Britney Spears is Drenched!

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears has a new single coming out.

Britney Spears Shocked

Want to know how I KNOW this INSIDER information?

Because I wrote the song for her!!! Check it out:

Time to get my sweat on

Work out in the gym, work out on the lawn

Yes I pledge, yes I pawn

Nope, this ain’t some sort of con

I work out until I’m drawn

And I build my brawn

Then I go eat me a prawn

You’re welcome.

GiGi Eats Celebrities

Bah ha ha… Yeahhhhh…. (PS: outfit by Fabletics!)

That right there was just a little sneak preview of UTTER LYRICAL GENIUSNESS and soon enough you will be sick of hearing this OBVIOUS chart-topper, 15 billion times over in the car… The shower… At the mall… In the elevator… In your own brain…

But most likely you will hear this MOTIVATIONAL melody at the GYM and I have a feeling Drenched Fitness in Westlake Village, California will be playing this song on repeat BECAUSE it is Britney Spear’s favorite CRAZY INTENSE WORKOUT spot

Drenched Fitness

According to Lori Majewski, the author of the Britney Spears cover story on Women’s Health Magazine [Jan/Feb 2015], Britney Spears has “cut personal trainers out of her life” (among other things… Ahem… nasty, no-good douche-baggy men) and instead uses Drenched Fitness as her main source of tush-tightening!

Britney Spears leaving Drenched Fitness

I don’t know if all of you have noticed, but Brit Brit is looking pretty FLY (who remembers “Offspring“?) these days… So I had to get DRENCHED!

GiGi Eats Celebrities working out

THANKFULLY a super soaker wasn’t loaded and waiting for me when I arrived at the studio… Instead Julie Kennington, the owner and founder, and I had a chit-chat [no water involved] about the crazy intense one-hour HIIT workout!

Britney spears, julie kennington, gigi dubois at drenched fitness

Click the video below to get the 411 and you can also learn some phenomenal exercises that target the TROUBLE AREAS we all complain about…

iHop Pancakes anyone? (If you watch the video, you’ll understand that reference!)

So tell me…

  • What is your favorite type of work out and why?
  • What jams do you like to blast in your ears when getting your sweat on?
  • Do you think Britney Spears is looking fitter than ever these days?
  • Do you want to get DRENCHED?
  • Did you love super soakers when you were younger… Or… RIGHT NOW? 
  • What is your “problem area”? Do you have iHop calling you too?
  • Team Britney Spears or Team Christina Aguilera circa 1999? 

Drenched Fitness GiGi Dubois Julie Kennington

If any of you actually want to TRY OUT DRENCHED and are in the SoCal region… Then you’re going to want to RSVP to this SEXY EVENT!

Details BELOW!

Drench Fitness Invite


  1. OMG this is awesome!! :) my favorite type of workout is hitt circuits..really anything that gets me DRENCHED! :) I was always more of Britney girl..not so much Xtina

  2. YES for the lyrical geniusness. ;P And…SUPER SOAKERS ARE WONDERFUL. My friends and I tried to find them at toy stores after we graduated from high school (you are never too old for super soakers. never!), but they weren’t available anywhere. ;_; It broke my heart. :[

    I was more of a fan of Mandy Moore back in the 90’s, but preference for Britney if I had to choose between the two!

    • They weren’t available?!?!? That is ODD! Amazon, Amazon MUST have them 😉

      And OMG Mandy Moore – totally LOVED HER TOO!!!! I am happy she went to acting though, even if she’s not all that good, ha ha!

  3. Ha…too funny! Britney keeps turning them out. I was more of a Christina fan back in the day though. :-)

  4. Brittany definitely has her ups and downs when it comes to diet and exercise, but she’s still an amazing singer and dancer no matter what she does!

    I can’t imagine her singing about prawns. I just can’t.

    My problem area….other than bloating? Probably my saddlebags!

    • She’s an amazing performer for SURE!

      LMFAO – Prawns could have a double meaning 😉

      And bloating, yes, the STORY of my life!!! And I highly doubt you have saddle bag issues!!!

  5. Hiya Gigi,
    So glad to finally get a chance to visit you. I was travelling to Hawaii while you were in NZ and AussieLand!
    I’m all about high intensity interval workouts. I’m all about quick and easy eating but I have yet to find an easy workout, lol.
    I’m a Christine fan – still am.
    Super soakers are the best and I always have the latest model!
    Good to see you again, crazy girl!

    • I missed you so much!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled your back though :)

      Easy workouts don’t really exist – ha ha! That would be considered a QUICK FIX… Now 45-60 minute intense HIIT exercise… Not easy, but QUICK when you put it into perspective!

  6. Team Spears for sure! And hooray for glute bridges! And super soakers!

  7. That is so fun! I need some good workout music!

  8. What is my problem area? All over – lol because I saw the reese’s and “oops I did it again”.

    • AHHHHH HA HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA HA AH AHA HA!!!!!!!! Girl, I hear you! Those Reese’s are little TEMPTING DEVILS!

  9. I was so torn between Xtina (I hate that lol) and Brit Brit. Why do we choose sides in life? lol. Seriously though, I use more Britney songs in my Spin classes than any other popstar! Also, I am a Spinning addict — I actually have a new training for it this weekend and I’m looking forward to it like it was a romantic getaway. Some people really hate it, but for me, it’s been a lifesaver, literally.

    Also, looking forward to your Cook-A-Long next week! :)

    • I took a new spinning class the other day. I am totally not a spin fanatic so yeah, it wasn’t my jam, but you would have LOVED IT!!!! 😉 And I hear you B-Spears = work out jams… Xtina just always sounded the same to me in every single song!

      AND YAY for the cook-a-long, I am so stoked you’re “coming”! ha ha.

  10. Pretty awesome video, made more awesome by the background music! Dude. Tricep dips for the win! Definitely a pro tip to put your butt back close and not lay out long. Ihop is not calling me anytime soo , woot woot! Haha. And man I had one of those original yellow super soakers… I bet that would go for some $$ on eBay these days!

    • OMG DUDE! I was soooooo excited for that background music – my friend and I got our jam on, LOL!

      And I love me some tricep dips until they BURN MY ARMS OFF lol!!!

      Do you still have that super soaker?! You could be rolling in the DOUGH right now 😉

      • I don’t think I have it but I’ll check my parents house! Oh and I forgot how excited I was to hear about failing in a workout… Bc that’s what I do! That’s my jam!! Haha.

      • OMG i’d dying laughing. Why? Because i grew up with 3 brothers and pretty sure i have a super soaker at my parents house. still!

        Gigi, you make me smile and laugh and well, all of the above! keep the videos rockin!

  11. I reallllllllly want to hear you singing that song! First off, LA has the best workout spots. The best! Crazy jealous! :) My favorite kind of workouts are ones that kick my ass! Right now I am loving hot vinyasa yoga and of course, HIIT workouts <—- the best! I will always be team Brit-Brit.

    • Team BRIT BRIT baby!!! Come to LA and we can get our work out on with Brit 😉 HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME… LOL and then you can get a PRIVATE show of me singing that song – bah ha ha ha ha!

  12. We know that I’m a runner and yogi (though I used to lift a lot). Pretty much any workout that is not one of those two things will kick my ass at this point.
    I am team Xtina. well, before Burlesque. I do have a guilty pleasure Britney bone in my body, but classic brit v classic xtina?

    • NO WAY! I am not sure we can be friends – I am so not a team Xtina! LOL! I guesssss the only song I liked was DIRTY but otherwise she always just sounded like the same ol’ whiney… BITCH? LOL!!!!!

  13. Mostly I really want a TRX system after watching that!!! I am going to try the ham curls on the ball and the plank rolls. Good luck with the workout – an hour of HIIT is crazy!!!

    • Oh you definitely should try TRX – it’s so much fun getting twisted in those straps!! 😉

      And I am certainly going to need all the luck in the world to get through this insane workout, ah ha ha!

  14. This video looks great!

  15. I am a huge Britney fan!

  16. I like MetCons, AMRAPS or heavy long duration workouts because you push to the limit and don’t stop. I have 5lbs that I will never loose because I cave in on carbs now and then. ACDC, Motley Crew, Van Halen, or EDM, Full on GOA etc. I never paid any attention to the problem child but loved Jeanie in a bottle :)

    • I was about to say, those 5 pounds you cannot lose are because of the kitchen!!! If you ditch those carbs, WAAAABAMMMM no more 5 pounds 😉 As easy as pie?? However I have heard baking pie ain’t all that easy! LOL

  17. I wish we had a Drenched here in GA – I LURVE the lighting in there!
    And those workouts sound super cool! I checked out their site and they have a 2 week free trial period – again I so wish we had one here!

  18. That is amazing! I will need to add it to my workout sound track! I also LOVE the outfit BTW!

    • Isn’t it a cute outfit! Fabletics baby! :) I highly recommend it! And that song – I am going to need to make a music video… And ask Britney Spears to join me!

  19. You were in Westlake and you didn’t tell me? NOOOO- I would have come to see you! My husband and I signed up for this event, we can’t wait to try it! but will miss seeing you!

    • Ah ha ha ha! AW MAN! That doesn’t mean I won’t come back out to see you! Now that I have done it once, I can do it again NO PROBLEM!! Or we can meet 1/2 way!! Let me know when you’re free, we can do lunch :)

  20. Team Brit!!!!!
    My base workout is swimming. I do a lot of oddball strokes from having been a synchronized swimmer. I like it because I know what I am doing and I can recognize any starting trouble spots sooner than even doing yoga. You get older and suddenly you have creaky parts that need some extra attention. I like to catch them before I have a problem. In the gym I like anything functional and down and dirt like throwing tires or pushing a football sled. I’m in Canada so I may need to get out and push a few cars out of snowbanks.

    • LOL!!!!!!! Well if it snowed in LA then I would know who to call, although it would take you a few days to get down here to push my car out of a snow bank, and I probably would have frozen to death at that point, lol!

      And ugh. Creaky parts. I am totally looking forward to that, lol!

  21. lol too cute 😉 My favorite workout is by FAR Ballet Barre and then Piyo but I will have to look into drenched now! Fitness and nutrition is a huge part of my life- I fun a fitness fan page and love helping to inspire women to stay in shape even as busy moms! 😉

    • That’s awesome! Fitness and health are a huge part of my life (duh, ha ah)… I need to check out your fan page STAT :)

  22. Britney all the way, duh! If I’m going for a “drench worthy” workout then I gotta go with spin. That or running outside during the Georgia summer. Oh wait, I don’t do that.

    P.S. I’m going to be at Fitbloggin this year too, so we gotta meet up!

    • OMG I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Fitbloggin’ is going to be amazing and… It happens to be my birthday weekend too :) However, if you take a spin class that weekend, I will NOT go because I am no fan of that LOL!!!

  23. Umm, I still love Britney. :) heheh!!

  24. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I got an invite to come at another time BUT that video is scaring me! :)

  25. That reminds me of my crazy Insanity workouts – Me thinks me likey!

    • YOUUUUU !!! I was thinking of you the entire time I was at Drenched!!! YOU WOULD KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS AT THIS WORK OUT!

  26. Congrats on the song! This workout sounds cool. HIIT is supposed to be really good for the body. I wish DRENCHED was in Arkansas. Until then, I will stick to kettle bells.

  27. I can’t wait to try this out! Hope the drive out won’t kill me!

    • No way! Try to not get stuck in crazy traffic… Go before rush hour! It took me a sexy 45 minutes when I drove from WeHo… However, I know you live far FURTHER than WeHo!

  28. I’ve always been all about that Britney life. We have the same name after all…except she spells it weird. You look adorable in this video…and that is the extent of my mushiness..onto real shit. “I could literally take flight at any minute……” HAHAHA. Come fly your ass to Washington then. Bring me the muffins too, because Lord knows I won’t stop eating those anytime soon.

    • OMFG IF ONLY I had “WINGS” that could FLY MY ASS TO SEE YOU FREE OF CHARGE!!! Working on that.. Perhaps I should ask DR. CORBIN if he can INSTALL THOSE ON ME???? 😉 😉 AHH HA HA AH AH AH!!!

  29. My favorite work out is running on the treadmill. :)

  30. I love weight lifting.

  31. Looks like a cool place! And you look too cute to workout 😉

  32. Angela McKinney says:

    Awesome post! I Have always been a Britney fan. I like to workout by myself at home where no one needs to suffer watching me do so haha.

    • BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! I doubt you look that “bad” — But hey, as long as you work out, it’s ALL GOOD :)

  33. The term ‘drenched’ really needed some explaining, so thank you for that.
    I would have said Xtina back in the day because Britney isn’t a very good singer, BUT, she is pretty down to earth these days and I really like that!
    Also, I think GiGi needs to eat Flashdance because omg that shirt!

    • Yeah, Brit is def not a good singer but she is a great performer and I always though her songs were far more catchy that Xtina, and you’re right – B is way more down to earth than C!

      BAH HA HA HA!!! you love my shirt, don’t lie 😉

  34. Wow can NOT wait to download her newest hit! Lol this is awesome. And you’re so right she does look amazing!

    • 😉 ha ha ah aha ha! Download?!?!?! You don’t want to SUPPORT and purchase? LMFAO! – ha ha ha aha! Nahhh I don’t blame you! lol

  35. You are such a great host! I love your personality!! This class looks so fun I have to try it when I come to visit! Thanks for sharing xo C

  36. Haha you never fail to entertain Gigi – that’s why we all keep coming back here for more! My daughter & I have always been big Britney fans haha!


    • <3 Why thank you Rebecca!!! You're the sweetest. And I think you, me and your daughter need to have a B Spears dance party! ;)

  37. Favorite workout? Ballet class. Or kneading bread dough. Because bread.

  38. Brittany should really try RUNNING if she wants to get drenched!!! However, I absolutely love Brittany (bitch) and often hear her in my ears screaming about being a “boob goddy” and looking hot in a bikini. Speaking of hot, I’m loving your Flashdance top! I must check out Fabletics!!!

    • Running = DRENCHED FOR SURE!!!!!

      BOOB GODDY – lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying, that’s hysterical. I would love to cruise around in a BOOB GODDY too!

      And yes, do check out Fabletics – I am very much in loveeeee!

  39. HECK YEAH I wanna get DRENCHED 😉 But seriously, that looks like a lot of fun! Love the night club setting!

  40. I would so love to try this!!!

  41. Gigi!

    Got our plane tickets to New Zeeealand!! Can’t wait…we leave in 3 weeks. Kinda soon haha.

    Fav type of workout? Onces that make me sore haha. I climb at a climbing gym so right now…it’s pull ups and butt rockers. Luve getting buff!

    • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you going? What are you seeing? GIVE ME ALL THE DETAILS! I am so excited for you because NZ as you know… IS AMAZING!!!! AHHHH!! Tell me everything! Can you pack me in your bag because I would love to go back!

      And rock climbing is PHENOMENAL!!!! I did an arm work out yesterday so I can barely use my arms right now, so the thought of bouldering makes me cry lol!

  42. OHHHH this looks so fun! I wish we lived closer so we could be in real life gym/sushi buddies!!

  43. I LUV HIIT, like seriously LUVIN ‘EM! But then again, I love almost all workouts so I’m not sure I’m good at evaluating workouts 😉

  44. OMG. When I love to CA an we have a super soaker party?

  45. I’m beginning to think that being a former member of the Mickey Mouse Club or other Disney child themed show does not bode well for a person.

    My favorite workout is Karate! Running is my favorite exercise. I never listen to music. I get my best ideas running in nature.

    I like to sweat and I feel workouts where we do are the best!

    My weakest area, which I think is shared by many, is my brain!

    • BAH HA HA HA HA!!! Your brain is not weak at all! You’re certainly one smart man from what I can tell! But perhaps you’re just really good at ACTING?? 😉

      And I have ALWAYS wanted to be a PRO Karate MASTER! But alas…. I never took classes! ha!

  46. love the video!! cute outfit :) little miss hottie

    we love TRX although we have not pulled it back out since Lori had Madison, need to get it back out!

    We are team Brittany haha

    • OOOO little miss hottie?! Ummmmm perhaps I should put that “title” on the business card 😉 Do you think anyone would take me seriously?

      I think Madison would have so much fun strapped to Lori’s chest as she does TRX – fyi 😉

  47. Group setting! 60 minutes! I’m liking it!
    I wish I still had my Super Soaker. I heard they’re worth money now!

  48. I was always a Britney fan. Even after the melt-down. Kudos to her for coming back from that. I remind myself of that when I am having a bad day!

    • EXACTLY!!!!! There is always something worse than what you may be experiencing!!! Who would have thought Brit’s meltdown could be a source of encouragement? ha ha!

  49. Brit Brit looks amazing lately. And so do you. Damn girl. Drenched Fitness looks awesome.

    I definitely remember her early days, I’m glad she’s getting back to normal.

    • AW THANKS LADY!!! I appreciate that! I definitely work out 😉

      I am glad she’s back to “normal” too, ha ha, but I definitely miss 1999 Brit!

  50. My favorite workout is zumba. It’s so much fun that I don’t even know that I’m getting a workout. I also like to walk long distances but, right now, that involves a lot of pushing through tall piles of snow! Swimming is fun, when I can get to a pool. But zumba… I do that twice a week.
    In the house, I walk up and down the stairs fifteen times or I ride the exercise bike for about half an hour.
    The pictures were very entertaining and so was the song.

    • I have actually always wanted to try Zumba! I am all about the ridiculous dancing that makes you sweat like a dog! I have terrible coordination though so I would PROBABLY be dancing to my own “drummer” ha ha, but whatever works, right!? Walking is a bomb work out too – it’s so under rated! And I used to just walk up and down the stairs a million times when I went to boarding school, had to do something! 😉

  51. Hi GiGi! Britney Spears is looking fabulous these days. I would love to get drenched but I live in south Florida. :( Oh well, I’ll just have to work out at the beach. 😛 Great video! Loved the exercise tips. I’m trying the dips today! 😀

  52. Fun post and really good video! Now I’m exhausted — think I’ll eat a muffin to recovery. :-)

  53. Okay… I’m laughing out loud right now. You’re hilarious! I’m subscribing now! :)

    • WOOP WOOP! Love me some new FRIENDS :) You’re more than welcome to show up at my door step ANY TIME! I may however throw a waffle at you! ha ha.

  54. Thanks for bringing us the play by play, I feel so “versed”. 😉 I noticed how horribly photo-shopped Britney’s pic was on that magazine but aside form that horrid photo, she is looking really great. Glad she finally stayed out of the negative media, her talent is pretty awesome, and concerts, amazing!

    • Yeahhhhh the photo shop work, NOT THE BEST… But I agree, her work outs are very do-able and realistic, with awesome results!

  55. LMBO!!! Hilarious!!! My favorite workout is biking! I never feel more powerful then after a good biking! Running is a close 2nd. I enjoy biking but nothing beats lacing up your shoes and running out the door. Biking requires too much prepping. I listen to all types of music…gospel, R&B, Pop…anything that’s not too slow. My problem area is my hips/butt and thighs and everything is calling me. lol #TeamChristinaAguilera

    • Nothing truly feels better than when you’re done with a work out, that’s for sure!!! I couldn’t agree more :) But oh man, I am going to have to disagree with your #TeamCA – lol!!!

  56. Your outfit is so cute! My favorite workout is called ‘Fun Dance’.. it’s like Zumba on steroids – SO much fun!

    • THANK YOU Yvonne! :) Fabletics is kind of AMAZING :)
      And um, FUN DANCE… SOUNDS LIKE MY JAMMMMM for sure!!!! I have to look into that!

  57. Bish you know i ain’t in the SoCal region! A nightclub workout experience does sound awesome.. Lol. :) I’m always having a party in my head though. The music never stops! :) Time to head to my son’s swim class so au revoir chicka! Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

    • THERE IS ALWAYS a party in my head too – THE BEST way to live, THAT IS FOR SURE :) I think this is why we get along so well – ha ha!


    Not going to lie, Britney > Christina. Of course you had to to go Drench when I was not there. Nasty.

  59. Running is forever and always my favorite workout and it barely feels like a workout <3 Unfortunately, it's not the best for getting toned haha…
    I was actually just reading an article about Britney Spears the other day! Can you believe she's only 33?! For some reason, I felt like she was a lot older…

    • Running is wonderful for getting toned! What are you talking about 😉

      And I really can’t believe she is even 33 – I feel like she’s still 16 to me! LOL!!!

  60. GiGi! You totally cracked me up with this post. But it did make me think about the uh, less than motivating music selection at the gym where my wife and I work out in the mornings. Usually it’s pretty average rock-style music, and that’s ok. I’ll take it. But there’s one employee who loves to blare the worst workout music EVER at 6am. I’m talking like “Horse With No Name” by America. Now I have no beef with America, but as a workout song? No thanks. Send me that new Britney Spears single any day over that!

    • UGH!!!! Either NO MUSIC or the BEST MUSIC! Bring some headphones and turn on that Pandora! I actually signed up for Pandora One (no commercials) and it makes a HUGE difference!! Highly recommended! It’s like giving the middle finger to that stupid gym employee without actually doing it. HA HA!

  61. Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board. Sounds like a fun work out :)

  62. I was Team Christina! I fancied myself to be a bad girl so she just moved my soul. LOL

  63. This is exactly like Shred415 in Chicago! I loveeeee this type of workout! It’s exactly what she said — totally a nightclub feel! No wonder Britney likes it :) also who in their right mind picked Christina over Britney? Come on.

  64. Power yoga all the way. In a hot studio. It allows me to eat cookies. Lots of cookies :)

  65. Great video interview w/ Julie! I RSVP’d for this event & can’t wait to attend it!

  66. I love kick boxing. Whether or not I’m doing the moves right it feels great and can be a stress reliever.

  67. Haha. Oh Brittany.

    And also, you are very great.

  68. You’ve got me inspired, I’m gonna dance cardio today dressed not in baggy sweats but in real, fab workout clothes like yours! And to britney spears.. can’t believe she is so young oh my god. 😛
    LOVED this post!

    Choc Chip Uru

  69. Drenched sounds awesome. I am about to start Orange Theory this week which is also HIIT workout.

  70. I think I’ll always be team Britney, just can’t help it! Sometimes I like to throw on my early 2000s music and go to town… slaaaaave for you.

  71. I would love to try Drench fitness and hope I would be able to keep up. Britney is looking buff – good for her!!!! That comes from hard work. Good for her. #wowlinkup

  72. Gigi girl, you are absolutely amazing. And that song should win a darn Grammy I tell you. If not, Kanye will go up on stage for you LOL

  73. Barb @ A Life in Balance says:

    Thank you for contributing to Motivation Monday!

  74. Brit Brit looks great and it looks like she has been working out hard. My favorite workouts are teaching step and boot-camp classes and trying to get back to teaching some hard core workouts. #wowlinkup

  75. I totally still have a supersoaker somewhere in my parent’s basement, it was life or death between my lil’bro and I.

    Thanks for the great new moves :)