GiGi, a former competitive snowboarder and horseback rider has since become a popular allergen-friendly cook and certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in Nutrition Communications. This blog/vlog is a place where people with diet concerns, can get advice (such as traveling with food intolerances) along with allergen-friendly recipes that everyone can enjoy. A self-proclaimed extreme eater (she can eat 6 pounds of salmon in one sitting) and foodie fanatic, GiGi is proof that you can educate and inform as well as entertain at the same time! Learn More About Gigi

Curry UP! Make This Recipe!

Intimidated.  We all feel that way every so often. While some might get their balls busted over the thought of waking up to four feet of snow on the ground, knowing they have to shovel out their car and get to work within an hour... Others might flip shit at the notion of having their … [Read More...]

This Taste Test Is Brought To You By Tequila

Writing a blog post when you're drunk... Now that's a BRILLIANT idea. So let's go for it... And have fun like the KAZOOOO kid! Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. According to my husband, the people who formulate the products under specific "healthy" food brand umbrellas … [Read More...]

This “Sandwich” Will Catch Your Attention

GiGi Eats Celebrities is called this for a reason. And no, the show The Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix is not a spin-off of my blog. Although... I really wish it were... Cause um, CHAAAA-CHINGGGG!   You see, at one point, erstwhile (first time I ever used that word before, another … [Read More...]

#GROorganic, Check!

I eat a lot of food. Tons of it. Probably more in a sitting than sumo wrestlers eat when they "bulk load". But when I eat or devour food like a rabid hyena, I try to make sure I consume organic foods as often as I can. I know this can increase the cost of my meals exponentially (your eyes … [Read More...]

Addressing the LARGE Elephants In The Room

There is an elephant in the room that I would finally like to get off my chest. Okay. We are not actually all in a room together. So... This elephant I speak of, is really just on my chest and would like to get off of it and wander around your brain. Literally. Ha! Okay, maybe not … [Read More...]