Yum… Oh Wait No, That’s Yucky!

Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

GiGi Laughing on the Floor after falling out of the bed

Oh excuse me, I’m just laughing my ass off over here. Hey now, laughing is healthy and should really be on your new year resolution list! 

New Year's Resolutions

The reason why I am cackling my way to a heart attack (I currently look like a Hyena having a seizure, in case you were wondering) is because Josie from YumYucky and I JOINED FORCES to bring you the latest GiGi Eats video

Yum Yucky and GiGi Eats Celebrities Collaborate!

I highly recommend that you pull on some adult diapers prior to watching this… 

You have been warned.

If you can recall, me being in WYOMING puts a DAMPER on my video making abilities… Which is why the quality of my videos (within this video) are… Not… So… Good…
Seriously Apple? I am now more impressed when I hear that Kim Kardashian went grocery shopping than I am with your phones… Okay, I certainly wouldn’t go THAT FAR!

Oh No!

If you’ve never ventured over to Josie’s blog, you’ve most certainly been living in a BOMB SHELTER much like Brendan Fraser in that movie BLAST FROM THE PAST. Josie has a one of a kind personality that will undoubtedly lure you in! Must I continue to regale over the woman? You can see how truly hysterical she is in our video

Josie from Yum Yucky staring at popcorn


  • Would you rather book yourself a one way ticket to the Bahamas or would you rather curl up on the couch with a good book?
  • Pumpkin Pie or Cabbage? Is that even a question? 
  • Couch Potato or Hot Potato?
  • How do you relax when you feel like kicking someone’s head over a field goal post?
  • Anyone else notice how crappy iPhone video quality can be? UGH!
  • Would you rather get tangled up in spaghetti squash or spaghetti?
  • What’s one of your flaws that you hope to work on this year?
  • Do you think Josie and I should work together on more videos?
  • And to clear up any confusion or questions… Yes, that was me… You know what I am talking about… (hint: ABC)


  1. WAIT! I don’t have cable! Were you on The Bachelor?

  2. Oh no! I can’t get the video! It keeps timing out. I’ll try again later today, but for now … YES to the laughter! That’s why I love your blog and videos :).

  3. Your post always make me laugh! Ok was that you on The Bachelor?!?! And when I feel like murdering someone I try the yoga breathing. Seems to help a bit. 😀

  4. I can’t see the video! I’ll have to come back and watch it. Your posts always make me laugh! I love your writing style!

  5. Love Josie! You guys are a winning combo–lmao!

  6. “I am mean! This is life” LOL! I don’t think I’d mind a one way trip to the Bahamas! And I gotta admit I love pumpkin pie, but I left that in the past during the holidays, so I’m good to go now. Yes you should make more videos together!

  7. I’m Russian, I love cabbage! Pumpkin pie is a foreign weird gelatin thing to me!

    And please, please take me to Bahamas!

  8. best video ever! “OH! I’m so hydrated!!” “Drink that Soda!” “Water is Overrated” Is that greedy baby? She is precious and seriously needs to do some acting!! I love that my two favorite hilarious fitness bloggers got together for this epic video!!

  9. Yall are crazy! No other words. :)

  10. Thanks for having me, Gigi. The foolery never stops! Just the way I prefer it. 😉

  11. Awesome video :) Pumpkin pie all the way. I like cabbage, but not over pie.

    I don’t watch the Bachelor, but I need to know–why were you on it??

    • Ha! It’s hard to like cabbage over pie 😉

      And… yes, I was on it. On Sunday – I have one amazing talent, LMFAO!

  12. OMG she is hysterical!!! I cannot get to her blog fast enough!
    “This is my damn workout! Now get outta the way!” ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
    And you showering yourself with sparkling water is an image I will not soon forget – HA! You are killing me. Thank you!!

    • Ha Ha! Seriously, Josie was the first blog I ever read, and I have been completely HOOKED ever since!!! :)

      Oh and let me tell you, I did that water scene in the garage (unheated) and it was -15 outside… AKA: FLIPPING COLD!

  13. 1. I don’t know why you falling out of bed was so funny, but it was! 2. The pie situation is one of the reasons I don’t have kids. 3. Now I really want some buttery popcorn!!!!!!! Glad I found your blog, GIGI :)

    • I keep laughing at me falling out of bed too – I legit fell out, it was not planned like that at all, and I have bruises to prove it, LOL!!!

      And I am right there with you, I am NOT sharing ANYTHING – so NO KIDDOS FOR ME either! LOL!

      I am so glad you found my blog too!!

  14. Yes!!! You and Josie should definitely do more videos together – 2 of my favorites together!! And, watching Josie like that is really cracking me up cause I’ve seen her work hardcore many times!!!

  15. lolllllllllllllllllll! “water is overrated” bahahahha!

  16. Way to dive into that cabbage! I’m going to book that ticket to the Bahamas AND check out josie’s blog.

  17. Since I have as much patience as an ant this was like looking into a crystal ball. I could totally see myself yelling “LIFE IS HARD!” at a kid, ha ha ha. Josie’s kid is freaking adorable. This might be your best video yet :)
    And Bahamas x 1000. Is that even a question? I would peace the fuck out in a heart beat if the opportunity came up!

    • Ah ha ha! I am impressed you know how much patience an ant has. Are you an antologist? LMFAO – JUST KIDDING 😉

      Lets go to the Bahamas together and recreated some Bachelor magic?

  18. YOWZERS! I think that dog loves you a little too much!

  19. Great team up! I read both your blogs!

  20. I love heat so off to Bahamas’. How about coleslaw with Pumpkin pie :) just a small slice. I relax by pounding the hell out of my heavy bag, good stress reliever. spaghetti squash all the way, pasta is boring.
    I don’t have a TV provider so I can’t watch the video :( Your dog looked like he missed you. Fun mix on the video. 51 Tuesdays left this year !! :)

    • Ha Ha Ha!!! 51 left huh?!?!?! Well HOPEFULLY I can make 51 this year 😀 I already have an idea for next weeks 😉

      And I am not too sure coleslaw pumpkin pie will be the newest food fad, LOL!

  21. If I’m feeling “angry” I go to my karate workout area and release it with the speed and heavy bag!

    And speaking of angry, having seen too much reality as a doctor when it comes to both physically and emotionally abusive parents, I found that video difficult to watch :-(

    • Rest assured that Josie loves her children so much.

      And I hope that it makes you feel a little better that… I linked to YOUR ARTICLES when I talk about laughing as medicine!!

    • Dr. J, as far back as I could remember as a child it was nothing short of ,, well it was rough. I feel bad her video offended you, I thought it was cute. I feel your sensitivity to abuse and I could see a lot of love in that house. I appreciate your caring about people, many Doctors I have met treat it like an assembly line and have forgot about compassion and empathy.

    • Yes yes. Love my kids dearly. I was forced to be a loner as child. No hugs, no “I love you”, etc. So I lavish on the love extra with my children. Greedy Baby was cracking up during the outtakes. She had fun.

  22. “I ain’t mean! This is life!” That was probably my favorite line. So funny. We’re on the same wavelength today, because I’m pretty sure you just left me a comment AS I WAS WATCHING YOUR VIDEO! How did I not know there was a behind the scenes for The Bachelor??? I was waiting for you to appear all night last night.

  23. Loved this! And I love your blog! Keep rockin’!

  24. HAHAHA OMFG can WE PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO NOW!?!?! It is totally possible from two different states obviously!! We need to come up with a topic. This shit was so good. OK so I only ever answer a couple of your questions, but I feel like answering them ALL!

    1. BAHAMA MAMA..and then curl up on the beach with a naked man and a book.
    2. Uhh..I would def choose pie over cabbage…sorry.
    3. NO POTATO
    4. I go for a run or a walk, or I stab them in the vag.
    5. Your footage wasn’t THAT bad!!!
    6. I would like to swing in the jungle from vines of spaghetti.
    7. I want to stop saying YES when I really want to say NO
    8. Shityes.

    Yes…it was you..and it made my year seeing your talent on live television.

    • IT TOTALLY IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! START BRAIN STORMING BABY! We should just have a food fight -throw food at the camera! LMFAO!! Point? NO POINT – just do it! LMFAO!

  25. OMG….so I have to know if you actually know the mom and girl in this? Was this done in partnership?
    Clever and funny LOVE

    • Oh no! Josie and I have been reading each others blogs ever since I started blogging… She was actually the first blog I ever read! :) We go way back 😉

  26. OMG the best was the dog refusing to get off of you! SO funny! Can’t wait to see what’s in store from GiGi Eats this year 😉

  27. haha! Please tell me you have an agent. The water scene is fantastic. The board game scene is fantastic. Josie is fantastic. And please also tell me you did the eating cabbage/lettuce scene in one take and didn’t have to keep eating over and over.
    Hot potato over couch potato! And pumpkin pie over cabbage, although I really do love cabbage. Especially on St. Patrick’s Day when it’s mixed with corned beef and potatoes and carrots.
    Oh yes.

    • Ha Ha Ha! I do have agents actually, for hosting and commercials and print! Ha, no theatrical one… But perhaps I should? I mean… I should just send pouring water all over me in as my monologue! LMFAO!

      And yes, I only ate the cabbages once, however I wouldn’t mind eating them a million times over 😉 I love cabbage! I prefer it over pumpkin pie – ha ha! Probably the only one out there. And I think this St. Patty’s day…. Dude Food will be making some Cabbage & Corned Beef – I am excited, never had it before! 😉 Any recipes for it?

  28. You should definitely work together on more videos, that was hysterical. Especially you hydrating! And Josie with her workout working to pop popcorn and using the remote! And the board game scene, the soda scene, and the card game…. Great stuff!

    • YES!! I am game – lets start brain storming, feel free to email me :) gigieatscelebrities at gmail dot com!

      Can you imagine if Josie and I were ACTUALLY in the same room! Ah ha ha! Fists might be flying if we were playing cards ha ha ah!

  29. Bahamas all the way 😉
    and yes laugher should happen often this year! we plan to make that happen!

  30. I just watched “The Bachelor” and who do I see but you! I was hoping you’d be on the show longer though – who isn’t impressed by THAT talent?

    • HA HA HA AH AH! Yep, my parents are soooooooooo proud of me…………………….. THANK GOD they did not see that, and do not watch reality TV or ANYTHING….. They’d MURDER ME!

  31. OMG! The two of you together … yes I need those depends!

  32. I’ll totally go to the Bahamas… like right now! lol You and Josie are HILARIOUS! xoxo

  33. I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!! Josie was one of the first I found in the blog world – she is amazing & she loves her kids more than life itself!

    I want to go to Hawaii! :)

    • Josie was one of the first blogs I found in the blog world too!!!! Small world :)

      And if you book a trip to Hawaii, let me know and I am coming !

  34. Zomg Gigi eww as if you bit BOTH those cabbages…and didn’t share with me 😉

    That video was the best…I love your collaborating ones- I watched the meatloaf muffin the other day and had an urge to go throw a pie at Mrs.Claus.

    Screw the Bahamas…hello Australia!

    • I would have shared….. But am I allowed to send a 1/2 gnawed on cabbage head to Australia?

      DUDE – MEAT LOAF MUFFINS…… I am soooooo making those when I get back to LA – My muffin tin misses me!

  35. HAHAHA that video made me laugh. I can just imagine how TASTY that raw cabbage must have been. 5 MILLION TIMES better than pie hahah 😉

  36. So that was you! Awesome! Didn’t see the show, just a clip and thought I was imagining things :-)

    • Ah ha ha! Where did you see this clip? I didn’t even see it, people just started texting and tweeting at me! LOL!

  37. LOL! Loved that video. You guys are awesome and I absolutely LOVED your cute red tank.

  38. Bahamas!!! Did you really have to ask?! Check out the damn ice luge of a shower on my blog. Let’s run away there together and make freaky (yet tasteful) vlogs.

    • Tasteful…. As in TASTY! I see fish being involved. OMG seriously, everything that comes out of my mouth is dirty!

  39. Oh you wacky wacky girl. Your moment of being “so hydrated” cracked me up. Yah, you should collar more, and methinks we are meeting soon to discuss it. That is, if your “people” will let you, you tv star you;)

    • If only you knew how FREEZING IT WAS in the garage I poured water on myself, omg, horrific, but equally funny, lol.

      Hopefully we can meet up Saturday :)

  40. Oh I love it! Thanks for the laughter. And really, you were on the Bachelor??

    • I was on Sunday evening… For a truly amazing “talent” – BAH HA HA HA 😉 I am sure you can catch it on Hulu or ABC.com!

  41. OMGOSH
    two of y faves together??

  42. BAHAMAS here we COME!!!

  43. Josie was one of the first blogs i read thanks to Carla! Her humor cracked me up, well, as you can see. She’s freakin hilarious with her family!

    and yes, bahamas. We’ve been there for a training camp. I want to go back. now … PLEASE

  44. One way ticket to the Bahamas! I mean, seriously… I can bring the frickin’ book!!!
    Not a question. The real question is: fermented cabbage, or braised cabbage?
    No sympathy on apple products here. Want quality? Buy quality.
    Spaghetti. I would feel bad about wasting the spaghetti squash!

    As always, LOVED the video! You two were great!!

    • I really want to eat braised cabbage while sitting on the beach in the Bahamas… Weird? HELL NO! lol

      • Awesome!! In fact, if I were there, it would be just fine with me if a fresh Blue Fish was dropped in after I finished braising my cabbage. And maybe some Jerk Spices. You know, just to be in line with the locals…

  45. I step back…and breathe. Then I have some salmon. 😉

  46. Is going tot he Bahamas THEN curling up with a book an option? Of course I’d choose a beach chair over a couch….

  47. Omg, you ladies are crazy, lol!! I just saw you on The Bachelor…hilarious!! I still haven’t watched the whole episode…just a snipet from the website where I saw you…nice talent, lol!

    • Ba ha ha ha ah! I am thrilled you were impressed by my talent 😉 My mouth is big enough to shovel in a lot of FOOD!!!!

  48. Pretty sure that Josie Yum Yucky’s daughter can out growl you both. Talent in training, people.

  49. i love me some cabbage but it gives me the wickedest farts!

  50. Lol omg you make me smile – i’m not sure about the cabbage though O_o you’re brave..

  51. You two are seriously weird. That’s a compliment.

  52. OMG I know about the Iphone vid quality. That is why I went to Samsung Galaxy. Now that phone is amazing! Awesome video btw, way to funny.

    • Hmmm Samsung huh??!! That’s good to know, however I did just upgrade to an iPhone 5s, LOL! So I will have to just borrow my friend’s cameras or use my web cam 😉

      And THANK YOU – Thank you for stopping by too!!!

  53. LOL Gigi, that was funny!
    What about if YOU book me a one-way ticket to the Bahamas? I could live with that… 😉

  54. Hilarious video, Gigi! And I *did* see you on the Bachelor the other night! My wife didn’t believe me when I told her that I knew you! I think you would have been perfect For Don Juan Pablo, personally.

    For the rest;
    – I’d take the Bahamas right now. This weather is poo.
    – Pumpkin Pie is too sweet. Cabbage FTW.
    – Mr. Potato.
    – You can relax anytime.. Just breathe.
    – Without a doubt, my Galaxy S4 takes youtube quality videos with ease.
    – Spaghetti Squash
    – 2014 Goal: Finishing Projects
    – More with Josie please!

    • Ha Ha! Juan Pablo is missing out on my amazing talent 😛 I am glad you got to see that – However, I am not surprised that you did considering how much of a Bachelor fan you are!!

      And I hear you – CABBAGE FOR THE WINNN!!!

  55. No yucky here – I think Josie is a hoot and loved seeing you guys working together! Is cabbage pie a valid answer to the pie vs cabbage question?? LOL And when I want to kick someone’s head over the post – I run. Happy New Year!

    • Hmmmmm maybe we should put our heads together and come up with a cabbage pie recipe that actually tastes good? LOL!!

  56. OMG, you guys are too funny. Love you!

  57. I definitely need to check out Josie’s blog (apparently yes, I live under a rock). –as far as laughter-definitely the best cure all EVER. And lets see– The Bahamas and Spaghetti squash…. those would be my top picks :)

  58. You were on the Bachelor, seriously?
    Now I will have to watch it just to see if I see you.

    • Ha Ha! Just the first episode that aired on Sunday night! It highlighted one of my “amazing talents” – LOL!!

  59. OMG! I saw you on the bachelor and thought it was you… bahahaha~ Crazy!!! Funny

  60. Okay, I really need to see this ABC clip of you on The Bachelor now! Too bad the website’s not letting me see it… If you ever find a clip online, let me know because I would LOVE to see it!

    And this video… Hilarious. When you took a bite of that cabbage I was like “She did not just eat raw cabbage!” Haha. My stomach hurt just thinking about it. Haha.

  61. I can read your blog ALL freaking day! <333 this post and how outgoing your personality is.. need you to come to LA and rub off on me lol! :) and I'm totally going to watch that ABC clip of you on the Bachelor! You're a hottie! 😀

    • GUESS WHAT! I live in Los Angeles. So this rubbing can happen! LMFAO – oh snap, did that sound a little WRONG?!?!

      And I think I might have to post a clip of my “talent” that was featured on the Bachelor – LMFAO – I should be featured in Ripley’s Believe it or NOT! 😉

  62. Hahahahaha – You guys are hilarious! Yalls take on eats and drinks and workouts have me ROFLMBO! Too funny!

  63. Haha! Love the video! :) Though it loaded pretty slow at first but it worked in the end! :)
    More videos with her and her cute little girl! :)

    • Grr! The day I posted this blog, the video didn’t work at all, so I will take slow loading time, LOL! 😉

      And there will be MANY MORE videos! xoxo

  64. Omg you two make an amazingly hilarious pair. Def going to have to check out this chick’s site :)

  65. Next time I feel inadequate as a parent, I will watch that video! You just made me feel like I’m an amazing mom! Thank you! LOL

    I would read a good book IN the Bahamas

    I’m not an angry person; in fact, this year, I should work on tolerating less!

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha! I am glad Josie could do that for you 😉 She does really love her children though! Clearly she rewarded her daughter with pie and a fun board game after making this video 😉

  66. I die!! Seriously, I almost died from coughing because I was laughing so hard that my nasty cold cough started and couldn’t stop. No better way to almost die though! :) Hilarious video!

    • Ha Ha! I am so happy you enjoyed the video, however, I don’t want you to cough up a lung because of Josie and I 😉 — But hey, if you say there is not better way to “die” than I am pretty flattered! ah ah ah!

  67. I DO know what you’re talking about! I KNEW IT! Pure awesomeness!

  68. More Josie! More Josie! More Josie! Also it legit just took me 5 mins to scroll down through the comments to get to the bottom of the page. I think people like you…

  69. Haha cute video of you two! I would much rather book it to Bahamas than my couch. :)

  70. Hi Gigi,
    Happy New Year! What a fun way to kick off the new year! Your video was hilarious but the healthy living tips hit home as well. I just returned from a fun and fitness-filled week in the Bahamas so that is my answer to question 1! I chose cabbage over cake and pie, thank goodness! And thank you so much for helping us kick off 2014 with a humorous reality check. I am so glad you shared this post on the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural hop!

    • Oh my goodness, I find it really ironically funny that you just came back from the Bahamas! You get the best of both worlds, ha! :) And thank YOU for hosting your Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Hop – It really is one of my favorites!!

  71. gimme that popcorn and no one gets hurt!

  72. Bahah I loved this video. Why choose between pie and cabbage. I’m thinking pumpkin pie made with cabbage. I mean, us weird healthy folks make pizza crust with cauliflower and brownies with beans, so why not right?

  73. Josie’s daughter is so cute and such a little actress! Loved the video!Your much braver than me getting hydrated like that for all the world to see. :)

    • Ha ha! If only you knew HOW COLD it was in the garage (yes, that was the garage – lol). And isn’t Josie’s daughter adorable! I want/need to meet her 😉

  74. DEAD.
    FACK you are one silly betch

    can my answer to all the questions be wine?

    • There is NO WRONG ANSWER 😉

      Hey new bestie, why don’t you move your booty on down to SoCal! lol… Canada is just too cold!

  75. Lol. Thanks for all the good laugh.

  76. My iphone has started to produce crappy pictures and videos. All part of the plan for it to go to crap so I have to upgrade…. :)
    Thanks for sharing at vegetarianmamma.com’s #glutenfreefridays link up!

  77. This is where I left off. It wouldn’t play on my ipad for some reason. Anywho, the 2 of you in one video, simply CRAY!


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