Celebrity Calorie Conundrum Game Show





Well below there will be a series of three photos all of well-known celebrities, shoving globs on trans fatty acids in their traps. It’s your goal to figure out how many calories they’re wolfing down!

If you guess ALL THREE correct (or within 50 calories +/-) you will win a FIZZY PRIZE! — $2 off 6-Packs of ZEVIA coupons!

ALRIGHT… THINKING CAPS ON: ARE YOU READY?!Paula Deen wolfing down a burger, pre-diet

 One Quarter Pound Burger with Cheese, Lettuce and Mayo

Katherine Heigl eats a Ho-Ho
One Hostess Cupcake

Vince Vaughn chowing down on an ice cream cone

One Medium-Sized Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream With Sugar Cone

Once you have figured out the totals for each BINGE-FEST… Reveal your answers in the comments below and next week I will announce if you are indeed a WINNER!

So tell me…

  • Do you indulge in any of these diabetes enhancers? (okay, okay, a little harsh. A splurge once in a blue moon is just fine!)
  • Are you happy Twinkies are back?
  • If you are allowing yourself a treat, what’s you go-to food?
  • Do you like game shows? Which is your favorite?
  • Do you watch Jeopardy at night and scream out the answers thinking Alex will hear you?
  • Are you prepared for next week’s video……. What do you think it will be about?


  1. Not good at calorie counting but here goes: burger – 70 calories, cupcake -40, ice cream -50.
    •Do you indulge in any of these diabetes enhancers? No too much sugar for me. but then I do eat daily chocolate
    . What are Twinkies?
    •If you are allowing yourself a treat, what’s you go-to food? same for question two (mostly healthy though)
    •Do you like game shows? No
    •Do you watch Jeopardy at night and scream out the answers thinking Alex will hear you? No
    •Are you prepared for next week’s video……. What do you think it will be about? Mmmmm something topical-the weather, summer holidays?

    • Ha Ha! Well we will just have to see next week when I reveal the results of this little quiz!

      I am glad you DON’T KNOW what Twinkies are! They’re disgusting!

  2. Big mac: 1200 calories, cupcake; 250 calories ice cream cone 350 calories. I am not a hostess girl but I do love some McDonald’s french fries once a year and after I eat them my stomach replies what the?

    I love your website; what a fun way to give such excellent content!

    • I think I love the smell of McDonald’s French Fries… However, I haven’t set foot in one of those joints in eons! Ha ha. I love roasting green beans with salt – that is my FRENCH FRY replacement, soooo good! :)

      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. 750 for the burger (it looks like a double cheeseburger), 160 calories for 1 Hostess Ding Dong cupcake, and 350 for the vanilla cone.

  4. Hm let’s see…
    800 for the burger
    300 for the cupcake
    400 for the ice cream cone

    As much as I love sweets, I’m not a fan of twinkies or any of those Hostess-like desserts. They taste too fake to me. If I’m going to indulge, I’ll go with froyo, cookies, brownies, or really any homemade dessert. :)

    • They look so fake, so I am THRILLED you are NOT a fan of them! 😀 Your indulgences sound FAR BETTER – I feel like if I could, I would LOVE to wolf down a cinnamon bun! LOL!

  5. Where do you find these pictures. LOL. And yes, I do scream at Alex during Jeopardy. The answer is so easy sometimes. The contestants just don’t get it. LOL

    • HA HA! Oh the power of a search engine, LMFAO! I wish I could say I totally took these photos, I am such a celebrity STALKER LMFAO!!! 😉

      And I hear your about the jeopardy contestants!!! I am so good at that game too!

  6. HAHAHA this is too funny!! I bet I look just as fabulous when I’m eating as well ;).

    I’m guessing 720 for the burger, 150 for the cupcake, and 230 for the ice cream!!

  7. haha. this is hilare.

    burger: 670
    cupcake: 320
    ice cream with cone: 300

  8. Quarter pounder – 735
    Hostess cupcake – 280
    Ice cream cone – 375

    Jeopardy is one of my favorites but I like game shows in general (I grew up watching them with my grandparents!).

  9. I will eat a burger and I love game shows. Right now Family Feud is my favorite. I’m no good at this game but lets see…

    1 – 650
    2 – 200
    3 – 300

    Very creative!

  10. These pictures are hilarious because they are trying to be so inconspicuous but end up looking so awkward eating this food!

    I would guess:

    Burger – 340 calories
    Hostess cupcake – 140 calories
    Ice cream cone – 90 calories

    • Ah ha ha! You’re so right. They know people are watching and they’re probably thinking, “shit, my trainer might see me wolfing this down” – However, I doubt Paula cares! LOL!

  11. Erin from Long Island says:

    The burger is hard to say, there’s a bit of difference depending on where it’s from but I’d say roughly 700-900.
    Hostess cupcakes are 160 each
    The ice cream looks like about a serving and a half so i’ll go with 350-400 on that one.

    Twinkies should die a fiery death forever, my treat of choice is a handful of cocoa nibs or a piece of Ritter Sport dark chocolate covered marzipan (omfg so so so good)

    • You’re right – it is hard to tell with that burger, all I know is I kinda want a bunless burger (grass-fed of course) right now! LOL!

      UGH Lets be in on this together and KILL TWINKIES!!

  12. Burger- 750 calories

    Cupcake – 150 calories

    Ice Cream Cone – 200 calories

  13. I have no guesses, just love your clever game!

  14. Okay…hmmmm – Burger 750 calories, Cupcake 160, Cone 340!

  15. I am not good with this stuff so I will refrain BUT BALANCE IN LIFE for me so YES I do have my treats every week! I think when a person works out hard & eats great a majority of the time, treats are fine – enjoy life – it is short!:) When my mom got cancer, she could not even enjoy the foods she liked before she died – not gonna happen to me! :)

    Not a game show fan but was when I was younger! Jeopardy – a hubby thing – it makes me feel stupid! 😉

    omment luv is screwed up again everywhere for me – drives me nuts!!! :)


    • Ah yes, I know you and your cookie fetish! 😉

      You are very right about enjoying foods and life, because you never know when it all might be taken away from you.

      And yeah, comment luv doesn’t work for me on a lot of people’s blogs, but mine probably didn’t work yesterday because HOST GATOR was messing around with my blog, but now I think it’s back in action!

  16. Do you indulge in any of these diabetes enhancers? Donuts are my bitch! That and ice cream and anything sweet like that…not a candy kid though
    Are you happy Twinkies are back?
    If you are allowing yourself a treat, what’s you go-to food?
    A coke and a smile
    Do you like game shows? Which is your favorite?
    Price is Right all the way! I always have wanted to be on it to, I would suck though.
    Do you watch Jeopardy at night and scream out the answers thinking Alex will hear you?
    Nope I know him and his dago mustache would ignore me completely.
    Are you prepared for next week’s video……. What do you think it will be about?
    I am thinking an ice cream eating game show based on a famous youtube video? Am I right or what?

    • Ah ha ha! What’s your favorite kind of donut? When I ate them, I was all about the glazed, maybe some sprinkles or maybe the cinnamon powdered sugar ones, nothing toooooooo fancy!

      And… NOPE – YOU ARE WRONG about next week’s video! LOL!!! You will be surprised 😉

  17. I totally lost focus once I saw the hotess cupcake! What was the question again? OMG, I have not had one of those in years, thanks for the virtual pic Gigi :)

    • Ahha ha ha ah! Uh Oh! I am sorry to get your mouth watering! I honestly have never had one before in my life, they’re really that good?

  18. Him…total calories somewhere around the 900 mark.

    I eat crap…just not this crap. Chips and soda for me please.

  19. Love the picture of Vince. Is he deep throating that? Yikes!!

    burger – 800
    hostess – 250
    ice cream – 350

    Let the games begin!

  20. Burger: 1150 calories
    Hostess Cupcake: 160 calories
    Ice Cream: 245 calories

    I always indulge on holidays and vacations. I friggin deserve it! Never been a big fan of Twinkies unit about 3 weeks ago when I had a chocolate covered one at the beach. And my go to splurge food is doughnuts, Krispy Kreme, not Dunkin’ Donuts, they don’t glaze theirs before icing them with chocolate!

    • Uhhhhhh Krispy Kreme! I haven’t had one in 10 years but, MAN DO I REMEMBER them being AMAZING! 😀

      Noooooo – Put down the twinkie! LOL!

  21. Without looking these up, I’m guessing 650 calories for the burger, 250 calories for the cupcake and 300 calories for the ice cream. I’m really not that happy that Twinkies are back but I’m even more unhappy that it was major news when it happened. I mean, really!?

    • Well we shall see next week if you are correct :)

      OMG I totally agree with you! The uproar over Twinkies going off the shelves, I mean, so people REALLY eat those things, I feel like Chewy Chips Ahoy or something are eaten FAR MORE!

  22. I am not super good at calorie counting, but here it goes-
    Burger 875
    Hostess cupcake 140
    Icecream 350

    I think that cheat days are kind of necessary to keep ourselves in check. I definitely have my days of indulgence!
    Not super thrilled twinkies are back, mostly because I don’t eat them….

    • We will see how good you are next week 😉
      And I agree – cheat days are fine, as long as you keep it to once a week or once every 2 weeks!

  23. Those pics crack me up! Celebs are human I guess! :)

  24. Im a SUPER MARKET SWEET gurl!!
    have you even heard of that one? :)

    • I have NOT! Have you seen that new show on Lifetime, Supermarket Superstar? There have been 2 episodes and I love it so far!!

  25. burger 600, cupcake 200, cone 200

  26. This is too funny, and fun! My guesses:

    1. 1,200 calories
    2. 300
    3. 250

    I can say in all honesty that I don’t care at all about Twinkies…never eat them. My one go-to indulgence on occasion is good ice cream.

  27. That Paula Deen photo cracks me up….makes me never want to touch a burger again in my life {oh, but I will eventually}.
    I tend to indulge in cupcakes or donuts {the cream fillled ones} IF I am indulging.
    I also like wine, but I don’t count that as an indulgence since one glass every few nights keeps me from killing people the next few days. I do what I can to save others from my wrath! 😉

    • Paula Deen is just the image of health, isn’t she? LOL!

      Wine is a good indulgence, I agree, it’s healthy – lots of antioxidants and I guess it does have the power to calm your wrath! LOL!

  28. I love me some ice cream, cupcakes and popcorn!

  29. 1200 total for the three items?

    I still have Twinkies on the shelf from the 80’s! They never degrade because there is no food in them :-)

    I love Jeopardy but don’t always put the answer in the form of a question :-(

    • OMG that’s gross!! From the 80s! Can you open the package and cut it in 1/2 and then compare it to one that is on the shelves now?! I need to see if it’s ANY different – probably not! LOL!

  30. Is “I don’t wanna know” an acceptable answer for your calorie question? 😉

    Love the expression “diabetes enhancers”. I don’t indulge if they are not in the house, so… I don’t buy them!

    My favorite non-diabetic enhancer treat is smoked salmon.

    I don’t watch much TV other than documentaries and the Big Bang Theory. Does that qualify me for applying to a game show?

  31. I try to find HEALTHY substitutions for these babies 😉

    Burger – 600 calories
    Hostess cupcake – 350 calories
    Ice cream cone – 250 calories

    • Totally! I love me some burgers, but I grill up grass-fed ones and wrap it in lettuce, or a portobello mushroom or just eat it alone! 😀

  32. Howwww did you know I scream answers to Jeopardy at my TV!? Mainly I just get excited when I actually know an answer!! HAHA! I splurge on cake…or tiny cakes in cupcake form..and cookies. Other than that I eat cleaannnnn!! This allows me to splurge hahaha. I don’t however eat twinkies or any of these other shitty treats photographed. Although I would eat ice cream with VV because he looks like he is deep throating that shit.

    • LMFAO – Once again, we are the same. I too yell at my TV and then call the contestant an IDIOT when they don’t get it right (except then I get the next one wrong & they get it right, lol).

      VV can teach you a thing or two about deep throating? lol!!!!!

  33. I’ll hear you but I’m not Trebek

  34. Fun post!
    Pic 1: 850 cal
    Pic 2: 200 cal
    Pic 3: 600 cal

  35. This is awesome. Going to take a shot at it without looking it up on the internet – Paula about 670 calories, Katherine about 270, Vince – 350 calories. :)

  36. Satrbucks in the morning and ice cream at night… those are my vices and I run and eat salads in between. That balances out, right? Okay, how about if I RUN A LOT? Balanced more?

    • Satrbucks huh? That’s a new one, what is it? AHHHH HA HA HA HA! Just kidding.

      Naughty naughty sir! I mean, I guess I can give you some leniency because of all your running but……… STILL! lol

  37. Oh man, I don’t know why people eat stuff like that! If I’m getting a treat I’m getting a reaal treat, ya know? Like a nice fat piece of cake from a great bakery or a huge burger at a nice restaurant. Whatever makes you happy though, I just don’t find that junk worth it! (I sound like a food snob don’t I.. oh well! haha)

    • You don’t sound like a snob AT ALL – I am totally just like you, however my “junk” would be roasted butternut squash, and that’s not junk at all! Ah ha ha! I don’t want to put that junk food in my system #SNOBEATER – LOL!!!

      I now want a burger thanks to you though 😉

  38. Paula Deen’s cheeseburger: 700 calories

    Katherine Heigl’s hostess cupcake: 170 calories

    Vince Vaughn’s vanilla ice cream cone: 300 calories

    What fun! I can’t wait to see the actual results :)

  39. BAHAHA “diabetes enhancers” I am seriously cracking up!!

  40. Arrrgghhh just back from 5 days in the Sodom and Gomorrah of food, VEGAS if you ever want to see
    “40 Flavors of Death” just watch people eat there. The buffets are borderline criminal, I’m going back at the end of the month and hope your shirt is in by then, I will be sure to make it seen all over the strip.
    Here’s my calorie counts, 860, 450, 800 I think Jeopardy is one of the best I used to watch it . Next weeks video, I’ll take Sea Food from the Mountains for $100.00 :)

    • Oh god. Do you need to do a CRAZY detox now?!?!?! I have never actually been to vegas but I hear their buffets can literally cause you to gain 20 pounds in 5 minutes, lol!

      And I gotta look into your shirt, see if the company I am doing it through actually is DOING ANYTHING – ugh, that whole part of my blog is a trial and error thing, so thank you for bearing with me.

      And…. You’re SORT OF right about next week’s episode……. But not entirely 😉

      • I was careful, I found Collard greens, roast beef, jasmine rice and steamed vegetables at the hotel I was in. I’m serious people looked like their plates of food. I noticed the Europeans were more conservative with their choices.

        • Ah ha ha! Well I am glad you were careful! I remember when I ate at this buffet in Hong Kong. I went back for 4ths (of SASHIMI mind you, lol) but they were shocked at my vacuum of an appetite!!

  41. The cheeseburger is hard to say, but I would guess the following:

    Cheeseburger: 650 calories

    Hostess cupcake: 170 calories

    Vanilla ice cream cone: 275

    I have to say I love a good, juicy homemade burger every once in a while!

  42. I do think treats are important- most people fail if they aim for perfection. Mine is almost always dark chocolate. :-)

    • I completely agree with you, if you don’t indulge every so often, you might do something crazy! LOL!

      And no one is perfect!

    • You are right, treats are important. I look forward to them! I must say though, as treats go, dark chocolate is not a bad place to start. Way better than most sugary foods and contain antioxidants :)

      • I feel like that sugar-free dark chocolate cocoa powder you can find at the store, mixed with stevia could be absolutely AMAZING and completely sinless!

  43. So fun! Okay I will try – I just helped a client on a food log so I think I have a good try:

    550 burger
    190 cupcake
    375 Ice cream


  44. Absolutely no idea because I don’t eat any of those things!

    Hmmm…my go to guilty treat…I really like that Hershey’s dark chocolate trail mix thing with pretzels and stuff in it. I don’t remember exactly what it’s called, but it comes in a purple bag!

    • Ha Ha!!! I love how we know what things look like but never know their names! 😉 Hey, at least it’s dark chocolate right? That’s healthy!

  45. You are so freaking hilarious! I love coming to your blog! That pic of her eating that hostess cake….ewwwww….seriously with all the options and money she has, she goes for something disgusting and fake tasting! I don’t get it. I’d be all over some pastries or fresh baked cookies. Lol!
    My guess: 985 calories for burger, hostess cake: 200 calories, ice cream cone: 250 calories

    • Oh I am right there with you!!! Baked sugar cookies or peanut butter cookies ALL THE WAY! ah ah aha!

      And thank you for coming by, I appreciate it! Stay tuned for Tuesday, oh goodness, the video is ridiculous! Ah ha ha!

  46. What a fun idea for a blog! I eat Paleo mostly, so I don’t have to count calories, or worry about consuming the many food additives and questionable ingredients that are in all 3 of those things. So, I’m not going to guess.

    It REALLY bothers me when celebrities do commercials for junk food and/or prescription drugs. It shouldn’t be considered “cool” to consume either of those things. Why does Sofia Vergara do Pepsi commercials, for example? Soda is clearly not a healthy choice, and she obviously doesn’t need the money. Modern families should not be encouraged to eat and drink junk!

    I’m not claiming to be a perfect eater. I don’t think there is such a person. My two weaknesses are dark chocolate and dairy/sugar free, frozen banana ice “cream.” It’s amazing how many unprocessed, real food alternatives there are, if you have the time and motivation to look for them.

    Thanks for lightening up a serious topic!

    • I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! First of all, I am paleo too so I don’t count calories at all either, and it’s liberating! I definitely remember when I used to but it took over my life. Paleo allows you to eat without having to deal with those numbers 😉

      And yes, celebrities promoting junk drives me bonkers too. Can someone do a STEVIA commercial? SERIOUSLY. ha ha ah!

      Another thing that drives me crazy – FAST FOOD…. It’s about as fast to go through a congested drive throu than to say, stop at a Grocery Store and get some food items off the salad bar!!! Seriously people, expand your horizons! lol

      Thank you for stopping by!!! 😀 I post updates every Tuesday!

  47. If that top picture doesn’t turn someone off quarter pounders, I don’t know what would.

    My guesses: Quarter pounder-600, Twinkie-150, Ice Cream Cone-300.

    Yes, I do shout out Jeopardy answers (as does my husband), but I’m pretty sure Alex can’t hear me. And my go-to treat is always french fries (but not McDonalds), but rarely because it’s hard to be sure what else they cook in fryers.

    • Ah ha ha! Seriously, that first photo is DEFINITELY no Fast Food burger commercial 😉

      Do you make your own French Fries?

  48. I can only guess at the calories but the three combined is well over 1,000! My favorite treat is chocolate. Usually dark chocolate but sometimes a small bit of milk chocolate.

    • To me, dark chocolate is so very bitter. Have you ever tried to mix dark chocolate with stevia or another healthier sweetener?

  49. It just goes to prove that everyone likes to indulge :)

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  50. You crack me up as always my friend. :-)

  51. Hilarious!

  52. The correct answer is: “EWWWWW!!!” You can check my math, I think you’ll find it quite accurate!

  53. I am very curious what Arctic Char is! You mentioned buying it from Trader Joe’s, but what is it? :)

    This is a fun post concept! I love it!

    To be honest, I couldn’t give a crap less about Twinkies coming back. I’ve never cared about them! If I had to pick only one indulgence, it would be frozen yogurt with a ton of toppings!!


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