Gobble Up These Turbutkles!

Do you suffer from, Brumotactillophobia or…  In other words: do you FLIP OUT if any food on your plate touches?

GiGi Dubois pointing at camera

Well then… The following (and then some) are not your friends:


  • Turbutkle Bites

GiGi Dubois licking turkey butternut squash muffins

Phew! It’s a good thing I don’t have such a phobia or else I would DEFINITELY starve to death… I would never dance like a stripper rock out to Dark Horse or Anaconda*…


I would have never given my taste buds the opportunity to ingest such bliss that is… The entire muffin tray of TURBUTKLE BITES

GiGi eats her turkey butternut squash kale muffins

While it might sound like I am eating the latest HOT fashion accessory (A hat perhaps?)… I’m actually eating something far more “in season”! The late Joan Rivers would even approve!

Click PLAY to see what I’m EATING and what YOU COULD BE SCARFING DOWN TOO: 

It’s time to TUCK INTO SOME Turbutkle Bites!

Turkey, Butternut Squash and Kale Bites

Here’s what you need: 

  • 1.25 pounds of ground turkey
  • 1/2 a medium butternut squash, peeled and cubed
  • 1 cup steamed and drained kale (or any green of your choice)
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 3 tbs cinnamon
  • stevia, optional

Do the Turbutkle Dance… AKA: Here’s how to make them:

  • Roast peeled and chopped butternut squash in oven at 350 degrees for about an hour (check on it and stir after 30 minutes).
  • Mix ground turkey with steamed kale, butternut squash and cinnamon.
  • Pour in egg whites and stir.
  • Distribute into non-stick muffin tray.
  • Bake turbutkles in oven at 350 for about 20 minutes. 
  • Sprinkle with stevia, drizzle coconut oil on top… AND SHOVEL IN YOUR MOUTH LIKE IT’S THANKSGIVING

GiGI serves muffins


  • Do you dream about Turkey Day 365 days of the year?
  • What’s your favorite #StrangeButGood recipe creation?
  • When you hear TURBUTKLE, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
  • What’s your favorite holiday? 
  • What 3 foods would you mush together to create your favorite holiday in one bite?
  • Would you rather have Nicki Minaj’s booty and Katy Perry’s boobs? – Same question for the gents reading this too, HA HA AH! 

*I have never and will never listen to Nicki Minaj’s song: Anaconda… Nope. Never. Sorry. No. I’m not sorry actually. I’d rather dive into a pool of lava without a silver, fire retardant and heat-resistant suit.

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  1. Love it! These sound awesome, although I have to admit, I’m not a fan of stevia. I’m so going to give these a try – you always give me some food inspiration :)))

    And yes, I love Thanksgiving food! I actually made a few Thanksgiving-y recipes for my son’s birthday party a weekish ago because I want that food! Sadly, we don’t have those beautiful big turkeys for sale in the grocery stores here. Thanksgiving doesn’t exist in the Netherlands, which I suppose means no turkey for us :(

    And the three foods to mush together? I think you’ve got them covered here: turkey, squash and kale. I actually just spent the day devouring an entire butternut squash – as in my two year old and I ate about 3/4 of a butternut squash in one afternoon. Is that an oops? It was so delicious and I made two different recipes, so that’s okay, right?

    • That is definitely NOT an oops! I have eaten my fare share of butternut squash in one sitting, I won’t even disclose how much because it’s embarrassing! Oh wait, NO it’s not… I have been known to throw down about 2 pounds worth, no joke… And even after that much, I want more.

      I actually feel sorry for other countries… Because Thanksgiving is THE BEST!

  2. Now tell me how did you come up with this and thought to add cinnamon? I am giving you the side eye for that along w/ the Stevia. LOLOL!!! Loved that turkey dance. Is it anything like the chicken dance? I love the chicken dance – it’s so much fun especially when they speed up the music – but I digress. I am gonna have to try these. I hope they aren’t mushy. :-)

    • Ah ha ha ha ah ha ha ha! The turkey and chicken dance are two completely different dances because… They’re two completely different species 😉

      And I came up with this combo because when I am shoveling in Thanksgiving, my favorite forkful is turkey, kale and butternut squash that has cinnamon and stevia on it! 😉

  3. Yes, just yes! I love some Thanksgiving food year round! I always get mad when people don’t have turkey and dressing at Christmastime too. I want turkey for all the big holidays please and thank you!

    • I GET MAD ABOUT NO TURKEY AT XMAS TOO – because my family does NOT do it!!!!! They don’t really like Turkey, I am pretty much the only one, yet I still force my dad to get a 20 pounder !LOL!

  4. Great idea! Pinned to make!

  5. Last Thanksgiving was very special for our family in Richmond, Va.

    It makes me think of John Madden and his food creations, and of course football!

    I guess having a booty like a quarter horse would make me a faster runner, lol! So N M’s booty!

    • You’re SO RIGHT! Thanksgiving definitely reminds me of John Madden too! Ah ha, I should just invite him to dinner this year – because I mean, at this point, he feels like a family friend!

  6. No no no to Nicki. Pretty face, bad attitude. Katy Perry on the other hand…

  7. okay, HOW THE HECK DO I PRONOUNCE THIS, turk BUTT kle? I need help! BUT THESE ARE LIKE MY THREE FAVE THINGS, I do hate when food touches though :X so maybe I’ll make an exception to try this!

    • TUR – BUTT – KLE (like the end of uncle) AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

      And please DO make an exception to your phobia, maybe Turbutkles will CURE YOU! LOL!

  8. Hahaha love it!! I eat so much turkey its a borderline addiction. Turbutkle Bites sounds soo good! i love mixing foods. Turbutkle sounds something old people say instead of “bum” ie “sit your turbutkle in that chair til your parents come pick you up” 😀

    • Do you need to go to Turkey Rehab?? LOL!!!

      And ah ha ha ha! I love it, when I am older, I am soooo using turbutkle as my word for “keister”!

  9. i need these in my life, now. :) xo, jess @ dreamingofleaving.com

  10. Looks delicious. I make these without the turkey and squash for breakfast. I will definitely give this recipe a try. Pinned.

  11. You are fabulous GiGi. I LOVE turkey and so enjoy having leftover thanksgiving dinner for days later. These look amazing. I will have to pin and try them out later :)

    • I’m fabulous? OMG I love it, thank you!! ha ha ha! I am going to walk around telling everyone I am FAB-U-LOUSSS today! 😉

      And when you try these, let me know what you think!

  12. I must say one of the most creative uses for turkey I have seen. Never would have even thought of such.. not sure about mushing my food together..tend to like them not touching unless they are supposed to. Not sure about a fav holiday usually prefer to skip most of them.. as far as katy or nikki ..umm got nothin 😉

  13. Yum, I love these muffins! I have no problem with my foods touching, but I do have issues with touching raw meat with bare hands. So, I love that I could mix this up and scoop into the cups.

  14. Bahaha! I have the opposite. I like all of the food mixed together! The Turtbukle looks delicious and I think I could even get my boys to eat it!

  15. I love everything that goes in them. I pinned for later and will definitely try.

  16. OMG… Yum, yum, yum!!! Definitely going to Pin this one and give it a try soon. And as for food touching? No probs at all. It all ends up in the same place anyway!

  17. Dam these look good !!! I had no idea what Tuesday’s surprise would be. Tara would be hitting these with some bacon for sure. These and the cucumber side you made a couple weeks back would be tasty. I like the graphic salmonella reference :) I make peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches (don’t tell anyone) on whole wheat of course. I’m not a holiday person but would celebrate if I had Nicki’s booty I’ll skip the other parts. I want to dance with Jesse, Adriana and Nicki when I get the new booty, I think it will bring a fun new element to ” Bang Bang Bang “

    • OMFG ah ha ha ha ha ah ah! You with Nicki’s Booty… I just cannot shake the image. Ha! Get it, shake?? 😉 😉

      And you’re so right, Tara would drizzle bacon fat over these for sure! She’s such a perv!

  18. The only thing I crave every single day is ice cream. And that’s probably why I’m fat. Thanksgiving is pretty darn awesome though… I dream about it for a good month or two. But you… you took it to a whole new level with these awesome bites!

    • Have you tried Wink Frozen Desserts? While Ice Cream lovers say, Meh, not so much, I find it to be freaking amazing, hits the cool and creamy spot and for just 100 calories a pint, BAM! You cannot feel guilty at all! ha ha.

      And I am glad to hear that you at least dream about T-Day for a month, it doesn’t make me feel like I am too much of a crazy for dreaming about it… On the daily, LOL!

  19. I don’t mind if my foods touch but there are some things that I don’t really like mixed together.
    I love muffin foods – those turkey muffins sound good even though I’m Ok with turkey just a few times a year.

    • You can make these muffins one of the few times you’re okay with turkey 😉 I have a feeling they might make you addicted to turkey actually!!

  20. Turbutkle makes me think of that hideous creation – Turducken! If you haven’t heard of it, you HAVE to google it! lol.
    I’m a huge fan of turkey too and use it in casserole, chiles, soups, stews, burgers – you name it. These look super delicious and I’m going to make them!
    Thanksgiving is next month here in Canada. This will be a good warmup, lol.
    I don’t want the booty or the boobs – I’m a runner and I’ll get black eyes from the boobs and tired legs from hauling all that ass around. hahaha!
    Fun video, great recipe!

    • Oh I know what a Turducken is, but I have never had one because I hate DUCK – lol!

      And yes please do make them. I actually recommend you use 90% lean ground turkey, as opposed to 98% lean ground because…. The fat from the meat will give that much more delicious flavor :)

  21. Those look so yummy, and I love the name! Thanks for the recipe.

  22. You crack me up! Pinning these to try later. They look great!

  23. OMG I’m so hungry now. I do love this idea, though! Turkey in little muffins. I am now officially excited for Thanksgiving.

    • YAHOO!!!!! I AM THRILLED I got you excited for Thanksgiving with me! HA HA HA! We should create a small T-Day parade for…. the end of September, yes? LOL!

  24. An early Thanksgiving sounds wonderful! These really look delicious. :) I’ve been trying to come up with some new turkey/protein meal ideas for lunch and dinner. I love the addition of squash! Nomnom.

    • Oh you are going to adore these!! :) Adore them! I would add a little fat to the mix if you want to emphasize the flavor a bit more… But if you like super lean, then as is is perfect! :)

  25. In my house, Thanksgiving means sweet potatoes, not butternut squash. I shall substitute and report back!

  26. I didn’t use to allow my food to touch, but now I’m all for it! Little thanksgiving dinners in a cup. So fun!

  27. Yum! Love muffin tin eggs in all their forms and I am def ok with my food touching!
    I’m going to be in Paris for (Canadian) Thanksgiving (poor me, right?), but it’s my favourite meal ever to prepare, so I’m going to host an early thanksgiving meal next weekend! Never too early for a Thanksgiving turkey, right? Added challenge is that it’s still in the midst of sugar-free September. Pumpkin pie may be a lil different this year…lol. Still gotta plan my menu.

  28. Oh my Gawd!!!! love it love these awesome bites!!! Gorgeous flavours .. Yummm! 😀

  29. ooh I am going to rework a vegetarian version of those babies!

  30. What’s funny is that I saw this and pinned the heck out of it this morning, and that’s before I even knew it was yours. Of course it’s yours. It’s brilliant.
    I love that you love Thanksgiving so much. I can’t stand November. I do like the holidays but I guess I’d rather be in eternal spring if I could. Or summer.
    I would love Katy Perry’s everything!

    • AH HAA! Really???? You just made my day!!!! :)

      And uhhhhh I am going to change your views on November… Come take a long weekend to Los Angeles, SERIOUSLY!

  31. OMG something I can actually make!!!! Hallelujah! It’s a great day for turkey (yes I love it!) and for remedial chefs everywhere. Bless your heart GiGi!

    • AH HA HA HAA HA! It’s seriously the easiest thing EVER!!! Mix everything together and shove in the oven… And then shove in your face – FOOL PROOF!

  32. When I first saw TURBUTKLE – I thought you were toying with a turkey’s butt – but (hehe saw what I did there) I am so relieved that the “but” is for butternut squash!
    GiGi – this is one BRILLIANT muffin – totally unique! Most definitely strange – but delectably good!

  33. :] I love the sound of this recipe (and your philosophy on feasts) and will definitely be trying it out! 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  34. I am no fan of Thanksgiving. Too many dysfunctional family meals… that said, these look amazing! I am going to try this recipe this weekend! :) All of the Thanksgiving and none of the stress!

    • RIGHT?????? Ha Ha Ha! I love your way of thinking… I never really thought of it before. And you’re right, when I was making these – NO stress involved! 😉

  35. Hey Gigi, how cool is this! Like little frittata muffins. What a great idea!

    • Right? A little bit!!!! Ha! Bit there isn’t that much egg in it, so I like to call em MEAT muffins 😉 It sound a little more inappropriate too ha ha ah!

  36. Meh I don’t know about the stevia + cinnamon combo with my turkey – I like that shit savory!!! omg Do you realize it’s almost turkey time in 3 months?! Time is flying by!!! Have a great one GiGI!! -Iva


      And dude, less than three months? Three months sound soooo long from now, ha ha ah!

  37. Sounds great. Seems like you had fun with this! haha

  38. OK, when I saw TURBUTKLE, I kept thinking turkey butt. ha! These sound delicious and I love love Thanksgiving food too!

  39. Just picked a ton of kale from the garden – perfect timing, these muffins are ON!

  40. There are so many great healthy ingredients in those wholesome muffins that I love! TURBUTKLE…what a fun word!

  41. Boobs…I already have the butt.

  42. If you insist we make and eat these, we have no choice right? 😛

    Choc Chip Uru

  43. Please tell me you got my snapchat….. it had Nicki Minaj!

    These look epic!!! But stevia? Gigiiiii.

    • OMG NO! Where the heck did that SNAP CHAT GO!!!!! Resend it… If only, LOL!

      And YES – STEVIA! Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it my little Koala!

  44. Awm they look delicious and SO paleo! I’m tired of egg mcmuffins all the time so it’s nice to see something refreshing like this. And you’re right–if you have that broocooo whatever phobia, chili is NOT your best friend.

  45. These look delicious girl! Totally saving this to make. BUT… gotta find a replacement for the eggs…

    • I was actually going to use flax meal or chia seed… Or even a little coconut flour/oil just for binding purposes, so give those a try! :)

  46. Okay…these are INCREDIBLE! I cannot WAIT to give them a try :) Luckily I don’t mind if my food touches :)

  47. Wow, these sound and look delicious and are perfect for on the go eating! I am going to print this and try and cook some up soon! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • You’re very very welcome, you will NOT be disappointed. And by the way, if you like a little richer flavor, use 90% lean ground turkey as opposed to 99% lean ground, or just add a little coconut or olive oil to the mix :)

  48. 1. You’re hilarious and I love your posts (even though I’m the worst at commenting!)
    2. These bites sound ridiculously delicious and I need to make them now. Or please share yours 😉

    • I ate my left overs!!! BECAUSE I AM A HOG LOL! But… They’re so easy, I can make more in a HEART BEAT :)

      PS: THANK YOU for the compliments, you made my day!

  49. This might be a dumb question, but do you cook the ground turkey before mixing it with the kale, squash, and cinnamon?

    Gotta try these!! Yum!

    • No, actually, if you get a chance to watch the vid, do because I show you how it’s done… But you mix raw meat with cooked butternut squash and steamed kale and then you bake for 20 minutes! :)

  50. This makes me think of Willy WOnka and his gum that is like a three course dinner, lol. You have a whole meal in a muffin.

    • OMG!!!! I LOVE THE WAY YOUR BRAIN THINKS!!! ha ha ah! Remember when we thought there would be a pill we could put in the microwave and it would turn into a 3 course meal???? Ha! When’s that going to happen?

  51. How can I choose between T and A?! Never!!! I choose these meaty muffins.

  52. love this! we have made an crustless quiche before with kale sweet potatoes and eggs, need to try turkey in it 😉

  53. lol the name is cracking me up!

  54. Lean, mean, and deliciously clean is probably the BEST phrase ever. These do look pretty legit, and I love that you added stevia hahaha. Savory and sweet is PERFECT because on thanksgiving I like to take a HEAPING piece of a roll, a GLOB of mashed potatoes, and a giant cluster of cranberries, all in one bite. OMFG I NEED THANKSGIVING IN MY FACE RIGHT NOW.


      We should have a SKYPE Thanksgiving date too! What do you say?

  55. I love the spices of Tday! I.e. Rosemary, sage, thyme, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice…. The things that make the house smell heavenly! Tday was always one of my favorite holidays growing up!

  56. Are these your own recipes? If so, you are very talented and you remind me of my hubby. He comes up with recipes that you think would not work but the food turns out to be very delicious. #wowlinkup

    • Original recipes created by GiGi’s ridiculous brain, yes, they’re all me! :)

      I would LOVE to hear some of your hub’s delicious recipes!

  57. No dreams of turkey 365 days a year BUT dream of [butternut or rather kabocha] squash all day every day.
    The first thing that comes to mind when I hear Turbutkle is – don’t ask me why – a tortoise. More specifically: Trundle, the turtle from our English books in 5th grade. What did you do there?? You killed Trundle for your bites ;)!

    • AH YES! All day, EVERY DAY I dream about butternut squash too!!!! Girl, come on over, I am roasting up like 80 batches worth so I can ALWAYS have it on hand!!!!!

      And OMG yes, I want to try Turtle SOO SOO badly!

  58. They look utterly delicious and I am sure the dance played a major role!

  59. Ok I’m going to need to make these before Thanksgiving as my garden is bursting with BS right now plus my MIL is coming for T’giving and these look far too good for her!

  60. I have been looking for a new yummy breakfast! I am going to make these next week!! NOM!! You are sucha little domestic wizard!

  61. The idea of savory muffin is great. I guess I can skip the turkey and maybe add vegetables (eggs? veggies won’t stick together, right?) instead and get something decent. Well, I’ll have to test the recipe!

    • Yes, you can ditch the turkey if you wish and just add more eggs, it would be more of an egg muffin or a Eggbutkle if you will 😉

  62. So one of my fave PGH restaurants, Mad Mex, goes Goblerritos… a burrito with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, etc. etc. This sounds like a much healthier option… not that I ever order a Goblerrito but STILL.

  63. I hate thanksgiving food but this looks really good!

  64. Yum! Pinning this! I have to try this soon. It really looks scrumptious! I had never heard the word ‘Turbutkle’ before. I would definitely rather have Katy Perry’s boobs than Nicki Minaj’s Booty. Sorry Nicki! 😀 Great post GiGi!

  65. Yum! But no stevia and whole eggs for me!

  66. You are too precious! My favorite holiday is Christmas…I love all the lights, decorations, etc. So fun. I love to decorate, but I HATE putting it all back away and I swear it comes faster each year!

    • OMG I AGREEEE!!!!!! I hateeeee putting it all away, so I purposely book a flight back to reality PRIOR to when my mom puts it all away! LMFAO!

  67. Hi GiGi,
    These are great party pleasers! Thank you for sharing these creative and delicious Turkbutkle Bites at
    the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I appreciate it!

    • They certainly are… However, when I made them, I wasn’t having a party – well unless you call the party in my mouth a PARRRRTAYY! lol! 😉

  68. I’d gobble these up in no time! They look and sounds delish :)

  69. This recipe looks so delicious and healthy! I love it…thanks for sharing such a great combination of goodness!

  70. You have a lovely recipe here.

  71. Wow, I love these! I love how portable they are too. I’ve made Jamie Eason’s turkey muffins before, but I love all the ingredients in yours. Awesome!

  72. You are so cute and these turbutkles sound tasty! Thank you for joining my Hey Love Designs Friday Favorites Link Up :)

  73. I can’t wait to try this recipe. The ingredients are so clean too.

  74. Oh whaaaat stevia and cinnamon on turkey? I must begin this thanksgiving tradition! Even though it’s not… and we don’t celebrate it in the UK… You’s a muffin genius. A guffin? Gigi the Guffin! #spinoffseries

    • OMFG STOP IT! A Guffin!! I sound like the newest species of a BIRD! Ah ha ha ha! I LOVE IT!!! #spinoffseriesinthemakingforsure!

  75. This look so yummy! I was just thinking I needed to do some batch cooking with stuff like this so I had some ready-to-eat protein

  76. I actually do hate it when food touches on my plate! I would eat turbutkles though!

  77. This reminds me of T-Day leftover yumminess. These are just too yummy to pass up. Thanks for sharing it with us at Let’s Get Real. Hope to see you again Thursday 5:00 PM EST

  78. YUM! I love all of those ingredients and bet they are amazing together! It’s the perfect recipe for children, too since it’s filled with hidden veggies. I WILL be making these! Thanks so much for sharing at the Saturday Soiree Blog Party!

  79. I’m thrilled you stopped by and shared at Foodie Fridays. It was fun to share. I am looking forward to seeing what fabulous post you have to share this week. Party starts Thursday at 9 pm EST. Hope to see you there.

  80. I can’t even remember if I read this one or not – losing it here! :) These look amazing GiGi!!!

  81. Thanks for sharing your yummy looking muffins! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :) I can’t wait to see what you share this week! Its LIVE!

    Cindy from vegetarianmamma.com

  82. Gigi, I thought I had commented but can’t see it. I make something like this all the time for family dinner, I just have not added the butternut squash…I have used carrots …love this also :)

  83. What’s best, the recipe itself or your photos? Hahaha ay GiGi, you’re hilarious and I appreciate you so much!

    • LILY! Your words, really are SOOOO APPRECIATED!!!!! Especially at this moment in time too! THANK YOU for making my day :)

  84. Girl these are too cool! I love them.

  85. Oh boy, you’re totally out of your mind, but I love it! Great recipe, so weird, but I’d eat a tray of that.

  86. These looks so good + healthy = win! win! Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! I’ve pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest board.


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