Baring It All, Burger Style

Prepare yourself because…

I’m about to BARE IT ALL



Well that’s one way to reveal that I’ll be featured in Maxim Magazine‘s March edition. 



But not quite…


AH! That’s more like it!

BEHOLD: Some naked wild boar meat


My apologizes if you were looking for something a little more risqué

How about ground goat meat then? 


Okay I will stop making you drool (or gag if you’re vegetarian? ha!) and get to the point…  

There’s this burger joint… Called BareBurger, that truly raises the bar in the burger scene.

Vegans and vegetarians, don’t leave yet… I promise this place has something for YOU too! 

BUT SERIOUSLY… This burger joint could probably be compared to the HIPPOPOTAMUS in the Animal Kingdom because much like the hippo, this sit-down, yet “fast food” burger restaurant, that’s sprouting up all over the globe, is under-rated for its strength, yet other burger eateries better WATCH THEIR BACKS because BareBurger is taking all customer’s taste buds hostage (with their consent of course).


That being said, there is in fact one HUGE difference between BareBurger and the hippo: it is of absolutely NO DANGER TO US, the consumer. In fact, BareBurger goes out of its way to make sure that all items featured on the menu are 100% organic and non-GMO, as well as gluten and hormone-free.

On top of that, they pride themselves in offering up free-range, pasture-raised meats, that have been humanely raised (PS: to all you vegetarians and vegans out there, they offer menu items specifically for you as well!). 

So let me guess, now you’re thinking that I am actually BareBurger‘s latest spokesmodel, not Maxim’s March centerfold… 

Well, you’d be wrong again. I simply just adored the food so much… And it inspired me to make the latest GiGi Eats… Which includes WILD BOAR MEAT… Hence, why I brought it up earlier.


Look Ma, NO BUN!

Why don’t you just CLICK PLAY BELOW… You never know, I might ACTUALLY “bare it all” in the video… You’ll just have to watch and see!

The Bare Boarger Collard Wrap
Wild Board Burger Wrap 1

  • 8 ounces Ground Wild Boar (or whatever ground meat you have on hand)
  • 1 – 2 Slices of Tomato
  • 1 Handful (1/2 cup) Spinach
  • 2 tbs Guacamole 
  • 2 tbs Dill Pickle “Chips”
  • 4 large Collard Green Leaves 
  • 1 tbs Kelapo Coconut Oil*

For how to wrap it up… Head on over to KELAPO COCONUT’S BLOG! 


So Tell Me…

  • Have you ever seen a BareBurger before?
  • Are there “healthy burger joints” popping up in your neighborhood? 
  • Homemade burgers or restaurant burgers?
  • What’s your favorite type of meat?
  • What is the oddest meat you’ve ever eaten?
  • Bunless burgers: yay or nay?
  • What animal would you consider McDonald’s to be? 

*If you’re looking for more tasty recipes that include coconut oil, then check out the Kelapo Coconut Oil Blog


  1. I love the meme with the hippos and croc! I’ve never heard of BareBurger before. I will have to keep a look out for it.

  2. Hahaha! You’re a boar in bed…It’s too good. And I have actually tried wild boar before. My father was an avid hunter and outdoorsman so he did manage to score some wild boar (that rhymed!) for us one time. It was gamey, but overall I liked it!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! You are a poet – what what?! Who would have thought I could bring it out of you so early on a Tuesday!
      And lucky you about your dad being a hunter! What other meats has he brought home before?

  3. I like wild boar, but Bison is my favorite burger meat. I’ve also had camel, which was actually quite good.

  4. I’d totally be game for giving this Wild Boar Wrap a try! (Haha, GET IT?!) #iknowiamlame

    • If you think you’re “lame” – you’re TOTALLY NOT! ha ha ha! I mean, lame people would never want to try wild boar!

  5. I’ll make anything that includes guacamole and pickles in the recipe. And nudity! Wait, where is it???
    I’m a burger girl. You probably know that!

    • Oh heck yes! A wild boar burger girl though??

      GUAC FOR LIFE YO… It’s taking all of my energy not to head to my fridge with a spoon and dig into the vat of guac I have in there! LOL!

  6. The oddest meat you’ve ever eaten? Did you REALLY just type that?!

  7. That’s the way you first met Juan Pablo, wasn’t it?

    Other than the meat, your wrap looks great!!

    Always fun to visit to see what your uber-creative mind comes up with!

    • BAH HA HA HA HA HA OMG YOU REMEMBER THAT – too too too funny! 😉

      Just wait for next week’s recipe! You will LOVE IT and approve!

  8. Y.U.M.!! I have never eaten at a Bare Burger but I love eating organic non GMO foodd so totally up my alley. We are starting to get a few farm to table, organically sourced eateries which is super exciting but I would love to see more too.

    • Isn’t it exciting to see those types of restaurants sprouting up all over the place!?!?! Have you ever heard of Burger Lounge?

  9. I like boar meat but have never had it as a burger. My hubby is French and we lived in France for awhile and I had boar mostly as a sausage and it was delicious. Also as a stew was fantastic! I think burgers are a great entry meal for trying exotic meats and this looks great!

  10. Gigi, I get the biggest kick out of you! The wild boar wrap sounds and looks delicious. I have never tried wild boar before. I rarely eat my burgers in a bun or with any bread so I all for this wrap idea….I don’t think I have actually ever had a burger combo. I like a good old-fashioned burger! xo, Catherine

    • He He! I am GLAD I can get you kicking, LOL! 😉 It’s a good work out – tee he he!

      And do you have a SPROUTS market near you? If you’re curious to try wild boar, you can head to your nearest Sprouts because they sell it over there :)

  11. I’ve never heard of Bareburger before. I’m going to have to check them out!

  12. I just realized that we have a Bareburger in Columbus! YES! Five miles from my house. I will most definitely be taking a date night there :) I also want to re-create this one at home.

  13. I’m obsessed with BareBurger. I always get one wrapped in a collard green with all the toppings! NOMs for life.

  14. I’ve never heard of that restaurant, but it takes new things a loooooong, long time to get to WI. So, maybe in a few years?! I’ve never tried boar meat either, but your wrap sounds yummy.

  15. I love this concept, but I hadn’t heard of BareBurger before! I’m going to have to check them out a little more thoroughly and see if I can’t get some interesting and exciting meat for our next barbecue.

    • Yes, definitely hunt BareBurger down and get your mouth on some of their tasty offerings!! Otherwise, do a little exploring in the freezer section of your grocery store! You might find some exotic meats sitting in there 😉

  16. Amazing, a low carb burger! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  17. Gee now I know why their called sperm whales :) OMG,, back to burgers’ I can’t get enough of them. If I ever make it back to Cali I won’t know where to eat first. How many times have I said you should send in photo’s for home town hotties ???? Good bread is tough to pass I have to close my eyes when near it. Your vegetables look like their on plant steroids nothing close to that here. The pickle makes me want to go to katz’s Deli. The wrap is a definite for me tonight great idea. I think you both should audition for Supernatural :)

    • Bread is definitely a weakness for most! It used to be MY BIGGEST WEAKNESS but I haven’t had it in years upon YEARS so I don’t even remember what it’s really like anymore – lol!
      And um, yeah, I think I would be the laughing stock of Home Town Hotties – but I think I might just submit that photo I “gifted” you with… And see what happens! HA HA HA HA HA!!

  18. You are such a wild animal and love your boarger. I have had wild burgers before but not boar. Great photoshop job on the nude 😉 Weirdest meat I have eaten???? Alligator, seal.

  19. Gee your tan is a little off , how many times over four years have I said to enter the hometown hottie’s competition ???? I’m going to make this wrap tonight great idea I’ll use bison better than the orange ground beef they sell around here. The pickle makes me crave Katz;s deli oh it’s good. Glad to hear about audition how about both of you on Supernatural ? would be cool. My first post is lost in cyber land who knows.

  20. Wow, I am quite shocked with this… hehehehe, I am not a fan of burgers in general, but that made me curious.

  21. I haven’t heard of BareBurger before. Sounds intriguing! Also, I’ve eaten so many different types of meat, but haven’t ever tried boar! Now I’m curious what it tastes like!

  22. Hah hah, GiGi!! You are too funny. Love your Maxim photo shoot (I mean, PhotoShop)! :)

    • Ah ha ha ha ah ah! My sad attempt at photo shop… However, it probably looks 1/2 decent compared to the photo shop fails in magazines these days!

  23. OK – first – what a gorgeous pic! You belong on a magazine cover!!!! I would not have been surprised!!!

    I am not a red meat eater but I always love your imagination & creative posts!!! I need some creativity to wear off on me!!!!


  24. You are way more adventurous than I am! Boar meat wow! We probably can’t get any BareBurgers here but dang if I’m not going to put it on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing with the Wednesday Showcase!

  25. No healthy burger joints coming my way anytime soon. I like bunless burgers as long as there is good toppings. I love the photoshopped pic and jokes, had me laughing. Boar is not something I have tried but if I see it in the store I’d give a whirl on the grill. Take care!

  26. I actually did not know BareBurger existed until seeing it on your Insta, and now reading here that they have vegetarian options available, I need to go! Haha. I had a pretty amazing veggie burger this weekend that some would say was adulterated with cheese and mayo, but it at least it had sprouts!

    • Ah ha ha ha! Sprouts make up for the cheese and mayo! 😉
      Girl if you’re EVER in Santa Monica (which I know is probably a rarity, I mean heck, I BARELY go down there too) you need to make a point to try this place out. The Brussels Sprouts and the Sweet Potato Fries = on point!

  27. No wild boar here. However there are a lot of rabbits. Please send in the boar.

  28. Ha! Looks good and a bit messy, which can also be good.

    I don’t eat much meat, maybe three or four times a year. It’s been a long while since I was a serious carnivore.
    I do make a mean cochinita pibil at Christmas though, I think the barbequed goat I had in Haiti was one of the best meats I’ve ever had.

    • I really don’t eat too much red meat either, however, yesterday I was craving it HARD CORE so I dove right in! 😉 I had bison, wild boar & goat! HA! I guess goat isn’t really red though, it’s pink! LOL!

      What’s Cochinita Pibil?!

      • Sometimes, you just want a little meat. Well, maybe not a LITTLE….

        I have had Bison and Goat and alligator and more. Bison is a favorite though it’s one of my favorite animals too, so not sure what that says about me. Same goes for goats.

        Cochinita pibil is a slow roasted pork shoulder, marinated with achiote and slow roasted in banana leaves. It’s delicious and our traditional Christmas meal now. It’s originally Mayan from the Yucatec peninsula of Mexico. I’m Mexican so it’s OK. I put a couple pictures of our recent endeavor on my near Christmas post:

        Try it out.

        F.Y.I it is also the recipe Johnny Depp’s character orders repeatedly in Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

        • OH MYYYYYYY!!!! THAT PORK sounds legit!! And I love Mayan culture. I am all about anthropology – fun fact about me right there, ha ha ah!

          I guess I need to make this and then have a movie night and watch Once Upon A Time IN Mexico!

  29. that first photo though…bahah
    but to answer some of your questions (b/c WHY NOT), yay to lettuce wraps (reminds me of our hand rolls!), and deffffinitely homemade burger versus getting one out..really the only time I’ll eat ’em!


  30. One of my favourites have to be the Kiwi burger, eggs, avocadoes, beetroot and angus beef! my oh my

    • OMG that does sound SOOOO good! Eggs and Beef and AVOCADO! SIGN this girl up! I will be making that for lunch tomorrow, no joke :)

  31. Being the veg I am I cannot partake in the meat…but I like that the company uses humane practices! I do believe some people may need meat to be healthy so I’m all for companies that are good to their animals.

    • You’re in luck though because BareBurger has LOTS of vegetarian and vegan options! Scoot your boot on down to SM! 😉

  32. Totally intrigued by Bareburger! Lynne and I are off for a weekend trip to London in March and I googled to see if there’s one there that we might try, but they haven’t arrived in the U.K. yet unfortunately. Still, is it wrong to put a burger restaurant on your bucket list? Lol

    You should try the goat meat! I love it! It’s difficult to get here in the U.K , but when I’m holidaying it’s goat curry, goat casserole, goat bbq, goat stew, goat porridge….you get the idea 😉

    • It is most certainly NOT wrong to put a burger place on your bucket list… In fact… I think I have a few on mine too! ha ha!.

      And I tried the goat meat yesterday! It was good – I like wild boar better but I still REALLY enjoyed it! It will NOT go to waste, that’s for sure!

  33. I’m fascinated by the idea of eating boar. I wonder if my family would try it?

    Id be in in in for WiLd BoAr any time.

  35. We are burger obsessed, but veggie burgers for us now. When I did eat meat though, I loved wild boar burgers, and ostrich burgers too!

  36. pretty lady! i’m always a burger fan!

  37. I’m not a burger fan, but I love the way you put this in a collard! Good stuff!

  38. Gurrrrl, I really thought you were really going to be in Maxim’s mag, cause you are such a hottie patottie! Personally, I think you should be on the cover of Shape mag and they should do a feature on you and your healthy eating habits, along with some of your recipes. I’d buy that! Get on it girl!
    So this post got me all excited about trying a Bareburger, so I googled them and found out they began in NY. Hot dang! I just knew there would be a Boston location I could go too! No such luck. WTF? Guess I’ll be making my own Bareburger with your recipe (and love the collard green wrap!) Hells yeah!

    • Dear Shape Magazine,

      Karrie would like for me to be on the cover of your June edition … Tell your current June cover model to take a hike. Also, please make sure that I am eating something on the cover of your magazine. Because REAL GIRLS EAT.

      Celeb Eater

      BAH HA HA HA!!

  39. I will admit even though I do not do meat this burger sounded good. Can’t say if I have ever been to a healthy burger joint but I do know we have a lots of the golden arches around which I avoid unless craving a Shamrock shake.

  40. HAHAHA! You are one nut – and I so appreciate your nuttiness!
    Nope – never seen a BareBurger before! And nope – no healthy burger joints in my neck of the woods – I say you just go ahead and get that spokesperson job for BareBurger and bring ’em to North Metro Atlanta! Yeah?
    As for the “oddest meat” I’ve ever eaten – does brain count?

    • It’s odd that I am a nut…. Because I don’t eat them. Clearly that SAYING: you are what you eat – is just a crock of crap! LOL!

      And um, BRAIN DEFINITELY COUNTS… WHATTTTT did it taste like?! And who’s brain were you eating, you zombie! LOL!

  41. Okay, would love to go to BareBurger! I just yesterday saw a news clip saying that most “All Natural” foods are nothing of the sort, so it’s great that this one stands up with honesty!
    Thank you!

    • The ALL NATURAL claim really is just a crock of crap in my mind! Ugh. But people see “natural” and think AH MUST BE HEALTHY! Same with organic. Organic COOKIES are not healthy lol!

  42. Love that Photoshop job on the top photo! Very funny. Love boar, too. We’ve been seeing it in a few markets lately — such tasty stuff, isn’t it? Great wrap. Funny post. Life is good. :-)

  43. Never heard of Bareburger before. Love this!

  44. Baha! You are adorable! Loved this. I will have to check it out!

  45. Hi Gigi, you are so funny, laughed so hard, will have to try Bareburger!

    • Laughing is the best part of the day in my mind so I am thrilled I could be apart of the best part of the day for you! 😉

  46. It really is. You have to want it though, it’s a process. Day1 make the marinade. Day to marinade the pork and Day 3 cook (4hrs) and eat!

    We usually include fried plantains and pickled red onions. Because yum.

  47. I’ve never heard of Bareburger before, but I think it sounds perfect to make for my Mr. Wonderful. Love it! And your play on “bare” was pretty cute too…

  48. I’ve never heard of Bare Burger before. I’m surprised they’re in Columbus, OH, but not in Indy yet.

  49. I have never seen a boar burger wrap before although I have had wild boar meat several times in fact too many bbqs with wild boar and it tastes yummy.
    This one looks super deliciosooo and why arent you bearing all then? really not on to raise all ten testosterone bearers hormonal levels and not deliver tut tut :)

    You really do crack me up gal <3

    • Ah ha ha haaha! Well shoot, perhaps in my next post I shall TRULY bare it all 😉

      And boar is the best! I am truly hoping my sister’s husband gets more meat after his hunt next month!

  50. LOLOL you are hilarious!! I love how much fun you have with this especially that maxim shot. Dope video as always, and definitely put that burger sign on your door!


    • Never a dull moment! 😉 Life is too short NOT to have fun while doing EVERYTHING – ha ha ah! Even if it’s… Peeing? LMFAO!!!!

  51. hahaha, I love your posts. <3 I've never had boarburger before–those wraps look delicious, and oh helloooo, guacamole! <3

    • What do you like better, my blog posts or guacamole? ha ha ha ah! JUST KIDDING – you don’t have to answer that… Cause I know what you’re going to say

      (And we don’t want to offend Guacamole, right?)

  52. GiGi, your are amazing and I love your posts!! I have said that before too!! Many times:) BTW love your tan!! Coming back to burgers. I am not a big time meat eater, but time to time I love a yummy burger. And if you can make a burger so much more yummier and healthier then I can’t wait to try a BareBurger some time very soon.

    • OMG you just blew me out of my chair – ha! “amazing” huh?! Well that’s quite the honor right there 😉

      LOL my tan… SO HAWT right now.

      I cannot wait for you to try out BareBurger whenever you find one too – you won’t be disappointed!

  53. You are just too much fun! I would love to be at a party where you are at – you are a “one girl show”! I love your wild pictures too – love your personality – I don’t think I could eat wild boar – but I know my husband would love to try! Love your posts! Love your sense of humor! Keep cooking… and keep us laughing, please – I need it1

    • Girl, I dance to my own drummer even if “he’s” not playing! HA HA HA!!
      And don’t you worry, I will always KEEP COOKING – in fact, just made a new recipe for the blog today! 😛

  54. In my family we all LOVE Bareburger! I have had this burger and it’s so good!
    Thanks for joining and sharing this with us at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    We hope to see you again!

  55. Haha…this is so great. :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  56. So the spinach, guacamole and collard greens part sounds really yummy :)

  57. This summer in Maui I had an Axis Deer meat burger. This deer is only found on Maui and it was quite delicious!

    • Oh snap! A MEAT I NEED TO TRY! I guess I need to BOOK A FLIGHT to Hawaii asap… Don’t think my fiance would mind if I surprised him with a ticket too! ha ha!

  58. You sexy beast . . .since I’m an old goat, I’d totally go for the burger with or without bun. And, omg that hippo pic . . .awesome

  59. Not a big fan of red meat, or meats in general, but after this I definitely want to try it. Fantastic pictures btw, especially the first one – hilarious!!!

    • I don’t eat red meat a lot, but when I do, I always make sure it’s of the exotic variety – like wild boar! You have to at least try it once! he he!

  60. Hilarious post! Looks so delicious, by the way! Will have to try this.

  61. Oh yum! I am not familiar with Bareburger but would love to try it. I didn’t see any locations near me, but there are just a few blocks away from where I grew up in NY! BTW, nice tan line in your first photo.

  62. I’ve never heard of bare burgers before but I do clean eating so they sound awesome. I LOVE guac and lettuce wrap turkey burgers. :)

  63. So yummy! Thank you for sharing your healthy and delicious Bare Boarger Collard Wrap
    offering with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing.

  64. HAHA! I really thought that first picture was you at first until I noticed the different complexions.
    On my burger I like avocados…and eggs….and jalapenos and HEY THANKS I’M HUNGRY NOW!

    • LOL!! I tried so hard to match the skin colors but…… I gave up after a certain point, LOL!!! I was sure you’d all know it WASN’T ME! 😉 But hey, I got you for a minute!!

      I think the next time I make a burger, I am totally putting a sunny-side up egg on top for sure! YUM! I am hungry now too, and oh wait, just ate dinner LOL!

  65. Haha, I love your posts! This looks yummy & I wouldn’t have ever thought of it. Now I want one!

  66. Too funny! Love that they’re pasture-raised and use humane practices. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Savoring Saturdays linky party! Hope you’ll join us again.

  67. Sounds like a great burger. I haven’t tried boar meat before.

  68. I love Bareburger! I remember anxiously awaiting the day their Astoria location finally opened, years ago now. Will definitely have to try this :)

  69. Never tried Bareburger, but like the plant based options! Tough call on burgers, I like so many meat-free options and we have a couple of organic, healthier burger options locally now.

  70. Always love your sense of humor my friend! 😀 Thanks for sharing with us at #FoodieFriDIY – did some pinning & sharing – see you this week!

  71. I am so boring I only ever eat beef or lamb.. but bunless burgers are my thing right now! So into not having to worry about bread! I love me some burgers in homemade BBQ sauce. Like I said I’m so conventional but if it ain’t broke haha

    • Girl, that’s how I feel though! If it’s not broke, why fix it for sure! You might be “conventional” but I am totally a CREATURE OF HABIT! ha! If it tastes good, why mess??! WHY? lol

  72. I love burger and this is so innovative. Can’t wait to try this out :-)

  73. Karren Haller says:

    Thanks Gigi for sharing on the #OMHGWW. I have never eaten the “gourmet meats” you talk about, but I love a good burger!

  74. Well, that sounds like the best way to eat collards. Haha! :) I’m a burger fan, my favorite combo being buffalo topped with creamy peanut butter, banana slices, and swiss cheese. :) No bun. My hubby thinks I’m strange, but it’s delish. 😀 Thanks for sharing your burger at Savoring Saturdays! :)

    • It really is the best way to get the collards down…… Otherwise I totally wouldn’t eat them! LOL!!

      And Um…. Peanut Butter & Banana on BISON?!?!?!?!? THAT is a new one to me! HA!!!

  75. I want to bare it all with a lettuce wrapped burger 😉 Looks delicious! Love a little bacon & cheese on mine.