Fishing For Healthier Fish & Chips

When I was in the UK… I saw a lot of CHIPPIES.


And because I am SO NICE, and we were ON VACATIONI ALLOWED manfriend, wait… I guess I can now call him: FIANCE

To indulge…


No. No. No. I did not let him indulge in THAT kind if CHIPPY


I mean… We weren’t in Amsterdam, after all.


Instead, I let him get RANDY with… You know… England’s quintessential cuisine.

Fish-And-ChipsFish & Chips.


However… Now that I think about it… Would it have been better to let him indulge in the OTHER kind of CHIPPY?


I mean… Fish and Chips… Not exactly the definition of health food.


Then again… Prostitutes aren’t exactly known for being CLEAN either.


Any who… Seeing all these chippies, and smelling the oh so tastebud tantalizing yet artery murdering crispy batter cling to the flaky cod like your fingers, when you superglue them together… I was INSPIRED to create this classic English take-away in a healthy, GiGi-approved fashion… AKA: no deep frying, no potatoes and no processed white flour batter.


For all the swimmingly delicious details… Dive INTO the first GiGi Eats video OF THE YEAR!

Gone Fishing: For Healthier Fish & Chips


Cast a line for this recipe…

By swimming over to Kelapo Coconut Oil’s BLOG! 



  • Did you miss me when I was gone?
  • Have you ever had Fish & Chips before?
  • If you’ve been to the UK, where did you visit?
  • What’s healthier in your mind: Chippies or Chippies? BAH HA HA HA!
  • Do you think about Nemo when you eat fish?


  1. Glad you’re back and CONGRATS again on the engagement!!! I had NO idea that chippy had so many definitions! Wowzzza! Awww & so sad! I don’t want to think about Nemo when I’m eating fish! Nemo is so cute!

    • BAH HA HA HA! I specifically think of NEMO when I eat fish – LMFAO! PS… Something awesome happened last night at Crazy Rockin’ JUST YOU WAIT TO SEE! 😉

  2. Congratulations! And as I’m married to a Brit, I’m going to have to try this recipe (salt and vinegar and all, because that’s how he loves it) for him.

    I remember sitting in a shop in London the night Boy George got arrested (it was all over the telly in the shop). And yes, I just totally dated myself with that reference. LOL

    • LOL!!!! Hey, whatever, I could easily date myself too, however… People think I am about 17 years old so I will let them go with it… (and dating myself, well that would be a little conceited, no? lol)

  3. I am dying!! Chippy!!! Who knew!? I love fish and chips but they are such the guilty pleasure. I usually use St Patrick’s Day as my excuse to indulge! This recipe looks amazing. I’m so excited to try it out on the family this week!

    • Wait a hot minute – are CHIPPIES popular on St. Patty’s DAY?? LMFAO… Which “chippy” I am referring to… Is up for you to decide!

  4. Beer battered cod is a thing of beauty, though it is not necessarily kind to you. Rutabaga anything is a win in my book.

  5. I had no idea what a Chippy is, either. I thought it was a sailor!

    Congratulations on your engagement! This recipe looks delish.

  6. So first, seems like congratulations are in order! Secondly, yum – will have to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Congratulations!!!! No taking a day off, voice or no voice the show must go on! Looks delicious and I love the step by step!

    • The show ALWAYS goes on… Even if I have to pantomime! Oh that could make for an interesting video… But on the look out for that one this year! LOL!

  8. Looks like a solid recipe. I grew up in the Midwest so I know all about fried fish and I’m pretty over it. It’s all baking here.

    I tried to miss you but you kept commenting on things.

    I’ve not been over the pond nor have I had “official” fish and chips. Someday.

    • I am glad you’re OVER fried foods!!! That’s a tough feat right there, ha ha ah!

      And yeah, you have a point… I always SWOOP BACK IN to the social webs… So you really cannot miss me because I didn’t REALLY leave – ha ha ha!

  9. No truer words have been spoken than that McDonald’s image right there. And there is a restaurant called Finding Nemo where they serve fish?! It’s too good and bad at the same time. Also, parsnips are my jam. Yum!!

  10. Hey congrats on the engagement! Fish and chips are so good. Obviously, your version looks way better for you, but sometimes a deep fried indulgence just has to happen!

  11. Yummm, those “fries” sound so good~

  12. That McDonald’s quote-hilarious! Anything can be made healthier right? I used to make baked fish sticks for the kiddos when they were younger haven’t done that in a while thanks for the reminder. Glad you had a fun trip! Who knew chippy meant that??

    • Oh man, when my mom tried to feed me fish sticks when I was younger… World War 3 would GO DOWN! They were so gross in my mind, however I have a feeling… If I could eat them, and my mom served them to me again, I would LOVE THEM! 😉 But whatever, I made the next best thing – much healthier !!

  13. I am just going to start calling everyone a Chippy and let them decide which version I mean! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  14. Well Gigi, congratulations on hooking the manfriend into a fiance. Not that kind of hooking!
    It took me three goes to England for finally have chippies in Brighton. So huge, I couldn’t finish them all. And then I had a second go in Croydon. I remove that from my bucket list. And no I don’t think of Nemo, because I ate him on purpose! :)

    • BAH HA HA HA!! You actually kind of hit the nail on the head with referring to THAT kind of hooking…….. I mean, wait, what? LMFAO!

      Any who – YOU ARE RIGHT! The fish and chips portions are HUGEEEEE!!! And people wonder why there is a global obesity epidemic…. Hmmmmm – ha! I am glad you got it OFF your bucket list though!

  15. You always crack me up!
    Lol I don’t think of Nemo when I eat fish lol but I do think FRYING NEMO is a cute restaurant name.
    I want to go to the UK so bad…
    I’d have to say Fish might be healthier than the chips..but that’s just a guess. I think occasionally they are both yummy.
    Congrats again on the engagement.

    • Go to the UK in the summer – 😉 And I guess, I will allow you to eat some fried nemo when you’re there… To cross it off your bucket list! LOL!

  16. Well first off I want you to know ” I did not have digestive relation’s with any doughnut” while you were gone :) I have had fish and chips, the only fish I like is cod with fried yucca. Your recipe is good will try the veggies I do like parsnips. Another CONGRADULATIONS !!!!!! I would welcome some chirpy chippies knocking at my door :)

    • You can EASILY make this recipe with Yucca!!
      And um……… I am not sure I believe that you DID NOT have any relations with said donut 😉

  17. Haha, I can’t believe such a place exists… Frying Nemo. That’s just wrong. Looks delish, by the way.

    • Ah ah ha! It might LOOK WRONG, but it’s OH SO RIGHT! If I were to open up a Fish & Chips shop… I would have totally called it something similar LOL!

  18. OMG I missed you so much and congratulations on your engagement!!!!! And also, so sorry your life is now over. It was really nice knowing you…
    And, I’m all for healthy eating and would never eat fried cod (*barf*) but I would indulge in the chips part. I mean rutabaga chips? Really? :-)

    • I definitely missed you and I was also shocked that I wasn’t following you on IG. WHAT IN THE EVER LIVING…? LOL!
      And um er, well… I like to “pretend” that my life is only just beginning?? HA H AHA HA AH AH!

  19. Wow! That’s great! Congrats on your engagement. Your post is hilarious! Love the pics

  20. ahahahahah I love the mcdonalds comparison. Been laughing from that point on!!!

  21. Can’t wait to get to Florida so we can try this recipe on fresh fish. Thanks for a great idea. Hope you feel better soon!

    • You must! I would recommend mixing coconut or almond flour into the tapioca flour… But when you do in fact get to FL and want to make this recipe, let me know and I can tell you specifics! :)

  22. I loved seeing the pics on IG! What a trip!!! Never been there.

    I am not a fish fan as I have said before – I know – but I love the make over!!!!!!

    You are always missed!

  23. You have such a cute and wonderful style! I have never tried to make fish and chips – my husband would love this – and this sounds like a great healthy version!

    • Aw thanks Clare! I appreciate that… Some see my style as being a little BLUNT and VULGAR but heyyyo, I am not going to change for anyone 😉

  24. Gal I missed you literally in 3 ways
    1. You came to UK ad didnt holler at a bloggy sister
    2. I missed your quirky humour on your blog…
    3. YOU missed taking manfriend…Oops I meant Fiance to the best Chippie this side of the pond…okay nuff said! :)

    I love your version of healthy fish and chips aka Chippie coz I stay away from them Chippies on EVERY CORNER as you rightfully said GiGi lol!

    • UGH!! I would have reached out but I seriously had ZERO WiFi when I was traveling in Europe! OHH MAN I WANTED TO CRY! LOL!!!!!! It was soooooooo hard for me! LOL! How ridiculous is that?!

      And what’s the BEST CHIPPIE spot that I missed out on?

  25. I love fish and chips so much! And also everything about the UK. Great gluten free idea!

  26. Wales. It’s so gorgeous every where there. Lots of cool castles to explore also.

    • OH man, I have been there before but when I was young and didn’t appreciate it! :(

      I ADORE exploring castles so much! It’s way too fun!

  27. My hubby always orders fish & chips when out so I never make it at home. Sometimes he has a few different frozen boxes in the freezer.

  28. What you were gone? Just kidding and Congrats again! Yes I have been to the UK: London, Bath and York. And yes had plenty of chippies (the fish kind) in my life. Love your healthier version, especially the coconut milk!

    • Oh fun anecdote to add: had an flying English pigeon graze my forehead while eating a chippie in London, that was fun!

        And um, I think that Pigeon grazing your head is good luck… Or perhaps that’s just shitting on your head? I think he wanted to save you from eating too much chippe! 😉

  29. AHHAHA your voice!! I love it. Despite my fish misadventure this week, this plate actually looks great. Those root veggies…YASSS. I DID miss you when you were gone, because we RARELY TEXTED.

    • I feel like if I made you fish, you would like it, I truly do! It takes a lot of trial and error to get it right, but once you get it right, it’s easy as pie… Oh shit, I said pie! LOL!

  30. i am so happy to find this awesome recipe! my grandpa loves fish and chips but doesn’t need the bad stuff that come with it

  31. Gigi – this is a wonderful, gluten free recipe – I’ve pinned it on my Pinterest gluten free board but…oh gosh, FRYING NEMO! aAAARGH Poor Nemo!!! And i loved his movie so much! (and didn’t he make a rather small serving of fish?)

    • OH MY thank you so much for sharing, that means the world to me!! :) You’ll love it, it’s seriously unique and I really enjoyed it!

  32. UK do seem to like their fish and chips, don’t they? It’s the same here in New Zealand. Every small town has at least one or two chippys and the cities at least one on every block!

    • NZ has a bunch of them too?? Where in NZ do you live? I went to NZ last New Years and I don’t remember seeing too many!

  33. I’m glad you had fun on your trip! I’ve never been to Europe. It’s on my bucket list. I’ve been to China though.
    And I love fish n chips. Thanks for sharing your recipe. =)

    • Oh you will get to Europe soon enough, don’t you worry! 😉 And you will love every second of it!

      Where in China have you been??

      • I’ve been to a lot of places. Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macau and other cities. The Great Wall is a must! Be careful about the pollution though. The air is a lot better in the countryside, with the mountains, farmland, and that stuff. The best time to go to China is in October. You’ll avoid the terrible humidity in the summer and the winter storms during the cold season.

        As for Europe, I want to go to the UK and Spain. Italy is another place I’m considering as well.

  34. I’m one who loves fish and chips. Don’t have them all that often. Last time I had them was at the casino, Kootenai River inn. And the seasoning they put on them was fantastic.

    Coffee is on

  35. Hahaha, I had no idea that was the definition of chippy! I always imagined a cranky old lady saying, “Now now, chippy, listen up ‘ere!”

    But anyway. I can’t believe there’s a place called Frying Nemo. ;_;

    I love fish + chips, so I’m pretty darn sure I’m gonna love your healthified version of it!

    P.S. So glad that you’re back, and congrats again! <3

    • Aw thank you Farrah!!! I won’t be leaving again for a long while, so by the time I have another vacation from the blog, you will be THANKFUL I am leaving the interwebs for a hot minute, LOL!!!!

      And uh, I have the SAME OLD CRANKY thought too……. And I am soooo going to be that old lady! LOL!

  36. I’ve never had a Fish & Chips before, but this recipe seems great! I will try it asap.

  37. Best line: “Then again… Prostitutes aren’t exactly known for being CLEAN either.”

    Btw could you have any more comments? I had to scroll down for like 8 days just to get to the bottom. Ok ok, exaggerating. 2 days :p

  38. Ha ha, brilliant chippy recipe. And so much more healthier. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was at the fish and chip shop because yep, as you said it GiGi, they’re so unhealthy!! Deep fried. Yuck!!

    Now, tell me, when you were in Scotland, did you try haggis? Can we expect to see a GiGi “haggis” recipe?

    It’s Burns night next Monday 25th January. That’s our night for haggis! Although with Lynne and I doing vegan January, we’ll be doing a healthy vegan one! :-)


      And I totally wanted to make a HAGGIS recipe for this week, but I didn’t have enough time because after researching recipes I realized that it takes a BOAT LOAD of time to do properly! That being said, I think I might do it in the near future as… It was Insanely TASTY!!! 😉 Love me some guts – ha ha!

      OMG how can you make a VEGAN haggis?? Well, I guess I will find out on your blog!

  39. Oh I AM SO HAPPPPY FOR YOU and the engagement.
    It took me a while to figure it all out :-)
    but he definitely seems your match.

    • THANK YOU CARLA!!! The engagement is pretty pumped too – LOL!!!!!

      And yes, he and I are like the same person, except he’s 6’6″ and a male (I checked, LOL) and I am… Well, a height FAR BELOW THAT… With boobs… LOL!

  40. Ha, Ha! – you learn something new every day! Congratulations on your engagement :)

  41. Yum! Fish n chips! Of course we missed you! Our dose of inappropriate videos about food was really lacking, but now everything is right in the world again :)

    • PHEW! I am glad that I returned just in the nick of time. I didn’t want you to ACT OUT in an inappropriate fashion to show how much you missed me…

      Actually. Yes. Yes I did. LOL

  42. I guess you caught the big fish on this trip, GiGi, :-) Mega-congratulations to both of you!!

    I probably had an American version of F and C at some point as a kid, but never in England.

    I’ve been to England a few times, but never stayed there for long. On one trip to SA my dad and I had a six hour layover in London. We took the underground at Healthrow, went to PD square, got on a red double-decker bus and toured the old city and still got back in time to make our departure flight.

    • I certainly did catch a GIANT 6’6″ fish!!! It was a tough reel in, ha ha! But I mean, have you seen my guns? 😉

      AND OH MY GOODNESS! Way to USE EVERY SECOND of your time in London, how friggin’ smart! Hope you were traveling LIGHT!

  43. I did my study abroad in London and miss it so much (the city – not so much the oily, deep fried) fish and chips. I need to give this healthified recipe a go, so I can feel all nostalgic. Cheerio, old chap!

    • That’s ONE thing I regret about college, NOT studying abroad… But my major did not allow me to :( WOMP WOMP!!!

      Were there other ENGLAND staple foods aside from Fish & Chips?

  44. Being from Vancouver Island where Victoria as known as ‘little England’, I’ve had some fabulous fish and chips. All unhealthy but flippin’ delicious, lol. It’s been a long time though because it’s just not worth the indulgence.
    I have been wanting to make a healthy fish and chip dish for ages, and ‘By George’, you’ve done it, girl!
    Love this and now I want to eat them this very minute! Welcome home. xoxo

    • Oh FRIED FOOD = DELICIOUS… So I can imagine Fish & Chips being absolutely OUT OF THIS WORLD YUM! ha ha ah! Imagine Chilean Seabass… Fried 😉 HA HA! OH MAN, fat on fat on fat… My favorite!

      ANY WHO – now that I have you DROOLING… Go on and make this recipe! 😛

  45. Fiancé? Best wishes! And yes, I did miss you while you were gone. And I LOVE fish ‘n chips. Particularly the chippies. Fun stuff — thanks.

  46. The Brit in me can’t wait to try these. Although, are there substitutes for the coconut milk and coconut oil? Allergies :(

    • Oh yes! You could use ALMOND milk and you could simply fry is macadamia nut oil or avocado oil! :) Always suitable subs!

  47. Haha – I chuckled hard reading about your “chippy” conundrum! I gotta agree with your manfriend – er finance – British chippies are so darn good – even if they are just so darn bad for ya! And DIY is the way to go when you are craving it on this side of the pond. Love your use of tapioca flour – it sure does give a crispy coating! Now am off to Micky Dees to get a hug! :) Bwahaha! xx

    • LMFAO British Chippies really just make me think of prostitutes. AHHH HA HA AH HA HA HA!

      Did Micky Dee give you a WARM HUG by the way?? 😉

  48. ahaha I did NOT know that “chippy” meant that. I’m gonna go with fish and chips being the better option ;P

    Sarah Grace

  49. Glad you’re back safe and yes, totally missed you! :-) It’s been ages since I’ve had the traditional stuff, but the Gardein Fishless Fillets were pretty tasty while probably not being really healthy either. 😛

  50. It is so wrong on so many levels that a fish and chips place and a woman of ill repute are named the same thing. No, didn’t miss you because I stalked your ass on IG and knew your (almost) every move. It was like you never really went away. I love fish and chips and will eat the biggest, most fried up, mofo basket with a ton of fries and about 5 pieces of lovely crispy fish. And then douse it all with a whole bottle of malt vinegar. That’s kind of gross so thanks a bunch for this recipe. Now I can have my fish and chips and eat ’em too.

    • OMG all I read for a hot second was: “no, didn’t miss you” and I was like… Whoaaaaaaaa – way to sugar coat it, tell me how you REALLY FEEL, please! BAH HA HA HA HA AH AH AH AH!!!!!

      But then I read you stalked and all was right with the world once again! 😉

      And um… Is it weird that I kinda want you to post a YouTube video of yourself devouring 10 pounds if Fish and Chips with ALL THAT MALT VINEGAR?? HA HA HA AH AH AHA HA HA! #viral

  51. I eat quite a bit of fish, but so far I have not thought of Nemo when I do, and I don’t think I will in the future. Does that make me bad?! Well, so be it :) The recipe sounds great. Thanks.

    • That doesn’t make you bad at all – I think of Nemo when I eat fish, but then I laugh nefariously! he he he he he!

  52. I had no idea chippy meant THAT lol! Believe it or not, I’ve had vegan “fish” and chips before. It was at Vegan Oktoberfest in Santa Monica actually…

    I like my potatoes, but absolutely LOVE rutabagas. What a clever substitution :)

    • OMG I would be so curious… As to what it’s made out of!! And what’s the VEGAN Oktoberfest like… I always see signs but since I cannot eat ANYTHING there, I don’t go! lol!

  53. Congratulations on your engagement! I love fish and chips however I would only eat it rarely because since it was fried. I really would like to try a more healthier version. Thank you for sharing.

  54. Haha you’re too funny. I despise fish and chips and I live around the corner from a chippy right now! They definitely are super unhealthy and the line is to the corner on weekend nights (which makes me cringe)! I wish we could have met while you were over in Scotland!

  55. I’m a brit and a fan of fish and chips so I usually stay true to the ‘recipe’ of going to the chip shop! Your healthy version looks great though. Thanks for linking up to #showandtell, don’t forget to comment and display the badge or link and hope to see you again next week.

  56. I am glad that you got to experience our awesome fish and chips here in the UK. You should have told me you were here – we could have met up!

    • UGH! If I had any WiFi I would have!!!!!! My contact with anyone other than my fiance and people I met in person was EXTREMELY limited – womp womp!!! :(

  57. I want to impress you with a witty comment, but that prostitute thing keeps whirling in my head. I actually saw a chick get picked up the other day. That hooker held up traffic. I had to go around the car that stopped to buy her.

    • NO. YOU.. DID NOT! Ha!

      I see hookers around LA all the time…But I never see them get picked up! Perhaps they only do when I am fast asleep in my cozy bed, pretending that a world like that does not exist? LOL

  58. Let’s see. First, thank you for calling out sugar-free ketchup. What’s sugar doing in my ketchup? Aside from that, of course I missed you, of course I’ve had chippies, and no, I don’t think about Nemo. I think about Arielle.

    • RIGHT!?!?!? Sugar has ZERO PLACE being in ketchup, it always makes me SO MAD when I see it in there… High fructose corn syrup none the less!

  59. Fish and Chips! Yum, we used to eat this all the time growing up in Hawaii. Thanks for sharing this healthy alternative 😉

  60. Clueless – that wouldn’t just be Alicia Silverstone in the role of her life but also me regarding that second meaning of chippies. Given my heritage it’s only natural I immediately thought of potatoes, right?!
    Fish are friends, not food. That’s all. [No, I don’t seriously hate you but had to make the expected vegetarian remark 😉 ].

    • BAH HA HA HA HA!!!! Oh you, oh you – that’s all I have to say 😉
      You are not going to like my video next week… ha ha ha ha! Cannot wait for your comment on that one – lol

  61. Yum! I love fish and chips.. (and not that kind of chippy) but I also love parsnips. Not sure about rutabagas actually.
    Come and make this for me?

  62. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Frying Nemo! Congratulations on your engagement :)

  63. I really liked your blog and congratulations
    on your engagement.

  64. Brilliant! Vegas always wants fish and chips but I hate how greasy it is. Love this. And prostitute salads.


  65. Love the healthier version!! I love fish ‘n chips! There’s a place here in Memphis that has incredible ones! One of these days I’m going to make it to the UK and have them there! :)

    And a huge congratulations on the whole fiance thing! That’s awesome!!!

  66. Girl how did you lose your voice? Hopefully you were out having some kind of awesome fun!! Love the recipe!

  67. Chippy is such a nice word 😀 also… i guess I’m hugging a prostitute..:D

  68. I came here from Sweat Pink just wanting to know about a healthier fish n chips recipe but had to figure out where I recognized you from. I realized I’ve seen you on Fresh Fit N Healthy’s channel before. So glad I found your blog!

    • YAY! I am so glad you found me too!!! :) I am also happy you read Sarah’s blog – she’s one of my favorite bloggers for sure, and a very good friend of mine!
      Off to check out your blog!

  69. Your adventures abroad looked like too much fun. I LOVE fish and chips. When I was at Oxford I ate them at least once a week. And I totally put mayo on my chips with malted vinegar. DAMN IT – now the fetus wants some. I should look into making some homemade chips tonight – don’t want to go to the grocery store to get fish. Hehe. Lazy preggo.

    • LOL! OMFG MAYO and VINEGAR?!?!?! Yikes… But it also sounds kinda.. Sorta.. GOOD – however my car right now smells like vinegar, so I am kinda OVER vinegar right now – ha! So now I must know… What did Miss Preggo get to eat this evening? 😉

  70. Thank you for linking up at the Let’s Get Real Weekly Link Party.
    Be sure and join us next Thursday and link up your favorites!

  71. I love fish and chips! This sounds delicious, thanks for sharing.

  72. Too funny. Congrats on the engagement. Nice spin and you still get the crispness on the fish.

  73. I am so delighted that you shared your delectable Healthier Fish & Chips recipe with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party!.I’m Pinning and sharing this!Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! All the best, Deborah

  74. You got engaged?!?! I missed this!! CONGRATS LADY! :)

  75. I’m actually making fish and chips this evening!! Yeah, they are a staple diet over here. Also one of the best ways to cook fish as all the nutrients get locked in by the batter, so you don’t lose out :)

  76. I’m keeping it simple tonight, just cooking with a bit of olive oil and seasoning. I have a Chippy at the bottom of my street, so I can go there when I need the full fat version lol

  77. I need to try these soon, this healthier fish and chips looks so good! Love your videos! :)

    • Aw thanks Marsha!!!!! That means the world to me… And motivates me.. I am not just making videos for no reason 😉 ha ha!

  78. Hi Gigi! Congratulations again on your engagement. Yes, I’m one of those bloggers that really gets into knowing other bloggers so I ran around telling all of my real world friends that you got engaged. They were obviously thrilled too. I’m really craving fish right now. Seems weird, but it’s true. Thanks so much for sharing this over at Let’s Get Real so I can take care of that craving.

    • THANK YOU Christina! And that is HYSTERICAL!!!! I talk to my in person friends about blogging friends like I have actually met them too actually 😉 I love my blogging friends (including you) so much! I always say: “Blogging is like online friend dating” – Cause you can easily weed through those you like and don’t! HA HA AH!!

  79. I love fish and chips! apart from savoury pies and sausages thats one of the popular food items here in NZ

  80. Hi GiGi,
    My hubby will love this! I am so pleased that you shared your healthier version of this popular dish at the Plant-Based Potluck Party!Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! Pinning and sharing! All the best, Deborah

  81. You seriously crack me up!!! That being said, when we went to Ireland years ago, I ate fish and chips almost every day. It was soooo good and all my eating rules go out the window when I’m on vacay! However, I did feel guilty because it’s mostly just bread and grease with a tiny bit of fish in the middle..LOL! I can’t wait to try your healthy version!

    • OMG I am shocked you ate them EVERY DAY … I would be so sick after one day, and that’s saying something because I am pretty STRONG when it comes to eating a lot of food, especially fatty food – ha!

  82. Total side note, but wanted to let you know I was growing through your youtube vids today. Made me love you even more. You are so on point and well-spoken girl!!

    • OMFG. Chrissa – Um. YOU JUST MADE MY LIFE COMPLETE. Seriously. I am so honored that you took the time to tell me that, and you motivate me to continue to make more and more and more! Much to the chagrin of some – LOL!