Gobble Up This “Plucking AVOCONTROL” Recipe

Want to play a game…

Saw Do you want to play a game

GAH! I just gave myself the heebie-jeebies!

Any who… The below “game” does not consist of puzzles and riddles in order for your survival… PROMISE! 

Primal Kitchen Mayo GiGi Dubois

I just want to know: What type of grocery shopper are you?

GiGi Tara Book To Plate Avocados

Are you the type who…

  • A. Makes a detailed list of everything you need, and mark down which aisle each item is in, so you can get in and get out faster than Usain Bolt runs the 100 M dash?

usain bolt fucked

  • B. Goes to the grocery store because, “oh I need a pint of milk,” but then winds up wandering around the store for hours, buying two economy-sized packages of chicken wings (even though you’re a vegetarian), the extra large box of cereal, some bananas, a jar of mayo, and “oh look! A penguin tea steeper! I MUST HAVE IT!

Penguin Steeper

  • C. Doesn’t see grocery stores as places to buy food so as to make meals at home, but instead, walks through the electronic doors, stomach hungry, and B-LINES to the prepared food/salad bar, loads their cheeks up with enough snacks to call it a meal and then leaves, stomach full, without buying a thing.

Bristol Farms Salad Bar

  • D. “Wait, grocery shopping? Ew. That is like so 2005.” And instead relies on a meal delivery service, Chinese (Thai, Pizza, Indian, Ice Cream, Italian, etc) take out or Amazon Fresh/Uber Fresh to get sustenance.



Well, first of all… If you’re E… Then you might just want to leave this website right now because you’re not going to be happy with what’s to come.

As for A, B, C and even D… I most certainly have something “in store” for all of you

Yay Turkey Avocado Salad

Har. Har.

As the recipe, I am about to reveal to you… Caters to all who…

  • Want to be as efficient as possible at the grocery store
  • Love to simply saunter around the store for hours
  • Would rather free-load their mouths than purchase food to actually prepare at home
  • Are of the lackadaisical sort

Because what The Food Pervert and I found out, after creating this particular fare for another episode of our YouTube series, BOOK TO PLATE (where Tara and I re-create [or create recipes inspired by] celebrity recipes to see if they’re actually tasty)… Is that this recipe is quite possibly the easiest mixture of deliciousness to whip up, taking about 5 minutes worth of time, employing some of the ingredients you bought out of impulse, while also utilizing foods that can be found on the salad bar at any grocery store, and you don’t have to cook.

GiGi Dubois Tara Redfield Avocados

So really, regardless of what type of grocery shopper you are, you will all adore this recipe

Now I know you want to know what it is… So click on the latest Book To Plate YouTube video!


Recipe inspired by David Kirsch’s Ultimate Family Wellness Book

Paleo Turkey Stuffed Avocados

Stuff yourself with this…

  • Half your avocado. Set aside. 
  • Mix together the turkey, mayo, chickpeas, spinach, salt, and pepper. 
  • Scoop the mixture and place into the avocado natural “bowl” (where the PIT was). 
  • DIG IN!

Did I convince any AIRATARIANS who decided to continue reading… To start eating again? 

Tara Redfield GiGi Dubois Avocados Turkey

So Tell Me…

  • Well, common, which kind of grocery shopper are you?
  • What’s your favorite way to eat an avocado?
  • Do you know who David Kirsch is? 
  • What celebrity recipes would you like to see Tara and I make next? 
  • What was the last thing you bought on impulse?
  • Anyone else get nightmares from JIGSAW? 


  1. Hmm I am the person who half the time runs in and out of the store every two days because I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and the other half (all the days in between the every two days) am in there forever hunting obscure ingredients for recipes I want to make and end up buying both red and black currant jam not for any recipe but to take how and smell so I can accurately identify the smell in a wine. Oh my life. I should be making healthy stuffed avocados but noooo all I can do is alternate whole heads if cauliflower with dessert things…actually that ain’t bad!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! I like your approach. I tend to go into grocery stores and just wander the aisles looking for recipe inspiration but then I tell myself – WHO ARE YOU KIDDING – and either LEAVE or buy prepared foods, LOL!

  2. Great luncheon idea for our girls day. Fast, easy and delicious what more could you ask for.

  3. hahaha, airatarian.

    Hooray for stuffed avocado! Gotta love simple + easy to make recipes! 😀 I need to try this! Gonna need to scout out that avocado oil mayo! I think that’s probably the only kind I’d ever consume too!

    • Oh snap, YES! You need to find it! Just click the link I provided because it’s so easy to just buy everything on AMAZON. HAHAHA! It’s my life – actually it’s DANGEROUS! Dangerously GOOD!

  4. I love avocados almost any way!

  5. Avocados are my favorite! I love stuffing them with anything–and spreading them on EVERYTHING, even my face XD

  6. Mmh, we love anything avocado, so this is perfect! Thank you!

  7. type A to a T mostly because I have to shop with twin two year old boys…I have to have a list and plan or I lose my mind…though on a fun trip on my own I would leisurely stroll up and down the aisles with no agenda (that sounds heavenly!)

  8. I go grocery shopping once a month that is all.

  9. I had this for lunch today! And I go grocery shopping once a week. I actually like grocery shopping :)

  10. I’m a type A personality in just about everything, including grocery shopping. Although really right now I’m probably F: Type A trying to work as quickly as possible while the baby cries because I won’t let him eat everything in the cart and the 4 year old waits until the cart is full before announcing that he has to go to the bathroom.

  11. I love avocados. My favorite way to eat them is on beans and salsa.

  12. Looks yummy and healthy. I try to put avocados on every dish I prepare! It’s my favorite!

    • And it’s so good for you! Did you know the healthy fat in avocados helps you absorb nutrients from other veggies you pair it with?!

  13. I’d eat avocado any ways! Love avocados!

  14. I’m a Type A person, never eaten an avocado – and I love coupons!

  15. I haven’t been over here in a while. Forgot how much I enjoy your posts! Am I crazy that I love shopping?

    • I have missed you Carol, but life does get in the way sometimes!!!!

      And NOPE – not crazy at all, I LOVEEEEEEEEEE grocery shopping too! We should go together, haha!

  16. im partly A type but again. i come home with 10 other things from the store. cute packaging always gets me. obvi we all love avocado, but with turkey (or tofu), it sounds delicious!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! You’re the type that gets sucked into the cute packages huh?! 😉 Love it – Girl, we need to grocery shop TOGETHER – haha! You appreciate the finer things, like me!

  17. I happen to have three avocados in the fridge! You have written their destiny!!

    I am an educated shopper. I usually have a general idea of what I need, but I often let what is on sale or BOGO guide my decisions. It all seems to work out well. One thing for sure, I shop fast!!

    The last thing I bought on impulse was 50 live shrimp for bait on Sunday when I was going fishing with my buddy. Before he could pay for them, I said, I’ll get this. We got a few fish, but fed lots more fish :-)

    • How many fish and what type did you get?!?!!? Did you get enough to send me one or two? LOL! Cause I mean, you know how much I loveeee the fish!

  18. This looks really yummy! I would shred the turkey so I could get more into the avocado.

    • Oh snap, YES!!! That’s a genius idea! :) We got the hunks off of the salad bar at a grocery store, so couldn’t really shred it – but next time, that’s happening!

  19. I saw Saw 1 and am still traumatized…THANKS! I will forgive you…THIS TIME….for this quick but yummy recipe! Adore avodados and I have chicken at home. So I am a light A, list but can woonder off and no I do not note the ailes ahead of time lol.

    • I only say like 10 minutes of Saw and I threw up my middle finger at the TV and said NNNOOOOOOPPPEEEEEEEE! Ah ha ha ha ha!!!! I remember when my friend would say “do you want to play a game” and I would almost cry out of fear every time. Then I saw this YouTube video where there was a guy with a SAW MASK on and he was riding a baby tricycle… And said “do you want to play a game” and flipped over backwards. HYSTERICAL!!!!!

      • Now why did I not just walk away. And at work we are on the top floor When it is really windy something on the roof sounds just like that f*&?ing tricylce. Sometimes you hear it all fay long lol.

  20. SOOOOOOOOOOO I am such a boring eater that I buy the same thing every week so no issues here! :)

    Cookies – make cookies!!!!! Always cookies OR bread :)

    • Jody, I won’t lie to you – I eat the SAME THINGS ALL THE TIME – I am the definition of BORING BORING EATER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Salmon, EVER DAY!

  21. My mouth is watering! I probably should have read & watched this after not before I head out for my lunch run. Will be running hungry lol!

    • Ah ha! Only will make you run HARDER and FASTER because you want to EAT 😉 PS: Um… HOW HOT is it down there? Don’t tell me you ran in like 100+ degree weather!

  22. My fave way to have avocado is all ways! Yum! I’m a list maker but I’d get totally sucked in by that penguin tea thingy

    • Ah ha ha! “All the ways” – I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!!!
      And um, before you know it – XMAS will be here so perhaps that penguin could be a stocking stuffer 😉

  23. Gigi you have done it again. Fantastic eats and a hilarious post. Thanks

  24. i plan my grocery shops pretty well out with a comprehensive list.

  25. Oh I am 110% an A-shopper! Your stuffed avocados look delish by the way <3

  26. I make a list of sorts then walk up and down every aisle nevertheless! :( I love avocados too!

  27. Mmmm! You had me at avocado!! This looks extremely yummy!

  28. Oh man, I had the worst impulse buy last week – those little oatmeal cookies with frosting in the middle, lol. They were on sale for a dollar. SO bad for you but SO good 😉

  29. the mayo is finally being put to use!! bahahah. but for sure a B

  30. I’m totally sold and I’m going to make these for our next party! Love a mixture of textures in food and so damn healthy. You guys are always fabulous together!

  31. Thanks for the recipe! looks easy and delicious! I have been getting into smashed avacado topped with hard poached eggs recently. As for the “type of shopper” I’m not sure – I think I’m a mix of all of those depending on the day. Some days I take a list (and still but that in addition to half of the shop) and other days I take no list and go for the easy options because I just want to get out of there and home in a hurry!

    • Perhaps the days you want to get out of there and home in a hurry are the days you’re a little hangry?? I definitely have them! haha. And um, that avocado egg situation you described sounds utterly scrumptious!

  32. This looks soooooooooo good. I am a type A grocery shopper and avocados are totally at the top of my list today as I NEED to make this! <3

  33. How great it is to see you both together :) Tara you look great !! and yes GiGi you to LOL I never heard of David Kirsh but like the recipe. I eat avocado’s strait up out of the rind. I shop each day for what I want summer is meat and grapes or salad with a giant can of tuna and strawberry’s, very simple. Jig saw is bad karma for some. I think Frank Castle is good, Great to see you Tara :)

    • I love EASY and SIMPLE during the summer- oh wait, ALL the time to be honest 😉 And I am much like you, I like to go to the store maybe every day to get things that I need that day, because there is nothing I hate more than FOOD WASTE! And just wait for what Tara and I have to reveal! 😉

  34. Lisa Jones says:

    I Love Avacados Stuffed So Delicious You Killed Me With That Doll I Hate That Thing!! LOL!!

  35. I’m B!! Although I’m no vegetarian. Or “airatarian” but I absolutely love that term!
    Can I just make this for Thanksgiving? Yes.

    • THANKSGIVING. You just said it. Now I am literally freaking out because I LOVEEEEE that HOLIDAY! However, I have something 20x better happening right before Thanksgiving that I am 1391298321x more excited about 😉

  36. Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing. :)

  37. I think we’ve already had this convo about how much we LOVE avocados.

    I’m such a lux grocery store diva. I really love to shop at Whole Foods and Mrs. Greens…It’s a hobby and frankly an expensive one.

    I like this recipe. I would probably sub the tofu (no soy for me) and meat for other beans in addition to garbanzos. And BTW – I like watercress. :)

    • Mrs. Greens has never invited me to her place! WTF! Ah ah ah! But now I want to barge in and take my sweet time just to show her who’s boss!!!!

      And since you love avocados so much, MAKE THIS RECIPE!!! With the subs you want :) I can’t wait to see your re-creation!

  38. The pizza delivery doggie is just too funny! :) :)

  39. Okay we so need to try this recipe. That mayo has been on our list to try we just might have to do it now. Oh and I cannot wait to meet you xoxo Michelle

  40. Pretty much A.. except I just group items together… like Produce goes first, meats/protein goes second, then anything frozen (hello Halo!), then anything “dry” :) This stuffed avocado sounds perfect!

  41. This looks yummy! I love avocado. I personally prefer it with a side of bacon and egg tacos lol. I am the person who goes in with a detailed list and still ends up with 20 extra items. I bought 4 bottles of wine on Saturday and I was sick lol wtf

    • Avocado and Bacon… I HAVE YET TO HAVE THIS COMBO! WTF is wrong with me?! LOL!!!
      And um……. Do you still have these bottles of wine? 😉

      • Nope all gone haha jk. I did buy one for a friends birthday but I needed to get a white and a red for the house then after I picked them out I came across a random one I wanted to try… hence the four. I only opened one so far lol

        • Ah ha ha ha ha! Ohhhhhh impulse! 😉 I have trained myself REALLY WELL not to buy impulsively… Ohhhhhh look, an alligator oven mitt!

  42. I love avocado as you can make guacamole, this look a very salad idea. xx

  43. Love turkey and avocado so I’m all for this! -A grocery shopper somewhere between A and D

  44. Sampler/wanderer. But also with a list. I AM ALL THE THINGS DON”T PIGEON HOLE ME

  45. I’m definitely a detailed list grocery store shopper. I go the same time each week and make sure my entire week is planned! But I still forget things ?!?! I couldn’t be a grocery store wanderer – I’d never get anything accomplished!

    • Ah ha ha! I love how regimented you are! I am SOOOO NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. Used to be, but then realized that I just love grocery shopping and wandering so much – and allow myself to do it! Grocery shopping is a relaxing thing for me!

  46. I LOVE avocados! I’ll eat them in salads, sandwiches, burgers or scooped out plain. Of course, my favorite way is guacamole…lol! This recipe sounds delicious though, so I now want to try it this “plucking way!”

  47. I make a detailed list – grocery shopping is like my relaxation hahah!

    Share my excitement as I unveil the second installment of my collaboration with Los Angeles brand TOBI this week at the blog – I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

    Happy Wednesday!


  48. Love roasted chickpeas! I usually make mine with Indian spices — SO good. Fun recipe. And although I love roaming around the grocery store and making up meals when I see something that looks particularly good, I absolutely need a list. Otherwise I forget things! I’ve been known to go the grocery store for lettuce, because we were going to have a big salad for dinner. Put it on the list? Naw, I’ll remember. And of course then brings back bags of good stuff — but no lettuce. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t exist. :-)

    • OMG YOU ARE I ARE THE SAME PERSON! Ah ha ha! I go to the store for 1 thing I need but get home with 10 things I did NOT need and don’t even buy the ONE THING I need! LOL! I call myself the Grocery Space Cadet! 😉

  49. Here I go! Gonna answer all these questions.
    Well, common, which kind of grocery shopper are you? I go in when I am starving and make purchases I know I will regret later.
    What’s your favorite way to eat an avocado? Guac and at Chipotle :)
    Do you know who David Kirsch is? No.
    What celebrity recipes would you like to see Tara and I make next? Indian food!
    What was the last thing you bought on impulse? Whole Foods, hot bar salad.
    Anyone else get nightmares from JIGSAW? No
    -Sana <3

  50. Well, common, which kind of grocery shopper are you? DELIVERY all the way!! Grocery shopping in NYC sucks!
    What’s your favorite way to eat an avocado? On toast!! And possibly with this recipe!
    Do you know who David Kirsch is? No! But I can google it! And also, I just learned who he is in your video!
    What celebrity recipes would you like to see Tara and I make next? I’m really bad with celeb names. :(
    What was the last thing you bought on impulse? Green sequin hotpants!!
    Anyone else get nightmares from JIGSAW? I probably would if I watched it recently. But I still get scared at night from It Follows.

    + I would probably try making this with greek yogurt since I looooove me some yogurt! 😍

    • Oh man, I can only imagine how much grocery shopping stinks in NYC :( That is 1/2 the reason why I don’t think I could live there – hahaha!!!
      And um, can I see a pic of these GREEN SEQUIN HOT PANTS please?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

  51. YASSS!!! Avocados so rock! I adore baked eggs in avocados so I know I will A.DORE these turkey and roasted pepper stuffed ones!
    BTW – I had no clue there were “airatarian” among us!?!?!?!

    • I choose to live a life where airatarians exist because, well, um, I just cannot associate myself with people who do not, WTF? lol!!!
      And I need to try this eggs baked in avocados trick! I have seen it a few time on the interwebs but have yet to try it!

  52. This looks so good! Anything with avocados and I’m in. 😛 I think that I try to be the list-making grocery shopper, but then I get to the store and I’m like “ooooh a new kind of dark chocolate… I must have it!” Gets me every time!

  53. Omg this looks delicious. Ur posts r so funny 😉

  54. Yum, those sound amazing!! What a perfect weekend lunch idea. Pinning to try. :)

  55. What a fun read! I love all the memes. And I could never get enough avocado, even though the saw pic scared the bejeezus outta me at the top lol!

    • Ah ha ha ha! Perhaps I should NOT have put the Jig Saw pic at the top… That’s definitely a SURE FIRE WAY to get people to LEAVE my blog and not see the recipe! LOL!

  56. I’m totally an A….and absolutely love this recipe!

  57. Can I just tell you that I am meatless for the next 27 days and this is one of the first meat-filled, healthy YUMMY things on list!!?? Thanks for this!

  58. I love avocado in any form and this recipe looks so delicious. Thank you for sharing this!

  59. Love avocado no matter how they’re prepared. For that matter, I also love any food I can stuff. This is a win win recipe.

  60. I love avocados!! And always try to put avocados on every dish.

    • Oh they’re wonderful on pretty much EVERYTHING! And they help you absorb the nutrients from other foods, thanks to their healthy fats!

  61. What a fantastic idea of lunch. Love avocados, so I can tell I am gonna love this! :)

  62. I like watercress!! But I’ll forgive you for replacing it with spinach. (As I like that too 😉 ) LOL

    Nice to see a 5 minute video again. Ha ha ha, did I make you paranoid with my last comment?

    Lynne’s more of a fan of avocados than I am. So I’m sharing this recipe with her right now. Which she’ll probably then DEMAND that I make. 😀

  63. I’m A & B, depending on the day and my mood. Sometimes I want to hang out all day and buy lots of stuff. Other times I just want to get some damn food and get the f- outta there. I love avocados so much that you could literally stuff that bad boy with anything and I’d eat it! Within reason so don’t come back with something gross…Also, can totally see me eating this with leftover holiday turkey. Yum! :)

  64. I tend to go into a Store Wander across as I pick up what I know I need and usually a bit of what I want thrown in the mix, enjoying the whole experience and thankful that I can do so anytime I wish any day of the week. So powerful.

    And I am gonna try the Turkey stuffed Avocados they look bangin gal Woot!

    • JULIE – I love your mindset! All too often people go to the store and take for granted the fact that they can actually purchase any items they want!!!

  65. Looks so fresh and delicious homie. LOVE avocados!! :-)

  66. I’m definitely the type that makes a detailed list. Of course, I forget things too!

  67. Stuffed peppers, squash, and now AVOCADOS?! How did I not see this coming, haha!

    I’m the boring kind of grocery shopper who pretty much buys the sames things weekly, haha. I leave the creativity to the restaurants I eat out at on the weekends 😛

  68. Um, yes. Literal nightmares from that movie. I used to watch scary movies until I saw the first two Saw movies. Now I can’t handle anything even remotely suspenseful, haha!

    Also, these look delicious!

    • I remember in college, my roomie LOVED scary movies and would always LAUGH at these ones, and I would cry inside and out – LOL!

  69. This looks so yummy! Haven’t seen JIGSAW, and I don’t think I want to lol.

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlife.com

  70. Hi GiGi,
    I don’t think my category exist – my husband does the grocery shopping (because I can’t go into stores) but I do make out a list of what we need. Sometimes he’ll call me on the cell phone 3-4 times to ask me questions and sometimes I make him read the ingredients on the back of a product. Where the heck does that put me – in the crazy bin probably.
    My favorite avocado recipes is grasshoppers a recipe I got from Raia Recipes site a couple of years ago – it just coconut milk, coconut, avocado, raw honey and covered in organic dark chocolate and frozen> My husband loves them too.
    I do love your recipe for – chickpeas are great to put in salads. I would definitely choose the turkey cubes . Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

    • Marla, you’re going to have to tell me more about why you cannot go into stores??
      And that avocado recipe you got from Raia sounds amazing! See -Avocados are true chameleons!

      • HI GiGi,
        Here is a link to Raia recipe for the grasshopper http://raiasrecipes.com/2014/03/avocadograsshoppers.html
        The only thing I do differently is I use organic dark chocolate cocoa chips with some coconut oil, honey or organic stevia & melt it and pour on top.
        Why I don’t go the grocery store or rarely any store is due to my chemical sensitivities and many allergies. That is why I started blogging – to share my experiences and my beliefs about eating properly, natural living to help other people.
        Have a great day!

        • I knew you had allergies and sensitivities but I had NO IDEA so badly!!! I would be insanely sad if I couldn’t go to the grocery store, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Maybe I should make a video of my entire grocery shopping experience so as to include you in on it 😉

  71. I’m somewhere between a and b – I do make a list of what I need, but also buy lots of other stuff that I see…… LOL
    Although tit’s not for me (I’m a vegetarian) I REALLY like this recipe!!
    It looks DELICIOUS, and I already know my husband would love it. It’s also great for parties

  72. Gigi! I don’t know if you’ll remember me but I used to have a blog (real life natural wife) and was following you. I haven’t blogged in about a year but now I have a new blog (my husband and I are quitting are jobs and leaving at the end of the summer to become full time RV’ers!) and I decided to look you up! Your website looks great! You look great!!!

    I would definitely say I’m Mrs. Bolt and I choose answer ‘A’. I want to get in and out of that miserable WalMart ASAP! Lol!

    Hopefully you’ll come check out my new site! I just got it up and running. There’s some pictures of me on the About Us page.

    Stay in touch!! Xoxo

    • OMG WHAT AN AWESOME ADVENTURE! I am so pumped for you! And I am also extremely flattered that you remembered me, looked me up, and left me a comment! Sunday Made – haha! I am totally going to check out and follow your adventures, duh! And if you ever make it to Southern Cali, you BETTER let me know! And uh… It’s almost the end of the summer, when are you starting your RV shenanigans!

  73. Hey GiGi! I just tried to leave a comment but I’m not sure if it went through! I don’t know if you’ll remember me but I used to have a blog (real life natural wife) but I haven’t blogged in about a year since I got rid of that.

    I have a new site now! My husband and I are quitting our jobs and becoming full time RV’ers at the end of this summer! Oh and we know nothing about camping :/ haha! Anyways, come check out my new site and on the About Us page will be some pictures of us to hopefully jog your memory!

    I thought about you and decided to look you up. It’s great to see your site doing so well and you look fab! Keep up the good work!

    Oh, and I’m definitely a Mrs. Bolt! An “A”. I want in and out of that WalMart ASAP!! Lol!

  74. The chip bag photo….OMG YES!! This stuffed avocado is going to be my lunch!

  75. I love eating avocadoes on its own or as a simple dessert like this ice, milk and avocado that we usually eat back home http://www.angsarap.net/2014/11/12/filipino-style-avocado-and-milk-in-ice/ or even this Jus Alpukat which is an avocado shake with chocolate http://www.angsarap.net/2014/10/29/jus-alpukat-indonesian-avocado-shake/, yum!

    • I MUST check out these avocado desserts as I just loveeeee the thick and creaminess of these fruits and they make a wonderful addition to literally EVERYTHING!

  76. Hi GiGi! Cute video and that recipe really does look scrumptious! 😛 I think I’m an ‘A’ type grocery shopper or at least that’s the closest to me. I do write a detail list of the things I need. I don’t want to be there any longer than I have to. Tweeted and pinned! 😉

  77. I might need that penguin! Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty Link Party #CCBG http://tryit-likeit.com/link-party-it

  78. I would love to gobble this up with backed tofu cubes instead of turkey! Yum! We’re so glad you shared this healthy and delicious turkey-stuffed-avocado-salad recipe on the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing!

  79. I love avocado and turkey so this is on the list for me. When I go to the grocery store, it’s with a list and I play this silly game with myself where I have to be back in the car by a certain time. It’s always a ridiculous time frame, so when you see me in the grocery store I am almost like Bolt! It’s crazy, but I just don’t like wasting time in the grocery store. If you want to really see me mad, let me have trouble finding and item…messing with time clock, lol!

    • OMG I KINDA TOTALLY LOVE THIS GAME IDEA – but I would be the biggest loser of it EVER… and you know what? I may be one of the only people on the face of the planet, who actually doesn’t mind losing – LOL!! I am not a very competitive person, AT ALL. lol!

      And Wow – I think I just figure out what show I need to pitch to TV Networks… “Take the Joi out of Grocery Shopping” – LMFAO!!!

  80. Whenever I go to the supermarket hungry I make the most stupid buys! So, I try to go there with full stomach! I love these stuffed avocados! Definitely something I would love to eat!

  81. Who can resist such a quick and easy dish! I could eat stuffed avocado creations every day! I am so glad you shared your healthy, delectable Turkey Stuffed Avocados recipe with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

  82. These sound wonderful! You had me at Advocado!!

  83. Such a genius recipe!! Love it!

  84. I like your recipe. How long to take it? Gigi

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