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The most delicious grass-fed/finished bison, elk, ostrich, lamb, goat, venison and beef you will EVER sink your teeth into! They also have chicken, turkey, and dog food as well! You would think that shipping meat would be expensive, but NOT at North Star Bison!

Wild salmon, drool-worthy black cod, incredibly succulent tuna… Vital Choice offers up an amazingly delicious assortment of wild and sustainable seafood, they even have salmon “bacon” – Definitely NOT to be missed!

Clearly this beef is 100% pasture raised, it says so right in the company’s name! They don’t just carry beef though, they also have pork, rabbit, poultry, lamb, bison, wild seafood, grass-fed/finished whey protein and dairy, pet food and snacks like jerky! This place is certainly a one-stop shop! An added perk: FREE shipping!

Canned tuna may be a HUGE turn off to you because it’s so dry and opening cans is so inconvienent! THIS is why you will LOVE Tonnino! Their tuna (sustainably caught yellowfin) is packed in jars, filled with olive oil (no other oils) and comes in a variety of mouthwatering flavors such as Jalapeno, Oregano, Garlic and my ABSOLUTE favorite: Ventresca (aka: Tuna Belly). While ordering this tuna on-line is swimmingly easy, you can also find it at Whole Foods and other grocery stores.

YOU ALL KNOW how much I love WINK FROZEN DESSERTS! (if you don’t click the link…)

Calorie, sugar, fat and carbohydrate free chocolate donuts? How about mint chocolate chip ice cream minus the heart attack? Well I have no idea how Capella does it, but… They have been able to bottle up the flavors we love best, HELLO BOSTON CREAM PIE, minus the additives that make us feel guilty (uh, excess calories)! Add a few drops to coffee drinks, grass-fed/finished yogurt, eggs (you can make sweet eggs), protein powders… The options are ENDLESS! You are definitely going to want to try these flavor drops, especially if you love to chow down on vanilla cupcakes or danishes!

Not sure what I would do without NuNaturals Stevia! (Again, I am sure you all are aware of how much I ADORE stevia) I haven’t had a drop… or I guess I should say cube?… Of sugar in 10 years and it’s all thanks to NuNaturals! This sweet herb comes in both powdered and liquid forms, this is definitely the BEST sugar-replacement on the market!

This is a KICK ASS raw, vegan superfood and supplement company! Hot damn, their protein powders rock! My favorite… Well it’s a toss up, but I do think Warrior Blend tops my list! That doesn’t mean you should neglect to check out the rest of their offerings! Truly amazing stuff, SunWarrior really knows WHAT’S UP when it comes to health!

You will learn why I LOVE ZEVIA so so so very much… By watching this video: Regular Soda Better Watch Itself!

If you’ve seen this post This post This post This post and well, this post as well, you know my extremely obsession with NuZest protein powders! I especially ADORE the vanilla and strawberry flavors, however, for not being a chocolate person, I could easily down the entire canister of the chocolate flavor as well! 


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