Calorie-Free Punishment

Want to play a game…

[I was totally going to insert a photo of that CREEPY ASS CHARACTER from the movie SAW but I just can’t… It gives me the WILLIES! If you want to know what I am talking about, CLICK HERE]

Any who… One of the below photos… Is not quite like the other…

Exhibit A:
Chris Hemsworth

Exhibit B:

Ryan Kwanten

Exhibit: C: 

Arman Liew

Why yes, immediately you will notice Exhibit C has dark brown/black hair and piercing blue eyes… But otherwise, it’s hard to tell the difference between all three of these Australian beef cakes.

Give up?

Well… Exhibit C is the only one who passed the excruciatingly hard entrance exams (think Men in Black) in order to be welcomed into the headquarters that is… GiGi Eats Celebrities.

GiGi and Arman cheers Walden Farms Zero Calorie Maple Syrup and Ranch Dressing

If you do not already know who Exhibit C is, then you have most certainly been living on a deserted island off the coast of Papua New Guinea (do tell me how that experience was!), and haven’t yet read People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” edition… 

Okay, well no, he wasn’t in this year’s issue (maybe next year?) however, you can see him all over and of course, his blog, The Big Man’s World!  

Peeps! It’s Arman!

Arman in the GiGi Eats Headquarters

Arman flew AROUND THE WORLD to visit ME….. Okay, well, maybe not JUST ME, but whatever, I am going to pretend this is the case… Someone has to blow smoke up my ass!

Any who…

Want to see what Arman and I decided to get ourselves into?!

Arman of the big man's world and GiGi eats celebrities are not fans of Walden Farms Maple Syrup

Well then check out the latest GiGi Eats… It’s calorie-free (?), pretty sticky… And kind of sweet… With a bad aftertaste…

So Tell Me…

  • Do you read The Big Man’s World?
  • Did you know Australia doesn’t allow high fructose corn syrup?
  • Have you ever tried Walden Farms’ products? Thoughts?
  • Would you like to try Punishment Frosting?
  • Have you ever met Arman… Or any fellow blogger for that matter?
  • Do you agree with Chris Hemsworth being People’s Sexiest Man Alive?
  • Forget Walden Farms…. I would much prefer some organic sports nutrition supplements that are ALL NATURAL!

Arman of the Big Man's World samples Walden Farms Peanut Butter with GiGi DuboisBonus Question: WTF IS THAT?!?!

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  1. OMG! Hahaha! I did NOT picture Arman to sound like that, hahahahahaha! I love it! Tall dark and handsome 😉
    Waldon Farms is DISGUSTING! Chemicals, additives, preservatives, and scary scary things! I laugh when I see people eating that crap thinking it “fits their macros” or saves calories, or something of the sort!

    • Ha Ha! Well then you must have been laughing at Arman and I because we SUFFERED THROUGH eating some of these things! YIKES – NOTTTTTTTT OKAY! I would rather jump head first into a tub of Jif. LOL!

  2. So….when I first read this I thought the Walden Farm’s was the brand from Target and was all “yes, I’ve tried that – I try everything Target has to offer!” But then I realized that brand is Archer Farms or something.

    During that video I just kept wondering why I don’t have a cool Australian accent. Life isn’t fair!

    • Right?!?!?! Life just isn’t fair – however an Aussie (not Arman) heard me talk the other day and he told me I had an awesome accent, BAH HA HA HA! Um…. No! 😉

  3. Yes – I do read and enjoy Arman’s recipes and other quirks on The Big Man’s World – glad to see him in your kitchen, and lurrve that boy’s accent!
    I haven’t tried Walden Farms’ products – but I have bought them for my mom – who actually likes and prefers that pancake syrup over other sugar free syrups she has tried!
    But I will definitely pass on that Punishment Frosting – though it sure would be interesting to see the cake Arman whips up for his sis with it!

    • Ha Ha! Each to their own, I mean, everyone’s taste buds are different and if you prefer it, go for it! 😉

      And I really hope Arman whips up this cake… I kind of think he HAS TO NOW!

  4. first off…he’s adorable!! Secondly – I am not sure I’d even want to try that. Not up my alley but hey…whatever floats your boat! :)

    • We tried them FOR YOU – so you didn’t have to put yourself through the torture ha ha ha!! 😉 And isn’t he the cutest thing EVER! The accent just HELPS!

  5. Dude….this is horrific. EVERYTHING in this video. Are you kidding!?! This makes me ashamed of America, for real. You know I’m all about the real stuff and this is just…SCARY AS FACK. Aside from that, I have been waiting for this video allllll mmmyyyyy liffeee. “Frosting that tastes like punishment.” “Splenda in hair gel form.” <—best ever. YES I'VE MET A FEW BLOGGERS…AHEM. Let's move to AUS!

    • Everything in the video is horrific huh? Are you saying Arman and I are horrific?! LOL!!!!!

      And doesn’t Arman have the best lines EVER!!! So common now, this video ain’t ALL horrific! LOL!

  6. Stephanie Keeping says:

    I haven’t heard of them before. I need to check them out.

  7. I just died 19 times. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard Armie’s voice. SWOON.

    • First time?!?!?!? I could have bet $1000 that you and he have spoken via skype or something before, because I know you and Davida are close and I know she and he are!! Ha Ha! Ohhhh the circle of blog life?! (Sing that like the Lion King please – LOL)

  8. Frosting that tastes like punishment haha dying! Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Arman talk. Have to readjust the voice I use for him in my brain now haha

    • Bah ha ha aha! So funny right?! When I picked him up from his hotel when he came to visit, I was preparing myself for what noises might come out of his mouth! LOL!

  9. How fun that you met Arman! I read his blog and love it! I have met a few other bloggers IRL and it was awesome- so weird to finally meet someone you interact with everyday!

  10. Awwww, FINALLY, Arman in a Video!!! You two are a perfect match. Haha.
    Chris Hemsworth IS the sexiest, though his brother isn’t too bad either, or Jake Gyllenhall….pretty darn sssssexy too.
    I once had Marshmallow Dip from WF and well. I have no words. It stayed in my fridge until today (I think I bought it 3 years ago).

    • Chris over his bro Liam, ANY DAY!!! Liam has some sort of Miley Cyrus disease too! LOL!!!!!

      So was this video the reason for your throwing out that marshmallow fluff today??? LOL! I assume you tossed it right before writing this comment 😉

  11. I don’t know if we have Walden Farms here in Canada or not. Apparently I am not missing anything!

  12. Hahaha love it yes walden farms is filled with too many chemicals yuck xo C

  13. Yay for Arman in a video!! I read his blog in an Australian accent, though I have to admit, his is better :-)

    • BAH HA HA HA! I won’t lie to you, I definitely read his blog in an AUSSIE accent too…. And now I can just head him in my head when I read it! LOL!

  14. YAY! Expose those chemical enhanced, 0 nutritional value food! Absolutely love this, well done GIGI!

  15. LOVED THIS. It was so cool to hear Arman’s voice! I love hearing the voices behind the blog! And who doesn’t love an Australian accent. Oh and the Walden Farms stuff…..blech. I will never eat that stuff. So chemically and processed. I’d take the real thing ANY DAY.

    • I love hearing the voices behind blogs too!! I don’t know what yours sounds like!!! Ah ha ha! 😮

      And I am right there with you – REAL FOOD FOR ME PLEASE!!

  16. YEAH to your collaboration with the big man! I read his blog posts the mine I get the newsletter! I also have already made a few of his recipes – I highly recommend them!
    I have the chemical farms, ahem, I mean Walden farms caramel syrup and it tastes veeery chemical. I rarely have it, and only worth lots of yogurt. I won’t buy it again and won’t buy any other products by them!

    You know the only blogger I’ve ever met – YOU 😉

    • AHHH!! Isn’t it awesome to meet bloggers – ahem, aren’t I just awesome? LOL!!!! I need to try some of Arman’s recipes, and you know what? I am going to be able to because I just booked a ticket to Australia for early December! :) :) :)

      And shhhh but… I kinda actually like the syrup – BAH HA HA HA HA! But I will not eat it, NO, NO I WILL NOT!

  17. Holy hotness, what a cutie! I will certainly check out his site! Thanks for perking up my Tuesday!

  18. LOVED this video!! I want to play it over and over the hear Arman’s voice!!! Y’all were cracking me up with the taste testing. Calories are good!!!

  19. So fun you guys! Oh my gosh, Arman’s voice is so… Australian!! Ha. I mean duh I know he’s from Australia, but his accent is thicker than I would have guessed, for some odd reason. Oh and these foods are so GROSS! #eatreal

  20. Ha ha, brilliant! Loved this post and video of you both GiGi! Yeah I’ve been reading Arman’s blog for quite a while now. It’s a small world, turns out he lives near to where some of my Australian cousins live….. :-)

    • That’s so funny!! It is such a small world, really! And in fact I just booked a ticket to visit Arman in early January! Maybe we shall say hello to your cousins! 😉

  21. I actually did know that about Australia! They have very strict rules about food. Which I actually think is kind of fantastic!

    • I need to move to AUS!!! And I am actually going at the end of this month/early January!!! I will take pictures of all the NON high-fructose corn syrup laden foods! ha ha ah!

  22. Probably my favorite video to date, lol. I have not ever tried any of these… I knew that ‘fat free peanut butter’ existed, but not that ‘calorie free peanut butter’ existed. So grosssss!!

    • OMG really?!?!?!?!?! YAY! I am thrilled to hear this! :) I have a feeling Arman has something to do with this, lol! That sexy accent, just does it to everyone!

      And noooo I cannot even think about that calorie-free peanut butter. Makes me gag! It’s worse than eating a sweaty sock!

  23. AHHHHH!!! So unbelievably cool. I think I need to move down under. They obviously have their food act together and priorities straight. Love you two together…..

    • I am going down under at the end of this month, I will give you the full re-cap and then we can all book our one-way tickets. Well that is if it’s LEGIT!!! 😉

  24. Walden farms has always scared me. But then again, I will use I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and Diet Coke. And sugar free jello and jams. For some reason, water based things don’t freak me out as much, and the butter spray is just salt, water, and flavor. But 0 calorie peanut butter and chocolate?
    Makes me quake in my boots.
    I’m a hypocrite, I’m ok with that.

    • OMG NEVER EVER EVER try the calorie-free peanut butter. If you’re going to try anything, just try the punishment frosting/hair gel and the pancake syrup…. I tried their ketchup once, a long time ago – GAG ME WITH A SPOON… However all of the ingredients were “normal’! It was odd.

  25. Today on the island we mixed dark rum with freshly blended coconut and pineapple, right off the trees (vines, whatever). After that, we danced under the banana trees. Cheers. 😉

  26. Aussie Aussie Aussie!!

    He suggested a shower and you passed it up??

    I’ve found some no calorie stuff like chocolate and caramel sauce which is not terrible, lol!

    The dark hair and piercing blue eyes had worked well for me, :-)

    • Oh Dr. J – you don’t know what happened when the cameras were not rolling…… A bubble bath with the two of us as we fed each other shawarma, LMFAO!!!!

  27. I love his blog. You are both hilarious.
    I totally agree that Chris hemsworth is one of the sexiest guys in the world. I definitely wouldn’t kick him out of bed!

  28. Most of those calorie free stuff is pretty bad but…sad confession: I like the pancake syrup. I know, I know.

  29. When I competed in Fitness/Figure I tried anything and everything sugar free. I was depleted and clearly unaware of how unhealthy it was. Sad, but true. I’m just glad I’m no longer ingesting that stuff! It grosses me out now.

    Chris Hemsworth, Mmmmmmm.

  30. I am so jealous that you met Arman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Believe it or not but when I saw the title of your post popping up in my Bloglovin’ feed my immediate thought was: Arman!
    Confession: I actually got Walden Farms marshmallow dip in a vegan food swap I participated in about a million years ago.I’m surprised i even taste-tested it because the scent alone made my mum think somebody wanted to poison me ;). Looking back I should have probably used it as a glue replacement because no food should go to waste. Though … are you sure you actually bought that at a supermarket not crafts or hardware store??!
    On a last note: I’ve met bloggers before but I want to meet YOU!

    • OMG you make me think about all the people who are actually eating the Marshmallow Fluff… And then think that they’re eating GLUE and what on earth it’s doing to their insides!! YIKES!

      And don’t worry about it going to WASTE – it’s not actually food 😉 – I found it in the hardware section of the store – ha ha ah!

      AND I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU TOO!!! Come to Australia Jan 8th and meet me when I visit Arman!!

  32. LOL! I love how loud you are compared to sweet Arman. Americans… we’re noisy. but this just made my day. and i love you both, but not walden farms. 😉

    • Right?!?! When I was editing this video on the plane, I couldn’t stop laughing because I noticed how flipping LOUD AND ANNOYING I am compared to him! I could barely hear him – and then I need to take the megaphone out of my mouth!

  33. running out to buy people magazine

  34. We don’t have Walden Farms up here and it looks like it’s a good thing we don’t! Aman is a doll and so is Chris Hemsworth. Your videos always make my day, Gigi – too funny!

    • :) I am THRILLED beyond belief I can make your day, means the world to me… Shall I send you a gift box full of Walden Farms to show you my love? 😉

  35. He is totes adorbs but that food?? not so much!

  36. I cannot BELIEVE Arman visited you! I read his blog on a regular basis! I also love his Australian accent. :) I had so much fun watching your guys’s’ video and thank god I never ordered anything from Walden Farms. I was thinking about it a while ago to just give it a try because, YOLO! (I hear their syrups and their Asian salad dressing are pretty good, but everything goes downhill from there).

    Once again, you put a smile on my face, Gigi. We should cook sometime. PORKBELLYHINTHINT***

    • If you came to my kitchen…… I WOULD TRY PORK BELLY – but it would need to be free ranged 😉 Or better yet… Wild Boar Belly?? My sister’s husband is going on a Wild Boar hunt in the new yearrrr! BOOK YOUR TICKET OVER HERE pronto! 😉

      I also tried Walden Farm’s Ketchup once, it has ingredients that are acceptable, but it tasted worse than… Well.. Yeah, you get it ! LOL!

  37. I had no idea Australia does not allow High Fructose syrup. I just learned something new today, but I always do since I love your blog 😉

  38. I believe in all calories all the time!!!!!

  39. Never heard of these products and from the look of it will never try them either. Well your Chris Hemsworth is a handsome man, I will go no further on the subject but Miranda Kerr is another area I have knowledge in :)

  40. This was wonderful. I told you I was thinking about doing a vlog post… this brings me even closer. Hooray Armen! But, I think he needs a beard. Yes. Amen, if you read this, work on that. Beards + beanies = NOT visually unfortunate. I had punishment stuffed peppers once. Tried some paleo recipe and it was horrible. I think the recipe was for dog food and was switched somehow. Eww.

    • YESSSS I am THRILLED I can motivate you a little more each week to FINALLY make that vlog! 😉

      I am sure Arman will see this comment but if not, I will let him know when we film out next video in Australia!!

      Do share this punishment stuffed peppers recipe… I have a few enemies… No No, I have 6 dogs that will probably love it! LOL!

  41. i always say, IF you are going to eat something, eat the REAL version…Walden is GROSS

  42. Best video yet, I swear. Two FANTASTIC people! His accent threw me off because I thought Arman might have an accent but…turns out he does! Both of your faces were hilarious. I’m glad you reviewed these products. They are NOT good! Glad I don’t want to try them myself….”Frosting that tastes like punishment.” HAHA!

    • <3 <3 <3 I LOVE YOU KAYLIN!!!! I would never in a million years feed you punishment frosting because you don't deserve it! ha ha

  43. Sounds really gross– both the “PB” and the “Ranch Dressing!” I’ve seen the Walden Farms calorie free products on the shelf and thought that they were probably full of chemicals- yikes!

    • OMG THE PB is VOMIT WORTHY!!! If someone feels like they need to throw up but can’t… The second they even look at the jar of Walden Farms PB, they’ll HURL! LOL!

  44. Interestingly, I actually did read Peoples Sexiest Man Alive edition while I was getting my nails done the other day.

  45. I started reading Big Man’s World recently and I really like his blog! Never tried Walden Farms and I do agree about Chris Hemsworth.

  46. Aw I love this video! Arman is the best! It wassss weird seeing him in a video though haha. You two are the cutest! His expressions when trying that food — woof I’m embarrassed for our country. But I’m sure you showed him all the amazing food around you though!

    And I agree with Arman, how can pb not have PEANUTS in it? What a downright lie! Not to mention pb is one of life’s most perfect foods. Don’t mess with it! Embrace the 200 calorie tablespoon!!

    • EMBRACE THE CALORIES for sure! :) I will gladly dig in to REAL FOOD as opposed to calorie free crapola!!!! However Stevia over Sugar any day of the week.

  47. Let’s see how take 2 goes.

    Boom. Snap.

  48. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! I’ve pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  49. AWESOME! Love this! Hahahaha I can’t believe those things even exist!! Hahah love the faces after trying them!

  50. It does seem like there are a lot of attractive Austrailian men around! You have a tough job my friend :)

    • I cannot wait to sink my teeth into a few in ONE MONTH!! 😉 And I have to agree – my job…. So difficult! ha ha ha!

  51. What a hottie! I do like the Aussies, lol….that’s a country I would love to visit! So fun! #wowlinkup

  52. Two awesome (attractive) bloggers come together- love it!!!!! :)

  53. Arman is adorbs!! Not a big fan of Chris Hemsworth choice…if it had to be a Chris, then I wish it had been Chris Pratt!-Ashley

  54. I WANT EXHIBIT C TO COME SEE ME!!!!! So f*@&ing jealous.

  55. I never, ever watch tv so I don’t have a clue who any of those actors are! I saw that sexiest man alive cover a week ago and had no clue who he was. He is cute though. Arman on the othe hand is adorable!!

    • BAH AH AH! I have actually never seen him act before, but since I live in LA……. And work in the entertainment industry, I do know WHO he is! LOL

  56. Hahah! I love your blog! To be honest, this is my first time here visiting and I’m hooked.

    Such a fun environment 😉 hehe!! Keep inspiring girl!


    • YES!!! I AM THRILLED to hear you’re “hooked” 😉 I post every Tuesday – so hopefully I can HOOK YOU again, lol!


  57. ahahaha! Your face in that pic. I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about. Blow it up and put it on a billboard.

    • I am in talks with an AD agency out here to post that photo on one of the billboard near downtown LA… Next to the PORN CONVENTION billboard – LOL!

  58. Hi GiGi! Arman is adorable! I did not know that high fructose corn syrup was banned in Australia. That stuff is like toxic waste, it should be banned everywhere. Yes, yes, yes! I do agree Chris Hemsworth is the sexiest man alive! 😉

  59. That accent though! Love the video :)

  60. I dig the idea of calorie free. But I also dig the idea of flavor. And peanut butter with no actual peanuts? Yuck! Fun video. But I’ll take calories, thank you. :-)

  61. Food with no calories… How is that possible!?!
    Won’t people realize it is FAKE and scary.

    • RIGHT?! I have NO IDEA HOW this is possible!!!!! I bet they have 4.99999999 calories per serving but they can say ZERO because it’s under 5! #LOOPHOLE

  62. Oh good. Exhibit C was my favorite anyway. Chris Hemsworth who? Really. I didn’t get a vote in that issue. Uncool.
    I’ve never heard of Walden Farms and I don’t think I want to try it either!

  63. Eek! Walden Farms is icccccccckkkky! I remember when I first started eating healthy and I stumbled upon this. I was so excited to find some of my favorite treats could be made calorie-free – until I tasted them. Not only totally disgusting but they probably give you cancer ON THE SPOT. Not right.

    Happy to see you and the amazing Arman take on this evil brand!!!

    • Ba ha ha ha ha aha ha! Walden Farms should rename their company to… CANCER SPOT ON. Think it would sell out? LOL!!!!!

  64. Can we revisit Exhibits A and B? They were delicious looking. Lol. I’m sorry but I didn’t even read the rest once I saw Exhibit A, jeez – that man is soo foine.. If you ever get him on here – call me first so I can fly out there. I will harass the heck out of him! He’s sexy as shiiiet :) Happy Tuesday love! -Iva

    • Bah ha ha! I completely understand and FORGIVE YOU for ignoring the rest of the post because of THOR – ha ha ha 😉

  65. I had no idea Australia was so ahead of the curve and banned High Fructose Corn Syrup. That is pretty crazy, but cool at the same time!

  66. Oh I LOVE Chris Hemsworth and agree 100% with People! I’ve only tried Walden Farms Ranch and didn’t think it was too bad, but I had NO IDEA they made all of those other things!???! The Peanut Butter sounds freaky. Seriously. Peanut Butter is not meant to be calorie free! Oh, and Marshmallow Fluff!??!? WTF.

    • OMG DO NOTTTTT ever ever ever waste your $$$$$ on the Peanut Butter – it shall sit in my fridge for the rest of my dayyyysssss because the trash won’t even accept it, LOL!

  67. I love meeting fellow bloggers! I have met quite a few and it is always so fun to see the real person behind the blog!

  68. What a cool and fun collab! You’re so funny, I’ll love to be on your show.

  69. Haha I love meeting the face behind the blog as well, what an awesome collab 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  70. How fun! I would love to try random things like this as well, even if they are yucky. You found a new fan 😀 I’ll follow your new videos!

    • Aw thanks Ronnie!!! :) I am thrilled you found me! New videos every Tuesday (or Wednesday if something comes up)… And I am always willing to RISK MY LIFE to see what foods taste like, LOL!

  71. Arman is such a cool guy, his Aussie accent is dope. And you guys look super cute together!
    But why did you feed him all of that US junk? I hope that at least you drove him to In-and-Out burger afterwards!

    • Why thanks Mike!! We are doing a round two in January — Cause I am going to AUS! :) And I got his SHAWARMA after this video… EVEN BETTER!

  72. Ahhh I love TBMW! This blogger combo is seriously amazing – flight costs aside you guys should make this a regular occurrence IMO.

    Ok I’ve never tried the Walden Farms frankenfoods but I guess if it sounds too good to be true… it probably is! And judging by the look on your faces I don’t think I’ll be trying them now 😉 I’ll stick to eating hair gel for now…

    • Ha! Well Cat, I am going to visit Arman in January so we are going to make a video # 2! :)


  73. We have been trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup. Maybe need to move to Australia.

    I’ve seen those products in the store and wondered how the heck they could produce a non-caloric food item that wasn’t celery. Never been tempted, though.

    Way to put yourself out there for us. Thanks for the review!

    • I am with you, MUST move to AUS! I am getting a little sample early next year —- I must experience NO high fructose corn syrup anywhere! :)

  74. Oh god, all that food scares me! It was so nice to hear Arman talk – he sounds just like me :)

  75. Hi GiGi,
    I am all for a little eye candy! Thank you for sharing your delightful Calorie Free Punishment post with us at the Special Holiday Edition: Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop 2014! I’m pinning and sharing your wonderful post! All the best to you! Happy Holidays!

  76. This is so exciting! I bet he did come just for you 😉 Your video was really funny, too! Thanks for sharing it with Hump Day Happenings.

    • Ha Ha! Well, regardless of him coming just for me or not, I am going to visit him in Sydney in a month…. 😀 😀

  77. Um, first off, I am a sucker for accents. Keep having Arman on.

    Walden Farms is so disgusting!! I bought it once when I was in college and trying to “diet” GAG me. I couldn’t even get it down… which is saying alot 😉 Glad that you suffered through it to let everyone know how terrible it is!

    • Ha Ha – too bad Arman actually lives in Sydney. But I am visiting him in a month, so we will at least have one more episode together :)

      Which Walden Farm’s product did you buy?! Isn’t it funny how we can totally fall for those false labels!!!

  78. Barb @ A Life in Balance says:

    Thank you for posting to Motivation Monday!

  79. HAH! I admit it!!! I tried their peanut spread stuff once. it was HORRIBLE!!!!! GROSS!!

  80. Gigi, what a fab review and wonderfully flexible face you have! LOL. That young man certainly was easy to look at and your blog post at the was cool. I’m there too. It’s the one about 3 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress and has the picture of a woman doing contortions with half her face. If you get a chance, please check it out. Thanks for being so original and funny during the year. Happy, Healthy, and Jolly New Year. Nancy A. @

    • ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!! Flexible face – that’s a new one and I LOVE IT! 😉
      Going to check out your share on Urbannaturale – RIGHT NOW!

  81. lol….thanks for sharing at Pin-Worthy Wednesday! Pinned!

  82. thanks for the eye candy 😉 Australia sure knows how to produce the fellas 😀

  83. Yes I do read Big Man’s World, how fun to see Arman in your kitchen! You two were brave to check out those calorie free foods, though I can’t imagine what was in the ‘peanut butter’!

  84. YES I read The Big Man’s World, and NO I would not like to try punishment frosting! *shiver*
    I have tried a Walden Farms salad dressing before though, and it was alright. I forget what kind it was, but we don’t get it anymore. Calorie-free anything besides water warrants the stank eye.

  85. Walden Farms “foods” remind me of “Fat Free” Half and Half. WTF is fat free half and half made of! YUCK! Thanks again Gigi for making me laugh and learn at the same time via The Weekend Social. Always happy to see you here. See you again Thursday 9:00 PM EST. :)

    • OMG YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! I never even think of dairy products anymore because I cannot eat them, but you make a valid point, what on earth – FAT FREE??? Uhhhhh 1/2 and 1/2 is supposed to be 1/2 fat! ha ah h!

  86. I’m sure Arman will be in the issue next year! Great colab! I will check his blog out!

  87. Eeeew at all of this, especially the thought of calorie-free peanut butter…just NO! I love Arman’s accent- dreamy ;)!

  88. I’ve heard a lot about Walden Farms via Instagram. I have yet to try any of their products because sugar free equals erm…leakage. I don’t have time for that. Ha! #wowlinkup

  89. I’ve been trying to convince Arman to marry me for two years. He declined. Several times. HAHAHA

    • LMFAO!!!!!! Someone told Arman to marry me because he wants to move to the US!!! ha ha ah! When I visit him in AUS I might have to propose so I can MOVE THERE!! 😉

  90. Ohhhh Walden’s….
    I must admit, I do like the pancake syrup, but that’s as far as I’ll go with their products. I tried the peanut butter stuff on a whim before and OH MY GOD I thought I was going to die. bleh. And people actually buy that?
    Honestly though, I think I’m just going to re-watch this video so that I can listen to Arman talk….

    • I need to dispose of that peanut butter crap RIGHT NOW!!! Otherwise it is going to be in my fridge for the next 10 years! LOL!

  91. OMG I’m so glad I watched this! You guys make the perfectly hilarious pair! Punishment frosting and edible hair jel FTW!!

    Also how can you NOT swoon over an Aussie accent! I would absolutely die in Austrailia!

  92. Ugh, I tried the marshmallow fluff years ago, it still haunts me. Terrible!

  93. Funny how cute men don’t fly round the world to feature in my blog (about kids, babies, poop and leaky boobs) Can’t think why!

    • Ah ha ha ha ah aha ha ha aha ha ha! Have you invited???? 😉 Perhaps George Clooney will make an appearance, I mean, I have heard he has baby on the brain!

  94. Peanut butter without peanuts lol! seriously, is this even food….I hope you guys ate some real food after that to feel alive.


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