NO “BULLOCKS” with Christine Bullock!

Sure you may know of…

Reggie Bullock: A 6’7″ basketball player who dunks, or excuse me, simply places the ball in the basket, for the Phoenix Suns.


Alan Bullock: A knighted British historian, who wrote an influential biography about Adolf Hitler along with other works. Who wants to start a book club and have this book be the first one we read? Yeah, me neither!!!

Alan Bullock

Randy Bullock: A placekicker for NFL’s Houston Texans, who apparently doesn’t know how to do his job… Sorry bro, just stating what Google told me!


Steve Bullock: An American politician who has been horsing around the “Big Sky Country” as the 24th Governor since 2013.


And of course…

Sandra Bullock: If you don’t know who she is…. Then you should probably go squeeze yourself in a scuba suit and jump into a lake filled with molasses.


But have any of you ever heard of Christine Bullock?


To cure your curiosity… Christine is essentially Wonder Woman in human form.


Ta Da!

Christine‘s super strength, agility, and stamina are unmatched and she has the ability to morph whenever necessary (she’s a pro fitness model, fitness instructor, TV host, brand ambassador….).

Christine Bullock

…And apparently she’s a SPIDER MONKEY too!

Now if we want to get REALLY comic book technical… Christine‘s “golden lasso” is her EVOLUTION20 workout and nutrition DVD series that “lassos” in the masses. All those who mimic Christine‘s 20 minute ass-tightening, arm-amplifying and ab-searing moves featured in the DVD, will no doubt unleash some of their own inner superhuman powers!


Perhaps doing enough of her workouts will build up enough courage and confidence to audition to be her sidekick? I mean… What’s a superhero without their accomplice?

That being said… I tried my hand at AUDITIONING for the role in the latest GiGi Eats

Christine-Bullock-GiGi-Dubois laughing

I can see it now: Evolution20 (Christine‘s Wonder Woman nickname) and Gargantuan Appetite (yep, that’s ME!) SAVE THE DAY… When they rescue civilians drowning in puddles of Fast Food grease!


However… During this “tryout,” Christine put me through a series of do-anywhere godlike moves that… Well… You’ll see!!

You may now be in complete awe of Christine‘s FLIGHT ability (you know what I am talking about, if you watched our video!) and nutritional WISDOM… And you may very well be on your way to purchase her DVD series

But before you do that… There is something ELSE about Christine I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT!

GiGi Dubois has a dirty mind

CHRISTINE IS A FINALIST TO BE Women’s Health Magazine’s THE NEXT FITNESS STAR! In order to CLAIM THE THRONE, the human Wonder Woman actually needs YOUR HELP!


All you have to do is… VOTE FOR HER (EVERY SINGLE DAY!) until August 3rd and the WINNER (ahem, Christine) will be announced later in the month on The TODAY SHOW!

So what are you waiting for! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

GiGi Dubois pointing at camera

Nonetheless, regardless as to what happens, Christine will ALWAYS stay true to her “powers” and keep bringing us more extraordinary, outside of the box workouts to prime your posterior (and the rest of your body, because she knows you cannot spot reduce!)


  • If you were a superhero, what would be your superhero name and power be?
  • Have you ever gotten your sweat on with Christine?
  • Do you know anyone else with the last name Bullock? 
  • Do you remember what life was like before GOOGLE?
  • Do you work out differently in the summer vs. the winter?
  • Are you currently stuck in a workout rut? 


By the way… I HAVE SOME HUGE NEWS for you, to be announced next Tuesday (and on my social media later this week), so STAY TUNED!



  1. Phew – just reading that wore me out. My days of this kind of stuff stopped years ago. Now it’s yoga.

    What a body though and great that she is inspiring others to get off their bums and doing something to stay in shape.

    • Christine is CERTAINLY an inspiration and thinks that working out for YOU is very important, so if yoga is your thing, KEEP IT UP! :)

  2. these names in the workout..can’t handle it ahahah

    • Bah ha ha!! I was editing this video on the plane yesterday and just gave ZERO F’s at that point! 😉

  3. The world before google was so much harder! It’s definitely hard for me to imagine ever going back to that. I’ll vote for Christine!

    • OMG right?!! THANK GOODNESS the internet was around during college or I would have FAILED cause who the heck wants to go to the library?!

  4. Christine Bullock is someone I really look up to! I’m so glad you did a collab with here! Anyways, I’d be the Fan Girl because I’m always there to cheer you up!

    • She is probably one of the BEST role models out there, so I am glad you look up to her – the best part, she is 100% awesome and genuine and practices what she preaches! She and I will definitely have more collabs in the future – NEXT UP: something in the kitchen!!

  5. Gigi, girl! You did better than I would have! All that one legged stuff looks tough but in a good way! I voted for Christine and I hope she wins! She seems kind, even though she kicked your butt! haha. Good luck!!

    • Oh she’s the nicest booty kicker out there! LOL! I have had some MEAN trainer in the past – and she is NOT one of them. I want to work out with her every single day! That would be amazing and my body, hot damn. Oh wait! WE CAN ALL work out with her on the daily, thanks to Evolution20! 😉

  6. Life before Google? Wait a sec, I’ll just look that up on Google quickly. Kidding. First, I despise people using ‘Google’ as a verb. No, just no for this grammar and language fiend right here [my superhero name would involve something like Spell Check Chick <- better suggestions much appreciated ;)]. Second, I DO remember the times before Google. Hello, leafing through the many volumes of my dad's old Brockhaus for school presentations …
    Christine clearly is a fierce workout Wonder Woman. Move #3 is speaking to me as a secret plank fiend.

    • HA HA HA HA AH!! Well then I will quit using GOOGLE as a verb for ya! 😉
      I actually really miss the days before GOOGLE was such a presence in our lives… We would actually GO OUTSIDE and appreciate nature. LOL.

      AND PS: Um, your super hero name…. FREAKING AWESOME – no need for improvement, that’s for sure!

  7. So you looked fine in this video..not sure what you were worried about. “I like to be on the ground” you sassy little minx….HAHA. I’m in a workout GREATNESS.

  8. Dang – that crouching dragon with a kick – I was hurting just watching y’all! I haven’t ever gotten my sweat on with Christine – but her quick workout rocked! I see why she was nominated – heading there to vote!

    • RIGHT?! I was SOOO NOT expecting that HIDDEN DRAGON kick, that’s for sure!! Ha Ha Ha! Christine certainly has some tricks up her sleeves…. Oh wait, she’s not wearing sleeves. LOL – THANK YOU for voting for her!

  9. Hmmmm….So I’m really considering this 20-minute workout. I love that she starts with jumps aka star jumps, too. I’m a huge fan, I think I feel like I’m an child cheerleader doing them. I’ve been meaning to come up with a super hero name because my 6-year old is reading the Captain Awesome series. My name could be Princess Mama of the Wellness World? Queen Lady Ruler of our House? Any other ideas?

    • SERIOUSLY Caryn! 20 minutes is NOTHING in the scheme of things! I really need to get over my 100 minutes of cardio and jump on the simple 20 minutes bandwagon! I could ever just do her work outs 2x for 40 minutes if I am crazy! LOL!! These work outs definitely tap into your inner child and they rock 😀

      Why not call yourself: Queen Wellness! BOOM! That’s powerful!

  10. These was such an entertaining read! I was not familiar with Christine. It got me motivated to resume regularly work outs since recovering from an injury a few months ago. My superhero name would be Mind-reader Melissa :)

    • I AM BEYOND THRILLED this post got you motivated to get your regular work outs on again! 😀 But I am sure you knew that since you can read minds.

      Man, I totally wish I could read minds!!

  11. That video is awesome! You go girls! 😀

  12. Oh man!! I going to call Gargantuan Appetite! Oh well, I guess I will have to settle for The Hangry Avenger. That workout is awesome! I will definitely be voting for her.

    • OMG you and I should be a tag-team! Gargantuan Appetite and The Hangry Avenger strike again! LMFAO!!

  13. I often reflect on life before Google. Remember using a phone book or having to prefer to the magnet on the fridge to order pizza? So ghetto… 😉

  14. I’m not familiar with Christine, but she sure is a California girl :-)

    I work out the same year round, but I sweat a lot more in the summer!

    I remember before there was the computer :-(

    Of all the stuff I do, the martial arts is the best over-all workout. Really, it’s a lifestyle.

  15. Good luck to her with Women’s Health! she looks perfect for the job!

  16. I’ve never heard of Christine Bullock, but her exercises look fun! Those workout names CRACKED ME UP. You were lookin’ good, as always!

  17. I thought you looked great in the video. I’m not sure why you thought you wouldn’t And I’ve never heard of Christine, but I loved her style. Have to vote.

    Kia / The House of KTS

    • Yes! You must vote! :)
      I thought I wouldn’t because I am a creature of HABIT when I work out… Thus I never really mix it up – but I MUST START!

  18. VOTED!!
    And I think I would like to be able to teleport, then I wouldn’t be sitting here waiting for hours on end in the airport…

    • UGH! I WAS at the airport yesterday… Delayed and all – that’s when I wrote this blog post actually, LOL – so I guess it wasn’t all that bad 😉 But I AGREE – I want to teleport because I WANNA GO TO Italy in a BLINK!

  19. Can I be both WonderWoman and CatWoman in One ? Because that’s the only way to go lol

  20. I am not in a rut as you know but she is YOUNG and in awesome shape! Amazing!

    This would be tough for older women & me due to my poor knees these days but a great workout for when I was younger with no joint issues! :)

    Curse I like lifting the heavier stuff beyond my old bod! 😉 My workout is the same year round except changing it up to keep my bod guessing!!!!! :)

    You did great!

    • You should try to be THE NEXT FITNESS START next year!!! You could totally kick some serious BOOTY and win!!!!

  21. Love do anywhere workouts!! I do love changing up my workouts in the summer. My go to workout right now is running and HIIT workouts! you ladies look awesome :)

  22. What an inspiring lady. I love working out whenever I get time.

  23. Loved it! Please put out a Gigi Kicks Your Ass workout video. Id buy that :)

    • LMFAO!!!! Well shoot Jill, I guess I am really going to need to DO THIS! Donkey Kong Kick will be one work out… Flailing GECKO will be another… Oh you just wait! lol

  24. Great video! And wow on inspiring, I’ve never worked out with her but want to now! I tend to get into a workout rut doing the same routine, so this looks perfect to mix things up.

    • ME TOO Christine! I always get stuck into a comfortable rut, but we MUST get out of our comfort zones!!

  25. I voted! Please remind me every 24 hours so that I can vote again. :-)

  26. Ok you got my vote – Christine is deserving of that title! And yes, I feel like I work out more intensively in Summer maybe because I got my mind on that swimsuit haha!


    • Oh the “dreaded” swim suit! Ha Ha. I actually have only a swimsuit top…. Cause I am terrified of WATER, so what’s the point 😉


  28. Whoa! She does have serious superhero skills! Voting!

  29. I’m not in a workout rut – I fell down the rabbit hole! Maybe this 20 minutes a day thing is just what I need! Christine certainly does look and move like a superhero!

    • THIS IS TRULY what you need if you feel you’re in a workout rut… Before you know it, 20 minutes is DONE and you’re drenched in sweat, heart-pumping!!! Get it girl, get it!

  30. 20 minute workouts sound like my kinda thing! Although single legged burpees do not…

    • I wish I could adopt the 20 minute workout mindset!! I am going to try my best and incorporate some of these moves so I can decrease my current 101 minutes… But it will take some getting used to – LOL! I don’t think I will be including the one legged burpees, just yet, either! LOL!

  31. Love this!! Christine is amazing (and so are you!!) :) Going to have to check out those DVDs

    • <3 DO IT! You won't regret it... And I know you will love it, since you love those exercise classes! You could totally incorporate some of these moves into your teachings!

  32. Those workouts look awesome! I want to try that DVD. Voted for Christine just now!

    • Thanks LIZ!!!! And you should totally try the DVD!! In fact, try it and maybe even review it on your blog :)

  33. Omg Gigi I love watching your videos! I love how easy going and relaxed you are! Plus you killed the workout haha, get it girl

    • THANK YOU BEVERLEY!!!! I am beyond thrilled you like watching my videos, because I LOVE MAKING THEM and will never stop! HA HA! 😉

      That being said, the work out totally killed me, common now – LOL!

  34. Wow, that is some insane strength. Definitely something for me to aspire to.

    • RIGHT?! ME TOO!!! I need Christine in my house at all times cheering me on… Oh wait, that can totally happen with her DVD! 😉

  35. Twenty minute workouts always sound so simple and easy, right? And of course they always kick your butt! Because they’re like a 3 hour workout rolled into mere minutes. 😉 Fun stuff — thanks.

    • RIGHT?! 3 hour workouts squeezed into 20 minutes = SWEAT INDUCING & HEART PUMPING & just a tad painful… But TOTALLY worth it!

  36. Here I am again late, voted twice so far and what a team you are. I want some burpee pull ups GiGi 10 starting NOW !!!! LOL Try ” Fight gone bad ” it’s a good one and can be scaled to suit if needed. I think she is going to do well, presentation is everything. I’ll keep voting each day :)

    • Ok I’m back, I just want to be Iron Man that’s it simple completely awesome handsome and rich.

      • OMG Burpee PULL UPS?!?!?!? BAH HA HA HA AH AHA!!!! Um, well, er………… I will get right on that for you? – LOL. Actually, you need to stay tuned because TOMORROW I have a mini Instagram video coming out… And Tara and I are revealing something, far better than burpee pull ups. LOL!

        AND THANK YOU for voting for Christine and continuing to do SO!!! She needs to win this because she is kick asss!!!!

  37. GiGi, you look so cute in your workout video! Fantastic job!
    I vaguely remember what life was like before Google….
    My workouts DO differ with the seasons. I love when Fall and Spring come around because I can enjoy a brisk walk outdoors in the morning. Summer and Winter the elements are too harsh.

    • Oh I couldn’t agree more! Walking and hiking outside in the fall and spring are THE BEST!!! The second the SUMMER and WINTER roll around though – BLAHHH!

  38. OH and I love that her workouts are only twenty minutes long! I am all about getting in there and getting stuff done and moving onto the next thing!

  39. Summer: “It’s 8pm! I can still squeeze in a run and see the sunset!”
    Winter: “It’s 6pm and dark out. Time to put on PJs.”

  40. I’m definitely in a workout rut so this is just what I needed today. You guys look great and I’m getting that video!! Congrats on your nomination, Christine, and I’ll go vote for you. Thoroughly enjoyed this, you guys and needed the kick in the ass to expand my repertoire!!
    I already have a superhero name so I’m good to go, lol. Although Robin is somewhat of a wuss in my opinion!
    I’m going to be emailing you, GiGi, cos I see you have an app…that’s my next adventure!

    • AH! I am so glad this post came to you at the perfect time! Hopefully it can help SPICE UP your work out routine! :) And thank you so much for voting for Christine, I know she appreciates it so very much, because she is 10000% thankful for everything :)

      And yes! DO EMAIL ME about the app!!

  41. Gigi – Always making us laugh! I love it. I usually workout more in the winter because I have a tendency to get a little sad and working out helps me stay positive! :)

    • ha ha! I am THRILLED my stupidity and baffoonery can make you laugh 😉

      And that’s very interesting that you tend to work out more in the winter – because people typically tend to STOP working out in the winter because they’re sad and it’s cold! ha! I am glad you use it as MOTIVATION!

  42. I’ll vote!
    My superhero power is so clearly flying. Or wait.. empathy? Or is that a curse? I really can’t decide.

    • THANK YOU MY LOVEEEE for voting! :)
      And if you REALLY had the power to fly, you’d be visiting me here in LA every day! JUST SAYIN….. ha ha ha!

  43. Hi GiGi! I voted for Christine! She’s amazing! If I were a superhero my name would be Super Sonic and my super power would be to have the ability to manipulate sound waves and make them do–––whatever it is they can do. Ha, ha! 😀

    • HA HA! For a second I thought you were going to say that your super power would be to eat ALL THE SONIC out there, LMFAO!!! Thankfully YOU DIDN’T! 😉

  44. Your ‘Star Jump’ was adorable. The mission impossible is well, impossible, I think I would just face-plant on the ground. However, I might want to give them a try. Exercise has never been my thing, but I really need it.

    • BAH HA HA! Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it —- And also, if you think you’re going to face-plant… Don’t film it, LOL!! I hope this video and Christine can motivate you to get in a little exercise :) Even just walking around the block is GREAT!

  45. Christine is amazing! She’s got my vote!! Such great exercises that you can do anywhere – love it!!
    Love Palisades Park – you were in my hood!! :)

  46. Look at you with your Balanced burpees…very impressed. Very very impressed :)

  47. I’ve never heard of Christine Bullock, but she is AH-MAZING. And her exercises look so much fun! You are looking so good! I am not much into exercise but I would sure want to try some of these! :-)

    • You must try some of these, even if you don’t exercise much! Even just doing the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE every day is a great addition to your day! :) Do it while some of your delicious food bakes/cooks!

  48. Love her kind of workout :) She’s got my vote! (really more because I like you, and you’ve told me to).

    I am having a baby next month– so I am going to need some of her workouts soon! I feel so bleh lately– and can’t do too much in the workout department other than swims and walks. But, soon! I miss it so much.

    • EEEKS! A new baby!! Congrats :) My sister just had one and I am totally amazed at the fact that she doesn’t look like she has even had a kid! 😮 I have a feeling you are going to bounce back in NO TIME!! 😀

      Can’t wait to see your new bundle in the flesh!

  49. I’ve never heard of Christine Bullock, but her exercises look fun!
    Love this kind of workout! If i weren’t a gym addict, I’d probably start exercising with her right away!
    You were looking good, as always!

    Have a lovely weekend, Gigi!

  50. I don’t change up my workouts too much with the season. I try to walk year round (despite freezing temps here in Ohio) and I also use the gym on a consistent basis. I’m interested in doing more workouts at home – especially once I start having more kiddos. I think it may be necessary!!

    • OH Christine’s DVD is SOOOO what you need then!! 20 minutes, at home, just with your TV and bam, you’re good to go for the day! :)

  51. I have heard of Christine, and she is a GODDESS. And this little workout proves my opinion. I’m off to vote now!! I hope she wins :-)

  52. Go Christine! You guys are killing it. I don’t find myself in workout ruts very often because as you know, I’m always on the go! Lol! Can’t sit still!

    • GIRL YOU ARE ALWAYS on the go! IT IS CRAZYYYY to me but it’s also amazing!! Where are you going next?!

  53. Voted! So excited for your news, too!

  54. love her and you!!

  55. Ugh I wish I had the patience to do that LOL I’d be interested in trying her videos- I like short + sweet. I’ve been on a workout rut for a year now LOL I just can’t shake it. I’m starting to train myself to wake up early first so I can start working out in the morning but I figured let me actually get used to waking up early for two weeks then add a routine. I need to take things slow because I quit very easy. If I were a superhero my name would be Queen Awesome – I just want to be royalty hahaha. :) Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

    • Ah ha! Hey, BABY STEPS! But I am glad I introduced you to Christine, because I really think you would LOVEEEEEE her videos to kick you in the pants!

      And girl, all you had to do is ask! I can KNIGHT YOU and boom – royalty! 😉 Wait… That’s not how it works… LOL

  56. Christine is spider “women”… how did she do that?!!! Great post!

  57. I am totally inspired! Thank you for linking up to Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesdays. I have pinned your post to our Tasty Tuesdays Pinterest Board.

  58. Thanks for sharing on the Healthy Living Link Party.

  59. Pouncing Tiger…I like the sound of that move and your face when she did that kick up in the air, haha! Great video, great moves and she looks awesome! Going to vote for her now!

    • Ah ha ha ha! OMG I was totally NOT expecting that kick in the air AT ALL!! ha ha ah!!

      THANK YOU for your vote my love!

  60. I know it’s scary to think about but I went to college with no computer, no mobile phone and no Google. I survived and now I look back and wonder how. :)

    I voted for Christine and I hope to remember to do it again.

    • OMG – YEAH! I am wondering how you survived too! Same with my parents! My mom went to Med School and became a doctor… And I look at her as if she is one of the 7 wonders of the world! LOL!

      AND YAY! Thank you for voting for Christine!!! Definitely try and vote for her as much as you can :)

  61. THE HIDDEN TIGERRRR!! Love it! Honestly, give it 2-3 weeks constant workout and you’ll beat her in that excercise easily.

  62. I thought I recognized her from Women’s health mag!!

  63. I’m not that into workout videos – I’m a runner and I LOVE Core Power Yoga (it’s like yoga, pilates, weight training, and aerobics all in one). Recently I started cross training to prevent running related injuries, and it involves an insane number of squats, lunges, and my personal favorite (not really) burpees! Anyway, it’s helped my running so darn much that maybe I should check out some of Christine’s workouts :)

    • Oh you definitely should check out Christine’s videos! 20 minutes… Is really NOTHING in the scheme of things… And she can totally help your running as well! :)

  64. Hilarious! What a fab collab. Looking fab! Thanks for linking up to please add my badge or link back to

  65. GIGI I think you are awesome, great interview and very entertaining.
    Fridays Blog Booster Party

  66. These exercises look like too much work for me – I would die trying to do a one-legged burpee haha

    • GIRL – you should have been inside my brain when Christine introduced me to the 1 legged burpee… LOL! I was screaming!

  67. The Texans Bullock came to one of my mom’s yoga classes! Working out in the summer is way > to working out in the winter for me! I’m all about getting outside in the summer sun!! :)

  68. Awesome lady! In the summer I definitely do more outdoor workouts. I like to be outside as much as possible, so I’ll go play tennis, hike, mountain bike, do yoga, or even just take longer walks with my dog by the beach as an excuse to be out in the sunshine more.

    • I WISH I LIVED IN A WALKABLE area – but LA does not welcome those who like to travel on foot, alas, me getting out in the sun…. Yeahhh you would know the answer to that if you saw my pasty white self in person, LOL!

  69. haha, awww, voted, and best of luck to Christine! :]! I’ll try to remember to go bcak there every day!

    I definitely don’t want to imagine what life was like without Google (especially after the start of med school, haw haw haw).

    I’m not sure what my superhero name would be! One of my current nicknames is “Black Hole” because I eat so much…?

    • OMG I AM “Garbage Disposal” – EXCEPT… I don’t eat GARBAGE so really I should be HEALTHY Disposal?? LOL! Compost? BAH HA HA! Um… I will just stick to my super hero name 😉

  70. I know what your secret is! So sad you won’t be at IDEA. Guess I’ll just have to make another trip to LA later this year.

  71. Your posts are always informative but I love that they’re so entertaining as well!!! Thanks so much for linking up with Share The Wealth Sunday!


  72. Hi GiGi, You never cease to impress me with your powers! Thanks for sharing the wonders of Christine Bullock with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. Now I am really jealous (smile)! I’m pinning and sharing. I’ll vote for her too!

  73. WOW! That workout looks tough! I work out an hour 6 days a week, but man oh man, some of those moves look tough. Looks fun though and I love a good challenge. I’ll have to try it out.
    Both of you ladies look fab!
    GiGi – you look super in shape btw!!

    • I wish I brought Christine’s DVD to Taiwan with me, because MAN I could have used it in my hotel room!!!
      After all my eats this trip, I don’t think I am as in shape as you saw me in that video Kimmy, lol!

  74. Christine’s my favorite finalist!! So exciting that you got to meet here! She had some great new moves – and you didn’t look THAT horrible! 😉

    • Christine and I have been friends for awhile! She’s incredible…. And um, thanks for being nice and LYING to me saying that I did a good job with those moves, LOL!