Crushing On A Cuisine

I am absolutely in love with…


He is insanely robust and tantalizing…



You might be a bit taken aback by my aroused confession (and possibly confused by the swirling hunk of awesome above) considering at this point you probably all know that I have a fella in my life that ain’t your average Joe


He’s wayyyyyyyy above average

But don’t be…


Because he and I have a very open relationship… WHEN IT COMES TO FOOD that is!


You see… Joe (‘s Falafel) is just one of the many shawarma restaurants I frequent at least three times a week, EVERY WEEK… Because I have an, almost necessary that I go to REHAB, addiction to said cuisine.



You might be thinking that I am now also ODDLY obsessed with eating lots of bees (THAT type of obsession would need rehab… Or a psychiatric ward?)… Because “shawarma” sounds like what might happen if you poke a bee‘s nest… But let me clear up THAT confusion for you too…


Shawarma is a Lebanese meat preparation where lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, veal, or mixed meats are placed on a vertical spit (see photo above for reference) and roasted/grilled all day long.

Egyptian Fast Food Cook Shaves Meat

When it’s time to chow down… Shavings of the meat are cut off the block of the mouth watering beauty and served with tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus, tahini, and some people like to wrap it up in a pita.


Now when I get my mouth around “Joe”… I let the ACTUAL man in my life hang out with some “chicks”…


You may recall my TRYING to recreate the # 4 at Chick-Fil-A…

Healthy Chick-Fil-A sandwich revamp

Well… He’s never ordered it again. 


Damn MSG… Making everything taste better… 

That being said… The recreation I am about to reveal to you… BLOWS THE “REAL DEAL” OUT OF THE WATER. I kid you not… And I have my friend Gina to thank for helping me create such a delicious masterpiece…

Swarm on over to the latest GiGi Eats to see how we made this SHAWARMA…

Looks like I no longer need Joe… So does that mean… No more chicks for Mr. Superior To Average?


Swarm Around This Chicken Shawarma

It’s crazy HUMMUS I love these recipes… 

Get Clucking… 

  • Marinate chicken (cut into pieces) overnight (or at least 2 hours prior to cooking) in a container, plastic bag or bowl with the herbs, spices, and olive oil.
  • When ready to prepare, lay hunks of chicken on a baking pan that has been lined with tinfoil and sprayed with non-stick spray.
  • Bake in an oven that has been preheated to 400 degrees for about 15 minutes (turn chicken over at least once).
  • While the chicken bakes, throw all the ingredients for the hummus, into a blender and whirl away.
  • When the chicken is done, take it out of the oven, let cool for a minute, then cut up into smaller pieces (strip like).
  • Heat a little bit of oil in a skillet over medium-high heat, and transfer chicken pieces to pan.
  • Sautee for roughly 5 – 7 minutes, and then plate the aroma-bursting wonderment along side some hummus and maybe a little mixed greens, or whatever the heck you’d like, and… Try, just TRY, NOT to have a mouthgasm!


So Tell Me…

  • If you could only live on one cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • Have you ever had shawarma before?
  • Do you have a restaurant you frequent so much that they know your order by heart?
  • What food are you insanely addicted to? 
  • Do you find that you’re a creature of habit when it comes to the food you eat?
  • Who thinks I should REGISTER for a spit as a wedding gift? 
  • Have you checked out my friend GINA’s blog?! 


  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be Italian food :)

  2. such a fun post! you always make me smile. Mediterranean & raw fish (sashimi or a raw seared tuna steak) are my faves!

  3. Ok, truth. I had schwarma once a few years ago at a new restaurant and was “meh”. But this? It looks so yummy and much better than what i had.

    • Shawarma changes everywhere you go! You really need to go for the stuff off the spit, otherwise, MEH… That being said – this recipe kicks BUTT! I would so love for you to try it in your kitchen!!

  4. Yum! I’ve never had schwarma before, but this definitely makes me want to try it. Plus, minus the hummus (for now while I’m on the Whole30) I can actually eat this deliciousness. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  5. I love a good schwarma! Now you have me craving one LOL I think I’m going to take my girls out for lunch :)

  6. I love love schwarma and this recipe sounds delicious. I can’t wait to try this out. Its always fun to read your post :-)

  7. Well done satisfying meal!

  8. your recipes are always so good. I will be trying this one this weekend. It looks amazing.

    • I CANNOT WAIT to hear what you think Rebecca! :) And thank you, I really appreciate you thinking my recipes are always so good!

  9. I will definitely have to make that!!! Last time I had Shawarma was when I was deployed to the Middle East.. wow that stuff was amazing!

    • IT IS BEYOND GOOD!!!! I really hope it lives up to the authentic stuff over in the Middle East! I’ve never had it over there, so really you are the judge! Let me know!

  10. Is it too early in the morning (10:41AM Eastern) for me to be hungry? I’m tellin you that recipe looks SO appetizing!

    • NOT AT ALL. I am ALWAYS HUNGRY! And for shawarma… OH YES! You could mix some of this chicken into scrambled eggs, or just make shawarma scrambled eggs without the chicken (more breakfast appropriate?)

  11. Oh man! You made shawarma! Now I’m gonna be craving this one all day long…and probably most of the day tomorrow, too. Thanks a lot, GiGi! :-)

    • I crave it EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE! Every day!!! Ah ha ha! I am going to have chicken marinating in these seasonings sitting in my freezer so I can easily make it at a moments notice – I think, I think you should do the same! 😉

  12. Awww poor Winnie the Pooh! He’s a hot mess!!!! And that shawarma looks AMAZZZZZZING! I want my kitchen to smell like Lebanon please!! Shawarma pancakes?!?!

  13. Sharareh Drury says:

    YES GIGI YES! <3 I probably make my Persian chicken or some dish like this once a week. SO GOOD.
    If I could live on one cuisine the rest of my life, it would easily be Persian/Mediterranean food. HANDS. DOWN.

    I think my only other food loves that come close may be Mexican and Italian. <3

    And girl, I'm easily gonna have a spit and a tandoor oven and a host of other mess when I have a house. You need to get yours! We need to do SPIT PARTIES!

  14. I’m Mexican at heart Gigi, but you may have won me over. This recipe looks good!

  15. …and now I hella want schawarma, but the closest place that has it is probably 2-3 hours away. Why, Gigi, why!? But since you included that awesome recipe, I guess it’s okay. I need to try making it ASAP! <3

  16. My husband is a big fan of Chicken Shawarma and there is a hangout near our place that sells the most delicious Shawarmas. We often eat from there. But now, I think I’ll give your recipe a try and maybe wow him enough to eat at home :)

    • YES! You should surprise your hubby with this recipe when he comes home one night 😉 Perhaps he might think you ordered out – haha!

  17. Yes girl. Love shawarma. Now you’ve made me hungry. HUNGRYYYYY.

  18. I totally need to make this. There is a great schwarma fast casual joint here called Naf Naf grill but it can get greasy. This seems like my kind of schwarma!

    • Shawarma can DEFINITELY be greasy! And the grease makes me queasy! Luckily, JOE and a bunch of other shawarma spots here in LA don’t baste their chicken in lamb fat, PHEW… However, I have been to some that do and ughhhh I def get a stomach ache… Making it at home though NIXES that though!

  19. Hummus is so amazing. I love making my own hummus!:))

    • I officially LOVE doing it too!!! I am going to try adding a BUNCH of other ingredients to it next time I make it!

  20. I love shawarma – chicken, lamb or beef, it’s all good!

    • Right?! I generally just do the chicken because I am odd and I do not eat red meat at restaurants unless they say they’re grass-fed/finished… But I should try making beef shawarma at home! 😀

  21. My husband loves those big meat things. Me I will eat the hummus.

  22. Wow nice dish !! :) the chicken I mean the chicken no reference at all to your new side kick. I’m not one for hummus it’s healthy but my stomach doesn’t agree. I remember the Greek festival’s in NY as a kid the gyro’s were amazing. My diet is very monotone meat , chicken and basic carbs. Really fun video.

    • OMG I NEED TO FIND OUT when the Greek Festivals happen in NYC and just fly out there for them! haha! I loveeeeee gyros! Ughhh! I really need to get a SPIT in my house!

  23. mm wish I could live on pizza and pasta everyday! Hummus is one of my food groups. The rest of my family would be all over the chicken. I got excited when I thought you had a falafel recipe

    • You could totally make this with tofu or eggs – just marinate tofu in these spices and then pan sautee!! :)

  24. I believe that we have a restaurant near us very much like this. Never tried it but with your award winning representation of this dish I believe I have been persuaded to do just t

    • AWARD WINNING?!?!?! OMG, I just fell on the floor in awe!!!! THANK YOU for that AMAZING compliment! I always think my food photography looks like garbage! LOL!

  25. I’ve never heard of this before, but thank you for sharing the recipe at The Really Crafty Link Party this week! If I had to pick a favorite for the rest of my life, I would go with Italian, though…

  26. This looks so amazing! My whole family would love this.

  27. I couldn’t stop laughing at the pooh bear photo omg. I love your posts GiGi!

  28. I have not had that but I could live on bread & cookies! :)

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO a creature of habit!!!

    • If I could eat bread and cookies, you better believe I would LIVE on them too! 😉 I really need to try baking bread, like you did!!

  29. PS: My hubby & I eat totally different to AND at different times! :)

    • I kinda prefer that, but I also feel badly when I eat and then I get a text/call saying “hey, want to get dinner” – WHOOPS! LOL!!

  30. Nope, never had swarma (?) but it sounds delish. My go to favorite cuisine is Mexican. Not Taco Bell, but authentic Mexican. I’m drooling now.

    • Chicken Shawarma could KIND OF be compared to chicken fajitas … Middle Eastern “fajitas” – ha! I highly recommend you go YELP your nearest Lebanese restaurant – STAT! 😉 Or….. Just hit up the grocery store for these ingredients and try it for yourself!

  31. The last time I had Shwarma was maybe 10 years ago when I was in Israel, but I still remember it’s amazingness. Gotta make this!

    • OMG you have to make this, and then compare it to what you had in Israel! I have never been, so I only have the local LA shawarma to compare my recipe to!

  32. My hubby loves Shawarma so will be sharing this post to him. I’m also gonna try this over the weekend coz I’m sure he’ll ask me to make this several times ha-ha 😀 Thank you!

    • YES! I AM PUMPED!!! Your taste buds and your husband are going to adore it!! Don’t forget to marinate the meat overnight! :)

  33. I love Shwarma. I used to eat it all the time when I lived in NYC. I have a shwarma seasoning I put on chicken sometimes, but it isn’t the same as the real thing. Can’t wait to try out this recipe.

    • Yah! I have tried those seasonings before and they’re definitely far blander than making the mixture yourself… Or going out for it!
      I cannot wait for you to try this recipe too, lets see how it compares to the NYC shawarma!

  34. I have never had Shawarma before, but I have seen it on one of our favorite shows, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! It looked amazing there and here, too! Gonna have to find me some…

    • AW! I love DDD! hahaha! I fell in love earlier this year when I had no WiFi so I was stuck watching TV – 😉 Gotta love GUY! I remember when he was on The Next Food Network Star!

  35. I love that you have your shwarma spot and your fiance has chic fil a, kinda weird cuz i’m in a very serious relationship with chic fil a and it sounds like i’m sharing, but that’s another story. yeah um, YOOOOOU can totally make that for me and I will gladly eat it anytime! oh and the place I hit up the way you hit up joes is starbucks. I have some serious homies behind the counter. ok and chic fil a. Yeah you didn’t ask for two but i gaves it to ya!!!!

    • My shawarma to your Starbucks! 😉 Or wait… My shawarma to your Chick-Fil-A?!

      QUESTION – when you order at C-Fil-A… Do they often give you the wrong order? I feel like more often than not, they always give L the WRONG THING… And he’s always making me fill out the survey cause he was a free meal, LMFAO!

      • Um they NEVER get my order wrong cuz they know better than to fuck with my appetite like that. That’s an automatic death sentence in the drive through!!! But do tell about this free meal from chic fil a tactic. It sounds like something i might need to do myself!

        • If they get your order wrong, you can go to like chick fil a rate my meal dot com (website will need to be texted to you because I cant remember) and then you fill out the whole survey and they give you a CODE at the end for a free meal! LMFAO!!!!! Sounds like they might “always get your order wrong” from here on out! – #loophole

  36. Not a huge fan of Shawarma, but I do love falafel and hummus! I’m addicted to really good cheeses and if I could eat my grandmother’s Colombian cooking the rest of my life, I totally would.

  37. Gigi-This sounds fabulous!!! I have not had it, but it is right up my alley. I am pinning it to give the recipe a try… One food for the rest of my life? That is a tough one, but it would involve, avocados, lime juice, & salts! Cheers :-)

    • OH SNAP sounds like you would live on GUAC for the rest of your life – which, AINT A BAD THING AT ALL! 😉

      And cannot wait to hear whether or not you actually like this recipe when you try it so please keep me informed!

  38. Some of the best food I’ve ever had was in the Middle East!

    There is a place here in town that I frequent every couple of weeks called Falafel King, lol. Watching their meat turn on a vertical spit is a mouthwatering meditation.

    Yes, I’m very much a creature of habit when it comes to the food I eat now. Like a great partner, great food never gets old.

    • I COULD NOT AGREE MORE!! GREAT FOOD NEVER GETS OLD! I friggin’ love that quote and will forever say that when I get the reaction of: “really… SUSHI AGAIN…?” – hahahaha! YES! I know what I like, and I know it will be good! 😉

      TELL ME MORE about the Middle East FOOD!!! 😀

  39. it is hard not to have mouthgasm..after you have shown/talked about delicioussss shwarma.

  40. I really like shawarma, and I haven’t eaten it in a really long time, your recipe sounds interesting.

  41. This looks like such a great recipe! I will have to add this to my list of things to try. I am curious about the cinnamon with chicken…

  42. Indian food. No, wait. Make that Thai food. Indian food again. Then Thai food the next day. Aw geez, ONE, really?! They usually take turns depending on my mood! Anyhow, I’m TOTALLY crushing on this chicken shawarma. We have to collab sometime and make some CURRY together GIRL!

    • Ah ha ha ha! Have you ever tried to mix your Thai Food with Indian Food?! Tikka Masala Pho?? LMFAO! However, I could totally be on to something, no??

      I am all for making curry! Never done that or even had it before in my life!! When are you FREEEEE?!?

  43. This looks yummy!!

    My favorite food is definitely PIZZA. I’m actually known as the Pizza Queen among my family, friends, and even from some of my social media followers. I also love macaroni and cheese!

    • LMFAO! I am known as the Salmon Obsessed ONE… But now I reveal (however I have revealed it a bunch on IG) that I loveeeeeeeeee me some shawarma too! he he he!

      Oh man, I used to be know as the Mac & Cheese queen, when I could eeaaaat it!

  44. In Ireland and the UK, we call these Kebabs. Wrong name, I know, but I’ve never seen them here in the states. Now that I know what they’re called, I’m on the hunt. I hitched a window and ran away from my rehab.

    • I’ve heard it be called that, and doner…. But I like saying shawarma best! he he he!
      AND YES!! I AM THRILLED you broke free from rehab!! You must EAT 😀

  45. I used to love shawarma when I still ate meat. These days I go for falafel wraps instead, but shawarma used to have a really big place in my heart lol

  46. I think your posts are always so hilarious and tasty! There is a resturants similar to “Joe” where I live but it’s called Brasa. I must day nothing I’ve gotten from there looks as yummy as what you have!

    • What do you typically order??! Have you gotten the shawarma?
      I say, try making shawarma at home, and then you never even have to look at Brasa again – he he!

  47. Shawarma is much more civilized than I expected. Like I thought it would be something in which you’d just gnaw on it right then and there. Like an animal. None of this civilized shaving it off the post!

    • Well, I mean…. If no one were in a shawarma restaurant, you better believe I would walk right up to that spit and tear into it, MOUTH FIRST.

      Because I am classy AF! 😉

  48. I studied abroad in Germany during college, and they had Doener, which is very similar to shawarma. I was also in love!! We had our favorite places to get the dish, which was the “Doener Drei-Ecke” (the three-corner point in town that had a Doener shop on each of the 3 corners). We usually referred to purchasing other items in terms of how many Doener we could buy instead with that money. And it was always our go-to late night drunk food AND hangover food. It’s one of the few meat dishes that I actually miss as a vegetarian!

    • I actually have a place here in LA – which is my all time favorite restaurant of all time – called SPITZ and it’s allllll DONER! I friggin’ adore it more than any of my unborn children, if I ever have any – LOL! The chicken is just to DIE for. I used to eat at that restaurant alone 3x a week, but i have cut back a lot because it’s not the closest thing, and I found Joe! 😉

      You could make egg or tofu shawarma, yes?? 😉

  49. Shawarma sounds very much like what we New Yorkers call a Gyro. BTW I just laughed at you saying your fella hung out with chicks (chik-fil-a). Too funny!

    • YES! IT IS EXTREMELY SIMILAR but there is a slight difference – but I loveeeee me some gyro too! :)

      And yes, yes, much to my chagrin, he likes to hang out with those chicks LOL!

  50. I think I would like to try making this using all the meats listed above.

    • YES!!! Pack them ALL together and then shave the meat off – that sounds like an amazing idea! 😉 Michelle = GENIUS!

  51. I love your writing style!! I was grinning right through!!

  52. I don’t eat meat, but I think my husband would love this! He grew up in Egypt so he loves all sorts of fare like falafel, schwarma, etc. I’m saving this for sure!

    • OH HE MOST CERTAINLY would ADORE this!!! Make it for him 😉 And let me know what he thinks! he he!

  53. Am I a weirdo that I never heard of this? I am not sure I’d like it but I would try it. Fun post!

  54. Elizabeth O. says:

    We are all addicted to some kind of food at one point that we are highly motivated to recreate them just so we can eat them everyday, lol. I can definitely relate to that. This is an awesome recipe!

  55. Haha this did make me laugh! I am a veggie but it made me chuckle when you talked about needing rehab for your addiction lol.

  56. You definitely should register for a spit for your wedding! Awesome! This looks amazing. Can’t wait to try it!

    • OH MAN! I can only imagine what our house would smell like if I were constantly cooking chicken shawarma on our spit! LOL!

  57. Hmmm if I could eat something for then rest of my life it would be…Hmmm! Not revealing but on the topic of cuisines it would be Ugandan Steamed Plantain with Peanut sauce yummmm!

  58. Oooh this looks and sounds so good! I would love it packed in a pitta bread with loads of salad! x #TastyTuesdays

  59. We have a pretty beloved local shawarma place! Never occurred to me to try to make it at home, but your recipe sounds really good!

  60. I love Chicken Shawarma! I really enjoy cooking with spices and Middle Eastern foods are one of, favorites. You guys are adorable :)

  61. The first time I had shawarma was in Europe over a decade ago. The most recent sitting with one was about a month ago and it was just as delightful as the first time. I should plan a date with another one soon after reading this! :)

  62. I just love Lebanese food. We live dangerously close to my favourite Lebanese restaurant and they know us by name!

  63. Danne Reed says:

    Wow, that shawarma looks so yummy! I wanna try this recipe, thanks for posting. By the way, this post makes me crave for it.

    • I am thrilled it makes you crave it! 😉 I can honestly say, it also makes me crave it too… Which is why I am getting some for lunch today! ha! I forgot to marinate some chicken last night -lol

  64. hahaha i’m amazed you go to the same place 3 times in a week. that is SERIOUS commitment and dedication. to be honest, i’m proud of you Gigi. If i had to live off one cuisine, it would likely be Mexican. Tacos, nachos, burritos. Oh eff yea.

    • Girl, when I commit, I COMMIT! LMFAO!!! 😉

      The only Mexican food I like… Guac and Chicken Fajitas!! You can have the burritos and the nachos!

  65. Courtney Gillard says:

    Yey! That looks so delicious! I haven’t tried shawarma but this makes me wanna try one. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re very welcome Courtney! I hope you try this recipe or a shawarma restaurant out, very soon! You will be thanking me! LOL!

  66. I’ve saved this page so I can make these recipes, and really should not have read these before lunch! Now I’m extra hungry!

  67. I never even thought of making shawarma at home! Mainly because I always think of it as weirdly shaped meat that has to be cooked on a vertical spit. But your marinade is awesome! Gotta try this — something new. :-) Good stuff — thanks.

  68. I can relate! Mexican food from La paz… Every single day.

    • AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!! LOVE IT Michele! Seriously though. THE BIGGEST creature of habit over here and you know what? I am A-OK with it!

  69. This sounds amazing my stomach is growling right now YUMMO

  70. Yummm! You are making me hungry! I have never make this at home but I will be looking into it! Thank you for sharing!!

  71. I had shwarma before, they would place it in a wrap though…

  72. My hungry little soul always craves for shawarma ever since I tasted some of the best middle eastern ones and I am literally wiping my lips clean for this. I’ve always been the order type of person when it comes to this kind of food but I definitely appreciate you giving us this recipe!

    • Thanks Karla! If you do ever decide to make it, I really would LOVE to know how it compares to the real deal! I need to get myself to the middle east, simply to EAT the shawarma. Expensive but WORTH IT! haha!

  73. It seems to me that the girl in the photos to your left is similar to Cindy Crawford :) And you remind me of some actress I can’t remember :)

    • ha! I am pretty sure Gina will be extremely pleased with this comment 😉 I’d be curious to hear who you think I look like!

  74. Does “breakfast food eaten any time but breakfast time” count as a cuisine? I could live off of that. Especially because I originally was going to say I could live off Tex-Mex but by saying “breakfast food” I can include migas and huevos rancheros, haha. I’m addicted to the spicy!

    • LOL! You found a loop hole to my question! 😉 But sure – breakfast ALL DAY every day, sounds good to me!

  75. If my husband could only eat one thing for the rest of his life, it would be pizza.. and as an extra topping… i would as for.. fry chicken.. Is that possible

  76. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! That looks SO good!

    But if I had to choose one cuisine it’d have to be Italian. I really should have been born to an Italian family ;P (though, I don’t know how a coeliac would survive in an Italian family, haha!)

    • Ah ha ha ha! What are you? How do you enjoy Italian when you have Coeliac?! Spaghetti squash for the WIN!

  77. Wow, all that food looks amazing! That first photo is huge! I would have to say that Italian food is my favorite. I could probably live off that.

  78. Ooo, that looks really good! If I had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would DEFINITELY be macaroni and cheese. There was a time in my life where I’d eat it 3-4 times a week… Maybe more if I had homemade leftovers.

    • THERE WAS A TIME INMY LIFE… I would eat Mac & Cheese EVERY DAY! ha! Are you the type to add hot dogs and/or broccoli to the mix?

  79. I love shawarma. I find it a perfect meal if Im in a hurry and i need to fill my stomach with something not that light but will definitely mae me survive the day.

  80. Gah!! You are so adorable!! That looks insanely delicious!! Thank you for sharing.

  81. If you love Joe, I love Shawarma . IHihi. It is something I would love to eat even everyday. It filling and flavorful. I love with lots of vegetables and my beef roasted.

  82. I have a few restaurants that we frequent often enough that they know us there. I would love to try this because it looks like it has some delicious flavors.

  83. Such a lovely and fun post! This sounds and looks amazing delicious. I will sure try this shawarma recipe.

  84. Oh wow, I just love the ingredients and spices you’ve got in this deliciousness! I bet this smells amazing as it’s cooking. I will try this for sure. I’m headed out to the farms tomorrow so I will get myself some delicious organic chicken.
    Italian food would be my choice if I were forced to choose but the thought of having to choose puts me into a panic, ha!

    • OMG my house smells SOOOOO friggin’ good!! SO GOOD! I want to get a shawarma scented candle now?? LOL! But wait, I should probably just make this recipe every day – cause I mean, can’t eat a candle now can I?!

      Which Italian in particular would you get down with on the daily?!

  85. Actually, when I was working in the Middle East, this is my favorite – chicken shawarma, but I preferred lamb or beef.meats. Also, I’m making this in the house. Your recipe’s good and very easy to follow. Great post indeed!

    • AWESOME thrilled to hear it Fernando – let me know how it compares to the real deal you got in the Middle East!

  86. Nicole Escat says:

    Shawarma is a delicious cuisine but I never thought that it can be chicken as I tried a beef shawarma. Anyways, looks so tempting!

    • You could make egg shawarma, fish shawarma, tofu shawarma – anything!! 😛 OMG now you have me thinking about making fish shawarma! ha! THAT would be weird …

  87. These are all hilarious! I’ve never heard of this dish but you’re making me want to try it just to say I have…LOL

    • YOU MUST!!!!! I mean – cross it off the bucket list, cause I know you put it on there after reading this post!

  88. I have never had Shwarma but I would definitely eat that. I remember seeing the spits with meat roasting on them when I lived in Paris. I love Asian cuisine and could solely live on that!

    • UGH! I remember seeing them when I was in TURKEY but I did not eat ANY! I regret it SOOOOOOOOOO much!

      What Asian food in particular would you love to eat on the daily?

  89. Shawarma is so tasty, love yours!

  90. Thank you for sharing at #RecipeSharingParty. Pinned and yummed.

  91. hands down I would (and could) eat Mexican food every day all day. People always tease me asking if I don’t have some Mexican blood running in the veins – love it

  92. If I could only live on one cuisine for the rest of my life then it would have to be curry! Lots of lovely spicy hot curry. And curry made with your favourite meat too, lamb 😉 (sorry!!).

    I love your addition of paprika into your hummus. I’ll need to try and add that to my recipe, I never thought how much that might give it that little bit more “kick” :-)

    • CURRY?!?! THAT is a new one! However, I am not tooooo surprised since you post recipes for it on your blog! I think in a few weeks I might attempt to make one! 😉 I have never had curry before in my life!!

      And paprika is one of my favorites – LOAD UP on it! 😉 It’s not all THAT spicy!

  93. Love the way that you write your posts they are so engaging! Also you have me drooling and hungry — yum yum!

    • :) I am glad you like my writing style! I just write how I speak – lol! People who know me in real life are like… When I read your blog, I hear your voice in my brain. LOL! Not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult – LOL!

  94. CourtneyLynne says:

    Ok I honestly have never heard of this and omg!!!! Schwarma seriously looks like it would be my new favorite food. How have i been missing out all of these years lol…

    • Uh Oh!! I may have created a monster. LOL – but then again, it’s not really an UH OH because shawarma can be insanely healthy ESPECIALLY if you make it yourself!

  95. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I have never tried a Shawarma before. I wil have to look for a place near me so i can try one. It looks delicious.

  96. Shawarma in Greece is called gyros, looks exactly like these only it is made either with pork or chicken and it is street food and sold in stores everywhere. I love hummus and I love Lebanese food!

    • Oh yes!! I am very fond of the GYROS are well, but I constitute that as being more of a shaved consistency as opposed to chunks like this! Mmmm! I need to get to Greece, ASAP!

  97. I love shawarma! I used to live right next to a shawarma place, and I swear that they vented their kitchen right into my window! It was so unfair. I had to go there twice a day to eat whatever’s small was wafting in.

    I think SHOULD register for a spit as a wedding gift, and it should be husband-size. Oh, maybe you don’t think so now, but wait until seven years in!

    • Well future husband is…. 6’6″ so yeah, that’s ONE INTENSE SPIT! hahahaha! But I have been officially convinced, the spit it GOING on the registry! LMFAO!!!!!

  98. Never used paprika in hummus before though I do use a ton of garlic.

  99. I’m so glad to hear that you and giraffe fiancé have an open relationship because when I come visit LA, the three of us are gettin’ it on! Gettin’ it on eating lots of yummy food that is! Hahahaha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. #mybad I also can’t resist your shawarma and hummus, girl! Dammmmnnnnn, that looks good and something that I would make and eat weekly. Thanks for sharing! I have two cuisines I could eat all the time: Mediterranean and Mexican. Tacos are my favorite food in the universe and yes, you better register for that spit or I’ll have no respect for you anymore. Oh the things you could do with that spit!

    • Mediterranean… GAHHHHHHHHHH I just cannot live without it – and I mean, shawarma is “kinda” Med food so see – this whole blog post was dedicated to my love of MED FOOD! and….. I may very well allow this three some you speak of! 😉

  100. I’ve never had schwarma before, but this definitely makes me want to try it. Loved your post!

  101. Haha this entire post was so fun! You should totally register for a spit…it’ll surely be a goo investment in the long run for you ;D

  102. Oh, Shawarma!!! I left me drooling here, right now. I hate it. lol But thanks for sharing your recipe. I will definitely be making one, maybe today!!!

    • IF YOU made it today, LET ME KNOW what you think?!?!?! Shawarma is seriously the best!! HANDS DOWN!

  103. Yum!!! That chicken looks sooooo good and your shawarma restaurant looks fabulous too! I think I’d go there every week too. I love Greek and Mediterranean food and this looks very similar. YUM!!!

    • YES!! Melanie – do a Yelp search of a shawarma place near by… There are lots of healthy options (that fit within your limitations, he he) and… You can thank me later – ha!

  104. Wow, that’s some meat right there. I’ve had shawarma before and it’s the fucking bomb. So I get it.

    If you could only eat one cuisine (type of food for the rest of my hopefully long life I’d go with Mexican. A specific meal? tough choice but black beans and avocado (pronounced: testicle fruit) never get old when paired with a corn tortilla.

    I rarely eat out so I have nothing memorized.

    • Testicle Fruit… Alligator Pears… WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?!?!?!

      Well, actually, I know what it is… PURE MAGIC in our mouths! ha!

  105. I haven’t tried shawarma, but I’ve wanted to. Your recipe looks so spicy good.
    Did you catch The Avengers movie post credits scene where they’re all sitting around enjoying shawarma? It’s so funny. And yes, you definitely should register for a spit. :)

    • YES! I loveeeeeeeeee THAT PART OF THE AVENGERS! Whenever I eat shawarma (ahem, daily at this point)… I always feel like a superhero! 😉

  106. Funny intro Gigi. I thought Joe was your fiance. Look at all these comments! You go girl!

  107. I love eating out (trying to stop for the budget) But can you believe I don’t know my order by heart at any one place. I am so finnicky when it comes to eating out! Your post made me smile!! :) Hope to see you back at #HomeMattersParty again!

    • Girllllllll – you need to get on memorizing your order, LOL! Or perhaps you’re not a creature of habit, like me! I eat out ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY thanks to the fiance. I would LOVE to just eat at home… UGH! LOL! But if we go out, we make sure to get GOOD FOOD! Ahem, shawarma!!! 😉

  108. I agree, shawarma is pretty dang amazing. And yes, you should totally register for a spit. Haha. :) Thanks for sharing your recipes with us at Savoring Saturdays! :)

  109. I like shawarma in wraps….it’s my favorite take-out food whenever I see a shawarma cart in the mall :)

    • I wish shawarma was popular like that here in Cali… It’s just in random restaurant as you drive down the street. I want to see it offered up in CARTS on EVERY CORNER!!

  110. I LOVE Shawarma!!!! My ex boyfriend’s mom was labanese so she would make the most DELICIOUS dishes all the time homemade…butttt, now i don’t get that anymore 😛 guess i need to make dis asap.

    • Oh man! That would have been a TOUGH BREAK UP…. Cause I mean….. NO MORE HOMEMADE SHAWARMA! LOL!

  111. Oh love shawarma! And I have not made that, I have made shish taouk. Not are hard as people think and better homemade. Yum!

  112. I love love love Shawarma and the Shawarma in this post made my mouth water!! Yummy!

  113. I had shawarma before in fact this became a fad back home in the Philippines during early 90’s where every corner sells them from different choices like lamb, beef and chicken and I love it.
    As for the cuisine excluding my home cuisine, I think I can live by the Japanese cuisine as I love seafood and everything about it

    • I wish it would become a hard core FAD over here!! I mean, there are lots of places to get it, but I want it on street corners so I can quickly pop down to the corner, get some shawarma and be on my merry way! 😉

      And um. Raymund. YES. Live on seafood = ME TOO!

  114. I’ve never had shwarma… and since I’m vegan I probably never will 😉
    BUT I super admire people who recreate their restaurant favs at home. I totally love doing that.
    If I had to pick one cuisine to live off of forever… I think Mexican ’cause I’m such a sucker for rice & beans. Mmmm.

    • You could totally make it with tofu! Or you could even make some sort of variation with cauliflower or something!!!!! The world is your… Well, not oyster since you don’t eat those – how about… OYSTER MUSHROOM! LOL!

  115. Hi Gigi,
    Look at all these people! Congratulations. Your post is a hit! With your personality, I am not surprised. Thanks for bringing it to the Pit Stop last week.
    Janice, Your Crew

  116. These are great and you are making me hungry again.

  117. I need Shawarma whenever I see a Greek eatery in-sight! And Chicken Shawarma!!! I mean seriously! You making hungry late night, Gigi! delicious post!

  118. This is a yummy, fun and easy treat! Thank you for sharing your healthy and delicious Chicken Shawarma with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

  119. I would DEVOUR that Chicken Shawarma! That hummus, it’d be all gone too! Everything looks so delicious! You know, I seriously considered buying a vertical spit but couldn’t justify the cost for the amount of usage it would get. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a used model – I’m sure one will pop up eventually :)

  120. Shawarm is so delicious! We got it a ton in Israel. And the hummus there- like nothing I’ve found here. Always looking for different chicken recipes… I’ll have to give this one a shot. Food for the rest of my life: healthy- Mediterranean, not healthy- Italian

    • OMG I MUST BOOK A TICKET – RIGHTTTTTT NOW!!!!! I probably would never leave. I would live in a vat of hummus!