Getting My Burger On With Tom Bergeron

As much as you may not want to admit it…

You’ve totally thought about what competition reality show you’d CRUSH like GODZILLA!


You can’t say you’ve never filled out an on-line application… Only to delete it because you snapped out of your momentary lapse in insanity… To:


Big brother comic

Prance around NAKED AND AFRAID


Jump into a SHARK TANK

Shark Tank Mr. Fantastic



Or even stick your fist in your mouth for THE BACHELOR.

The Bachelor Fist in Mouth GiGi Dubois

Oh, so you still don’t want to tell me which show you’d want to parade around on…

Well FINE… But I have ZERO SHAME when it comes to announcing which reality TV show I would want to be on.

And NOPPPEEE… This girl does NOT need The Bachelor anymore. I snagged me a Disney prince named Tony Hawk without the intervention of a TV show.  

I WOULD SWIM WITH JELLYFISH for the chance to show off my RUMBA skills on…



Unfortunately, there is no way of actually applying so as to TANGO with Derek Hough every Monday night…


Because as you may or may not know, you have to fit certain criteria (being on one of the aforementioned reality shows, perhaps?).

BUT WAIT A HOT, HOT MINUTE… I was on The Bachelor for 10 milliseconds… Shouldn’t that qualify me?


In all seriousness, though, I really DO think my CHA-CHA would SIZZLE enough to be award 10’s ACROSS THE BOARD! Plus, I really want to dress up like a sparkly peacock.


But since I have yet to make WALTZING on Dancing With The Stars a reality… 

I decided I would teach the host of the show, Tom Bergeron, how to do a dance often executed in my ballroom, AHEM, the kitchen, called “THE HAMBURGER”!


While Tom has admitted that he has “two left feet” in the kitchen… We managed to whip up “THE HAMBURGER” without losing any appendages or breaking a sweat! 

Why take on “THE HAMBURGER” and, not say, “the fajita”?


Well, that’s because Tom expressed his love for the OH SO ADDICTIVE In N Out Burger… Thus I wanted to show him how easy it is for him to make something similar, and cough, far healthier, in the kitchen.


But just like the dances performed on Dancing With The Stars“THE HAMBURGER” (now dubbed the Bergeron) has a few twists and turns you may not have seen coming… So you’re going to want to click PLAY below to be “whisked” away! 



Get it?

  • 1/2 – 1 Pound Ground Free-Range Chicken*
  • 1/2 – 1 Pound Ground Grass-Fed Lamb*
  • 1/2 – 1 Pound Ground Grass-Fed Beef*
  • Salt & Pepper, to taste

*All meat from U.S. Wellness Meats



  • Combine all the meats along with salt and pepper in a big bowl. 
  • Form patties out of the meat, as few or as many as you would like. 
  • Pan fry the patties on a non-stick skillet for roughly 3 – 6 minutes per side, depending on how big your burgers are. 
  • While the burgers are cooking, whisk together the copy-cat In N Out Burger sauce recipe and set aside. 
  • When burgers are done… Eat however you’d like… With some onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and a bun, the way Tom likes it, or with some tomato and wrapped in lettuce. 
  • Do NOT forget to slather a whole bunch of the sauce on top! 


So Tell Me…

  • Which reality show would you want to be on, if you could?
  • Are you a fan of Dancing With The Stars?
  • Did you used to/Do you currently watch American’s Funniest Home Videos?
  • What’s your signature dance move?
  • Have you ever been to In N Out? If so, how do your taste buds like it?
  • Who thinks I should compete on Dancing With The Stars?


  1. Hahaha! I love the name. Looks delicious too!

  2. Hahahaha he looks like he’s having a blast! How fun Gi Gi!

  3. So cool love your site!!!

  4. You always look like you’re having so much fun! Love it! :)

  5. Wow Gigi! I don’t watch the show, but I’ve heard of him. Exciting!

  6. So COOL! I love Tom Bergeron!! I don’t watch DDWTS but I know he’s a fab host and rocked AFHV!

  7. Your title is so good! I love how you put your picture like your in the bachelor tv show! So cool! My fav food is burgers so of course I love this post :) I would like to be on a singing show :0 The Voice maybe?!

    • Actually, that’s not a fake photo. I really was on The Bachelor 😮

      And ohhhhhh!! Do you have a good singing voice?! Now I need to watch a YouTube video of you singing!

      • OMG. Were you REALLY on The Bachelor or are you being funny GiGi and pulling my leg!?!?!

        That is CRAY! I want to watch every piece of footage with you in it like a crazy stalker :0 :0

        I haven’t gotten the courage to post a YouTube singing video yet… :/
        I wish I could just car karaoke in a video but I hear you’re not aloud to post the music ??

        Anyhoo, should have our new YouTube channel up and strutting soon.. !

        Hope to see ya sometime if we’re in Cali!

  8. It looks like he’s fun to work with! AFV has always been a huge favorite in our home :)

  9. How fun was this!! You and Tom make a great team, GiGi! I’m loving that burger too. Mixing the three meats together is a great idea and I’m definitely keeping that recipe for the sauce!
    I’ve been watching DWTS since the beginning and truly enjoy it. AFV isn’t the same since Tom left – love his humour.
    You need to convince him to be a regular! He could learn how to cook now that he’s got his feet wet, lol.

    • The sauce is so so so on point. It can be used for so many different things, even a salad dressing!
      And DWTS has always been a favorite of mine too… If you could, what dancer would you want to be partnered up with?!?!?!
      Tom as a regular would be amazing – off camera we were talking about crab cakes benedict and how he needs to come back and make them with me … And um, I really think it needs to happen!!! It would be HYSTERICAL because this girl does NOT know how to poach an egg! LOL!

      • I’d want to be with Maks cos he’s so freakin’ sexy, I can’t stand it!! But if I wanted to win, I’d go with Derek cos I’d be concentrating on dancing and not ummm…other things, lol.

        I can’t poach an egg either! I finally bought those little cups so you can poach it in the microwave – it’s awesome!

        Yup, I think you need to chronicle Tom’s journey into cooking. He did a great job with the burgers. Next up..a simple pasta. A healthy one – talk to me about this. I’ve got the perfect one for you :)

        • OMG I NEED TO REGISTER for one of those microwave poach cups then!! To make my life THAT much easier, ha ha ha! Although I actually don’t eat eggs very often, maybe I told you this but… THEY MAKE ME EXHAUSTED – it’s so so so weird how that works.

          And um, I AM SO CURIOUS ABOUT THIS PASTA recipe!? What do you have in mind? Hopefully something spaghetti squash?! 😉

          AS FOR MAKS…………… I just got an email about him, 😉 #staytuned

  10. Haha! I think you should be on Dancing With The Stars! You would be a blast on that show and it’s just what it needs. I’m not sure I’d ever really want to be on a show, but if I had to pick it would be the housewives of Orange County. I’m obsessed with that show!

  11. Favorite line – “I’m not frightened, I’m just disinterested!” :) Great video – definitely trying the burger! Mixing of the flavors is genius!

  12. I like to swim with the Sharks, Mark Cuban would be my pick of a partner!!! Never had a N Out Burger! Definitely trying these burgers. And yes you should be on Dancing With The Stars!

    • YOU MUST try this burger – MUST – it’s really friggin’ good! Make leftovers too because I have to say, they could actually be BETTER the next day! 😉

  13. Love the 3 different meats. I do it with meatloaf, but never thought to do that for a burger.

  14. lol!! Great!! Tom seems like a good guy. You two have definitely created a better burger!

    I had a secretary that knew to the second how long it would take her to drive to In N Out for a nightly fix.

    Paige Van Zant was my fave on DFWTS.

    Reality show: The Ultimate Fighter, of course!

    • LOL!! Oh man, that’s quite the IN N OUT addiction!!!! Ah ha ha! Your secretary was truly dedicated, just like I am so dedicated to SALMON! 😉

  15. Ha ha ! My favorite was the Chopped pic. hilarious.

  16. This is so cool that you got to cook with him. My husband would love these burgers.

  17. I don’t know where to start! Love that you were on the Bachelor! Yes, I’ve filled out apps and deleted them. LOVE that you got to cook with Tom! I’m drooling over the fact that you combined meats for this Burgeron! Can’t wait to try it!

  18. I’m not a huge burger fan but that said I eat them if they are amazing and your looks pretty darn delicious!! And, Tom seems great too!

  19. I had no idea you were on the Bachelor! I love how they mentioned you in that article you linked too, haha!

  20. Love this!!!! I would want to cook with nigella Lawson or Ina garten!

  21. Wow you do know famous people! I love him, he is so funny. Who doesn’t love burgers? I love Ground Lamb it makes a great Meatloaf too.

    • I hadn’t had lamb in FOREVER so it was AWESOME to re-introduce it into my diet, and now… IT IS BACKKKKK for good! :) Lets see if Tom comes back to my kitchen in the near future! I mean, him awarding me such a good score, I would think so! ha!

  22. Looks delish! Yay for US Wellness too!

  23. How amazing is this :) no excuses now in the kitchen and cook !! I want burgers definitely this weekend for sure. AFV had some great moments if someone had a camera on me at times I’m sure some of my escapades would have made it. I hope Tom realizes he spent time with the omnipotent goddess of foodies “GiGi” and you with a all-time great TV host :) Thank you !!!
    Oh I want to be on American Grit with John Cena

    • Omnipotent Goddess of Foodies?! OH MAN, I need to put that on my BUSINESS card… Or get it tattooed on my forehead, LOL!!!! Then everyone will be 100% sure of who I am! 😉
      And you should wear a go-pro for a whole day one of these days and re-watch the footage later and see what you catch, ha! In fact, I should do that too!

  24. Dude you’d look sexy in DWTS. Lovin’ that photoshopped image 😉 PS avocado mayo is life!

    • ISN’T AVOCADO MAYO SO SO SO SO SO good?!?!? I cannot get enough, I want to slather it on EVERYTHING. And when I say everything, I MEAN IT 😉 hehehe! LOL!

  25. You do have so much fun my friend!

  26. Now THAT is a burger! Pretty much everything that you could need in there… I would be out immediately in DWTS, and out of courtesy for all involved, particularly my two left feet.

  27. Wow, congrats the video! You should totally get to take a spin on Dancing With the Stars:)
    Can’t say I’ve ever really wanted to be on a reality show unless maybe they’d let someone from the United States on The Great British Bake Off!

  28. haha. Nice name and looks so delicious :-)

  29. Lucky girl. Even if they won’t let you dance with Derek.

  30. Solid burger recipe. The best ones are minimal and focus on great tasting meat. If I could be on any show it would probably be chopped!

    • I couldn’t agree more, which is why simple salt and pepper worked PERFECTLY for this burger – no need to over power the delicious flavors on the meat!!
      And what are you waiting for – SIGN UP for CHOPPED!!! Would love to see you on it! 😉

  31. I’ve always loved So You Think You Can Dance. It’s so good! Also, I was totally craving a burger for dinner and now I’m wondering why the heck I didn’t order one!

    • I have actually never really followed SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE but I really should because dancing is one of my favorite things to watch!

      And girl, ORDER A BURGER TOMORROW – It’s a requirement!

  32. burger with three different meat – oh yummmm! you are always having such a blast in the kitchen – love it.

    • I mean, what’s better than 3 meats?! Oh wait… FOUR meats! HA! But honestly, I think 4 is just a bit TOOOOOO much! 3 is already “company” 😉

  33. So cool! He is hilarious. And that burger sounds delicious!

  34. Oh my gosh – looks like you two just had a fabulous time!

  35. There are no In-N-Out burger joints in the Midwest. I feel so left out. BOO.

    • Ah ha ha! Even though I live near several, I have still never actually been! But I hear the most amazing things – I think you need to fly out here simply for a burger – LOL!

  36. LOVE this so much!! Oh my gosh! So much fun!

    • 😀 Never a dull moment in my kitchen. Even if I am alone and there is no camera, I am always singing something really weird about how I am cooking my food, LOL!

  37. That was a jolly good show. The burger looks delicious!

  38. Vegas and I watch this together this morning. I ALMOST had her convinced to hear lamb. Sigh.

    Tell Tom and In-n-Out blows. If he’ll come down here to San Diego I’ll take him for a truly tasty burger. You know he likes that juice running down his chin. (TWSS!!!!!)

  39. Such a fun video, haha! I feel like you’d be perfect on any reality show, girl! ;P

    If I could be on any reality tv show… I don’t actually know which one it would be! I’m a weirdo who doesn’t watch any reality tv 😛

    • Oh man, I would NOT be good on Naked & Afraid and I would be terrible with any sort of “throw yourself out of an airplane” reality show – hahahahahahaha!

      And you’re not a weirdo for not watching reality TV – you are SMART and LUCKY! I only watch DWTS really, oh and The Next Food Network Star… Although, would you consider…… HGTV shows reality tv?! If so then I watch a boat load of it! lol

  40. I knew this would be another fun post!

  41. Great video! The recipe looks so good – I love the sauce. I can’t even think of a reality show that I would be a good fit for – I’m married, I don’t have a crazy number of kids, and I’d be too scared of public failure to ever go on shark tank or something similar, lol.

  42. Wow Tom Bergeron – you are really going places Gigi!!!!

    I am launching another 3-part collaboration starting this week with fashion-forward brand STAYING SUMMER – come on over at the blog & see what I am excited about!

    Happy Wednesday!


  43. Watched when it first came out on tv, burger looks really delicious and filling.

  44. I am INSANELY jealous of both this burger and Tom being in your kitchen. In-n-out ain’t got nothing on you two! I’m making this burger and clicking my heels to make Tom appear to help me :)

  45. I’m right there with you, I’ve fantasised about being on Shark Tank many sleepless nights. If only I could come up with a product that the sharks get aggressive and argue and insult each other to support. How cool would that be? In and Out Burger is the best it’s so fresh and delicious and I agree the aftermath is always “pleasant” :) How awesome is Tom Bergeron!!! I’m such a fan, he’s so witty and fun to watch. In pressure Tom with scissors and a knife pointing at a neck, I mean what’s not to love. You got a 10 GiGi!!!! Congrats

    • HAHAHA! Tom is pretty much the greatest! Seriously, had way too much fun with him in the kitchen, and I mean… The food was pretty tasty too 😉

      And now I am curious as to what product you might present on Shark Tank! That’s your weekend homework assignment! 😉 Tell me on Monday! lol

  46. I think your desire to dress like a sparkly peacock should be reason enough to get you on that show. :-) Fun post, and that burger? Wow! SO tasty. You should start a burger chain. Sparkly peacocks can be your logo. :-)

    • Oh I wanna start a burger – esque chain so so so badly, however, they wouldn’t necessarily be BURGERS… If you can recall what I have done with ground meat in the past, then you’ll know exactly what kind of restaurant I want to open. And yep. That seals the deal. The logo = PEACOCK!

  47. I would Dancing with the Stars as well because of the exercise-base. I have a dancing related exercise playlist on my YouTube channel that I use from time to time, if I’m wanting to get my dance on. (And I look foolish, but who cares!) Regarding auditioning: go for it! I would actually watch that season if you got on.

    • Girl, yes! That’s part of the reason why I would go on DWTS too, the exercise – mannnn the body some of thoe celebrities get post dancing, AMAZING – plus dancing is awesome and I want to be better at it!!

      Well, shoot! If you are gunna watch my season, ABC needs to invite me on the show ASAP – lol!

  48. I love In N Out and and Tom, so funny! What a fun video and those burgers look tasty. I’ll have to try it, looks super easy to make.

  49. Gotta try this burger. Seems like its bursting with flavors.

  50. Oh girl you know how I feel about lamb and it is all about the sauce. Defintely making this!!! You guys are too funny by the way! A 10 all around:)

  51. Angela says:

    I definitely think you should be on Dancing with the Stars! And I definitely think I need to try that sauce…YUM!!!

  52. I am so jealous!!! LOVE him!!!!! I really don’t watch the show anymore but I love funny videos!!! He is like Ryan Seacrest too! :) So good with ease of conversation & just with everything he does!

    As you know – hubby love In n Out – not me but I am not a burger person. I do sneak a couple fries! :)

    Reality show – Biggest Loser to tell them the truth! :)

  53. PS, loved the end!!!! :)

  54. I’m not a big burger person but I love all the condiments. That sauce sounds so tasty. I’d love to be on Amazing Race. I don’t usually wat h Dancing w the stars but if you were on there I’d have to start.

    • I actually totally made an audition video for Amazing Race… But then it wouldn’t upload to the site and gave up! hahahaha!

      And I would HOPE you would watch me on DWTS if that ever happened 😉

  55. [ Sighs ] I will have to make a vegan version of this using mock meat.

  56. I LOVED the youtube video! So fun!
    I will have to try this! I am sure my husband would LOVE it!
    Can you come cook with me please? I think we would have a blast together :)

  57. So cool!! I love Tom Bergeron as the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, and yeah, I think it would be pretty fun to be on Dancing with the Stars, too! The burger sounds delicious! I’ve never understood the appeal of fast food burgers, myself…

  58. This is so awesome!

  59. I don’t think there is a reality show I would want to be on. I LOVE the Disney night on DWTS! That burger looks amazing and you look like you had an awesome time with Tom!

    • I wonder when Disney night will be this year?! I am looking forward to Halloween night! Definitely NOT my favorite holiday, but I just love the creativity of the costumes!

  60. YUM! This looks awesome. I just started liking burgers this year and I have nooo idea what I was thinking before because they are so GOOD! I don’t really watch reality shows but I have seen some of America’s Funniest Home Videos before… I love it 😛

    • Girl, I ADORE burgers. I don’t eat steak, JUST BURGERS – because they’re fattier and melt in your mouth more – haha! I am so so so glad you jumped on the burger bandwagon!

  61. You always have the best guest. I love that you took on in and out. I haven’t had it yet either. I think we just barely started getting them in Texas. The few times I’ve been to California I some how skipped it.

    • Well I think the next time you get to Cali, you need to GET IN and GET OUT! 😉 I will allow you – as long as you get your burger “protein style” – Ahem, wrapped in lettuce! Because I mean, you like to get messy with your food, right? lol

  62. That sauce action! Looks major major yum. Sadly I’ve never been to In and Out! I need to change this!

    • Yes you do! Apparently it’s just OFF THE CHAIN! You won’t want to get IN N OUT – you will want to GET IN and STAY THERE for awhile! lol

  63. Delicious burgers aside, I’m here for the GIFs and the copious memes!! 😀

  64. HAHA Love the name! Burger looks lovely too!

  65. Totally over the reality shows, at least you didn’t mention the K’s. Burger looks delicious.

  66. SO cool! What a fun opportunity. He seems like a fun guy!

  67. How awesome! He seems like a nice guy.

    And that burger looks amazing. Now I’m hungry.

  68. Confession – because I guess in this day and age/our generation/the blog world – it’s pretty much one this way around and not the other ;): I don’t watch any reality TV shows and never have. Unless [the German version of] Dancing with the Stars counts but that must have been … ages ago. If I was given a hot partner and a guarantee of being able to rock the dance floor like a pro afterwards, I’d probably try it. For the dresses, too.
    In-N-Out? We don’t have these over here but I can tell you I’d be in ‘n out in seconds ;).

    • You and I can be partners? Oh wait… I am no professional, and I am no hottie like say… Ahem, ZAC EFRON – so that doesn’t work! hahaha!

      And honestly, aside from DWTS (every so often)…. I don’t really ever watch reality TV. Well, unless you count home renovation shows! haha.

  69. You are hilarious! I enjoyed reading this. I have a lot of thinking to do regarding which reality show I’d apply for…

  70. The post is so great! I love it so much:)
    Have a nice day!

  71. This was the best thing I’ve seen all week. I want to be his best friend. Yours too still, so all three of us. Together in a kitchen.

  72. In N Out might be one of the only fast foods I actually like. That and Habit Burger, if you count that as fast food…so GOOD! I always tell people who are visiting the west coast to get “Animal Style” fries with a double double.

    Elisabeth |

    • Habit Burger !! I just walked by it the other day, I am so so so curious about it – I guess I am going to have to try it now! 😉

      • Elisabeth Wallace - The Abstract Life says:

        You absolutely should! It has really good fries too! You can even get pineapple on your burger if you’re into that (that’s just how I roll). 😉

  73. I’d watch you dance with the stars! Maybe we can get a group of bloggers together to nominate you?!

  74. What a perfect post to read on a Friday!

  75. My signatire dance move is tripping and falling :-) And I would LOVE to see you as a sparkly peacock! You guys had such a great time! An dha ha on the Burgeron! Great burger.

  76. You are amazing covered in the X factor. That is a wonderful looking Bergeron, well done.

    Bloggers Pit Stop

  77. I absolutely LOVE DWTS and that’s totally the reality show I want to be on! How cool that Tom stopped by for a Bergeron! :)

  78. How fun you got to have a burger with Tom Bergeron! Yes, we go to In n Out and really like their burgers (for fast food, they are my fave)
    Thanks for linking up with us at the #HomeMattersParty this week

  79. I am a Fan of Dancing with the Stars, yet the show I would give all to be on would be Shark Tank our version in UK is Dragons Den!

    You really can dance? Lets Cha cha cha soon GiGi :)

  80. Always love your blog and LOVE your interview with Tom too – how fun for you both!! This burger looks fab, YUM! p.s. will be featuring this recipe over on #FoodieFriDIY this week, come back again! 😀

  81. What a fun video!!! I love Tom Bergeron and have always thought he is such a great host. There are so many hosts out there that come off as cheesy or overdone, but I’ve always thought he was/is a class act. That’s so cool you got to work with him! That burger looks awesome too! I want to check out that mayo too!!!

    • I am going to have to agree with you 200% in regards to Tom!!! He is goofy and fun but definitely not TOO much like some other hosts! 😉 He is definitely a professional :)

      Oh and that mayo will change your life!

  82. Of course you should compete! I don’t watch reality TV anymore so I don’t have a wish list unless, I pitch that show about grocery shopping you suggested some weeks ago.

    That burger looks super amazing and I love the options.

  83. Oh God.. I can’t unsee that clip of you….

    I still think I’d make a good Survivor Contestant. Maybe Naked and Afraid though I’m not sure Lisa would be up for me going and I’ve never actually seen the show. Survival stuff seems to be my genre.

    In ‘n Out is pretty god-damn awesome. And I don’t eat much meat.

    • HAHAHA! I am an OPEN BOOK – so NOPPPEEEE YOU CANNOT unsee that clip of me, and I am DAMN PROUD!!!

      Your homework: GO WATCH Naked & Afraid with Lisa… And give me your full report! 😉 Or blog about it! hahahaha!

  84. All this fun gets you a Pit Stop Crew Feature. See it Friday. Congratulations,

    Bloggers Pit Stop

  85. What an awesome couple you make in the kitchen! Your recipe rocks! Thanks for sharing the recipe and video at the Plant-based Potluck Party!

  86. Your humor + Tom Bergeron’s humor = perfection! Yummy looking burger too. This post is one of my features for Traffic Jam Weekend going live tomorrow at 5 pm CST. Thanks for sharing it at my party, GiGi. We always love having you.

    • THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO much for featuring it Kimberly, means the world to me! :) Tom will be really happy about that too! haha! Have a wonderful weekend! I am going to Greece & Italy tomorrow – so stay tuned for that blog post!

  87. I loved the video with Tom Bergeron! So cool! You know, years ago I actually did a video audition to get on the reality show ‘Survivor’. Didn’t get it. :( Oh well. In retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t I would have gotten destroyed.
    The ‘Bergeron’ burger looks scrumptious!

  88. This is so awesome! Such a great video and post! I am still cracking up over those memes! Hahaha! I did apply for Deal or No Deal back in the day, but got no deal. And I ALWAYS want to go on Shark Tank, but I kind of need to invent something first! 😉 Loved reading and watching this today! :)

  89. You are always funny and full of energy. And that inspires me a lot. Always love reading your site/

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