Reeling In The Truth: Can You Poach Fish In The Dishwasher?

Sureeeee… You may be OBSESSED with your spiralizer, your crockpot or even just your trusty toaster oven… But hopefully, most of you have come to the realization that THE DISHWASHER is hands down the greatest kitchen gadget to ever take up space in your kitchen.

GiGi Eats Salmon Dishwasher

Sorry ice cream maker… Feel free to go sulk in the pantry.

unhappy ice cream maker

But common, you know, without this Sanitation Enchantress, you might not live to see the pile of dishes that rivals the height of K2, vanish (which includes said ice cream maker)!


Clearly, Josephine Cochrane was completely OVER pruney hands, just as much as you are, resulting from scrubbing the sheeze out of all those pots, pans, and dishes she thought she needed to bake a damn… Chicken breast

motherfucking dishes

Well, guess what Josephine? Wait, can I call you Joe? K. Thanks… What if I told you (and all of you reading this right now) that the dishwasher may very well come in handy beyond allowing you more time to finish binge-watching, I don’t know… Orange Is The New Black?!

Binge Watch

Joe would probably come back at me with the question: What is this OITNB you speak of?!


Nope… Not today Joe. I highly recommend NOT asking me any questions for fear I might drift off on Tangent Road… Like I do quite often.

GiGi-Uh Oh

Have you ever seen a salamander high-five a giraffe on a beach in Hawaii? 

Yeah. Me neither. 

Oh yeah, so the dishwasher… 


I heard through the grapevine… I hang out in a lot of grapevines if you didn’t know this already… That it could be used as a poaching device. 

No, dishwashers do not kill wild animals illegally. 

gorilla poacher

I’m talking about the cooking method. You know, poaching fishPoaching eggsTHAT kind of poaching. 

Poaching Eggs Not Rhinos

So I (along with my lovely friend DANIELLE of Follow My Gut) decided to see if the RUMORS, that the dishwasher could not only help you clean up after your feast, but help you prepare a feast… Are actually TRUE! 

Follow My Gut GiGi Eats

You’re going to want to POWER WASH this video…? Uh. JUST WATCH IT to see if this “cooking method” can actually be done! 

FOOD Myth vs. RealityExperiment yourself with:

  • 2 Sheets of Tin Foil
  • 4 – 6 oz piece of fish, we used salmon

Before you press START:

  • Place fish fillet between two pieces of tin foil and fold edges over.
  • Put your fish packet in the dishwasher and run two regular wash cycles.

Poaching Salmon in Dishwasher

So Tell Me…

  • Have you ever tried this method of cooking? If so, did it work for you?
  • What is your least favorite cooking utensil/appliance to clean by hand? 
  • Are you the type who HATES even just one fork in the sink, or do you let the dishes pile up?
  • What show are you currently binge-watching on Netflix? 
  • Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it? 
  • No, but seriously… Have you ever seen a salamander high-five a giraffe on a beach in Hawaii? 


  1. That’s insane! I’ve never tried that but sounds interesting!! I am totally the neurotic person that can’t go to bed if there is even a single fork in the sink. AGH so stressful lol!

    • BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA! That’s pretty funny – and I thought I was bad! I used to be BAT SHIT crazy anal about that kind of thing, but these days, uhhhh I am just tooooo busy at times 😐

  2. That’s so weird! I never would have thought of using my dishwasher for that, haha 😛 My least favorite appliance to wash by hand is definitely my blender… so many little pieces and so much danger of cutting myself, haha!

    • I couldn’t agree more! Blenders SUCKKKKK and so do FOOD PROCESSORS! This is why I try to never use them, LOL! I don’t want to cleaaannnn them!

  3. While it cooks, it seems like it would take a long time and waste water. Now cook it while washing the dishes even better but with a nice soap flavor

    • I have now been hearing that it takes 2 hours or so to cook and I am with you – what a WASTE of water!!

    • Bwahahaaaaa Tara, I wasnt thinking the same..Soap, Food, Dishwasher..Hmmm I just couldnt imagine it, GiGi Tut Tut you naughty gal…We didnt get fed today :p You know what I got rid of Dishwasher in favour of teaching the Kalungiettes how to be self sufficient…so I got two Dishwashers. Giraffes on a Hawaii Beach…I did see one….tihihihihiiiiiiii

  4. This is crazzzzy. I mean, I had heard of this but didn’t think it was a real thing!! I think I’ll stick to my traditional means of making fish – but hey, never hurts to learn something new 😉

  5. I love poaching but I’ve never done it in my dishwasher. Sounds like a fun party game after few beers haha

  6. Wow, an amazing experiment, i can’t say i will use your method though.

    • Ah ha ha! I have now been hearing that you need to cook it for 2 hours in the dishwasher – Um… Ain’t nobody got time for that! LOL!

  7. haha ive never tried this but i wouldnt bother knowing how easy and fast it is to cook in the stove.

  8. Yeah my nickname is Ecyl, go figure pffft! That rumor has been aruhn since the 60s! Never tried it, could not right now as my hand do the cleaning (HATE IT) but glad to know it work. What no seasoning?

    • This was simply an experiment. No recipe at all… I didn’t want to waste seasoning on something that may or may not work 😉 Ya feel me? LOL

  9. LOVED THIS!! Despite the salmon not working out and all… hahah! You two are hilarious, never thought I could have so much fun watching salmon NOT get cooked! 😂😘

    • Ah ha ha! RIGHT?! Um….. You’re next lady!!! WHAT do you want to ATTEMPT to make in my kitchen?!?! 😛

  10. I love it!!! Gotta tell you that once in Ireland, I ordered poached salmon, and it was great! Maybe they used the dishwasher.

    Cleaning the thing that spirals zucchini is no fun. All those little nooks and crannies. .

    Grey’s Anatomy, of course!

    I’ve heard that you can cook stuff on a car engine. Seems kind of dirty to me, at least the DW is very clean.

    • Ehhhhhhhh if that restaurant used a dishwasher in Ireland… Then you would have been eating raw salmon… The video tells all 😉

      As for cooking food in your car engine. Sounds like a good way to kill yourself – LOL! NO THANKS! I will leave that to the actual hosts on MythBusters!

  11. I am so glad you posted this! So funny, I have been waiting to know the outcome of this! And yes to shawarma!

    • HEHE! Well there you have it – it’s an epic fail. Lets just stick to fried rice shawarma…. Hold the phone. THAT IS AN AMAZING idea!!

  12. Ok I have never heard of such a thing!! You always open my eyes to the craziest food trends!

    • Ah ha ha!!!! Well now you know… And if you have TIME – then perhaps you will be trying this cooking technique out next!

  13. Thanks for taking one for the team and trying this for me so I don’t jack up my water bill and waste a perfectly good piece of fish. Proof, once again, that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

    Thanks for sharing on #HappinessisHomemade

    • LMFAO!!!! Best quote ever! “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

      And you’re very welcome – You should be thanking SizzleFish salmon though, that sucker really got the FISHY end of the deal? lol

  14. I’m glad you tried this because I have definitely heard it before and wondered if it worked. Good to know that it’s not worth my time! I may not use my dishwasher to poach fish, but I sure do love it for washing my dishes for me! :)

  15. Nope not eating anything that is poached or steamed in the dishwasher. Not right, just not right.

  16. Gigi, I know you know that I think you’re the coolest and you’re the sweetest. And this was so much fun to do with you, but I kinda wasn’t kidding about them ribs. I WANT SOME RIBS GIRL!!!!


    • Sorry we couldn’t spend longer together and actually GO GET that shawarma after this epic fail….. I need to re-pay you for putting your through … The dishwasher? LOL!! I wonder if SHAWARMA RIBS exist?! Or shit, are we going to be making themmmmmmmm on another video?!?!

  17. HA! This is ah-mazing! So…did it work for you? Because I am definitely NOT going to be trying it myself. As a side note, I can’t stand dishes piling up in the sink. It drives me completely insane!

    • Oh man Mary, when you get a chance to watch the video… You’ll see what happened… Lets just say…. I went out for lunch – LMFAO!

  18. Haha, aw – myth busted! My least fav thing to clean in the kitchen is the food processor or blender. I’m always nervous I’m going to slice part of my hand off or something.

    I just binged watched the last season of Scandal on Netflix – but if you want some REALLY AMAZING entertainment, put on “Dancin: It’s On”. 😉 This has got to be the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life, lol.

    • OMGGGGGG Chrissy this is TOOOOO FUNNY cause I think I remember when that movie came out solely because I did an INSTAGRAM CAMPAIGN TO HELP PROMOTE IT but the stupid girl that I am didn’t even realize that it was a movie – NOW I MUST attempt to watch it! LMFAO!! And eat my dishwasher, raw, salmon? LOL

  19. Great post!

  20. I couldn’t get the video to play for me but I’m assuming by the comments that the fish didn’t come out very well, lol. I hope you were able to resuscitate the salmon, lol.
    Not binge watching, no time. I hate cleaning anything to do with the grill. Especially the fish basket and all those weaves…blech. I don’t normally let dishes pile up but on photography days I’m sometimes guilty.
    Nickname – Crash! A high school nickname that I can’t seem to get rid of. I’m a wee bit accident prone, lol

    • WHATT??!? Try again! It works just fine – GROARRRR! LOL!

      And sadly, the salmon… Perished. (IE I was too scared to attempt to actually cook it for fear that MAYBE some chemicals from residual pot and pan cleaner leached into it? LOL!!!!

  21. OK now if it keeps the house from smelling like fish it’s totally worth it.
    What about under a car hood during our evening commute home?

    • Bah ha ha ha! Would you like to do the honors of trying that cooking technique out, filming it, and letting us all know if it works? LOL!

  22. You are toooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A for me, I am still laughing at the gorilla with the F you finger! :)

    I HATE to clean so for me, ONE fork, spoon & knife that I wash over & over again. ONE plate too! I have a paper plate I will keep using if it’s not dirty. SEE, now you know how lazy I am!!! :) AT least I wash right away. Hubby leaves for hours & drives me crazy!

    My secrets revealed! 😉

  23. You are too funny! I can honestly say that it never entered my mind to poach fish in the dishwasher. This totally sounds like something you said to yourself one day…Hmmm, I should try poaching this salmon in the dishwasher while I was the dishes.

    • Uhhhh what if I told you that, yes Cassandra. You are correct. LOL…

      What will I come up with next 😉 Shall I make a steak smoothie?

  24. what this is crazy..the whole idea of putting fish in the dishwasher seems weird.

  25. Ok, but then you’d just have to run the dishwasher AGAIN to clean your plate and utensils. Doesn’t seem worth it to me! 😉
    Oh, and I can’t stand to leave dirty dishes in the sink – my hubs and I always load them into the washer!

  26. Well that SEEMED like a great idea! I believe I will stick with my oven for cooking. Your videos are so fun and entertaining, it doesn’t matter If the food is a flop. Keep up the great work!

    • :) What I love to do is not try the cooking method or recipe before filming because it’s always more fun to see the organic reactions 😉 And I agree – definitely stick to the oven, I know I will! haha!

  27. I’m so happy you tried this GiGi … so I don’t have to :)

  28. So, this is super intriguing! I haven’t had a dishwasher in years, but I wonder what else could be cooked with this method??

    • Eeps I am going to say… Nothing? lol!!! You know what’s funny? I hardly EVER use my dishwasher – ha! So I felt like, hey, likes try using it to cook some food! 😉

  29. Very interesting! I would have never thought to try this. Maybe this will be the method I use the next time I cook fish. haha.

    – Cait |

  30. I have never tried or heard about this before. Sounds interesting :-)

  31. Very interesting! I’m a bit worried about all the dirt etc that builds up in the dishwasher – should you clean it out before cooking in there!? (I know you mentioned running a cycle with nothing in it first but I’m not sure that fully cleans out the filter)

    • I was told that you need to run your dishwasher without anything in it 1 or 2 times and then you can try poaching the fish in there… But I am with you, I got a bit scared about eating the salmon even though I ran the cycle – haha! Eat with caution? lol

  32. I’m so new to cooking I barely even know what it means to poach a fish, LOL….that’s crazy that you can use your dishwasher to do it! If I did, I wouldn’t tell my bf…he’d freak out!

    • Ah ha ha ha! Well since you’re new to cooking, I might NOT recommend this technique at all – hahaha! What’s your favorite thing to cook at this moment in time!?

  33. Wellllllll holy heck I wonder if my dishwasher would poach eggs for me? Maybe next time I run a cycle with a craving I will try………….

  34. I love your caption: Poach Eggs, not Rhinos. No, I have never used my dishwasher to cook in. I barely use it to clean with (takes 3-4 days for the thing to fill up). I think Mythbusters did a clip about cooking a lasagna in the dishwasher. Check YouTube.

  35. I’m so old school, I can’t remember the last time I used a dishwasher! We usually just hand wash everything right after we use it so it’s done faster. But as a vegetarian, I most definitely have not poached fishin my dishwasher, hahaha! I suppose I could try tofu (just kidding). Interesting concept though!

    • I actually really DO NOT use my dishwasher either!! I trust my hands better and after this experiment, I definitely do 😉

  36. Whattt!? I am flabbergasted by this – I have never ever thought about cooking anything in the dishwasher! Thanks for shedding light on this.

  37. I am so intrigued. That sounds crazy! I’m not a huge fish person myself, though. But binge watching? Yes. Grey’s all the way. And dishes? Pile them up.

  38. I had forgotten all about the poaching fish in the dishwasher thing! Heard about it years (decades!) ago, and wondered about it. Glad you actually did it — and exposed it as a myth! Great public service on your part. Plus you had a ton of fun — as did all of us. Thanks!

  39. Okay, now that I’ve stopped laughing! Your humor always gets my day going right. But I don’t think I’ll be trying this–I’ll enjoy reading y’all’s experiences about it though!

  40. This is such a cute post! You are so funny “Sanitation Enchantress”. I agree that dishwashers are pretty fabulous. Thanks for the laugh :)

    • You’re very welcome Victoria… And I mean, yes, all dishwashers are ladies…. They lure plates in… They’re actually kinda slutty when you think about it – ha!

  41. I’ve heard of poaching fish in the dishwasher but I can guarantee you that my husband would hurt me if I tried that. Ok not hurt, but he’d probably have me committed…. I do love your dishwasher infographic!

  42. If you can cook the fish while you’re cleaning the plates you’ve eaten it on, I’m all for it. I’m assuming that you can set your dishwasher for time travel, of course.

  43. I never heard of this. How about hot dogs instead ? I know there are solar cookers that work great plenty of sunshine for you. Nothing ventured nothing gained. :)

    • Well I mean, you could put hot dogs in the dishwasher if you want, but that’s KIND OF cheating because typically all dogs are ALREADY cooked 😉

  44. That’s funny! But I love the idea of poaching fish in the dishwasher!

  45. Oh MY, the SMELL must be just lovely!!! I’ll stick with the oven :-)

  46. I love this blog post so much! I have never thought about pouching or cooking food in the dishwasher. I don’t see me trying it any time soon either.

  47. I saw a contestant on the Worst Cooks in America who wanted to make his fish in the dishwasher. Bobby Flay acted like he was crazy. Haha.

  48. Never tried anything like this. We don’t even use the dishwasher for dishes but once every 6 months just to make sure it isn’t rotting away.

    I do all the dishes by hand and yes they are all done before going to bed, including drying and put away. I don’t freak out if I’m too tired or busy to do it though.

    No nicknames here.

    • LOL then why do you have your dishwasher?! HAHA! Although, wait a second, I BARELY EVER use my dishwasher as well. I TRUST MY HANDS FAR MORE! LMFAO! And now, I only trust me hands THAT MUCH MORE!

      And how about I nickname you JOSHYPOO??? lol

  49. I beg to differ on the dishwasher being the best kitchen gadget… I feel like that dishwashers I’ve had never really clean my dishes well! Or maybe we just suck at cleaning off dishes… Hmm…

    • DUDEEEEEE!!!! I HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR (over comment, lol) Nicole! I always kinda felt like my dish washer sucked and now I know for a FACT!!!!!

  50. PS – Are you going to IDEA World in LA this week? I’ll be there Saturday, so lemme know if you’re attending!

  51. I had no idea you could do this. We don’t have a dishwasher but maybe some day!

    • Well actually, in the video – you find out the truth. So perhaps you’re better off without one?! lol

  52. love all your posts GIgi – you make eating, and cooking… and talking about eating and cooking so much more fun!!! would love to collaborate on something someday just to bring your bubbly personality into a piece! xx Bee at

  53. Great post, funny but great. It’s nice to see someone poke a little fun.

    • Funny is great 😉
      I tend to always infuse fun into everything I do, otherwise… What’s the point of life?! RIGHT??

  54. Very funny! fish in the dishwasher

  55. this is really funny! I would not like to try this experiment at home though!

  56. I have heard of this before but never tried it. Thanks for doing the experiment for us.

  57. Have you ever tried this method of cooking? If so, did it work for you?

    NO — I will admit, IM SCURRRRED. lol

    What is your least favorite cooking utensil/appliance to clean by hand?

    ALL OF IT!

    Are you the type who HATES even just one fork in the sink, or do you let the dishes pile up?


    What show are you currently binge-watching on Netflix?


    Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it?

    BOOGIES OR BOOGIE DOWN (which ever you prefer)

    No, but seriously… Have you ever seen a salamander high-five a giraffe on a beach in Hawaii?


    • Wait, BOOGIES???!! I have never heard this one. You’re going to have to EXPLAIN THAT TO ME PAAAAALEEEEZE!

  58. My dishwasher cycle is so slow. It would take all day for 2 cycles! I’ve also heard you can wash baseball caps in the dishwasher – not sure if you should try these hacks at the same time though — unless you have a great Gone Fishin’ cap?

    • I have heard the baseball cap thing and I think I would much prefer doing THAT than cooking food in the dishwasher. Cooking food in the dishwasher is NOT for the HANGRY types – like myself, LOL!!!!!

  59. Ha Ha Ha Ha .. 2 dishwashing cycles?? ha ha ha..
    I’ll stick to my oven..thanks

  60. I’m convinced your the blog pimp, wrangling all these bitches on the show. I don’t use a dishwasher so I will not be trying this, and this horrifies me, but I’m glad you tried it! Haaaahaha. I like the new bubbly music on this video.

  61. – Uhm no…
    – sieve
    – I like a full sink
    – Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    – Princess Awesome (not really but feel free to start)
    – Erm…

  62. I saw someone on a reality cooking show who swore he was an expert at cooking fish in the dishwasher. I think he was a big BSer. It always freaked me out a bit thinking about cooking in the dishwasher because it’s a damn dishwasher!!! Thanks for taking one for the team so all of our curiosities are satisfied and we didn’t have to waste our money on salmon :)

    • Someone else mentioned this and said Bobby Flay looked at him like he was a CRAZY PERSON…. Is this the show you’re thinking of?! haha!

      And you’re welcome. Salmon ain’t exactly cheap so… Yeah, I definitely RISKED IT for everyone! hahahaha!

  63. Haha. This is beyond crazy! I don’t know if I could do it.

    PS: One of my BIGGEST pet peeves with my past roommates and now boyfriend is leaving dishes in the sink when the dishwasher has space and is dirty. It takes almost the same amount of effort to put them in the sink as the dishwasher.

    AND 30 Rock is the best ever show to binge on Netflix. The End.

    • RIGHT?!??!?! OHHHH MAN! I remember when I lived with my roomie in college – it would drive me BAT SHIT if she left even like a tiny fork in the sink. AH HA HA HA AH! DISH WASHER IT!! COMMONNN! However now…… I am a totalllllllllll hypocrite!

  64. Wow Gigi, you are so much fun. You need to bottle your energy. I am so glad you linked up to DI&DI link party. I have heard of cooking fish in the dishwasher, although I have never tried it.
    I don’t like dirty dishes in the sink. I hate washing those gold goblets, flatware and plates by hand, but I love the look of them!
    Not watching Netflix, probably spending too much time at my computer designing blogs.
    My nickname is Miss Hollywood and no, I haven’t seen a salamander high five a giraffe anywhere….LOL

    • If I had it my way, I would TOTALLY be in front of my computer more than Netflix – oh wait, I AM… But I don’t even think I would really ever watch Netflix if I were alone… But I have to be “social”?? Wait, that’s not social… HA. Present? Meh, that’s not really PRESENT either – I don’t knowwwwww!!

      Any who – yes. WORKING on an energy drink called GIGI IN A BOTTLE 😉

  65. I’ve heard of this before, still sounds nuts! Love your site and videos :)

    • Thanks lady, I really appreciate that. And you’re right… IT IS NUTS! However, no NUTS were involved in the recipe… Oh wait, there was no recipe! LOL! Didn’t want to waste more food than I potentially had to!

  66. GiGi, if this had actually you would have convinced me to go out and buy a dishwasher! We don’t have one currently. I am the dishwasher!! :-)

  67. Awww….I hope you took her to Spitz! Haha. I’m still obsessed with my crock pot and actually have never touched my dishwasher. My roommate uses it for storage, so…

    • Ah ha ha! I actually DIDN’T BUT I NEED TOO! GAH! I still feel so badly that I didn’t feed her! LOL!

      And your roomie is totally on to something – I WOULD SOOOOO use my dishwasher as a storage spot too if a certain someone didn’t RELY on it! haha

  68. Well since I never use the dishwasher like ever. It might be time to put it to some good use…LOL

  69. This is hilarious Gigi.Thanks for trying it so I didn’t have to I’d be pretty upset waiting 40 minutes and it’s still uncooked. I do kinda wonder if this method would steam fresh veggies haha

    • Hmmmmmm – I challenge You DIA! hahahah! Put some asparagus in your dishwasher right now – BAH AH HA!

  70. I’ve heard a lot about this and funnily enough, as I type, there is a cookery programme on tv where they just tried it. It was (apparently) cooked to perfection after one hour – I’ve only ever seen people cook salmon though. I wonder if it works for anything else? #SundayFoodFitness

    • Whoa, that’s so weird – and ironic!!!
      For me though, salmon didn’t even work in the dishwasher (as seen in my YouTube video)… So I am not really counting on anything else working in there… And I think I will just stick with traditional cooking methods from here on out! ha!

  71. I have been using my dishwasher a bit more lately but I will tell you not enough to be adventurous enough to cook in it. :)

  72. Wow – well I had faith it would work. But raw fish = not cool. Unless you want it that way.
    My parents have a brand new dishwasher.. perhaps I should try it.

    • I have a feeling a BRAND NEW – SUPER EFFICIENT dishwasher might actually work!!! Just sayin’ 😉
      I am sureeeeeeee Des and Scar would LOVE this experiment. Your parents… NOT so much! LOL!

  73. Sent this to my husband. Maybe I’ll finally get a home cooked meal from him. (or a “Yay, look, I cooked a pizza in the dishwasher! Enjoy!”🤔)

    • LMFAO!! Except when you husband watches the video, he will realize that cooking fish in the dishwasher doesn’t actually work… So when you come home nothing will be cooked and he will say, well… The video said it didn’t work, so I didn’t want to ruin the dishwasher or a perfectly good piece of dish! 😉

  74. What a hoot! I once tried to wash collard greens in the washing machine as a teenager. I am so delighted that you shared this novel method for poaching fish at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party!Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! Pinning and sharing this! All the best, Deborah

  75. Would it be weird that I try this the next time I wash my dishes? LOL! I never heard of this method–plus I’ve never tried poached salmon either! Definitely something I need to do!

    • NOT WEIRD AT ALL – in fact, EXPECTED! LOL!!!!

      Although, if you’ve never tried poaching salmon in general before – you MIGHT want to actually try doing it the traditional way first little lady! hahaha!

  76. What an interesting myth. I was hoping it worked because if my stove and oven was on the fritz, I would have another option.

  77. I always wanted to try this method but for some reason I havent. What I had tried though is the 300km pork chops same method of putting meat in foil but instead of putting it on the dishwasher you put in in the cars engine block, drive for 300 kms and whoalla you have a cooked pork chop ready for your picnic 300kms away from your home.

  78. Wow! Interesting!!! Although, I don’t think I will be using my dishwasher to cook anything in the near future, this is good to know!

  79. Girl, you crack me up! I’ve never thought to poach fish in my dishwasher, but I’m glad to know I have the option!

  80. I’ve heard of people making infused gin and vodka in the dishwasher but not fish! I might just have to try that.

  81. You continue to make me smile. I love that you love Danielle because he last name is Salmon. That might mean you like me a lot because my maiden name is “FINE.” I do love my dishwasher, too. I can’t ever imagine cooking in it, especially since it’s not that great of one.

  82. I’ve always wondered this! :)

    I’d love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, and tips:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  83. Too bad you couldnt poach dinner and wash the dishes at the same time. I love your posts, they crack me up. I wonder some people, not to name names but hubby, can put a dish on the counter above the dishwasher but can’t put it IN the dishwasher, HA

    • Ahem… HUBBY. DO YOU SEE THIS – HINT HINT – that dish sitting there oh so “innocently” on the counter that has remnants of the delicious dinner I COOKED YOU… YEAH… STICK THAT IN THE DISHWASHER – NOW!!!

  84. This is so funny! I’d heard about cooking food in the dishwasher too and was a little skeptical…thanks for clearing it up once and for all.

    I’ve also heard you can cook food by letting it sit on your engine while you’re driving. I’ve never made dinner that way, for obvious reasons, but maybe you can debunk that myth too..LOL!

    • Oh man, I am not so sure I would live to tell you whether or not cooking food on my car engine works – Ahem, probably doesn’t? LOL!!

  85. What an ingenious way to poach fish! Thank you for sharing this healthy recipe with us at the Plant-based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing!

  86. Pretty great idea. I hate cleaning bottles and their stupid pieces… that’s why I have my husband do it. Kitchen utensil would be a whisk. I hate when there are dirty dishes in the sink and forever nag Todd about it.