Stuff Everything But The Kitchen Sink, In Your Mouth

GiGi Eats Celebrities has opened the door to a Narnia-like domain for myself (and perhaps all of you as well, when you stop by).


I have conducted much sorcery in this sphere of mine…

GiGi he he he he

I mean, have you seen…

This pie that will make you cream

Or these HEALTHY Oreos

What about these MEAT BAGELS?

In my dimension, I’ve accomplished…


Just to name a few…

Co-piloting a commercial flight alongside Denzel Washington

Throwing jabs at Kevin James in an MMA fight…

Singing alongside Henry Winkler

Choking on chicken with Giada De Laurentiis

And the never-ending list of things I have attained thanks to living in Giarnia (that is what I will call my little universe [GiGi Eats Celebrities + Narnia for all you who don’t quite get it], not to be confused with giardia), contains so many experiences I couldn’t be more thankful for and pleasantly overwhelmed by


AND… It has also, in fact, introduced me to all of you who come join me week after week.

Recently though, another mystical event occurred in my realm that goes beyond surreal.

A food enchantress appeared in my kitchen, ready to conjure up ambrosia.

This sustenance seductress…?

Blissful Britt


This is Britt’s vegetable come-hither dance…

Brittany’s magnificent vegetable intellect mixed with my love for throwing absurd food combinations together… Led us to create…


It’s both 100% Vegan and Paleo!

Check out this uncanny Thanksgiving-inspired creation!


We would have eaten the kitchen sink too… However, we are both clean freaks and really wanted be able to clean up after our food fight recipe was constructed. 


In order to get to the bottom… Of the sink…? Check out the latest GiGi (and Brittany) Eats! 

Stuff yourself with these ingredients… 

Get stuffed

  • Go watch the video for the step by step on how to STUFF IT.
  • Okay, you’re still not going to watch right now but want to know… FINE, I’ll tell you.
  • Grab a pairing knife and quarter your brussels sprouts. Spread them out on a broiling pan and roast in the oven for about 15 minutes.
  • As the sprouts roast, chop asparagus up and throw them on the broiling pan with the asparagus, about 7 minutes after you stuck the brussels sprouts in.
  • Take the brussels sprouts and asparagus out of the oven, and place the halved acorn squash in the oven, along with the onion.
  • Let roast for about 15 minutes, until fork tender.
  • After you take the squash and onion out of the oven, combine the asparagus, brussels sprouts, and onion into a bowl and add the coconut flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, oregano and garlic. Coat evenly and then fill each acorn squash cavity with the concoction (you will have some left over, which you can do what you want with it), and put back in the oven for about 5 minutes.
  • Snack on the mixture that didn’t make the cut to get stuffed, as you wait.
  • When the squash halves are done, they should be lightly browned. Let cool for a few minutes, season with salt and pepper if you’d like, or make it sweet and add stevia or erythritol!



  • What was the latest wizardry that you conducted in the kitchen?
  • Have you ever met fellow bloggers?
  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?
  • Has your blog (if you have one) opened doors for you? If so, what did these doors lead to?
  • What kind of stuffing are you a fan of?
  • Do you read Brittany’s blog?
  • When was the last time you were “stuffed”? Yep. I went there! HA HA HA!



Waste Not, Want Not


  1. I need more “vegetable come-hither” dancing in my life!! And this recipe definitely sounds AWESOME-Sauce as per usual!

    • Ah ha ha! Brittany may be able to help you with that dance 😉 She’s a professional!

    • Can Brittany come hither to mine and dance away in my kitchen? We will be ohh soo frateful…Stufful and We will let her dance in it too, she can have the kitchen sink if she pleases…You crack me up GiGi Girlll! I love your recipes…Mind You I am a very much a Meat girl and Veggie is my late night snack… :)

      Are you n Periscope. We must Connect!

      • I am on Periscope but I barely use it, I know, I know, I must get more involved! Ha Ha! I just make so many videos on YouTube that I am like “do people really want to see more of me?” LOL!!! I am not even sure how I share a link to my periscope page with you!

        Oh and PS: I am VERY MUCH A MEAT GIRL myself… But since Britt’s not….. I was the one who had to accommodate on this recipe 😉

  2. This looks so delicious!! I love the asparagus on top!

  3. whatttt i’m having such blogger chick envy over here that you two hung out! gah. you both need to come to NYC and visit me! i love Britt’s blog — she’s my long lost bff from across the country.

  4. I think I’d love living in Giarnia land AND I’m totally making these for Thanksgiving! I love any kind of squash and since I’m going to Mexico a few weeks after turkey day, I’d rather load up on this than stuffing! Thanks girl!

    • YES! This will help you keep that taut bikini body… As opposed to the traditional stuffing recipe that leaves you just feeling STUFFFFFFEDDDD! ha ha! For weeksss! LOL

  5. I’m totally on board with this creation! A couple of days ago I made an acorn squash, sweet potato, onion, celery cabbage, etc mixed meal that was delish!

    I have yet to meet another blogger. Florida is too far from all y’all I guess.

    • I had a feeling you might like this one Dr. J. I don’t think salmon would be the best in this recipe if animal protein were included though, LOL!

      And there are some foodie/fitness bloggers in FL! You’re not off the hook – ha ah!

  6. I’m still sad that there wasn’t a blender involved haha

  7. That looks amazing! I wish my kids would eat something like this!

  8. Haha – “Giarnia” sounds like a dream – especially if you wanna get stuffed! I’m speaking of food of course!
    I am so intrigued by the spice filled and sweet veggie stuffing! It sounds so much better than the potato toffee fiasco in my kitchen!

    My blog has introduced me to some pretty cool peoples – some I’ve been so lucky to have met, and some I haven’t yet

    • I’ll STUFF YOU if you weren’t talking about food 😉

      And um. I would in fact REALLY like to meet you – so … Come visit Los Angeles, will you??

  9. Gigi this is genius! This is not just for thanksgiving, I’d eat this for lunch or dinner any time!!! YUM!

  10. Can we just stop for a moment to appreciate they you used the word cavity? HAHAHAHA!

    Love the coconut flour idea… this may have to go down later. Cavity and all.

    • BAH AH HA AH AH AH! It took me a minute… I wrote so many words up there, and I didn’t remember using the word CAVITY LMFAO!!! But I see it now and now I am going to use it far more often because I know YOU seem to be TURNED ON by it! 😉

  11. I have a squash that needs to be cooked. I also have brussle sprouts, yum!

  12. Wow this stuffing sounds amazing. Okay I am going to try it you have twisted my arm. well ok maybe not maybe I just like to eat.

  13. Instead of everything but the kitchen sink, you should make a big batch that fits in the kitchen sink and then we can just dive in!

  14. Looks delish & love that you met virtually – at least I have met you!!! :) Our pic together is still one of my favorite pics!

    I hate to say that blogging has not done much for me but I am technically challenged. I need to hire you to help me! Have to win lotto first! :)


    • I LOVE that I have met you too and we still need to meet up again, life is nuts though as you can attest to! But we will make it happen soon enough :) Perhaps before the end of the year???

      And PS: you know I would help you with any and everything free of charge !

  15. Sweet! Now come back to hang out :)

  16. I absolutely detest stuffing, I don’t understand it and I won’t eat it. But a stuffed squash, that’s hell to the yeah!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!! What do you hate about it? I have actually NEVER had stuffing before in my life… Thanks to all the crap I cannot eat that’s in it – This squash though… It’s “stuffed” with “stuffing” – but it’s not stuffing if you don’t want it to be! LOL

  17. Awesome encouragement towards healthy eating! Now I want to go cook some brussel sprouts. Yuummm.

  18. Well your CRAZY recipe invention…looks really awesome. Gimme a bit! Yes I have met many fellow bloggers and just attended my first food blogger conference. It is awesome fellow food obsessed people.

    • I LOVE blogger conferences because you’re in a realm with so many like-minded people… No one looks at you like you’re crazy obsessed, because they’re equally into everything you love too! 😉

  19. Well this was GREAT so happy to see you both on here. I’m not a blogger I just follow three. My only kitchen magic has been the microwave not much good cooking going on right now. I can’t say the last time I’ve had stuffing been a while but corn bread was always good. I like you creation I would just hit it with a little hot sauce. Both of you be safe and have a great time :)

  20. Gigi! I did not know you were part of this group!! How great! This recipe looks great. I love Brussels anything! Love it as an idea for thanksgiving!

  21. Love this, great recipe with lots of whole ingredients and hemp seeds, my fave! :-)

  22. This week’s sorcery does sound good!! Although no sorcery can keep me away from a package of Oreo’s I confess. All the same, these veggies would balance things nicely.
    As for meeting other bloggers, I’m glad to have met you!

    • You could crumble up some oreos and put it in this recipe??

      And the oreos I am talking about are the HEALTHY oreos I recreated a few months ago…….

      Okay, nope. No oreo, regardless of the recipe would taste good in this stuffing recipe, so I guess the kitchen sink and oreos are both NOT included! lol

      • Heh, yes, healthy Oreo or unhealthy one I’d keep them out of the veggies;)
        I really do like the sounds of this dish though, especially since it is finally actually chilly enough here to merit some hot food!

  23. Nom nom — this recipe looks phenomenal!! I’m pinning it now to try this weekend.

  24. I am actually not a fan of stuffing, but this I think I would like.

    • I’m not much of a stuffing person either, but this could either serve as a stuffing or just an awesome, veggie-packed side dish! :) I think you’ll like it!

  25. I am all over squash these past few weeks yum! One day I might have to fly out just to cook with you

  26. I should have picked up those clearance acorn squashes from Fresh & Easy while I had the chance! Haha.
    You should have made Britt do her vegetable come-hither dance at Spitz!! 😛

    • OMG I should have, bah ha ha ah! She would have gotten an extra plate of veggies ON THE HOUSE with those moves 😉 And maybe even some garbonzos!

      Were you dreaming about it that evening? HA HA!! PS: let me know when/if you’re ever in Hollywood again! Would love to take you to some more delicious restaurants!

      • All I can say is I’m glad there is more than one Spitz because they serve some seriously good food, haha! And I will most definitely be taking you up on that offer ;D

  27. Oh you guys and your sassy stuffing sorcery! The most magical thing that’s happened in my kitchen was some coconut flour pancakes on a Monday morning. Better than Turkish Delight!
    This stuffing sounds divine! I don’t think I will be able to wait until Thanksgiving to try it!

  28. Stop in from Bloggers Corner and had a vegan marshmallow. sure was good.
    Coffee is on

  29. I’m totally jealous of you right now!! Looks like you had a fantastic time creating yet another amazing recipe! I must get to a blogging conference soon so I can meet all of these amazing ladies!! So excited to check out Brittany’s blog too!!

    • Brittany is amazing – you will be addicted the second you set eyes on her blog and read what she has to say. I fear promoting her only because everyone is going to want to be her bestie! LOL

  30. I don’t have any recipes that involve baked stuffed squash. I really like the idea of this recipe because I often fight with squash, when using it in recipes, having to both scoop out the seeds and peel it too. Here you just scoop out the seeds, bake it a bit, stuff it, then cook it and eat it. Genius!! Thanks. Bye bye stupid squash peeling…..

    • I am surprised you don’t have any stuffed squash recipes!! I am SHOCKED actually! ha. I hear you though, I am constantly fighting with squash too – Knife fights. I typically win 😉

  31. I love stuffing of any kind, especially if you throw in some nuts. Wow, think about that one!! :) I usually call it dressing though 😉

  32. This is my kind of meal! I’m all about throwing all the food in my fridge into a pan a cooking it up (or stuffing it into something!). We call them trash bowls at my apartment and they are the bomb. But I seriously need to try this stuffed squash. It sounds amazingly delicious!

    • The funny thing is… This “bowl” is not even full of trash! It’s all AMAZING healthy foods, so it’s hard to call it “garbage disposal” stuffing. LOL!! Like when I describe my eating habits to people I say I am a human garbage disposal but I NEVER EVER eat garbage! lol!

  33. Yum, yum, yum! This is a great recipe that I am definitely trying. I love acorn squash.

  34. WOW! This looks AMAZING!! Seriously, YUM!….and so healthy! I love it! Great recipe! Thanks for sharing :)

  35. Rocio Chavez says:

    Yes, yes, yes – I need more veggies in my life and will definitely help – dance and all 😉

  36. I just saw this on Facebook and it certainly did give me that come hither look or glare or whatever.
    I think it looks great.
    I had breakfast at a pie bar today (not my idea and not GiGi approved). You’ll be happy to know I choose a vegetable-laden quiche and savory yogurt and granola instead.

  37. The kitchen sink is so hard to digest, don’t you think? Glad you decided not to include it. 😉 This is such a fun –and tasty! recipe. Very creative — thanks.

  38. You are a big ball of energy I am always so excited when I read your blog post

  39. I’m not vegan and don’t like a lot of these ingredients, so I probably wouldn’t make this. However, I will be passing it on to my vegan friend would would absolutely love it. I enjoyed reading your post, though, as you’re carefree, energetic and make reading your posts so exciting!

    • Aw thanks Ashley! I totally understand some foods aren’t for everyone! 😉 I hate mangos and corn and potatoes, but others love them – ha ha! Thank you for sharing with your friend though, I know she’ll love it!

      AND – THANK YOU for coming to visit my blog too, it means the world to me!

  40. Okay, I have to confess–I hardly ever cook! But this blog was so much fun, I’ll be reading it all the time. And trying the stuffing. I think maybe even I can do it!

    • Um, you just completely made my day Susan. You don’t have to cook anything, you just coming to say hi every week is the best news ever! :)

  41. That stuffing sounds so tasty! i am not a fan of traditional stuffing at all and have never been that big on food at big holidays like thanksgiving and christmas. Maybe I will just have to try this recipe this year! Last time I was stuffed: right now (well not too stuffed, but quite full!). My long nights of studying always allow me to convince myself that I need “brain fuel” ha! I have never met fellow bloggers in real life -I’m still kind of a newbie though so hopefully it will happen in the future!!!

    • THIS would be the PERFECT recipe to chow down on for BRAIN FUEL!! (What did you fill yourself up with though?)

      As for meeting bloggers – COME visit LA 😛 I will def welcome you with an OPEN MOUTH…… Excuse me, arms! ha ha ah! I am always thinking about food! 😉

  42. Looks delicious!

  43. Oookay, next time I seriously want an invitation to that kitchen witch party – I’ve met other bloggers but clearly have yet to me YOU :)! Like Brittany, there are lots of foods I eat but you don’t and vice versa yet this is the most delicious compromise. Plus, I’ve never had stuffing and going through a phase of crazy hunger so this would be perfect to stuff me up ;).

    • HA HA! Are you… PMSing??? HA HA HA! Typically when I am CRAZY hungry… I am hormonal. But wait, I am ALWAYS crazy hungry so um, maybe I am ALWAYS hormonal? LMFAO!

  44. Totally making this! Sounds so good. Also – I’m with you girls about morning time + grocery shopping + Thanksgiving (the BEST!) You both are adorable and I loved this video :)

    • I just saw a grocery store was going out of business – 60% + off STORE WIDE. Everything must go…. Uhhhhhh I got more excited than a 6 year old on their birthday! LMFAO! And yes, I bought everything!

  45. OMG haha you are seriously hilarious! This sounds delicious BTW can’t wait to try it out! all my love xo C

  46. Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing on the Healthy Living Link Party.

  47. so cute !!lovely post!
    there’s a giveaway on my blog if you are interested:

  48. I LOVE that you and Britt made this video together!!! Your creation looks fabulous…love all the veggies!!!! Your Narnia picture cracked me up too, lol!!!

    • Another Britt + GiGi video is coming in about two weeks!!!!

      And I won’t lie to you, I was pretty proud of that photo shop 😉

  49. Mmmm on that stuffing!!!
    And yes, I’ve met fellow bloggers before at FitBloggin’ and it was so SO special. Loved meeting virtual friends in real. I hope I get to meet you one day too!

    • Wait, were YOU at FitBloggin’ in Denver? I presented at that FitBloggin’ and I actually just got invited to talk at 2016’s FitBloggin’ too!!!! 😀 You should be going to that one, YES you should 😉

  50. My favorite stuffing is tamale stuffing made with tamales-duh- and cornbread. And raisins. Don’t forget those. My second favorite is dried out Pepperidge Farm stuffing that my dad made every year. The extra crispy dry parts on the edges were my fave. Yes, I have met other bloggers. In fact, we just had a happy hour tonight and i am so stuffed I feel like I ate stuffing.

    • WHOA! That’s an interestingly AWESOME stuffing idea! The tamales that is… I am not so ob board with the Pepperidge Farm one 😉 ha ha ha! I do love crispy parts though – tee he he he!

      And YUM!! What did you stuff yourself with at this happy hour?

  51. Hubby are wanting to eat healthier. We just feel stuck. This might be a great starter recipe

  52. So….this video was epic. YAY for stuffed squash!

    • Ha Ha! Epic huh? Well mission complete… And hold your hat cause Britt will be back in another video in 2 weeks! 😛

  53. That is one unique, yet delicious looking stuffing! My personal favorite is my mama’s stuffing – nothing compares. I’ve never had the opportunity to meet any other bloggers in person yet – you totally should have come to Charlotte when you were in SC! Doing this blog thing has opened more windows than doors for me. I’ve entered a whole new world that I never knew existed and made so many new friends – even if I’ve never met them. Accomplishments? I’m going to go with my family and my criminal defense trials. Those are areas that I feel like I really made a difference. Happy Weekend, GiGi!

    • I’m sorry I didn’t visit but the trip was not on my schedule so I didn’t really have any say! Womp Womp.
      And I am curious, what’s in your mom’s stuffing because I have heard from multiple sources that… My DAD’S STUFFING is the best thing on the face of the planet.

  54. OMG, that Narnia pic of you is hilarious!! This recipe is so awesome and I’m going to make it for a vegetarian dinner one night. Have to admit, I love brussels sprouts so pretty psyched right now that I have a new recipe for them :)

    • Okay so that Narnia picture… I am pretty proud of that photo shop skill 😉

      And definitely make this stuffing whenever you’d like – I am curious to hear how you like it!!

  55. Looks delicious and SO unique Gigi! I would love to have a meet up with other bloggers, but haven’t had the chance yet. My blog has become a source of peace, pride, and happiness for me. It’s opened doors to confidence, guidance, and so much more. Never stopping!

    • Aw I loveeeee that your blog has opened the doors to your confidence! That is the best thing you could ever ever ever ask for!

  56. Your posts always crack me up :) Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board.

  57. Oh dear GOD, how have I not yet commented on this post!? I watched the video (twice) and read it DAYSSS ago, but clearly forgot to leave a bit of love.



  58. OMG!!!! “I don’t eat anything that poops!” Ahahahaha that seriously killed me. That will now be forever the way I explain my dietary preference. Thank you for introducing us to Brittany =D
    On a more serious note, this recipe sounds awesome sauce! I love the fall veggies combo. I’m loving seeing all of these awesome things at the market right now and you guys took all the best things and put them together.
    “Have you ever met fellow bloggers?”
    Yes! This is one of my most favourite things to do =) I try to meet fellow bloggers whenever possible and I would love to meet you next time in the SoCal area =D

    • I ADORE meeting fellow bloggers too, and in fact… Some of my best friends are people I met ON LINE! The Food Pervert – the girl I went to Taiwan with… She and I met on line, ha ha! This 10 years ago or even 5 years ago would have sounded sketchy but now… It’s the norm!

  59. One of the latest one I want to share is that when you scale fish do it underwater in the sink so it does not fly everywhere :)

  60. Fun, fun, fun – as usual, you’ve inspired me to try a new dish and have a blast at the same time1 😀 Thanks for sharing with us at #TryaBiteTuesday, pinning and sharing! Hope to see you again this week!

  61. YES! I need some good asparagus ideas. SUZ! She is great. Also, I’ve been working my falliday recipe magic trying to create some new family tradition foods for the holidays. Love you in flannel btw.

  62. Lol not answering your stuffed question. :) I think blogging has opened my eyes which has led me to make different choices. I’m too lazy to use it to open doors because my focus is everywhere at once not just blogging. I’m ADD like that. :) Have a great one GiGi! -iva

    • Girl, I am super ADD too, but I was able to focus on this blo… Ah ha ha! And my mind just went somewhere naughty – LMFAO.

  63. Hi GiGi,
    You have made my Thanksgiving menu planning so much easier! With delectable ingredients like these who can resist your stuffing.I am delighted that you shared this wonderful healthy and delicious Everything But the Kitchen Sink Stuffing recipe with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop.I appreciate it and I’m so glad you are partying with us. I’m pinning and sharing this gem!

  64. This video/post makes me SO HAPPY! Two of my fave girls in one place, sharing an awesome recipe and having a good time. Not only am I jealous of your delicious creation, I’m jealous you ladies got to hang out. So. Fun. My fave Thanksgiving side dish is good ole, carby stuffing made with bread, onions, celery, and apples- my mom’s specialty <3 Baby better move outta the way so I can fit in all the T-Day food, haha

    • I have never had the “good ol” stuffing before 😮

      And um, this video is just preparing you for the video coming NEXT week… Cause Brittany is BACK! 😛

  65. Hi! Thanks for linking up to last week’s Tasty Tuesday linky! I have pinned your recipe to the Creative K’s Tasty Tuesday Pinterest board. I hope you’ll join us again tomorrow!

  66. Oh I am so into this! I love everything you added especially the sprouts!

  67. Hi GIGi,
    Love your faces they always make me laugh. Love your kitchen sink recipes too. Pinned & twitted.

  68. Cannot express how delighted I was with the Narnia references 😉 This sounds awesome, I’ve only recently discovered how great Brussel sprouts are and I’m making up for lost time!

    • He he! Oh Narnia! It’s everyone’s escape from reality! 😛
      And it’s funny how EVERYONE HATES B. Sprouts when they’re younger, but the second you learn HOW TO cook them, they’re the best thing ever!

  69. Hi GiGi,
    I too love a healthy, hearty vegg-filled stuffing so am delighted that you shared your marvelous everything but the kitchen sink stuffing with us on the Plant-based Potluck Party. I appreciate it and I’m so glad you are partying with us. I’m pinning and sharing this!

  70. Hi GiGi,
    First time visitor to your site (thanks for stopping by mine). You sure are full of energy! That stuffing looks great! Q’s… Crock pot was my last adventure in the kitchen. Food blogging has introduced me to more people in the industry, especially other bloggers. I am always delighted to meet someone I’ve been following online and I’ve met most on my “most wanted” list (in SD at least)! I was last stuffed at a Yelp event. So. Much. Food.

  71. I loooooooooooove veggies!! Nothing to do with dieting, I simply love the taste. So let’s party together :)