The “I Literally Can’t Even” Latte

BREAKING NEWS: Cranky Older Woman in Ugg Boots Body Slams Two Innocent Coffee Goers After She Suspected They Swiped Her Pumpkin Spice Latte


LOS ANGELES – With utter rage in her eyes, Maude Henry, 68, of Hollywood, California hurled two innocent customers (names withheld) onto the floor at a Starbucks at Sunset and Gower after suspecting one of them took her Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Hoodwinks! HOODWINKS I TELL YOU,” Maude shrieked as she was dragged, losing one of her sheepskin Ugg (UGH) boots in the process, to a cop car on Sunset Blvd.

It has yet to be known if the two customers, who claim to have ordered their own respective drinks, a butt-widening venti Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino and a muffin top-enhancing grande Red Velvet Creme Frappuccino, will press charges.

Stay with us as the story develops…


…Well my thought that people tend to get nicer as fall and winter (i.e. the holidays) approach, was just thrown into an overflowing landfill

Speaking of landfills…. Pumpkin Spice Lattes… Pretty much the equivalent of one of these DUMPING SIGHTS… 


So if those “hoodwinks” were actually lying and did in fact take Maude’s drink… Perhaps they were doing her a favor? 


I am awarding myself the title of: Sexiest WINKER EVER….

Because twenty ounces of the orange tinted gunk has 64 grams of sugar (and we all know at this point that sugar is Satan in “food” form)!


Now twenty ounces might sound like a hefty dose that no one would be able to gulp down (that’s how many ounces are in a venti-sized drink)… BUT ADMIT IT… You TOTES (Uh no… I swear… Chicks in mini skirts and Ugg boots made me say that!) are known for chugging four one, every few days, as the fall and winter months carry on.

There is just something about the pumpkin spice aroma that gets us all hot and bothered… 


Then go buy a pumpkin scented candle


Make chipkins

Pumpkin Chips, called Chipkins

Or if you in fact, really must have the liquid combination of sweet and spice and “everything nice” then do yourself a favor… And watch the latest GiGi Eats!

For the recipe of my REVAMPED Pumpkin Spice Latte that includes a few very outside of the box ingredients (if you watched the video, you know what they are)…


Healthy-Pumpkin-Spice-Latte-GiGiSo Tell Me…

  • If I walked into your house/apartment… Would I feel as though I walked into a Bath & Body Works during the fall season?
  • What’s your take on the PSL? Overrated or rated PERFECTLY?
  • “Can you even” or “Can’t you even”?
  • Have you ever tried to recreate this drink at home? SHARE your recipe! Like, OMG! 
  • Do you think Maude is one crazy bitch? Or do you think the Pumpkin Spice Latte made her do it?
  • Have you ever heard of Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil? Are you a coconut oil fan in general?
  • Do you want to punch those girls who spew out phrases such as: “OMG! Like I’m so bad and TOTES addicted… But this PSL is on fleek!”

GiGi-Eats-Valley-Girl-Pumpkin-Spice-LatteThis post is sponsored by Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil… That being said, all opinions are my own, as you ALL KNOW I would tell you the truth! I don’t “sugar-coat” anything… Because common, I can’t eat sugar! 


Waste Not, Want Not Wednesday <– I am featured! WOO WOO!


  1. PSL = COMPLETELY overrated! Not trying to be judgmental…but…it’s really annoying to have to wait in line for my black coffee while baristas make these (let’s be honest) ‘milkshakes’. Why do so many people want to start their day with a sugar bomb?! Are people just not informed or do they not care? Hmm…

    • AH HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA!!! Girl, you preach! LOL! Did you steal Maude’s PSL out of spite??

      I have never had one before in my life, however, my recreation…. Is so dang good, that I don’t even care AT ALL! (PS: I am thrilled you drink black coffee!)

  2. Once again you have made good better for all of us!

    I’ve never had a Starbucks coffee. The last time I was at a Starbucks, I sat out the veranda with a felon who was having coffee, but he hadn’t committed the crime yet. That was to come the following week. He’s currently in prison serving 10 years.

    If you came to my place you would think you were in the forest of the unicorn!

    Can’t? Like Socrates I ask too many questions.

    • LOL! Whenever I go to Starbucks… I never ever order anything. I made the mistake of ordering black coffee once before a LONG TIME AGO and it tasted like ashes… Don’t ask me how I know what ashes taste like… LOL!

  3. You are a hoot!

    I found your blog today on Totally Terrific, and you made me laugh! I love all of your sarcasm and funny pictures! Thanks for all of the great info about sugar and pumpkin spiced lattes.

    My husband is a Type 2 diabetic, and we are always on the lookout for ways to eliminate sugar. I’ll be back to get more of your suggestions.

    Hope you have a great day~

    • Melanie! I am so glad you found me :) I really do hope you try this recipe for you and your husband’s sake! It is truly delicious… I am off to check out your blog NOW :)

  4. I use coconut oil in my version too! It’s so much better than the Starbucks version. I’ll have to try adding protein :)

  5. dehydrated pumpkin chips sound pretty interesting, with a little brown sugar and cinnamon, maybe? i’m a big fan of Chobani’s pumpkin yogurt. i’ve never jumped on the PSL bandwagon, mostly b/c of all the sugar and whatnot that’s in it, but i know they changed the recipe this year so perhaps i’ll give one a whirl sometime (but probably not). i love pumpkin spice candles — definitely have those in my apt!

  6. I can’t say that I have fallen into the PSL trap.. honestly the closet starbucks is 2 hours from my house, so I guess that could be why. I just started using coconut oil and am in love… LOVE LOVE LOVE actually.. Never going back to olive… or canola for that matter.

    • GIRL YES!!!! I am THRILLED to hear that Starbucks is 2 hours away and actually kind of shocked! Where on earth do you live? Even in my home town in Wyoming…. There was a Starbucks… Wait, maybe not? HA! I haven’t been home in so long I cannot even remember!

  7. This looks SO good:) I can’t wait to try it.

  8. Oh. Em. GEE that looks like so totally delicious. So have to make this with a little coconut milk “whipped cream”. Like…. wow.

  9. I totally agree that Starbucks coffee tastes wicked burnt. I drink my coffee black, as I also cannot do cow’s milk, but, my black coffee must have a decent taste. So, I buy whole beans from The Fresh Market, whichever is on sale that week (forced variety) and grind my own, as I need my monsterous caffeine fix daily.

    • Do you ever use a natural sweetener like stevia or monk fruit extract to sweeten your black coffee? If I drink coffee, that’s what I do! :)
      PS: I think Starbucks tastes burnt because the young Baristas just don’t care. I know ONE Barista that would NEVER EVER serve burnt Coffee though!

      • I use BetterBody Organic Agave as a sweetener. It doesn’t take much. Funny thing is that when I use my stovetop (yes, lame, but great when I am in a rush) expesso maker, I don’t like it with any sweetener!

        I haven’t tried any stevia product. Nutritionally, how does it compare against agave nectars?

        Not to go off-subject, but going anyway …. grilled mahi mahi tonight, with a chive/sake reduction on a bed of radish kimchi! You just KNOW that I will post that on Twitter :-)

        • Stevia is a no-calorie sweetener that does NOT spike insulin levels at all, which means it’s wonderful for those watching their blood sugar levels. Agave actually does spike insulin levels and contains calories. I actually don’t recommend agave ever! ha ha. Monk Fruit Extract, Stevia, Erythritol… Love those!

          AND UM YES!!! I loveeeeeee your dinner tonight 😉 I am getting sushi AGAIN tomorrow, ha ha ha! Whenever I eat at home, it’s always salmon skin!

          • Last night had sushi, broiled unagi, uni and salmon roe. The uni didn’t taste right (first bad experience with HMart uni), but everyhting else was delic! I didn’t post my typical dinner pic to Twitter because I was ravenously hungry and I put too much water in the rice, so it didn’t have the pretty pearl look on the sliced rolls. Hahaha and I ate it right off the cutting board!

            I’ll definitely have to try stevia; Dr Pam says that my sugar level is high, per my latest physical. She says that I should cut back on my sushi, citing the rice as the culprit. But, could be the agave, thanks to your enlightnment!

  10. PSL is for sure overrated! BUT, I like making my own version at home 😉 Or if I AM at Starbucks, typically I just order a cafe misto with 1 pump of PS if I am feeling extra fall-like 😉

    • Omg I should send you the ingredients list of that PS syrup…….. Ugh. Might have you rethinking that Starbucks order 😉

  11. Pumpkin Spiced Candle!!! I can’t wait to buy one of those and come home to an amazing smelling apartment. Yes pleeeeease! Definitely not going to be going for a PSL anytime soon, but I may sneak in a pumpkin scone just to make up for it. Ooopssss

    • I totally bought three of them the other day and they have been burning up the WAZOOOOO! ha ha ah!
      And I will pretend like you never said anything about that Pumpkin Scone 😉

  12. I’ve never had a PSL. They pretty much scare me, like Quest Bars.

  13. I have that same mug you have in the picture there! Except mine has a large K on it. Target? 😉

    And yes, you are by far the sexiest winker. 😀

    • HA HA! I got it from Tara (the Food Pervert) last XMAS :) And yes, it’s definitely from Target… I mean, what do we not get from Target these days! LOL!

  14. thanks for this! I pretty much restrict myself to having one tall PSL during fall because of the sugar in it. Thanks for your alternative! 64 g is TOO DAMN HIGH. Hilarious about the PSL thief story – then again, I would expect nothing less from an elderly woman named Maude. 😛

    • You are very welcome Tianna! 😉 The sugar is outrageous in these drinks… Why the world thinks PUMPKIN needs sugar is beyond me, it’s so dang good by itself. Oh yeah, that’s right… Because there is NO PUMPKIN in Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte, just their BURNT COFFEE… That needs to be masked with SUGAR! lol

  15. yes, I think Maude is one crazy bitch 😉 I actually never order that stuff cause I like my coffees without sugar, saves me 64 grams! BTw you can rent That Sugar Film of Amazon, not on Netfilx,*Version*=1&*entries*=0

    • OOOO I think I have Amazon Prime so I think I might be able to rent it for free!!!! :) I shall sip a decaf PSL (my version) and WATCH!! Maude is NOT invited! lol

  16. well I very much dislike coffee so I’ve never actually had a PSL!! I know this makes me like completely un American or something! But I am not a big fall or winter person either. Fall to me means the death of my favorite season and I pine away for months chasing the sunshine again. I think this is why people in CA are so happy and peppy all the time LIKE YOU!!! And I’m coming there for my first time ever tomorrow. I have a feeling I’m going to want to relocate immediately to SoCal. Maybe I’ll see us this weekend Gigi!

  17. lmao, I have to admit that I love my pumpkin fix in the Fall but can do with or with out PSL. That being said I can’t do without my pumpkin coffee. I am definitely going to try your PSL recipe. Thanks again!

  18. PSL is so overrated. A friend talked me into trying one and they are so ridiculously sweet, I couldn’t finish it. Gross. I’ll stick to my Cafe Americano thank you very much :-) And, I may burn a pumpkin spice candle or two around this time of year. Maybe.

  19. I confess! I confess! I’m totally guilty of over-indulging in the PSL! I did it this very morning and I may have done it yesterday too. I love all things pumpkin and I don’t limit it to fall. We have pumpkin all year round at my house and our pumpkin ale home brew is to die for! :) I do think Maude is a bit on the crazy side too.

    • I eat pumpkin year-round too! All winter squash… ALL THE TIME. I find it funny that the second Sept 1 hits, everyone goes APE SHIT. I just go APE SHIT constantly!!! I guess I might actually be Maude….. 😉

  20. PSL…can’t even! Blah! I’ve never had one either mostly because of the 8 million grams of sugar in it. I make a very similar one at home too…but girl, blend the shit out of it. I swear the extra blender cleaning is well worth it. Makes it smooth and frothy…yurrrrrrm!!!! #pumkineverything
    Here’s my go-to (very similar!)
    8 oz coffee
    1/3 cup full fat coconut milk
    1/4 cup pumpkin puree
    1 Tbsp collagen
    1 tsp vanilla
    2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
    stevis to taste

    Add to a blender and blend the bejezzus out of it!

    • COLLAGEN!!!!!!!! I JUST BOUGHT COLLAGEN – why the fu** did I not think about using it in this recipe! ha! NEXT GO-ROUND, because you best believe I still have a whole bunch of brewed coffee left over, LOL! GENIUS!*

  21. I have never had a PSL or latte ever, but I have drank five black espresso’s at the same time !!!! :) f you walked in my house you would be say “Get in loser. We’re going shopping.” :) very minimal surroundings.
    I use coconut oil regularly, never herd of this one till now. What’s Rancho Cucamonga like ?? Testing there soon, I want to work at Pelican Bay look’s challenging.

    • I have never been to R.C. before, so I can’t tell you but I have a feeling, it’s HOT and DRY… Since So Cal is pretty much desert! 😉

      And now… I want to watch MEAN GIRLS. haha!

  22. Heh, I do own a pumpkin spice candle…but I have never had this famed latte. But I make a lot of pumpkin shakes this time of year…

  23. If my house smells like Bed Bath and Beyond I’m hiding something every time!!
    I hear about this PSL addiction and like Haagen Daz ice cream I don’t need to know. I’m going to assume it tastes terrible.
    TOTE, OMG BAE blah blah blah I don’t know what anybody is talking about. I was just ridiculed for thinking Meem was pronounced Me Me! I am soooo uncool!!!

    • I don’t understand all this abbreviated speech either. I have to GOOGLE what things mean when people leave me comments with FHSKJEUE or whatever! LOL!!!!!

  24. OMG, could not get past the beginning story!!!! Hilarious!!!

    SO – Never fails every holiday season – people conveniently stop reading labels – inhale every pumpkin thing in sight & tell themselves it is healthy! 99% are not. Can you say weight gain over the holidays! :)

    I don’t buy any of the calorie laden holiday drinks plus post have dairy so… but still, I rather add some sugar free drops to mine with holiday flavor! COOKIES are my treat of choice! :)

    As for the scents of the season – love but I usually just do the cinnamon pine cones & light my Yankee candles! :)

    • I truly believe that Sept 1 – Jan 3… People forget what nutrition is and just go balls to the walls! Ah ha ha!

      AND UM – THOSE PINECONES ARE THE BEST!!! When those come around I start getting all “cozy” and nostalgic! ha ha. I have a PUMPKIN cookie recipe for you Jody… Just saying, but are you OKAY with it not having sugar? 😉

  25. I love that the little old lady’s name is Maude, hahaha. <3 She's not crazy–she's just passionate!

    I would most definitely want to punch people who talked like that, hahaha. That being said, I am going to have to attempt to recreate this at some point. <3

    • Ah ah aha!! I cannot take credit for thinking of the name MAUDE. That Twix bar I mentioned in last week’s post thought of that name… LOL! The story just wouldn’t be the same if her name was Nancy or Sarah, right?!

  26. I do have one or two a year – I confess. That’s not so bad, though, no?
    I made my own last year and it was similar to yours! It tasted SO awesome. The consistency was strange for me but at least it wasn’t that awful color they are in the stores.

    • What was your recipe??
      Have you had an “original” one yet this year?? I think if I could drink them and I was only going to have 2 a year… I would have one when I am holiday gift shopping and then one on New Years Eve… TO close out the holiday! 😉

  27. Exactly! :O If it had to be another name, I would’ve cast a vote for Mildred or Gertrude! 😛

  28. Soooo….are you going to make this for me when I come next month? Causeee….Halloween and pumpkin go HAND IN HAND! Oh and your secret sources sound awesome. 😉

    • UH DUH I AM !!! You’re gunna friggin’ ADORE THIS THING!!! Trust me, the entire time I was making this, I was just thinking of you – DUH! But wait, when am I not thinking of you?! Well…. ER UM… I can at least think of ONE TIME – BAHHH HA HA AH AH AHA HA AH!

  29. I seriously cringe when I hear people order the grande PSL with whip cream and real milk etc. Then I get really annoyed if they are super skinny :)

  30. Bahahahaha only in LA. I am in the CAN’T EVEN camp. PSL’s are over-rated. In general pumpkin is over-rated.

    • Aw! I love pumpkin, I don’t think it’s over-rated at all, ha ha! But PSLs… Oh yes they are! 😉 Do you like butternut squash?

  31. Hurray for a dairy free and much healthier pumpkin spice latte! I never have the original because it’s not vegan, but it contains other horrible ingredients in addition to all that sugar. So I thank you for this recipe!

    • You know what? Being VEGAN sometimes has its perks! It steers you away from temptation of the gross PSL from Starbucks! But I made THIS VERSION for you <3 Whenever I make something vegan, I always think of you Debbie!

  32. I usually make my own pumpkin spiced drinks at home, but once in a while I do treat myself to a Starbucks one. I just can’t resist as a treat!

  33. The PSL is def overrated! Pumpkin is better in bread, but still great in homemade latte’s like yours! yum :)

    • I have yet to make PUMPKIN BREAD – totally on the agenda!! :) Especially cause I mean… IT IS FALL! I would be arrested if I didn’t make pumpkin bread, right? lol

  34. Confession: I tried a Pumpkin Spice Latte once. It was disgusting. I don’t know what everyone is going on about! It was way too sweet (a problem I never ever have), so I might have to try to this one!

    • Hmmmmm! Maybe the barista you had made it poorly? I wouldn’t recommend you try it again though – ha ha ha! Just try mine 😉

  35. Oh yes, I would punch [at least verbally because we know violence isn’t in] anybody using phrases like that. Granted, I’m a huge grammar and word fiend trying to be tolerant but some people take it too far ..
    My take on Pumpkin Spice Lattees? Ridiculously overpriced. I’d rather buy some good chocolate – sorry, GiGi, I like my daily dose of sugar 😉 – than that. Or on way-cheaper-than-Bath & Body Works’ Vanilla Ice Cream scented candle – from IKEA.

    • ha ha! I won’t hold your daily dose of sugar against you – you are in fact allowed to do whatever you’d like 😉 And I commend you for controlling yourself around people who have terrible grammar, etc… I am surprised I am not in jail yet! LOL! 😉 JK!

  36. You are the funniest. This pumpkins spice latte recipe-I can’t even!!!

  37. I ‘literally can’t even’ believe that people STILL drink those concoctions!! Nasty. Your’s looks WAY better.

    • Oh of course they do – and they will continue to do so until….. Well who knows how long the world will exist! ha ha… Now we are talking all sciency…

  38. Oh wow, Maude, wow!!! I’m a big fan of pumpkin season (I may have a few too many pumpkin scented candles in my house) but I can’t get behind the PSL either. It’s too sweet for my tastebuds. I make my own at-home version with Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice seasoning if I’m really wanting a “treat”. I can’t wait to try your version!!

    • LOL!! Maude is a piece of work, right??? She’ll be in jail for a little while… No one wants to post bail on that crazy broad! LOL!

  39. You’re hilarious!

    I’ve actually never had a pumpkin spice latte. The only reason I would is to get a taste is to recreate it low carb style to celebrate the fall.

  40. The PSL is WAY TOO SWEET for me. I’d be curious to try it this season, though. I hear it’s made with REAL pumpkin now 😛

  41. I admit I got one the other day – it was soy and half sweet, but I got one. I am going to make your version. I have also been loving my homemade matcha almond milk latte!

  42. Haha I have a Bath and Body Works candle burning as we speak….busted. I’m as basic as it gets.

    I’m imagining what that amount of sugar (64 grams!) would do to you now that you’re sugar free. You would probably be bouncing off the walls hahaha. I’m hoping that the new “actual pumpkin” in the latte will make it better but I’m sure it’s still pretty terrible for you.

    • Girl… I am being super basic right now too – I just lit my Bath & Body Works candle! LOL!

      OH MAN – me ingesting sugar….. I don’t even WANT TO KNOW. I don’t think it would cause me to bounce off the walls, it would most likely cause intense, hospital-going, stomach aches…. And vomiting :(

      And DO NOT for 1 second be fooled by the CLAIMS that they’re adding real pumpkin – that’s HOG WASH. lol

  43. I love Fall, I love Halloween and I love pumpkins. Right now pumpkin peanut butter and pumpkin waffles are my jam. I don’t drink lattes though so I don’t know the buzz around them but I know that people get violently crazy for them!

    • PUMPKIN PEANUT BUTTER?!?!? That’s a new one to me! I bet you smear it over your pumpkin waffles 😉 Or is that just TOO MUCH??

  44. This cracked me up! I don’t do the PSL thing, I just never liked them and don’t understand the appeal.

  45. I have to admit that I LOVE pumpkin everything this time of the year including PSL! I would definitely give your recipe a try!

  46. Very interesting and new to me! I am going to try this out..

  47. This post … Best I’ve read in a while! You are too funny. I can’t EVEN stand the phrase ‘totes’. Or UGG boots for that matter. But I DO love all things pumpkin. I just whipped up some pumpkin energy balls and they were amazballs. Looking forward to testing out the healthier psl latte. I bet it’s even more delicious than SB. Glad I stumbled across your blog. Have a beautiful week!

    • YAY!! I am so glad you stumbled upon my blog too 😀 And um……. Pumpkin Energy Balls – sign me up! Going to STALK your blog until I find this recipe!! :)

  48. I asked and you delivered. You’re excitement for this PSL makes me can’t even, even more. I WILL be making this this weekend. With my pumpkin candle lit. While I laugh at valley girls who sip on their sugar laden fat bomb. And I plan on making some pumpkin fudge with coconut oil once I find a good recipe :)

    • Ohhhh are you asking me to create some pumpkin fudge now?? Well, you know what happens when you ask me to create something for you 😉 😉

  49. I drink black coffee with flavored stevia from iherb its the best! I can’t wait to try this I have been dying over in Bangkok for something pumpkin flavored!! xo C

    • YES! I do exactly what you do with coffee – black with stevia! This was my first ever coffee creation and I have to say – YES YES YES, so very impressed with myself lol! I hope you love it… PS: when are you coming back to the states??

  50. Mini skirts with Ugg boots?!! Stoppppp it hahaha and I currently have a cinnamon vanilla candle burning next to me, so it definitely smells like autumn in here!

  51. GiGi, you have saved me.

    I knew coffee shop Pumpkin Spice Latte’s probably weren’t that good for you, but now I know just how much sugar they contain after watching this, so thank you!

    The thing is, I get my grande Americano (so space for milk please!) from a well known coffee shop, let’s just call it Buckstar ok? (LOL 😉 ) every morning, and today, they had samples of Pumpkin Spice Latte on their counter, free for tasting.

    Being Scottish and seeing something free, I was soooo tempted! But I held back, left with my usual coffee and watched your video now, in work, whilst cackling away as usual with my headphones on and my co-workers peering over their desks at me, eyebrows raised in disdain! (Well they don’t understand do they? :-) )

    Yep, you have literally saved me here. Thanks! Chat next time…. 😀

    • You should unplug your headphones and have your co-workers have a listen 😉 They’ll understand then… And then they might even toss their PSLs? ha ha. I am glad your resisted the FREE goods! Trust me, I love free stuff just as much as you, however… When it comes to my health and wellbeing, I forego EVERYTHING that I know might harm me, including Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!

      I am so glad I could save you Neil! Make this recipe as soon as you can, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts!

  52. I had my 2nd ever PSL yesterday, you saw it on IG! I just made a healthy protein version for Core Power, lol

  53. BAHAHAHAHHA! As always, this post cracks me up! I am not actually a pumpkin spiced latte person. I lovvveeee pumpkin everything, but they tend to be too sweet for me. I only have about one per year as a result. (Which I say is a ok!) I’ll have to give your suggestion a shot! :)

    • I AM GLAD they are too sweet for you!! HA HA! In fact, I AM THRILLED! Do try out my recipe – it’s not TOO sweet and you can adjust the sweetness to your liking… And let me know what you think! :)

  54. Ha Maude totally sounds like a crazy bitch, where is the damn ice bucket challenge when you need it? Calm that dame right the heck down. Love your healthy rendition of the pumpkin spice latte… I, for one, don’t get the whole craze over that drink. BUT, your version I can get behind! Cheers, pretty!

  55. I can’t even. The PSL is overrated and makes my teeth (and belly) hurt. And I love coconut oil, but have never used that brand. And please make some pumpkin spiced coconut oil fudge, like Heather said.

    • Oh yes, since you and Heather have officially requested the fudge… It will be happening NEXT MONTH :) I promise it will NOT make your stomach hurt 😉

  56. I don’t drink lattes, but I have to hold myself back from wanting to make everything pumpkin this time of year! I have a VERY good pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe that seems to call my name! I just have to say, “Get thee hence, Satan!” Ha ha! Now I’m off to light my pumpkin candle….

  57. I rarely go to Starbucks and agree with you on the sugar, much easier to make coffee at home and cheaper! I have a stock pile of SB gift cards in my wallet that I never use, should cash them in at some point!

    Nah, our house won’t smell like pumpkin spice overload. Still too hot here to get into the fall spirit.

  58. Welp… let me just go ahead and own up to the fact that I used to be a SB PSL fanatic! This year it is way too sweet, and so I’m back to my nonfat vanilla latte and hating the dreadful line full of current PSL fanatics. Let me also admit that I would have loved to have seen Maude’s actions in person…. because OH EM GEE Starbucks is great for people watching and that story takes it to a new level!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! You’re so right, I didn’t even think about that – Starbucks = the people watching MECCA! lol!!! I am sure when Maude is released from jail, she will be back to her usual antics! 😉

  59. I love it and I also use coconut oil in my version! I rarely get it at Starbucks, because the homemade version is better! Need to get a pumpkin scented candle, too!

  60. If I never hear the phrase “I can’t even” ever again, I’d be 100% okay with that 😉 There’s a (satirical) book out there called “How to Even for Dummies” and “How to Literally Even for Dummies,” which cracked me up!

    • OMG I wanna check out this book, sounds ridiculous! But of course, the person who wrote it is GENIUS – capitalize on that phrase!

  61. “And all you vegans out there, this one is for you!”
    That’s me! WOOT! Except… I don’t like pumpkin. I think I’m the only one!!! This post totally made me laugh though as I hate fall and all of the silly-themed drinks they make. I don’t actually drink any caffeinated drinks. Your drink does actually sound pretty good though. I like the addition of the vegan protein powder =)

  62. Hey GiGi.I use coconut oil in my version too! It’s so much better than the Starbucks version. I’ll have to try adding protein :)
    This looks so good:) I can’t wait to try it.

    • I am thrilled to hear you also use coconut oil! :) I added protein just to give it a bit more of a kick – and it could also be a meal replacement because it’s completely balanced!

  63. As you know, I love healthy alternatives. I actually don’t drink coffee anymore but guess I could leave out the coffee and substitute with oat milk. Instead of stevia, I sometimes will puree dates especially for hot drinks. My favorite pumpkin recipe is my kid-approved green smoothie on the blog. It satisfies my craving for the pumpkin spice latte.

    • You could always use decaf coffee if you stopped drinking coffee thanks to the caffeine… Or you can just do what you said and ditch it! THE WORLD is your oyster! 😉 I am going to check out your green smoothie :)

  64. So…OMG…I might be a weird one…but I love pumpkin spice EVERYTHING -almost- but, I am not a huge fan of the ‘Bucks PSL but I think I might be a fan of the GiGi protein-amped, coconut-oiled PSL! TOTES till next time! :)

    P.S. Stop getting the food pervert involved in trying to hijack drinks from “Maude” you hoodwink!

    • Teee he he he he he! You read between the lines………….. The two who’s named were not revealed may or may not have been…… The Food Perv and myself 😉 Although – I would never ever ever drink such drinks those two were gulping down!

  65. I LOVE EVERYTHING PUMPKIN!!! I am going to give this a try. I’m also taking your advice and picking up some of the Natvia Baking Stevia, hopefully that’ll be a winner for me. Thanks!

  66. Hahaaa, yep Starbucks (and most other food/beverage chains) love adding shitloads of sugar into their stuff.
    It reminds me of the people in Spain. Often in a cafe over there you get with your 200ml coffee 3 (!!) packages of sugar. I guess it should be called sugar with coffee instead of coffee with sugar…

  67. Okay so a drop of one of those Starbucks drinks tastes amazing. Than you get to the second mouthful and it’s like you are drinking a milk shake. How can any one drink more than a mouth ful of that crap? It’s like drinking a big cup of sugar!? I make a coconut pumpkin latte that is amazing as well as a pumpkin tea latte. Both recipes on my blog. Oh and of course a plain coconut latte, oh and a mocha coconut latte. All of these with natural ingredients and they taste way better than what you get at Starbucks! And you actually taste the coffee and not just sugar! Great pumpkin latte idea on your blog!

  68. Thank you for sharing your recipe for Pumpkin Spice Latte at the Recipe Swap.

  69. But I’m a two pump chump on my venti soy (which adds more suger) iced PSL.

    I do make my own at home frequently—because I’m cheap. But, gah, I’m trying to decrease my DD/Bux spending. It’s just SO HARD.

  70. I don’t drink coffee, tea, lattes….nuttin’, lol. I’m just a water and wine drinker so I don’t have much of an opinion but I do love that you ‘healthified’ it! Maude is one crazy, but funny, bitch, lol. And we could get her to punch those silly girls.
    Happy Weekend!

  71. This is ridiculously hilarious. I 100% appreciate the pugkin spice latte too- may have to dress my pug up as that for Halloween! 😉

  72. You crack me up. I love the pumpkin spice latte. I should try making it because the Starbucks version has so much sugar and calories.

  73. I hate pumpkin anything. It’s just … Icky. My Americam bestie has tried and failed to convince me about this several times! #brilliantblogposts

  74. Oh my gosh, so funny!! This is great perspective and funny…but true. I did finally try PSL last year and it tasted good, so I confess that I had a few…until I took off the lid and saw the vivid orange color. That disturbed me a little. I’ll stick with the candles…falls scents are my favorite scents! Thanks for sharing at #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup!

    • Oh man! Gross! ha ha ha ah! I have never even seen one of these drinks in person before… I am glad you unveiled it to see what you were really ingesting! Scared you away for good 😉

  75. I was totally laughing at this post — i love it! I’m NOT a fan of those sugary coffee drinks (hence the butt-widening and muffin-top enhancing effects) haha They’re really just too sweet for me, but I will make them at home! You won’t find me body-slamming anybody over a PSL!

    • LMFAO!! I am thrilled to hear I won’t find you body-slamming anyone over a PSL… WHAT would you body-slam someone over?? 😉

  76. LMFAO!! I am thrilled to hear I won’t find you body-slamming anyone over a PSL… WHAT would you body-slam someone over?? 😉

  77. I was just laughing so hard at this post. You are so right, around this time people go nuts over pumpkin spiced anything. Although, I think I’m the only weird person that doesn’t prefer the pumpkin flavor. Great post.

    K / KTS

    • Do you like other winter squashes?? And shockingly enough, you’re really not alone – other commenters have said they don’t really like pumpkin either! 😮

  78. I like pumpkin spice beer. I have not made any yet though:)

  79. Hi GiGi,
    My friends and family will love this pumpkin latte!! I’ll have to make this soon! Thank you for sharing this healthy and delectable REVAMPED Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I’m pinning and sharing. I can’t wait to see what you share with us next!

  80. Thank you for sharing at the Recipe Swap.

  81. LOVE the Pugkin Latte!!…and total agree, the starbucks ones a FULL of junk! Can’t wait to recreate this!

  82. LOVVVEEEE Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s at this time of year! this sounds wonderful! 😉