Lets Taco Bout BumbleBee Seafoods

There are innumerable annoyances in the world… As I know you’re aware… Such as

  • Not being able to scratch an inextinguishable itch WHEN. YOU. NEED. TO.


  • YOU’RE ABOUT TO “BLOW” yet… There is NO lavatory… Or even a bush to squat behind… In sight!


  • Boarding your flight, thinking it’s on time (woo woo!)… Only to wait in the plane with broken air conditioning… Next to a rather plump seat mate who’s eating Taco Bell… For two hours and thirty-two minutes… And then your phone decides to be a little bitch.

Alien GiGi Dubois

  • When you’re trying to enjoy a nice gourmet meal, intellectual conversation or erotic novel… While lounging outside during your lunch break, when a bumble bee decides to un-welcomingly weasel his way in.


  • Being so HANGRY that… EVERYTHING just irritates you… Even a luxurious therapeutic massage.


While I wish I could put ALL of these “fires” out with my magical calming hose…

Oh wow, it sounds like I am coming clean that I “pack heat”… I DO NOT. PROMISE! 

This “hose” I speak of, can only do so much. However, its astonishingly pleasant capabilities may cancel out the fact that… It can’t wondrously make a bathroom appear when you’re Prairie-Dogging

Okay gross.


Any who… Back to the hose…

This serpent-looking garden tool will HOWEVER… Make you appreciate Bumble Bees AND cure your HANGRY (that is… If you’re not vegetarian and/or vegan)!

Bumble Bee Seafood is this hose I speak of… Which… Well, isn’t exactly a hose, but a seafood brand you might associate with cat food. Alas, it should not be, for not only are their canned foods… UH-MAZ-ING (have you tried their sun-dried tomato packed in olive oil variety yet?) but they just came out with a line of all-natural, restaurant quality, “fish-forward” prepared seafood solutions, called Bumble Bee SuperFresh®!


This seafood line = NO FUSS and NO MESS, but high in protein and seasoned to utter perfection… EXCELLENT for when you’re hangry

And if you’re thinking you’re just going to get gross soggy fish sticks… You’d be 100% wrong, for Bumble Bee SuperFresh®  has nothing to hide under heavy breadings, sauces, or a long list of unpronounceable ingredients.

While you can purchase their salmon and tilapia varieties… MMMM… Salmon with Garlicky Black Pepper and Extra Virgin Olive Oil My taste buds were drawn to… Their Seared Sushi-Grade Ahi Tuna


By the way… Would you like to know what else this “spell-binding” hose can do? It can MAKE YOU watch the LATEST GiGi Eats to see exactly how I utilized this incredible new addition to the Bumble Bee Seafood family… I promise you, this video is not as annoying as say… Getting locked out of your house.

Prepare to appreciate Bumble Bees?

Taco Bout This… Taco-Less Seared Tuna Taco


Taco Bout These Ingredients for this combo…

  • 1 Portobello Mushroom Cap (roasted) – another “taco shell” option, optional 
  • 1 Slice Eggplant (roasted) – another “taco shell” option, optional

Taco Bout Saucy…

Get Wrapped Up In This…

  • Mix all sauce ingredients in a bowl and set aside. 
  • Take one paleo wrap and lay it on plate, put a slice or two of nori on top, then place butter lettuce on top of that, and then set the sliced tuna on top of that. 
  • Top all of this off with a little bit of the sauce. 
  • Prepare to cure your HANGRY and appreciate Bumble Bees the second you…
  • Roll up this combo and shove in your mouth… Using extra sauce as a dip. 
  • If you want to use eggplant and/or portobello mushrooms as your “taco shell” swap in for the paleo wrap and nori! 


So Tell Me…

  • What ingredients get you “taco-ing”?
  • When you think of the BumbleBee brand, what comes to mind?
  • Have you found this new line of seafood at your supermarket yet?
  • Sushi/Sashimi – Yay or Nay?
  • To you, what is the most annoying thing in the world? (Biggest Pet Peeve)
  • What would your dream taco be filled with?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Well these look amazing!! I always thought that Bumble Bee only had canned tuna! I feel like we should do a sushi/taco fusion night soon!! I’m dying to try those seared tuna tacos! YUMMMMMMYYY!

    • Girl, I AM ALLLLLLLLL about sushi night, AS YOU KNOW – lol! And I am all about using my hands to eat, so TACO night is IN too! I have more of this tuna in my freezer – it’s on! 😛

  2. Whaaaat?!! I did not know these existed!! Going to try to find them later tonight at the store… These would be perfect for quick lunches. Also.. Can I come to yours+ Nat’s sushi/taco fusion night ^^ pleaaaaase?

    • BUT SERIOUSLY!!!! This is the best! When I discovered this, I pretty much DIED from excitement, because if you know me, you know I AM OBSESSSEDDDDD with seafood!!!

      AND HECK YES… You’re invited to sushi taco night! DUH 😉

  3. Yeah, canned tuna comes to mind also.

    Beautifully prepared and presented meal, GiGi!

    My only concern with this is the cost for the average person. For example, at my main supermarket they offer “select cuts” of seafood. If you calculate the cost per pound the cuts are well over $20 a pound and more than double the cost of the select your own cuts.

  4. Mmmm …. sounds delicious AND you just reminded me that I have some Ahi Mahi steaks in my freezer! I may just have to stop by HMart on my way home for some fresh seaweed, salmon roe and kimchi to make my tuna taco with for dinner! Pics should follow via Twitter, if I am not SO starving as to skip pics!

  5. That tuna looks freaking AWESOME!! I have to see if bubble bee is available in Canada.
    Yesterday, I was definitely Hangry last night. I needed a meal ASAP!!! Or I was gonna freak out!

    • DOESN’T IT!! I was so impressed with it, as you may have seen in the video 😉 I am so pumped to eat the other box I have in the fridge… WITH the paleo wraps! ha ha!

      AND UGH. I have been soooo hangry these past 2 days – hormones? I am thinking, yep! lol.

  6. That actually looks like really good tuna. ANd I love me some ahi.
    When am I NOT hangry is the question? I run (well, usually I do) marathons, after all. Hangry and rungry are my life.

    • Ah ha ha ha! OH MAN. I don’t know that I wanna hang out with marathoners too often…… I don’t need anyone chewing my head off 😉 HA! I will limit my marathon buddies to…. 4, you included! lol

  7. I saw the sun dried tomato olive oil tuna the other day and thought of you! We’re gonna have to have a Bumble Bee feast when I get back – I bet you’re excited about new food options! And I’m curious about that paleo wrap…


      Funnily enough though, I have had these Paleo Wraps in my house since like May…. And you and I never ripped into them! 😮

  8. Yaassss, I need this! I love fish, especially salmon, but my husband hates it. What’s wrong with him?? Either way, this will be perfect for making lunches for the week. I’m definitely looking for these at my grocery store.

    • OMG I dated a few guys that didn’t like fish… Yeah, those relationships obviously DID NOT LAST! It is a REQUIREMENT that the man in my life like fish… ESPECIALLY salmon, since I eat it pretty much DAILY.

      Let me know when you try these btw – I wanna hear your thoughts!

  9. Love tuna! I like to mash mine with avocado and capers and wrap in lettuce leaves! Seared tuna is amazing though!

  10. These look great! Got to try! Thank you.

  11. Sashimi girl but to expensive for a whole meal. And that is why I am loving that tuna in our non-taco! Seared tuna is the YUMMS. Will check out for this brand.

    • Sashimi is definitely expensive but I am so lucky and spoiled to live in LA where there are 13982392747923493 Japanese markets that sell very inexpensive sashimi! 😀

      But this Bumble Bee Seared Tuna totally fits the bill!!!!

  12. You are so hilarious! Also, the fish looks pretty good too. ha ha!

  13. Wait, what?!?! Bumblebee outside of the can? This looks delicious!!! #ineedthathotdogcostume

    • RIGHT?!?!?!? CANLESS Bumblebee SEAFOOD!!!! WOO WOO! Go get your mouth on this ASAP! 😛

      #thathotdogcostumecanbeyoursifyoucheckouthahahoodies.com LOL

  14. My eyes immediately zoomed in to the ahi tuna. All of them sound delicious though!

    • RIGHT?! My eyes went directly for the TUNA as well… I am pretty good with making my own salmon and tilapia, nahhh, not for me… But perfectly seared AHI – come to mama!!

  15. I’m of a generation who associates tuna with canned fish. I ate so many tuna sandwiches as a child I’m surprised I’m not a star Olympic swimmer. Back then, Bumble Bee was a major canned tuna brand. I have to admit, as much as I love the changes in the American diet since I was born in 1952, I do not like non-canned tuna.

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ah aha! Oh I definitely associate BumbleBee with CANNED tuna as well, and while they definitely are still KING in that department, they are kicking BUTT in the frozen section now too! :)

      But hey, if you don’t like non-canned tuna, then, why change a perfectly good thing? lol

  16. My husband would like these. He is a tuna steak fan.

  17. What a great variety of way’s to prepare this for lunch or dinner. I always have a few cans on hand but definitely have to try this with the coconut wraps. I never would have even know if you hadn’t posted.
    This will be my next new thing to try :)

  18. Ohhhh, I’m going to have to check and see if they have this brand in Canada – looks scrumptious! Dream taco? Funny but I’ve only made tacos once at home and they were salmon tacos and I’m posting them next week. It never occurs to me to make them for some reason!
    LOL @ the passenger beside you eating Taco Bell. To me, that’s good enough reason to call the Air Marshall, lol.
    So glad I finally had a chance to visit. I’ve been AWOL from commenting on friends’ blogs lately. Good to see you’re still your wonderfully crazy self, girl!

    • SALMON TACOS!! I cannot wait to see this recipe and photos, because knowing you, the photos are going to make me want to eat my fist, LOL!!!

      And I always appreciate when you come to visit, ESPECIALLY when you’re super busy! Makes me feel EXTRA special! 😛

  19. I love seared tuna! This recipe sounds amazing!!!!


  20. When I think of BumbleBee, it screams canned tuna to me. This packaged seafood looks convenient if you’re in a rush. I have not seen it in my natural grocery store. My favorite taco is one with a handmade corn tortilla, pulled pork, smoked gouda, pickled onions and an amazing hot sauce.

    My airplane pet peeve is someone whose music is so loud it seeps from their ear buds leaving me with an annoying tinny sound that no matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to ignore. Thanks for the fun!

    • Oh I completely agree – TOO LOUD MUSIC makes me want to SWAT the person over the head who is listening to it… And I secretly curse that they will go DEAF! LOL!!! I definitely would NEVER share my tuna tacos with them! 😉

  21. I just recently heard that BB had frozen meals. These are great for my family on a busy weeknight. They love tuna seared.

  22. I wish I liked fish! I know it is good for you! :) You are a great spokesperson!!!!

    Annoying, Kenye West, the Kardashians, still bug the shit out of me along with a lot of the other celebs that think they are just the best when they are ridiculously stupid! Jaded from living here! 😉

    • Ugh, I wish you liked fish too Jody!! :( None? NONE at all? Womp Womp. I guess, MORE for me! ha ah!

      As for celebrities, It’s so funny how my perception of them has changed since moving to LA. They’re just people, so who cares?!?!?!

  23. excuse me while i go find a bush! 😉
    no really, BLOWN AWAY! Love this and your nori sheets are spot on with the tuna! you know this

  24. Love all your expressions!

  25. I wish I liked fish. I occasionally force myself to eat it because I know it’s good for you. Halibut, I can handle but it’s so expensive!

    • Ugh, yeah… Halibut is pretty dang expensive :( I am sad to hear you have to force yourself to eat fish… What is it about the stuff that you’re not a fan of – taste? Consistency? Texture?? I want to help you get over it! LOL!

  26. Really like the eggplant taco shell idea — really good. Haven’t heard about Bumble Bee’s frozen stuff — thanks for the heads up. And frozen seafood is usually the way to go IMO — it’s typically fresher than “fresh.”

    • All the seafood you see on the Whole Foods “fresh” seafood counter… Is all PRE FROZEN! ha! Actually all seafood in ALL supermarkets are!! They have to be, to kill parasites – so really, nothing is fresh! 😉

  27. MMMM….I love Bumble Bee products. I had no clue they had products like this. I will be sure to check this out the next time I hit up the grocery store. And PS – I always make a nice coleslaw and avocado sauce to go with my fish tacos. YUMMY!

  28. As I recall from a show about sushi chef, Jiro (maybe the movie, Jiro Dreams of Sushi), said that sushi-grade seafood is frozen to some sub-zero temperature to kill the parasites AND give the flavor; said that fresh fish has “no” flavor. And that seafood not frozen to the degree labeled as “sushi-grade” is not intended to be eaten raw/as sushi.

  29. Found a webpage about sushi discussing freezing seafood (an FDA law, it appears) for raw consumption and some discussion of the differences between freezing temperatures. http://www.nytimes.com/2004/04/08/nyregion/sushi-fresh-from-the-deep-the-deep-freeze.html

    • I do love me some sashimi, but honestly, when I go to sushi it’s typically for salmon skin and unagi… Both cooked! 😉

  30. This sounds really delicious!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  31. That tuna looks SO good! I loveeee me some seafood!

  32. I had no idea they made these! And seared tuna too?

  33. Very interesting new products. I’m more into lentil tacos and I don’t the Bumble Bee line will have that option soon. :-) But lots of inspiration in this post, thanks! Hmmmm, tough to nail down the biggest pet peeve, but the plane story is pretty close!

  34. Gigi — I love that seafood!! Isn’t it SO good?! Your video was fun, too. :)

  35. Hmm.. what comes to mind? Not cat food! I think I think of my mom making tuna salad for us all on weekends.
    I’m pretty intrigued by their fresh options. Super cool brand.

    • DUDE OH MAN – yeahhhhh Bumble Bee brings back memories of my mom trying to feed me tunafish bagels… On Ezekiel Bagels none the less… I was so popular in the lunch room! LOL!

  36. Have not seen this line of seafood products in my local store, but have to say that I’m pretty impressed with it. Love both sushi and sashimi so would be open to purchasing the tuna for a quick lunch or dinner. It really bothers me when I’m in a small area (like the produce dept at the grocery store) and someone is on the phone talking very loudly. Tacos are my bag, baby, and I love anything taco-related. My must haves are avocado and sharp cheddar cheese :)

    • I think some avocado in my seared tuna taco would kick some serious BOOOOTAYYY!!

      And you will most certainly be impressed with this tuna, it is 10000% top notch!

  37. I’d be all about the lettuce wrap. The paleo wraps look…odd. I’m sure they are tasty though ahah. Just give me everything to wrap up…minus the fish.

    • Britt – YOU WOULD TOTALLY LOVE THIS COCONUT WRAP! I have zero clue why the hell I didn’t have you try it when you were here!!!!

  38. You are so punny Gigi 😉

    I love the portabello mushroom sub-in for a taco shell idea. Portabellos are magical, haha!

  39. Oh man, I love sushi so much I can’t even stand it. That Ahi Tuna looks amazing! I’ll have to see if they have any at my local stores!

    • Sushi + Me = BESTIES FOR LIFE!! I swear if I die of anything, it will be mercury poisoning… LMFAO!!! Not to get morbid or anything!! LOL!

  40. I can’t WAIT to be able to eat sushi and raw fish again!!! I am totally stocking up on this for easy post baby meals! Let’s go on a sushi date after she’s born…

  41. I will literally eat sushi on anything. At any time of day. Vegas thinks I’m weird, but salmon is a legit breakfast.

  42. OMG I totally forgot about the term prairie dogging. Thank you for reminding me hahaha

  43. “Yum yum Bumble, Bumblebee Tuna, I Love Bumblebee, Bumblebee Tuna”- that’s exactly what comes to mind when I think of Bumblebee. And now, that song will be stuck in my head all night- thanks a helluva lot GiGi!! This product looks amazing, I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it!

  44. GiGi, I got so excited about this product, but I’m gutted as I can’t currently see it anywhere in my local supermarket here in Glasgow, Scotland! I’ll keep searching. If anything it’s certainly set up my appetite for when it does arrive here! :-)

    • Ugh. I don’t know that it’s in Scotland just yet — But they need to BUZZ their way on over there! ha. See what I did there? 😉

  45. What a great video, well done. Tuna taco, Looks wonderful.
    Thanks for the fun and good food that you bought to the party.
    Fridays Blog Booster Party #32

  46. I had NO idea that Bumble Bee made such yummy things!! Definitely a surprise!

  47. The fresh Bumblebee fish looks so good! I don’t think we have any of that here or I would be buying it up. The tuna looks amazing. One of our favorite restaurants serves an ahi tuna nachos with wonton chips and wasabi sauce and it is amazing!! I need to make my own version and post it sometime

  48. This was the funniest post! Love it! I’m gonna go look for that ahi tuna though. Yum!

  49. This recipe looks good

  50. The product looks absolutely yummy. But more than that I loved your expressions, they were hilarious.

    • Ah ha ha ha!!! I am very flattered that you like my facial expressions more than the product, lol! That says a lot because this tuna kicks BUTT!

  51. How convenient! I would love these :) I absolutely love sushi/sashimi! I typically order sashimi if a restaurant doesn’t offer brown rice for my sushi. Yes, I’m one of those…

  52. I never heard of this brand. I will have to go scope out the supermarket now. Thanks for sharing. Oh! I am definitely a sushi fan! So, Yay!

  53. I really want that sushi grade ahi tuna! It looks amazing! And that salmon sounds delicious too!

    Late last month, I went to a sushi buffet on my own and packed down 100 pieces of sushi/sashimi, plus some green tea ice cream and fresh fruit, so um, definitely yay on that. :]

    • OMFG OMFG WHAT SUSHI BUFFET IS THIS!? How much did it wind up being? I HAVE ALWAYS wanted to go to one, I would have downed 500 pieces of sashimi, NO JOKE!!!

      • This one was in New Jersey, but I’m sure there have to be some in the LA area!

        + this is why I feel we’d get along swimmingly. We should totally find one and take on the world (that world that is downing sashimi like there’s no tomorrow! <3!)!. I had an 8 hour exam/the last of my boards licensing exams coming up that Monday, so I figured I should probably curb my fanatical feasting a little bit! 😛

  54. That looks so delicious! Like a sushi taco, two of my favourite things :) I’ll have to look at the ingredients lists for allergy stuff, but oh man, I’ll definitely have to try them! Seared tuna is the beeeeest.

  55. Taco bout — too funny. It actually took me a moment to get that. Look at all these comments. Quite an engaged community!
    Nice to see you.

  56. Girl – this is always a great read AND I learned something new today – love that! Didn’t know bb made this product, must go on a mission to find. Thanks for sharing with us at #TryaBiteTuesday – hope to see you again this week – tweeted & pinned to pass the word.

  57. Yum! I had no idea – have to try these!

  58. Hi Gigi, black beans and cheese get me taco-ing. Tuna makes me think of bumble bee. have not found at my supermarket. Sushi yay! My pet peeve is baaad drivers. Dream taco, beans, cheese and avocado. Great post!

  59. Damn girl! Do not use your teeth to open packages that are hard to open. That is my peeve for the day. Especially when you have to cut open those plastic encased things and almost kill yourself. That being said-we love tuna in all forms. Will have to keep an eye out for this bumblebee!

  60. I’m not a huge lover of fish, but these look like a great way to teach myself to like fish! Ha! They also look pretty fool proof, so I don’t think I could mess it up. Gotta try these!!!

    • YES! Did you watch my video because that is EXACTLY what I said, ha ha ah ah!!!! This will turn you into a FISHYYYYY LOVER 😉

      AND THEY ARE TOTALLY fool proof because ALL you have to do is THAW!

  61. I cannot stand being Hangry! It’s the worst. I’m like a monster when in that state of mind. When I think of tacos I think of GROUND BEEF! Nom nom nom :) Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

    • Ugh, I feel like I am ALWAYS hangry! LOL!!!!!!!! I feel bad for man friend a lot of the time, he def puts up with a lot! Love him for that, and so much more – LOL

  62. Hi GiGi,
    Taco about creative! I loved your fun and tasty (of course) approach to the post and video! Thank you so much for sharing this healthy, delicious recipe with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  63. Hey GiGi, this post was in the TOP SIX most clicked on Fridays Blog Booster Party #32 and will be FEATURED on Friday. Good job!

  64. That fish fillet on top just spoke to my heart!

  65. Thanks for linking up to last week’s Tasty Tuesday linky. I’ve pinned your recipe to the Creative K Kids Pinterest board. I hope you’ll join us again this week.

  66. Sushi/Sashimi very Yay! I love this, in fact I can eat them everyday

  67. That sashimi looks really good! I’m going to look for it when I go to the store! Do you know which stores carry it? (Some where like Von’s or Stater Brother’s or do I need to go to Whole Foods to find it?)

    • Albertson’s I know carries it and I do believe Vons does as well! If you head to their web site, you can see all the stores that carry it for sure! :) It’s sooooo good, get on it girl! LOL!

  68. hmm. looks very tasty

  69. Cooking fish intimidates me because I don’t do it often enough – same with pie crust, but that’s another story. This looks like something I could handle. Thanks for sharing on Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesdays link up. Hope to see you back next week.