Naked or Dressed; That is the Salad Question!

What’s naughtier…

A naked salad or a dressed salad. (Who would have thought salads had a kinky side…?!)

It’s like asking yourself… Would you rather see Kristie Alley naked or dressed. What’s the lesser of two EVILS?

Well that all depends on how you dress it (or her?).

I may be no fashion designer (and if you know me, you are aware that I could give a RATS ASS about clothes and fashion)… However, I am the Christian Dior, Gianni Versace and Betsy Johnson (COMBINED) of the salad dressing world!

See my salad “styling” in action in the latest episode of GiGi Eats Groceries! (Maybe Kristie will utilize some of my tips too?)

Mmm… Scrumptious! GiGi Eats Celebrities (or I guess Groceries today)!

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  1. Loved your video & you are so right – If you can’t pronounce it, then don’t eat it :-)

  2. Love your videos! You are hilarious.

    • Ha Ha! Thank you Dara, I am glad you enjoyed! :) You can always share with others, wink, wink, nudge, nudge! AH HA HA!

  3. You’re hilarious! Love the vid :)

    Love hummus on my salad!

  4. This is a good one 😉 very funny, but the sad truth is your right. I’m bad almost never eat salad, but in the spring I like Dandilion greens if they are pesticide free in my salads with a can of plain Tuna. Great advice Miss GiGi

    • You need more salad in your life! You can even make a warm salad since it’s winter: aka: Sauteed veggies (in olive oil of course)! I love sauteed spinach… And sauteed kale really isn’t bad either! :) Just wait for next week’s video, I think you’ll love it!

  5. Great video & tips :D. Homemade salad dressings kick those store-bought salad dressings butt, for sure!

  6. Great message, great delivery, great topic!
    I’m not a huge dressing fan. Can’t remember the last time I bought a bottle from the store. I tend to dress my salads with homemade olive oil and balsamic or with roast veggies or chicken. I find that salads don’t really need a sauce to bring out the flavour if you choose the right veggies and toppings!

    • Agreed 1000% percent! I personally love throwing grilled veggies on top, so delicious… Mmm, haven’t eaten yet today, making me hungry! :) And thank you so much for watching and stopping by, I love it & appreciate it too! – It’s funny, totally just commented on your blog too!

  7. Love the video! We make our own salad dressing more often than not but I admit there are a few store-bought ones I love :) My favourite thing right now is to add some feta cheese with 1 tsp olive oil and 1 tsp balsamic vinegar to our salads – the crumbled feta adds a dressing all it’s own. Yum!

    • Exactly! No need to salad dressing at all if you have tasting toppings like Feta! Little goes a long way, it’s a beautiful thing! I personally love topping salads with olive oil grilled veggies, Amazing :) Thanks for watching and stopping by!

  8. Love the video and great reminder! I’m an olive oil/balsamic girl myself. : )

  9. The only thing I use ranch dressing for is to roll around naked in. OK that’s a joke, but maybe someday? I do miss my blue cheese moldiness (OMG YUMM) but these days my vegan ass goes for some kind of vinaigrette ON THE SIDE! Those restaurant creeps always douche it too much, must be on the side. I have always like my salads on the DRIER side!

    • I don’t even want to roll around naked in ranch. I am all about rolling around naked in OLIVE OIL! Ah ha ha ha! And you’re SO RIGHT – Salad Dressing is ALLLWAYYYSSS on the side! ALWAYS!!!!!

  10. Off topic food question; I had to be up @ 4am today to take a test for 8, long drive no real time to eat the usual. I bought a 5 hour energy and granola bar and almost fell asleep while reading. Why such a crash? and whats a really good quick energy meal on the go? By the way I like the salad idea’s people posted keep the coming.

    • The reason you crashed – the 5 Hour Energy and the Granola Bar, plain and simple! Granola bars are really just candy bars in disguise and that 5 Hour Energy is more like a 5 Seconds For You To Fall Asleep. Some people who consume too much caffeine have the ADVERSE effect and actually feel more tired following a caffeine shot. It happens to me too! That granola bar, ugh… Probably had no fiber and no protein, which equals = NOT a good on the go snack. You need to eat some mixed nuts, even trail mix would do the job. You can also pack hard boiled eggs, just cook a whole bunch and then grab and go as needed! :) Sugar-Free Grass Fed Beef Jerky (actually posting a video about this in a few weeks), is another GREAT on the go snack… And you can always bring along some fruits (low sugar) &/or veggies to munch and crunch on too! I like bringing tins of fish with me when I am on the go… And I have definitely cooked up a grass-fed red meat burger and brought it with me on the go too… Tin Foil rocks my life! :)

  11. Love your video! You make me want to consider vlogging! :)

    • OMG you totally have to! It’s so easy… All computers these days are equipped with cameras, all you have to do is turn it on and TALK away! 😉

  12. It drives me nuts when someone says they’re on a diet and eating healthy, then proceeds to dump globs of ranch on their poor veggies. I love me some vinegar and oil, or lemon and avocado. You are too funny!

    • OMG it TOTALLY drives me bonkers when people do that too! Back in college my roommate told me she was “soooo fat” and then proceeded to take a bite of ice cream. I literally almost ripped her eyeballs out of her head, because clearly she doesn’t use them to read ingredients labels! LOL!!!

      Mmm, oil and vinegar on salads – :) — HA HA HA H! That smiley face looks like it has a MOHAWK because of the – in front of it!

  13. Low fat or no fat just means it has more stuff in it your can’t pronounce. Love this topic! Sometimes I just go with straight up white balsamic vinegar. I also use fresh seasonings to bring out flavor. Have you tried dill on a salad? Yum!

    • Seriously right, taking away fat, takes away flavor… Thus companies have to add the flavor back some how, ie: adding sugar and other ingredients that are extremely unhealthy. I love just straight up olive oil or flax seed oil on my salads. And yes, dill on salads = magic! :)

  14. I used to be a Ranch girl. Of course, that’s when I also thought salads were iceberg with wedge of a crappy tomato. I love balsamic vinegar on a salad. So simple.

    • Ha Ha! When you were a RANCH GIRL… I was a “what the heck is salad” girl! LOL!! Now I love straight up OLIVE OIL :) Glad to see you’ve changed your ways too!

  15. to make my own creamy salad dressings i use plain greek yogurt! then i add lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and some other stuff :) :) mashing an avocado works well too!

  16. I haven’t bought salad dressing since I survived the ‘no fat’ brainwashing I endured. I love me some EVOO mixed with all kinds of good stuff, and now am eating tahini mixed with goodies too. LOVE to dress up my salads.

  17. I highly dislike bottled dressing. However I do love a good dressing. My basic everyday is vinegar, oil &/or lemon juice but sometimes I take the extra time and make a yummy vinaigrette. I have made homemade ranch that was pretty good. Mmmm, salad!!

    • Homemade ranch?! Where is this recipe! :) My favorite dressing for sure is OLIVE OIL, I would drown my salad in it! ha ha.

  18. Advice of the day … if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it!!

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  19. Oh snap, thanks very much for posting this! It is going to aid me when I research Hemp Seed online! Amazing!


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