You Won’t Be Waffling Over This!

We tend to waffle over a lot of things…


Such as:

Whether or not we…

  • Relate more to Batman, Superman or Spiderman
  • Want the soup or salad with the lunch combo at the deli down the street… Screw it, you’re probably going for the French Fries
  • Should chance driving another hour even though the fuel gauge of your car says “I AM STARVING FOR GAS!”


Or even…

Trust me: I’m with you… I mean, I really would love to sleep in $10,000 too… However, thanks to my phenomenal willpower, I’ll probably resist that temptation.


That being said, there is in fact something ELSE I have been waffling over for awhile and I have finally… DECIDED.


No… I did not finally figure out if I like binge-watching Friends or How I Met Your Mother more…

I threw all caution to the wind and… Flung some succulently scrumptious ground grass-fed/grass-finished bison meat onto a waffle iron to see what would happen.


Of course I filmed this experience, DUH… So why not see for yourself what exactly happened when I stopped waffling… And got… Waffling?

Oh wait… 

You see how I mentioned grass-fed and grass-finished, when describing the bison? Well it’s because THAT TYPE OF BISON YOU PURCHASE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! In fact, grass-fed/finished is extremely important when buying ALL RED MEATS.

Warning: about to get a little “science-y” on you…

There is a stigma about red meat… That it’s going to CLOG YOUR ARTERIES and you’re going to eventually have a HEART ATTACK and DIE, if you eat it.

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I am laughing so hard I am actually shedding tears… And whoa, did I just pee my pants a little?


But seriously. That type of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if you pay attention to the TYPE of red meat you’re buying. If you buy conventionally raised, grain-fed/finished red meats, then yes, you’re not necessarily doing your body that much good (thanks to the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio being about 7:1), other than fueling it with a complete source of protein…

However, if you DO pay attention and purchase 100% grass-fed and grass-finished red meats… Then essentially you’re hugging your heart thanks to the healthy fat this type of meat contains.


Remember the saying, “you are what you eat”? Well… That is so very true.

You see… Grass-fed/finished red meats contain roughly two to five times MORE omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed/finished red meats (bringing the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio to roughly 1.5:1) and hopefully you all know at this point that omega-3 fatty acids are ESSENTIAL fatty acids (in that the body cannot produce them), that help ward off heart disease, among a laundry list of other things!

There is another fat in grass-fed/finished meats that is also extremely beneficial for your health and that’s Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA for short. CLA has been found to be a potent antioxidant and research has shown that CLA may actually protect against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Red Meat is one of the best dietary sources of CLA, and the grass-fed variety contains an average of 2 to 3 times more CLA than grain-fed red meats!


To all the vegans and vegetarians reading this right now… I am certainly NOT implying that your lifestyles are unhealthy, I am simply trying to educate those who DO in fact eat red meat on how they can modify their selection to get the best BANG FOR THEIR BUCK and HEALTH! In fact, I am actually PRAISING your diet, because… Grass is vegan/vegetarian… And that’s where all the healthy fats are coming from in the grass-fed/finished meats! 


And with that… I present to you… 


 Bison Waffles with Egg Yolk “Syrup”

So meaty…

  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl (except eggs) as your waffle iron heats up.
  • Liberally coat your waffle iron with olive oil spray.
  • Moosh meat mixture in waffle iron and close it.
  • Let cook for about 3 – 5 minutes depending on how hot your waffle iron gets. You don’t want to over cook the meat, so don’t go do your laundry or vacuum as these waffles cook. You can however make two sunny side up eggs.
  • When done, strategically take meat out of iron… Plate them and then place the eggs on top of each waffle. My iron makes TWO JUMBO waffles thus I only needed two eggs, however if your waffle iron makes more, you may need more eggs*.
  • Voila! Do thank me for this “geniusness” in the comments below, ha ha!

So tell me…

  • What do you tend to “waffle” over?
  • What food hacks are you particularly fond of?
  • Red meat, yay or nay? 
  • Do you pay attention to grass-fed vs. grain-fed meats? 
  • What is the craziest IMPULSE BUY you’ve ever made?
  • Have you heard of the Honest Bison?

IF NOTCheck them out on…


Ground-Honest-Bison-GiGiTasty Tuesday,


  1. Ok….I NEVER thought of waffling bison.
    Ad I guess I now FINALLY need a waffle iron. NOPE, I still not have one. But now…cause I am ALL about red meat!
    The craziest things I buy on impulse are always plane tickets. Like, uh, I need to go somewhere. Check flights online – buy. Hey, as a 37 years old single chick you can do that.

    • I wanted a waffle iron for YEARSSSSS and I finally caved back in February… BET decision EVER!! 😉 But seriously… Jump on board baby, jump on board.
      I wish I were like you when it comes to plane tickets, I tend to get STUCK sometimes – and then I go bat shit crazy because I FEEL stuck! When I am single and 37 perhaps I will be able to pull Lucies LEFT & RIGHT! 😉

  2. Holy CRAP…I just died. That is the best looking thing I have ever seen on a friggen food blog in my whole life!!!! I need to send this to my BF now since he is the only one who can cook…Beam it up to me scotty!!!


      PS: this comment TOTALLY just made my dayyyy!

  3. That is a strange combination but it could be tasty. I like bison meat and I would buy it more often if it wasn’t so expensive.

    • It is a strange combo… But in the words of LAURA over at SPRINT 2 THE TABLE – it’s #StrangebutGOOD! REALLY good! :)

  4. I like waffle iron experiments. In fact, I don’t think people make enough things into waffles. A meat waffle is pretty much a genius hybrid, girl!

    • Why thank you! I decided to GO FOR IT because I don’t have a grill… And it was the closest thing! 😉

  5. I LOVE the creativity of this–so straightforward, but I love the egg yolk as “syrup.” I’ve seen meet put in the waffle iron before, and I’ve made and ordered burgers with eggs on top, but this is genius. Good show, lady!

  6. Omg this is ridiculous! I went through a waffle iron phase where I was putting cookie dough and things like that on it but I never thought about meat! I guess it makes sense since it’s essentially the same as using my Foreman Grill. So fancy!

  7. Love this! Literally LOL’d while reading this at work and my co-workers stared at me strangely. I’ve never heard of the honest bison but I have a quarter of a grass fed cow in my deep freezer and a waffle iron at home so I see this in my near future. And the yolk porn…dying :)

    • HA HA HA! You should tell all your co-workers to take a quick break and read it too 😉 I love randomly laughing outloud and having people look at me funny, it’s what I live for! Weird but, common now, I am an oddity for sure – lol!!

      YOLK PORN = better than PORN PORN HANDS DOWN! LOL!!!!

      And uhhhhhh can you share some of that cow with me! LOL

  8. I really want a waffle maker. So many ways to use it! I think the bison + egg ‘syrup’ waffle combination sounds delicious. Strange, but delicious 😉

  9. Haha waffle removal dilemma! I don’t have a waffle iron but this just adds to my list of reasons to get one. Also, yay for yolk syrup! Nothing makes me sadder than a solid yolk. Nothing.

  10. What a fun idea. I have recently gotten into bison myself for all the reasons you mentioned, but have yet to put it in the waffle iron – yet. Can’t wait to try!

    • Yet is the key word here – you will be doing it later today I am sure 😉 he he he! Let me know how the experiment turns out! :)

  11. I go back and forth on my meat consumption- right now, I am feeling more vegan/vegetarian, but this sounds…interesting. I have never before considered putting meat in a waffle iron.

    • You know, you can always throw a slab of TOFU into the waffle iron! lol. If you try that, you MUST share with me your results! ha ha!

  12. I am sad that I had yet to consider putting meat in my waffle maker.

    • Ha Ha! Don’t be SAD – get glad?? LOL – ohhh commercials 😉 But seriously, just be happy that I introduced this way of cooking into your life! he he!

  13. I definitely agree with you that meat eaters get the most nutritional bang for their buck buying organic, grass fed meat. In general, it grosses me out when people don’t have any idea where their food is coming from nor do they care — it’s like, you don’t give a crap that you’re putting this mystery food in your body every day?? LOL Ick!

    • Ugh! This means that pretty much more than 1/2 the population grosses you out?? LOL – Well, you’re NOT ALONE because it GROSSES ME OUT TOO Nicole, ha ha!

  14. #1 You are really friggin weird.
    #2 It’s why I love you.
    #3 I’d eat that.
    #4 TWSS
    #5 I have that top!

  15. Yes, it was like I was in science class for a minute Gigi, but I loved viewing how you made these Bison waffles. I would have never thought of this dish. Amazing girl.

    Kia / The House of KTS

    • Ah ha ha ha! I AM GLAD you actually “liked” this “science class” though, he he! Imagine if I were actually a high school teacher, LOL – oh man, that would NOT go over very well I don’t think. Perhaps I should film this experience 😉

  16. Wow, these sound so great! I just love bison! Any wild game, really! Great idea!

    • My sister’s husband is sending me a HUGE BOX of WILD BOAR and it’s arriving at my doorstep this Thursday! PRETTY EFFIN’ PUMPED… You best believe a lot of wild boar recipes will be coming to the blog, LOL!

  17. For a while I saw tons of recipes with the waffle iron for NON waffles – so cool! I am not a fan of read meat but I like my chicken & turkey. :)

    Looks good for the meat eaters for sure!

    Looking great GiGi!

    • You can CERTAINLY do this with other meats Jody… 😉 I plan on experimenting FOR SURE!

      And PS: THANK YOU for always complimenting the LADIES – they appreciate it TREMENDOUSLY! he he he!

  18. I love how creative you are! If I were a meat eater, I’d definitely try this one :)

    • Well you can certainly try it with other types of things!! The world is your oyster… Although I don’t know how oysters would work on the iron, LOL

  19. My hubs would be all over this one!

    • Oh yes, OH YES! It’s too good… I do hope you at least try a little bite 😉 ORRRRR at least throw something outside of the box that you will eat, on the waffle iron!

  20. Thanks for the vegan shout out. 😉 In all reality I am with you on this, it’s all about the type of meat you buy, along with ANY foods you buy. QUALITY meats (and veg!) are key. Now make me a coconut flour waffle cause I ain’t touching this meat stuff with a 10 inch pole!

    • LMFAO!!! When we MEET AGAIN we will have those WAFFLESSSSSSSSSSSS!! No meat in sight! 😉
      PS: sorry to make you gag a little inside! lol

  21. I rarely eat red meat but when I do this would be exactly what I want. I haven’t tried bison, grass fed or otherwise but there is a new organic butcher shop that moved into the neighborhood so that sounds like something they would have. No waffle Iron but I am sure I can figure something out.
    Sounds good I think I will try this!

    • OHHHH do go check out the butcher shop and see if they have grass-fed/finished meats, if not though, The Honest Bison is your best bet on the web for sure!!

  22. I have to admit my first thought when seeing the top photo was, “What the hell is that!” lol

    I think you know that the only red meat I crave is Pacific water fed/finished salmon!

    I have found it interesting over the years to see how the truths of the day become the untruths of tomorrow. I decided long ago to make my choices and see how it went. I respect you for doing the same.

    • Oh I am wish you Dr. J – I dooooo love me some salmon over meat any day of the week, however, every so often my taste buds KICK ME until I give them some meat… And these waffles fit the bill perfectly :) Next I will throw salmon in the waffle iron and see what happens LOL!

  23. VICTORY!!! Dude, I could practically smell those waffles, you were so good at describing them. I love the flavorings you added, and I am happy putting a runny egg on practically anything. ‘Just put an egg on it.’ lol Thanks for the low-down on red meat too.
    Funny story: On our first date, Chad and i made these awful cookies from scratch, and they ended up looking like hamburger patties, so we put them on the foreman grill and took a pic. My dad found them the next day, and thought they were yummy. Ahhahaha. Xoxo

    • OMGGGGGG Just goes to show how everyone’s taste buds crave different things!! LMFAO

      And um… Put an egg on…. ANYTHING huh?!?! Should I ask about that one? BAHHH HA HA AH AH AH!

  24. YES! I made cheeseburger pancakes with ground beef need to give this a go!

  25. I just bought grass fed steak after seeing this, I don’t have a waffle iron so seasoned similar to your recipe.
    Haven’t had beef for a week so it’s a treat’ I will make these for sure with béarnaise or hollandaise sause and eggs. :) My impulse buy’s tend to be cars :) No real short cuts for me I eat really simple. I really enjoyed the video needed a smile today. Thank you

    • I am glad I could make you smile Rocco, I hope all is OKAY!
      Do enjoy that steak, it sounds friggin’ phenomenal to me… And you certainly don’t need a waffle iron for it.. I was just trying to utilize appliances in my kitchen that I don’t reallllyyyy touch, LOL!
      How many cars do you have and what brands? I am curious! 😉

  26. Hahaha…I love that you threw meat directly onto the waffle iron, GiGi! You totally crack me up. But seriously, that “waffle” looks totally awesome. Like a steak with the little pockets already created for an awesome sauce. Save me a wedge!

    • My burger has abs 😉 ha ha ah!

      But you’re so right – the little pockets are totally SAUCE CATCHERS!

  27. Bison waffles…I CAN’T EVEN! Even just thinking of the name “bison waffles” makes me happy. As a firm believer that bison is superior to beef (and venison is superior to both…hey, that’s just me) I am very VERY happy about these waffles!

    • He He He! Makes me super happy too actually 😉 I hope you make them because you will CERTAINLY make your taste buds HAPPY too!

  28. I LOVE bison! I need to buy more of it. There is a bison ranch not too far from here (the Durham Ranch) that hosts a race through their pasture every year with bison breakfast burritos, prizes, and a buffalo chip toss. It’s fun!

    • OMG YOU LIVE NEAR DURHAMM!!!!!! You’re so friggin’ lucky!!! They have some TERRIFIC MEATS (Kangaroo, Wild Boar, etc!!!) You have no excuses, you must buy some bison and other game meats, asap! 😉 Ordering from The Honest Bison is super easy too – I love when meat just shows up at my door! LOL!

  29. This is such a great idea! I love bison!!! :)

  30. Girl, I totally cannot believe you made a meat waffle! It’s so genius and so silly all at once! Red meat I have to say yay! Although I was a vegan a long time ago. Craziest impulse buy? Probably law school. :)

    • How was vegan and why did you switch back to carnivorism? LOL! Is that even a word? HA HA HA AH!! And um, law school huh?!?!? I hope you’re using that degree??

      • It was a slipery slope back to carnivorism that started with macarnoi and cheese. And yeah, law school. Shocking, I know. They gave me a license and everything! I spent most of my legal career as a public defender and now in financial services. So you can see why I need a food blog for some creativity in my life. :)

        • Oh man, I can imagine Mac & Cheese causing you to go back to your meat-eating ways, that stuff is just SO DAMN GOOD – holy hell. My friend asked me yesterday, if I were to not have food allergies anymore, what would be the first thing I would eat — MAC & Cheese baby!!

          And YES – I can see why you have a food blog, it keeps you well rounded and sane! I am very impressed with you though, you’re one smart COOKIE! 😉

  31. I love using “waffle” as a verb, haha. I definitely waffle over things (for instance, whether or not to bring my waffle iron with me when I moved from CA to WV…). I miss my waffle iron! I’m gonna have to retrieve it for when I get to residency!

    I’ve never heard of the Honest Bison, but I want these in my life! <3!

    • YOU HAVE TO retrieve your iron FOR SURE! ha ha! It can be used in so many magical ways!! 😀

      And do check out The Honest Bison – soooo worth it!

  32. Not gonna lie GiGi, this one seems a little out there! But then, a waffle iron is pretty much a George Foreman grill, right? So I guess it isn’t too crazy! No more waffling on your cooking method!

    • Chris, now now… You know me at this point… I am a bit “out there” – ha ha ha! So I mean, would you really expect anything less?

      And you’re RIGHT – A waffle iron is a lot like a G.F. grill, so really, it’s just an indoor grill! BOOM! 😉

  33. I’ll stick with regular waffles thank you. But I do wish that if people are going to eat red meat they would go for the grass fed ( and not just say they do). Because anything that would put a dent in factory farming would make me happy.

    • I knew this recipe was not going to be something you’d like – ha ha! Buttttt maybe I opened your eyes up to the waffle iron?? 😉 And I agree with you – I really hope people would pick up on the grass-fed/finished trend because we need to put a dent in the factory farming for sure!

  34. Never tried bison and it’s high on the list besides bone broth!

  35. This is insane GiGi! You’re insane IN A GOOD WAY!

  36. Well…that’s a first! Never ever did waffling Bison come to my mind. Or any meat for that matter!

  37. Wow, this is mind blowing and totally a first!

    • :) I like being “first” – ha ha ah! I wonder how I can top this one! How about some MEAT “ice cream”. LOL, er um…

  38. I’ve been waffling over whether I should buy a waffle iron for a couple of years now. 😉 Probably wouldn’t use it that much for actual waffles, but never thought to waffle beef. Bison. Whatever. 😉 Fun stuff — thanks.

    • Exactly!!! I had been waffling for quite some time too, and then I just WENT FOR IT – and once used it once before… So I figured to step OUTSIDE the box and try using it for something else, BOOM!

  39. Lady – bison waffles??? Darn – you are just so freakin brilliant! I am not a vegetarian nor am I a red meat eater – no reasons other than I just cannot seem to stomach the taste (totally weird eh?) I am so intrigued by this – I might have to try it with some ground turkey – or tune??? How about a wafflized tuna melt – with tuna in the waffle?

    • Tee he he he! For you to call THIS DUDE brilliant, mean the world to me 😉 You can totally try this with TURKEY and um, Tuna… YES! TRY IT – ha ha ha!

  40. The more you know!
    We do tend to buy grass fed and grass finished and everything else disgusts me. I can’t say I’ve tried bison, though, (or heard of the honest bison). Something about it freaks me out even though I have no trouble with cow. So.. I need to change that.

    • YES CHANGE IT with The Honest Bison, you cannot GO WRONG! I have been eating this meat for 14 years, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!?!?!

  41. You’re insane! Meat in a waffle maker. I love it and have to try it. Happy to see red meat being defended a bit. And I think you can actually eat my recipe too this week. Winner all around, dare you to waffle that 😉

  42. Gigi this is GENIUS and I love love how to demonstrated it too!!

  43. This is SO CREATIVE What a great post sweetie!

    Check out my blog, I have something amazing for you! 😉

    Diana Bryant – Blog – Web

  44. What a great idea…using the waffle maker to make burger…I mean bison burger…not any burger…
    Have a great week Gigi…you are a lot to fun!

  45. I love this idea for waffling meat!! We can’t get Bison meat here in Scotland unfortunately (although I might check in wholefoods again) but we get loads of venison and healthier meats like that, so this could be a great idea to try out with that.

    Woolly mammoth meat might have been an idea, but we shot all them a long time ago…… 😉

    I’ll need to bring the waffle maker down from the attic though…….(weekend task) :-)

    • You must check in Whole Foods, I feel like you could totally get bison!! 😉 I have seen some wild game websites that are Europe specific, so do a little research 😉 – Do love me some venison too though!

      And um, if you ever get your hands on Woolly Mammoth meat, send some my way, I will pay for that shipping! LOL!

  46. I love bison, and these meat waffles- while a bit of an off thing- look very appetizing. :)

    And, I loved how informative your post was! I’ll definitely be more aware when picking out meat at the grocery store.

    • I am so glad I opened your eyes a little bit to how to select meat in the supermarket! 😉 Now, go get waffling! ha ha.

  47. Very creative! Though I don’t see myself eating this anytime soon due to my tendency to eat more vegan foods, my meat-eating hungry husband would LOVE this! Especially with the easy egg on top. I love that it passes the unprocessed recipe test. Also love that you took a breakfast meal and made it dinner. You go girl!

  48. I love the idea of making burger waffle hybrids! Haha. Great idea, and grass fed meat is the only way to go!

  49. Ok first Gigi, genius idea!! You are so stinking cute! I love reading your post cause you make me giggle the whole way. Second, I’ve never had bison and I really want to try it. Third, never thought of using a waffle iron for other than waffles. Genius idea and looks really yummy! And your syrup…yum!

    • :) Why THANK YOU Cyndi – ON ALL COUNTS! I am so glad I could make you giggle – my brain works in mysterious ways, I will be honest and say that, I randomly crack up all day long thanks to the weird thoughts I have going on in my head – lol. Never a dull moment over here! 😉

  50. Do you remember the scene from Austin Powers when Dr. Evil is in group therapy talking about how he made meat helmets in Rangoon in the spring. Haha! Why do I picture you with the same tone talking about Meat Waffles? I can see how the edges would get crispy and the center moist– you are a sexy ass genius too!

    • You & I are twin sexy geniuses! Say what? We need to get into the kitchen together – ASAP… However, if that happened, the world might stop because our sexiness may not be allowed to be in the same room? LOL

      And um, how did you know I can do a really good Dr. Evil impersonation??

  51. I must confess that I don’t eat beef and I’m not waffling about that! I don’t eat bison either. And if i did I wouldn’t waffle it. But I’m sure glad you did! Love the egg syrup!

    • Ha Ha! No worries Abbe – to each their own 😉 You can always throw ANYTHING you want on the waffle maker! However, I am not sure you could just crack an egg on it? Well, I guess you could but the yolk wouldn’t be “syrupy”!

  52. This right here, this is EPIC woman ! Bravo Bravo !!

  53. You are genius , I love this blog!! where have you been all these years? :) Waffling on, or what.
    I am 100% with about the red meat, I am not a massive red meat eater, but I do occasionally enjoy my ‘red meal’, however always, always always buy grass fed red meat.

    • I have been at this IP for the past 3.5 years – LMFAO! 😉 I am so glad I found you too though, um, I am still drooling for that Frittata! Throw some red meat into the mix 😉

      THRILLED to hear you ALWAYS ALWAYS buy grass-fed! 😀

  54. Dear Gigi, I have only tried Bison meat once before…it is so good, I don’t know why don’t make it more often. What a clever idea to waffle the meat and serve with an egg! xo, Catherine

    • Now that you have this idea of sticking it in a waffle iron, perhaps you will incorporate more bison into your diet? 😉

  55. B to the eeeeeef! You know I’m all about the Beef

  56. This is so genius 😀 I wonder where my waffle iron is hidden? Pinning this for later!

  57. GiGi,

    We love Bison. My oldest son who is 18 did a paper in high school on Bison when he was about 15. He loves bison so much he wants to one day be a bison rancher. His bison burgers are the best burgers I have ever had. I blogged about the steaks he made and really need to blog about his bison burgers.

    Your bison waffles look really good too. I love the runny egg on it.
    Diane Roark

    • That’s incredible and awesome!!! I hope your son fulfills his passion :) And then I can buy some delicious bison from him! Checking out the steak recipe now!

  58. i’ve been following them on IG lately. Love the sounds of the company.

    • It certainly is! And their IG account has some serious food porn :) Hopefully you make a purchase, I know you’ll really enjoy their products!

  59. You are hilarious! I love your website.

    Thanks for linking up with Share the Wealth Sunday. We are going to feature this post this week as our last link up. Make sure to join the party again tomorrow at 7:00 EST.

  60. How did I not start reading your blog until now? You are hilarious and completely adorable =)
    “Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I am laughing so hard I am actually shedding tears… And whoa, did I just pee my pants a little?”
    That totally cracked me up. I’m a vegan, also a nutritionist and to be honest, when people ask me healthy eating tips for heart health – I tell them dairy is the biggest artery clogger. I don’t advise people to stop eating meat, I agree that they should eat healthier types of meat of course. Veganism works for me, doesn’t for everyone.
    And what a creative use of a waffle iron!

    • OKAY so I love you! I love you because even though you’re VEGAN – you know that that lifestyle MAY or MAY NOT work for everyone else! Everyone is built differently! I myself can never be vegan because all vegan foods upset my stomach… However, my best friend, she is a vegan and feels sick if she eats animals. I love that you advocate just eating the BEST TYPES of foods for every eating lifestyle :)

      PS: very glad we found each other!!

  61. Most Australian beef is grass fed and grass finished and very tender. When I moved from the states my partner asked me what my steak knives were for. (seriously) I ended up tossing them out.

    I have NEVER waffled beef before. I can just imagine the look on my friends’ faces if I tried this. I can’t wait.

    • You’re SO LUCKY you live IN AUS… Because I know for a fact that most beed is in fact GF/GF!

      AND YES!! Please take pictures of your friends faces when you try this recipe out on them! 😉 I definitely got some odd looks myself – lol! But when do I not?

  62. Wow!! These are so fun!! What a neat take on a typically carb-y, sugar-y food!! YUM!

    • 😀 Right?! I miss waffles, yes, yes I do – so this for me… AWESOME WAY to get them into my face & life! lol

  63. Wow! Reading your recipe make me smile :) … unique meal! Thank you for linking up to Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesdays. I have pinned your post to our Tasty Tuesdays Pinterest Board.

  64. Hey GiGi,
    I have never heard of the Honest Bison but your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Great job!
    I have a question….. I switched from to and I was wondering if you still receive e-mails or see my posts in a reader? Idk… Any help you can offer as to what you see would be great. It seems like my page is a ghost town now compared to what it was.
    P.s., I try to buy grass fed beef–sometimes it’s cheaper/on sale than regular beef at my local grocery store!

    • Yay for trying to buy grass-fed/finished whenever you can! I know when Whole Foods has their sales, I go NUTS and buy ALL OF IT! ha ha ah!
      Also, YAY for switching to!! :) Did you do it all by yourself? AND YES — your content still comes up in the reader! :) All good!

  65. Thanks for adding this to the Healthy Living Link Party. We hope you will come back next Wednesday.

  66. Mmmm Yolk syrup! Love the idea of meat waffles :) You really ARE a genius. I didn’t know the diff between just grass feed and grass finished so THANK YOU! Another entertaining, yet informative video :)

    • YAY!! I AM SO GLAD I could inform you about such red meat raising practices! WOO WOO! My education is paying off?! 😉

  67. You bring some good food for thought to Fridays #BlogBoosterParty. I would never have thought of cooking meat as a waffle. That looks like one yum breakfast or even lunch. I love grass fed meat and always try and buy my meat that way. The same with butter it is 100% grass fed produced.
    Thanks GIgi you are inspiring.

    • Oh for sure! People think that grass-fed/finished only applies to meat, well, nope! Butter, milk, yogurts, etc – IT ALL COUNTS and matters! I am glad you go for it! :)

  68. I love your science lesson and you make it simple. Yes, I’m vegan so won’t try the bison waffles, it’s great information because my husband and son eat meal. And, I agree, grass fed all the way. However, you inspire me to try and make waffles with chick peas and legumes. I’ve made some delicious bean burgers that don’t looks so great but taste awesome. So who knows, maybe the waffle will work for me, too.

    • OMG YES! Do try to make waffles with chickpeas and legumes!! I am so interested to see how it works! Can you post about it, please?!?! :)

  69. Wow! Something and interesting! I am delighted that you shared your wonderful Bison Waffles with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  70. Only you could come up with this, Gigi! I would’ve never thought to put red meat (err, any meat!) in a waffle iron. Looks yummy, though :)

    • he he he! My brain, it does not cease to amaze me – LOL!!! Throw some meat in your waffle iron tomorrow morning.
      Okay, that just sounded DIRTY – LOL……. But actually, I think, it also sounds like a wonderful idea, BAHA HA, if you catch my drift?

  71. Not gonna lie this is the coolest shit ever! Lol. I love grass-fed meat I try to get it but it is harder than one might think. I love red meat so glad I have permission to indulge once or twice a month. Lol. :) I need work lunch ideas that are simple and take 5 fucking minutes or less. I haven’t been eating well at work and it’s no bueno. I don’t have one crazy impulse buy, I have several mini impulse buys that add up Lol – I’m working on that. Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

    • GIRL – make these waffles and bring them to work, they seriously take 5 minutes to make, NO JOKE – and TIN FOIL is the best invention EVER! THESE ARE MY quick and easy lunch, no joke! Carrying meat around in my purse, is NOT WEIRD! LOL!

      PS: It’s super easy to get grass-fed meat, you can easily order from Honest Bison 😉

  72. Can’t say that I would want to eat some Bison waffles but I love the post. Thank you for linking up at #HomeMattersParty hope you will come back and link up again next week.

  73. I heart this post so much, it is hilariously fantastically done! How fun and great use of a waffle iron!

    Thanks for joining Try a Bite Tuesday Link up last week! Hope to see you back!!

    • I am so glad you “HEART” it! :) Waffle Irons are just kind of the BEST THING EVER! – ha ha!
      Thank you for hosting!

  74. GREAT humorous post! I think I have to skip the meat on the waffle iron though. 😉 Thank you for sharing at Pin Worthy Wednesday!

  75. These look SO unique and yummy!! Must try :)!

  76. Hi GiGi,
    What a creative dish! I always love to see what you are up to! Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us at the Plant-based Potluck Party!

    • <3 Thank you for ALWAYS stopping by Deborah! I wish I could serve you some waffles through the computer screen, lol!

  77. These are my fave!!! cannot wait to try this recipe!

  78. Nay on red meat or any meat for me. But you have inspired some ideas of other things that I can use to waffle over 😉 thanks

  79. Hi Gigi,
    You out did yourself with this great recipe. Love it and its so unique. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & twitted.

  80. This is hilarious– I totally relate to waffling over whether or not to stop for gas when clearly I need to :) I don’t know why I hate stopping at the gas station SO MUCH. Maybe because I never give myself more than the exact amount of time I need to get from A to B?

    I am definitely a victim of poor nutrition advice of the 90s. I stopped eating red meat as a teenager, and even with all the research showing the health benefits of grass fed red meat, I just can’t get back in to it. It’s been off my menu for too long! I’m living in Asia, and most of our beef comes from Australia, and it mostly is grass fed– no premium prices like in the States, it’s just almost standard. I do buy it for my husband, and then I have my salmon while he’s enjoying his steak :)

    • Oh you’re so so lucky! Beef from Australia is the BEST!!! You should definitely try a tiny bit again, however, do what you feel is best for you but of course! What’s your main source of protein? I don’t eat red meat all that often, but when I do, it’s always GF/GF (duh) and… I will now forever throw it in the waffle iron! LOL!

      SALMON is hands down my favorite! 😉 I bought some white kind salmon collars today, YUM!

      • Salmon is certainly my favorite protein source :) I naturally just prefer a more vegetarian diet– but I am allergic to soy and most legumes (like, all the important vegetarian proteins :) — so I eat seafood and chicken a few times a week. And lots of eggs.

        I probably should try beef again– I am pregnant, and know it’s recommended because of the high iron. Maybe putting it in a waffle iron will make it more appealing to me :)

        • Aw how far along are you? my sister just had a baby on Tuesday of last week! 😉 Eating lots of salmon for the baby is totally acceptable, obviously so just keep on eating that deliciousness! ha ah. I will allow you to eat my boyfriend – ha ha ha ha!

  81. I LOVE bison and the fact that you waffle’d the meat and then finished it with the egg and “yolk syrup”? Freggin’ genius! I want to face plant into this sucker! Looks amazingly delicious!!! ♡

  82. I’m not a huge red-meat eater, but my husband is, so we buy grass-fed, organic. Cuz, I figure, if he’s going to eat it, it might as well be as healthy as possible :) I love the cross stitch at the beginning of the post. Adorable!

  83. It looks very tasty!

  84. Hi GiGi,
    You are so creative and inventive in the kitchen! Thanks for sharing your creations with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Link Up. I’m pinning and sharing.