Chicken Smoothie: Don’t Be A Chicken, TRY IT!

I’d be lying if I told all of you that… I AM SMOOTH LIKE BUTTA in social situations… Or just in general.

butter butt cat

And we all know that I would NEVER lie to any of you (in fact, I am a little TOO blunt at times)… So truthfully, I am about as smooth as the surface of the moon… When it comes to… Um, yeah, dealing with this thing called life.


People who have met me, seen my YouTube videos, follow me on Instagram, or observed me in general, tend to call me quite the “quirky turkey”AKA: A nice way of saying that I am an utterly awkward HOT MESS… Or weirder than a fluffy, one legged tarantula trying to eat a corndog.


It seems you’ve all decided to jump on the HOT MESS EXPRESS, though, because you visit me here every week. 

Muahhh aha ha ha ah aha! 

The confirmation that I am indeed more peculiar than that tarantula came this past week when I asked several people to join me in the kitchen to taste test a, what they call it, ridiculously repulsive sounding, recipe idea.

GiGi Dubois Foodie Aprons

I couldn’t coax them with my suave and convincing words because… Well, we have already established that I am no smooth operator. And I mean, I sort of have to agree with all of them… This recipe does sound gross AF… But it’s super high in protein… So at least it’s got that going for it… Am I right?

Chicken Smoothie GiGi Eats Celebrities

But lets get something straight: SOUND has NOTHING to do with taste.

Whoa. That cognition was rather sagacious of me.

Oh wait, am I the only one who thought that?

Yep, just me being smooth… As a serrated knife.

serrated knife

Well, the recipe that seems to have scared all of my friends away… Does NOT call for that kind of knife… It just calls for you to have a pair of COJONES… And… To be a carnivore!

chicken smoothie

Don’t Be A Chicken…


  • Roughly 3/4 – 1 lbs Chicken Breast, cooked and cut into chunks (I used US Wellness Meats Chicken Breast)
  • 1/2 Roasted and Diced White Onion, roasted
  • 1/2 Roasted and Diced Sweet Potato
  • 1 Cup Chicken Bone Broth
  • 4 Tbs Plain Unsweetened Coconut Milk
  • Salt & Pepper (I used Fennel Saffron Salt from The San Fransisco Company)
  • 1/2 Tbs Oregano
  • 1/2 Tbs Garlic Powder
  • 1 Zucchini, Zoodled (optional)
  • 1/2 Eggplant, Noodled (optional)

That chick is smooth… Unlike me:

  • Throw all of your ingredients into a blender
  • Puree.
  • Done.
  • If you want to pour this “smoothie” over something… Zoodle some zucchini or eggplant (or BOTH!)… And then you can eat your smoothie with a fork!

Chicken Mustache anyone? 

So Tell Me…

  • What’s the weirdest combo you’ve ever thrown in the blender/food processor? 
  • Are you quick on your feet, or extremely awkward in social situations? 
  • Have you ever eaten a corn dog? (Fun Fact: I’ve never eaten one before in my life) 
  • What’s your favorite vegetable (or fruit?) to make into “noodles”? 
  • Do you care what your food looks like before you eat it? 

Trust me I am a food blogger gigi dubois

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  1. Your recipe is delicious and your writing style is great! Love your site!

  2. Ok- have to be honest here. I “chickened” out when I read the headline. But the end result looks pretty good! Pregnancy hormones have my taste buds all off, lol!

  3. You are so funny. It’s an interesting idea, so is the pickle ice cream and i’ not preggars

  4. As someone who puts chicken in a food processor to make chicken salad, I would definitely enjoy this recipe! :) Thanks for giving our aprons a shout out too!

  5. Looks amazing!

  6. It all gets blended in your belly anyway!

  7. Alright, you win! This does sound like it’d be amazing on some zoodles! *-* It’s hard to go wrong with coconut milk! <3

    • HAHA! When I told people about the coconut milk addition, they looked at me as if they were about to call the LOONEY BIN so I could be taken away immediately! lol

  8. One of the reasons I never did purees with my kids was precisely to avoid pureed meats!

  9. Sure, maybe you’re an awkward hot mess, but you totally own it and you’re authentic, which is why so many people love you! Definitely an interesting concept you’ve got here with this chicken smoothie. I’m not sure I could get over the texture. But it’s so unique just like yourself! I love how you always keep it real!

    • Yeah, if you’re the type of gets skeeved out over textures and what not, then this might not be for you – but if you’re all about delicious flavors – then DOWN THE HATCH it should go! LOL!

      And you know I will ALWAYS keep it real! 😉

  10. Very interesting way to serve chicken. This would have been great for my son when he broke his jaw.

  11. Your apron rocks and now i want one. Hey, dont knock it until you try it right? This is a great idea for lunch or something yummy for breakfast. Your recipes never fail, so i’d trust you. Hah.

    • I am so pumped you’re on board Leslie! 😉 I have to say that I have had 1 or 2 fail recipes… But I post them anyways and tell everyone how much they suck! HAHAHAH! As I said, I would never lie to you!

  12. I’m intrigued. Do you eat it hot? Is it like a really thick soup? Or kind of like a sauce if you eat it with zoodles?


    • I ate it hot, but you can eat it hot or cold! And yep, you could call it a sauce if you’d like – but I like the “shock” value of calling it a smoothie, LOL!

  13. All the ingredients sound pretty yummy! I honestly couldn’t eat it like a smoothie, but over zoodles sounds fantastic!

  14. If anyone ever knocks all my teeth out, I’ll definitely consider sipping this through a straw. ;p I’m a chewing hard type of gal, so I might skip the blender for now. :)

  15. Wow! 😮 This is the weirdest recipe I’ve ever seen on here, but you know what? After you mentioned the ingredients it does sound scrumptious. It looks gross but I have no doubt it tastes really good. I trust you. 😉

  16. Can we PLEASE just call this chicken soup?! The idea of a chicken smoothie is beyond disgusting! :) I am sure that was the point. I just had to read this post to find out what crazy thing you were doing!

    • AH HA HA HA HA AH! We can call it chicken sauce?? 😉 But yes, you are right! I really wanted to see what people’s reactions to CHICKEN SMOOTHIE would be! LMFAO!

  17. I guess it is like chicken salad but more mushed up. :) It certainly sounds weird but flavorful!

    I am totally awkward in social situations!

    My food – do not care what it looks like! :)

  18. Yeah I’m a chicken — I’ll eat all kinds of weird foods but I do care a lot about texture. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but the texture of a chicken smoothie doesn’t sound appealing to me. That being said — I’ll try anything once!

  19. I watched the video on YouTube separately – hilarious!!

  20. Not sure if I could do this.

  21. Hmmm, I feel like you might be starting a trend with savory smoothies!

  22. You seem normal to me, coming from a guy whose surgical residents gave him a “Why Be Normal? bumper sticker :-)

    Surprisingly, I do quite well in social situations. It’s when I’m alone I go to pieces occasionally.

    Zucchini of course.

    My meals usually look very nice, after all, presentation is everything. I’m an artist, I cook by color.

    • Normalcy is just plain BORING in my mind, so I would never ever want to be considered as such! 😉 So honestly, when people tell me I have a few screws loose, I am not the type to call the “mechanic” ASAP to fix em. Nope. I let them just get looser! hahahaha!

  23. I don’t consider myself a picky eater, but I have to admit that my gut reaction to this wasn’t exactly positive, haha. Then you mentioned putting over something and won me over! I’m still not sure I could actually drink it though.

    • TEE HE HE HE! I like scare people off only to reel em back in! 😉 Shall I grab you a straw? ha – just kidding!! You can call this a “sauce” and pour it over veggies, salad, noodles, whatever you want and BAM… It sounds tastier now, right?!

  24. Dude. I’m pretty weird, but this is really weird. LOL! When I broke my jaw, my mom tried to blend scrambled eggs for me to eat because I was losing too much weight. It was vile. They turned grey!

    • Eggs = FUCKING GROSS in my opinion. Ever since my mom over fed them to me when I was in high school. I will eat them once in a blue moon, but don’t think for a second I will ever experiment with them like I did this recipe with chicken.

      Shall I bring you a chicken smoothie the next time I see ya?! Which will be… WHENNNNN!!!?

  25. This sounds very interesting but you make it look so good so I know it has to be delicious :)

  26. Ok at first I was like well she’s slipped over the edge no problem life is a challenge. But we mix these things on our plate and love it and what a great leftover idea especially with the turkey thing coming. I bet pan frying this a little to would give a slightly different texture too. I’m all in for this. Being someone who has taken several polygraphs for work you would be hilarious on one, the reader would not know what to do with you. Brutal honesty is a rare trait, I would trust you :)

    • Ha! Me on a polygraph = I would probably break the thing!!!! I actually really want to try one now! LOL. And thank you for trusting me, I would NEVER EVER sway you in the wrong direction!

  27. No no no no! There would be an industrial strength barf box nearby. There would have to be! Not for me!

  28. I must chicken out on that one! I love my chicken but not on pizza and this doesn’t get me too excited. I trust that it’s yummy, I just won’t be trying anytime least I don’t think so. So intriguing…

    I am always sitting after the fact like ” dang I should have said this and that”. I’m not quick on my feet at ALL!

    • Joi, when you come over… I am going to trick you into eating it … SOME HOW 😉 And then you will be convinced that it’s DELICIOUS! hehehehe!

  29. I have never heard of this but it looks interesting. not sure how good it would be!

  30. Very interesting! Never thought to make a chicken smoothie!

  31. I think I HAVE eaten a corn dog. Shudder. Corn dog nuggets, they were called. At least they were mini. That has to help right?
    It’s true, though. You don’t lie to us so I generally welcome and trust your strangest ideas!

  32. I can’t say I’ve ever had a chicken smoothie… although it is pretty nutritious!

  33. Dude, where has this been all my life?! I hate cooking. Hate it. But throw a bunch of ingredients in a blender and call it dinner? SIGN ME THE HECK UP.

  34. Curious concept. Liquid meat. I suppose it might make a lot of people happy and some of them maybe not so much. What generated this concept I wonder?

    I do not care what my food looks like or even generally what it tastes like, unless it is very bad.

    No I’ve never noodled a..well anything.

    • My brain is weird. I honestly have ZERO IDEA where this idea came from. I was walking into the kitchen and was like “hmmm throw meat in the blender… Sounds like a plan!” – AND BAM! lol

  35. Not gonna lie, this sounds REPULSIVE at first read of the title…but I TRUST U I’ll have to try it out sometime! aha, maybe not till I come back for a visit and make sure you actually eat it 😛

    • I should make 4 of my grossest sounding recipes for you, for a video… And you can taste test!! LOL!! Like our frozen meal taste test 😉

  36. Looks delicious. I would lve to try this recipe/

  37. You had me at “trust me… I’m a food blogger” Like always your facial expressions are priceless. The zoodles add some much needed texture, this recipe is weird enough for me to try out myself. I eat Morning Star Vegan Corn Dogs a few times a week and they are delicious, I can’t believe you’ve never had one

  38. I love this. The combination of ingredients in your chicken smoothie goes great together.

  39. Well that’s definitely a new one on me! A chicken smoothie. But I’m willing to try anything once. Except maybe cocaine…I won’t do that. Drugs are bad. And yes, you are quite the quirky turkey, which I love!

    • DRUGS ARE VERY BAD. I AM GLAD we are on the same page about that. However, you might get addicted to this chicken smoothie like one might drugs after you try it! 😉

  40. I wonder if the title of this recipe would sound less
    “scary” if you published it closer to Halloween? 😛
    I woner

  41. This totally caught my eye OMG! xo

  42. Ok, I have to admit I still feel a little doubtful – but the end result does look quite tasty! Although as I think the most adventurous thing I put in my blender for a smoothie is frozen mango, this will definitely be a bit of a leap for me! xxx

    • Aha ha ha! Mango is like a staple in a smoothie out here in LA – haha! Now if you paired that mango with some pureed chicken… THAT would be weird!

  43. I love your video! But I have so many questions. Like why can’t you just make it into a soup or a sauce? Why chicken in the blender?! I’d be too chicken to try this. But you sell it well. I bet it’s the next hot food trend!

    • Ah ha ha! Well, I mean, you could really call this combo a sauce or a soup – I chose SMOOTHIE cause it is the weirdest to me and I like weird! 😉 And in a blender because, blenders are the most amazing tool!!!

  44. i love your posts, they are so fun. i had NEVER thought about putting chicken through a blender, and still not sure what to think. i have never tried zoodles with ANYTHING. must try them soon!

  45. Ok, I’m not sure I could give this ago! I might if I had no teeth or … Actually I think that would be the only time! Anyway I’m sure it’s yummy, it’s definitely creative!

    • BAH AH HA HA! Well shoot – lets hope you never suffer the fate of not having teeth, but if you do… You know where to turn for the recipe!

  46. Elizabeth O. says:

    I admire you for being so passionate about this but I don’t think chicken smoothie is something that I can take. Maybe I’ll try a little bit of serving if someone were to actually make this for me.

  47. As an extremely picky eater…. I surprisingly don’t find this repulsive…
    Also, I don’t think I have any weird food combo, except for maybe eating a tomato with Nutella… But I don’t blend them together in the food processor lol
    And to answer your other questions. It depends. I’m naturally EXTREMELY awkward unless there’s something I need to do, in that case, awkwardness runs out of the nearest window.
    I never ate a corn dog, neither I know what that is… so, yeah
    As for how my food looks… I mostly rely on my sense of smell when it comes to food, however, the looks of it, is also important when OTHER people make food, when I make it (knowing what I put in it) I don’t care how it looks

    • OMG I am so so so impressed Annie! For a picky eater to not be repulsed… That’s saying something!
      AND OMG yeah – I never even thought about Nutella and Tomato. Now that would be friggin’ gross. Ha! See, my recipe is actually sounding even TASTIER NOW!!!

  48. I like living on the edge…. I may have to give this one a try! It does look pretty tasty!!

  49. Susie @ Suzlyfe says:


  50. You are right! It sounds disgusting, but it actually looks delicious!! You better believe I will be trying this. :)

  51. I can’t believe you’ve never eaten a corn dog AND I want that apron! It’s a must have. I would definitely have to pour that chicken smoothie over something and eat it with a fork and I have to admit that I gagged a little when I saw the title. :) But it looks delicious!!

    • BAH HA HA HA HA AH AH HA HA HA! I am GLAD you gagged – because that’s the NORMAL reaction one should have, LOL! 😉 However, once you try it, you may very well be hooked – hehe!

  52. I would give it a try… Both as a Dairy Queen style blizzard and over the fake noodles… :)

    • Ah ha ha ha aha! I would try the Dairy Queen approach first. Just close your eyes and take a bite…. Maybe stick the smoothie in the freezer for a few minutes too so as to get a bit of the cool iciness! LOL!

  53. Nicole Escat says:

    Yay! What a fun way to serve a chicken lol! But it really looks delicious!

  54. Not entirely sure about a chicken smoothie. But, it does sound healthy!

  55. I wont lie to you girl, if this was the first time I ever “met” you and you offered me a chicken smoothie I would probably think you had a few screws loose. HOWEVER, once I tasted it I’m sure I would totally jump into your arms and smother you with kisses. Good food is good food – no matter how you make it!! Ok so I guess that’s not entirely true, but you get the point I’m trying to make here.

    • BAH HA HA HA HA! When people meet me, even if I don’t offer them pureed chicken, they give me that look like “uhh hmmmm…. Did your mother drop you a few too many times on your head?” LMFAO! They don’t come after me and hug and kiss me though – so … My arms are open, WAITING FOR YOU! LOL!!

  56. OH MY! Ok. So I don’t eat meat/chicken much any more so I won’t be trying this , but I am so going to show this to my husband and my son because I think they would want to try this just because it’s so crazy. LOL!

    • YES! Show them! SHOW THEM!!! Do you eat fish? You could do it with that?? 😉 Otherwise, I mean… Pureeing beans isn’t exactly all that weird – tasty though! lol

  57. You know, this dish does kind of look like a hot mess! A really good mess, though. Would never have thought of this, but it does make sense to me. And it sounds like it’s really good. Winner!

  58. I just got scared when I saw the headline – so happy it had a good ending:)

  59. This chicken treat looks excellent for my palette, and it does not even look weird for me. About corn dog though, yes! You’re missing out on a great treat!

  60. Looks like it would be great as a dip spread, on some rye bread. We could make this work as some kind of appetizer for the in coming holidays.

    • YES! I couldn’t agree more – this is a GREAT appetizer! Just don’t tell people what it is, and they will eat it and love it… THEN ask! 😉

  61. This blog has a tons of personality. Love how you can be yourself. Don’t think I will try this smoothie though. Kudos to those brave enough to gulp it down…lol!

  62. When I first saw this, I have to admit that I raised an eyebrow because the thought of drinking a chicken smoothie doesn’t sound that appealing (or tasty for that matter). But pouring it over zoodles would be very tasty!

  63. I’ll get to the other stuff in a minute but I have to say this first: You have really upped your game! I’ve always enjoyed your videos but this one honestly felt exactly like a cooking show I’d see on the Food Network. For reals. I’m really impressed.

    That said…ew. I mean I know you wanted to make it weird and lady, you made it weird. What little time I spent working in nursing homes and adult rehab hospital units made me never EVER want to have any of my meats blenderized. Like, ever. So I don’t think I could get past the texture, but I do think the flavour combo sounds good–just leave the chicken whole for me 😀

    • AWWWWW JULIE THANK YOU! Seriously. THANK YOU! THIS COMMENT (minus you totally shitting on my shit looking recipe, LOL) made my friggin’ DAY!!! I am trying to best to try and up my video quality. TRYING!! And when L and I finally move in together, I know that the production value is going to sky-rocket because he’s a friggin’ filming and editing genius! hehehehe!

      For that – I will allow you to keep your chicken WHOLE! lol!

  64. Okay so I have to admit, this actually turned out waaaay better than I was expecting, haha! I saw the title and I was like “no Gigi… just no” but it actually isn’t so bad, haha!

  65. Arggh! Do I have to try this? But I do admire your CAJONES!

  66. “Quirky turkey.” I LOVE that! I’m quirky/awkward/weird, so I’m totally picking up what you’re throwing down, girl! To me, this chicken smoothie sounds like a great stew recipe, just a little low on liquid. Do I think it’s weird? Sure. But I can’t knock it til I try it, right? Maybe it’ll be my new go-to meal!

  67. Chicken smoothie ? This sounds amazing. Great recipe :-)

  68. Not sure that name makes it sound appealing

  69. A chicken smoothie? I guess it’s like a quick soup! Worth a try I think!

  70. Nicole Escat says:

    Wow, this sounds really strange but very interesting. I will try it.

  71. Oh wow… I am intrigued! Kind of like chicken salad, but more pulverized. 😛 It looks yummy! My family thought I was really weird when I started putting avocados in my smoothies, but that just goes to show how unsophisticated they are when it comes to smoothies, haha. It’s so good!

  72. How unique! I think I may just try this! You have a lovely blog. :)

  73. Thanks for the chuckle, the recipe looks great. must try

  74. Gahhhhh, I don’t know if I could do this. I’m too freaked out by liquidy meat!

  75. You’ve out done yourself on this one, and while I would never touch this with a 10 foot pole, I can understand the allure of messy and ugly food. This morning I tried to make a pancake with pumpkin and almond meal (and a few other things) and it was a total mushy mess, but IT TASTED AMAZING! That’s all that matters.

    • But it’s CHICKEN……. 😉

      And OMG I remember when I used to make pancakes for breakfast every morning and if they fell apart… My day would be RUINED – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Now…? I don’t give TWO FUCKS!

  76. It’s a little cray cray, but I can totally dig it. I would’ve shown up and tried it with you. Just saying…invite MEEE next time. I’m not sure if I could get away with this in my household because, let’s be real here, I’m the only one that would eat it, but bravo! I applaud you.

  77. Oh, yes, and those questions.

    The weirdest combo wasn’t that weird..lame. I was making leftover thanksgiving balls with turkey, cranberry, stuffing, and a little gravy for good measure. YUUUM. All that good stuff went into the blender with stock(just not THAT much stock) and cooked up on my skillet.

    I am quick on my feet AND awkward. Like, it sounds great in my own head, but I really freak people out sometimes. Ehh…normalcy is vastly overrated.

    Yes, I have eaten a corn dog. They aren’t my jam, but my husband loves them.

    I like making cucumber into noodles for Thai salad with chili and peanut sauce. I LOVE THAI FOOD! And yellow squash.

    And…do I care what my food looks like? Um…kind of? I will try anything. I care if it isn’t supposed to look ugly and it does..

    • I made HOLIDAY LEFTOVER pancakes before – and honestly, the combo ain’t weird at all, it’s insanely delicious!!! 😉
      And um, guess what?! I HAVE NEVER had Thai food before either – how crazy is that?!?!?!!?!?! I love your idea of using cucumber noodles for it though!

  78. What an interesting recipe! I just may have to give it a try.

  79. Nope, not trying it but I love the apron! :)

  80. Haha, well if that’s the case, we are both CRAZY chefs! I love cauliflower in my smoothies, peanut butter on my kale (it was accident though), and tomato sauce on my pancakes! Speaking of which, I should try making a savory pancake recipe! 😀

    • I have a recipe for a cauliflower smoothie and it kicks ass!! And I have made savory pancakes before that would be delicious with tomato sauce! 😉 You and I are grown from the same strangely awesome tree – he he!

  81. That’s a new way to try chicken. Pretty sure the big kids would like it.

  82. I pretty much make this for Kara, but I don’t add spices and instead of almond milk I use boob milk, haha.

  83. …well…I may be chicken… :)

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  84. HI GiGi,
    I love this recipe. Two of my favorite foods – chicken & sweet potatoes and who ever thought about making a smoothie with them. This is truly a GiGi original and it sounds so healthy and yummy. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

  85. Not sure if I could get the family on board. Have to make it when they aren’t around and serve it to them.

  86. What does it taste like?

  87. Not as bad as my son after some serious dental work, he could only have blender food, He put a Big Mac in the blender and drank it. Yuk.

    Blogger’s Pit Stop

  88. Step away from the blender Gigi! I didn’t know what to expect when I saw the headline. Lol It doesn’t make me feel a little better that you don’t consume this with a straw.
    I have tried a bunch of random things but mostly just fruits and veggie. I have discovered that while I love guacamole I don’t like avocado in my smoothies .
    I have tried a corn dog but not a fan. I don’t like things baked in breat or rather meat baked in bread and the bread is kind of sweet so it’s awkward.

  89. I wonder if this would be beneficial for athletes to eat because it’s already broken down so much by being “smoothied” that it provides protein yet not too hard to digest!

  90. Ha ha ha. What an innovative idea. The kids will roll with it.

  91. What a creative recipe. You have outdone yourself! We’re so glad you shared this healthy and delicious Chicken Smoothie at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing!

  92. Whaaaaat. I am so intrigued right now. YOU INTRIGUE ME WITH YOUR CREATIONS! (That was a happy yell)

  93. Hmm… I’m gonna have to take your word on this one, I think. Haha! 😉 Though when I was on the GAPS diet I did blend up all the cartilage from a chicken and make gravy out of it. It was gross. I’m sure zoodles would’ve helped, though. 😉 Thanks for sharing it with us at Allergy Free Thursdays, GiGi! :)

  94. HI GiGi,
    Just a note to let you know that I have chosen your post as one of my features for this weeks Real Food Fridays blog hop. Thank you for being part of Real Food Fridays and sharing your valuable information and helping to make this world just a little bit healthier.

  95. At first, it does sound a little, let’s say off. But, it might actually taste like some sort of hummus. While I’m vegan, so wouldn’t eat it….I do add chickpeas to smoothies. BTW – I love your intro. That’s your fiancé in the video, right?

    • Yeah! It could definitely be a “chicken hummus” of sorts! ha! And you could certainly make this with CHICKPEAS instead of chicken, and veggie broth! :)

      Yep! That was my fiance… MOCKING ME! lol

  96. Such a mouthwatering recipe. Definitely trying this!

  97. Honestly, you had me scared when I first saw the title of the post, but I gave you a chance,lol!

    I actually think using chickpeas instead s a fab idea. No one can deny your humour or recipe creativity! Thanks for linking up at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop.

    • I agree – chickpeas in this = AMAZING!!! But of course, I am always going to recommend trying the actual recipe first, that is of course… If you’re vegetarian/vegan! 😉 Thank YOU for stopping by Kareema!

  98. Wow no offense but I think I will not have the courage to try that kind of smoothie, interesting but the idea of it is enough for me :)

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