This Recipe is a Touch Down!

BLUE 42! BLUE 42!

Whitney and GiGi Huh?

No, no, no, I am not predicting the name of Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s next baby.

Beyonce and Jay-Z's Baby


And that isn’t CODE for “watch the latest DUDE FOOD video below“… 

Whitney and GiGi Smiling

Or is it?

Those are actually some American Football terms that are spewed out of the CENTER’S mouth, right before he HIKES the PIGSKIN into the hands of the QUARTERBACK who then looks for an open WIDE RECEIVER or FULLBACK; whomever is closest to the END-ZONE and not being BLOCKED by DEFENSIVE LINEMEN.

GiGi Dubois holding chicken


If John Madden reads this… He would be throughly impressed with my technical football jargon!

John Madden Football

I could be a referee!

GiGi Dubois Sexy Referee Costume

Hey, I wouldn’t say no if offered the job! Staring at football player’s booties in tight pants all day… Not a bad gig.

Football Players Falling Over Eachother

Well… Unless of course… These derrieres belong to pro-bowlers that look like…

Fat Football PlayerThis guy.

Sorry dude. Call me (no… TEXT ME) if you need some nutritional advice! 

Well there is certainly no need for me to hit the showers now because that image just ruined my sexual appetite!

GiGi is grossed out

Clearly that dude (and some of his team mates) has been eating way too many “fried to a crisp” chicken fingers!

Deep Fried Chicken Fingers

Sizzling chicks hanging out in a hot tub! Don’t join them!

Perhaps football teams around the country should tune into the latest DUDE FOOD video.

But hold on a second… Football players aren’t the ONLY PEOPLE who might be choking the chicken… 

dog chewing on rubber chicken

Are YOU guilty of stuffing a few too many pieces of the fried stuff in your face when shouting at the TV during the BIG GAME?

Amanda Bynes eating chicken

Then you might want to watch the latest DUDE FOOD video too because Whitney and I GIVE THE FINGER to deep-fried chicken fingers! 



Almond Meal Crusted Chicken Fingers



  • When Jay-Z and Beyonce have their next baby, what do you think they’ll name it?
  • What’s your GUILTY football snack? 
  • Be honest: Do you watch the Superbowl for the game or for the commercials?
  • What celebrity would you like to throw in the deep-frier?
  • What has more calories: 6 pieces of chicken fingers (100 grams) or 1 slice of cheese pizza (100 grams)? 
  • When you were younger, what was your dream job?
  • Can you recall your favorite UNHEALTHY snack food when you were younger?
  • Broncos or Sea Hawks? 
  • What’s a Sea Hawk?

Pass GiGi the Football!

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  1. I’m going to say the pizza has more calories. Am I right? :) These chicken fingers look delish!

  2. That photo is UBER creepy! Can you believe I found GF nuggets made with REAL chicken and almond/rice meal at Costco?! WHat?! LIfe just got HAPPY

  3. Huh? This is about chickens tenderfication? I thought “blue 42” was the code word for food coloring in a rainbow cake. You pulled the bait & switch. Very disappointed to be here right now.

    ((sidenote: I haz all the ingredietns on hand to make dat chicken))

    • Ba h ha ha ah ha! Well, clearly Blue 42 has a lot of different meaning, which is why Beyonce and Jay-Z better not name their next kid this… It wouldn’t be original AT ALL!

  4. Love the idea of the almond meal and think that would work for a recipe I posted this morning. My guilty snack is cheese dip. So horrible!

  5. Pinned for all my GF friends who keep asking me for recipes!

    • Yay!!!! They are really really good – a little secret: I never actually tried the recipe before we made it. I was incredibly surprised by how good these are!

  6. When I watch the Superbowl– its only for the commercials.

  7. Looks healthy and easy. About how long in the oven? I’d say the ONLY thing I don’t like at super bowl parties is buffalo chicken wings. Who knows that those two will name their kid, but for the sake of what I’m doing right now, let’s say they name their next kid Blog. :) I watch the super bowl in the background and have only a slight interest in either the commercials or the game. But I have to be honest, in the last couple years the games have been exciting. The commercials you can always catch online anyway. Probably the Seahawks since I lived in Seattle for eight years…although I’m team agnostic really. :)

    • Stick them in the over for about 20-25 minutes, however, if they need more time, definitely keep them in there (timing is a bit different depending on your oven)… Nothing tastier than raw chicken, RIGHT? lol!!! 😉

  8. I definitely watch for the commercials! My favorite part. And the food. And just the party atmosphere of the day! :-)

  9. I bet my kids would love these! That second image is just creepy! On the other hand, you make a great ref!

  10. I watch the superbowl for the commercials… I honestly don’t even know how is playing this year. lol. BUT I do know what I am making for my “dude food”. lol

    • BAH AH HA HA HA HA HA AH! Oh you and I are so alike. I feel like there should be a channel on TV just dedicated to the commercials, that’s it!! Of course – we can always just look them up on line, but still!

  11. So I’m sitting in Starbucks right now, SANS headphones which means I DID NOT WATCH THE VIDEO..loud and clear DID NOT WATCH IT! BUT I read every word, and I love almond meal as a the breading for the chicken…good call. I hate football though..and only accept you posting this because it coincides with the dude food trend. Otherwise I’d boycott.

    When I was younger I would easily throw down with like 17 jalepeno poppers..SO FUCKING GROSS. WHY!! I am ashamed..I loved those things. I hate the Seahawks.

    • WHAT IN THE FUC*! I would expect you to announce to EVERYONE IN STARBUCKS that you were about to watch a GIGI EATS CELEBRITIES/DUDE FOOD video – so everyone can SUCK IT and watch with you!!! You let me down Brit, you let me down!


  12. Yum – those chicken fingers look tasty!!!
    Sadly my favorite unhealthy snack is still potato chips and wine!!!
    But, I try to limit those things and balance them with healthy things like this chicken!!

  13. Hahhaha, choking the chicken :) Well done.

  14. Fowl Play.. hahaha. I am so easy to please. You girls crack me up for real. I’m moving to LA immediately so I can butt my way into that kitchen and fart around with you. I have no clue what I’m doing for the game, but between these and Whit’s mushroom pizza’s, I would be set for party grub. I’ll be watching for the commercials on Sunday. I couldn’t be less interested in the teams this year!!

    • I’m not sure I want you to fart in my kitchen, however…. You’re more than welcome to MOVE ON UP TO LA so we can CHOKE SOME CHICKEN TOGETHER – bah ah ah!

  15. Okay, so I can lean back and just say I have no clue about football because, duh, I’m German – perfect excuse, right? But then again that means I also can’t have a guilty football snack … Aaaand I also don’t watch the Superbowl [but know several guys taking a day off so they can stay up all night to watch it – time difference!] BUT I do remember one commercial from last year that made the rounds on blogs. The one with the foal. So damn cute.

  16. I have an eye worm after seeing that creepy baby picture!! Don’t ever do that to me again!

    John Madden and his “Tur-duck-en” are the worst things about Super Bowl Sunday!

    You two did a great job of healhifying chicken fingers!

    Marshmallows and cotton candy when I was a kid for the worst.

    Astronaut was my dream as a kid. Still could happen, I suppose. I need to go to the Cape with an “I’ll fly for Chicken fingers,” sign, lol!

    I can’t root for the Broncos ever since they dissed Tebow.

    Alec Baldwin into the deep fryer!!

    • Okay I have to ask… Why is Alec Baldwin going into the deep fryer? Perhaps he will go in with the Turducken!

      • Because he is a total jerk in every situation he can create. His ex is the perfect foil for him too! My neighbor dated her and knew the real Kim.

        • Ah yes, Alec and his outbursts. I have heard a lot of horror stories through people who know he out here in LA. Got to love a diva-crazy celebrity…. NOT! lol

  17. Yes! I love chicken fingers! I would have your recipe with buffalo sauce-my fav! My guess is that non-almond meal chicken fingers have more calories than pizza because they are fried.

    When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer. Now that I’m a lawyer I want to be younger and just teach fitness classes! haha!

    • Okay this might come as a shock but… I have never ever had buffalo sauce before! What is it even made up of?! 😮

  18. ahahahaha This is one of my favorites of yours! That first picture of you and Whitney had me cracking up!!

    Yummm I can’t wait to make these chicken fingers this weekend! They’d go great with my healthy dude spinach dip!

    Also, don’t forget to add the Fit Tip Tuesday button to your posts for FTT! You can get the code on my site 😉


  19. Bahaha, you make me laugh every time.

    Not a big fan of football here; I prefer hockey or basketball, and not on TV preferably (in person is so much better!)

    My unhealthy snack of all times is chocolate in all its forms.

    As a kid the first thing I wanted to be was a dentist for animals (veterinarian dentist?)

  20. That shot of Amanda Bynes – hahahaha! I love that movie! And I totally eat like that when I’m super hungry. 😉 Also, I definitely watch the game for the commercials, if I watch it at all. Really I’m just there to hang out with my besties while the game happens to be on in the background. However, when March Madness rolls around, that’s an entirely different matter!

    • I hear you! The superbowl is really just an excuse to hang out with friends 😉

      AND HECK YES – I totally want to watch pre-Amanda Bynes break down movies right now!!!

  21. That is the creepiest “baby” picture ever. So wrong on so many levels!

    Love GF recipes! Going to try this one with buttermilk instead of eggs due to allergy issue.

    • That baby photo gives me the shivers. I will most certainly have nightmares – lol!

      Yes, definitely try this with buttermilk. I was trying to figure out an egg replacement for this recipe as I know a lot of people have egg problems – thank you for that suggestion.

  22. Hmm sounds good – I have almost everything for that recipe except the Almond meal, so I’ll have to buy it. Like I said whatever you put out for my birthday week (which is TODAY) I will prepare. Challenge accepted. -Iva <- Birthday Girl :) :) :) Take Care GiGI!

    • HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPYY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox!!!!

      If you have coconut flour, that could work for this recipe as well! :)

  23. I watch for the Football…I love the sport..Seahawks all the way {since my Saints are not in the bowl}!
    Is Beyonce preggers again? My fave unhealthy snack as a kid??? We really did not get to eat “unhealthy” unless you call the bologna sandwiches on sourdough sliced with mayo and lettuce unhealthy…OH and we at them at the beach, so the sand made them taste even BETTER!! loved those
    Great finger recipe, I am totally going to try that for the kids :)

    • OMG that’s one delicious memory right there! Balogna and Mayo… MMMMMMM!! I remember when I used to eat Wonder Bread and Mayo sandwiches! LOL! How healthy is that?!

      And no, Beyonce isn’t pregnant again…. YET! lol
      You also might be the first comment I have read that actually WATCHES the football! 😉

  24. Um, still too traumatized by that baby.

  25. Gee let’s see, I wonder if I’m the only one tired of seeing their face’s in the media,how about GPS that name seems to be going in their direction. It’s possible I’m the only person who cares less about this game, but I do love Late July brand chips for a snack. Most celebrity’s and their grandiose behavior seem to boil themselves quit well. I always wanted to be a stunt driver, wouldn’t even be work for me. A Seahawk is a helicopter. My old time favorite snack in NY was PIZZA !!!! and it has way more calories than the crispy chicken.

  26. Now THAT is a keeper for sure! Love this and so will MY dude.

  27. TOUCHDOWN GiGi!!! I love me some un-fried chicken. I also think that may be the next name for the Knowles/Carter baby. No, not “un-fried chicken,” TOUCHDOWN!…or Blue 42. That really rolls off the tongue better :-) Maybe Omaha? Now I’m just guessing.

  28. I’ve been meaning to “bread” chicken tenders in almond meal. I’ll be making this soon!

    Love your videos! You two are too funny! :)

  29. haha love you! you are one fierce football player 😉

    not really excited for the game, but looking forward to hanging out with friends, having a food drinks, eat some food, and ya the commercials are always fun…well sometimes

  30. GiGi. You’re hilarious. The chicken fingers look yummy. Thanks for adding the healthy twist.
    And I just don’t watch the Superbowl. =/

  31. Haha. Awesome GiGi. I’m not watching the Superbowl but am going to a Superbowl party!

    • Ha Ha! I find it so funny how people are just going to the parties and don’t plan on watching the game! 😉 Will you all be outside playing your own football game!?!?!

  32. You would make a darn good ref, I’m sure. That tummy football player photo may have just scarred me for life…

  33. I cant believe they would let him play with all that hanging out. That picture can’t be real!

  34. This looks like a tasty & healthy recipe, thanks for sharing! :)

  35. HAH! I watch for commercials. And these days I think I recognize half the actors in them from auditions. Such is the ultra-glam life of an LA actress. As for snack age, spicy salsa and tortilla chips are always divine. As is a good cocktail-I wish I could get into the beer thing but it is not for moi…

    • Isn’t it so funny to see people you know in commercials and on TV in general! Oh the joys of going to SO MANY AUDITIONS! lol!!!

  36. ((((adds almond meal to the list and is sad her STEELERS arent playing)))

    • Steelers should have stepped their game up this year! That’s okay though, you can wallow in your almond meal crusted chicken! 😉

  37. This one had me ROLLING! The whole guys in tights thing can totally go either way – yikes! My superbowl (or anytime really…I am always looking for an excuse to eat them) food is NACHOS. I am a bit of a nacho expert…ain’t no shame!

    • Hopefully rolling is a GOOD THING – ha ha ah! 😉

      And you’re right – guys in tights can definitely be EITHER a GOOD or a BAD thing… NOTHING in between, lmfao!

      A nacho expert huh?! Do explain!

  38. Well, “Blue” is already taken. They’ll be original, and go with something like “Chartreuse” – and call the kid “Char” for short.
    Guilty snack: Macadamia Nut Butter with cocoa nibs. YUM!
    Commercials, definitely! Why would anyone watch for the game? I mean: it’s 4 hours long, and only statistically 11 minutes of actual play time… If you’re watching for anything other than the commercials, you probably need to re-examine your priorities…
    Favorite unhealthy snack as a kid? Ice cream, definitely! I used to eat tons of fruit; so the only thing I would pig out on that was unhealthy (except, you know, bread on sandwiches, pasta, cereal for breakfast, etc.) was ice cream.

    • LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO!!! Chartreuse is the BEST EFFING NAME ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET! They might as well name their child Fire Engine Red.

      Macadamia nut butter and cocoa nibs, that actually sounds BOMB and you just gave me an ideeaaaaaaaaa for the cook-a-long Whitney and I are doing next week, Hmmmm!?!?!?! **Scratches head – LIGHHT BULB**

      And hot damn, ice cream – YUMMM!! What was your favorite flavor?! I wish my taste buds were adventurous back when I was a wee little lass, because I would have tried the AWESOME FLAVORS like birthday cake and peanut butter banana onion raisin bacon. LMFAO – but of course, I was a picky little bitch… Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles please.

      • Hahaha!! Fire Engine Red! Ok, so Chartreuse if it’s a girl, and Fire Engine Red if it’s a boy. Then they can call him Engi for short. Wait! Scratch that; reverse it! Every little girl wishes her name was Fire Engine Red!

        Woah – that was a bright one! I think I saw it all the way over here!!

        I was super adventurous – probably a little more so than is really healthy… I would eat literally anything! Favorite: Cherry Garcia once it came out. I grew up in the magical world of Ben&Jerry’s land, where all ice cream was amazingly delicious. Moving out of Vermont and tasting some of the crap people call ice cream was a bubble-bursting moment for me. I was like “People are addicted to THIS SHTUFF?!?” That made it easy to kick the habit.

        • I just peed my pants. ENGI! ENGI! Screwn Chartreuse, that’s BEEN DONE – ENGI – never been done!!!!! I am all over that like White on Rice!!!

          Uh, is it crazy that I have NEVER EVER EVER has Cherry Garcia?! I hated CHUNKS in my ice cream when I could eat it! I do remember a Ben & Jerry’s in my neighborhood when I was younger. I can even still SMELL the shop… SO GOOD. Talk about SMELL PORN!

          Do you have ice cream recipes on your blog?

  39. My eyes, my eyes! Between the baby freaky head and the dunlopped belly, I feel nauseous.I would like to throw Miley in the grease pit for some fried tongue with a side of crispy twerks.

    • BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Hopefully not nauseous enough to have you avoid making these crispy chicken fingers 😉 Clearly those photos didn’t make you sick enough to not want to take a bite out of Miley’s fried tongue.. Aw man, I think I just lost MY appetite!

  40. Football, schmootball… THIS IS A RECIPE MY KIDS MIGHT EAT!!!!!

  41. Ahh what a simple recipe–I love it! Also, I’m going to have nightmares of that picture of Jay Z on a baby’s body so….thanks haha.

    • Last night I had a night mare that the baby was trying to feed me these chicken fingers… Actually, not sure if that would qualify as a nightmare because these fingers are delicious!

  42. Ooh, my fiance would love this! He’s chicken obsessed…that sounds weird! Haha.

  43. I watch the superbowl for the halftime show…but after Queen B shut it down last year I don’t know that anyone could ever compare. This year I’m only “watching” cause my friend is making her special nachos…girl writes a nacho blog so as you could imagine they are DAMN good.

    • Seriously….. The 1/2 Time Show this year needs to STEP IT UP…. I think if they had a few Gorillas run on the field and throw cheerleaders up into the air as Smash Mouth came out and started singing his old school jam…. That might out do “Queen” B. LMFAO – I should call up some of my SuperBowl contacts and see if this is possible! The NYC Zoo I am sure would love to loan some gorillas!

  44. Spicy Chicken Wings with blue cheese and a pint of beer (okay many pints of beer) for football watching.
    Would rather see Peyton Manning win the Super Bowl than Pete Carroll plus I love Peyton’s commercials.

  45. This is my favorite Dude Food yet!!! Looking forward to many more flavor shockers with you :)

  46. Yum — these sound awesome! I am the weirdo that hates chicken wings and all things “buffalo” flavored, so I am excited to see something different. I am planning to make my (soon to be) world famous STROMBOLI for the Super Bowl party I’m going to this weekend. It’s totally not healthy, but… just a little slice?

  47. I always look forward to seeing the commercials. I agree these sound awesome!

  48. When I was younger, my dream job was being on the Today Show! Ok, that’s still my dream job! Favorite unhealthy snack..mmm probably Cheez-Its. When you figure out how to make a healthy version of that, PLEASE let me know. These look amazing btw, and I am a chicken finger connoisseur so that means a lot.

    • OMG YES! I love your dream job goallll!!! I am right there with you! :) Can we be Co-Hosts?

      And I will certainly go to the LAB (aka my kitchen) and try and come up with a HEALTHY Cheez-It! 😀

  49. Hmmm baby name…Red Vine!
    Guilty Football Snack…..loaded nachos
    I watch the Superbowl for the game and the commercials but I usually fall asleep before it’s over…I know, lame.
    I’d throw a lot of celebrities in the deep-fryer, please don’t make me choose just one.
    More calories…Chicken (I totally cheated and looked up the answer!)
    When I was younger my dream job was to be a professional surfer, Apparently, that was a stretch growing up in a land locked area hundreds of miles from the ocean. On a side note, I did learn to surf later in life and I love it but I never became a pro….
    My favorite snack when I was younger was and still is reeses peanut butter cups.
    Broncos Baybee, A Sea Hawk is the team that loses the Superbowl.

    • Not lame at all, I would probably fall asleep before the game EVEN STARTED, lol! Anticipating the boring game makes me tired, ha ha ah!

      Awww man, I am now dreaming of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups! SOOOO GOOD – they should be illegal!

      And hey now cheater – 😉

  50. you always put me in a good mood. LOL and baby blue. and yes, feed me almond meal nuggets, anytime, go long!

  51. OMG – I love you too!!! YUM on that recipe! PERFECT! I don’t even watch the Superbowl & it is not about the food for me anyway – I like what I like. :)

    I wanted to be famous when I was little – so weird – no job, just famous & not even paparazzi then! 😉

    How long a list of celebrities can I put to throw in the fryer! 😉 Way too many starting with Bieber cause he has been in the news the most!

    Junk food as a kid was normal in my house so too many there too!

    • So basically you wanted to be born into fame? Sort of like Paris Hilton? LOL! — I mean she has no job, just famous 😉

  52. Umm these sound REALLY good. Almost good enough to make me want to have a SB party to serve them at…ALMOST.

    • OH baby, you can make them for dinner TONIGHT – you don’t need an excuse like a football game to make them! 😉

  53. What an easy recipe!! I love it!! You always manage to make me laugh! <3

    New Outfit Post: A PoP of Red

  54. No fried chicken for this girl, but… that baby picture. YIKES!!!!! And I’m no John Madden but I am super impressed by your football jargon 😉

  55. I can’t handle that Jayz baby photo, I just can’t. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a Marine, as in yes, a Marine. I am glad I did not do this, I wouldn’t have survived.

    • OMG! That is one incredible goal you wanted for your future! A marine??? I don’t even think I KNEW WHAT A MARINE WAS when I was younger, lol! You’re so much more cultured than me!

  56. Thankfully, I hate football, so I don’t have to eat JUNK on Sunday!!!! But I do like junk… and my favorite as a kid was probably really buttery popcorn. :) My parents would buy huge bags of it already popped from a local theater. It is so unhealthy, looking back on it!!! But you know, back when I was a kid, we actually played outside and stuff like that so it all evened out…

    • OMG! I remember going to the movies and ordering the TUBS of the buttery stuff and then literally before the movie even started, we’d go back for a re-fill because we would eat it ALL during the previews!!!! How ridiculous!

      And I really miss PLAYING OUTSIDE! I miss not being ATTACHED to my computer!! GAHH! I want to play house in the woods, lol!

  57. Football Player Booty is the best Booty!
    I just bought Almond meal without a specific reason to use it. Who randomly buys almond meal? Apparently me. I not a have yummy looking recipe to use it with now!

    • Who’s football playing booty do you like the best???

      You bought the almond meal because subconsciously YOU KNEW you were going to need it VERY SOON because you knew I was going to post a recipe that included it! DING DING! You can see into the future! 😉

  58. My husband makes something like this..calls them “Chicken McNuggets” so that the kids will eat them. Wouldn’t you believe it doesn’t work?
    If it helps, they won’t really eat McDonald’s either. Whew.
    I am being honest – I can’t watch more than a minute of football without my eyes glazing over. I am, however, VERY excited for the commercials.

    • I AM THRILLED your kids do not like McDonalds nuggets! They have far more mature taste buds I hope! :)

      PS: My eyes too glaze over like the delicious sugary glaze covering donuts, LOL – Except not!

  59. Those chicken fingers look delish! I’ve been looking for some healthy recipes to cook on Sunday. Yum. I’m also so impressed with your football jargon, lol!

    • Wahoo! Add this recipe to your menu! :) It will NOT disappoint! Seriously.

      And if you need a crash course in football, you know where to find me, LMFAO – however, you may already be a pro!

  60. I live in Seattle so, obviously, go Seahawks! I actually *like* watching football, though I don’t do it often because I’m doing other things. Also I do love the superbowl commercials!

    p.s. Whitney’s joke at the end was “shocking”!

  61. Who needs the Super Bowl when you can entertain us so much better. I almost list me drink. You are so stinkin funny and side note–those chicken fingers look delish!

  62. That pic is still creeping me out! Gah!!!!

  63. YUM!! These would be perfect if we were having a Superbowl Party! Maybe I’ll have to make them for the hubby and me. Go Broncos!!!!

  64. Omg those photos are hilarious and cracking me up! I love you guy’s videos too…so funny! I don’t ever watch the superbowl…could care less about football, lol!

  65. I had all sorts of plans for the chicken in my fridge, but now that I see this I want fingers. Those are some Chick-fil-a spices! I haven’t had that chicken in years!

  66. I remember wanting to be an Archaeologist. I was fascinated by the job and the discoveries!

    • OMG SAME! I love DISCOVERING! Seriously, if I wasn’t doing what I am doing – would love to excavate in other countries!

  67. Where on earth do you get these photos. Too funny! 😉 I just restocked my supply of almond meal! Yay! Happy Super Bowl!

  68. Seriously almost spit out my water when I saw that picture of the baby. So creepy. Adult face on a baby = not cute. I love using almond meal on chicken! I am having a current love affair with almond meal in general though so I might be biased. Oooops.

    • Adult Face on baby’s body reminds me of those dream sequences in sitcoms back in the day! LOL! It reminds me of Full House or Friends – Ah two of the best shows out there! :)

      Oh my, are you and Almond Meal going to get married 😉

  69. Erin from Long Island says:

    So funny that I had a killer craving and made my own version of chicken fingers when you first posted this. Mine was with turkey breast cutlets, garlic, cumin, and SMOKED paprika (seriously, get on that!). baked after coating with panko and the spices. NOMMZZZZZZZ

    Football is stupid, I only cared the year the Giants won recently, and that was b/c I was spending way too much time in bars and my homies were into it

    • Erin from Long Island says:

      oh also, chicken wings are gross! they are fried for no reason (still have flabby skin, no crisp = why bother) and they are so greasy and messy and are often more bone then food. Not that I mind a good bone every now and then. Oops, I’ve said too much…

    • I HAVE A BAG THAT COULD FILL A POOL full of SMOKED PAPRIKA!!! Holy MOUTH-PLEASING MAGIC! I am obsessed with it. It goes amazingly well in eggs and on chicken – ha, they are relatives after all 😉

      And OMG – I actually WATCHED the Super Bowl the year the Giants actually won! I remember they were LOSING and within the last like 30 seconds THEY WON!!!

      • Erin from Long Island says:

        yeah, it was a good game from what I remember =)

        i seriously put smoked paprika on nearly everything!

  70. finally helga, you’re silly blog is working.

    Ok you’re blog is working. You and Whit…where do I even begin. That chicken finger dish looks AMAZEBALLS.

    PS random, but you eat kinda paleo right? Guess who had a salmon hangover last night? ME. Grilled salmon + Salmon sashimi at the Japanese restaurant. No bueno.

    • A salmon hangover?!?!?!? How is that even possible!? Speaking of fish, you would be SO JEALOUS of what I just ate… AW MAN, I WANT MORE. But I can’t – my mom is visiting and she’d think I were a FATTY if I ripped into her leftovers that she got a doggy bag for – but let me tell you, I might sleep walk and EAT IT! lol

  71. Great recipe Gigi, loving that you used almond meal to coat. Gluten-free and so much better tasting!

    • I cannot even remember what fried chicken tastes like! I LOVE how this almond meal gives a little bit of a sweet flavor! Phenomenal :) Hope your favorite team wins tomorrow!

  72. These look great!!! ANd I’m all about having your fave treats…only a little bit healthier!! :)

  73. Hooray for the “dude foods”!
    The eye black is a good look for you, Gigi.. You should just be a trendsetter and wear that around town.

    I’ve been using almond meal in place of flour in all kinds of recipes and it almost always ends up great.
    These chicken fingers look yum. I bet the kids wouldn’t even know that they were eating healthy!

    • I was thinking about rocking the black eyes more often too – especially on the days when I actually wake up with huge bags under my eyes, why not accentuate them, no? LOL! Sometimes I actually go out with stuff drawn on my life, it’s hysterical to see people’s reactions! Maybe next time, I will draw a chicken on my face and eat these almond crusted chicken fingers – too much?

  74. Gigi does it again! You are amazingly clever. This time you had me at the scary Jay-Z baby clone. If they had a second child I certainly hope she/he does not look anything like that! What a hoot! My guilty food pleasure is vegan pizza! I hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl festivities! Thank you so much for sharing this fun post with us on the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Blog Hop!! All the best, Deb

  75. 1. Those look amazing and healthy! 2. That picture of you as a ref is hysterical- and I totally agree, football players in tight pants? Yes please!

    xx Kait

  76. You guys are too funny! I definitely don’t think people realize how unhealthy regular chicken fingers are (even though they’re delicious haha). The Jay-Z baby picture…omg I die.

    • Isn’t that kind of sad :( People think it’s chicken and overall, chicken is very healthy… They don’t realize that that batter is horrendous for their health!!!!! :(

      And I cannot even go on this post anymore because I don’t want Jay-Z baby nightmares!

  77. though I love the chicken recipe, but that pictures are hilarious… recipe is great…

  78. This recipe sounds absolutely awesome, but I am scared of that Jay Z-Beyonce baby photo. No baby should be cursed to look like that 😛
    Great post!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! No kidding right? I don’t even like babies, but even I agree, no baby should be cursed to look like that, 😉

  79. OK, that Jay-Z/Beyonce baby picture freaked me out.


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