GiGi, a former competitive snowboarder and horseback rider has since become a popular allergen-friendly cook and certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in Nutrition Communications. This blog/vlog is a place where people with diet concerns, can get advice (such as traveling with food intolerances) along with allergen-friendly recipes that everyone can enjoy. A self-proclaimed extreme eater (she can eat 6 pounds of salmon in one sitting) and foodie fanatic, GiGi is proof that you can educate and inform as well as entertain at the same time! Learn More About Gigi

What It’s Like To Move In Together…

MOVING (in together) is like a bottomless TROUGH OF SOUP. Not bowl. TROUGH. This might excite the CRAP out of all the soup lovers out there but... Before you start doing a hearty chicken soup dance... Just imagine the soup being an MSG-laden green pea stew with all of your least … [Read More...]

“Meat” Your Valentine!

You know that song by Celine Dion that goes a little something like... Every night in my dreams... I see you. I feel you.  Yeah, well... If I were the one who wrote this tune... It wouldn't have been about a person. It would have been about FOOD.  I mean... The lyrics: Love can … [Read More...]

All That Salt Is NO Miss-Steak!

At this point, you might be "THANKSGIVING STUFFED" (aw man, now I want the holidays back... Dammit, why did I bring them up?) because I keep shoving the fact that The Food Pervert and I went to Greece and Italy last October, down your throat. Well... It's time to find your second stomach … [Read More...]

Rollin’ With These Spring Rolls

I am about to KICK this OFF by BLINDSIDING you. I do not FULLY BACK football. I know this information is rather BLITZ-ing because last year roughly 115 million people (on that final Sunday of the football season) watched men ram into each other... And the average number of people who … [Read More...]

Check Out My Baskets!

As you may be aware at this point... There is a lot of "clowning around" that goes on here. Puns. Quips. Tomfoolery. And but of course... Innuendos. The same could be said about the show Baskets, a TV show in its second season on FX (as of January 19th), that follows the life of a … [Read More...]