Will Quaker Oats Conceal or Reveal GMOs? #ConcealOrReveal

So this blog post is going to be a bit different from my typical banter… And screen shots of my odd facial expressions… Because I need to address a topic that seems to be hotly debated everywhere on the Internet these days…

Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs for short. 


If you don’t know… GMOs are plants (or organisms) in which their genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. Please… Please… Don’t click the X on this window in your browser… Thinking “I’ve ALREADY made up my mind about GMOs” or “I really don’t care”…

Just hear me out for a minute, will you?

GiGi Dubois Ah Ha

Okay, nope! It just wouldn’t be a GiGi Eats Celebrities without one of my weird facial expression. 

The reason I am writing about GMOs is to tell you that BIG companies are not giving us (you and me) a choice to decide for ourselves if we want GMOs in our foods. You see… Currently… The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require GMOs to be labeled. They have had a voluntary labeling system in place for the past 13 years that they feel is sufficient enough.

Non Gmo Green Grunge Seal Isolated On White

The problem is that under this system… Not a single company has disclosed the presence of GMO ingredients in their products. In fact, companies like PepsiCo, the parent company of Quaker Oats, has spent millions of dollars to lobby against mandatory GMO labeling. They are actually supporting a bill in congress that the “right to know” activists are calling the DARK ACT as an acronym for “Deny Americans the Right to Know”. 


Don’t you want to grab an economy bag of Lay’s Potato Chips and gulp down a 2-liter Pepsi Cola now

Frito Lay's and Pepsi Cola

Yummy. Yummy. 

Gross Water GiGi Dubois

Any who… Why is this GMO talk even important?

Although many people cite the positives of GMOs… Such as, the great promise they have in helping to feed the world’s growing population by providing bigger crop yields and creating more efficient use of land, there are also negatives that seems to be swept under the rug. For instance… There is the possibility of increase in herbicide use as well possible allergic reactions (the protein of organisms that you are allergic to may be added to an organism that you were not originally allergic too).

I certainly don’t want to break out in hives again! 

GiGi's stomach full of hives!

For me… The most important concern I have about GMOs is that their safety is uncertain. GMOs are relatively new to the food supply (started in the mid 1990’s). There is no long-term data on how GMO foods affect human health. The clinical trials that have been done were on animals (do we have the same anatomy as a pig? Um. No…) and were of short duration… Revealing mixed outcomes. In fact… The World Health Organization recently labeled the main herbicide used on GMO crops as probably carcinogenic (carcinogens cause cancer!).


All I really want… Is the option to KNOW and not to be kept in the DARK about what is in my food. Once GMO labeling is mandated by the FDA, you and I will have the right to make up our own minds about what to eat and what not to eat. I just want the ability to choose wisely. This is why I am working with Just Label It  To HELP bring the Conceal or Reveal Campaign to companies around the country. This is a grass roots movement that desperately needs your voice! The first company this campaign is focusing on is the Quaker Company.

Just Label It

Please Sign The Petition asking Quaker to support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOs (and to stop funding anti-mandatory labeling efforts.

Also… Take a minute to check out and follow… 

The Just Label It Facebook Page

The Just Label It Twitter Feed

You can also show your support by tweeting, using the hashtag #ConcealOrReveal letting our government know how you feel about the DARK act and GMO labeling! I have your back… Here are some sample tweet:

So Tell Me…

  • Thoughts on GMOs?! For them or against them? 
  • What celebrity looks a bit… Genetically Modified? 
  • Are you guilty of chowing down on those Lay’s Potato Chips? 
  • Pepsi or Coke? 
  • What are your thoughts on the US Food System in general?
  • If you’ve traveled outside of the country, in which country did you experience the most deliciously fresh foods? 
  • Who else thinks the food in the US is pretty crappy?

GiGi Dubois scared of ice cream

This post was created as a part of the JUST LABEL IT campaign in which I am a finically Labeling Advocate. The opinions are my own and based on my own experience.


  1. I try my absolute hardest to avoid GMO foods. Just like you I’ve done a ton of research on the subject and for the most part, we are chemical free. The old me still loves Dr Pepper and ice cream, but the new me limits those treats to once a month, or never! Ha! Love this article and am thankful that you are working to spread such an important message!

    • Thanks Rachel, I appreciate your support – I certainly do hope you sign the petition… And um, of course – if you do have that once a month GMO treat….. Pour that Dr. Pepper over that ice cream, LMFAO!! Okay, my bad, I probably just got you drooling for that combo a little bit… NO? just me? LOL! Xo! Thank you!

  2. Signed the petition! Stop the GMO madness!! I’m seriously so nervous about feeding Charlotte food because I don’t want anything genetically modified going near her mouth. These foods most definitely need to be labeled and I wish more companies would move towards not using them instead of doing so. ERGH.

    • Seriously, right?! What does Charlotte’s diet currently consist of?? My sister is due in about a week or so, I wonder how she will feed her little one!

  3. It’s so scary to think about GMO’s…I try to eat only naturally occurring foods, but even things like yellow squash are modified!!!! Signing!

    • EXACTLY! It’s nuts to me, beyond nuts! At least LABEL the food so we have the right to select what we want! Just like organic/conventional! Common now FDA!

  4. It all about money when it comes to GMOs. Just not right.

  5. The food standards in the US suck compared to other countries. I can’t believe the things that are allowed here! As far as GMO’s go I’m like… maybe they’re fine? BUT MAYBE THEY’RE NOT! And we won’t really know that they’re not until it’s too late! I think they should at least have to label it!

    • Oh I could NOT agree more!!!!!!! Whenever I go over seas I am in such shock at their amazing food supply… Ours is just plain CRAP!!

  6. I want the right to know what is in my food and I don’t want to eat GMO’s! I don’t think they are fine..

  7. You asked: COKE. As the ever astute Steven Colbert once said, If you are in Atlanta, drink a Coke. It’s Atlanta, it’s the law.

    • Bah ha ha ah aha ha ha! Yeah, I have heard Coke is WAYYY better than pepsi… I honestly have no idea though, haven’t had either in millions of years (yes, I am that old, LOL)

  8. Much of Hollywood look like they’re genetically modified LOL. The government tries too keep us in the DARK too much about EVERYTHING. I don’t trust a single politician.

    • Oh I don’t trust ANYONE either — ESPECIALLY living in LA, ha ha ha ah ah! And this includes when people say they have no “modified” themselves 😉

  9. Hi Gigi,
    I do love your facial expressions and they sure do make me laugh. Unfortunately GMO’s are not a laughing matter. I signed the petition and will share this post. I agree with you the whole way – we do have a right to know! I don’t what GMO’s in my food and believe it causing many health problems. Thanks for sharing all your ideas and thoughts.

    • THANK YOU for SHARING!!! It needs shared because we need all the signatures we can get! I just hope my goofy faces can only motivate people to sign the petition! ha ha! 😉

  10. I’ve known about GMOs for quite awhile (science undergrad here!) and have also been following this legislation. I’m totally with you. Modifying the DNA of anything is a science experiment and there isn’t enough documentation or time yet to determine whether they’re safe for human consumption. I DEF want to have the right to know what I’m purchasing and putting in my body and do not believe giant corporations or our govt have the right to keep us in the dark!! I know European countries are much more transparent about what’s in their food and even ban substances our FDA allows in ours! What is up with the USA dude? Great post Gigi!

    • I wish the USA would mimic European countries when it came to food issues – UGH!!! Makes me want to move over seas! 😉

  11. Just signed the petition. We have the right to know what’s in our food. They do it in Europe. Why can’t they do it here?

  12. The US and American food system is shit. I don’t understand WHY people don’t give more fucks about what they put into their suck hole.

    • No one seems to give a fuck – as long as the food tastes good… I feel like food is just used as a DRUG here in the states.

  13. I’m with you, GiGi! I want to know what’s in our food. We have the right to know what we’re ingesting! I love Quaker Oats I really hope you do what’s right.

  14. GMOs –> what a HO. ha. No really, it’s why i want to move back to NZ. wanna go?

    • I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER SAY NO! I remember when I was there (and in AUS) my mom asked me why I don’t just move there… I think she wants to get rid of me? lol

  15. Signed!

  16. That’s so true! So often we think we are allergic to things that we really aren’t and now are because somebody decided to add something that is an allergen. Yuck! Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

    • EXACTLY!!! When I was in NZ & AUS earlier this year, my stomach was the best it has felt in a long while, and I TRULY believe it is because they food is under strict regulations!!! When I was in customs they were SUPER stern when it came to bringing food into their country!

  17. No ma’am, I do NOT want to be kept in the DARK. There are scary things there. Like bad decision you made in high school, overalls you wore as a child, that one Halloween costume you should have NEVER worn…Yep. Scary things. I’m signing the petition.

    • YAY!!! I am glad you’re signing… AND OMG – what if I told you… One year for Halloween, I dressed up as a boy… And that outfit included overalls! LOL!

  18. The FDA falls short in many areas—it’s ridiculous that we don’t really know what’s in our food!

    • I could not agree more! Sure, there are ingredients labels, but those ingredients need ingredients labels!

  19. I wrote a French essay on my AP exam totally dissing GMOs! Anyways, I don’t necessarily think all US food is crappy, but we definitely have crappy US food COMPANIES. Could hack out a lot of names already but we all know what they are!

    • Holy crap! You wrote it all in French??? I am so incredibly impressed, you have absolutely NO idea! You need to teach French lessons, I would take them! 😉

  20. You have the most awesome facial expressions ever. <3

    And ahhh, hives are definitely not fun to deal with. :[ I really hope they make GMO labeling mandatory!

    Will be sharing throughout the twitter universe!

  21. Super informative post! I’m totally with you on the fact that we just don’t know the damage they could do. Maybe they’re harmless! Maybe they’re super detrimental to our health! We have no solid evidence of either yet, and unfortunately we can either continue to consume them to find out what’s the repercussions might be, or we can give people the choice to keep them out of their diets if they want!

    And the argument about how it gives us the opportunity to feed more people? If that’s the case, then why are so many people starving? #JustSayin..

    • True statement Ariana… It’s probably because GMOs are so controversial that they aren’t 100% accepted nor denied, thus they can not be used to feed starving people quite yet. Imagine the uproar that would cause. Everyone has their opinion and this is why LABELING GMOs is so important, so at least we feel some sort of control!

  22. Hey.. Em a great fan of Quaker Oats.. <3 <3 Super informative post! I’m totally with you on the fact that we just don’t know the damage they could do. Maybe they’re harmless! Maybe they’re super detrimental to our health! We have no solid evidence of either yet, and unfortunately we can either continue to consume them to find out what’s the repercussions might be, or we can give people the choice to keep them out of their diets if they want..So often we think we are allergic to things that we really aren’t and now are because somebody decided to add something that is an allergen.I agree with you the whole way – we do have a right to know! I don’t what GMO’s in my food and believe it causing many health problems. Thanks for sharing all your ideas and thoughts.These foods most definitely need to be labeled and I wish more companies would move towards not using them instead of doing so.Ha! Love this article and am thankful that you are working to spread such an important message :) :)

    • I am so glad you took the time to read and hopefully you signed the petition so we can in fact get more companies on board to label their products! I mean, everyone has their own opinion so I don’t feel like BIG companies should be all that worried – and then of course there are the people of the world who don’t even care, so since obviously BIG companies are just in it for the $$ they shouldn’t worry that they will have a dip in their sales. I wish I could say they would, but so many people just don’t care about this issue :(

      But I appreciate the fact that YOU do!

  23. Woop! We ought to know indeed, that way we can make more informed decisions. As always, it’s about money for those folks. They know they’d lose millions in cash. GMO labeling is bad for their business. Tsk tsk tsk. I signed it though! It isn’t an authentic GiGi post if there’s no silly face. :) Have a great weekend lovely! -Iva

    • Ha Ha! True statement! I couldn’t post this article without my doing a crazy face – ha ha! But hey those faces go along with the fact that it drives me NUTS that we are not given the option to eat GMOs or not!!

  24. I’ve been know to be bad about GMO’s. Now that I’m older and aware I try to eat as much healthy food as possible. Sometimes that isn’t doable, but we try and thats what important. I can’t believe that the labeling system is 13 years old. You would think they would update that system yearly. So sad to think what this country has come to. I just told my hubby the other day that we needed to move to Europe so we could get healthy. And we wonder why cancer is so big in our country. Any who, great article Gigi!! And love your faces!! :-)

    • So if you do in fact move to Europe, I do hope you have a little spare room in your suitcase because I would love to tag along! 😉 I always feel so much healthier, lighter and just overall BETTER when I am out of the US! So odd, however, it’s really not when we all take a minute to think about what is going on in our food supply!

  25. This is a great post and I am so so glad that you wrote it! I think it is too easy as a consumer to turn a blind eye to what is happening in the food industry. But, at the same time- as you pointed out- how can we do anything if we are left in the “dark”!?
    The food here in the US is pretty crappy, which sucks!
    We went to Paris a few years ago and the food was amazing!

    • People certainly turn the blind eye when it comes to food – I just think in general, NO ONE is informed… Thus no one (including the government) knows what to do!
      And yes, all food outside of the US – PERFECTION!!!! Seriously. I read comments on my blog from people who live outside of the country who are like “what is XX” and mannnnn I wish we didn’t know what some of the foods were that we all actually include in our daily diet! 😮

  26. Ummmm, ya we have the right to know. There is so much BS when it comes to food regulation in the US. I’ll never forget the first piece of chicken I got in Taiwan. It was so small and SO TASTY! No hormones or cages or corn feed, just a regular ass chicken that roamed around. Still can’t believe you broke out in hives :( I would’ve rubbed aloe on you if you needed. No big. Headed over to sign the petition!!!

    • I AM SO GLAD YOU MENTIONED TAIWAN. I HAVE SOME NEWS ABOUT TAIWAN ACTUALLY…… And I will be sharing that news in the next few weeks! 😉

      And um, WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU LAST WEEK – I would LOVEEEEEEEE for you to rub some aloe on me! 😉

  27. AMEN to crappy food in Americaaaa
    xoxo Sarah Grace, Fresh Fit N Healthy.

  28. I am so glad that you felt well in Australia and NZ, of course we have a long way to go with cleaning up the food industry too. GMO is not big here but it is probably trying to be. I avoid GMO where ever I can. Corn is one of the worst as it is in nearly everything in one form or other. So I could not agree with you more, keep up the good work.

    • Ugh, corn. I have way too many words to say about CORN. Ha Ha.
      I am glad you avoid GMO when you can, however it’s hard to even know how to avoid it right now :(

  29. The probably most-fresh food I’ve had has probably been Italy… but honestly, I think California kind of takes the cake for that one, right?

    • Ahhhh I need to get my booty on over to Italy, however, if I go… I may never ever leave!

      And Cali is OK… But not as great as you would think!

  30. thank you for the education I feel up to snuff now! I will sign the petition, we have a right to know. How hard is it to put a label on something!

  31. I am 110% for labeling the food we eat. We have the right to decide what we want to put into our bodies. It’s fine if you don’t care, but those of us who DO care, deserve to know. GREAT POST!

    • EXACTLY! I am not pointing fingers at people who don’t care, I just want those who do care to have OPTIONS, just like you!

  32. This is so scary. No wonder the increase in cancer. I think food processing is just getting more commonplace so companies can make $$$$. We shouldn’t be in the dark and do deserve to know. It’s our health after all.

    • I HATE HOW EVERYONE IS FUELED BY MONEY!!!! :( It’s depressing and you’re so right. There is definitely a correlation between cancer & what’s being added to our food supply!

    I think we have slightly different rules in canada, many of the products are labelled non-GMO. But that doesn’t mean the companies that are GMO are really saying it either.

    • Yep, the US is just completed F-ed UP! Everywhere else in the world seems to have pretty good food regulations!!

  34. When it comes to GMOs I think we have to right to know if the food we’re about to buy/consume has them.
    Then we can make an informed decision if we’ll consume a certain food or not.
    It’s about disclosure and transparency in my opinion!

    • Oh mine as well, mine as well! If you wanna eat GMOs – GO FOR IT… But for those who don’t… We want to be able to choose! ha!

  35. Monsanto is the one who creates the GMO seed. They are also the ones who create round-up and other herbicides. They claim they are going to feed the world, but in reality they are helping farmers to kill all other vegetation and pollinating insects. It has also been proven GMOs have the herbicides in the food and cause cancer. Other countries require labeling, USA should also. However, Monsanto has lobbyists in Washington and has big money to push their agenda.

  36. LOVE that you’re being an advocate for this, and thanks for increasing our awareness. This is awesome…I mean, we should be able to KNOW what’s in our food, and then individuals can make their own choices. But, not even having the option of knowing the truth is scary. And, your selfies rock the bomb diggity – you pull them off so well. My ‘silly, appalled, freaked out,’ faces are kinda a turnoff. You actually make it look hot. lol. Thanks again for sharing about this. : ) Xoxo

  37. Oh man! That’s crazy! It’s amazing how many issues there are with the food system as a whole… I feel so bad that you broke out like that and def think we should be warned if there are GMOs in our foods! Thanks for the info GiGi!

    • Seriously! I might not even be allergic to almonds and almond milk! It could be INGREDIENTS in the almond milk! 😮 — or just that specific brand! SO WEIRD to think that you can now be allergic to a specific BRAND of food!

  38. I try to always eat as natural as possible and avoid foods that could be modified but like you said, you never know sometimes. It’s scary!

  39. I completely agree with the right to know part. I am still not fully convined either way on GMO, and would like to see way more research and documentation. But till there is evidence either way, I need to KNOW what I am putting in inside of my mouth. Soda is banned in my house, as is processed food to a very large extent. But even natural food is not as natural any more, so cooking from scratch really might not mean as much as it used to in the days gone by. Sad.

    • Sadly there won’t be much more research or documentation until…. 50 + years from now, because these GMOs have only been introduced for a short period of time!! :-/

  40. It freaks me out. We need to know because.. we all are getting food allergies and intolerances. Maybe from the GMOs to begin with. I wish I knew. I honestly do read a LOT about it and I still feel ill-equipped to write intelligently about it. I’m more for organic, local, whole food as much as possible.

    • Exactly!!!!!!!!! WE ARE ALL GETTING SICK!!! Since GMOs have popped up… So many people have been coming out as gluten intolerant and what not… Connect? I THINK YES!

  41. I’m now working with two organic farms and using all their produce to make my recipes for my blog. The taste and the effects on my body are dramatic.
    I signed the petition and liked FB and followed on Twitter and will send out some tweets. Thanks for the push,GiGi. This is SO important.
    The Canadian government is now drafting legislation to force companies to put GMO’s on their labels and that’s going to include American companies selling up here. A huge amount of our packaged food comes from the US. I have a couple of cousins in the US who have IBS issues and every time they travel outside of the country, they feel better and they can eat pretty much anything they want.
    I’ll add this post to Tuesday Tidbits next week.
    Thanks for a great post!

    • I AM just like your cousins!! I feel so much better OUT of the US – it’s crazy how that works! And it also makes me incredibly sad! Thank you so much for your support on this too! :)

  42. Signed!

    I need to be better about paying attention to GMOs… but I honestly don’t buy a lot of packaged stuff and my produce is mostly local now. God, I love California.

    • I need to frequent the farmer’s market here in Hollywood far more – I always forget to go on Sundays!

  43. We try so hard to avoid GMOs! I don’t get why they allow them. Thanks so much for sharing at #homemattersparty

    • Ugh, it’s because they’re trying to solve the world’s hunger problems! Trying to be SUPERMAN, when superman is a fictional character!

  44. Thanks for the information. This is great data that I will share. I’m a bit scared of GMOs, too. Yes, I eat clean because I’m scared of carcinogens in many foods. But also, as your photo with hives show, we just don’t know what’s in the food even though it’s considered “wholesome.” I’ve heard that non-organic corn that is genetically modified uses peanut proteins. So, for those allergic to peanuts, this could be a HUGE issue. I do think we need more labeling and government intervention on this issue.

    • My hives experience certainly opened my eyes… I may not even be allergic to almonds, I could be allergic to an added ingredient in the brand of milk I had!! It’s crazy to think that way but we have to!

  45. Gigi, thanks for posting about GMO’s and Quaker Oats. Can’t believe more people aren’t demanding their right to know with “just label it” legislation. Every petition and notice that comes my way, I sign and pass it along to others. My inner wise woman knows to say not to GMO’s, and it has reduced the amount of times I eat out. I limit what I buy in the supermarket to those things that are labeled organic, or are voluntarily labeled non-GMO or GMO free. I have blogged about this topic at my blog. Perhaps you’ll get a chance to check out a post I wrote in 2013. It’s valid today. http://obloggernewbie.blogspot.com/2013/07/gmo-labeling-bill-gets-backing-from.html. Warm reagrds, Nancy A.

    • You are one SMART SMART woman Nancy! I wish more people would emulate your actions! I appreciate you signing the petition and I certainly hope you keep doing what you’re doing! I am off to read the post you wrote in 2013! :)

  46. I JUST WANT TO EAT. I hate having to check labels for GMO notifications, whether or not it has high fructose corn syrup, if it’s organically grown…why we can’t go back to being simple? Damn lobbyists ruin everything. I hate politics getting in to my food!!!

    • I just want to eat TOO! Ugh, so frustrating beyond belief!!!! It takes me so long to grocery shop because I read every single dang label! High Fructose Corn Syrup is ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

  47. Wow sorry for late post, I always look to see if products are non GMO. We are altering the natural order of everything. I do the best I can to keep everything simple. I have actually found chips that are just that potato Chips nothing else, I’ll send a picture of bag to you soon. Thanks :)

  48. Your facial expressions are PERFECT, GiGi. I want to know what is in my food and where it came from. Keep fighting the good fight. 😀

    • Thanks Lady!! And I will keep fighting the fight and perhaps my facial expressions will SCARE BIG companies? lol

  49. Hi Gigi,
    Just a note to let you know that I have chosen your posts as one of my features for this weeks Real Food Fridays blog hop that goes live tonight @ 7pm EST. Thanks for being part of Real Food Fridays. Have a healthy happy blessed weekend and looking forward to seeing you each week.

  50. Very insightful post GiGi! This brings a lot to light with the FDA and labelling issues.
    “For me… The most important concern I have about GMOs is that their safety is uncertain.”
    Totally agreed! I realise some genetic modification may benefit in some ways, but overall, it sounds pretty scary and not good. It’s scary to think that some of the foods we consume have GMO’s in them. What else is in them?! Where I live in California, I’ve started noticing labels mentioning non-GMO ingredients and I’ve been buying those up. I’m glad some companies are into disclosing info.
    ps. So guilty of having the occasional Lay’s potato chip binge… ugh.

    • This is just the beginning and I do believe that SOON ENOUGH – labels will have to state GMOs, we are headed for it, I CAN FEEL IT! So when your Lay’s are labeled as such, maybe it will give you more incentive not to buy 😉

      • Ok – I wandered around the chip aisle yesterday for fun (ha!) and found some Boulder Creek Coconut OIl non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free chips. SOOOOO GOOOOD! Way better than Lays =)

        • OMG made with COCONUT OIL!!!! I am swooning over here! THANK YOU Boulder Creek! 😀 That is kinda of bad though, because…. Now you might ingest the whole bag 😉

  51. I hope U.S. passes the labeling law soon.. Thank you for the post GiGi!

  52. Thought-provoking! I believe we should have control over what we buy and eat and labeling GM food is vital! Knowledge is power! We must fight for the right to know. I am delighted that you shared your informative and valuable insights on GMOs with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

    • As always Deborah, I ADORE your constant support :) And I am thrilled that you agree with me on GMOS! I have a few more posts coming down the pipeline in regards to them! Stay Tuned!

  53. Yes. Label it. Full disclosure! Meanwhile, I keep working toward growing my own food. :-/

  54. Bravo, Gigi! Applause, applause. Ever since I learned the shaky dealings of the Quaker man, I stopped purchasing their oatmeal and rice cakes. (Previously I was a huge consumer of their products.) Bless you for shedding Light on this very important subject. Tweeting!

    • Ugh, it’s so sad that our once staple product is actually promoting something that’s not all that wonderful :( I used to adore Quaker’s oatmeal for sure… Unfortunately I actually can’t eat oatmeal any longer, however, maybe it’s actually a good thing since the company has a NOT SO hidden secret… I am glad you stopped eating their products! Until they list GMOs on their product, it’s time to boycott!

  55. You really tackle such serious topics in a fun and approachable way. I had no idea Pepsi owned Quaker. I actually don’t eat Quaker oats – only Bob’s Red Mill gf. I think they are of a pretty good quality.