Cozy Up With A Bowl of Johnny Depp

We all have fantasies, am I right?

Some of us want to run a marathon in under a two hours

Marathon Running Quote

Others want to feed their signature recipes to Al Roker as he reports the weather on the Today Show…

Al Roker as a Gingerbread man getting sniffed by a dog

While a select few of us want to go sledding down a frozen cloud, splashing into a hot spring filled with Ryan Gosling and Reynolds clones… Only to be immediately served some sizzling salmon skin by Eric Winter in gonad squeezers

Eric Winter Headshot

Oh, is the last fantasy just mine?


Actually, while I would certainly adore the chance to see Eric in some extra tight nut cuddling briefs as he feeds me strands of crunchy salmon skin, I sometimes fantasize about being able to slurp down something else… (Seriously, did your mind REALLY just go there?)

A huge bowl of… The Blue Box!

Bowl of Mac & Cheese

You know what I’m talking about…

“I want the BLUE BOX BLUESSS!!! Kraft Macaroni and Cheese!”

Kraft Mac & Cheese Noodle

So I thought to myself… What would be less difficult:

A. Getting Eric Winter to strip down to his skivvies for me, despite the fact that he has a stunning wife

B. Recreating macaroni and cheese that’s fit for my restrictive diet?

Sadly… It’s B. However, Star Session, who is trying to get #WeddingReady, begs to differ… See what my latest guest thinks of my gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, nut, wheat, and egg-free macaroni and cheese! (Hint: She believes this is what Johnny Depp would taste like… And since I have yet to take a bite out of him, I am going to assume the same)

Lose Your Noodle, Mac N’ Cheese 

Vegan Paleo Mac and Cheese What You Need… 

*You could also use spaghetti squash!

How to cook up it up…

  1. Put one tablespoon of coconut butter into a pot over medium high heat.
  2. Pour in 3/4 cup unsweetened coconut milk.
  3. Add six tablespoons of nutritional yeast.
  4. Add one cup pureed pumpkin.
  5. Toss in all of the herbs and spices. 
  6. Stir and keep warm on stove as you spiralize your zucchini. 
  7. Pour sauce over raw zucchini “noodles” (you can cook them if you’d like) and stir.
  8. Then dive in like you would a swimming pool! 

GiGi Dubois eating noodles like a bossSo Tell Me…

  • What’s your fantasy?
  • Do you ever dream about food?
  • Are you an attractive eater?
  • Extreme Makeover: Food Edition — What guilty dish do you wish could get made over?
  • Do you think Johnny Depp would taste like a bowl of mac & cheese?
  • WTF is nutritional yeast?
  • By The WAY: Giovanna and my new show called Relationship Roulette is UP AND RUNNING! Check it out here and SUBSCRIBE! 

Strange but FRIGGIN’ good!


  1. Oh this looks fantastic! Not quite as good as Johnny, but I’d certainly not pass it up 😉

  2. Now that is my kind of mac n cheeze 😉

  3. Mmm! This sounds delicious :) I never tried combining pumpkin and zucchini before!

    Food makeover? Hm… a Russian cake my grandma makes. It’s super delicious but pretty horrible for you. I don’t even know how to make the crappy for you version, let alone a healthy/paleo friendly one. Now I have a major craving for cake and pasta :)

  4. Umm dinner todnight!?!

    Hmm dreams… I could dream all day long!
    Eating as much as I want and not gaining weight.
    Having rotating a closet full of shoes, handbags, and workout clothes!
    Oh I need a HUGE kitchen, ok maybe just 2-3 times bigger than what I have, oh and someone to clean it.
    A maid would be nice so I could spend all day cooking and working out.

    I dream about food all the time. A lot of my food ideas come to me while I am trying to get to sleep.

    Attractive eater, who is, especially when it is good food! 😉

  5. It looks great! but I have it on good authority that Johnny Depp tastes like chocolate….mmmmm :) xo

  6. HaHa, it’s a great recipe! Maybe coco-zuc-kin delight?

    Johnny might want to eat it, but he better trade in his scissor-hands for spoon-hands first or he’ll need his tongue stitched up from all the lickin. And he needs that tongue!

  7. What is it about that blue box of mac & cheese that is the holy grail of all mac & cheeses??

    P.S. Have you seen Johnny Depp lately? I’m thinking he would taste more like a rotten egg…

    • BAHHH HA HA HA HA! Lets think back to when Johnny was a dish 😉

      And you know why the blue box is the holy grail? AMAZING ADVERTISING! ha ha!

  8. That is definitely my kind of mac and cheese. Yum!

  9. Of all the things I have eliminated from my diet, I miss cheese the most! My family is from Wisconsin, I grew up eating tons of dairy. The good thing is, that when I do have a little taste of cheese, it makes me so sick that I am reminded that it’s not worth even eating a small amount. In fact, my husband and I ate at a restaurant Sunday, ate gorgonzola mac n cheese and I am still sick! I used to eat it all of the time, but I can’t do it anymore. My husband loves pumpkin, so I’ll have to try this out.

    • LiSA – THE SAME THING happens to me, hence why I abstain from the EVIL DAIRY!!! HA HA! So many things cause stomach issues for me, I just don’t to risk it! I mean right now my stomach is doubling over… And I didn’t even eat anything on the “don’t” list… That i am aware of! :(

      I hope you enjoy this!!! Starr was pleasantly surprised and she’s definitely a cheese eater!

  10. The blue box! I loved that blue box!

    I have to admit some skepticism that a coconut/squash/pumpkin concoction could approximate the artificially flavored salty junky nirvana of that blue box, but the recipe does indeed sound tasty!

  11. Oh I loved that blue box growing up!! Your version looks quite yummy! I’m assuming from the ingredient list it doesn’t actually taste like the blue box version though….

  12. Haha that’s funny, Johnny Depp :) This recipe sounds amazing! Definitely trying it!

  13. Haha love that last picture! This sounds delicious. I once made a Jamie Oliver mac and cheese recipe that cost $120…. no doubt it was the best mac and cheese ever.

    • STOP IT! What on earth was in that recipe?!?! Lemme guess, caviar and truffles? LOL.

      Imagine if it… Did NOT taste good?!

  14. Yeah, WTF is nutritional yeast? I have everything except this mystery ingredient at home to make me a big bowl of Johnny Depp and then some seconds, too. YUM!

  15. Yummy mac N cheese! I’ve seen pumpkin used in a few recipes like this and I think it’s so clever! I dream about food all the time. It’s actually kinda sad, haha. Usually it’s that I eat SOOO MUCH and then I wake up both happy that I ate so much and mad I ate so much, but then happy again because it was just a dream. my food fantasy would be eating anything and everything I wanted without gaining a pound or having any adverse reactions! Food Makeover: Mac N cheese (done), 3 Muskateers or any candy.

    • AH HA HA HA!!!! If it’s sad, then I must be the saddest person alive. Typically my dreams are so realistic, I wake up and have to truly think about whether or not I just ate something! BAH HA HA!!

      And your fantasy……….. Yeahhhh that’s certainly another one of mine too! 😉

  16. So- seriously- that recipe looks YUMMMY! Second- I won’t disagree with that last “dream” 😉 LOL
    I totally dream of food! That’s a given! I’ve had a great “adventure” food in my travels you should come check some of those out! 😀

  17. Ok I am going to be honest i’ll pass on the Mac and Cheese and go straight for Johnny Depp. Yay I’m not a fan of mac and cheese in any form but Johnny on the other hand can come anyway he wants and i’ll take him.

  18. Haha how do you come up with this stuff? I was laughing out loud the entire time reading it. But all and all the recipe sounds excellent and I want to try.

  19. Haha! JD…I wouldn’t mind taking a bite of him! :)
    Mac and Cheese – nah…not a big fan.
    Thanks for linking up with Tasty Tuesday today, GiGi.
    Would you link back, please?

  20. I like the way you think! I plan on joining you sledding down that cloud. We could have your Mac & Cheese after because I’m sure we would be working up a serious appetite! 😉

    • YAY! A sledding buddy!! I mean, sledding alone would just be boring – ha ha… Uhhhhhhh not necessary true with those hunks of love around the hot spring.

  21. Gigi – Great post! Question for you – do you seen restaurants using zucchini more and more as a replacement/gluten-free option? Or do you think rice and/or corn pasta will be the “go-to” replacement?

    • Hi Millac, I actually am starting to see more dining establishments use spaghetti squash (not zucchini), which is another gluten-free spaghetti replacement. I actually rarely see rice/corn pasta at restaurants unless I go to thai or a restaurant that specifically focuses on food allergies. Hopefully in the near future more restaurants will accommodate to such needs. Have you ever tried zucchini noodles before?

      • No i have not. But since I live in LA, too, I hear a lot about them. I know a restaurant called Il Moro serves them. Perhaps you would like to accompany me there for dinner one evening?

        • Hmmm well this is a very intriguing invitation, however, I don’t know how keen I am on meeting random strangers from the Internet. Sure, it may have worked for my sister, but she is an interesting breed of human.

  22. Well, While I love mac and cheese and Johnny Depp, I would love to cuddle up to Johnny Depp and eat a bowl of mac at the same time. Not necessarily making thing one in the same. Ha ha! :) Funny post!

  23. LOVE your style and sense of humor! And the recipe looks delish too. mmmmm Johnny Depp with a side of Ryan Gosling.. Yup, my day is done…

    • Why thank you Patricia!! Now I am going to fantasize about dipping Ryan Gosling in Johnny Depp’s sauce. Oh wow…. THAT came out wrong! LOL!

  24. It’s not unusual for me to chew in my sleep and then wake myself up by biting my tongue or the inside of my cheek. So I can tell you what I taste like!
    I used to eat Mac and Cheese all the time and then they changed the formula and made it a little more orange and a little less creamy and … well I hold a grudge! I haven’t had it since not even a different brand. Now to get the cookie makers to switch to blue chocolate chips and red and green filled Oreos all year long.

    • OMG what on earth do you taste like? LOL! Weirdest question I have asked all day?

      I was recently told that I talk in my sleep… And the other day I actually woke myself UP BY TALKING!! HA!

      And I am glad you hold that GRUDGE – it helps you NOT eat that nasty stuff, LOL!

  25. That actually looks really delicious BUT I think I would opt for a whole wheat pasta and then the kids would eat it too!!!! BONUS!!!!! You now owe me nothing for Christmas as this is gift enough.

    • OMG! I seriously just took care of my XMAS gift for you?!?!? My goodness, if only it were so easy with my family – ha! Alas, they do NOT read or watch my blog/vlog… So that won’t work!

  26. GENIUS idea!! I never actually saw the big deal with Johnny Depp until a couple of years ago, weird! I’d hope he doesn’t smell like mac n’ cheese though 😛

    • I would actually take a lot of OTHER actors over Johnny any day… However, he was the first who popped in my mind when making this video, LOL!

  27. I’m probably the ugliest eater in on this planet. I thank god when I can scarf down a huge messy salad by myself because I can only imagine what I must look like…. #flawless

    Can’t wait to try this recipe!

    • GIRLLLLLL I am the most disgusting eater too – I use my hands, my mouth is always open bigger than an alligator…. It’s just not sexy… Hmmmmm that actually answers a couple questions I have about myself right now, LMFAO!

  28. At times like these I wish i had. Spiralizer!!!

  29. I think I might be a bit skeptical, too – I really love Mac & Cheese (even out of the blue box) – I would have to change my mindset before tasting this but if I got to cook with you I would definitely try it!!

  30. YES – I dream about food – but not of Johnny Depp or Eric Winter – now throw in a side of Taylor Kitsch and I will be happy 😉 Till then I will console my self with a bowl of spiralized zucch mac and cheese!

    Extreme Makeover: I wish you could make a healthy – gluten-dairy free tiramisu …

    • Well thank goodness I am not battle YOU for Eric Winter or else I would be 100% screwed!!

      Oh and Extreme Makeover challenge ACCEPTED!

  31. Looks divine, Gigi, and I’d give up Johnny for a bowl, lol. I’m so over him and his fake accent! Now those two Ryans – that’s another story. They are both Canadian so I can’t possibly give them up – too yummy!
    I’m off to check out your new show :) Thanks for a great recipe!

    • I love me some Canadians, I think I need to move to Canada, think I should?

      And thank you for checking out the new show!

  32. Oh “the Ryans” — swoon :)

  33. hahaha, I love your posts. 😀 I liked Johnny Depp the best in the movie, Chocolat. :]

    I need to try making this! All I need is the zucchini! Unless I ran out of nutritional yeast. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen that since I moved. ;_; Noooo! I shall obtain it once more.

  34. Hmm… I wonder if I could trick my kids into eating this!? They already call nutritional yeast “sprinkle cheese.” Hee hee hee… I’m evil, aren’t it?

  35. Pumpkin-creative! That Al Roker pic is hilarious

  36. Hellooo what?? Do you actually think I’d publicly share my fantasy 😉 ?! Keep dreaming. Oh and while you’re at it ship me a bowl of Johnny Depp, ‘kay? Thanks.
    Actually, I just prepped lunch for the next two days using the vegan kabocha ‘cheese’ sauce I’ve been meaning to post on my blog for … ever. This one’s similar, though, and, oh hey, you’d be able to eat it, too, I think?

    Wait … that’d mean I succeeded in my secret plan of creating at least one GiGi-friendly recipe months ago without even noticing??! That calls for a celebratory bowl of Johnny Depp ‘n’ cheese 😀 . With piles of nutritional yeast on top.

    • OH SNAP!!! YOUR SAUCE = GIGI ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!! WHAT UP!!! I LOVE LOVE – adding cauliflower is totally genius, makes it even thicker :) I actually wanted to use butternut squash but I got too lazy (aka, I didn’t want to steam/roast any!)

      I will be dancing in a bowl of Johnny to celebrate your sauce!

  37. This looks so good. Make me this, with ALL THE NOOCH!

  38. Based on the award show, Johnny might have spiked his!!! :)

    I dream that I can eat anything I want since I have lived my life not being able to do that, not even when I was younger like some of the lucky ones… Always had weight issues that had to be controlled. :)

  39. We’re not even going to talk about Johnny Deep showing his drunkness at the awards LMAO. But the Al Roker photo.. priceless girl. Loved this post

  40. Blue box mac n cheese might be my number one comfort food ever. No matter how delicious Mr. Depp is, Ill always have a soft spot for the Kraft. A big soft floppy noodle spot.

  41. I’m interested as to what Johnny Depp tastes like so… maybe I should try this?

  42. So I seemed to have rekindled my love for cheese lately but I’m still a fan of nutritional yeast- can’t get over how similar to cheese it tastes!! And duh I dream about food- isn’t that what breakfast is for??

    • I remember when I ate breakfast I would always go to bed EVEN MORE EXCITED than I do now because I knew that in the AM I would be eating some DELICIOUSNESS to start the day! 😀 😀

  43. This looks amazing. I used to kill a whole box of Kraft dinner aka Kraft Mac n Cheese. To think I was a fit kid until college blows my mind with the way I ate!

    • OMG SAME CASSIE, SAME!!!! Prior to my stomach problems… OH MY GOODNESS – my diet was HORRIFIC!!! It’s crazy! This is probably why my stomach got turned UPSIDE DOWN! ha!

  44. Kraft Dinner was the first meal I learned to make and I ate it ALL THE TIME. For years. I stopped maybe 10 years ago, but I think there would be something very comforting about it (if it weren’t for the stomach aches :P)
    I could see myself trying this meal but there’s no way I could fool myself into thinking it’s a version of macaroni and cheese 😀

    • Ah ha ha! It’s true, if you’re a true “Krafter” then…. You will notice it’s not exactly the same, but it is TASTY! 😉

  45. Ha! Thank you for making me laugh! Now I think I’ll forever associate a bowl of Mac N Cheese with Johnny Depp….Not that that is ever a bad thing.

    • AH HA HA! I LOVE THAT! I love associating FOOD with celebrities… I forever associate Kale and Angelina Jolie… And Artichokes with Justin Timberlake. AH HA! 😉 — Yes, I have made these comparisons in the past!

  46. I never thought Johnny Depp would taste like mac n cheese (actually, I never actually imagined what he would taste like at all!) but this sounds plausible! I never thought about adding pumpkin to mac n cheese either but I will have to try it now :)

  47. omg I did not know who Eric Winter was, but THANK YOU for the introduction

  48. YUM! (To both the noodles AND Johnny Depp)

  49. Eh hem, where is this frozen cloud, and how do I buy tickets?
    Johnny Depp Paleo Mac & Cheese… sounds like a win to me. Pinning to my Paleo board :)

  50. Lmao your images always make me laugh – For someone with such a restricted diet, you are a little piggie GiGI 😛 Hmph see, there you go LYING AGAIN! That’s NOT Mac N Cheese – IT HAS TO HAVE AT LEAST TWO KINDS OF CHEESES! Nope – I will never give up cheese, NEVER!! Nom Nom Nom – Now I want some cheddar :'( Hope you have a great one GiGI! Happy Hump Day -Iva

    • HUSH HUSH! You need to just come over and I need to feed you so I can convince you that the things I am posting are tasty! LOL!

  51. Ok here’s my fantasy, WARING may contain fast moving and beautiful part’s. I want a 2015 grey
    Z06 Corvette and be driving aimlessly through the USA, without a care in the world. I have dreamt about food and woke up with food in the bed OOPPS No comment on Johnny Dip sorry. Ahh nutritional yeast is good for you and full of nutrient’s, I’m so smart. Please post your recipe on that new Vegan site HINT HINT
    Thanks lady’s :)

  52. I will totally take it if it tastes like JD – seriously I have to try this out cuz I’m a big M&C fan!!! Love you Gigi!!


  53. I am so interested in trying this, it looks so different but delicious!

    • I hope you do try it and let me know what you think! Make a huge pot and then you can eat it every hour on the hour and not feel guilty, ha ha!

  54. MMM! That recipe looks tasty!

  55. What a brilliant freefrom recipe and definitely better than Johnny Depp…but it would be a close call for Matthew Mcconaughey!

    • Mmmmmm Matthew Mcconaugheyyyyyyy – I need to grill me a steak… That’s what I think he would taste like! LOL! He wouldn’t be vegan in my mind!

  56. Looks amazing!!! But I would give up Mac-n Cheese forever for a taste of Johnny Depp!

  57. Wow, now this is my kind of mac and cheese. The boxed stuff is gross! Although in our favor, we do give our kids the organic kind (no food dye) but my husband says even the smell of it makes his stomach curdle.
    Not so with this Johnny Depp tasty delight.
    I fantasize a lot about just being a bit cooler and more successful than I am…

  58. This looks so good! To be honest I was wondering about nutritional yeast too! You’re so funny….I actually can’t think of any famous guys that I find ridiculously hot anymore!

  59. Really creative! Much better than the blue box stuff (which is horrid, IMO). But does it taste like Johnny Depp? I dunno, never thought about that before, but somehow I’d have imagined him as a meatier dish. 😉

  60. Oooh yea I definitely dream about food! haha. I NEED a spiralizer in my life ASAP!

  61. Oh, I never would have thought to make “Mac and Cheese” with zucchini noodles!! Brilliant. I love that you can make a “comfort food” so healthy. Oh, and that pic of Al Roker is priceless! Ha.

  62. Oh man I’m a huge Mac and cheese fan too! Love using zoodles for it! #wowlinkup

  63. I’m afraid I’d have to pick Johnny over even vegan Mac and cheese, but I will say this would be a close second. Sounds yummy!

  64. i want this!! and i’ve probably become a very unattractive eater as i eat in two seconds these days lol

  65. You two are ADORABLE! And I love that we both posted a super healthy mac and cheese recipe that uses pumpkin this week! Love it :) I love that you used zucchini noodles too! Yummmm!

  66. Haha your posts always make me laugh. I love me some mac and cheese!

  67. Adorable video!! And what an awesome new take on mac & cheese!! Who knew you could make it….WITHOUT the cheese! :)
    Thanks for the giggle!

    • RIGHT?!?!?! I definitely had to RESEARCH what could possibly taste like “cheese” that’s NOT cheese! Challenge, ACCEPTED! 😉

  68. HOLY YUM BATMAN!!! This sounds absolutely amazing! Mac and Cheese is one of my go-to comfort foods, so this sounds an epic healthy alternative!! LOVE!

    • YES!!!!! Mix this with the blue box at first if you cannot quite get yourself off of it, and then eventually you can make the FULL SWITCH! 😉

  69. Recipe looks very good! I pinned it! I dream about preparing plates in like huge buffets and I never actually eat in the dream….wtf?

  70. LOL your video made me laugh then your mac and ‘cheese’ made me drool 😀
    I am experiencing an emotional overload right now!

    Choc Chip Uru

  71. Huge Johnny fans over here. Yep we are on a first name basis :)

    Oh yes we dream of food :) We dream of making new recipes and then eating them !

  72. It’s the week for mac! You’re is healthier than mine… next time I’ll got for some nooch too. But this… this was a treat-worthy cooking adventure. Ha!

  73. Mac and cheese by my grandmother is awesome. My friend’s son actually feels the blue box mac and cheese is the only REAL mac and cheese so when he eats homemade … he hates it and says it isn’t real. Oh my word. I recently discovered zoodles and love it. Haven’t thought to use it in a version of mac and cheese but this looks interesting. #wowlinkup

  74. This is so awesome. I would have never in a million years thought of making this, but it does honestly and truly look really good. Thank you for sharing it along with the really neat video.

    • THANK YOU Crystal!!!!!!! :) This comment makes me so very happy and motivates me to finish editing this Tuesday’s video… RIGHT NOW! 😉 Perhaps after a bowl of Johnny Depp! LOL!

  75. Gotta try this Johnny Depp thing! It’s the Yumminess’ face. I just need to buy a spiralizer, I guess. It should be that easy.

  76. This looks awesome and it’s VEGAN!! So simple too, which you know I’m all about! I have a confession to make though….once I saw that picture of Eric, I kind of stopped reading and lost my train of thought. Oh my Gosh, he is so fine. Seriously, like ridiculously gorgeous. The first time I saw him was in some silly Christmas movie with Alyssa Milano I think.
    You are hilarious too with your pervy description, LOL!

    Oh and love your picture on the right sidebar in your pink…gorgeous HOT woman, you!!

    • I love making vegan recipes because I think about both you and Britt when I make them!!! 😀 😀 😀

      AND It is completely okay to ignore the rest of the post once you see Eric Winter.. I mean, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… But is he vegan? Could you take a bite out of him? LOL!

  77. I LOVE zoodles and have never thought about making them into mac and cheese! I’ll have to give this a try – especially because it’s dairy free :) Thanks again for joining my link party!

  78. I do not dream about food, but I do dream about hot men! :) I’d rather dream of hot men than food any day of the week…LOL! I have never used nutritional yeast. I do Zoodles though, but I need to purchase a spiralizer. I borrowed my client’s and it was so much more fun to eat sweet potatoes and zucchini.

  79. Thanks for sharing on! Love reading your posts!

    I imagine Johnny Depp would taste good in anything…… but if it was my choice he’d be dipped in Nutella!

  80. Even my 11 year old daughter is obsessed with Johnny Depp!! ha ha and Jack Johnson. She has good taste what can I say?

  81. vegetarianmamma (Cindy) says:

    Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays Party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :) I can’t wait to see what you share next time!

  82. Looks good but I don’t think it will be eaten at Thanksgiving dinner. I might try it for me and the hubby. #wowlinkup

  83. That sounds delicious! I haven’t used my spiralizer nearly enough! (as in almost never…)

    • BAH A HA! I barely use mine either SHHHHHHHHH – so when my friend wanted to make a Mac & Cheese – I was like F YES! LOL!

  84. Oh my gosh, I love everything about this! Especially Ryan Gosling (especially in his Crazy Stupid Love era) and Reynolds and them feeding me mac&cheese sounds awesome. Mmm i miss the blue box, that was always my fave growing up but this sounds great! I need to work with nutitional yeast a little more because I don’t love the flavor but I bet it’s great mixed with the pumpkin! Can’t wait to try it!


      Let me know what you think when you try this! :)

  85. I recently started sharing recipes on The Jenny Evolution and thought it would be terrific to have a group on FB where we can share our recipes not just with other bloggers but with people who are searching out recipes. That said, I’m launching a Food Blogger group! If we work together we can make this a great outlet for all of us. If you’d like to join, visit me here

  86. Loving the title of this recipe and your quirky take on all things tasty celebrity. If only all things tasted and looked as good as Mr Depp 😉

  87. Um…I’m obsessed with your blog. You have the best recipes and posts. This Mac N’ Cheese recipe looks delicious! What a great idea :)


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