This is an Emergen-C!

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Emergen-C®. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Emergen-C as a product or its effectiveness.


There are a lot of events in our lives that can be categorized as “emergencies”…

  • Trying to pass up “meteor rocks” as hamburgers at your summer BBQ… Emergency!
  • Realizing when you FINALLY reach the front of the line at the DMV, that you forgot to bring one of the 18 million documents required… Emergency!
  • Hiking eight miles up 6000 vertical feet, only to recognize that you forgot water… And have to go… Number twoEmergency!
  • Slaving hours over a roast leg of lamb dinner for a party you’re hosting, realizing when your guests arrive that more than 1/2 are vegan… Emergency!
  • Not having hand cuffs a camera when you happen to bump into Ryan Gosling or even Frankie Muniz (what happened to him anyways?)… Emergency!

This list of life “emergencies” could go on and on (do tell me in the comments below what you consider to be an “emergency”)… However, there is only one: EMERGEN-C!

GiGi Dubois hold Emergen-C

And you know what? Emergen-C might actually calm you down during your “emergencies”!*

GiGI holding Emergen-C

This fizzy vitamin C packed beverage, which I am SURE you’re familiar with (if not… Uh, do you go outside?), doesn’t just contain more vitamin C than 10 oranges+, it also has the antioxidants zinc and manganese along with 7 B vitamins to enhance your energy naturally*… So when your burgers turn out to be rock-solid charred disaster pucks, slurping down some Emergen-C may enhance your energy naturally to whip up some creative cover up!*


Another emergency that JUST came to mind… You NOT watching the video I created for Emergen-C!

What I am about to show you (in the video)… Will probably have you running out to the store to purchase some Emergen-C! JUST SAYING!

Don’t forget your wallet!

So Tell Me:

  • Tell me your worst “emergency” moment!
  • How do you incorporate Emergen-C into your life?
  • What celebrity would you like to hand cuff yourself to?
  • What amazing recipe did your mother introduce you to when you were younger?
  • What are the weirdest ingredients you throw into a blend, that actually turns out pretty tasty?
  • Which celebrity’s voice sounds like a blender filled with rocks?

Emergen-C Flavors


(PS: Did you know there are OVER 20 different flavors of this FIZZTASTIC beverage!?)

+ Based on using the nutrient database for large, raw orange.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  1. I have been taking Emergen-C for many years. I swear by it! I feel like it prevents me from getting sick and not sure why, but it helps when I have a migraine– it might be a placebo but I take a packet when I feel a migraine coming on… every little thing helps.

    • That’s awesome! Seriously, even if it is a “placebo” affect, you have to do whatever works for you! :)

    • Ooooooooooooo I have to try this for my migraines Im up for anything, GiGi you make a product review the funniest, I can see you being a spoke person one day for companies!!!

      • YAY! I love that idea!! Lets start a petition so a company can hire me 😉 And I hope this helps for your mirgraines! Are you taking enough magnesium?

  2. Hahaha – Oh dear your emergencies sure cracked me up – ROTF at “Hiking eight miles up 6000 vertical feet, only to recognize that you forgot water… And have to go… Number two… Emergency!”!!!

    I am an EmergenC connoisseur but wowzers – I had no idea there were so many flavors! I like it with half the recommended amount of water – sometimes as a post workout picker up – though I would eat it straight from the packet if I were handcuffed to Aaron Eckhart! 😉

    • LOL!!! Handcuffed to Aaron huh? Imagine him feeding you Emergen-C straight from the packet! ha ha! 😉

  3. I’ve actually tried this product and really liked it. I got as samples and it was pretty good. Joe Manganiello… Handcuff me to him any time of the day unless he was in werewolf mode… Then not so sure :-)

  4. I love Emergen-C! I always have it when I’m sick, I’ll take 3 a day. I take them once in a while too when I’m feeling out of energy or tired, or just when I know my body isn’t feeling right.

    • I love Emergen-C for those reasons too! It just has a way of boosting us up when we’re feeling off!

  5. Well, what can I say? I like kiwis.And leafy greens. But having said this, I do take some vitamin C power at times with my OJ too.

    • Kiwis are one of the highest sources of vitamin C :) Did you know broccoli has more vitamin C than oranges! And don’t even get me started on strawberries! ha!

  6. Shouldn’t you change your blog name now to “Gigi Eats C’s?” For one, in an Emergen-C you would want the shortest name possible. Gotta go. Someone is trying to handcuff me. I am a celebrity after all.

    • Ah ha ha! Hmmmmmm I will need to think about that one – IF only I could change my blog’s name every day, because every day I am eating a different C! 😉

  7. Way to rock the sponsored post thing! So many aren’t the least bit entertaining, or are for sleazy products–but this seems like a cool way to get some C and I had no idea there were so many freakin’ flavors! And loved your emergency examples.

    • Why thank you! I have no idea where my brain comes up with my ideas, but I am not complaining! LOL!

  8. ahhh dying laughing at your Runaway escapades!!! I often said I was going to run away, usually to the car, to camp out. Where else would I go haha

    • LOL! I really still cannot believe I actually ran away! I hid in the forest for awhile and then I actually walked all the way downtown… And stayed there over night! WTF was I thinking – seriously stupid of me, but thankfully I made it out alive. Scared the shit out of my family! ha!

  9. Your emergencies are too funny –
    My most recent emergency was having to go pee so bad on a trail run, and not being able to find anywhere to sneak away and hide.

  10. Gasp! Are you posting on Wednesdays now? I’ve been checking in on your constantly yesterday.

    Also, what is the sugar content and ingredients?

    • No No! Tuesdays are still my days, this post was just postponed because Emergen-C needed to review it before posting! If I don’t post on Tuesdays though in the future, know they will be posted either Monday or Wednesday! 😉

      And Emergen-C, one packet has anywhere between 5 & 20 calories depending on which flavor you select. Some have 0 grams of sugar, where other flavors have upwards of 5 grams. All flavors do contain fructose in the ingredients listing though.

  11. I SWEAR by this stuff! Every time I get the slightest hint of a cold, I load up on Emergen-c and poof…cold never fully shows up. BUT on the chance I forget to take it, or don’t have any in my medicine cabinet, sure enough, the cold comes on strong and long.

    • Strong and Long… And I am down to get the friction on! LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO! Sorry… So random, so inappropriate. I blame Sir Mix A Lot!

  12. I never have tried Emergen C – I thought it was only for when you had a cold – shows what I know/don’t know!! I should get some and make my boys take it every day!!!
    And, all I could think when you had that huge spoonful was – BRAIN FREEZE!!!

    • OMG YES!! You definitely need to incorporate it into your daily life, it’s like a life preserver, and fills in the gaps when food fails to energize you properly! :) Your sons would definitely benefit as well!

      Oh and surprisingly enough – I did not get brain freeze!

  13. Been using emergen-c for years-I love it! and uh Bradley Cooper with the handcuffs-enough said although now I won’t stop thinking about it all day :)

  14. hehehehe!! I am sure forgetting handcuffs would count more towards the emergency….I haven’t tried it, but now I will check it out.

  15. I once had to treat an true anaphylactic drug reaction. Within 10 seconds she stopped breathing and turned blue! My worst was flying into a severe rain storm over Savannah, Georgia.

    I take 1000 mg vitamin C every day.

    • I would NOT be able to handle that flight in the severe rain storm, I have such a flying phobia, it’s not funny! Oddly enough, I voluntarily went flying the other day! 😮

  16. Two years ago, I got sick the day of my cousins wedding (yeah, I was fun at the reception…). Ever since then, I am diligent about taking Emergen-C before I get on a plane, after I get off a plane, during vacation, when I sneeze once. Love it!

    • Ah ha ha ha! One sneeze and an entire box of Emergen-C is downed! 😉 You gotta do what you gotta do!

      Ugh – I HATE HATE being sick when big events occur!

  17. Big fan of your blog, first time poster. I love Emergen-C! I do, however, have an issue with it – it only mixes properly with lukewarm water. Every time I use cold water, the powder gets clumpy! No one likes drinking clumpy vitamin powders!!!! Any advice on mixing Emergen-C with cold water? I dont want to use a blender… Thanks!

    • Wait, you don’t like clumpy vitamin powders? You don’t want to eat it with a spoon? LOL! What if you made a batch with lukewarm water and then put it in the fridge and drank it when it’s chilled? Or if you need is ASAP, put it in the freezer for a few minutes so it can cool down. If you can, buy a pitcher and make some Emergen-C water that will last you a few days!

      PS: Thank you so much for commenting :) You’re always welcome to!

  18. Hahahaha love this Gigi! Your enthusiasm is infectious! Love the comment about pouring it into your mouth……gross, but not surprised haha! Your poor mother 😛 Love it! I haven’t really used Emergen-C, but maybe I should take it up….especially when i feel I am getting sick.

    Exercise WEEEE! :)

    • Weeeee!!! YES YES go try some Emergen-C and let me know how you feel! :)

      And I agree – my poor mom had to deal with a lot with me! LOL!

  19. We came back from a long hike and my step-mother and I both needed the washroom but had decided we could wait ’til we got back to use the big washroom building at the trail end. We got there it was closed because there was a problem with the water. I go and do my business in the woods with questionable privacy. My step-mother has the tent camper partly assembled for privacy and uses a pot. You know what happens … it collapses on her and now she is a screaming mess. We aren’t done! A day later she is using the pee pot to cook hot dogs and tries to tell us it is a different pot!

    • OMFG OMFG OMFG NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am crying of laughter over here! Best story EVER!! LMFAO! AHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA AH AH AH HA HA HA! Your step mother is hysterical! And I would NEVER eat hot dogs ever again!

  20. Who needs Pixie Sticks as kids when there is Emergen-C? We grab it any time we feel the first symptoms of a cold coming on in our house. Sometimes I have to hide it because my hubs will add it to water just for flavor.

    • No way, don’t hide it from your husband, that’s a great “addiction”!! You can have emergen-c anytime :)

  21. Wait, that’s it? So easy! Yes, goodbye to sugar-filled slushies. Emergen-C is a life saver!! I start chugging Emergen-C as soon as I start feeling a little bit sick.

  22. My mother used to make us drink Emergen-C before every flight and at the beginning of every new school term. I don’t use it much any more but whenever I start to feel run down, I grab a box from the pharmacy.
    And Jason Statham has the best ‘rock-filled blender’ voice to me. LOVE it 😀

  23. Hell ya! Emergen-C came to my rescue when I started get the sniffles the day before I was running the Boston Marathon!!! Holy super emergency!!! I am forever indebted to it, since I ran one heck of a race. Woot Woot!!!!

    • OMG THAT IS AN ACTION PACKED EMERGENCY!!! I hate how emergencies like THAT always happen right before a huge event!!!

      But YES! You should write Emergen-C telling them your story! :)

  24. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! we’ve been suckin down EMERGENC like it’s going out of style. I put it in everything. YUP

    • It’s not going out of style, THANK GOODNESS!!!!!! But if you continue your antics you might cause an Emergen-C drought! LOL! I started the Libby’s Pumpkin Shortage back in 2009! LMFAO

  25. YOU ARE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun! :) I have never tried this product but read so much about it although I do take a Vit C supplement! :)

  26. I don’t think we have these in Canada but I’m going to look around – definitely new to me. I’m a water girl – unless there’s wine around, lol. I eat a lot of fruit, especially oranges so I may be getting enough Vit. C, I guess I should figure that one out.
    Frankie Muniz? Are you kidding me, dudette? NOOOO!
    I had an emergency when I was sitting in my backyard, (live in the country) sipping on wine late at night and talking to the boyfriend when he was overseas and suddenly a curious cougar came bouncing through the bushes. Ran like hell into the house but I think he was as startled as I was, lol.
    I want to be handcuffed to George Clooney but not for sex – I like his philanthropic ways and I want to talk global politics with him.

    • It HAS TO BE in Canada!!! If not, order it on Amazon, you know Amazon has EVERYTHING 😉

      OMFG a Cougar!!!!!!! That must have been both frightening and hysterical for your boyfriend to watch, LOL – but those animals DO NOT eff around, so I would have pissed my pants! 😉

      And sureeeeeeeeeeee you’d be handcuffed to George just for his brain…… Uh Huh! lol

  27. Really fun post! Love your videos — thanks so much.

  28. What a great product practically everyone I know that travels abroad takes this with them. I always have this on hand and where I’m going to work is a germ carnival so any extra protection is a good idea. I have mixed it with Propel water to drink during a workout but never thought of the slushy idea. The parents out there could make pop’s out of them ? guess it would be a way to combat play ground germs. I know as you would say read the label first of course :) Well my favorite celeb lady’s are married off now so I’ll just black box myself in the house alone :( We need a dub step remix of ” Summertime Salads ”
    Great post :) :)

    • Ha Ha! My questions about celebrities are hypothetical, which means all the celebs are single 😉

      Oh and we definitely made Emergen-C pops too when we were younger, AMAZING! WOO WOO!

      • Ahhh well than hypothetical speaking I would like to be shackled to; Mila Kunis ( she’s not expecting in this dream) Lacey Chabert and Genevieve Germaine Dubois. We could play Twister !!!!!! :)

        • LOL! You’re not attracted to pregnant celebrities? 😉

          TWISTER! I am so down!!! I need to purchase that game ASAP!

  29. I would try this product just because of your SUPER fun post 😀
    I love it!

    Choc Chip Uru

  30. I do like Emergen-C, but I usually just go for the basic flavor becasue they have less ingredients. I can’t remember the last time I had some though. Slushhhhiiee! I really wish you had fit that whole bite into your mouth, I think you could have done it.

  31. MMM this is the best stuff when flying ALL OVER to not get sick!!

  32. Hahaha love reading your posts. Your emergencies definitely were… emergencies! Love Emergen-C… I use it anytime I’m going to go on a plane as a preventive immune boost :)

  33. i love all the different flavors!

  34. You are hilaaaaarious..that is all :)! Oh and as for the weirdest ingredients I throw into blend- I still can’t believe that I add spinach to fruit smoothies, and actually can’t taste it at all!!

  35. My worst emergency moment is running out of avocados. It is the WORST!
    I am new too your blog, but I have bookmarked it, so I will be back daily :)

    • Running out of avocados! LOL! That’s like me running out of spaghetti squash!! It’s a nightmare!
      And thank you Dannii! I post on Tuesdays – :)

  36. I simply love you girl!
    Nope I don’t know Emergen-C – but I have an excuse, I am Swiss and we don’t know anything that is not chocolate.
    My Emergency is definitely when I am out of seafood and eggs. Cause….WHAT the heck am I going to stuff my face with then????

    • LMFAO Okay, I won’t hold you not knowing what Emergen-C is against you since it’s true, you Swiss only know chocolate! LOL! Is there such a thing as Vitamin C Chocolate??

      OMG and I AGREE! No seafood? I am SCREWED!

  37. Woah that many flavors, boy do I miss my emergen-c that stuff made me feel 100% better all the time, I used to throw it in my smoothies during the winter for a little boost and always make sure to drink this before flying! All my love C

  38. I love Emergen-C. I’m kind of addicted to Triple Berry…well, not kinda, more like totally!

  39. What DID happen to Frankie Muniz?
    Once I was babysitting three kids and they had four neighbors over. So seven kids. And a big bear came into the yard! Fun times, right?
    You probably saw moose and bears all the time in your life. You probably tamed them with good food.

    • I am a Moose and Bear tamer… That’s my side job to being a Celebrity Eater, how did you know?! 😉

  40. hilarious! i love emergenc and have used it to cut short MANY MANY colds before. it’s so good!

  41. I love EmergenC. I’ve been using it for years and always have a packet or two in my purse. I’ve never made a squeezee (or whatever you called it :-) ).

    • Emergen-C is definitely something ALL ladies should carry in their purses…. That extra umbrella and pair of shoes, not so much! 😉

  42. Lol I love all the emergencies you listed. My number one blogger emergency is definitely realizing I forgot to take pictures of yummy food creations halfway through eating them :) #wowlinkup

  43. Real talk: a lot of bloggers sponsored posts are SO BORING but I LOVE how entertaining and personable you make yours still. I’m obviously a fan of EmergenC, but I didn’t even know they had 20 flavors!

    • Aw, thank you Erica! :) :) And right?! Emergen-C is nuts! They used to have a Coffee flavor that I was head over heels in love with, sadly, it met its demise way back when!

  44. Whatever further compensations you receive for posts, you need to make me out to dinner! Desserts only, please. sheesh

  45. The Alacer Corp. could NOT verify that the ascorbic acid
    in there product is GMO free.

  46. Can I be handcuffed to Justin Timberlake? Please?

  47. Oh I love Emergen-C! Leaving my house to go anywhere in NYC without hand sanitizer is an emergency! Also, not having lip balm on me at all times!

  48. I haven’t really used this before, but I’m a big fan of loading up on vitamin C when I’m feeling under the weather. :)

    • You need to get on this Heather!! :) Luckily, Emergen-C can really be found ANYWHERE these days, even gas stations! SAY WHAT?!?!

  49. This current moment is my emergen-C moment. Stupid cold I caught on the plane UGH. I need to either bathe in this stuff or be kept in a bubble because I am legit sick ALL THE TIME.

    • Everyone gets sick from the plane! UGH! This is partly the reason I do not go FLYING!!!!! If you were in a bubble, I would play basket ball with you! LOL!

  50. I’ve tried EmergenC a few times and have loved it! I’ve definitely learned the power of Vitamin C many times!

    • Yes! I am sure you using Emergen-C has helped a lot, with all your kids constantly bringing in some sort of sickness from school!

  51. I’ve only used EmergenC once and it saved the day!

  52. This is seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in weeks! Love it.

  53. Oh, EmergenC is sooo convenient and a good way for me to get my kids (who are old enough to swallow pills without fussing, but won’t) to get the stuff they need, when they need it and without a lot of gagging 😉

    • Right! It’s the one “vitamin” the kids don’t actively gag on… Well, aside from those Flinestone Vitamins! LOL!

  54. Love emergenC! Love the bubbles and flavors.

  55. I eat sweet potato with yogurt or cottage cheese and nut butter… not blended up, but still maybe weird combo to some people!!

  56. I’ve never tried Emergen-C before but after reading this post and watching your video I might have to try some.
    Thanks for sharing at The Weekend Social, I’m looking forward to seeing you again next Thursday at 9pm EST at for another installment of The Weekend Social.

    • You MUST try some Ricki and let me know what you think! :) And I will gladly join next week’s PAR-TAYY!!! I’ve got a delicious post coming for next week!

  57. Celebrity voice… I immediately thought of Roseanne Barr! But did you see her on Kimmel last night? Girl actually looks good!

  58. Hah! How fun….I’d love to handcuff Jesse from Breaking Bad hehe I may have to start carrying handcuffs just in case…. Thanks for this post and making me giggle in Starbucks AFTER I finished my drink (I only look a little weird, but didn’t have to deal with the real possible emergency of spraying stuff all over my computer!) #wowlinkup

    • Ah ha ha!!! Oh thank goodness you didn’t “liquify” your computer with your drink! I have done that before and let me tell you – It’s a HUGEEEEEE EMERGENCY! ha ha! 😉

      And I think I need to go purchase some handcuffs too! he he.

  59. I have a lot of emergency moments. Once I forgot the eggs in cookies…that were already in the oven. On the second batch, I forgot the sugar. You guessed it, in the oven again. My husband took pity on me and took over.

    • Ah ha ha ah ah! How did the cookies taste without sugar?? And without eggs? Did it really mess up the recipes that much?

  60. YOU ran away from SALMON?! I don’t believe it :)

    I have little emergencies like everyday….accidentally leaving the gas on the stove on, forgetting where I left my engagement ring, and the best one, forgetting to bring a bag when I walk Mr. Chow and then searching frantically for something to scoop up the little surprise he’s left me!

    • Right?! How crazy is it to think that I ran away from home because of SALMON!

      And omg – too funny, Monty (bro’s dog)… leaves little surprises all over the place and since I am not used to walking dogs in Los Angeles… I tend to forget…. Those little surprise baggies 😉

  61. Never tried Emergen-C before! I’m a real weirdo about trying those things. Your pics are too cute and those questions you have at the end, I just die! I’d like to handcuff myself to Benjamin Bratt…I think I’ve mentioned my obsession to you before, no?! I swear, that man is gorgeous…unbelievably gorgeous.

    • What turns you off from trying Emergen-C?

      And yes, yes, yum! B. Bratt – I am grabbing a spoon and sharing this dish with you! 😉

  62. An emergency is when you open the cupboard and find you are out of peanut butter!!! (Could also be classified as a nightmare. 😉 ) I used emergen-C once, but not because I was feeling at all under the weather, only because I was thirsty and wanted my water to have some flavor. 😉

  63. I personally do not like this stuff it taste awful to me. however I do like your recipe it was easy.

  64. Hi GiGi,
    I have relied on Emergen-C for years to get my family through the cold and flu season each year so I am delighted that you shared this healthy and delicious Ermergen-C Slush recipe with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop!It’s perfect for summer too!

  65. I’ve been meaning to try them out! I remember a few months ago they were giving out samples on their website and I didn’t qualify (canadian!) so I totally forgot all about it until now that they’re all over the subway ads in Toronto!

  66. An emergency is being at an event and hoping all day for the perfect photo opportunity and when it finally happens, your phone battery dies. Emergency!
    Ps. I like your review. Funny!

    • OMG AH HA HA AH!!! I always forget to take pictures wherever I go!!! I have nothing good for instagram! LOL!

  67. Thanks so much for sharing with the Let’s Get Real party.

  68. I always have Emergen-C in my cabinet to drink whenever I’m feeling a little under the weather!