Two Girls, One Smoothie

Did any of you miss the 2007 Oscar nominated YouTube Video…

Yep, they now have a YouTube category during the Academy Awards – to make the show, that much longer…

Two Girls, One Cup? 


Whitney, the face behind To Live & Diet in LA, dropped by the GiGi Eats Celebrities headquarters (ah ha ha ha ha! So official) to help re-create the “masterpiece”! 

Whitney English and GiGi Dubois Feed Eachother A Smoothie

But this time… With PEA PROTEIN and other rather taste bud tantalizing ingredients! 

We took a heaping cup of this, a dash of that… To formulate a thick and extraordinarily creamy concoction that was surprisingly…


Check out exactly what how to create such a drool-worthy treat… By watching the video below! 

Here’s the Pea Protein Smoothie Recipe

Just stick all of these ingredients in a blender and whirl away… Whitney likes the “ice crush” mode on the blender! This recipe is great for any diet for weight loss, or diet/nutritional preferences* in general!


I don’t know about you but I think our re-creation of the “famous” YouTube video (I ain’t linking to it, sorry) is FAR MORE APPETIZING!

Would you agree?

(Oh and if you have no idea what I am talking about… I am jealous of you. DO NOT… I repeat… DO NOT GOOGLE: Two Girls, One Cup) 

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So tell me… 

  • Have you ever seen the video Two Girls, One Cup?
  • Does the thought of that video just make you want put your head in the oven and turn it on?
  • What was/is the most disgusting food you’ve ever eaten before in your ENTIRE LIFE?
  • Have you ever made a smoothie/ice cream with pea protein before?
  • If you were to create a recipe with me, what would you want to make?
  • Do you think there will eventually be a YouTube category at the Oscars?
  • Who absolutely HATED PEAS when they were little? Who STILL hates them?
  • If Whitney and I make more videos together, what would you like to see us make?


*This recipe is wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, nut, fructose free!


  1. I’ve HEARD of the video Two Girls, One Cup, and it’s enough for me!

    One disgusting food I’ve had was the Century Egg, a delicacy according to the Chinese, and that according to Wikipedia: “a Chinese cuisine ingredient made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing. Through the process, the yolk becomes a dark green to grey colour, with a creamy consistency and an odor of sulphur and ammonia, while the white becomes a dark brown, translucent jelly with little flavour.”

    The smell was quite something.

    Then again, we Occidentals eat blue cheese, what are we complaining about?

    There’s a kind of noodle that’s made from peas and I really like it (with a stir fry for eg.)

    I want to see Whitney and you wrestle in Jello! LOL

    • Ah ha ha ha ha!! You don’t need to know anything more about the Two Girls, One Cup video… My re-creation is enough, lol!!

      I have totally heard of that egg….. I cannot believe you ate it! What did it taste like?!

      And I think Whitney and I will have to take you up on the jello wrestling! LOL!!! – Sugar Free jello of course!

  2. You girls are too cute!! Love the video! And the smootie looks delicious!

    • It really is delicious! We were pretty shocked actually… However, I have another video to post… Where we added a few more things… AH HA HA!

  3. OMG. I hope this goes viral. I gotta get me some pea protein. I hope it doesn’t make my smoothies taste like SHEEOT. :)

    • Help me make it go viral!! 😀 Share with the world (especially your MALE friends – LMFAO!!) It would be great though because then people would be more in tune with pea protein, and it is a healthy protein source!!! And don’t worry, PEA PROTEIN… DOES NOT taste like peas AT ALL!

  4. hahahaha I love your disclaimer, dont google two girls one cup! I love pea protein I swear by the brand I sell! Its the best tasting one I have ever had!

    • Ah ha ha! I think my disclaimer may actually have people googling the video… That’s a HUGE PROBLEM! LOL!

      What brand of pea protein do you sell?!?!!? Link it up baby!

  5. I never used to like peas, but I can stomach them now for the most part. Not sure how I feel about them or their flavor in a smoothie though. Love the google search disclaimer. HAHA.

    • Oh no no, pea protein powder doesn’t take like peas AT ALL! It’s truly delicious, definitely give it a shot! :)

  6. I love PEAS! GIVE THEM A CHANCE! LOL and the name of this post…oh, Gigi 😉

  7. Yes I have unfortunately seen that- thanks for reminding me :/
    And I love peas but never thought of adding them to a smoothie? I would definitely try it out though!

    • Any time! AH HA HA! I’ve got your back 😉

      Pea protein doesn’t take like peas at all, it’s actually quite delicious, definitely give it a try!

  8. I love your videos – they always make my day (does that make me lame? Oh, well!!!)!!
    I have never liked peas – I didn’t even give my boys baby food peas when they were little cause the smell grosses me out!!!
    I’ve never seen the video and I can’t decide if I should check it out or not (probably will!!!).

    • NOT AT ALL!!!!!! I LOVEEE that you love them! I even have another one coming next week, WOO WOO! Ah ha ha!!!

      Honestly, I think you will like pea protein. it doesn’t taste like peas ONE BIT!! It’s just another form of protein powder really. I say give it a shot! 😉

      And OH NO PLEASE DON’T GOOGLE IT! Please don’t!! :O

  9. lol hilarious!!

  10. I HATE YOU for making me think about that horrific video. I felt sick for DAYS after watching that atrocious video. I’ve convinced myself it’s not it’s not. NO one eats poop right!? HAHAHAHAHAA You two are WAY hotter and this smoothies is WAY more appetizing. I am super intrigued by this protein! I have never tried pea protein before, I use rice! The protein is double in the pea protein though. I AM ALL OVA DAT! I hate mushrooms..hate. They are disgusting and they should never be eaten by anyone ever.

    When we make a video/recipe we are going to make some kind of chocolaty treat. OH CHOCOLATE covered butternut squash..and then I WILL EAT IT ALL because you won’t want the chocolate!! I WIN!

    • OMG YESS! Chocolate Butternut Squash………. I will just FEED YOU AND FEED YOU – Talk about an EROTIC VIDEO right there!! AHH HA HA HA HA!


      And I fear that people are going to start googling the Two Girls One Cup video. I am seriously repulsed whenever I think about it too!!!!!!!!!! Nightmares… Okay, think about kitties and bunnies and flowers and baby giraffes!

  11. Much, much better than the original you’ve spoken of….that video is disgusting!!!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ahah! Oh thank goodness you approve of this one, lol… However I bet my mom would be angry if she saw this video, LOL!!!

      That other video… Makes me nauseous! LOL!

  12. Always fun to watch your videos!

    I suppose the worst food I’ve ever eaten was Lion. This was before stopped eating meat. A resident of mine ordered it in an exotic food restaurant and I had a taste. It was in a Grand Marnier sauce. It was gammy, tough, and the sauce made it worse if that was possible.

    I do not think we should eat these kinds of foods because it leads to the unnecessary killing of rare animals.

    • Ah ha! Thanks Dr. J – that means a lot to me! Another one is coming next week – so on top of my game, I KNOW!! 😉

      You didn’t like Lion? It’s funny, I was having a conversation with someone the other day and I mentioned how I would totally down for trying lion… But when you put it that way, maybe I am not! :(

  13. Haha ew I’ve definitely seen that video from a while back. Not a fun experience! Loved this one though. You two are so funny! If I could make something with you, it would be a healthy dessert!

    • Ah ha ha ha ah aha ha! DEFINITELY NOT a fun experience, AT ALL! Ugh, I remember how it was “all the rage” in college. Repulsive!

      Thanks for watching missy! :) I would love to make a healthy dessert with you, when you coming to LA! lol

  14. Very funny :-)

  15. I really needed a good smoothie smile today :) I like that you are broadcasting from “GiGi’s Healthy Alternatives” world headquarters. Where do you find these ingredients? This was fun !!!

    By the way I don’t get notifications anymore for new posts

    • OH NO! I am going to see if you’re still on the subscribed list and if not, I will put you right back on it, you will just need to confirm the e-mail when you get it! :)

      And you like that?! The GiGi Headquarters! LOL Made me feel so official! I am glad I could lighten your day! Have you ever used pea protein?

      • No haven’t tried it, I’ll look around but most likely I’ll find it on line. The beginning of that video is hilarious. :)

  16. Great looking recipe, I need to try it! My sister hated peas growing up – she almost threw them up whenever we ate them, haha! BTW, I am not brave enough to look up the 2 girls 1 cup video – I could only imagine what would pop up on my computer! 😉

    • DO not build up the courage to google that 2 girls 1 cup video, LOL! Not worth it, ha ha! My video is far better anyways!

      Oh I have a story about peas too… Never liked them either, but the pea protein is delicious… probably because it doesn’t taste like peas one bit!

  17. Not going to Google & clueless! 😉

    You two are hilarious!!!! Always love watching you! That came out wrong! 😉

    I like peas but toot toot toot from them! 😉

    You are to food expert – what should we make! :)

    • Ha Ha! Thank you for listening to me, no googling!! LOL.

      And I am glad you like watching – Whitney and I very well may be making more videos in the near future! :)

      Oh and I think you and I need to make a HEALTHY COOKIE considering you love your cookies oh so much!

  18. Angela @ Happy Fit Mama says:

    Love pea protein. It’s my preferred source. Also loving the new larabars,Alt, that have it. Yum!

  19. The shake looks great! Going to have to try it! The video was really funny too :)

    just dont ask me about KELP.


  21. You are so creative! I have not seen the video, but I’m sure yours is far superior, well, because I read your blog!

    ; )

    • Aha ha ha ha! You’re better off NOT seeing that video! LOL!! Thanks for reading my blog, SERIOUSLY – I appreciate it so much! :)

  22. I have never heard of pea protein! I love smoothies though! And 2 girls one cup…haha…classy. 😉

    • I am all about the class! Class, class, class! LOL! And definitely seek out some pea protein and let me know what you think :)

  23. Looks like the two of you had some fun!
    Take a look at this protein powder too, in case you’re looking for potential alternatives for the future:

    • This protein is rock-star status… However, I was told that I can NO LONGER eat eggs, which is why I went to vegan protein route! HOWEVER…. if I want to flip off my doctor… I will eat this protein powder cause it’s LEGIT!

  24. I’ve never heard of pea protein. Thanks for linking-up at A Humble Bumble 😀

  25. Oh good lord. I did see 2 girls one cup. I am scarred for life. *barf*

  26. i’m gonna say it, yes… YUMSTASTIC!! Love me some pea..uh… protein

  27. oh my gosh you guys are two peas in a pod!!! (<– see what i did there?? yeah that was on purpose) seriously meant for each other!! haha

    • LMFAO! You’re just so clever 😉

      Well I do believe Whitney and I will be making another video together! Any ideas on what we should make?

  28. Pea protein? Is it green? I wonder if I could get my son to drink it if I buried it in ice cream and chocolate syrup?

    • Not green! It’s white, although I would have actually loved if it were green! When I was younger I only ate the Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream that was tinted green- lol!

      Oh and it def doesn’t taste like peas at all!

  29. I think you ladies need a man with strong hands to handle that blender. Next vid, Two girls, One guy, One Sexified Smoothie.

    • September Brad, September 😉 in the mean time though Whitney & I are going to make another video… What would you like to see us getting down and dirty with? lol

  30. So glad that Two Girls, One Smoothie turned out great! Who needs two cups?!?!

    We should poll your readers to see what they think we should make next!

    • Exactly! No need to have extra dishes to clean, lol! And I am definitely going to poll everyone, good idea :) game on for the 30th!

  31. I’ve heard about pea protein before, but I have yet to see any in stores! I might try ordering some online!

  32. Just so you know I read the above comments, Pea Protein Does Not Taste Like Peas!!!!!

    Cute video. Now I’ve got to go google, um, something.

  33. I have never seen the video.. and even though I’ve heard of it, not totally sure exactly what goes on in it.. and I’m okay with that!

    I hated peas as a child.. and still hate ’em. I’ve learned to like more veggies lately, but still a struggle. I knew a kid (3 yr old) that LOVED to snack on frozen peas. So I’ m thinking hey, if a child likes peas, maybe that’s what I need to do to like them! So I bought myself a fancy bag of organic frozen peas; poured them into a bowl just like the little kid did, grabbed a spoon and scooped up a heaping spoonful..

    BLEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Nope. Never again.

    • Ha ha ha you don’t ever want to see that video, ever! Ha ha.

      Oh my well of course frozen peas by the spoonful are going to be gross, I even did that in one of my videos! Not good…. Ah ha ha.

      However, pea protein tastes absolutely nothing like peas! It’s actually delicious :)

  34. As I write this, I am comment number 70… kinda funny to have the number BEFORE I wrote this for this post.

    You two are crazy and lots of fun. When do I get to be in a fun GiGi video?

    • #70! Lucky number!! Ha Ha.

      When are you coming to LA?!? The second you do, we are definitely making a video! We could elliptical around Venice board walk on those outdoor ellipticals, then we can stop into restaurants and rip into how healthy their food is lol! PERFECTION!

  35. I just wanted to thank you for linking up with us at the Let’s be Friends Blog Hop. It’s great to meet you!

    XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  36. Gigi, I love your blog…am so lost myself…
    is it ever ever too late to reclaim ones’ hormones and metabolism? I am 32 , not exercising (joint condition) and bowel condition (constipation) and binging nightly…I eat enough BMR to cover the day easily…tonight was the absolute worse binge of my life…so ashamed and please don’t judge but at 10:30 pm I ate 2 cups of grapes, 20 grams of dark chocolate, 4 rice cakes, 400 grams of yogurt, and the ENTIRE 250 gram jar of macadamia nut butter…and then 2 bananas…I feel so ashamed…the worse is that I won’t exercise it off, I never purge, and I’m constipated…waking up tomorrow to deal with that aftermath is going to be horrendous..I just lost it…and I do every night…. :(
    Please email me if willing…I feel its too late for my body…how to “get it out” when I just binge and sleep and sit all next day (constipated ) :(

  37. I refuse to watch the other video. No creepy stuff for Abby, but yours cracks me up.

    • Ha Ha! Yes, please DON’T google that video 😉
      And thanks for watching my video – have a new one coming out tomorrow!

  38. I’ve never seen this before, you seem to have very mixed reactions to the video! I love peas, so it probably wouldn’t be too bad!

    • Ha Ha! DO NOT watch that video, don’t! LOL. You should definitely try pea protein, ESPECIALLY if you love peas! You will seriously love this stuff! 😀 Let me know if, when you do!

  39. Haven’t used pea powder. Haven’t seen the Two Girls One Cup video. Your video made me laugh. One comment – I do not like Stevia (bitter after taste) altough I do like the low cal vibe. Since i made my very first video post on my blog today (don’t ask) I have a tiny idea now of how difficult it is to make an entertaining video. Good work, girls!

    • You do not want to see Two Girls, One Cup AT ALL – Definitely NOT! lol.

      Ooo! I am going to check out your very first video right now! I give you props for starting to VLOG! :) Vlogging is my life, new video coming tomorrow! I am glad you got a good laugh outta my video! That’s my goal! :)

      Definitely look out for Pea Protein, it’s delicious!

  40. This looks scrumptious! I’ve never heard of pea protein before, but I’ll give it a shot!

  41. I always like peas, but have never tried the pea protein. Okay, the grossest think I ever ate . . . well drank (and I’ll try anything) was a homemade green shake I made in desperate attempt to “oxegyenate blood” before a marathon- this was 20 years ago before good juice pressers etc, and I literally put a huge bunch of spinach and lettuce in a blender with a bit of water. Then I tried to drink the lumpy mess . . . . it was like drinking the clippings from a lawn mower. never again.

    • Definitely try pea protein, you will be pleasantly surprised!

      OMG that’s too funny… Well, you will be further reminded of your nasty drink when I post the “bloopers” video of me and Whitney… We add a little EXTRA to the pea protein smoothie….. Ah aha ha! 😉

  42. Thanks so much for linking up for my Cheribundi giveaway. I always love your visits. Your blog cracks me up!


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