Tote-ally Fashionable For The Summer

Do you have a lot of baggage?

Eva Longoria with Suitcases

Ha! I bet you thought I was talking about…


This kind of baggage…

Regardless of the type of baggage I am referencing, having a lot of it can be really OBNOXIOUS!!!!!!!

Vine Street Market USA Bag Commercial Do you see the **** staring at me! Thanks for the HELP ****nugget!

Well guess what? Because I don’t want you to throw the watermelon you just purchased at someone… Out of frustration that your un-truthworthy reusable bag decided to FAIL worse than John Travolta when it comes to pronouncing names… (heyyyyy run-on sentence!)

I am GIVING AWAY a bag you can count on… A bag that is not only sturdy and large enough to hold TWO whole 6 pound chickens… But a bag that is also ADORABLE and FASHIONABLE! (I bet if LeAnn Rimes had one she wouldn’t have as much BAGGAGE in her life!)


(below are a few of the MANY type of bags offered by Vine Street Market!)

GiGi Dubois models Vine Street Market Bags



GiGi Dubois modeling Vine Street MarketBLACK, VEGAN SUEDE LARGE TOTE

Tote… books, shoes, sunscreen, hats, your computer… a kangaroo… Whatever you want! Vine Street Market bags are up for any carrying CHALLENGE! 

Don’t believe me? Well check out the commercial that… Yours truly falls over in… Ha Ha!

So which of these fine satchels am I giving away? The star of the commercial but of course:

Vine Street Market Gold ToteYOU KNOW YOU WANT IT… So why not ENTER to WIN below!! If you don’t… I will throw that watermelon at you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • What essentials do you carry in your purse/murse (man-purse because I know you carry them dudes!)?! 
  • Have you ever had a terrible bag ripping experience? DO TELL!
  • Who would you like to throw a watermelon at?
  • Guess who’s BIRTHDAY IS IN JUNE??
  • If you were to hide in one of Eva Longoria‘s bags… Where would you hope she were traveling to?
  • Are you a carry-on or checked baggage kind of person?

Love Vine Street Market USA*Giveaway runs until June 10th! 

PS: Dudes – you can totally enter…. These bags are always great as gifts!


  1. I’d carry ALL of the groceries and things!

  2. UM
    is it wrong ID TOTE BEEEF JERKY in my VEGAN TOTE?!


  3. The totes are adorable! I can see myself using this at the beach this summer– sunscreen, sunglasses, a good book!

    • Right! These bags are perfect!! :) Are you looking forward to reading something in particular this summer?!

  4. I love these totes Gigi…I never head to the market without my own bags. The possibilities are endless for carrying all kinds of cool things in these totes, most likely though stuff for the kids and the pool :)

    • EXACTLY! :) You can tote stuff for the pool, food, small animals, the options are endless!! HA HA. One day we can go shopping and tote our bags together!

  5. I HATE carrying on a ton of shit for a plane ride, so I will check my bags if I have a lot. I also hate paying for a checked bag though, soooo…if it’s a short trip I will bring a carry-on. I haven’t gone on a short trip in a while though. NEXT UP: LA to visit YOU HOE BAG! After you visit Seattle though I think? I would want to go to Ireland with Eva, but then leave her because she seems too prissy for my kind of company. Nice, but prissy. I don’t care about makeup and fashion sooo she and I would NOT be besties! I do loveee that these are vegan friendly bags (booya) but I have WAY TOO MANY bags as it is, so I’ll leave this prize for another. Plus the only bags I carry are hiking backpacks, and my one day adventure over the shoulder tiny bag.

    • I think I should discuss designing a BACKPACK with Vine Street Market! OH SNAPPPPAROOOOO you just inspired me. Then again, YOU ALWAYS INSPIRE MEEEEEEEEE! And you know what? I am totally going to zip myself up in one of Eva’s other bags, so we can hang out under the plane as we fly to Ireland… And then we can both ditch her, after she gets us a sweet hotel room……. The adventures BEGIN! lol!

  6. I am pretty sure one has to pout and throw a duck face in order to qualify for this bag. By the way, I understand no suedes were hurt in the making of the totes.

    • DUCK FACE IT UP BABY!!!! 😉

      And you’re correct, animal friendly bags right here! Cows will even want to tote them! ha ha ah!

  7. I want that last picture blown up and hung over my non-existent mantel please. You werk that runway you bag lady!

  8. These bags are supercute! And the stripey one you are giving away is perfect for summer. Oh man, the list of people I would love to throw a watermelon at is long but can i start with politicians in Washington, DC? 😀 And Eva Longoria… is she still alive?

    • OMG YES! I wasn’t even thinking about politicians!!!!!!!!! But NOW I AM… I have to buy lots and lots of watermelons now! LOL!!!

  9. You are JUST too cute!!! I carry way too much around with me , so a big bag is key!

    • YES! What are your bag essentials?! My problem is if I carry too big of a bag, I tend to throw more and more in it, and then… I can NEVER FIND ANYTHING I am looking for! LOL!

  10. I’d tote around my work out stuff in the bag!

  11. I love how big these bags are! I always forget to bring reusable bags into the supermarket but I’m pretty sure I could remember to keep this one in the car!

    Also super cute for farmer’s markets… I’d look WAY cooler than I am toting this around with fresh flower sticking out of it!

    • YAY! Enter, Enter – you will look totally adorable at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market – wait hold up, we should totally goooooo this weekend?!?!?! :)

  12. groceries!

  13. I used to walk blocks in San Francisco from Safeway to my apt. and it was like the best workout ever, until the bag would break and I’d be trying to balance a case of Dasani under my arm and everything else stuffed into my purse so I’d love this tote. It’s perfect for the grocery store and lol about the baggage and US mag cover.


    • OMG this reminds me of college! I used to do the same thing, and forgo the bus! And then my bags would break… I wonder why.. Ahem, I would purchase 6 packs of sparkling water and spaghetti squashes – no big deal, lol… You and I are BAG FAIL twins… Well, until you get a Vine Street Market Bag! :)

  14. Wouldn’t it make a great beach bag?

  15. Hot pics! And I love this video, so funny 😉 Hope I win a bag so I can prevent a TJ’s spill like this one!

  16. I carry keys, moolah a bit o makeup, nail file and stuff! I’ve had a terrible pant ripping experience and I’d throw a watermelon (if I could lift it) at our prime minister. (Is that treason?) Happy Birthday, Gigi, when are we going to see you in a comedy movie?

    Oh and Eva can cart me to Spain or Ireland or someplace tropical. :)

    • OMGGG I want to hear more about this pant-ripping experience AHH HA HA HA H AHA HA! 😉

      And oh Colleen, soon, soon – I just have so many comedy movie deals lined up! lol.

      Booking flight to Spain, right now!

  17. Cute bags I am a hazard to the environment and I never have my own bags. I could carry all kinds of crap in these babies.

  18. Def would take my tote to the farmers market to be so basic b**** like that :) xo

  19. we have a shit ton of resuable bags in the trunk of both cars and they’re sturdy and can hold a lot. i love them!!

    Vodka and Soda

    • Girl, you and me both!!!! I was actually told my car is a “wreck” because of the explosion of re-useable bags I have… Why I was offended, I am not sure! LOL!

  20. Des! Des’ birthday is in June! Friday the 13th, actually. The big TWO. I’d carry him in the bag. Oh, if only. He’s so big now.
    You look extra adorable with those bags. I don’t know if I could pull them off quite the same way. Maybe I need a cute puppy or kitten peeking out?

    • OMG!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DES!!!!!!!! 😀 Friday the 13th though huh? You know what? I find that day to be a GOOD LUCK DAY!!! 😀

      And you could totally have your pup popping out of the bag! lol

  21. Ok those boot’s are out of control, in fact the whole outfit is smoking !!! :) I don’t have a carry around bag but do need a new gym bag. I have the what’s to be expected amount of baggage, I can most times carry everything on the plane. One of my dream vacations would be a month at the Seychelles Islands. Gee I’m really not sure who’s birthday is this month, send some clues and see if we can guess.
    I think Vladimir Putin need’s a few watermelons thrown his way for being so rude.

    • Seychelles! OOOO I would love to go there too! I have so many places I need to travel to, ugh! I need to get on that and cross some things off my list!

      And you really don’t know who’s birthday is this month 😉

  22. LOVE your commercial & you!!!

    Can I say that I would pass on to the stepdaughter – she has her own business here in southern CA & could really use this PLUS her bday is coming up soon!

    • You certainly could pass this on to your step daughter if you win!!! :) I have a feeling she’d LOVE IT!!

  23. I’d love this as an every-day carry-it-all type of tote bag! So cute.

  24. I would tote everything in my tote! Loving the commercial 😉

    • And you can literally tote EVERYTHING in this tote! 😉 Well, I guess maybe NOT a lawn mower! lol

  25. I would definitely tote my running shoes with me in my bag! And a change of clothes. And some protein. And my water bottle. And…and…and… :)

  26. I would put your commercial in my bag, because it was funny

  27. I am one of those people who WILL get all the groceries from the car into the house in one trip, even if it kills me… so a BIG bag like this would be perfect for my massive grocery haul. Fresh fruits and veggies are heavy!

    • OMG you and I are the same person! I ALWAYS DO JUST ONE TRIP and let me tell you, it’s the biggest struggle of my life! LOL!!!!! The struggle is real 😉

      Spaghetti Squash are NOT LIGHT!! Agreed!

  28. LOVE that bag – the yellow stripes – F yes!! I’d tote wine and snacks to girl’s night, I’d tote my produce from the market and I’d tote gym clothes to work!

  29. I’m going to come back to LA and grab you to put in my bag so I can tote you around!! Sound good? 😀

    • OMG for a split second I thought you were telling me that you were really coming back to visit!!!!!! If you really would, I would drag BRITTANY down here too!!

  30. I am 100% a checked baggage gal. I hate hate hate wheeling all my ‘baggage’ around. Instead I’m happy to just pass it right along and worry about it at another point. Hah!

    Oh and I hope Ms. Longoria takes a trip to Tahiti. ahhh…paradise!

    • Girl, I was like you for awhile, but now I just cannot fathom spending $25 to check my bag… That $25 could go to a delish meal at the destination I am traveling to 😉

  31. I have a total obsession with bags and have way more than I would ever need, but hey, it is nice to have one in every color, right?! I pretty much carry around everything in my purse and it usually weighs about a ton, but I would feel so lost without it! My husband loves my big purse because he likes to sneak snacks into the movie theater in it! I hate having a bunch of crap to carry around in the airport, so I’m definitely a checked baggage kind of girl, except that these days it costs an arm and a leg to check anything!

    • OMG do me a favor and go weigh your purse right now and report back! My brother’s girlfriend’s purse is about 15 pounds, no joke, and I think that’s the heaviest I have ever felt! I want to know yours! LOL!!

  32. These totes are perfect! I would love to have one for a carry on when traveling.

  33. i’m with carla, i kinda want to hide my beef in the vegan tote.

    • LMFAO! Right?! I totally would too… That and salmon 😉 Cuz you know I cannot completely cheat on Mr. Sammy the Salmon!

  34. Swim stuff and outdoor workout stuff!

  35. Very nice commercial, GiGi!

    I’ve had the falling apart green bag experience too, but never had Mr. or Miss Fix-a-lot come to the rescue.

    My bank, TD has given me a very good tote that has not fallen apart, yet.

    I carry a credit card, driver’s licence, and sunglasses into the store.

    • If I saw your bag rip and you falling over… I might giggle at first but I would definitely come over to help you! ha ha ah! 😉

  36. I love these bags! And I seriously love this post. So funny! I would definitely use it for groceries!! I walk to and from the store, so I need a good, reliable reusable bag that can hold everything for the entire walk home!! :)

    • Aw thanks Lyndsay!!!! I hope you winnnnnnn – A reliable bag is just as good as a reliable MAN! 😉

  37. Haha! Love the questions above. I carry TOO MUCH STUFF around and need a bigger bag!

    If I were in Eva Langoria’s bag, I would hope she was traveling to Bora Bora, or maybe even The Maldives – but do I have to hang with her the whole time? Or at all? 😉

    • Oh no, you can TOTE-ALLY (ha! See what I did there)… DITCH HER! You’re just USING HER to get where you want. Oh wait, that sounds a lot like Hollywood – she’d be used to it! LMFAO!

  38. I have a purse that weights 10 pounds WITHOUT ANYTHING IN IT! I can skip “arm” day at the gym when I’ve been toting that beast around. I think I’d put a blender in Vine Street MArket Bag– it’s smoothie season and you never know where the mood will strike

    • OMFG 10 pounds?!?!?!?! WHAT IS THIS PURSE OF YOURS MADE OF!?!?!?!?

      And it would be HYSTERICAL if I ever saw someone whip a blender out of their purse/bag! OMG I would probably fall in love with them – guy or girl, whatever! AH HA HA!

  39. I love all of those bags and I especially love how BIG they are! I already carry way too much stuff with me wherever I go, but these bags would make it easier to carry even more stuff! Yay!

  40. I don’t have a lot of baggage… but I DO have a lot of food. All of which miiiiiight fit in this big ass bag. Obv I need to win it. You should just shut down the giveaway and GIVE IT HERE!

  41. Hi GiGi, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award!! You so totally deserve it :) I absolutely adore what you are doing here on your blog and totally love returing to it to catch up :) Have fun writing 7 random facts about yourself and keep up all the amazingness! Anoushé xoxo

  42. Oww girl I love that parking lot, HEY West Hollywood <3 haha you are so my fav

  43. I’m bag obsessed! Grocery shopping, farmer’s market, traveling. Pretty much any time I need a tote :)

  44. Gimme gimme gimme gimme :) I’m tiiiiiiiired and need a bag to help me recover. Don’t you look cute modeling! Take Care GiGi! -Iva

    • HOPEFULLY RaffleCOPTER works in your FAVORRRRRRRR lady!! :) I hope you’re doing well. Haven’t heard any updates from you as of late… Should I assume NO NEWS is GOOD NEWS?!

  45. TBH I would never (ever) go grocery shopping with a tote bag. I mean, I’m a dude after all… 😉
    But I’m pretty sure GF would love one of those, sooooo if you’re willing to rig the results in my favor, in return I’ll come to LA and cook for you. Deal? 😉

  46. What about my 70 lb shepherd???
    Or wait the little one at 40 lbs would love to be totted around like a princess.

    • I think little miss Oakley would LOVEEEEEEEE to be your purse dog! LMFAO – just imagine how JACKED your arms would be!

  47. My wife would love this. She could carry our small children in it…um ignore that comment child safety service official person.

    • LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing Child Service People don’t read my blog, or else, you’d be in trouble! LOL!

  48. What or WHO would be in my tote?

    Hmm…yoga mats obviously! I love these totes; they look amazing and cool and perfect for the everyday Yogi.


    You are so much fun ^^

    • These bags really would be phenomenal for yoga mats, etc!!!! :) And yes, my birthday is this JUNE! June 26th to be exact!!!!!!

  49. I would tote beach/lake gear!

  50. I would tote everything in that tote!! It’s so cute!

  51. Love this tote! And love all the different styles available. Cute commercial, GiGi! lol. Amazing transformation, ha!
    I’d like to go to Monaco with Eva cos I think she really knows how to party on a yacht! I’d love to throw a watermelon at Justin Bieber – he’s such an embarrassment to Canada! lol
    I’m a checked baggage person because, even though I travel a lot, I haven’t learned how to go anywhere with less than 5 pairs of shoes!

    • MONACO – ooooooooooo I hope you don’t mind but I am going to JAM myself in the same suitcase as you… Cause I want to go too! Bring a deck of cards, it will be fun! LOL!!!!!

  52. I know who’s birthday is in June!!! My daughters! :) I can’t believe she’ll be 11 on Friday!

  53. This looks like an awesome beach bag, for mama ;), the kiddo gets his own that can be filled with with sand and toys!

  54. Really funny! Most interesting giveaway post, ever. Love your stuff — thanks.

  55. I always have a water bottle with me in whatever bag I’m carrying. I literally feel lost when I don’t. Oh and moisturizer.
    I actually had a bag ripping incident last week but it wasn’t too horrible. The zip on my go-to gym/everything else tote bag busted at the bus stop cuz I tried to fit way too much stuff in it as usual -_-
    Not embarrassing, but super inconvenient :(

    • Inconvenient is WORST than embarrassing for sure! And I really need to take a page from your book! I need to carry around water with me at all times but I never DO!!

  56. I always love visiting your site! You never cease to crack me up :) Sorry that no one helped you with your spill-you’re too cute not to be helped. Looks like an awesome, useful giveaway! #wowlinkup

    • Aw thank you Catherine, that makes me so happy to hear that :) And don’t worry about the MEAN MEAN MEAN people in LA… I’ll get over it and just use my AWESOME Vine Street Market bag to get me through my grocery shopping, lol!

  57. I would definitely fill at least half my tote bag with protein bars and peanut butter packets – you just never know when the hunger monster will strike! 😛

  58. I would oh so tote Dwayne Johnson in my back. I been working on my weight lifting and he would be the perfect pick-me-up. :-)

    • OMG you’re not the only one!!! I have a friend who is OBSESSED WITH HIM… So you may have to fight her over him! 😉

  59. Shashi @ RunninSrilankan(dot)com says:

    Wow – they hold up to 60 lbs!!! I could sneak my newfie mix pup all over with me if I had one of these!
    I love your print and video ad, GiGi!!!

  60. Ahhh a couple of weeks ago (when I was packing to move) I thought a reusable free tote that I got from a travel agency was a reliable bag… until it broke! Sucks, I have like a gazillion reusable totes (let’s say I had, I left them in PR) soo I’m a lover, and a conscious nature lover 😀

    Carry on? Yes! Baggage? yes! I use both, because why not?

    • AH HA! I have had many FAILS with reusable bags… It actually happened just yesterday!! I give them far too much credit and then they RIPPPPPP! lol

  61. I was shocked that I didn’t already follow you on twitter and pinterest! How’d that happen?!?!

    I always carry around tons of stuff, three bags just to come to work. It would be nice to put it all in one big gorgeous bag!

    • WHAT ON EARTH! Well, I am going to follow you right on back if I don’t already! It’s hard to catch up with social media! BAH!!

  62. I love that the strap is long enough to carry cross-body! It looks prefect for taking to the Farmers Market.
    I try to stick with a carry-on only for most trips (who wants to pay the extra baggage fee!) :)

    • It really is the best farmer’s market bag, EVER :)

      And I couldn’t agree more – NO BAGGAGE FEES for me! I’d rather spend that on FOOD! lol!

  63. These bags are so cute! I love them! I am definitely entering the giveaway! :)

  64. Adorable bags!

  65. I trot around everything from dance clothes to head shots to make-up and books in my bag-I need a big one!!

  66. Fun post, great bag

  67. I would tote my clothes from a shopping spree if I were to win the lottery, otherwise groceries!

  68. That vegan fur one is cute. Once I was in a TJMaxx petting something, a coat collar maybe (I can’t remember, I was traumatized), and I looked at the tag and it was DEAD RABBITS. Ahhhhh!
    Thanks for sharing with Let’s Get Real (co-hosting this week).

    • OH NO! NO NO NO! Dead Rabbit?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!? I would be to scarred to go into a TJ MAXX ever again!

  69. High 5 on June birthdays- mine was on Wednesday :D! I’m definitely more of a checked in baggage kinda girl- serious over-packer right hurrr ;)!

  70. Oh GiGi – You have me laughing as usual……….which is a bit strange because I’m sitting at my desk at work. People have to be wondering about me. I love bags and I hate carrying watermelons. Thanks for sharing this great give-away with all of our Let’s Get Real readers. They are going to love it as much as I do.

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha! I would LOVE to see people’s reactions around you 😉 I love laughing so hard and no one knows what I am laughing about, lol!

  71. your commercial makes me laugh, I’ve watched it a few times now 😛

  72. Oh fun post! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts, please do link back or add my badge if you can! Thanks x

  73. These bags look amazing and I really like your commercial!

  74. Cool bag, I can see myself carry all my books and notebooks in it!

  75. My husband recently dropped an entire gallon of chocolate milk at the grocery store checkout.
    1) He’s a grown man buying a gallon of chocolate milk.
    2) It went EVERYWHERE.
    He wasn’t even the slightest bit embarrassed! Men are weird …

    • LMFAO!!! I wouldn’t have been embarrassed either, I would have felt a little bad is all, HA HA! And I would have laughed really loudly 😉

  76. I haven’t had one break on my yet, but they are really needed. I hate to see plastic bags flying around in the air. Visiting from the #wowlinkup

  77. Darlene Carbajal says:

    Probably groceries. :)

  78. I’d tote my farmer’s market goodies.

  79. What a great bag to take to the grocery store! Thanks for linking up with us at the Be.You.Tiful Link Party! We hope to see you again!

  80. Dericka Buckels says:

    I would probably tote accessories, my wallet, and groceries.

  81. Sky Evans says:

    I’d tote my books!

    • YES!!! It would definitely be good for that! I could see college and high school students toting their school books in these bags for sure! :)

  82. Heather Howard says:

    You are the bomb so cute and funny…. I would love this bag I have 3 small kids I have any and everthing in my bag from Spider-man undies to nail polish in my it weights a good 8 pounds lol Thanks so much for the Chance to win this awesome bag

  83. Throw a watermelon at me?!?! Ouch that would hurt! :) I have always wanted a tote, and you make it look so cool….yes, you really do……I am definitely not cool, so neeed you to rub off some of it towards my way :) YAY birthdays, what cake will you have? :)

  84. I prefer to go bagless but i know i need one to hold things so it would hold my wallet and lip balm as well as sunscreen.

    • I would love to go bagless but I bring WAY TOO MUCH STUFF with me, even when it’s NOT necessary, AT ALL! ha ha ha!

  85. Hi GiGi,
    These vegan bags look great. I would definitely love to carry them since I love to carry big bags. I admit that life would be simpler if I didn’t carry such a heavy load all of the time. I usually toss in my wallet, iPhone, iPad, iPod, keys and some magazines to read. Thank you for sharing these chic Vine Street Market bags with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party!

    • OMG so many things in your bag! ALL iPods/Pads/Etc! ha ha ha! Love it though, we all need to stay connected somehow! 😉