A-dory-bly FIN-TASTIC Favorite, Made At Home

This may come as a SHOCK but… When I go into the kitchen to conceive a recipe… I tend to act like Dory.

You know… Dory.

Now stop giving your computer screen that “I don’t know WTF GiGi is talking about ONCE AGAIN look…

GiGi Explaining Finding Dory

You know, the bug-eyed, blue and yellow tang fish that has short term memory.


The little, happy-go-lucky paracanthurus hepatus that’s voiced by Ellen Degeneres.

Ringing any bells now?


Well… If those hints don’t turn on the LIGHT BULB in your brain… Then I give you full permission to:

  • Call in “sick” to work (because it’s almost sick that you’ve never heard of Dory)
  • Ask anyone who might be willing… To watch your kids (you certainly do NOT need them pestering you during this action-packed animated ocean documentary)
  • Tell your significant other to either join you (and to bring some homemade dairy & gluten-free Goldfish Crackers) or go JUMP IN A LAKE.

So… you can have at least an hour and forty minutes to figure out what in the flippity fin I am talking about.

Finding Dory Junket 2016 GiGi Dubois

However… Wait… Wwwhhhhaaattttt? 



Homemade gold fish gigi eats celebrities

Wee! A goldfish. I shall call him Crispity and he shall be mine. And he shall be my Crispity

THANKS Dory for motivating me to just KEEP SWIMMING in the kitchen this week even though I felt like quite the fish out of water… Cuz HOT DAMN… How on EARTH do you make goldfish, with the main ingredient being CHEESE, dairy-free?!


Well… To see how exactly I mirror Dory’s mannerisms, check out just how much of a buffoon I am in the kitchen this week as I try to concoct a healthier, DAIRY and GLUTEN-free version of your favorite type of fish! 




Dive in…

  • Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix together. 
  • Spread batter onto parchment paper (make sure it’s a thin layer) and bake in the oven for roughly 15 minutes. 
  • If you’re using cookie cutters, prior to baking, cut out shapes and then put the baking sheet in the oven for about 15 minutes. 
  • Remove from oven, let cool and then crack into pieces and enjoy like you would actual Goldfish crackers (i.e. eat the entire contents? haha)! 

Junket finding dory gigi eats celebrities

You’ll ALSO have to check out what Dory winds up DOING in her flick, FINDING DORY… Which hits theaters June 17th!


  • What variety of Goldfish Crackers was/is your favorite?
  • When was the last time you felt like a fish out of water?
  • What motto do you tend to live by?
  • Are you looking forward to seeing Finding Dory?
  • If you were a sea creature, what would you be and why? 


  1. I know that this is going to come as a surprise, as it shocks everyone, but I have never seen a Disney movie. Having a child, I know that is all about to change. I just don’t know which one to start with.

    • WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

      Um. OBVIOUSLY you start with Finding Nemo. Then you see Finding Dory. Then you do ALL the TOY STORY movies… And then you do Monster’s Inc & Monster’s U.


  2. yes to these homemade goldfish crackers!!!!! Love that you made them with cassava flour too!

    • I had to try cassava flour again. The first time I used it (awhile ago)… It was an epic fail and it turned me off from it, but… I decided to not let that get in the way of my creative process!

  3. Um…I’m terribly excited for this movie!! :) Cheddar is always my favorite. My sister told me the other day Pizza is her favorite. I almost gagged.

  4. Yes, these are A-DORI-ble for sure! I need to get fish cookie cutters, otherwise, mine may not look like fish at all!

  5. What a cute idea. Love that these are gluten free.Thanks!

  6. Sounds ymmy!

  7. I am a horrible person (or so I’ve been told) because I hate all animated movies, EXCEPT for Finding Nemo and Despicable Me. So, luckily, I am indeed excited to see this movie!

    • I mean, since you LIKED Finding Nemo, you’ll probably like Finding Dory, duh! haha! Did you ever see Wreck-It Ralph or Inside Out or Monster’s Inc?? THOSE THREE are on point!

  8. Like you, I don’t eat dairy, soy, sugar, or gluten, so I barely remember what a goldfish cracker tastes like! I had never heard of cassava flour–I’ll have to check it out. I usually use almond flour, but I guess since you are also nut free that wouldn’t work for you! Thanks for the tip about nutritional yeast. Loved the video – you’re always entertaining.

  9. LOVE this and how timely. We can always count on you!

  10. Oh Gigi, the crackers are definitely a-dory-ble and fin-onemal. I can’t wait to make this for my twin granddaughters.

  11. I like the cupcake flavor of gold fish. My friend is taking her boys to see that movie this wk. Will have to let her know about this healthy gold fish recipe.

  12. I love this healthy version of Goldfish crackers. Now I just need a tiny fish cookie cutter.

    • Well you can buy them on Amazon, however, I recommend you check out Michael’s or your local restaurant DEPO store – much cheaper!

  13. I like all the goldfish (and when I say liked, I mean ate by the bag and the giant carton) except for the pretzel (as a kid) and the sweet-ish ones (now). If I want a sweet cracker cookie, I’m going for teddy grahams, thankyouverymuch.
    But good gravy goldfish I love those fishes. They are so delicious!

    • Oh I hated the PRETZEL goldfish as well! Ugh. I like just the original ones! Cheese + Salt = YUM! :)

      Oh shit. TEDDY GRAHAMS!!!! I NEED TO TRY RE-MAKING them!!!!!

  14. What a great idea to make a movie snack based on that movie! I’ve never used cassava flour. Do you need to get it from a specialty store?

    • I think it’s starting to pop up in stores like Whole Foods, but I would recommend you just buy it on Amazon… Which I linked to up above.

  15. This is so fun! My kids have been asking to see this movie…now maybe they need some homemade fish crackers to go along with it? I love how you wore blue and yellow to match Dory! :)

    • I would be LYING if I said I wore blue and yellow coincidently. LOL! And I do believe that making these crackers and having your kids bring them with them when seeing this movie would be the best option! :)

  16. GiGi stands for Gi-nius right? Girrrlll cos these “cheesy” Goldfish crackers are freaking gi-nius! I’ve been looking for a dairy/gluten free goldfish cracker recipe for awhile now and cannot wait to give this a go!
    Now, I’m a huge Dory fan – but can I still call in sick? 😉

    • OMG YES TRY!!!!!!! TRY MAKING THESE and who knows, you might have an even more Gi-NIUS recipe addition to add!!! 😛 And I think you DEFINITELY need to call in sick, so you can at least make this recipe! haha!

  17. NEED TO MAKE THESE!!!! They’re too a-DORY-ble!!!

  18. I’ve never heard of cassava flour how fun to make your own goldfish. Love it

  19. If you were a sea creature, what would you be and why? I would love to be a dolphin! they are cute and intelligent, who doesnt want to be like them :)

  20. LOVE THIS! One question tho…would it be possible to make them without yeast? Great recipe by the way!

    • You could make them without yeast, sure (although I have not tried), but then they won’t have the cheesy flavor… If you can have dairy, perhaps you might be able to add some shredded cheese. It’s all about experimentation! 😛

  21. Lilian Böhm says:

    GiGi. I love your blog!!!! :) positive energy and plus you are beautiful!!!

    What about the macros for tte recipe? Would you have that info?

    • Hey Lilian! First of all, THANK YOU – SO SWEET of you to say! 😉

      As for macros, the entire recipe has = 635 calories, 41 grams of protein, 96 grams of carbohydrates and 14 grams of fiber… Now this recipe can make around 40 crackers, thus you divide all of this information by 40 but of course! Hope that helps!

  22. Homemade Goldfish !!!! How cool – you always always keep my laughing and entertained! I am never bored and your blog always puts a smile on my face! :)

  23. My mother got me hooked on Goldfish crackers when I was young and I still find myself craving them all the time! These little fishies are so adorable. I love it when someone takes a popular snack food that seems difficult to make at home and actually figures out how to recreate it! High fin!

    • HAHAHAH! HIGH FIN right back at you! I think I wanna try and make Teddy Grahams next!!! An ode to the OLD FAVORITES!

  24. These are so cute! I just love them and I know my kiddos will too :) Thanks for sharing.

  25. You know, I need to go back and watch Finding Nemo first. It’s been years! I love your goldfish, I am so lazy that I never think to make these sorts of snacks from scratch, but they’re so much healthier!

    • I haven’t seen Finding Nemo in years either!!! I think I need to go re-watch it again as well. MOVIE NIGHT??? 😉

  26. Good work! Please tell me, can i eplace the flour for wheat?

    • You certainly could! I haven’t tried it because I cannot eat wheat, but give it a go!! Let me know how it works out :)

  27. My comment disappeared!!!! Well, as I said before – no memory here!!!

    I was a crackerholic before I lost weight so no crackers in this house! :)

    I see sharks with al the sightings here lately! :)

  28. I looooooooooove Disney movies, and “just KEEP SWIMMING” thing cracked me up
    Every time I visit your blog I know I’m going to laugh

    • 😉 Oh man, THE PRESSUREEEEEE!!!! SO MUCH PRESSURE. Oh well, pressure doesn’t affect me, cause I mean, I just keep swimming (although, FUN FACT – I don’t actually know how to SWIM!!)

  29. You are too stinkin’ cute!

  30. Ha! You come up with some pretty creative ideas, GiGi!

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a Goldfish, a Cheeto, probably.

    The recipe seems very easy. I think this might be a fun kitchen project for parents to do with their kids.

    Siamese fighting fish for me :-)

    • SHUT UP! NO GOLDFISH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! THAT is something you need to cross off your bucket list!!!! They’re super good. You need to have ONE tiny one and then make my recipe and compare the two 😉

  31. I totally found Finding Dory goldfish today at Target! I can’t wait for this movie. I wish Ellen was my girlfriend, mom, sister, best friend and twin all at the same time :-)

    • SHUT UP!!! TARGET IS COPYING ME! However, they totally aren’t as AMAZING AS MINE I am sure… Cough. Cough. LOL!
      And um, don’t be jealous Ellie but when I was at the movie junket for Finding Dory, Ellen walked down the hallway and I said, “HIGH FIVE ELLEN!!” and she smiled and high-fived (but also looked at me strangely like I should be in a straight-jacket! LMFAO)

  32. Sweet. With summer coming up these will definitely be a treat and great as a family activity with the kids.

  33. These are brilliant! I’m admittedly boring and like the plain old regular goldfish – never got into any of the special flavors. Though at holiday time they did have a graham cracker-ish one that was pretty tasty.

    • Oh the plain old “boring” ones are the best in my opinion, but then again, I hadn’t really ventured into all the flavors! Although I heard there is a cake batter flavor or something?! SAY WHAT?! ha!

  34. While I have heard of Dory, I am not and never was a fan of these types of treats but you made them so enticing! Fun way of presenting the information and I am sure my daughter will be taking my granddaughter to see the movie.

  35. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL FINDING DORY COMES OUT!!!! Finding Nemo is my all-time favorite Disney movie and I have been waiting SO LONG for this sequel! I already asked my boyfriend if he’ll come to the theater with me (thank god he said yes)! These crackers are super clever, too. You’re on the ball!! Or fish tank treasure chest? lol

    • I mean, even though it’s a cute little-animated movie…. Guys secretly love them too! 😉 I mean, my fiance was NOT resisting the invitation to come to the pre-screening with me! hahahaha! Let me know what you think!!

  36. Love that you made these crackers with Cassava flour and Nutritional Yeast! I will seriously give these a try!

  37. So I’ve never had actual goldfish crackers (that’s what happens when you live on the opposite side of the world!) but these look SO good. I need these in my life now!

    I love kids movies so you better believe I’ll be at the cinema with all the kiddos watching Finding Dory!

    • NEVER HAD THEM!? HOLY MOLY – Even though they are NOT healthy, I think I need to ship you a package cause they are THAT good LOL! Or……. You can just make mine 😉

  38. Awww how fun, Dory!! My kids love fish crackers, these would be a hit for sure!

    • Wahoo!!! I am glad I could make a “Hit” for your kids!! I wonder how they’ll like Finding Dory!!

  39. Your crackers are adorable!!! I love that they are gluten-free. You always have the cutest post . I ‘m not sure if my little boy wants to go see Dory at the movies but it does look like a cute show. Thanks for sharing your fun recipe!! Pinned.

    • Aw why thank you Kim! :) I appreciate that!
      I think if your son doesn’t want to see it… When YOU have free time, alone, you should go check it out! haha!

  40. I love that you are so funny and lighthearted!! Being in the kitchen with you must be crazy, I’m going to try those goldfish crackers!

    • Ah ha ha! You’re welcome to join me in the kitchen whenever you’d like! 😉 It gets a little BUCK wild for sure – haha!

  41. I’m definitely going to have to save this recipe, so I can try it out!!

  42. Elizabeth O. says:

    I haven’t watched it yet but I would sure love to and I don’t care if I’m going to have to watch it alone. Lol. The goldfish crackers look great!

  43. Yay for Dory! My kids would literally love these- they are obsessed!

  44. What a simple recipe to make my own goldfish. My grandkids are coming for the weekend and I was looking for a baking project to make with them. This will be perfect and of course healthy too. Thanks!

  45. What a great healthy twist on goldfish! Love your ingredients!

  46. Since you can use any cookie cutter, you don’t have to stick with just Dory or Goldfish! Great recipe for kids.

  47. Homemade is always better!! Love this

  48. Fun! Now, I have not yet seen Finding Nemo, but I’m expecting that I will in the not-too-distant future as my boys are growing up. I can’t wait to try out this snack, though, because my dudes love goldfish!

  49. These are great, I will have to try and make them! WAY healthier than the goldfish crackers of my past that I used to love: the pizza blast flavor that was dripping in chemical laden neon orange goodness. Yummm!

    • The pizza blast flavor = ON POINT for sue! hahaha! But yeah, the orange chemical look was just not so sexy! At least the food coloring I use is ALL NATURAL and the ingredients only emphasize that! :)

  50. First love that yellow blouse. I can’t believe you made gluten free and dairy free goldfishes. I really want to try them. I love the crazy garlic pouring lol
    I haven’t seen it yet but I want to.
    My life motto is, little by little becomes a lot.

    • I have never heard that saying before but I adore it! ADORE IT!!!! And it’s so dang true! Man, I am trying to get rid of things little by little! HA!

  51. I love goldfish crackers and thank you for sharing such a lovely recipe. Can’t wait to try this out. WOW!
    I also love what you are wearing :-)

    • Do you?! I have only worn that yellow shirt twice! LOL!!! Who would have thought it was actually a good look 😉

  52. Fun stuff! And fun recipe. I was at the supermarket last week and they had some Dory goldfish crackers right at the checkout on special. You know, trying to induce impulse buying? Worked with me! I hadn’t had goldfish in ages. And never Dory goldfish. How could I resist? Yours look much better, though. The thing with the commercial goldfish is they taste pretty darn good for the first bite or two. But after that? Really all you’re tasting is salt. Really clever recipe. And healthy! Thanks.

    • SOMEONE ELSE SAID THE SAME THING!!!! I didn’t see them WHEN I WAS AT THE STORE!! Ha! Not that I would have bought them! But hey, they should motivate you to MAKE MY recipe 😉

  53. As a kid, I actually really liked the rainbow Goldfish! They were technically the same flavors as normal Goldfish, but the fact that I was eating something purple made them ten times more awesome!

  54. Fun, fun, fun! and I bet they taste great too! I absolutely love Dori and also pride myself on my ability to speak whale 😛 Can’t wait for the movie!

  55. Nicole Escat says:

    My son will love this goldfish cracker. He’s a fan of Nemo and I’m sure Finding Dory will be a hit to him.

  56. My husband just hates fish but I love it. Maybe he’ll go for the goldfish. You just never know! LOL

  57. Lexie Lane says:

    I love this because it’s homemade! You are so creative, the goldfish crackers are so cute.

    • THANKS! And I love making things at home – even if they turn out awful…. HA! These did not, but I have certainly made stuff in the past that… WASN’T all that good! LOL

  58. Ooh, I like the pretzel goldfish…
    And if I were a sea creature I would be a seahorse because if I recall corrected the males carry the babies;)

  59. Now you’re talking! I remember Cassidy saying our kids would never eat Goldfish crackers. And of course, they’re everywhere! I’m convinced they are bad for Des. Very bad. Not GiGi approved!

    • Oh yes, Goldfish (regular ones) are NOT #GiGiApproved – that’s for sure. But MANNNNNNNNN they’re good! hahaha!

  60. Ohhh I’m dying to see this movie! And those goldfish crackers look amazing!

  61. I am so excited to see this movie. This recipe looks delicious.

    • After you see it, I would love to hear what you think!!! I certainly have my opinion about it – I want to see/hear if others share the same feelings as me!

  62. I would eat these if someone made them for me :) they look good. By the way I was singing ” The Poke Shack” to the B-52’s Love shack rhythm , I liked the picture you posted. Never ate gold fish crackers, and I would be some kind of hyper carnivore sea creature for sure. I live by just be honest, it’s easier to remember the truth than a lie.

  63. Now if you could mass produce these and take those store bought crackers out of the picture, it would be great! These look yummy. This would be a good one for that project we talked about. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!!)
    I would like to be a blue whale because then no one would mess with me! And imagine the size of your partner’s ummm…you know! Now THAT would be something to see! hahaha.
    Funny story – I took my little niece out boating once and we were watching the killer whales. One of them rolled over on his back to show us his umm..equipment that was prominently displayed and my 8 year old niece said…”oh my god, it’s having a baby!” hahaha! A memorable trip!

    • Ah yes, that project. I wanted and still want to do it with my sister but ugh, she’s always “so busy” – maybe YOU AND I DO IT TOGETHER!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?

      And um. If AHEM looked like a baby….. I’d never, well, AHEM. LOL!

  64. My grandchildren love them and I can’t wait to see the new movie. My motto would be, as always, “Appreciate the good, laugh at the crazy, and deal with the rest.” As an Alz caregiver that’s about all you can do haha! Loved the video you’re hilarious.

    • I ADORE that motto – I think I want to print it out honestly, and post it on my fridge! 😉 Thanks Rena… So necessary today!!

  65. This is a dang impressive recipe GiGI! I LOVE cheese crackers! Parmesan goldfish crackers and cheez-its are my crack-a-dory. I could eat a whole bag of goldfish in one siting but I don’t anymore because they make me feel like the crap. Now I can make your recipe and satisfy all my junky cheesy cracker cravings without feeling like going belly up. Also, very interested in what that cassava flour is all about because I eat yuca root at least once a week and would love to start using it as a flour too.

    • The first time I used Cassava…. HATED IT. Honestly, I think a little goes a long way, it should be a bit more of an additive, as opposed to the MAIN flour, otherwise the flavor is pretty overpowering – and not in a good way, hahahahahha! In this recipe though, the nutritional yeast takes over in the flavor department, which is good, cause it tastes “cheesy”!

  66. My boys are obsessed with Goldfish crackers, so I’m going to have to try and make these. I’ll let you know if I’ve converted them. I’m sure we’ll be seeing Finding Dory very soon.

  67. Those are so so cute. My kids would love them!

  68. So cool!

    I used to love Goldfish crackers when I was a kid! I’d love to make these!

  69. We love Goldfish crackers in our house. These sound like they would be fun to make. I’m going to have to make them with my girls. We can’t wait to see this movie either.

  70. I didn’t know that goldfish came in any flavor other than cheddar. Is this the second Dory movie? Or has this Dory thing just been going on for a long time? I live under a rock. But it’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I live in his basement.

    • This is the first Dory movie, but Finding Nemo could be considered the “first” one.

      You live under The Rock huh?! Before I read “in his basement”… I envisioned him sitting on you! LOL!

  71. Oh my gosh! This is so so so clever! And I love that I can control the ingredients!

    • EXACTLY!!!!! It’s all about control, that’s why I love to cook at home – I know EXACTLY what I am eating!

  72. Cute little fishies…little fishie goldfish crackers come to Neil’s mouth num num num :-)

  73. Would love to try your Crispity as well. Hahhaa. My mom would surely love this as well as my boys because they love to eat and munch anything with shape. Ihihi.

    • Ah ha ha! THAT is pretty funny! SO basically, any foods they absolutely HATE – you could try and shape in a specific way and BAM, they’ll eat it! 😉

  74. I’m not a huge fan of goldfish – mostly because I can’t just eat a handful, I have to HAVE THEM ALL!

    I can’t wait to go see the Finding Dory movie, I know my daughter has been asking to see it and i’ve never taken her to the cinema before, so it might be the first time I do that, too!

    • Ah ha ha ha! That actually means, YOU are just TOO MUCH of a Goldfish fan – hahahaha!
      Are you going to see Dory find her way this weekend???

  75. I love Dory! I’m so excited that they are making a movie with her has the main character lol She was my favorite in “Finding Memo.” My son is the Goldish cracker lover. He loves the Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar!

  76. Finding Nemo is seriously one of my all time favorites! I can’t wait for this movie!

  77. My family can’t wait to see Finding Dory! I’ve never made homemade goldfish crackers…. might have to try that!

  78. I love the cute idea, seems easy to make a bunch as well! I’d be happy to pour in more salt and pepper, glad this recipe gave me that freedom

  79. That would be a win for my kids! Homemade treats are the best amd hats off to you for making it.

  80. I can’t wait to see Finding Dory!!!! <3! Can't wait to try making those goldfish crackers! :O I've never tried using tapioca flour before!

  81. I can’t wait to see finding Dory! I’ve been waiting for years for this movie!

    • RIGHT?!?!?!?!? SAME!! I remember when Disney/Pixar announced they were making this movie! I was OVER THE MOON!

  82. The kid in me and so as my son is quite excited for this awesome movie! I just can’t wait for it. Hopefully this weekend, we can watch it. Oh the recipe you have here, I’ll definitely give them a try!

  83. I can’t believe your man didn’t like these! They sound fabulous. Actually… I can’t believe YOU DIDN’T FEED ME THESE. WTF?!

  84. Really, I don’t know what to expect with this article, but as I read, it surprised me with such amazing questions on my mind. Truthfully, you’ve got my attention.

  85. I have to share this with my daughter. These look yummy and she loves to bake and cook.

  86. Alaina Bullock says:

    Oh YUM! These look absolutely amazing! I lvoe goldfish, but never thought of making them myself! Also, we cannot wait for the movie this weekend!

    • Can’t wait for you to see it too! I have a feeling, a SLIGHT feeling, you’re going to really love it!

  87. This movie looks so adorable! We can’t wait to take our girls to see it.

  88. Okay let me get this strait gal, You got Tapioca Flour & Cassava flour and made fish out of it…Mosnters inc. or what!!!!????? Sounds super Yummmmmm. You are crackers and I love ya channel :)

    • 😉 I am a bit crackers, I guess you could say! tee he he he! And now.. I want to watch Monster’s Inc! ha! Disney channel, here I come!

  89. oh my! I think I want to go find those fishy cookie cutters now! Little girl’s gonna enjoy this for sure! But wait, we need to go to a Finding Dory movie date first. 😀 😀 😀

    • YES! You need to see the movie first, then get in the kitchen and bake these “bad” boys! 😉 The movie will inspire you that much more to want to make these!

  90. I’ve seen the movie and it was EPIC! I really love it and you will too. Bdw, I love your facial expressions. They are all very lively.

    • I saw it 2 weeks ago… And um…. Er…. I actually didn’t think it was better than Finding Nemo! 😉

  91. I LOVE DORY!! There should be a fan club. She’s the reason I love Finding Nemo, and I’m totally looking forward to seeing Finding Dory. If I didn’t have a head cold, I would have already seen it!

  92. On my way to the store to buy Cassava Flour to make these A-Dora-bly gold fish crackers for my littles!!

  93. We can’t wait to see this movie.

  94. Wow this is definitely a new one! I love your dairy free goldfish crackers they look so cool!

  95. HI Gigi,
    What a great snack for kid, sounds healthy and tasty. The cheese taste sound great. I not with what is in with kids right now and was not aware of Dory, but she sure looks cute. I never tried Cassava flour – have thought but about but not sure how my body would react to it. Loved your video as usual. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & Tweeted!

  96. bahaha LOVE DORY. And as much as these goldfish look like they’re experiencing a LEEDLE malfunctioning in their shape…I’m SO wanting to make them now! nomnomnom

  97. YO these look good!! Well done. I haven’t used cassava flour in a while, last time I did I made bread and ate nearly the entire thing. WHOOPS. HAHA.

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! WHAT did you mix the cassava flour with because alone, it’s PRETTY harsh in terms of flavor!

  98. A friend of mine is really excited for this movie. If I am a sea creature maybe I would be? Hmmm..

  99. Seriously A-Dory-bly :) Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty . We would love to have you again next week.

  100. Cuuute! The family has just seen Finding Dory yesterday and we looove it!

  101. I am so delighted that you shared your healthy and delectable Fintastic Goldfish Crackers with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I’m Pinning and sharing this!

  102. We are super excited to watch Dory in the big screen again. Hopefully this weekend. The gold fish crackers looks incredibly delicious!

  103. I haven’t had the pepperidge farm goldfish crackers since learning that the enzymes they use are of animal origin, and since then I’ve always wanted to make homemade goldfish crackers! I actually first remember seeing such a recipe on the food network several years ago, but that recipe called for those store-bought cheese slices, haha!

  104. I love it. :) I haven’t even told my kids that this movie is coming out yet. Haha. Maybe I can surprise them with the crackers and the movie at the same time. 😉

    Thanks for sharing these with us at Allergy Free Thursdays! I’m going to feature them at this week’s party. :)

  105. It looks like you had great fun making the goldfish. It is great that they are a healthy option.

  106. This is a cute idea and probably healthier than the actual goldfish brand. Seems like you had a fun time making these.

  107. Your homemade goldfish crackers are awesome – soooo cute! Gonna have to find myself some fishy cookie cutters :)

  108. Zomg you make me laugh so much! Of course I know what you’re talking about!!! Who doesn’t know Dory???
    “Wee! A goldfish. I shall call him Crispity and he shall be mine. And he shall be my Crispity.”
    Ahahaha. Love this =)
    I can’t wait to see the new movie. Haven’t seen it yet, but hope to soon! I will try making your adorable crackers to take with me =)
    I totally felt like a fish out of water when I moved to California. This Canadian chica just didn’t fit in at first.
    And I would be a MERMAID! =D

  109. Still haven’t seen Finding Dory… totally wish Kara was old enough to go with me. I used to love the pizza gold fish. Oh man. Glad your recipe came out good! Love the Dory-themed outfit!