Once Upon A Time… I Had A Large Intestine: Part 3


As mentioned in part two

When I eat even just a little too much of anything fiber-laden or tainted with grain/gluten/sugar/nuts/dairy, I blow up like a Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon and experience pain that I am sure matches that of getting kicked in the balls.

GiGi is nervous

This completely SUCKS because… I love vegetables.

No that’s an understatement…


GiGi Eating Spinach off the floor

I would rather eat roasted green beans lightly coated in olive oil and salt than French fries, sauteed cabbage in coconut oil over gooey macaroni and cheese, roasted cinnamon-dusted butternut squash instead of pie…

Alas, my guts… Hate me for this. Ha ha, my guts, hate my guts?

Angry Stomach

One would think that since I don’t have a large intestine, all the food I eat would be on the fast track to the royal porcelain throne… However, this is not the case at all, it’s as if this “throne” is “invitation only” and my excrement is not on the list.


These issues of mine don’t just cause pain though… They also leave me exhausted. I’m talking running/biking/swimming a Iron Man at 10 mph without taking a break fatigued.

Dog tired, carry me

That being said, I still live my life as if I don’t have any ailments because I feel after years of trial and error, I have things some-what under control

GiGi Dubois thumbs up

Whoops… I probably just jinxed it.

GiGi is grossed out

Raise your hand if you had no idea that I live with such a condition? Oh wait, I can’t see you raise your hand, so just leave a comment below

A lot of you probably never knew about this because as you can see in my videos and if you know me in real life, the last thing you would EVER classify me as is “tired”… If anything people are secretly trying to slip tranquilizers in my Zevias!

Zevia GiGi Dubois

This is actually because… As I have said… I do feel as though I have found a few remedies that help catapult my energy into high-gear…

  1. Digestive Enzymes
  2. Probiotics
  3. Low-Fiber Diet
  4. High Fat Diet
  5. High Protein Diet
  6. Daily Exercise
  7. Chamomile Tea
  8. Betaine HCL
  9. Pepsin
  10. Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ
  11. Miralax – (However NOT ALWAYS)
  12. Water
  13. Sleep

There you have it… 

Perhaps I should be on display in a “freak show” exhibit at the hospital…

Spaghetti Squash in GiGi's Mouth


You do know that’s what’s really going on behind the “employee only” doors, right?

However, I am glad they haven’t captured me yet because otherwise… I wouldn’t have been able to expose this to all of you, in order to potentially help you with your own issues.

So Tell Me…

  • What are your thoughts on probiotics?
  • Are you a fan of vegetables over grains?
  • Do you practice a gluten-free lifestyle?
  • Do you suffer from exhaustion?
  • What do you think goes on behind the “employee only” doors?
  • Have you had enough of T.Swift’s SOB STORIES?!


  1. You are a total rockstar! I love your tips, your sense of humor, and your willingness to share how to help people like me (who got your email and haven’t had a chance to reply back yet), get back on the road to recovery! Oh, and exhausted… TOTALLY get it. It is an exhaustion that I can’t describe. When I finished a half marathon I wasn’t even close to as tired as I am dealing with UC. It’s insane.

    • I cannot believe you even tackled a 1/2 marathon. You should be in the book of WORLD RECORDS! ha!!

      And don’t worry about responding right away, DUH – life gets hectic and in the way! 😉 Hope you’re feeling okay this week!

  2. i’m def a veggie fan, but i have some similar issues — i always joke that i’m just allergic to food in general, b/c it seems so arbitrary, the things that make me bloated or cause pain or overall malaise! i’m currently cutting out all dairy to see if that helps, as lactose intolerance runs in the fam, but too much nuts or veggie overload kills me also. but i cannnnnot live without lots of veggies! LOVE THEM.

    • Right? I cannot live without my veggies so sometimes… I risk it, and then pay for it, OF COURSE.

      I hope you cutting out dairy helps you feel better. It certainly helped me. A lot of people have dairy sensitivity and they just don’t know it because they want their beloved ice cream… ha!

  3. I would like to console you by saying “large intestines are over-rated anyway,” but I sure love the sh!#% out of mine. Seriously, you handle it well and I love seeing all your creativity in making a limited range of food more exciting!

    • HA HA HA! I AM SO GLAD YOU love the SHITTTTT out of yours! HA HA HA!!! Do not ever take it for granted, EVER 😉

  4. I LOVE probiotics – what’s not to love?. Veggies > Grains, all day long. Thanks for sharing your story :)

  5. I knew you had the gut issues but not the tiredness – that came as a complete shock knowing you! :) I think this is important to show how different we all are & what you have to do to make life work for you! I toot & bloat on many healthy foods so the pre & probiotics help. :)

    I am so tired of so many of the celebs & their egos…. many worse than TS. :)

  6. Oh man so many dietary restrictions. That must have been really really hard at first and probably continues to be difficult. I am lactose intolerant and just eliminating dairy is a pain. I love fruit and sugar so I don’t think I could eliminate them! So sorry Gigi. If you didn’t share this I never would have known though because you’re such a positive upbeat person!

    • Honestly, it’s not too difficult because I am very open and outgoing so I am not shy about my intolerances and restrictions! At restaurants I just modify everything and don’t care about being judged because… I am a paying customer so things should be modified to meet my needs 😉

  7. I swear by Culturelle, a high fiber, low (added) fat diet, and the only cows milk I get is in my ice cream (slow churned) and yogurts/cottage cheese. I think that those of us who deal with these types of ailments make a choice–to roll over and play dead or rise to the challenge. Here’s to doing the latter!

    • I took Culturelle but… NADDA for me. It’s crazy how different everyone’s body works… Because high fiber does NOT work for me either, as well as low fat, LOL! And no dairy! LOL!! We could be great dining buddies because we could eat the foods off each other’s plates that each of us don’t eat 😉

  8. I have digestion issues too and I could use some of those supplements! Which one do you think helps with indigestion the most, because I feel like my food just sits there in my stomach!

  9. Im glad that you have found what works for you! There is still something that I eat that sometimes makes me swell up like a pregnant lady, but I have no idea what it is. Food sensitivities are so lame bc they can often be delayed so idk if it’s something I’ve eaten immediately or days ago. Lame.

    • Ugh. I hate that you cannot pin point your food trigger! Even though I avoid everything, I too sometimes swell up still, it’s so aggravating!

  10. I have several friends who must remain gluten free and now I read your story and I almost feel guilty that I can eat anything – pain free.

    I do think probiotics are helpful, water is wonderful and I really wish you could eat veggies.

  11. Love this post! I just watched that gif of you eating spinach wayyy too many times for it not to be creepy. You’re hilarious!

    • LMFAO!!! Oh that GIF – I found that GEM in my “media” section of my blog and I had to use it 😉

  12. You are right that I always thought you had energy … and smarts. Am I wrong? heh heh

  13. WTF…I can’t believe you went through all of that! You are one strong lady! What the hell caused that to happen?? I can’t believe you struggle with energy…lol!

    • Doctors don’t even know!!! :( I just don’t want it to EVER happen again! LOL! My small intestine better not do crazy gymnastics on my ass too! ha ha!

  14. I raised it up. I had no idea Gigi.Ugh feeling tired and no veggies. NOT FAIR!

  15. Hi GiGi! I knew you had some digestive issues from what I’ve read here and there but I didn’t know that you didn’t have a large intestine. I didn’t even know it was possible not to have a colon. I commend you for looking for ways to make your life better instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. This post will probably help many people who suffer from the same or similar problems. So that’s awesome. I wish I loved veggies as much as you do but what I can’t eat, I drink. So there. High protein and high fat diet, huh. You know, it makes perfect sense. Well done. 😀 xx

    • I hope it helps some people, even people who don’t suffer from digestive issues, because taking probiotics and prebiotics are very important regardless 😉

  16. Girl, you are normal and should not be in a freak show. I have severe allergies and can’t eat a lot of things. Not saying it compares, but I know how it feels dealing with something that forever affects you. Wonderful ending to this post Gigi. You are a survivor.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  17. I was really hoping to see some blood as well as guts photos here today. Didn’t your surgeon take selfies with you like Joan River’s surgeon did :-(

    Are you an unusual case that other people with a similar condition would benefit from learning about so it should be published or presented at a GI medical meeting?

    When I was a kid I had terrible asthma and tested positive for all kinds of food and other allergies! My parents told me to their frustration, that I lived my life like I didn’t have any ailments or allergies (unless they qualified for a day off school)! The asthma went away and I have no known allergies, I hope the habit didn’t.

    Very proud of you, GiGi, for facing this problem the way you have and living well and prospering!

    • You’re lucky yours just went away! I cannot ignore mine for they only get WORSE :( — So yes, I should be one of the unusual cases that should be presented at a GI medical meeting! 😉

  18. Well I can certainly use your high energy list. I have a very slow digestive system (5 to 7 days) and I have a lot of the same issues except fiber. Apparently my gut is good at killing off the probiotics before they get very far. I have more of a problem with yeast rather than gluten so that is not so terrible. Who doesn’t like a wrap instead of a sandwich?

    • Seriously! Wraps are VERY UNDER-RATED! I wrap all my food in nori sheets actually, ha!

      Well, I swear by the products I link to in this post, so if you’re having some slow digestive issues… I highly recommend! 😉

  19. I feel you — I love veggies but sometimes they don’t love you back! I’ve never tried probiotics and the other things you’ve tried — thanks for the info. And you crack me up!

    • You NEED to try probiotics!! It’s a MUST!! Even if you don’t have many digestive issues! It’s wonderful for your immune health! :)

      • you may be the ONE AND ONLY PERSON who can convince me NOW NOW NOW I NEED to try them too.

        • WHOOP WHOOP! Tell Life Extension that? Perhaps I can become their spokesmodel and then get a life time supply of PROBIOTICS!!! 😉

  20. Digestive enzymes and apple cider vinegar daily helps. Otherwise I’m on a slow boat to China. You crack me up!

    • Have you tried Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar drinks?! I tried the one with LIME the other day… IN LOVE!!!

      A slow boat to china huh?? That does NOT sound fun AT ALL! I just saw this movie where 3 soldiers are stuck on a boat for about 2 – 3 months… UGH! You just reminded me of that HORRIBLE situation!

  21. There are alot of people out there with health issues that appear healthy. It just goes to show you, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Personally I stopped eating gluten before I ever knew what it was due to negative effects within my body.

    • EXACTLY! NEVER judge a book by it’s cover, that’s for sure! I have certainly learned that early on. I am glad you cut gluten out and feel worlds better :)

  22. Oh goshhhh I love vegetables too. And grains. I’m so sorry.
    From my experience recovering from brain trauma I know what it is like to have insane, unassailable exhaustion cured only with sleep and time. And it’s a bummer when you “look great!” So people don’t understand how you could be so tired…I get it. Be gentle on yourself and rest as much as you need!

  23. I definitely had no idea that you don’t have a large intestine! That’s really fascinating. If only I remembered more from biology class what the large intestine does…haha! But I’m sorry to hear that it makes you tired sometimes. :(

    • The large intestine removes water and any remaining absorbable nutrients from the food before sending the indigestible matter to the rectum. So yea, that doesn’t happen in me? LOL! So what does happen? I don’t even know! ha! Oh WELL! Things could be WORSE!

  24. I enjoyed reading this series because I got to learn more about your awesome self!! I had no idea. I’m all above those veggies, but when I don’t make time to prep them I find myself in starch land.

    • <3 Jess! I don't really like to talk about myself too too much on the blog, as you may know... So I am THRILLED to hear that you enjoyed this! Perhaps I will reveal a bit more about myself in the near future ;) THANK YOU for sticking with me!

  25. I’d pay to see your innards…or lack there of? I knew this..all of it…you know why? Because WE ARE REAL LIFE BFF’s biatch!!

    • I think you know FAR MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER WANT TO KNOW! And you know what? I am going to text you RIGHT NOW some more gross details! LOL!

  26. Gigi, I KNOW your story, so I know what goes on, and am in awe and admire all that you endure with a happy face and positive attitude. Having it “all under control” for those of us with such finicky insides can be TOUGH and tiring, but you’re one tough gluten free, dairy free, fiber free, high protein cookie :)

    • AW AMBER! I LOVE YOU and I find you to be an inspiration as well since you and I are very similar yet both smile and live life like there is no problems at all :) COME VISIT Los Angeles already will you??

  27. Gigi, holy freaking moly, I had no idea. Huge props and respect to you for doing your absolute best with it… not letting it get you down, affect your success, and finding all the solutions you can to tame it. You are the perfect example of not having a pity party or making excuses!

    And, it is ridiculously unfair that someone who actually LOVES vegetables, can’t eat them as much as they want. WHAT?! Everyone should be rewarded for eating them, and the person who loves them gets punished?! It’s plain criminal.

    Keep rocking it, right in the face of intestine-free-ness.

    • YEP! I swear my life is an oxymoron! LMFAO!!!!! I get punished for eating my broccoli! AH HA HA!!!

      But thank you Jess, THANK YOU for cheering me on!! You help increase my energy levels through comments just like THIS! 😉

  28. I have always thought that you are amazing but now I know that you are Freakin’ Amazing!!!
    So many people would use a situation like yours as an excuse to be lazy and miserable. I love that you shared your story and feel like it has touched many people because so many of us have minor issues that we feel sorry for ourselves about.

    • I have no words… I am in awe from flattery.

      Okay, I have words, lets be real, I never shut up! But thank you, thank you for thinking I am “amazing” I truly appreciate it. I hope to be an inspiration to others who suffer from the same or worse fate than me because I want people to realize that life still goes on! You just need to change your MINDSET :)

  29. Aw, that’s rough. I don’t love all vegetables but I guarantee if someone said I could never eat a specific one again, I’d obsess over it.
    More than chocolate.
    I like that you provided links to the probiotics and digestive enzymes!

  30. The next time I don’t have photos of a workout, I’m going to use that gif of you choking down on spinach. Haha! Sucks that you have those restrictions and tiredness, but you still get all this done and do such an awesome job at it! And who knows, maybe you could run all your races faster because you have less weight inside. =)

    • AH HA HA!! mmmm INTERESTING THOUGHT. I have less inside me so I can fit in some ROCKET FUEL 😉

      And you are MORE THAN WELCOME to use that GIF – lol!!

  31. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I have Ulcerative Colitis, so I can definitely relate to a lot of those issues 😛 I take a probiotic, but I actually pretty much eat ONLY vegetables lol. isn’t it funny the way different bodies act differently?! And I live on Zevia *heart eyes*

    • IT REALLY IS sooo weird and interesting how we all function SO DIFFERENTLY!!!! SO no meats/poultry/fish for you? Now I am curious as to what you eat! ha ah.

  32. I raised my hand GiGi! Because I had no idea that you lived with such a condition.

    I’m lucky enough not to suffer from any of your ailments, but as I meant by raising my hand, you certainly don’t seem to let your condition in any way stop you or hold you back in life!! 😀

    • :) I am thrilled that it’s not noticeable because as I said in part 1, I am not looking for pity AT ALL!

  33. This. This this this. Your diet is living proof of what works for the goose, doesn’t work for the gander. Our diets are opposites which make us compatible.

    • EXACTLY! Opposites attract right? I mean, same goes with me and Britt! She’s 10000% vegan and I am 1000% not. AH HA – yet we are two peas in a POD 😉 You can be our third pea… DUH!

  34. Before reading about all of this in your last few posts, I had no idea you suffered from all of this. Having such a great positive fun attitude has to help!

  35. You rock, GiGi. I suspected you may have health issues because you eat so incredibly well. Love your attitude towards it and I know you’ll be getting inundated with emails from readers with questions and how cool is that – you’ll be making a difference for them, girl!
    I love veggies better than grains. Once you go healthy, everything else tastes like crap, lol. And if it doesn’t taste like crap going down, you’ll feel like crap within an hour.
    Such a fabulous post – sharing all over :)

    • 😉 See, I can count on YOU Robyn to read between the lines! But hey, I would probably eat healthy even if I didn’t have health problems… Because I love me some healthy foods – HELLOOOO salmon! lol!

      And you’re so right – ONCE YOU GO HEALTHY, everything junky tastes NASTY! It’s just getting over the initial hurtle that’s tough for people!!

      PS: THANK YOU FOR SHARING IT EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Virtual Bear Hug from ME!

  36. I appreciate your honesty and sharing your story. I just made the same joke a few minutes before reading this! “My stomach hates my guts!” Great minds! I really hate the trial and error part of all of my GI troubles. My specialist essentially said one day something will work for you and the next day it won’t. Gluten free seems to help along with following a low FODMAP diet. I also have the probiotics, mirilax, fiber and a few other things. I’m a believer!

    • Girl, you and I are certainly rowing the same boat!!! It is so weird how some days things work for me, and then the very next day, the same things I did the day before… Do not work for me!! Drives me bonkers, but we just grin and bear it for the most part… Right?

  37. Totally into probiotics. Not sure they really do any good, but why take chances? 😉 Really interesting series of posts — who knew your intestines were so fascinating? :-)

    • Oh probiotics DEFINITELY do something for me! I feel a huge difference if I forget to take them, which I rarely EVER do… In fact, I typically have some with me at ALL times! ha ha! You should do a test on yourself and see if you feel better with or without them – however keep them regardless! 😉

  38. What are your thoughts on probiotics? LOVE THEM. They save my life and make me happy
    Are you a fan of vegetables over grains? VEGGIES!!!!!
    Do you practice a gluten-free lifestyle? Try to. Gluten tries to make me want to die
    Do you suffer from exhaustion? After eating gluten
    What do you think goes on behind the “employee only” doors? Depends on the company
    Have you had enough of T.Swift’s SOB STORIES?! Don’t listen to her. I want you to be my sister-in-law. That’s all I really know right now.

    • What brand of probiotics do you take? I am always looking for new alternatives!

      And gluten is seriously the DEVIL! Your brother does NOT believe this though…. But everyone processes things differently so perhaps he just immune. One day I will make him something gluten-free that he actually likes, but in the meantime, I will just come up with recipes, with you and me in mind 😉

  39. Well, I’m happy to know that you don’t have to eat dinner in the bathroom…just in case. LOL It’s crazy how we all have our own health “thing.” Doing the Whole30 has made me realize that even gluten free grains are not my best friend. But at least I’m not super bloated by the end of the day.

    • RIGHT?! ALL grains for me are a NO – GO! Gluten filled or not! I am glad you’re figuring out your own issues through the Whole 30 plan :)

  40. Between you and Suzy I swear you girls always seem to make even the crappiest of situations seem not too bad! Love that you have found a way to make food work for you! Trial and error is all you can ask for I guess. Yes, love probiotics, give me all the vegetables all the time! Love them all. I eat gluten free most of the time because Dave has gluten intolerance and I don’t like to make stuff he can’t eat. Keep being awesome my friend, you are inspiring!

    • Aw you sound like my brother’s girlfriend – she has to be gluten free because of my brother 😉 Ahhhh love! What we do for our loved ones, ha ha!

      And Suzy pretty much rocks!!

  41. OMG that vid of you chopping on greens is so funny! But ugh, I’m sorry to hear how bad your food allergies are… but I’m glad to hear that you’ve figured out how to keep it under control!

    • :) It’s all about trial and error!! It’s taken more than a billion years but hopefully my discoveries can help cut other people’s search for help in 1/2! :)

  42. I’m glad you’ve pretty much got your diet figured out. And you’re right, I did think you were a little fireball of energy all the time. I’m so grateful that I can pretty much eat what I want (but, alas, not ALL I want).

  43. Sorry, I’m getting all science-brained here but do you actually have no large intestine at all? I just can’t see how that would work. But then, I guess that’s kinda the point.
    I think you are fabulous for making the most of your situation and not letting it hamper you.

    • It’s weird how it “works” Nicole, but it does… You are correct, the large intestine is MIA – ha ha.

  44. You are truly amazing, GiGi! I literally had NO idea until I read your posts the other day. You rock and I WISH I could be as awesome as you!

  45. That was a great read. Here I thought being a cancer survivor and dealing with psoriatic arthritis as a racing triathlete (albeit a Fat Slow one) was hard … I cannot imagine having to watch what I eat to this extent. I have my own weight issues, which I chronicle ad nausea, but starting to wonder if pro-biotics might help. To answer the questions at the end, though, I don’t do ANY sugar (processed) or grains, and that has helped tremendously. As far as the other things, I know what goes on behind the employee only doors … just let that go, and T. Swift, well, if you haven’t heard enough of her you just ain’t listening. 😉

    • Being a cancer survivor and suffering from psoriatic arthritis is extreme and I give you heaps of credit for tackling that battle every single day! We all have our battles, and thankfully, most of us have found ways of dealing with them! Thrilled to hear you don’t eat processed sugars 😉

  46. I’ll tell you why you’re tired… your the best blogger and reply to each of your readers comments! That takes a lot of time and effort my lady! I still can’t believe all you have going on physically (besides the hott stuff 😉 ) Super glad you’ve found some things to help wombat, I mean, combat it. Wish I could create a magic pill to make you ALLLLLLLLL better!

    • LMFAO! WOMBAT!!!!! Now I am going to have images of wombats consume my brain all day long……… There goes my productivity 😉

  47. FODMAP is a great way to regulate digestion! I can eat waaaaaaay too much broccoli all at once, and yes, I get a terrible stomachache :(

  48. OMG this made me laugh big time, you rock girl!

  49. Hi there! I found you through Nicole’s linkup, and WAS SO EXCITED to see a line that talked about having intestines removed! Ok, so I know it’s not exciting that you actually have to lose an organ, but I have been through the same thing. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s when I was 15, and when I was 20, I had surgery to remove part of my intestines (and the appendix…might as well while they’re in there!). It was rough and I was in the hospital for ten days, but I don’t regret it because it did make my issues much better than they were pre-surgery. Luckily, I didn’t have a dumb surgeon who promised the world. I knew full and well my problems could come back–they did, and I had several ER trips and hospitalizations, mostly within the past few years. I’m on humira now, which has really helped the inflammation, but my other problem is scar tissue from the surgery. I’m trying to find my way around a new diet–I’ve cut back on gluten, which has helped, and I avoid raw fruits and vegetables, and nuts. It seems to be working, but I feel ya on being tired all the time! Sleep is my bff.

    • I AM SO THRILLED that I told my story because I am meeting so many people who have or are currently experiencing the same exact thing! I am so glad you have been able to find ways to ease the discomfort and that post surgery has been far better than pre!!!! But I hear you – sleep is definitely my bestie… As are COOKED foods – raw just does NOT work with me! ha!

  50. I love your blog! I bet you have a ton of followers! That’s great! I’m glad I found you on the Pintastic Pinteresting Party! I love this post! I’m following you on Pinterest (jody53) and some other places! Thank you for all you do and share!

  51. I’m all about that high-fat life! Praise Jesus for Avocados!

  52. You are hilarious. I love your photos. It’s great that you share you health issues with such an awesome sense of humor. Great job! I’d love to have you come over and share this post at my link party if you have time.
    Thanks for sharing with us

    • Hi Angel! :) Thank you for coming overr!! I LOVE meeting new people and I will definitely come on over to your party because, I LOVE TO PARTY :)

  53. I am delighted you shared your story as there are many people who suffer silently from IBS, food intolerances, etc. I also take probiotics each day and living in Asia and recovery after 4 bouts of food poisoning my poor body needed some much needed care.

  54. Hey Gigi, thanks for sharing – it’s a top thing to do and I’ve no doubt some readers will gain helpful insight from your story. It’s great that you can do it with such a sense of humour too. Is it a relatively common condition to have/gain? The operation was about a year ago…what would you say have been your biggest lifestyle changes since then? Keep well!


    PS…the getting kicked in the bollocks analogy – that says enough!!

    • Hey Dave! Actually no, this condition is NOT common and what happened to me typically happens to people over the age of 70!! I remember being in the elderly section of the hospital! And actually, the surgery was about 6 years ago if you can believe it… Actually coming up on 6 years April 15th to be exact! The biggest lifestyle change for me, honestly, is just the limitations of my diet. Having to really take note of everything that’s going in my mouth – reading every label, asking millions of questions… However over the past 6 years, I have become used to it and it’s just part of the norm now!

      • Hey, sorry for the slow reply (holiday, woo!). Wow, 6 years. You certainly don’t seem to have let it affect you negatively anyway :) was it something that inspired you to do what you’re doing now, or would you have done that anyway?

        • I think I would have done it anyways to be honest, I just love health, nutrition and fitness and want to inspire others to feel the same way. It’s fascinating how food affects the body so much! However, my health complications have only motivated me to want to motivate others MORE 😀

  55. I’ve heard that probiotics help so much! I’m glad you know what works for you. But still what a pain in the ass (literally).

    Have a great weekend! You made me crave roasted green beans, hard!!

  56. Gigi! Add a shot of apple cider vinegar, lemon, honey and cinnamon in a mug of warm (not hot) water before you eat anything in the morning and let me know how it goes (get it Dr. approved of course!). For me, it’s really helped me out. Maybe it’s the probiotics/gut cleaning effects in the apple cider vinegar and the ph balancing effects of lemon, and the awesome colon cleansing of everything combined…I don’t know, but it’s amazing! I’m curious if it’ll work for you…even though you already do probiotics ;p XOXO Thanks for sharing your story that these gut pains are manageable with the right food tools!

    • WELL I HAVE LOTS of Apple Cider Vinegar – I AM GIVING THIS A GOOOOOO! 😀 😀 :D! I have definitely heard of this being TOP NOTCH for stomach ailments but never really adopted it into my lifestyle!

  57. First of: hahahaha you are so funny, you should do stand up comedy, I’d buy a ticket to that ! Cheers! About probiotics, I love them! The organic, clean kind, so good for many women issues, stuff, whatevs that stuff keeps you clean and comfortable ! Yes to a gluten free lifestyle, until I walk into Whole Foods for a chia pet drink and I smell the crackling crust of fresh baked bread coming out of the oven, so I take home a loaf and dunk it in olive oil with fresh tomatoes and call it a dinner! Thank you God, Amen!

    • Oh my goodness WHOLE FOODS IS MY HEAVEN ON EARTHHHHHH!! So I hear you… My willpower WEAKENS when I walk in there… And my wallet gets a lot lighter! LOL!!!

  58. Do I know exhaustion, three doubles in a row with 9 hours sleep . my weekly is 72 hours with 17 hours sleep. I take PB pills and like some veggies. Behind employee’s only door’s depends on job I guess :)
    I only like one Swift song the style one, good beat.

  59. Man that’s cray, how do you have so much energy? I seriously envy, even on stimulants I’m tired by mid-day. It’s just insane. Vitamins don’t do sheit for that and it’s a never-ending process. I’m a tired person all live-long-day. At least you’ve found ways to cope because that is a really tricky situation.. Did you track down that doctor yet? lol Get him! Have a great weekend GiGi! -=Iva

    • I think exercise has a lot to do with my energy because prior to working out I want to dieeeee and almost CRY even, but following my work out I feel like 15 million bucks. LOL!
      What vitamins do you currently take?! Lets WORK ON THIS Iva! 😉

      • See, I wish that was the case- I’ve tried to get into working out like folks, such as yourself, do; but it never works. Sleep wins. Always. It’s my kryptonite and it is SPECTACULAR. It’s so good. Holy crap. It’s like a drug that starts creeping in my brain and seduces me into a lulled state where nothing else matters. This is a ten year battle with no solution as of yet. Currently, I just take regular prenatal vitamins – and not really lately since I forget – since my friend (who practices medicine mind you) says they have a lot of extra good stuff and anything you don’t need we pee out. My doctor didn’t oppose but I do recall she mentioned something about Vitamin D two years ago– we’re going to work on this but my energy is consistently on negative. Today is no exception.

        • Have you tried though? I friggin’ ADORE SLEEP and sometimes I cry before I work out because all I want to do is sleep – but then when I am done working out, I feel on top of the world 😉

          AND YES YOU NEED VITAMIN D!!! I HIGHLY REC vitamin D 3 over everything!!!!!

  60. Love your pics and your all out energetic spirit. Keep going strong girl! You are too funny and I love it. Cheering you from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

  61. Omg Gigi, that gif of you is AMAZING. Stay well and healthy with those probiotics!!

  62. You are one tough girl! Love you take it all with a sense of humor.
    My asthma causes me issues, but nothing like what you are dealing with!

  63. I have tried probiotics and dig it. I did not realize you had all of this going on with you but as someone told me – EVERYONE is dealing with something. I LOVE veggies and about to make some Sriracha Brussels Sprouts today but I also love grain. Sawry. #wowlinkup

    • Right? We ALL have our issues! I just never wanted to disclose anything but… A few people told me I should reveal my story with the chance it might help others! Hopefully it does :)

      Those B Sprouts sound AMAZING – but I would probably only be able to eat… One! LOL!

  64. So, you know that we are almost digestion twins 😉 We have some of the same problems, but I have to say I think yours are worse than mine! I have been so frustrated lately since I can’t seem to tolerate protein powders. I have been experimenting with all kinds of protein powders and my stomach just doesn’t seem to like them too much. I’m trying to eat a high protein diet but I need to watch the powders! I actually don’t feel great when I eat too much fat, so I watch that. I need to eat more veggies, though, and I do good when I have HIGH dose probiotics (at least 50 billion CFUs daily), that just gets expensive! I am checking out that Mitochondiral Energy Optimizer, does that seem to help with energy levels? I get soooo tired sometimes, especially when my allergies kick up #wowlinkup

    • I actually haven’t eaten any protein powders in quite some time because, while initially my stomach feels okay on them, by mid-afternoon (I typically eat them around like 11 or something) my stomach starts to feel a little wonky… NuZest is the only one that doesn’t cause that type of issue… And I won’t lie, protein powders don’t hold me over long enough – like animal protein!!

      And YES! Mitochondrial Energy is the best! I have been taking it for EONS at this point, and highly recommend it. My mom takes it as well (she has actually introduced me to everything – she’s a doctor) and she ADORES IT! Please DO try it! Obviously it’s not going to work over night, but I promise, after about a month or two, you’ll feel an increase in energy levels!

  65. I’m just starting doing paleo but I do have treat days. However, I don’t do dairy because I have a milk allergy. #wowlinkup

  66. GF + Activia = happy belly for me :)

  67. You are hilarious! Thanks a lot for sharing your story. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  68. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I’m so sorry you have had to go through all of this though! I’m happy to hear things are pretty much under control for you. You have such a great attitude about it all and I’m sure you’re helping so many people who are dealing with similar issues. I just started using a digestive enzyme and so far I like it!

  69. Danielle DaVault says:

    Holy hell Gigi! I can’t believe I am saying this, but it is pretty awesome to find some that has the same lack of organs that I do. I had my entire colon and gallbladder removed 6 years ago and it has been an uphill battle since then. Through trial and error I have finally found a manageable diet to keep me from being totally exhausted and feeling like a stuffed sausage. I have been vegetarian for 16 years and didn’t like the idea of going back to eating meat. I bet you can imagine how difficult it was to find out that so many of my favorite foods were destroying my digestion. Then, about a year ago I came across the Ketogenic diet.The low carb, high fat and moderate protein seems to work great. It has saved my life. I have been doing a vegan keto diet since then and I feel amazing. I use probiotics and hcl acid daily. I am still going through surgeries every 8 weeks to correct some pancreatic issues that were caused by my initial illness, but that just gets me a few days off of work every 2 months. (Gotta look at the bright side!) Thank you so much for sharing your story. I would love to know more about your story.
    Stay awesome!

    • 6 years ago?! OMG today is my 6 year anniversary!! How “ironic”!

      The KETO diet is my life!!!!! I don’t do vegan keto, I imagine that being extremely difficult but I am beyond thrilled you’ve found something that makes you feel amazing!!!!!!

      And I LOVE your bright-side thinking! There can always be something worse, right? I cannot fathom getting surgeries every 8 weeks – how invasive are they?

      PS: I AM BEYOND THRILLED you found my blog because I ADORE meeting people with similar stories!!! (Wow, I have used 8 thousand !!! in this response, LOL)

      • Danielle DaVault says:

        Congrats on making it six years without losing your mind! This whole colonless thing can be frustrating.
        My surgeries are minimally invasive. They are either endoscopic or laproscopic, depending on the surgery. I have one more this Friday and fingers crossed that this will be my last one. I swear I have put my surgeons kids through college.
        We are all dealt a different hand in life and in the whole scheme of things this has all made me a very grateful person.

        • LETS HOPE YOUR SURGEON’S KIDS appreciate you sending them to school! 😉

          Good luck on Friday! Let me know how it goes!!

  70. Hi GiGi,
    I understand your concerns. I take probiotics and I also eat kimchi and sauerkraut to support my digestive system. I am so delighted that you shared your digestive health issues with us on the Plant-based Potluck Party. I appreciate it. I’m pinning and sharing.

    • Mmmmm kimchi and sauerkraut! LOVE THEM but crucifer veggies DISLIKE ME VERY VERY MUCH! I am glad they’re a fan of your gut though 😉

  71. So this is pretty interesting because I have an test next week because my endo thinks I have sensitivity to gluten. Great… but I notice when I eat grain, pasta and rbead, I am super sluggish and wake up next morning feeling like I have a hangover. Even worse, the last three times I have eaten pasta I feel like throwing up (not I am not preggers…lol).

    • I HAVE HEARD of this happening to so many people!! I am sorry to say but, you’re mostly likely sensitive! :( Don’t worry though, life is still tasty without those things and in fact… You can still eat noodles and breads and such without eating the gluten – I have some recipes like that and I have a lot of other resources for you if you need it!

  72. What a rarity you are to both share your humor (which is hilarious) and to shed light on what many go through with their digestive systems. You are a brave and generous girl! I truly hope you find the answers you deserve. Thanks for sharing your talent, Gigi!

  73. Omg…you are the bomb. So glad we have connected!!

  74. I’m so glad that you’ve found what works for you! You’re full of awesome! <3 (+ yay for veggies + probiotics!)

    I do indeed suffer from exhaustion, but I'm fairly certain it's due to my being a medical student, hahaha. 😛

    • Full of awesome huh? LOL!! That’s pretty cool, I have to say 😉

      Oh and heck yes, being a medical student DEFINITELY plays a role in your exhaustion! 😮 I give you LOADS of credit!

  75. Only you, seriously, can make an ailment sound glamorous. You are an amazing woman, and half of the blogging world is in love with you for being you. So totally awesome. Thank you for giving me the morning humour, and shedding light on one of the most profound struggles that some of us have to face in various degrees. The tips are priceless.

  76. New here and great post to fall onto, good for you for writing and sharing. I am trying to deal with GERD naturally .. not nearly as bad as you … but yeah it is a road of successes and fails. Problem is a love all the ‘bad foods’.

  77. You are such a gem, Gigi! I love your positive take on everything that you have gone through. I am such a lover of cheese, pasta and BEER that I don’t know if I’d be able to give it all up. I mean I would if I had to, though.

    I do love veggies and MEAT too. I probably should take a better look at my diet because I do have digestive issues that have me going on dates with the toilet quite often. POOOOOOOO. Literally. LOL!

  78. I really love this posts because I am in a similar boat. A few years ago I had about 18 inches of my colon removed. It helped a lot with constipation/bloating, but it certainly did not fix the problem. I love veggies so much, but if I over do it with raw veggies I am uncomfortable for the next few days. Thanks for the tips!

    • I AM THE EXACT SAME WAY KATE – THE EXACT SAME WAY! I am thrilled that you can relate to me, it’s always “fun” to meet people with similar stories. Fun is in quotes because I mean, really, how fun is stomach pain? LOL!