Two Truths, One Lie


Zac Efron Crying


Taylor Swift Awards

Tabloids are constantly getting celebrity news wrong… They’re sometimes just as bad as Wikipedia.

That being said, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different. Maybe even start a little game in the blogging world…

Two Truths, One Lie.

GiGi Eats Celebrities

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The premise of this game is to detail three things that may or may not have happened in your life… Then when people stop by your blog, they have to guess which ONE of the three things you described is FALSE.

When you’re done pulling out your hair trying to figure out which one of these odd experiences (below) did not actually occur in my life… 

It's Your Turn!

Lets spread this game around like young teens spread STDs. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

(Clearly I can be immature and inappropriate). 

Here we go…

  1. Competed for the Colorado Snowboard Team: When I was in high school, I coasted down the rocky mountains and won metals doing so.
  2. Had a colectomy at the age of 21: In the middle of the night one day back in school, my large intestine twisted into a knot (cecal volvulous) and I was going to humanly combust if it was not removed.
  3. Spent six months living on a reserve in Africa: I go the opportunity to teach children English on the Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa during college, I miss the giraffes (my favorite animals – you should all know that by now)! 

Giraffes on Kariega Conservation Reserve

Do you think you know which one is false? Well let me know in the comments BELOW

And then grab a button  (or simply link back to this post) and play TWO TRUTHS, ONE LIE on your blog!

GiGi Eats Celebrities

DO TELL ME (other than guessing my LIE)…

  • If your life was SPLASHED on a tabloid/rag mag, what would the headlines SCREAM!?
  • How do you feel about blog games? Will you partake in the PARTAAAYYY!?!

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  1. #2.

    :) I’ll think about it. I’ve played this game before. Five years later, no one’s gotten it right, yet…

  2. Hmmmm……. This is hard but I think number two may be false. I hope I’m right on this one because that just doesn’t sound like any fun at all!

    • Ha Ha Ha! Well, I will reveal the FALSE ONE next Tuesday 😉 Hope you play on your blog too! You don’t need to grab a button if you don’t want, you can always just link back!

  3. this is a nice game. i am guessing 1 and 3 option as false 😀

  4. I think #1 is false. But this is a very fun game. And I would believe them all!

    • You should definitely play this game on your blog! :) You don’t need to grab a button, just maybe mention/link to this post so people know the rules!! I want to guess what you’re lying about! And I will reveal the answer next week as to which one is FALSE!

  5. I think that #3 is your LIE!!!
    I always suck at this game – mostly because I’m not super original and don’t have any cool happenings to share!

    • Muahhh ha ha ha ah! Well, you will just have to wait and see which one is the LIE next Tuesday :) I hope you play on your blog (you don’t have to grab a button, you can simply link to this post if you want – I might put a LinkyTools or whatever in here too)… I want to guess things about you!

  6. That’s pretty tough!

    I’m going with your competing for the Colorado snowboard team in high school because you are from the great state of Wyoming?

    When I was in South Africa, the first animal I spotted in the bush was a giraffe!

    I bet the giraffe saw me first, lol!

  7. I’ll say the later of the three, it’s funny there’s a saying, there’s “two sides to every story and then there’s the truth”.

  8. I will say the third one is false? I will feel like crap if I get this wrong because I should know more about you! =P
    But hey that is why this game is so much fun!

    I can’t wait to post this on my blog today. =D

    • HA HA HA! Well, if you do get it wrong… I’ll reveal the lie next week… I would blame you not knowing on the fact that you moved away!!! :(

      Cannot wait to play this game on your blog!!

  9. I think #3 is the lie — not totally sure why, but I’m going with it!

  10. No 2 the other once are most likely true…fun game!

  11. Love your blog, Gigi! I’m a fan of anyone who understands that eating is a competitive sport!

    I’m going to say #1 is false simply because you were too smooth with the phrase “cecal volvulous” to have a fully intact intestine.

    • HECK YES! I WISH that there were a competitive sashimi eating competition, I WOULD KICK EVERYONE’S BUTT!!!!!! 😉

      Ah ha ha! I like how you picked # 1 😉 Nicely done, reading between the lines… However, I cannot say if you got it right or wrong until next week! Play 2 Truths with me on your blog?

  12. I saw this in an e-mail from BlogHer and planned on playing soon! :)

    I’m going to go with #3!!

    • OMG my blog post was featured in the BLOGHER email?!?!?! Can you send me a link to this, I must SEE! ha ha ah! I am shocked and honored and THRILLED you came back :)

      I will reveal the LIE next week! 😉 In the mean time, totally play this game on your blog, I want to guess what you’re lying about!

  13. If #3 is true then I am so freaking jealous and want to see pictures! I think #2 is false.
    Oh girl, my tabloid cover would be so boring. “Girl goes to Trader Joe’s and resists buying yet another block of fancy cheese.”

    • LMFAOOOOOOOOO I would totally read the article about you and your TJs STRUGGLE! I would probably make a cameo appearance in that article 😉

  14. I’m going with: #1 is the lie. You were a boarder; just not competitive.

    Tabloid title: “Nerdy Techy from Wall-Street Becomes Chef for the Stars!” Obviously I don’t cook for the stars, yet. None of them have asked me… But my guess is that it would take me being a renowned chef for the stars for me to get splashed onto the rag-mags. :)

    • Your tabloid headline will come true VERY SOON – because I will HIRE YOU to be my chef! LOL!!!!! Yes, I am the “star” your headline is referring to! 😉

      And I will reveal the LIE next week! You need to play this game with me!

      • Ok, you want to play? Keep your eyes peeled! I’ll come up with a doozy of a list!! :)

        Shoot! You want to hire me? I’m ready!! Umm… Should we start working on getting you to Stardom? What can I do to help?

        • Well, keep on supporting with the comments and watching my videos – BOOM that’s enough 😀 Unless of course you know… some big-wig in Hollywood. Then if so… HOOKZ IT UP BIG SIR 😉

          I am looking forward to GUESSING your LIE!!

  15. I am not a fan of the games plus my life is boring.. :) AND I have no idea how to do the button thing which hubby does for me & he is too busy with work right now since I am not working & we are broke.. :)

    I think 1 is the lie… I will tell the reasons another time so I don’t give this away to others….

    • Aw Jody! I wish you would play! :( I am pretty sure your life is AMAZING, NOT boring!!! And you don’t even have to “grab a button” that is just an option! You don’t even have to link back to my blog, I don’t care – I just love games! 😀

      I cannot wait to hear your reasons as to why you think #1 is the lie 😉 I’ll let you know which one is the LIE next week!

  16. OMG, I totally love this and will be participating Friday! I don’t think you went to

  17. I think #1 is false. And I will play too, it sounds like fun.

  18. I’m guessing number 1 is false just because it seems the tamest to me :) Not sure if I can dust off my creative writing skills to participate but never say never, right?

  19. Hmmmm…I say #3 but #2 is a definite maybe.

  20. HMMM IS NUMBER 3 false?!?!

  21. i love these games! i gonna go with 1 and 2 are true. although i hate that number 2 effects how you go number 2. hehe sorry.

  22. I am so boring. My tabloid headline would be “Maureen is caught going to bed at 8:30….again!” Oh, the horror!!!

  23. Bitch you never went to AFRICA! My vote is for #3. I used to have a madddd crush on Zac Efron..I would do bad things to that boy. HAHA. My tabloid would be something like this..”Brittany the barista caught throwing hot coffee on rude customers!”

    • Will you go to Africa with me?!?!?!?!?! We can swing in the jungle with monkeys and ride through the tundra on the bakes of giraffes?!?!?! And then…. DOUBLE TEAM Zac Efron (oh because in our fantasy world, he will be wherever we are!)

  24. I already know which one is false so I won’t give it away!

    If my life was in the tabloids it would read, “Celebrity Journalist Loses Her Mind, Dresses Up as Lana Del Rey & Dances with Lettuce in a Public Park.”

  25. Hmmm. Can I google the colorado snowboard team? I might play this on my blog, but like Kim I have a hard time being all that creative with things like this.

  26. I think #3 is false for sure!! What do i win?!

    • FOR SURE HUH? What makes you so sure 😉 And… I haven’t quite thought of what people might win if they get the LIE right………. However, IT’LL BE GOOD!!

  27. So fun! I’m going to say #1 is the lie…

  28. I commented above, but thanks for reminding…I want to play…tomorrow!

  29. Love this- will have to incorporate it into a post next week. So, I am thinking #1 is false. You are a Cali girl, I can’t see you in snow….but what the heck do I know?
    These days I don’t play any games other than the ones my kids play- Headbanz, Memory, Go Fish, Zingo. Really exciting stuff. 😉

    • Yay! I cannot wait to guess your two truths/lie!

      I’ll let you know the LIE next Tuesday 😉

      And I have never heard of any of those games except Go Fish, but… Does that game still involve cards? I feel like everything is virtual these days!

  30. I literally played this at dinner with my work teammates tonight … what a coincidence!! I think Africa is the lie!

  31. Yah, I have no freaking idea haha I am guessing you have hung out with giraffes and have been in the snow but I could be wrong?? I suck at these games lol its fun reading everyone’s responses though he he love your way xo C

    • Ha Ha! It’s a toughie, considering I never really talk about ME on my blog 😉 But I will let you know which “events” in my life actually happened next week! Hope you’re doing well!

  32. I think #1 is the fakeout — maybe

  33. I think your lie is number 1.

    Used to love that game!

  34. The African reserve one is most definitely the lie!! What do I win? 😉

  35. Blog games are awesome and so are you! Thanks for sharing at’s #glutenfreefridays link up!

  36. Man! This is tricky but I’m going to say #1. That being said, I do hope that #2 isn’t true. I haven’t played this game in ages.

  37. Ugh I have always been horrible at this game. I was that girl that guessed every person’s wrong and came up with the dumbest, most obvious choices for mine. That said, I’ll go with number 1. And the Zac Efron thing…dying.

    • I always guess wrong too, lol! But I am never hard on myself, OHHHH well – 😉

      I’ll let you know if you’re wrong on right on Tuesday!

      Oh and I wouldn’t have a problem with Zac being a little sensitive, I mean that’s attractive right? 😉

  38. I’m going to say #3 is false. I’m def going to have to grab a button and play! Too fun girl! xoxo

  39. Oh, I haven’t seen this in a few years. I remember this going around the blog world when I first started blogging. I’m going to go with #3 as false.

  40. Hmmm I’m going to guess #2?

  41. I guess #1 because the other two are so detailed!

    • Ha Ha! Attention to detail is key 😉 Hope you play on your blog and I will reveal the LIE on Tuesday! Happy weekend!

  42. FUN!! All of these stories seem so convincing! HOW DO YOU DO IT?? I will guess #3 as the LIE. Am I right? Do I win? Are giraffes REALLY your favorite? Is Zac Efron REALLY back in rehab? golly!!

    • Ha Ha! Details, Details – That’s the trick to convincing people 😀 and I do really love giraffes! I wish I had a pet giraffe!

  43. Ugh I feel like I’m so late to this party!!! I’m going to say it’s number one – I just don’t see it however, you have surprised me before:-) I LOVE the idea of playing this and I will definitely play along sometime this coming week. yeehaaawwww!!!

    • No one is EVER LATE TO THE PARTY!! 😉

      And I’ll be revealing the LIE tomorrow – stay tuned! he he he… I very well may surprise you!


  44. #1 is your lie and I am so playing this on my blog :) Fun idea!

  45. #1 is false! I think. Haha. This is such a fun idea. I’m gonna do it. 😉

  46. I think is #2?? I love this idea!!

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog!! I followed your blog so I don’t miss any of your posts! Feel free to follow back if you wish! <3

    New Blog Post: Tips To Find Inspiration When Picking an Outfit

  47. Ohhhh what a good idea! Except I feel like I’d be really bad at this because I have a horrrrrrible memory. I love reading blogs and learning about people, but I usually forget what I read 3 days later. Also–I’ve never read your blog before (but I’m going to start now!!) so I have noooo idea which one is the lie.

    • Ha Ha! It tis true, you’d have to read/watch my blog a little more to be able to try and guess this, however, even then… Who the heck knows! Some have even googled me lol!!!! And YAY!! I am so glad you’re going to start reading/watching! Same goes for me on your blog! 😀

  48. My answer is up! You’re the only one who played along :)

  49. Oh, blog games are fun, but they’re not for me. I would participate, but my life is just too plain and ordinary. lol. Great idea, though!

    • Baloney! I am sure there is some craziness in there 😉

      • Haha. I wish! The “craziest” thing I’ve done is taking 19 units in one semester. Oh, and I did sing at my high school’s cinco de mayo assembly. I don’t think that’s crazy though. I have a pretty ordinary life.


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