GiGi, a former competitive snowboarder and horseback rider has since become a popular allergen-friendly cook and certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in Nutrition Communications. This blog/vlog is a place where people with diet concerns, can get advice (such as traveling with food intolerances) along with allergen-friendly recipes that everyone can enjoy. A self-proclaimed extreme eater (she can eat 6 pounds of salmon in one sitting) and foodie fanatic, GiGi is proof that you can educate and inform as well as entertain at the same time! Learn More About Gigi

Kiss My Tucci… Chicken, That Is!

As you may recall from my last blog update... I am not a reader... So when THE HUNGER GAMES book trilogy popped up from THE CORE a few years ago... I made my own assumption as to what those novels/movies were about. I honestly thought this menage a trois of books were an in-depth (cause there … [Read More...]

Getting Ritzy at The Ritz-Carlton

CONFESSION ALERT: THIS GIRL loves ass crack of dawn flights that are PACKED like sardines (mmm... Sardines!)... Which have enough turbulence to make anyone believe the plane is going down... Causing her to basically rip out her middle seat arm rests because her hulk-like arms grip them for DEAR … [Read More...]

My Mouth Gets Around

There are a lot of places I have traveled to in the past that I would have loved to have been able to "extend my stay" at because, um... Why would I ever want to stop... Making out with the best chicken shawarma I have ever had in Crete, Greece Slurping down vats of fish amok and … [Read More...]

Curry UP! Make This Recipe!

Intimidated.  We all feel that way every so often. While some might get their balls busted over the thought of waking up to four feet of snow on the ground, knowing they have to shovel out their car and get to work within an hour... Others might flip shit at the notion of having their … [Read More...]