturday evening screening at The Chinese Theater 😉

  32. Gigi I love your post and the scotch eggs look so good, by the way I love cranberries. Thanks for sharing on the very last #wednesdayswisdom but stay tuned for the all new Over The Moon link up

  33. My favourite Pixar movie well all of them, I honestly love them all

  34. Rebecca Beck says:

    I’ll let my husband do the cooking but you’re HILARIOUS and the way you present it….. 😀

  35. How fun are these! I don’t eat meat but I would love to serve this to Dave. He would be like what in the world! So that would make it really fun to serve these!

    • Ah ha ha! SERVE THEM TO DAVE – PLEASE!! And if you eat turkey or chicken, you can make these with that type of meat too! 😉

  36. I keep looking at the quail eggs at the farm and have been wondering how to use them – this is perfect! I’ve never had Scotch eggs but always thought they’d be delicious. After all, steak and eggs for breakfast is fantastic.
    Favorite pixar movie – Finding Nemo but only because I watched it 4,000 times with my nephews when they were young, lol.
    Going to check out this recipe. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving, GiGi! xo xo

    • Finding Nemo – such a friggin’ gooooooddddd memory, however, I remember watching it during a time of my life that I wasn’t really a fan of… SO, I am not sure if I can love it 100% ha ha! But I do love these Scotch Eggs 100000%!!

  37. Love these brussels sprouts :) This looks so delicious! Apatosaurus eggs – need to try this!

  38. I can’t wait for that film! I love all pixar animations!

  39. I think we all have an Aunt Lisa, don’t we? I do thaw my turkey in the fridge, but one of these days . . . Wasn’t planning to see a movie this weekend but it’s come to my attention The Good Dinosaur is a good one. :-) Really fun stuff — thanks. Time of break our my holiday pants! Happy Thanksgiving.

  40. So much fun! Love these eggs! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  41. The Good Dinosaur looks like an adorable movie. Who can resist a Disney/Pixar movie anyway? They’re always extremely heartwarming and sweet.

  42. I just got around to seeing Inside Out, because of you in part, now I have to add another cartoon to my list lol. And love that pic cartoon of the yam ‘stripping,! And I love that recipe…so meaty!

  43. At the request of my naturopath I am eating more beef. And surprisingly this former vegetarian doesn’t completely hate it?!? And these caught my eye on Facebook! So yes please!

  44. Actually really love those big brussel sprout stalks at the store- ha! And stains on my pants?? Always. I should probably start looking in a mirror before leaving the house ha!

  45. Happy Thanksgiving GiGi!

    Sorry we don’t celebrate it over here in Scotland, but I’m sure you’re having a great time anyway!

    Well HELLO Kiyra 😉

    Anyway, back on focus, I LOVE SCOTCH EGGS. And you would think they originated here in Scotland, but they didn’t ? ….but they are a great mix of good ingredients, and no more so this recipe. That seasoning, wow need to get that!

    Loved it and Pinned it!

    Neil (Ps. Checked my pants. No stains :-) )

    • Happy Thanksgiving Neil (even though you don’t celebrate it, ha ha)!!! Thank you so much for your support every week, I truly appreciate it!

      Do you know where Scotch Eggs originated? I guess I could google them, cause I mean… Google has ALL the answers, right?!

  46. I loved your site, congratulations on the good mood.

  47. No movie for me this weekend. Fave Pixar movie= Finding Nemo. Scotch eggs look yummy! Can’t say I’ve ever had one, but I’d certainly try them. My holiday feast uniform is a loose dress… gotta make room for All. The. Food.

    • Girl, being pregnant during the holidays = THE BEST BEST BEST! If I ever get pregnant, I will MAKE SURE I am with alien during the festivities! ha ah!

  48. Checking my pants [though I could have told you without looking ;)]: guilty! But only a few so they don’t count. Just do as I say not as I do: don’t eat chocolate in your PJ pants. Pant-less is the way to go, I guess …
    Also, how did I not know about this movie until now??? Well, I guess maybe because Inside out was only released over here a few weeks ago, too. Lame.

    • OMG it was only released 2 weeks ago?! That’s insane… I think it just came out on dvd here, ha! It’s the best movie ever… Better than The Good Dinosaur 😉

      As for eating… The no pants dance is always acceptable! lol Who wants to do more laundry?

  49. These look amazing! What a fun recipe! I love it…. and I recently just saw brussels sprouts like that at the supermarket a couple weeks ago for the first time. I was like, WHOA! These are crazy!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  50. wow.. that looks delicious :) thanks for sharing with us !

  51. I’m wearing my stretchy pants right now, but sadly it’s not because I’ve been partaking in any delicious Thanksgiving-themed activities. One of the downsides to not living in the US!

    • HE HE HE! I wear my stretchy pants all day, every day – regardless of what the heck is going on… or on the calendar!!

  52. You are the second blogger I know who has posted about Scotch eggs. Sounds and looks delicious!

  53. Loved the post, I had so much fun going through it!! Thanks for the recipe | http://carmelapop.com

  54. That movies looks so cute!
    “How to you calm yourself down during the holiday madness?”
    Chocolate chips. Haha ;p Dark chocolate ones though, slightly healthier. Oh and running. Of course running =)
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving GiGi!

  55. NEVER a dull post – always laughing out loud over your post! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving sweetie!


  56. Don’t know whether to try your eggs or the movie first! Both sounds great 😉

  57. Your blog posts are always so much fun to read and to top it off your recipes always look so delicious and this one is no exception!!

  58. Hahaha, I always know I can stop by here when I need some giggles. I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving, mine was turkey free but I’m still wearing my fat girl sweat pants despite that fact. I call my look Homeless Chic. And no my pants don’t have any stains, thank God. Love these scotch eggs, totally forgot about those things! And thanks for the movie 411! Cheers, chicka!

  59. GiGi, thanks so much for all of the good stuff and fun that you have brought to Fridays Blog Booster Party. I am looking forward to what you will bring to the Blogger’s Pit Stop on Friday. We have a bloggers Q & A forum as well.

  60. Oh em gee, those are so CUTE. I can haz???? – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  61. Thanks a million for sharing your great Thanksgiving recipes at our recipe round up last week. I hope to see you again at the party that is now live on my blog! http://allergy-friendlytastebuds.blogspot.com/2015/12/thursday-recipe-round-up-starts-now-and.html

  62. This T-Rex will eat that yummy recipe! I love eggs and beef. My co-worker and I plan to see the Good Dinosaur soon.
    I save my elastic waist pants for Christmas Day.

  63. ROAR!!! You both are my kind of girls! Such a cute video. I get quail eggs from my egg vender at the farmer’s market and hard-boiled is the way to go! I never had them that way until he suggested it. Now I know how to get my hubs to eat them too. ;op

    • I friggin’ love quail eggs now after this video and I am so going to continue to buy them! I love that I can eat oh I don’t know… 6 of them, and still go in for more if I wanted 😉

  64. These sound great! I’ve always wanted to try quail eggs too! 😀

  65. That looks like an interesting recipe. I want to watch the good dinosaur still, but I don’t know which Pixar movie is my favourite, they really make them really well.