Coconut Oil is Robert Downey Jr.’s Doppelganger

You can perfectly compare Robert Downey Jr. to Coconut Oil.


  • Robbie (he and I are buds, so I am going to call him that) was first introduced to drugs at age 6… Everything downwardly spiraled from there
  • Coconut Oil was deemed a KILLER thanks to it being 100% saturated fat **GASP**

… But they have both come back into the spotlight as superheros!

Robert Downey Jr as Iron ManSuper COCONUT!






While Robbie went to jail and rehab to overcome his “demons,” coconut oil went under the scientific microscope and relinquished its “unhealthy” misnomer!

Watch the latest GiGi Eats to see just how SUPER Coconut Oil truly is… Oh, and you can do FAR MORE with the oil, than just cook with it!


  • Do you have a “lovely bunch of coconuts”? 
  • Are you a fan of Robert Downey Jr.?
  • How do you use coconut oil?
  • Did you know coconut oil can fight crime?
  • Does saturated fat scare you?
  • What’s your favorite source of fat?
  • Would you ever put coconut oil in your hair like I did? (You have to watch the video to see that – HA!)
  • If you could rub coconut oil on any celebrity, who would it be?
  • Imagine a slip and slide but instead of with water, with coconut oil! (oh whoops, that’s not a question)

 GiGi Eats A Spoonful of Coconut Oil



GiGi plays with her hair full of coconut oil


  1. I am all all all about the oil pulling.
    I even have my own “pulling” theme song!!

  2. Love your blog! And I love coconut oil and Robert Downey Jr. :)

    I use coconut oil for cooking, and to rub the callouses off my hands from crossfit.

    • YES! coconut oil is amazing for SO MANY things! :) The prime example being helping your hands after a rough session of XFit! :)

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the love!

  3. Ian Somerhalder…rubbed down with coconut oil…all day everyday.

    Where is this slip and slide, and what should I bring when I come over?

    • OMG OMG OMG Can I join in on this party with Ian! LOL… Okay, that would be a LITTLE weird, but hey, he’s too hot, so I don’t CARE!!

      The slip and slide is in Los Angeles as of the moment, no need to bring anything, I’ve got all the coconut oil needed! 😉

  4. I finally bought coconut oil last December. I’ve used it here and there randomly, but not at all consistent with it. I kind of forget about it actually. I like it only in small amounts – not a big coconut fan. I prefer using it to roast veggies – like beets – vs in a sweet treat.

    • The great thing about coconut oil, is that it’s very shelf stable, so you don’t need to use heaps and heaps of it right away! And if you watched the video, you can use it for other things too 😉 lol

      • Oh I know – but since I bought it for food purposes, I’ve not thought to use for anything else. Though, I keep salvaging old furniture so I should sacrifice some to spiff the furniture up a bit.

        • OMG great idea!! :) However, if you have a dog, he may be attracted to the smell and taste and chew on the legs of the chairs and couches! LOL

  5. Karl E Bennett Jr says:

    I like coconut too. I like the video a lot. Good job putting that togther. I was funny, I like the high energy you had the video. Very informative also, I did not know a lot about coconut oil.

  6. I haven’t used coconut oil nearly as much as so many others, but I do love it for cooking! I have heard of the other benefits too, but just haven’t tried it myself for things like hair yet. :)

    • Ha ha! Now if you try it in your hair, you have been warned that… It takes about 3 washes to get it all out!!! I learned the hard way! LOL!!

  7. I have used a found coconut as a door stop.

    I have used Skin Trip (coconut) lotion on my skin for years.

    I’ve liked the Iron Man series.

    However I do not like the taste of coconut! Probably due to those coconut candy bars from childhood that I avoided.

    • I hate the taste of coconut, which is why I had not used coconut oil for the longest time because I thought it was going to be like that nasty shaved coconut crap – BUT IT’S NOT!!! 😀 It’s actually quite awesome!

  8. That may be the funniest analogy I’ve ever read, but truly they have followed the same path :) I have yet to try coconut oil, though it’s on my radar, and my fav remains olive oil :)

    • Why thank you, I thought it was quite fitting actually! :)

      Olive oil is def still my fave of all faves but…. Coconut could replace… or at least come in at a close second regularly! 😉

  9. “Suck on that sickness!” Love it!! Also, you’re in luck because I’m talking about my lack of coconuts on my site today. Looks like I found this post at just the right moment!! Thank you GiGi!!! Oh and yes, I love Robbie – even when he woke up in someone else’s house because he was high on coke and vodka.

    • OMG aren’t we just cooooo cooooo for coconuts! Ha Ha! I love it! We should link to each others :)

      How do you like to use coconut oil? Oh wait, I am sure I can just go to your blog and SEE for myself!

    • LMFAO! Wow, I clearly read your comment wrong! You’re talking about your lack of COCONUTS! BAHH HA HA HA!! Trust me, I know how that goes – I have to wear 2 push up bras to make it look like I have an A – CUP!

  10. LOVE Coconut oil! I use it in place of butter and shortening to bake with (that and palm fruit oil). And the caprylic acid in coconut oil is an anti-fungal, so it’s great for people with candida and yeast problems. It makes a good personal lubricant, too. :)

  11. I used to have a lovely bunch of coconuts, and then I started running a lot and they disappeared. POOF GONE INTO THIN air! Now I have baby bits that don’t match my BIG ASS!! Whatever. I LOVE COCONUT oil. It’s all I use for baking/cooking/deodorant. I died a little when you put a spoonful in your mouth though..BLECH! I don’t like eating it alone haha. RDJ is a babe, I’d hit it.

  12. Haha! You are a hoot! Oh I love Robert Downey Jr now. I cannot imagine anyone else as Tony Sparks. But for a long time my mind was scarred with memories of the movie Less Than Zero…. wow. That was awful.

    Coconut oil I use for cooking and great eye makeup remover! And if I could rub coconut oil on anyone, I have one name: Gerald Butler. Oh hello!

    • EYE MAKE UP REMOVER!! OMG genius!!!! I always am looking for something that doesn’t irritate my eyes, this would be PERFECT! THANK YOU for this tip! 😉

      Mmmm… Gerald…. However – I do believe the coconut oil would get globbed up in his chest hair, LOL!!

  13. I just did a post on coconut last week! I can’t get over all the amazing benefits, plus I love the taste of it! Great minds think alike 😉

  14. Very informative Gigi! Thanks for sharing all the positives! I don’t use it, but I will try the organic or virgin.

    I don’t have any coconuts! Just finished reading a blog about boob jobs, I think I’ll get one!

    • LOL! I just read the boob job blog post too —- Unless there are multiple today, LOL!

      When you try coconut oil, let me know what you think! I am curious 😀

  15. I am obsessed with coconut oil. It’s basically the only oil I will use in cooking, baking and all that jazz. It’s so amazing on roasted veggies.

  16. I grew up in the Philippines and we use coconut oil a lot in cooking, massage (yup! I miss it!),..etc! I agree with everything you said! Thanks for sharing this! Very informative to those who don’t know. :)

    • I had a massage the other day and he ONLY used coconut oil! I smelled like a baking pumpkin pie! LOL! Probably the best massage ever! 😉

  17. LOVE watching your videos! I have no idea why you have not made it in that crazy city yet – stupid peeps there in LA/Hollywood! :)

    I knew Carla did the pulling & I see she mentioned that. Read that a lot from other posts as well – I need to try but kinda scared.

    Believe it or not – as old as I am, the coconut oil still breaks out my skin – I tried on the face. On the bod, have to try when not going out! 😉

    I don’t use it in cooking as much as I should BUT I know about the benefits.. :)

    GREAT video & you look cute with it in your hair & all that! :) Nothing can take away from your cuteness!

    • THank you Jody!!! I don’t know WHAT I have to do to get noticed in this industry – actually, yes, yes I do… BUT I WON’T DO THAT!!! LOL!

      I actually cannot put coconut oil on my face either – it breaks me out FOR SURE! But as a body moisturizer, it works like a charm!! 😀

      <3 You and Your Support!

  18. yea, i can’t wrap my brain around coconut oil….i can slather it on my body AND put it in my coffee AND cook with it?
    not sold yet…

    • What is stopping you from using coconut oil?! NO YOU MUST TRY!!! Seriously! PLEASE – DO IT FOR GIGI! lol!!!!!! Make a video of yourself trying it for the first time 😉

  19. It’s a bit awkward… coconuts hmmm, that would be an interesting comparison :) Hell yeah I run thru the house playing Iron Man all the time, that’s a secret right? I like cooking with it because it has a high heat capability much better than olive oil. Steak fat is my favorite, not to good but love it. My hair is a #1 cut so not much to oil up. My favorite celeb has a man now so would be disrespectful to say, but if not good thing it has a high flash point :) Definitely eat something with coconut before a heavy workout. Really fun video and when is the next cooking duet?

    • If you eat grass-fed/finished steak fat then it’s AMAZING for you and you can eat as much as you want. I actually DRINK that fat and salmon fat! :)

      And feel free to OIL UP your head… Even if there isn’t much hair! ha ha ha.

      I think the next cooking duet is coming next week, but it’s not with Tara. She was busy this week, she will be back the following week. NEXT TUESDAY I have a surprise! :) — That is, if it works out! ha ha.

  20. Ugh. Nope. I can’t do it! No coconut oil for me.

  21. we are not scared of saturated fat 😉 we eat a lot of it and eat a lot of coconut oil!! we use it for so many things we just love it!!

  22. LOL! this is so true. Ya, they might be INTENSE and FULL OF PHAT! haha. But all good for you!

  23. Coconut oil is the whizz. Um… no Mac, I said Shizz – don’t correct me. Oh if you’re confused, I wrote shizz and this damn computer corrected it to whizz without even asking me. I’m serious. I am also not crazy.

    Anyway. Yes. Maybe it’s trying to say that Coconut oil is magical? That would work.

  24. Rofl omg you’re fabulous and coconutty 😉 I don’t have a lovely bunch of coconuts, but I DO have a lovely bunch of coconut products. Love the oil, love the butter, love the flour, love the milk. I’ll eat it WITH anything and put it ON anything. Aaaand now I have that song stuck in my head…

    • I do have a lovely bunch of coconut products too and you know what, SOOOOOOOO much better than having a lovely bunch of coconuts that could make sleeping on your stomach REALLY uncomfortable! LOL!!

      I have a feeling I might have a Lion King dream tonight.

  25. Not much into oil pulling or using it on my skin, but I did use it for my spaghetti squash tonight! I love to cook with coconut oil! And I love Robert Downey Jr.

  26. NOW I have a lovely pair of coconuts. 😉

    You’ve just convinced me to go eat a spoonful of coconut butter. Not kidding.

  27. I clearly am late to the lovefest for Coconut oil–I love coconut water so it should not be a big leap, right?

  28. I love coconut but haven’t used coconut oil as much. Mostly because I forget that I have it but I love it for roasting veggies and cooking eggs. And for my eczema

  29. I’ve jumped on the coconut oil train and love it – this is from someone who doesn’t even really like the taste of coconuts either!

    • Chooo Chooo Chuga Chuga! LOL! What’s that sound? The Coconut Train! 😉

      Oh and I hate the flavor of coconut so it’s shocking that I like it too!

  30. I joined the coconut oil bandwagon a few months ago! At first I feared the sat fats. Little did I know. Yes, I’m a fan of Robert and no I never would have though he could be compared to coconut oil :)

    • I am thrilled you are no longer scared of coconut oil! It’s like Casper the FRIENDLY ghost. LOL – quite the analogy right there too 😉

  31. In this household, we use coconut oil for everything! My favorite being sweet potato fries – mix it up with some basil and garlic and YUM :-)

    • OMG! Those sweet potato fries sound amazing. This Thanksgiving when I make my HUGE butternut squash and cinnamon bake, coconut oil will be all over that :)

  32. I LOVE coconut oil! It is perfect for cooking because of its high smoke point. I use it all the time!
    And since I ditched the gluten recently I am using coconut flour too! Its all about the coconut!

  33. I do not cook with Coconut Oil….Am I the only one?! lol

    I do love Iron Man!

  34. It also heals tattoos nicely and keeps the colored ink in lovely!!

  35. I love everything coconut! I don’t usually cook with coconut oil but I’d consider it if the recipe called for it. I love Robert Downey Jr. he’s one of the best actors out there today! Can’t wait for the next Avengers movie, Tony Stark is the best.

  36. I use coconut oil in some food products and I also use it in homemade deodorant.

  37. Lots of coconut oil and coconut butter at our house- yum!

  38. Your videos crack me up – so glad I found your blog! I love using coconut oil in baking but haven’t yet tried it on my skin/ hair!

  39. Yum! Coconut oil!! I obviously don’t have to tell you how much I love the stuff! Believe it or not: I put 2 tablespoons of it in my coffee every morning instead of cream/sugar!
    And I think I’ve already established which celebrity I would rub coconut oil on… So I’ll move on to some of your other questions:
    Robert Downey Jr. is AWESOME! I absolutely love the snarky wit that he is well-credited with! It’s totally my type of humor!!

  40. You and your hilarity are constantly making my day. I am a devoted coconut oil fan and use it for everything from from cooking (and spoonful eating) to using it on my hair.

    • I am so happy I can make you day!!! That is my GOAL 😀

      When you use coconut oil in your hair, does it take multiple washes for it to come out?? I def had to wash my hair a few times. LOL

  41. I’ve had a huge jar of coconut oil sitting on my counter for a month now and your video just inspired me to finally use it! What should I make though?!?!

    • We should come up with a recipe and film us making it!!! I know a few people who would like to see us cook together again! 😉

  42. I can’t believe you shoved that in your mouth, lol! Ok, so I love the stuff and I love good ol’ coconut too. I still use it in moderation. I love my olive oil and grapeseed oils so I just balance them all out. Happy Thursday!!

  43. I use coconut oil EXCLUSIVELY for my hair and it’s amazing. Apparently it’s the only kind of oil that penetrates your cuticle and actually moisturizes something or other. It also smells great. Coconut to eat? Not so much for me.

    • You should definitely try it in cooking, start with baked goods and expand your horizons from there. I was totally skeptical at first, as I hate the taste of coconuts, but it’s great!

  44. Hahaha, loving your blog, it causes me great joy! I’ve been using coconut oil instead of olive oil lately in pastas, pestos, chips, popcorn and more – works great!

    • Aw thank you Pamela! I am so glad you stopped by!! :)

      Coconut oil is amazing, I can see it being delicious on popcorn. MMM! Now if only movie theaters would cook their nasty popcorn in this oil – it’d be far HEALTHIER!

  45. Coconut oil is good in mashed potatoes! Yum. But my favorite fat is olive oil (which I’ve put in my hair in the past). And avocado. And salmon. Oh, and ice cream…

    • OOOOOO I haven’t really heard the mashed potato trick before! I bet it makes them pleasantly SWEET! :)

      Salmon is DEFINITELY one of my favorite fat sources too!

      Ohhhhhh Ice Cream. 😉

  46. I rubbed my chicken down with it tonight then seasoned it, it was crisper and really juicy to. I always get new ideas from your posts.

    • Mmmm! I love crispy chicken skin – of course 100% free ranged chicken skin 😉

      And I am thrilled to hear it. Filming another episode tomorrow, in the kitchen, but with a new lady this time! I think you may like her!

  47. I’m afraid I’m not a fan of coconut anything!

    • That’s okay! I actually hate shredded coconut and all that jazz and was surprised that the oil was actually quite pleasant. Olive oil is still KING to me though, lol!

  48. Nice video Gigi! With your interviewing skills, nutrition knowledge, and personality you should start your own talk show or something. You’d be WAY better than almost every show out there right now.

  49. I think I may have to get on board and try this coconut oil thing! Everyone raves about it but clearly I am last to the party!!

    • Seriously!!! For the longest time I didn’t eat coconut oil… But I was sick of people raving, so I decide to jump on board and, I was pleasantly surprised! :)

  50. I love coconut oil and use it to remove makeup of my face as well as a hair mask while I run. I love Robert Downey Jr, maybe because hubby and I just watched Iron Man 3

  51. In the 60s in Australia, I was one of the original bikini-girls. We used to rub coconut oil over our body for sunbathing. Despite the fact that it was later shown to ‘cook’ the skin, I had no harmful effects. It was cheap and I love the smell.

  52. I’ve just discovered coconut oil, and I love to blend it up in my morning coffee. Joke’s on us! Remember when it was the Food That Would Kill Us, when they used to use it to make theatre popcorn?

  53. I would love to rub coconut oil all over iron man!!! I use coconut oil a lot in baking and I also use it as a body moisturizer!

  54. Haha, love the comparison! I use coconut oil everyday for my face and love adding it to food, especially my porridge. Yum!

  55. Coconut oil is great. It provides quick energy and it has great antiviral properties. I brush my teeth with coconut oil and baking soda, and I use coconut oil to oil pull.

    • I have certainly heard about people brushing their teeth with this oil, I think I might try this evening! :) It seriously is an all-around oil that shouldn’t be avoided!

  56. Too funny! I can’t believe you rubbed that in your hair! I use coconut oil for cooking especially at a high heat. I use to use EVOO but recently found out it’s ok to use at a low heat but when you cook with olive oil at a higher temperature it starts to oxidize and release free radicals.

    • Let me tell you, it took 3 washes to get that oil out of my hair, but after the 3rd wash, MAN my hair looked GOOD! :) First time in awhile, ACTUALLY – lol!

      And you’re completely right! Not many people realize that olive oil DOES go rancid if you cook it at too high temps!!

  57. I honestly still have not used coconut oil much to the chagrin of my best friend who swears by the stuff! I have heard about all the wonderful benefits for the hair.

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  58. Oh my – your video is just too funny!
    As for your questions-
    •Do you have a “lovely bunch of coconuts”? erm Nope!
    •Are you a fan of Robert Downey Jr.? Most definitely Yup!
    •How do you use coconut oil? In breakfast bars and when I was a young un, my mom used to put it in my hair!
    •Did you know coconut oil can fight crime? nope had no clue!
    •Does saturated fat scare you? makes me run a mile!
    •What’s your favorite source of fat? Avocados! :)
    •Would you ever put coconut oil in your hair like I did? Yup! It is a wonderful moisterizer!
    •If you could rub coconut oil on any celebrity, who would it be? Aaron Eckhart
    •Imagine a slip and slide but instead of with water, with coconut oil! hahahaha!!!!

    • Thank YOU Sashi! :)

      If you can believe it… About 2 or 3 videos ago, it was my first time EVER eating guacamole!!!

      And don’t you dare let saturated fat scare you!

  59. HAHA, first of all that picture of you with the coconut oil is amazing! Yes I use it, I love it in my oats and actually I like to use it on my skin too! This is even kind of odd sounding, but we also put it on our dog when her skin gets dry and she loves it (both because it hydrates her and it is yummy to lick off lol).

    • Actually I think you putting coconut oil on your dog is SMART! I mean, they get itchy too! Ha Ha. How do you get the oil out of her hair? When I was washing the oil out of my hair, it took about…. 3 or 4 times to get it all out of there! lol.

      Coconut oil is seriously delicious on anything! As Emeril Lagasse would say, “it would make a car bumper taste good.” – HA HA! I watched TOO MUCH Emeril Live back in the day!

  60. I don’t currently use coconut oil… I know it sounds lame, but I usually wait on things that seem “fad-ish.” Seems like people jump on product bandwagons too quickly. BUT I think you, yes you, have convinced me to give it a go! Seems like it’s around for the long haul and has many benefits! Not sure I’ll be rubbing it on my face/hair- although that was quite entertaining, haha- but I will use it in my cooking. I actually really like Jennifer’s idea of putting on my dog! She too, gets dry skin and that seems like a great way to moisturizer her, bc you KNOW dogs lick off everything put on them! Thanks for converting me lady!

    • I convinced you!!!! OMG I am patting myself on the back right now, LOL!!!!! Let me know when you “devirginize” yourself – Ah ha ha! However, always use EXTRA VIRGIN coconut oil! lol

  61. I definitely DON’T have a lovely bunch of coconuts–maybe coconut flour pancakes though 😉 I love coconut oil though–for cooking, as lotion and as a face moisturizer. I need to try it in my hair, I’ve heard it works wonders!

    • It was nice after 4 washes! Ah ha ha!! Don’t plan on going anywhere the evening after you glob a whole bunch in your hair 😉

  62. Must. Buy. Coconut Oil. Must. Buy. Coconut Oil. Haha, yes, I feel like I need to run out and buy some now! I actually have never purchased coconut oil. I’ll have to give it a try sometime!

  63. I buy coconut oil 5 pounds at a time! Love it.

    I love how you inspire people to eat more healthfully through humor. Food is a sensitive subject, so thanks for reminding us not to take it too seriously. Small changes, like upgrading ingredients, can make a huge difference in overall health.

    • Thank you so much for that Dawn. I am glad you have caught on to what I am TRYING to do :) Your comment only motivates me to keep on trying to inspire healthy living through comedy!

  64. LOVE my coconut oil!!! And I’d love to use it on that dude from the new movie Thor. Helloooooooo handsome!

  65. Oh GiGi! Just seeing this for the first time! LOVE the questions at the end. You rock!

  66. And did you know that it’s also a healthy, TASTY personal lubricant? 😉

  67. okay, you are crazy. How long did it take to get the coconut oil out of your hair?


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