Wine and Onesies Make The Perfect Pairing

After much internal debate, I’ve decided that life is pretty much TOPS when you slip yourself into a hooded, microfiber onesie and hit “the juice”


This experience reminds us of when we were all about three or four years old, when our only stress in life was making enough easy bake oven “scones” for our imaginary friends attending our three o’clock tea party.

Alice in wonderland tea party

Will Mr. Fluffersnuff get enough to eat? 

To the dudes reading this… Do not deny the fact that you too let your inner Julia Child out way back when those easy bake ovens were all the rage… 

Easy Bake Oven Brownies

Or maybe even in college?

Mmm… Brownies!

Now I am sure you’re all expecting me to cordially invite you to an exclusive Easy Bake Oven Tea Party

However in this weeks’ GiGi Eats… NO easy bake oven can be found.

In fact… No oven at all is necessary for the recipe I am about to share with you.

Winos in onesies

And I can attest (along with my guests, The Winos in Onesies) that today’s fare will captivate your taste buds… With the help of some… “Juice”… Or in other words: South American vino!


SO grab a glass… (Moderation people)… And click PLAY below!

Scallops & Dover Sole Lime Ceviche


  • 1/2 pound sea scallops
  • 1/2 pound dover sole (or any white fish)
  • 3 tomatoes, diced
  • 1/2 red onion, diced
  • 2 bell peppers, any color you wish, chopped
  • 8 to 10 limes, juices
  • 1 – 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 bunch cilantro, chopped
  • salt and pepper, to taste

Easy Make…

  • Combine all ingredients in a dish, making sure the liquid covers the seafood so it can “cook” it. 
  • Marinate in the fridge for 4 + hours.
  • Shove in your face!  

Giraffe onesie


  • What do you think is the most BLISSFUL moment in life?
  • Onesie, PJs or Robe?
  • If you drink wine, what is your favorite and why?
  • Are you a seafood fan?
  • When was the last time you made a pile of crap baked with an easy bake oven?
  • What celebrity looks like the FAILED Easy Bake Oven goody below…?

Easy Bake Oven Fail

Don’t forget to check out The Winos in Onesies


  1. Bahahahah you crack me up! Fabulous post.

  2. I love a good glass of cabernet sauvignon 😉 your posts are always the highlight of my day – so fun to read, and I’m giggling to myself.

  3. Ooooooooo!! OMG, this looks incredible. You are so much fun, and so is your food. Yummmm!!! Pinning, big time.

  4. If I knew where to get a onesie I would be all over it. I remember when I finally got a snuggie and it was the most magical moment of my life. This recipe looks pretty yummy but I will have to skip the wine since I end up in handcuffs! :)

    • GIRL – I got my onesie off of GROUPON! LOL!!!!!! It was a total IMPULSE but I mean, on sale – GOTTA do it! 😉

      And um, well… NOW I need to hear this WINE story! lol

  5. I love my onsie (hello kitty) and my wine, sweet red is my fav! I should have been there! :)

  6. The most blissful moment in life? Anytime you have chocolate.

    • Ah ha ha! Then you need to come over to my kitchen… I have so much chocolate in my fridge – and I don’t like chocolate! AH HA AH!

  7. Hahaha….I totally just cracked up at this post, GiGi! I am all about the onesie in the winter. I might even have a tiger print one that I wear on especially cold weekend days. But mine doesn’t have a hood. I clearly need to get a tiger print onesie with a hood. Gosh!

    • Might???? I think you should come clean David – YOU TOTALLY have one! 😉

      But yes, the HOOD makes all the difference in the world! Highly recommended!

  8. Your seafood creation this week c’est magnifique!!

    Funny I just used the term onesie this week about a friend’s two and a half year old, and how much she had grown now that she’s wearing real clothes. Little did I know that onesies are for life, lol

    I’m such an enfant, Sauternes is the only wine I ever really liked.

    After you, I am the biggest seafood fan!

  9. I love all things wine and very much enjoyed the wine-ducation here today! I can’t wait to see more videos by wines & onesies!!!

  10. You are tooo friggin fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE! I need my easy bake oven right now since I am such a bad cook! :)

    I am not a wine or seafood fan – I know – sorry! It looks amazing though!

    Celebs – what can I say – too many egos!!!!!

    WE have to meet again!

  11. Ha ha ha brilliant!


    I’m writting to the Oxford Englsh Dictionary writters tomorrow to demand they add that! 😀

  12. You are the most ridiculous person ever.
    And ceviche? One of my most things ever. Get me a onsie and poor me a glass.

  13. Growing up near the ocean made me a total seafood lover. Salmon? Check. Scallops? Check. Fresh striped bass? Check. Raw oysters? Hell yeah.

    Hard toss between robe and onsie…. I just can’t choose.

    • OMG! There are so many places in LA I want to take you to eat at, it’s NOT even funny! LOL! There is a POKE bar up the street I am dying to eat at – COME WITH! RIGHT NOW 😉

  14. Ok I have to come back to this , my yes are bleeding from 4 doblone more day. I’m hope to have some kind of cool dream from seeing all of you in these outfit’s :): ) :) Il be back !!!

  15. As you see I can’t type to good, that’s eye’s, doubles and one more day lol :)

  16. Omg that looks so good! Putting it on the menu…with a little wine, of course!

  17. My daughter and her friends always hang out in the silly onesies. It’s a look but you can pull it off for sure :)

  18. This made me laugh! I love those onesies especially the giraffe one

    • Jen, I got that giraffe off of GROUPON of all places, LOL! It’s the best – Probably the best purchase I have ever made – ah ha ha!

  19. I drink…so much wine. Not too get trashed so much as I just love tasting wine. My “favorite” depends on what I am in the mood for, or what region of the world or grape I’m wanting to learn about. Like I just graduated from the Loire valley to Rhone blends. Bwahahahhaha I laugh at me when I talk like that except…I really mean it. D’oh.

  20. Can I please do a guest appeqarance on your video??? I want to wear furry onesies and drink juice with you!

  21. Cooking in a onesie?! Sign me up. Talk about making a girl’s cooking party as fun as possible. What fun guests. Thanks Gigi. And, I never thought of putting scallops in ceviche. This looks SOOO refreshing, and I have been trying to lower my carbs AAAaand I LOVE cilantro! I typically cook in a tank and undies, and really should try to hide better when the kids throw open the curtains. Haha! Hope you’re having a great week, Gorgeous!

    • LMFAO!!!!!! The kids think your bod is SMOKING HOT and they want to world to see it 😉

      Get those scallops in your next ceviche and let me know what you think!

  22. I miss my Easy Bake Oven, and you girls are hysterical! This ceviche looks so light and delicious! :)

  23. While I’m sitting here being manly in my cute pajamas, drinking my wine, remembering the times I stole my sister’s easy bake oven to cook up some delicious food, I’ll answer your first question. The most blissful part of life is when you are with that person that completes you, makes you incredibly happy and satisfied, and the outside world falls away and it is truly just the two of you together. Awwwwww.

    • Well that was just sweet like a Romantic Drama! Although, I have to say…. I kinda agree 😉

      In onesies of course!

  24. I want a onesie! We’re drowning here in Sydney from torrential rain; a onesie would be just perfect after running from the car to the front door and walking in soaking. Your ceviche looks really colourful, healthy and tasty xx

    • OMG get a onesie to cozy up in!! Although, are you going to even want to brave the rain in order to buy one? lol

  25. Ceviche is one of my favorites. Oh my gosh, yes! But onesies are also my favorites….for my ONE year old. I cringe every time I pass an adult onesie which is sadly only when I have to run in the Walmart by my house (dread).

    • BAHHHH HA HA AH AH AHA HA AH AH!!! If you can’t beat em though, JOIN EM!! I say, get yourself a onesie and OWN IT 😉

  26. Such a cute post and luv those onesies…I haven’t worn those since a kid but used to luv wearing them! Really delicious looking ceviche with seriously good ingredients. Cheers! :)

  27. I have never drank wine in a onsie, but I have drank it out of a sippee cup on the Long Island Rail Road as a “happy hour to go” lol.

    My hubby is really into Malbec these days – we just bought 6 bottles of Santa Ana last weekend. It’s very good!

    We have only drank one bottle so far (moderation)!

    • Ah ha ha! Moderation is KEY 😉 If you drank all 6 bottles, I would be requesting you hit up an AA meeting – LOL!

  28. Can you believe I have never eaten Dover..OMG this looks so good!! xoxo C

    (((skips off to grab her CCBR onesie and a bottle)))

  30. Love ceviche and that hoodie!

  31. Back off people. I was the first one to see you in the damn onesie…hell I was THERE when the onesie arrived!

    I need an easy bake oven.

    • I KNOW YOU WERE!!!!! Holy crap, we go WAY BACK 😉 When you come out here, we will have to get you one. I see you in a donkey onesie. Don’t know why…. LOL

  32. What is my favorite wine? All wines….

    Just kidding! I used to be a white wine girl, but as my tastes have matured (ha!) I’ve become more of a red wine drinker.

    • Oh snap, maturity changes your tastes?? Who would have thought. LOL! Not this girl though, ALL wine tastes the same to me! *EMBARRASSED face*

  33. By grad a glass, you OBVIOUSLY mean bottle, so okay! 😉 I cannot stand onesies…my feet would get waaaay too hot!

  34. Giraffes are my favorite animal of all time and the fact that you’re wearing a giraffe onesie makes me love you that much more! You’re hilarious. My current favorite wine is a Riesling that I picked up at TJ’s but I can’t remember the name of it. It was delicious. And I need more of it.

    • UMMMMMM GIRAFFES ARE MY favorite ANIMAL EVER Pragati!!!!! I promise you, I will one day have a mini one 😉

  35. PJs! I have to pee too much for a onesie :)

  36. Wine + ceviche sounds like the best combination ever! Despite the fact that onsies are cozy and amazing, I think I’d prefer to be lounging on a beach somewhere being spoon fed haha.

  37. I don’t have a onsie but I have a snuggy somewhere my MIL made us all years ago can I join the party? 😉

  38. Great, GiGi, now I feel like my childhood was deprived because I never had an Easy Bake Oven. And I’ve never worn a onesie. Hm … unless you’d count baby rompers at an age I don’t remember anymore. The last part doesn’t require making up for but that oven 😉 …

    • Girl, when/if you come to the states – we will get you a ONESIE and I will be sure to have an Easy Bake Oven WAITING for you! 😉

  39. I love ceviche! And this looks just perfect. I’ve had scallops a lot in ceviche, but never sole — love the idea. And the bubbly in the video was perfect — matched everyone’s personality. 😉

  40. Wow, this recipe sounds AMAZING! Loved the video too. I’ve never made ceviche before so definitely need to try this!

  41. Haha!!! Oh My!! Apparently I need some “winducation”! The only thing I do with that stuff is cook with it!

  42. I love sweats…more than onesies. Back in the 1990’s when those onesie-like body suits were IN – I found them very uncomfortable. I love the “wine-ucation” – I will check out their channel. I drink mostly organic reds and would love to hear their thoughts on various brands. I often bring my own wine to a restaurant and pay the corking fee if they don’t sell sustainable or organic ones.

    • WHOA! I did not know you could bring your own wine – that’s funny and actually really friggin’ smart because restaurants TOTALLY up-charge!

  43. Bahaha oh yea, I used to love my easy bake oven! It was a foreshadowing that I’d love cooking in a real oven as an adult I think….

  44. The Winos LOVE dancing Lora!

  45. Shashi!

    Yes, join us for wineducation! :)

  46. I want to come to an easy oven bake tea party!! Sounds like fun big time! I love sweats and onesies and lazy comfy clothing too. I would be happy just lounging around in loose tank tops and pj pants all day long….oh wait, I already do that most days, lol!

  47. Easy Bake Ovens. Ohh the joy! We used to put stuff in there to see if it would melt, haha. I like ceviche but I kind of skeeves me out to make. I’d be worried I did it wrong and the texture/”cookedness” was off. I dunno. I’ll leave that up the pros. Or you. I’ll come over tomorrow. I’ll pick up a onsie and Brittany on my way over.

  48. pretty sure this post was made for me. ONESIES AND WINE! yep … i’m comin over. Clink!

  49. Wish I ate seafood and drank, don’t know why I don’t. Please must know what the other outfit’s are :)
    Well as for the pile of food goo it resembles Lindsay Lohan,,, half baked and partly raw. :/
    Thanks for the fun post

    • Funnily enough, I actually DO NOT drink, he he he! I am just a really really good actress 😉 But seafood… Oh I am not acting, I ADORE IT – AS YOU KNOW he he he!

  50. Hi GiGi,
    Thank you for sharing your healthy and delicious recipe with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I’m pinning and sharing!

  51. I’m not a huge seafood fan, but I wish I was! Maybe your recipe would change my mind. 😉
    Your giraffe costume is the best! LOVE IT! I always wanted an EasyBake oven, but never got one. Now that I’m a mom, I know why my mom never got me one! Ha ha.

    • OMG NO! YOU MUST get yourself and everyone else in your family a ONESIE!! Seriously! 😉 You can go out as a family in them, LOL!! That would be hysterical and if you actually do – YOU BETTER document that on your blog! he he he! **DO IT for me! ;)**

  52. I want to be a giraffe and as a giraffe I want to make an easybake cake. Then I want to take it next door and give it as a gift – wearing my giraffe suit.

    • Bah ha ha! LOVE THIS and I would do the exact same thing… Wait, would? You know I already have! But seriously… I have! ha!

  53. I love my robe, if I could wear it all day I would. Love scallops too! Despite constantly asking, the three toys I never got were the easy bake oven, a rock tumbler and the barbie head where you can style the hair — I was really deprived

    • Um. I am embarrassed to admit… Some days, I don’t make it out of my robe. Oh the joys of working from home, HA HA HA! And wait a minute, I am never embarrassed! 😉

  54. I love drinking wine in my onesie. It has become a Friday tradition.

    • OMG YES! You get to live up to the tradition again SO VERY SOON – Friday is a comingggg! 😉 We should be neighbors!

  55. That onesie is AWESOME. i have this massive fluffy pink bathrobe that i put on everytime i get home. its insanely comfortable and totally sexy

  56. You are so crazy! And hilarious. :)

    I’m a pinot noir or sauvignon blanc kind of girl. Gah, that sounds so snobby doesn’t it?

  57. SEAFOOD for the win!! 😛 Love the giraffe btw… so cute! 😉

    Hope you’re doing awesome, girl! <3

    • Oh girl, I am definitely doing awesome – thank you for ASKING :)


  58. First of all, thank you for reminding me that my Onesie needed replacing. I DON’T want to talk about what happened to the first one but needless to say it involved a VERY naughty kitten.. Second, onesie PLUS wine? Outstanding! Any alcohol really. I LOVE ceviche – must make this… As easy as this is, I hardly make it. For shame! Have a great one lovely GiGi! -Iva

    • RIGHT? IT IS SO EASY yet I BARELY make ceviche either!!!!!!!! I have really probably only made it like 2x before in my life, hence why I got so excited in this video that it actually tasted good, LOL!!!

      Girl, get your onesie on and start wolfing down the ceviche! It’s almost FRIDAY!

  59. Haha so much fun! Love the onesies and the ceviche!

  60. Love ceviche! It’s so refreshing.

    • :) I had a feeling you might like this! Xo! I hope you’re doing well, I haven’t seen you much around the internet as of late – other than on your beautiful honey moon!!

  61. Awesome Gigi! Winos in onesies, haha! I enjoyed watching your video.

    I need to try this recipe. I loved ceviche when I tried it in Puerto Rico last summer.

    Enjoy the day!

  62. PJs for me!! Robes are ok… onesies are never ok for me!
    Ok so Scarlet got an Easy Bake Oven as a gift recently. Have you seen the ingredients in those mixes? It’s like.. pure poison. NOT GiGi-approved.
    And yes, I’m a seafood fan for sure!

    • PURE POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I come visit, because apparently I am now 😉 … Scarlet and I will bake something NON POISONOUS in her oven! And we can make this ceviche for us! he he.

  63. OMG you guys in those onsies.. is definitely what I needed to see today. I need a good smile, thanks for that Gigi :). And I just love sea scallops.. have to try this out.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  64. Hi there! Visiting from Friendship Friday. Super cute post! I love the onesies. That ceviche looks soo yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    I was totally into my Easy Bake Oven when I was younger. I was even stacking the cakes to make layers and decorating them like wedding cakes!

    • OMG! I would love to see photos of your creations! TOO BAD the smart phone did not exist back then, LOL! 😉

  65. Oh my god, this is hilarious!

  66. ONESIS all the way!!!!!!! I have THREE pairs, and rock ’em like they’re designer duds. Favorite wine is definitely from Chile!
    I soooo wanna do a video with you now :)

    • OMG WHAT different creature ONESIES do you have?!?!!?!?

      And um, come on over Jacqui, seriously, I LOVEEEEE having guests :)

  67. Michelle Hwee says:

    Awesome!! I love the photos and the ceviche recipe looks great!

  68. I loved reading this, full of nostalgia and giggles! Also, that seafood dish looks delicious…and I don’t even like seafood! As for the onesies, I’m loving those. I have a fuffy sheep onesie…complete with ears, tail and mittens! Gosh, such a pretty sight haha :)

    Tasmin | Grandiose Days

    • UMMMMM YOU MUST show me a picture of this onesie!!! Post something in IG or Twitter – STAT! And tag me! 😉 @gigieats (IG) @dubagee (T) — PLEASE!

  69. That looks awesome!! Ceviche is one of my favorite foods by far, it’s my go-to dish when I eat at mexican restaurants since it’s do healthy :) #wowlinkup

  70. This looks like an epic night. I would love the seafood, wine and onesies!

  71. This post is hilarious! I love the onesies and I totally have one too!

  72. I have not worn a onesie in like forever but would definitely rock one now as an adult! The ceviche looks divine and I would be all over it. YUM! #wowlinkup

  73. I love Merlot and I know for a fact I’m the the person in the world who thinks Merlot tastes like mozzarella :)
    Sipping Merlot on the sofa wearing a microfiber onesie. oh man, that’s what I call comfort. Nice dish, my vegetarianism staggers when I see a well prepared fish dish like this one.

  74. Wine in a onesie is the only way to cook 😉 Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board

    • It’s definitely the ONLY way to cook – from here on out, my uniform in the kitchen is my giraffe onesie! ha ha.

  75. Hilarious as always! I would love to grab a onesie and join you crazy ladies!!

  76. Mmmm ceviche… drool… Thanks for sharing on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, Gigi :)

  77. Ha, those onesies look awesome! And drinking wine in a onesie sounds like a pretty awesome way to spend an evening with friends :)

  78. I am a PJs girl, but if I had a onsie like that….

  79. PJ’s, wine, food and friends is the perfect combination. I love a merlot and could use a glass about now :). Looks like y’all had fun!

  80. I’m not sure if Alison made up the “wine praising” out of nothing or if she actually knows stuff about it. Well pulled off, hahaha 😀

  81. Cute onesie’s! Haha. I’m all for PJ’s AND a robe! One without the other is just not enough in Scotland 😉
    This recipe looks yummy, and so healthy too!

  82. I’m def a PJs kinda girl!! …but I did get a ones once that matched 2 of my friends!! ahaha… great memories :) :)

  83. I totally had an easy bake oven when I was younger. I loooooved it. Maybe that’s what made me want to be a food blogger 😉

  84. Mmmmm… this Ceviche Recipe looks amazing! Thank you for linking up at the Home Matters Party.

  85. I am on a Moscatto kick. It would pair perfectly with this recipe and I’m pretty sure with a onesie too.