Marvel Over These Superhero Superfoods

I may have cork-screwed myself off many big air jumps, popped off of half-pipe lips and thrown myself down cliff drops in the past…


I may have even tamed bucking broncos back in the day…


And currently… I may even be in a constant barbarous battle between my forever arch nemesis

Angry Stomach

But even though my past and present pursuits sound straight out of a Marvel Comic


They actually don’t even come THE TINIEST BIT CLOSE to say… Captain America having to live in a block of ice for decades before being revived by the Avengers… Or say… Iron Man who was kidnapped by terrorists and brutally tortured and injured when he was younger…


Their badassery most certainly triumphs mine.

I guess I need to eat more coconut oil and sardines.



A few weeks back, I got the pleasure of seeing a pre-screening of the latest Captain America movie, Civil War (and attending the press junket for the movie… Yes everyone, Chris Evans is just as hot in person. Oh and my clumsy ass walked right into him when I had to use the lavatory!)…

And while watching the movie on the big screen, all I could think about was food. 

One track mind here people. One track mind. 

GiGi he he he he

But no, I was not whispering sweet nothings to an XL tub of stale buttery popcorn that smelt like utter bliss…


I do recall myself leaning over to the Food Pervert (brought her with me) at one point during the movie and saying “who reminds you more of coconut oil, Captain America or Iron Man?”



After that thought crossed my mind and Pervy looked at me like I belong in a looney bin… I had the MIRACULOUS IDEA that I would compare ALL of the superheroes that make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War, to SUPERFOODS for my next YouTube video!

Superheroes… Superfoods… Common, you cannot say that I this idea wasn’t KIND OF “Tony Stark” of me… AKA: TOTALLY GENIUS! 


Can you guess what food I compared Spider-Man to… Or War Machine? What about Ant-Man? Well.. CLICK PLAY below to find out but of course!

So Tell Me…

  • Do you agree or disagree with my comparisons?
  • If you’re a comic book “nerd,” who is your favorite superhero and why?
  • What badassery have you accomplished in the past? 
  • If you could compare yourself to a superfood, which one would it be and why? 

STAY TUNED… Because in my NEXT POST… I create a recipe using some of these superheroes… Superfoods… So all of you can finally see what it’s like to eat celebrities! 



  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    I am one of those people who eats what I want and I don’t go out of my way to eat super foods, but I am loving your comparisons. You are very creative.

    • What are your favorite foods? I eat what I want as well, the foods I adore, just so happen to be “SUPER”! haha! 😉

  2. Will I get Captain America’s biceps if I eat like this? 😉

    • YES YOU WILL! 😉 If you don’t include any of these foods in your diet, which one would you include first?

  3. Sweet! So if I drink green tea, I’ll become a superhero? That’s great news. I’m already on my 2nd cup and it’s only 6:45am.

  4. Hi,
    I guess Superman is my favorite. I want him to get the girl and not die from Kryptonite.

  5. Agent Coulson is my home boy

  6. Excellent comparisons. I am a big fan of Chia Seeds and Avocados. I see you are making a recipe based on this. Are you making dueling dishes? One based on Capt America’s Team and one based on Iron Man’s Team?

    I’m not a comic “nerd” but I do know a thing or two. My favorite is always Nightcrawler but I was big fans of Iron Man and Spiderman as well.

    Point of interest: do you know where avocados got their name? It’s pretty funny actually and I know you will appreciate it.

    • Ha! The dishes… SORT OF DUEL, but it’s not so much CA vs. IM… I should have but when I made the video, I was NOT feeling good AT ALL (RL food poisoning – haha)…. So I couldn’t even think straight or really LOOK at the food even, ha!!!

      AND UM – TELL ME WHERE AVOCADOS got their name – NOW!

      • Avocado (auqcate) is a Spanish pronunciation/bastardization of the Nahuatl (Aztec) term ahuacatl which they used to refer to the fruit (avocado) and testicles.

        It’s Aztec for testicle.

  7. Oh my goodness, SO CLEVER! I’ve recently added a cod liver oil supplement to my diet. I can’t say I have any idea how to cook/prepare bok choy, I’ll have to do some research 😉

    • I typically just steam bok choy and then put a nice dressing on top of it… A dijion mustard, olive oil one! :)

  8. If green tea will give me Scarlett Johansson’s Booty/Body, pour me a glass! Haha, it’s already one of my faves! I like the fun comparison, but if I was there with a food pervert, I would probably ask which avenger she’d most like to rub coconut oil on! 😜

  9. What a fun post. I don’t have a particular favorite, but I like the Marvel Superheroes. I love your comparisons.

  10. I love that you listed some super foods as I am clueless in that dept at times, what a great way to promote
    super foods and superheroes 😉

  11. This is awesome! I’m so jealous you attended the screening of Civil War. My favorite superhero has always been the Incredible Hulk and if he ain’t a supergreens smoothie, I don’t know what he is. :)

    • Mmmmm! YES! I could use a thick glass of the Incredible Hulk right now.

      BAH HA HA! Sounds so naughty 😉

  12. Oooh I totally agree with the comparisons (lol at spiderman being spaghetti squash)! I want to say that my favourite superfood is acai berry but my only reason is because I love the colour purple!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha ah! I have never had Acai Berry before and I cannot eat fruit, so I couldn’t compare it to any superhero in this movie! That being said… Do you know if there are any PURPLE superheroes?! If so… We BOTH KNOW what we will compare him/her to! LOL! Or maybe eggplant??

      • Oh no, why not? :( LOL I honestly have no idea, that should be the next step for Marvel tbh (or they could turn Mystique purple in X-Men.) Eggplant will do actually, I love that too (cos it’s purple haha). I think it’s weird because I tend to automatically like any purple coloured food – yeah it’s definitely weird.

        • I cannot eat fruit high in fructose because I cannot eat fructose! WAHHHHH! But THANKFULLY you’re okay with eggplant* instead – he he! 😉

          *Eggplant is actually a fruit now that I think about it. So I guess I need to specify – I really cannot eat sweet fruits.

  13. They became strong super heros because they ate super foods. Hulk must eat spinach.

    • Oh the hulk TOTALLY eats spinach… and Kale. And SWISS CHARD! 😉 Brussels Sprouts?! Man, he’s one healthy eater! LOL!

  14. I love marvel’s superheros. And Civil war was great. You lucky girl accidentally crashing into Chris Evans! Mmmm… heheheh
    I would love to be like black widow… don’t ask me why. hehehehe

    • Ah ha ha! Oh I don’t have to ask – I KNOW WHY… Cause she is BAD ASS and her fighting is just OFF THE HOOK!

  15. I think I would want to be Kale then – Such a Superfood and my love The Hulk!

  16. I think I would want to be KALE then! Such a superfood and my boys love the HULK – smash!

  17. OH my gosh, hilarious!!! Never in a million years would I have equated superheros with superfoods. so funny!!! My husband is a HUGE Batman nerd, who I have also grown to love. The kids are gaga about him… :)

    • I think batman would be BLACK BEANS! I mean… I think you see why I made that comparison! Now I have to google both and see WHY they would for LOGICAL purposes!

  18. Queenthrifty says:

    I love this post I recently increased my superfoods

  19. I don’t suppose cookie dough counts as a super food?

    • LMFAO. It’s a super DELICIOUS food 😉

      But um… The cookie dough that I MAKE is comprised of a whole bunch of superfoods so, IT CAN BE!

  20. Did you know there’s actually a coconut oil that is flavored like butter?? Talk about a Paleo CRAZE for those who don’t eat dairy! LOL! And BTW, I’m more Team Iron Man. We’re still friends, right?


      And snap! HOW did you know I am way more Team Captain America?? However, after going to the junket, I am totally team ROBERT DOWNEY JR – that man is the best!!!

  21. I still cannot get over the Chris Evans bump in. Did he smell like sex and candy? Did you hang your shirt on your wall and smell it every night? Do I sound as creepy as I feel….

    • LMFAO! It… Um. Well. Did. But you know what?! I AM BEATING MYSELF UP SOOOO BADLY for NOT ASKING HIM FOR HIS NUMBER – FOR YOU! YOU would have loveeeeddddddddd his BURLEY beard, oh man, you could have wound your finger in it and fed him vegan energy bites! LMFAO… Then you would have made him smell like sex.

      Slut. HAHAHAHHAA!

  22. So looking forward to seeing this Captain America movie! But what no Thor, Thor ribs would be my super food 😉 I love green tea!

    • UGH IF THOR WERE IN THIS MOVIE AND I GOT TO MEET HIM….. I would fear for my future. Because um, I probably would be thrown in jail for what I might do or TRY TO do to him! LMFAO!!! Whoops, did I say that?! 😉

  23. Wow, that’s amazing you attended that! Fun! I want to watch this movie, too. I love all the food and superhero comparisons 😀

  24. Soo.. are you #TeamCap? Your shirt suggests it! Also, this is fun. Scarlet is watching you now. We love coconut oil!
    I suppose superfoods would depend on the person. Like you can’t say kale is a superfood for everyone, if it gives some people diarrhea and disgust.
    Anywho, my superfood is ice cream.
    Just kidding! Apples, coconut oil, blueberries, cod liver oil, salmon.. what am I missing?

    • YOU ARE VERY RIGHT. Some foods just DO NOT agree with people… Ahem, lots of people say whole grains are a super food – and that beans are a super food, but I cannot eat either, despite how healthy they may be! It’s all relative right?!

      And um, you joke about ice cream being a super food because holy crap I made coconut milk ice cream last week and it was SOOOOOOO GOOD and unsweetened coconut milk = total SUPER FOOD! 😉 Make it for Scarlet, I KNOWWWWW she would love it – cause I mean, she and I are so similar!

  25. I am a comic nerd, my fave is Iron Man but I do love the Avenger movies. Never thought of comparing superheros to superfood!

    • Iron Man is AWESOME and Robert Downey Jr. in person is just….. UGH! SO FRIGGIN AMAZING and HYSTERICAL!

  26. We’re always trying to increase our superfood intake…your comparisons and your delivery are such fun.

  27. What a fun, fun post. I’ll be back around to check out the super food recipes. I’m hoping it doesn’t have anything to do with sardines. I’m all about the fruit!

  28. I’d be broccoli. Everyone hates me but I’m great for your eyes! Haha!

    • AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! So are you saying that you’re quite the looker but everyone hates you?!?!?! Perhaps they are just jealous of how hot you are?!

  29. Am I the only one like sardine …Yep super hero …Super food my kind. Coconut oil too. Lol

    • I LOVEEEEE SARDINES!! And you’re in LUCK – they are included in this Friday’s recipe! hehe!

  30. I am not a big super hero fan but my husband and oldest daughter love the Marvel super heros

  31. So cute and original! I love the idea of comparing superfoods to superheroes.

  32. I am a real Marvel junkie. I haven’t seen the new movie yet. Waiting till I have the time is killing me.

    • OH THIS WEEKEND! YOU MUST this weekend Michelle! And then I want the full report as to whether or not you like it!

  33. So the all time best superfood is dark chocolate. Since chocolate grows on a plant, I must be eating salad when I eat chocolate. (mic drop)

  34. hahaha this is GREAT. and you WOULD walk right into him…
    ps: since your off limits, wanna introduce me to any of these good lookin men? 😛

    Sarah Grace

    • AH HA HA HA! GIRL – you gotta move your BOOT on out here and then YES – I can introduce you, DUH! 😉

  35. Haha that picture of you on the horse is the cutest thing ever! I’m all about super hero foods, except when it comes to sardines… One of my nicknames is Chickpea, so maybe that can be my superfood. Small and mighty and fibrous?

  36. Interesting Post Gigi, thanks for sharing

  37. I would totally be chia seeds like little ant man because I’m little haha

    • HE HE! 😉 I love it. I am little too, but I think I would be little anchovies – LMFAO! Cause I am stinky too? BAHH HA HA AH AH!

  38. I am sorry but I don’t have any superhero that I can share but there are many foods that I love for their natural benefits…top of that list would be lemons and coconut oil. :)

  39. What an amazing experience you had! I won’t lie you had me cringing when you mention sardines. 😉

  40. Elizabeth O. says:

    That’s a funny and interesting take on the superfoods that we have right now. Lol. I hope you had a great time in the advanced screening even if you were thinking about food the whole time.

  41. This is such a fun post and of course I go for Eggs and Hawkeye because well . . . you know.

    • Cause EGGS ARE THE BOMB and sooooo versatile and well… Jeremy can bring us eggs in bed any day of the week?? LOL!

  42. i’d pick dark chocolate or avocado to be my superfood soul.

  43. Avocado and coconut oil would be my favourites! Now I am off to do oil pulling with coconut oil.

  44. I’d be an Asparagus…skinny and long! Haha

  45. Gigi, both this post and the video were completely adorable! Seriously, you’re so creative and I love it. I don’t know if I could compare myself to a superfood, but I consume green tea and avocado like it’s nobody’s business, so those would be my top two choices :)

  46. I am loving your comparisons and oh so jealous that you got to go to see Chris Evans in person. I just love watching him as Captain America and can’t wait for to see the movie.

    • Oh he is pretty delicious in person I must say – I have seen some disappointment celebs in person, but Chris is not one of them.

  47. Love superfoods, maybe more than superheroes! But superheroes do look cuter in tights!

  48. Now tell me, will these superfoods have these superheroes knocking on my door?

    My superfoods bring all the superheroes to the yard 😉

    • BAHHH HA HA HA HA AH HA HA I think I need to make a spoof video singing THAT song! 😉 Wonder if Chris Evans would be available to make an appearance!

  49. I prefer Batman don’t ask me why and agent Carter! My hubby is a major superfood consumer! Perhaps I will witness him transform into a Superman? Who knows!!! lol

    • Ohhhh snap! You need to film your husband at all times then, you never know when the transformation might happen!

  50. Ha! I love this idea. Antman is totally chia seeds. I love all those superhero movies, especially Ironman! My favorite superfood has to be avocados, but I’m terrible at catching them when they’re ripe!

    • Oh girl, whenever I go to the store I always ask someone to help me find the ripe ones because I don’t know how to tell, so you’re not alone.

  51. Okay Cod Liver oil and Iron Man…Hmm…Capt America Coconut oil wow you are giving me ideas gal …All that info wow you are full of awesomeness :)

  52. I will be drinking cod liver oil to keep my parts lubricated and at the ready. Good comparisons and if we ever needed super hero’s in the world it’s now !! Take care of yourself, dress Landon in a maids uniform and have him serve your every whim :)

  53. Valerie Robinson says:

    This is absolutely brilliant!! Coconut oil is my fave at the moment!

  54. You are too funny :) I’m not sure WHAT food I would compare myself too!!

  55. See that quote about the Japanese who reduced their risk of dying by 76%? Well I must have read that a few years ago and it truly stuck! Since then, every morning without fail that is my first drink of choice. And do you know what Gigi, I have a slice of lemon in it too. That must add even more super powers, yes? :-)

    I bow to your words of wisdom here. 😉

    • I LOVE THAT YOU HAVE AN ADDICTION TO GREEN TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the lemon is just an extra piece of AWESOME to start your morning on the right foot ! :)

  56. HaHa!! Great comparisons! Who knew?

    Being old school, Superman will always be my top superhero! Damn, I wish mom would have saved more of my comic books!

    I don’t know which is more BA-ery. Laying out some bully on the basketball court or saving some fool who put a shotgun to his chin and blew half his face off over a woman? Ugh!

    • Oh man, if you had your comic books from back in the day, you could make a KILLING!!!!! Sadly, the only thing I have from back in the day still are… my beanie babies. And you and I know that…. BEANIE BABIES ARE NOT exactly CASH COWS! lol!

  57. hahahaha I love this! I’m a bit of a superhero whore – I kind of love them all! I have to say though, although I do love Captain America’s purity and desire to be good and all that, there’s something so amazing to me about a hero who is not only strong, brave, etc but also SMART! Like the fact that Batman and Iron Man both CREATE their weapons and everything kind of turns me on. Oh and don’t forget the Green Arrow! Although I could just be saying that because I think the dude who plays him on the TV show is the hottest freaking thing in the world. Shhhhhh don’t tell my husband. Although he probably wouldn’t mind, as long as Black Widow shows him some attention 😉

    • I actually don’t know much about Green Arrow – off to do some research, or perhaps just GOOGLE the actor who plays him on TV! lol

  58. Since I am not a comic book fan I can’t compare but I love the foods but I don’t really go & eat things cause they are called superfoods. That list changes yearly BUT some items remain always! :)

    Why aren’t cookies on the superfood list!!!!!

    • The list definitely does change on the daily and some foods are not so super for some people! ha! As we have said before – there is definitely no one size fits all!

  59. Ha, I love this. So clever to compare super heroes to super foods. Love it even more that you bumped into Chris Evans on your way to the loo.

    • Ah ha ha! I should have said: OH HEY CHRIS – you wouldn’t happen to have coconut oil on you, would you?

  60. I’ve never eaten a celebrity! SO excited to see what you’re creating for us, so I can enjoy my first first one. :-) Fun stuff — thanks. Although I’ll leave the cod liver oil to you. And Iron Man. Although who doesn’t want to be lubricated?

  61. Every time I read your posts I LMAO! I have decided to rub coconut oil all over my body in hopes that I will eventually have Black Widow’s body. Thanks for the helpful tips

    • Ahhh ha ha ha aha ha ha ha! You have the bathe in green tea if you want Black Widow’s body 😉 Now if you want Captain America to come over, keep on slathering yourself up with coconut oil! he he

  62. Brilliant! I say coconut oil belongs to whichever super hero you would most want to rescue you in bed…

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well shoot – I compared Coconut Oil to Chris Evans so….. Yeahhhhh 😉

  63. So clever! Great comparisons! Love me Captain America, Black widow and Ant man- coconut oil, green tea, and chia seeds.

  64. Lexie Lane says:

    I’d like to try asparagus, those super foods are all good.

  65. Hi Gigi,

    I know, girls (and boys) are going crazy for those two but to be honest, I am not a fan of those. A villain is closer to my taste. As for your comparisons, they are the best! Fun video. Oh and one question : Are you really going to eat together coconut and sardines? That would be an awkward combo!


    • Mmmm you will just have to wait and see what craziness collides in my superhero recipes! Tee he he!

  66. ron leyba says:

    Your pics and videos are kinda hilarious. What an amazing and creative mind you have to incorporate superheroes to some of these foods!

  67. Great video! I can’t wait to see the new movie. If only eating superfoods made is REAL super heroes!

  68. I don’t know Ant Man well but am never gonna look at chia seeds the same again, bwahahahha…as for my super food? I am thinking I’d be the purple version of cauliflower. Lean n weird.

    • Ah ha ha! Now you’re always going to think you’re eating ants.


      Oh and purple cauliflower is THE TITS!!

  69. So jealous you got to touch Chris Evans! Ironically my favorite super heroes aren’t ones with real super powers I like the billionaire bad boys.. i.e. Iron Man and Batman. When I was a tiny human the Spiderman cartoon always made me cry.

  70. Loved the video. My favorite superhero was Wonder Woman – cheesy but nice to have a woman as a superhero. My life is all about eating superfoods – kale, broccoli, avocado, spinach, and yes sardines — without coconut though!

    • No coconut?! Not a fan?? Despite not eating it, do you feel like a SUPERHERO thanks to eating all those superfoods?!

  71. I can surely go with some of the comparisons — very entertaining. But War Machine and sardines is where i draw the line. I can appreciate that they are good for us, yes I cannot bring myself to eat sardines. Great sense of humor, Gigi.

  72. Chris is such a dish!!! Great comparison!

  73. I wish green tea would make me a superhero…. Id drink it non stop! (but then Id probably be the superhero of going to the bathroom!) Great comparisons! Cant wait to see your post on Friday!

  74. Wow so much fun with these super heros, im waiting on the super recipes!!

  75. CourtneyLynne says:

    It’s funny, I just eat and drink what I want but half the things I love are super! Like green tea! I could live off of it.

    • Well, while I DEFINITELY condone you drink LOTS AND LOTS of green tea, I would love for you to also eat something too hahaha! 😉

      But I am with you – I eat and drink whatever I please (within my dietary constraints) and they all happen to be “super foods” – hehe!

  76. Ha, love this. Yes to all of these, but the sardines? I just can’t do it.

  77. I love SO many of these superfoods!!! Avocados and chia and eggs… I wish I didn’t think green tea tasted like grass :/

    • UGH I AGREE! Green tea is really really gross to me! Celestial Seasonings makes it manageable but….. I don’t drink it on the regular, not going to lie! 😮

  78. Ha. This is such a great post. I love Captain America and super foods. Go team!

  79. Haha great post! I will keep drinking green tea!

  80. This is an interesting concept! Even though I love most of the superfoods, I just can’t do sardines. :(

    • Not too many people can. I love them packed in olive oil from a can – the oil is just… SO GOOD 😉 If you’ve just had them in water – I would recommend you try them again but this time with olive oil!

  81. I love the pic of you on the horse from back in the day!!
    I also love that you got to see the new Captain American movie AND go to the press thing!! So cool! I love Chris Evans.
    I love your comparisons of Super Heroes to Super Foods!!! Ha ha ha! Love it!

    • I kind of want to go horseback riding again – however, I am now allergic to horses, how weird is that?!

  82. Black Widow = green tea. I need a super serum. I used to drink a lot of it and this is a great reminder to get back to it. I need to re-engage with my super hero-ness.

    • The nice thing is that you ALWAYS CAN RE-ENGAGE with your superhero!! So get on over to the grocery store and get some green tea!

  83. I think I’m a pomegranate – a little sour, a little sweet, and a little crunchy. :)

  84. I wish I could go to those movies with you and take my nephew. I’d be the best auntie in the world to him! lol. He and I spend hours talking superheroes and I’ve become a reluctant expert.
    Badassery – I once started down a cougar in my backyard. Well…I didn’t scream…and I survived by running into the house. Close enough! I didn’t come out of the house for 2 days after that, hahaha!
    Always love your fun videos, GiGi!

    • WHY ARE YOU NOT going to the movies?! COMMON NOW! 😉

      And uh……….. Cougars are one of the most dangerous animals. I do NOT blame you for not wanting to leave your house after that experience.

  85. I’m not a super hero movie person (or a movie person at all, really), but I’m quite sure Vegas will make me go.

    However, I am a bad ass. I’ve played roller derby, broken my jaw, run a 14 mile Tough Mudder with said jaw… tore my ACL playing softball, did a 26 mile bike race with said ACL… oh, wait… I’m just bat shit crazy.

    • Honestly, I am not really a super hero movie person either, but I totally said OKAY because I knew there would be HYPE over it and um, yeah, Chris is pretty sexy… As is Ms. Johannson – LOL!

      And yeah, I am not going to call you a bad ass. I am going to call you a CRAZY ass! LOL !!! But once again, we are #twinning!

  86. Hold up!!! Did you really bump into Chris Evans or is this another fantasy that you are trying to rope us all into? If you did bump into him then…hells yeah gurrrllllll! That man is on fire! Not that you care because you’ve got your own Chris Evans/aka:hot giraffe already 😉
    I loved all your comparisons. I’ve always pretended I was Wonder Woman. I don’t have one badassery past accomplishment since I perform badassery on a daily basis so it’s hard to choose just one. I would be dark chocolate because I like dark chocolate. Or tacos but I don’t think tacos are a superfood…

    • Oh no, my clumsy butt bumped into him. I am shocked I didn’t say something like “hey, I am going to the bathroom, wanna come?” LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And you’re right. Sure C.E. is hot, but to be honest, I think my giraffe is 10x hotter 😉

      Tacos CAN BE A SUPER FOOD by the way, tee he he! So yes, you can be tacos – keep on being bad ass on the daily!

  87. Greens beets avocado tea are my cup. Pre screening of civil war. That s great gigi. Waiting for your next recipe

  88. I can’t wait to see Civil War, TEAM CAP all the way! My favorite super foods are coconut oil and avocados!!

    • WOO WOO!!!! When you see it, let me know what you think!!!! I wanna see if you agree with my thoughts 😉

  89. Wait did you bump into Chris Evans and you didn’t bat your eyes up at him Gigi? I hope you did girl lol. And you look amazing in that movie poster I absolutely loved it. Actually who am I kidding I loved the entire post :).

    Kia / KTS

    • If running into him and looking at him awkwardly, and squirming a bit because I had to pee is “batting my eyes at him” then yes, yes I did! 😉

  90. wow, lucky you! I’ve been wanting to go to pre-screenings but kept missing it because it’s in the middle of the week. I’m excited to see it!

  91. How awesome to be in the same room with Chris Evans, lol. I bet he was cute, lol

  92. Your mind is off the charts creative when it comes to food! Thanks for sharing your post with You’ve been pinned to our Link party board too!

  93. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe at the #RecipeSharingParty! I hope to see you next week. Pinned and Yummed. Please visit #OverTheMoon on Sunday or #ThursdayFavoriteThings for more sharing fun! Don’t forget to Comment your link #’s so I can be sure to visit and you get a chance to be featured! Happy Mother’s Day!

  94. I have been telling everyone that I want to go see “The Avengers: Civil War” – maybe I can enlist my nephew to go with me. I am very curious to see why Captain America and Iron Man are going against one another…I have no clue.

    • Are you going tonight??? And I would tell you but I don’t need to SPOIL IT for you! All conversations about the film can happen here once you see it!!

  95. Love this, was waiting for Popeye 😉

  96. Love this I have to tell my son about the green tea because he is obsessed with marvel! I have been bribing him with action figures LOL

    • Ah ha ah! WELL THEN THIS POST IS PERFECT for you! Tell him that if he eat Sardines he’s going to have IRON MAN like powers! 😉

  97. Chris Evans and Coconut Oil…just sayin’

    I have great memories of eating sardines on saltines with my father and grandfather but stopped eating them because of sardine shaming…sad but true, but I quit because of peer pressure. I fell in love with them again after we moved to Spain where they eat sardines any way they can get them. They’re great grilled whole. You eat around the bones like corn on the cob, lol. Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty. I love how you told your story!

    • Lydia! I wish whole sardines were more readily available here in the states, I would be ALL over them!! Whenever I travel to Europe, I always LOAD UP on the seafood because it’s just so much fresher over there than it is here! I am thrilled to hear that you rekindled your “romance” with Iron Man 😉

  98. Love your comparisons, so fun! And jealous you got to see the stars – wow! Amazing to be so close to Chris Evans!

  99. I love dark chocolate. It goes great with wine, so maybe in a way I’m becoming my own superhero… Winegirl? 😉

  100. nice post GiGi!
    really informative. thanks for sharing with us. keep this blog update

  101. Love your giggle Gigi and cool ideas to link superheros to superfoods. Have a fun week. Nancy Andres @

  102. hahaha, I loved your video and your comparisons! Yay for superheroes and superfoods! (I still need to watch Captain America.)

    Can’t wait for your recipe! :]

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    • If I go to the movies anytime after 8:30pm…… I fall asleep 20-30 minutes in, NO JOKE! LMFAO!!!

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    • LOL! Mardene, I won’t lie – Captain America and the Avengers and Iron Man, etc… Not really the first movie I would go see, but… I living in Hollywood, and being invited to the junket, I had to go and see what the hype was all about and honestly, it was wildly entertaining and it made me want to go and watch ALL Superhero movies!

  111. Fun! We actually drink a lot of cold green tea and add chia seeds to our smoothies each morning!

    • YOU ARE ALREADY a SUPERHERO Shelby! haha! What powers do you have that you haven’t told anyone about?

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