I Found My Doppelganger

Way back when, people used to mistaken me for one of the Olsen twins (true story).

Olsen Twins

Now a days, people think I look a tad bit like Gwyneth Paltrow and/or Kelly Ripa.

Kelly Ripa and GiGi Dubois

And oddly enough, I have heard countless times, that I look identical to Amy Smart, when you turn her head upside down and cover her eyes…?

Amy Smart

Well, while I have been chased down for autographs on more than a few occasions (apparently I am more Ashley than Mary-Kate), I do believe I have officially found my TRUE doppelgänger! 

Caffeinated Club

GiGi Eats Celebrities drinking Caffeinated Club


If you’re curious as to Caffeinated Club and my extreme similarities… Then chug the latest GiGi Eats video!

If you’re looking for a BOOST…. Then grab a refreshing, calorie and sugar-free treat, yes I am referring to either Caffeinated Club or myself, when I say that! 

So Tell Me…

  • Who is your celebrity doppelgänger?
  • Are you a fan of carbonation?
  • What food do you think most represents your personality?
  • Are you a slave to caffeine? 
  • How do you reboot when you’re afternoon DRAG kicks in?
  • Can you tell the different between Mary-Kate & Ashley? 
  • Anyone else get HUGE bags under their eyes thanks to allergies?! (It looks like Lindsay Lohan decked me in the face)

If you want to try Caffeinated Club… Request to have your grocery store carry it

GiGi poses with Caffeinated ClubTasty Tuesday Link Up



  1. What an interesting product. I usually only drink coffee to get my energy kick. I’d be curious to try this, although I’m not holding out to think that anything will replace my morning coffee. My husband doesn’t like me without my coffee.

    Caffeine and me have a love-hate relationship. I never seem to get enough sleep and drink a million cups of coffee, which leaves my stomach hurting. When I was pregnant, the thought of coffee made me sick, but sadly that’s over now.

    Seeing the Olsen twins always makes me feel old. I’m a year younger than them, but I can’t help but associate them with all of those movies from way back when. And no, I have no idea what the difference is between them.

    • How did you get your energy when you were pregnant? Also, do you have a specific time that you stop all caffeine intake? I typically won’t allow any caffeine after 1 or 2pm to ensure I get a sexy amount of sleep!!! But I don’t get my caffeine from coffee, long story, but it reminds me of my stomach surgery and that just makes me nauseous! ha ha.

      And right?! I see the Olsen twins and feel old myself! I still watch Full House re-runs! LOL

  2. Well my delusions draw me to believing I look like Mark Sinclair ( guess who ? ) mirror mirror on the wall who is the most delusional one of all ME !!! This drink is what I need by the case, I am the caffinator :)
    My afternoon is about 4:00 am :/ so must find these soon. Filming huh what’s going on GiGi were getting snippets, come clean it all comes out in the end :) that sounds weird. Trying to find a better job to eliminate the laundry bags under my eyes. These days both twins look like hell, very sad to much to soon.

    • You and I BOTH have laundry bags under our eyes! OMG maybe we are doppelgangers!! 😉 😉

      And I will fill you in more on filming when I get some FOOTAGE! – going back in today, will post some twitter photos!

  3. Some peeps say my celebrity doppelgänger is Catherine Zeta Jones – but I don’t see it!
    I am not a huge fan of carbonation but I am a HUGE fan of coffee – in fact, I think I have coffee running through my veins! And that would make me a slave to caffeine – in fact when the mid afternoon slump hits I grab me a cup of -yes, you guessed it – coffeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! But am thinking I need to try something less acidy – like this Caffeinated Club because I cannot afford to have you flown over!

  4. You DO look like Kelly! I love her. And her arms. I got 80’s Belinda Carlile when my hair was really short. When I was a kid I looked just like Drew Barrymore (sans drug habit). Now… I don’t know. I’m an original, dammit.

    • ORIGINAL IS THE BEST WAY TO BE!!! Ha Ha! Sometimes people say “oh I saw your twin the other day” and I get all pissed off because I am like, UH NO… I AM ONE AND ONLY BITCHES! lol!!! I am going to keep my eyes open for your twin!! ha ha.

  5. I don’t believe it, when they made you they broke the mold!!

    Patrick Bergin is my twin!

    I do not have any caffeine.

    I can easily tell the difference now as they are fraternal, but when they were little, no way!

    • Ah ha ha ha!!! YES THEY BROKE THE MOLD!!! I am wrong, I do not have a doppelganer 😉

      And OH SNAP! You are PATRICK!

  6. I’m not a coffee fan (unless it’s in tiramisu, haha!) The fact this comes in different flavours would be perfect for me :) I’ve been told I look like Katy Perry several times, but it’s just the black hair/fringe thing, lol!

    • YOU DO look a bit like K.Perry!!!!!! I have definitely noticed that! 😉 Try dying your hair BLUE and see if you still get it? LOL!

  7. You do resemble Kelli but way more beautiful! When I was younger, people told me I looked like Ali MacGraw, after three kids and peri-menopause I look like a drunk Johnny Depp as Edward scissorhands — minus the scissorhands … #twins

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      OMG I SEE THE RESEMBLANCE – LMFAO jk jk jk!!!!!! I just seriously busted out laughing!!!!

  8. I can totally see Kelly Ripa. I’ve been told I look like Christina Ricci. We both have big foreheads, soooo.

  9. You’re so funny! The hair looks great and no I don’t chop my own hair but I def make an appt ASAP for someone else to do it. I wonder if this could really replace my morning lattes, cuz that’d be sweet!! Is it bubbly? Thanks for sharing your twin with us!

    • It is bubbly. I think if you drank 2 – 3 of them, you could totally replace your morning latte!!!!! :) You should totally give it a shot!

  10. Wow! I can totally see you as Kelly Ripa and Amy Smart. I’m not really sure who my celebrity doppelgänger would be? My mom used to tell me that I looked like Kirsten Dunst in Spiderman (when she had red hair) but I never really saw that. I’d be interested to see who others think I look like!

  11. You are legit the third Olsen twin.

  12. The only other Asian actress I know is Lucy Liu, so I guess she’ll be my doppleganger! I can’t believe how much you resemble Kelly, it’s crazy!

  13. I definitely see Amy Smart! And Kelly Ripa in that picture! :) I don’t think I have a celebrity doppleganger. Can’t ever think of one! I do like carbonation sometimes. I get random cravings for it!

    • I crave carbonation too!!!!!! Especially when I eat a ton of sodium – MMMMMMM 😉 Water sucks, CO2 is better lol

  14. You definitely favor Kelly Ripa. Almost like the two of you could be related. I’ve never had anyone tell me I looked like a celebrity. If I did, I would’ve remembered lol.

  15. Wait, you’re already so sparkly naturally, I can’t imagine the awesome power of the effervescent supernova that might be created by adding caffeine and carbonation… Do we have to worry about the fate of the galaxy?

    I kinda wish I had a celebrity doppelganger, NO ONE ever mistakes me for anyone who could conceivably be famous.

  16. I need to check that Caffeinated thing, sounds pretty legit!

  17. You don’t seem to need extra caffeine to have all that pizazz. Pizazz is an awesome word as well; where else can you use three Zs (in Canada we say Zed) 😀 My caffeine comes in dark chocolate.

  18. I am off the crack-coffee/energy drinks. Now, the only form of energy I consume is from a Kill Cliff. I’m not as energized and hopped up as I once was in my early twenties, but my adrenals are much happier.

    I’ve been told I look like Ellen Page before and once Jennifer Aniston. Frankly, I think those people were actually on crack at that time. I do have a local twin though. We are mistaken for one another all the time. It’s hilarious!

    • YOU DO LOOK LIKE A CELEB but I cannot pin point which one…….. I need to think about who the heck I am thinking of. You could totally be a mix between Ellen Page and Jennifer Aniston though for sure! Perhaps I am on crack too? LOL!

      Are you and your local twin friends?

  19. I get Halle Berry a lot but it’s clearly JUST the arms…which I’m totally ok with. I love carbonation and usually have something sparkly on the weekends because I’m just that crazy. The food that best describes me should be small, spicy and fast…so basically nothing I would ever eat :-)

  20. Love your hair, and as I’ve said before NO I cannot cut my own hair. I am told my dopplegidihetih whatever is Ashley Judd. She’s pretty legit so I’ll take it. I get my caffeine from the one and only BLACK CRACK.

  21. Oh you are way prettier than the Olsen twins or Kelly R! Mine would be Jennifer Anniston I think our hair looks alike

  22. I was thinking that you hair looked shorter! I’m impressed that you cut it yourself!!!
    I get my caffeine from my daily dose of Excedrine Migraine (every single morning)!!

  23. You are adorable!! To be confused with those beautiful women – how lucky are you!

    I have not heard of this but you know I love my caffeine so will check it out! :)

    Old age & tired bags under the eyes! :)

    • I have to say, I AM THANKFUL that I am compared to these beautiful celebrities as opposed to…. Yes, I will not name any names.

      And Ugh, under eye bags! I need to up my water intake!

  24. Hmm.. I think you just look like you! I bet you get stopped a lot, though. How fun.
    I’ve been told Anne Hathaway but it’s hard to see it.
    I don’t like carbonation. I’m a bit lame! You’re selling it, though!

    • :) I am ME!!! NO ONE ELSE is me or looks like me! I LIKE IT!!!

      And I can see Anne a little bit, but she has much shorter hair than you these days! You’re far hotter – FYI and NICER!! (shhhhhhhhh! I didn’t say that)

  25. Ahhh!! you are so funny! :) …and I don’t really think I have one! haha… wish I did though!

  26. It’s true! You do resemble a number of these fabulous women! As for coffee, I only drink one that is infused with ganoderma (which is known for it’s healing properties) and very low caffeine. I ran out last week and drank “normal” coffee. WOW! I became so hyper and bitchy! So glad I received my order yesterday! Now, I am back to normal! LOL!

    • Ha ha ha ha! Seriously – Coffee releases the hyper bitch in everyone!!!! I am thrilled you got more of your coffee though, I hate when I run out of my “thing” and have to use some crappy replacement!!

  27. Ha! You do look like the 3rd Olsen twin!
    People say that I look like Jackie Chan (just joking). There aren’t many Asian celebrities here in America and people tend to associate Asians with Jackie Chan…or Bruce Lee. And, also, I don’t look as good as celebrities. lol
    Caffeinated Club sounds like an interesting drink. I’ll have to try it. I’ve been using coffee as my source of caffeine.

    • LMFAOOOOOOOOO Hey Jackie – can I call you that now Helen??? LOL 😉

      And girllllll Celebrities are 1000000% FAKE! You like 294328942398423984 x better than ANY OF THEM!

  28. I love me some La Croix sparkling water and this is one up to that with caffeine! It’s the perfect afternoon pic me up… I requested it at my grocery :) You could definitely pass as a younger Kelly Ripa. I love her. And you <3 You can be her placement when she leaves LIVE. Do it. No ones ever said i looked like anyone… other than my MOM!

  29. Meh, I think you’re better looking than any of those women. Which is exactly what my mom would tell me when people said I looked like Suzanne Somers. And what I told myself when someone said I looked like Tanya Harding.

  30. You are twins! You and Kelly and you and the drink (but your way cuter).

  31. I wouldn’t say no to having the Olsen Twins as my Doppelgänger…preferably just in terms of looks though! It’s crazy to think that lil Michelle from Full House ended up being all into drugs!

  32. Yep, I can see the Amy smart similarities. Someone told me that I look like taylor shilling……I am not sure thats a compliment hahaha, especially if they are saying it based off orange and black!

    This soda sounds good, I love that it is safe and healthy! Will check them out next time I see them!

    • Dude Taylor is beautiful so take it, take it!!! :) It’s just in terms of looks, not how she acts on Orange is the new Black – ha ha!

  33. when I was little? VALERIE BERTINELLI.

  34. awww, the cutie Olsen twins! could see how you’d get mistaken for them, esp how they look in that picture. i’ve gotten told i look like a bajillion diff celebrities over the years, basically anyone with dark hair and/or big blue eyes, so i just tell myself it’s all subjective and who knows. :) i get Katy Perry and Zoe Deschanel most regularly, and used to get Kate Middleton and Demi Moore a lot. must be the make-up, when that ever happens lol. i’ll take ’em all, but be super happy just being me. :) i have to check out that drink — love anything sparkling and caffeine, so it sounds like a win for me!

  35. Aren’t we all spaces to caffeine?

    I totally see the MK & A resemblance! I don’t think this, but more than one person has said I favor Denzel Washington. Again, not me saying that! Although, I don’t mind that comparison at all!

    • Denzel huh?!?!?!? That is a VERY HUGE compliment and I have met him before… So now I have to meet you and see if I can truly compare you two!

  36. I can totally see Kelly Ripa! Will I see you on The Bachelor with Farmer Chris???
    I am digging the carbonation lately with Dasani sparkling and LaCroix. Tasty! But no caffeine…

    • No Bachelor this coming season, but if I am single when they’re casting for the next season, I will have to jump on it! 😉

  37. Fun stuff! And this really is your doppelgänger — the carbonation alone totally matches your bubbly personality! :-) Really good — thanks.

  38. I always thought you looke like Kelly Ripa, who is also gorg! I dont think I have a celebrity lookalike- not enough of them have curly hair!

  39. Funny! I can see all of those celebrities in your face. I’ve heard I look like a ton of people. It used to be Julia Stiles, then it was Rachel McAdams and the latest was Angelina Jolie. I like all of those, but don’t see it at all! hahahah! I like to get my caffeine from green tea. Happy Wednesday:)

  40. The only celebrity I’ve ever been told I look like is the main character from Bones… Emily Deschanel? I love using the Soda Stream to carbonate plain water then adding a little bit of fruit juice for flavor. Yummy!

    • She’s adorable so that’s a wonderful compliment!! :)

      And I have a soda stream too but I feel like it really hurts my stomach, almost too much carbonation!

  41. Hi GiGi,
    I love caffeine and I chug down 2 or more mugs of green tea a day so I love the idea of drinking Caffeinated Club. I can carry it with me to the gym or just keep it near for a little energy boost. Thank you for sharing this delectable drink with us at the Special Holiday Edition: Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog
    Hop 2014. Happy Holildays! All the best to you, Deborah Davis

    • It’s the BEST for toting with you on the go and you can drink three of them and feel super hydrated but also energized! :)

  42. I see Ashley! But, then again I adore Amy Smart (Best Friends is my absolute favorite, I need a laugh movie) so I’m partial to that twin for you :) Back in college I got told I looked like Molly Ringwald but I always hated that comparison! I haven’t heard of Caffeinated Club before! You always share such great food finds!

    • I haven’t seen Molly very much so I am not sure I can agree with the comparison to you! You are just your own person – how about that? LOL!

      And I just watched JUST FRIENDS the other day! SOOOO FUNNY, ha ha ah ha ha ah! Anna Faris is my all time favorite!

  43. ohh you do look like kelly! but you are way prettier!

    and i love carbonation, i need this caffeinated club!

    • <3 Why THANK YOU!

      And um, thought = WE should create a carbonated water line, they can taste like your Healthy Bites, LOL!

  44. I didn’t know mary kate and ashley were different people, well I actually did but not enough to care who was who

  45. Oh my gosh you do kind of look like the twins!! I don’t see Gwyneth paltrow though! I loved that video, super cute! I have been told I look like Brooke Shields my entire life since I was a kid and Denise Richards as I’ve gotten older…which I see the similarities because of the greenish-blue eyes and dark eyebrows. I used to have some lighter streaks in my hair too that made the similarity more. I’m glad I am not 6 ft tall though, lol! Then I’d be taller than all of my friends, lol!

    • There is one headshot I have where everyone thinks I look like G. Paltrow but whateverrrrrr! I think I just look like me – ha ha!

      And HUBBA HUBBA – Brooke Shields huh?! You are a hottie even if you’re not 6 ft tall!

  46. I lovvvve carbonation! That bubbly, fizzy feelings — love it. I can’t believe they make caffeinated club soda now! Sounds like a perfect mixer for my best friend vodk……I mean, vitamin water.

    • AHHHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA AH AH HA AH AH AH AHA HA!!! Hey, no shame in having a bestie in Vodka 😉 As long as it’s a long-distance friend!

  47. You do look like an Olsen twin! I never realised that before :)

  48. How fun! You do look like Gwyneth, I think (no joke) :)

  49. I don’t think I have one, but coffee and I are likethis.

  50. LOL as soon as I read the title I was like hmmm… I’m gonna like this one 😛
    You are way prettier than your celebrity dopplegangers though coz, for one thing, you look fit, not rib-showing skinny + your smile is better 😀
    Such a fun read mate!

    Choc Chip Uru

  51. Now that you’ve pointed it out, you totally do have a doppelgänger! Love the caffeine kick of those!

  52. Given I have yet to post pictures of myself on the blog I could go with ANY celebrity as my potential doppelgänger [<- German word, yay!]. Hm … Miranda Kerr! [wishful thinking].
    Actually, I -can- tell the difference between the twins because I used to be a huge Mary-Kate and Ashley fan for a while years ago. Unless you were talking about their Full House years – who can tell it at that age? And now a night of watching old episodes sounds like a pretty good idea on this cold day.
    I'd sip and join that Caffeinated Club right then and there but duh duh .. .Germany. Use your influence and convince the company to expand 😉 .

  53. I used to get Emmy Rossum in high school… I kind of see it but not really haha. I’ve also gotten an Olsen once or twice…

  54. Those are some awesome celebrity doppelgangers… lucky!! I don’t have any one specific. Sometimes people say Princess Kate (which is amazing!) other times I get Christina Ricci (not as awesome!).

  55. Thanks for the info! And that is so funny about all of your doppelgängers!

  56. crazy! I guess you just have one of those faces

  57. Hahaha seeing as I’ve met you in real life, it’s definitely Kelly Ripa. You’re not pouty enough for an olsen twin. 😉

  58. I love carbonated drinks– but I am always trying to cut down on caffeine, not add more in! I drink coffee and tea until about 2– then just water or club soda afterwards.

    I used to live in Korea, and I looked like “any blond celebrity” — Paris Hilton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston, — all women I don’t resemble at all except maybe the hair! It was hilarious.

    • That’s too funny! Those Asian countries love their blonds!!! I guess they all think we Americans look the same, while we think all Asians look the same… Like Lucy Lui or Jackie Chan? LOL!!!

  59. Who is your celebrity doppelgänger? I have no idea!
    Are you a fan of carbonation? Yep!
    What food do you think most represents your personality? Pasta lol
    Are you a slave to caffeine? Nope!
    How do you reboot when you’re afternoon DRAG kicks in? I don’t think I ever reboot.. lol pregnancy is rough on me!
    Can you tell the different between Mary-Kate & Ashley? Now I can, but earlier in their life I couldn’t.
    Anyone else get HUGE bags under their eyes thanks to allergies?! (It looks like Lindsay Lohan decked me in the face) I’ve got pregnancy bags due to not sleeping!

  60. I have been trying to figure this out this last year many people say Jennifer Love Hewit but I just don’t see it! You look like Kelly Rippas sister I think :) xo C

    • Hmmmmm a tiny bit JLH I can see… At first I thought you were going to say Jennifer Lopez… And um, NO! Your ass is tight and hot, not ginormous! LOL

  61. Hahaha I think you’re more Kelly Ripa and you’re definitely prettier than the Olsens (seriously!) Wishing you the best of the holidays too!!


    • THANK YOU REBECCA! 😉 Always love the Kelly compliments – if only she and I could meet sometime soon! Never say Never!

  62. soooo i don’t have a celebrate lookalike. am i the only one? it’s really too bad because i would get all sorts of thrills from being chased for my autograph (aka i would scream ‘not now! privacy!’, throw on my sunglasses and ask a retail shop to close for a few hours while i shopped in private).

    • BAH HA HA HA AH HA! Next time people confuse me for someone else, I will do JUST that – and dedicate my “act” to you 😉 The last time I got confused was at the airport a few months ago. I am going back in a week, so this could happen again ! ha ah

  63. YES you do look a lot like Kelly Ripa in that picture! And I also can see the Olsen twins in you.

    In this complex I used to live in, I would constantly see this guy when I walked my dog that would tell me I looked like Paris Hilton. I think he thought it was a compliment, but I always took it as an inaccurate insult! Haha.

    • I actually met P. Hilton before and she is pretty – she just seems stupid… But when you think about it, she’s actually pretty smart! She capitalized on her “stupidity”… Ha Ha Ha! Plus, I love her because she pointed to me out of a huge crowd and says, “wow, you’re so pretty!” – UM, BIGGGGEST PHilton fan, right here! LOL!!!!!!

  64. I think you look the most like Kelly Ripa.
    When I was a brunette I was told by quite a few people that I looked like the girl from Californication LOL.
    I don’t like carbonation–I grew up not being allowed to drink soda and I thank my parents to this day for that!
    I have an iced coffee that I make at home almost every morning.
    I can’t tell the difference between Mary Kate and Ashley. Who are they again LOL, I haven’t heard anything about them in forever.

    • I was never allowed to drink soda either, however, carbonated water, YES – it’s very European!
      BAH HA HA HA!!!! I am glad you “forgot” who the Olsen twins are…. They do not really matter! 😉

  65. that’s crazy that you were chased down! i was obsessed with MKA growing up haha…i can definitely see it…and you’re right — more ashley than MK :)

  66. I kicked my caffeine habit this year! It’s actually my post scheduled for tomorrow. Mine are: Serena Williams & Terri Vaughn and I totally see yours!

  67. You have quite a few doppelgangers! And this beverage sounds like something I need to try. I am definitely a slave to caffeine! Thanks for sharing this with Hump Day Happenings.

  68. Clever idea to see which celebrity you look like! I don’t really look like anyone famous, I just look like my mom.
    You have some good matches!

  69. I can see Kelly Rippa’s younger sister. Maybe you can play her in a movie.

  70. OMG! You totally look like the Olsen twins and Kelly Ripa and Amy Smart, lol!!! And no, I can’t tell the difference between them either! The only doppleganger I have is this creepy little girl from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth. We look so much like each other that I have trouble watching the movie because the resemblance is kinda crazy!

  71. Thanks for coming and linking up at The Weekend Social. Please be sure to come back next week starting Thursdays at 9PM EST The Midnight Baker! I hope to see you there!

  72. Calorie and sugar-free treat… I’m in! I love caffeine, my life is all about caffeine, actually. p.s. you look better than Ashley.

  73. I’m just seeing this now and it’s hilarious. I think you’re way cuter than an Olsen twin. They remind me of the twins from The Shining these days. Sorry! I have been told I have non-celeb doppelgangers constantly and like people are having some sort of deja vu experience even telling me about it. I have also been told I look like a bunch of people that I know I don’t look like because I would have gotten way more free drinks in my 20’s like Scarlett Johansson, a blonde Janeanne Garofalo, and the best “Kylie Minogue from her Neigbours days” .
    Also, I get my caffeine fix from all kinds of green teas and I love carbonation, I giggle near a SodaStream machine. :)

    • Ah ha ha! PHEW well then I am GLAD you don’t think I look like one of the twins from the Shining! ha ha ah!!! You made my day.

      I have to google Janeanne — because I am not too sure who she is, however I do know Kylie and Scarlett and they’re hotties so take it 😉

      Oh and I TOO giggle near sodastream machines, why have I not seen you yet? lol. What time are you hitting it up? 😉