Donald Trump Needs Some Saffron!

Watch out for T-Rex!

Donald Trump Angry

Oh wait… Excuse me…


 Separated at birth, don’t you think?

You know what these two pissed off carnivores need? 


Okay random… 

Yes, I am talking about that fiery red spice that rapes your wallet when you buy it at the store…  

No Money

M***** F*****! Saffron better be worth it! 

Well, we all know that Mr. Trump’s wallet can handle the cost, so he better purchase the spice ASAP and perhaps sprinkle some in Mr. Rex’s mouth… While he’s at it like a drug dealer, he might as well hand some of the spice over to other rather disturbed celebrities…

Tyra Banks angry


But wait, shouldn’t these angry celebrities just head to their therapist’s offices?

Well they could, but why bother throwing down the extra G’s when saffron could very well be a ingestible therapist!

Saffron on Spoon

Open Wide!

Okay, lets not go that far, but saffron does have some mood calming, among other, benefits that really need to be highlighted.

Saffron has a way of charming the pants off of anger, depression and digestive issues.

And a high-five can be given to the compound crocin that saffron is abundant in (it activates serotonin in our bodies – calming anxieties, etc).

Saffron bitch-slaps more than just anger and depression though.

In fact, if Amanda Bynes ingested copious amounts of saffron, as opposed to…. Well, you fill in the blank… She might have been able to avoid those hit and run messes she is/was involved in because saffron is known to improve vision!

Amanda Bynes Hot Mess

“Oh hey look, I have five fingers!”

Sorry for not letting you know sooner Amanda!

In all seriousness though, saffron should really just have it’s own comic book series because the spice has innumerable amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants are like Superman in your body, they kick some serious booty in order to protect you from ailments such as cancer.

Kick Cancer's Ass

Would you flip through the pages of SAFFRON: Paella and Cancer Battle it Out

Put a red wig on The Rock and he will most likely be the front runner to play Saffron in the comic book turned movie!

 The Rock with Red Hair

The Rock is cooking with saffron!

Clearly “medicating” with saffron is far more intelligent than loading up on al capone and aunt nora to calm down and get happy! 

*RDA for saffron: two 88 mg doses a day!

  • Do you believe that saffron can actually calm people down?
  • Do you think Donald Trump and T-Rex look alike?
  • How do you like The Rock as a red head?
  • Do you use saffron? If so, how? And have you felt its affects?
  • What drugs do you think Amanda Bynes is on? 


  1. Wow!! I had no idea!

    Your photos and comparisons in this post are great!! The only advancement from the T-Rex to the Donald is that The Rex never evolved the comb-over! There’s progress for ya!

    • Ha Ha! Why thank you! I tried to photoshop a wig on T-Rex’s head… But yeah, not too savvy with the photoshop! LOL!

      So will you be getting some saffron today now?

  2. I’ve never used saffron! GASPPPP, but I want to now! Except yeah I am a frugal Jew and the price tag detours me to other things like cake, cake calms me down too. I think Trump is scary and needs to shave his head and Duane Johnson is not meant to be a ginger, his skin is too dark! Bahahaha.

  3. This post made me giggle :) I like the Trump T-Rex comparison

  4. Hmm,, I believe I made a rice dish some time ago with Lamb and used this spice. Not to sure on the calming effect, can’t remember. I absolutely need something to calm me, Tazo tea, Gunpowder Tea and Death Wish Coffee have me a bit anxious. Donald Trump and T Rex, good comparison but the Rex is more compassionate. I can’t comment on the Rock and his hair, not that there’s anything wrong with that but my favorite WWE star is AJ and I like her with dark hair. Maybe Amanda is just so unappreciative of where she is in life being reckless may get her the type of attention she is looking for. As for drugs, the reward center of her brain has been hijacked by destructive behavior.

    • You must include more in your life! :) Even if you decide to go with the supplement form! I want you to see if helps you calm your anxieties!!

      • Well I looked locally with no success, when I asked in the store the girl said “do you mean Zack Effron?” I said I’m not a cannibal I’m looking for a spice to cook with.Their just starting to learn how to use opposing thumbs in my area. I’ll try the city when I’m there. By the way Brittany’s frugal comment is really funny :)

        • Brittany is just a funny girl 😉

          And I guess Saffron… Zac Efron sound pretty similar! LOL! Obviously BOYS are all that are on that girl’s mind! 😉

  5. Haha twins!! I’ve never heard of saffron. Next time I see it, I may just have to try some.

    • You definitely need to! However, you might want to look up a recipe that includes it because it has a very interesting taste that can really only be used a specific way (if that makes any sense)! 😉

  6. Ohhh maybe I should start taking it!

    • Try! :) And report back how you feel in about a month or so!

      • Hello, since I do not professionally do hair, I am only faiilmar with what my products and routine are. When I was first a red head, I used to dye my hair using Garnier. You should just go to the store and check the colors out there! I am not faiilmar with the names and it was so long ago I forgot which color I used. You really want to ask a cosmetologist who is a professional for advice! Other than that, just experiment! Sorry I could not be any more help, I wish you the best of luck with your hair.

  7. I laughed at the “highlighted” word. You are very clever and we love saffron but my wallet hates it. When I see the price it makes me look like The Donald and that’s not a good thing. :)

    • Doesn’t it stink that saffron is so expensive! :( But if you have ever read what a process it is to harvest it, then you’d understand the $$… A good replacer could be paprika though! Love that spice too!

  8. Wow! I knew saffron was good but had no idea about its bitch slapping properties and various other talents. I’m thinking it may be worth the price!

  9. That is so funny of Tyra Banks. Yikes!
    Oh Poor Amanda Bines. I met her once and she was so sweet. Only was 18 though.
    I love Saffron. My friend just named her baby that, can you believe it!


    • OMFG! Baby Saffron… I think I will name my child Paprika if it’s a girl and Oregano if it’s a boy. LMFAO! No No, I am French so I will name my daughter Lavender or Herbs de Provence! Ah!!

  10. My favorite restaurant Saffron puts saffron on my chicken and its to die for! I am literally rolling on the floor laughing, I love your blog! Love + Shine CourtStar

  11. I kind of want to make saffrom risotto tonight to test the theory…

    • Ha! Do try, let me know what happens! Ah ha ha, better yet, write a blog post about how it DIDNT WORK! Ah ha ha!

  12. I actually bought saffron extract in pill form from GNC and it wasn’t too expensive. I love having found it, it has great benefits (although I can’t really tell, it might be placebo.. who knows 😉

    • Ah oh the PLACEBO affect – hey, it works, right? LOL!! I take it too, and while I don’t necessarily FEEL any different, I do know that I am doing myself a whole lot of good, I mean, there are so many studies saying saffron rocks, so I am going to convince myself & you should too! lol

  13. i have saffron in my cupboard and throw it into rice every now and then but have yet to actually make a REAL recipe with it. what a waste!

    • I feel like this happens to everyone! They buy it at like $17 per 1/4 ounces, lol, for a recipe, yet it calls for such a tiny piece of it and then they’re stuck with the rest that they don’t know what to do with! I swear my dad has like 4 bottles of old saffron in his spice rack! lol. For your next recipe of your blog, definitely include it 😉

  14. Must go buy saffron and lots of it. Also need to pick up toupee and some of Amanda Bynes drugs. By the way, I am in no way affected by marketing or things I read on the Internet. Alright I’m off to find a T-Rex now.

    • Ahhh ha ha ah aha ha!!! I am envisioning you wearing Donald Trump’s hair, while smoking a joint and riding on T-Rex’s back… AHHH ha ha ha! My imagination is running wild right now, lol.

  15. Oh my goodness…if anyone is in need of a laugh I’m sending them straight to your blog haha! This post was too funny :)

  16. LOL – the Rock looks like Wendy…from the restaurant.

  17. Too hilarious! I will have to get some saffron, or maybe check and see if it’s in the spice rack I got for my wedding that’s full of spices I never use. 😛

  18. Your post are hilarious! Love Trump vs T Rex. Separated at birth, yes!

    BTW, you reminded me, I miss my mom’s saffron chicken. Its a spice worth buying.

    • Aw! Nothing like some GOOD HOME COOKING from Mom right?!?! Counting down the days before I can make a trip back. 😀

  19. lol you seriously crack me up! even your questions are funny!!!!!

  20. I need more saffron! I don’t want to be like Amanda Bynes! :)

  21. hi lol nice to get a chuckle!
    Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  22. I had NO idea about any of this stuff! I just figured it was another spice.

    You said it has the ability to charm the pants off depression. Does it LITERALLY charm the pants off people? If so, someone give copious amounts of saffron to Ryan Gossling immediately!

    I am visiting from the Weekend Social Mix Blog Hop from the page of From Grandma with Love. I enjoyed your post! Maybe it’s because you have my kind of humor.

    Obviously, that type of humor is brilliant. :-)

    • Seriously right! JUMP INTO A HUGE BUCKET OF SAFFRON right now! Maybe the benefits will absorb through your skin? lol…

      And yes, this does CHARM THE PANTS off of people – literally. It worked quite well with Zac Efron… 😉 Ryan is next but he’s gotta ditch Eva Mendes first!

      Thanks for coming on over, I am off to your blog NOW – I need to read some more BRILLIANT HUMOR!

  23. I didn’t realize that saffron had so many health benefits!
    Coincidentally, both my cat and my favourite indie yarn dyer are named Saffron!

  24. Gigi, thank you so much for the great laugh!!! I loved this post. Amanda Bynes, what a sad girl. I feel so sad for her because she’s gone so craycray. Saffron would help her, I’m sure!!


    Jean //

    • JEAN :) Thanks for stopping by! Do you like saffron?? And I promise when I see Amanda Bynes again, I will THROW saffron all over her, maybe it will help? lol!

  25. No saffron for me. Too expensive.

  26. Saffron does rape your wallet at the store! :) Its good though! So very excited with all the entries this week! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Cindy from

    • Thanks Cindy, that’s so sweet of you!! I appreciate you hosting. I love it because I get to explore and discover new blogs that have such creative ideas on them :)

      I’ll see you later this week!

  27. Saaay now, you created a very clever way to make saffron an interesting topic. I am now stressed out and yellow with envy. Maybe I’ll add some saffron to my meal. You’re a genius!

    • Ha ha! Did you check out my LEEKS video, lol… Now that is interesting.

      OMG please add saffron to your meal. be my Ginny Pig and tell me if it actually works, lol! Although THE DONALD did call me yesterday to thank me for recommending he take saffron every day! 😉

  28. Linking up with my Friday Flash Blog community. Thanks for joining and sharing in the fun! Have a terrific week and see you this weekend.


  29. Great pic of The Rock, I would totally read that comic book. As for using saffron as a calming agent, I will definitely try it.