A Tricked-Out Tastebud Treat

Leeches suck…

Too gross to post a photo… 

But I dare you to CLICK HERE

Babies suck…


I am a very proud Aunt… 

Vacuums suck…


This dog totally has the right idea…

Easy girls (and boys?) suck…


Not ashamed of speaking the truth!

And you want to know what else… SUCKS?



Sorry Britt

Yep. I friggin’ hate the day where EVERYONE dresses up like something sexy.

A sexy pirate… 


A sexy board game…


A sexy urinal…


And then galavant around like melodramatic drunken buffoons…


That being said… How do you like my sexy HOT DOG costume?


In order to make this holiday a little more enjoyable for myself… And perhaps a little healthier for ALL OF YOU… Who are currently dreaming of going on a drugstore RAID come November 1st to purchase DISCOUNTED candy


I decided to try my hand at… Giving probably one of the YUMMIEST candies on the market, a HEALTHY make-over.

Can you guess what candy I’m talking about?

Well, check out the video below to find out what TREAT I tricked out!

If you want all the crispity, creamy detailsHead on over to Kelapo’s blog!


So Tell Me…

  • What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
  • Did you know BLACK HOLES don’t actually suck?
  • What is the most creative Halloween costume you’ve ever seen?
  • If someone were to walk in on you scarfing candy… What would be in your mouth?
  • What is your LEAST FAVORITE part about Halloween?
  • Do you want that peanut butter cup flavor concentrate? If so… Here you go: http://amzn.to/1i6NZ8P


Waste Not, Want Not


  1. Yikes, candy is the worst part of Halloween. The best part? The creative costumes! Not the sexy from the pop up stores. :) I like to eat peanut butter on chocolate squares.

  2. Can we please dress up as sexy urinals and go party it up this Halloween?? Hahahaha that costume is seriously out of control! Thanks for sharing this recipe! It will definitely help with the candy cravings, that’s for sure!

    • You could totally make this recipe into PANCAKE style, since I know that’s you’re THANG girl! 😉
      And um, the second I find a sexy urinal costume, you better believe I will be STRUTTING my stuff in it EVERY SINGLE DAY! ha ha ha!

  3. You in that hot dog costume is EVERYTHING!

  4. I thought I was the only one who hated Halloween. Who wants to gallivant around dressed as a slutty disney character when its 30 degrees out ( I know its warm where you are… but it SNOWED a few years ago on Halloween here in good old CT). I’ll take Netflix with a heaping serving of these babies over that anyday!!

    • OHHHHH CT. I don’t miss you. At. All. HA HA HA HA HA!

      And um, your Halloween night of NETFLIX SOUNDS PHENOMENAL and I do believe I will be doing the EXACT same thing… After a day at Disneyland though -LOL! That is the only place on earth I am okay with dressing up like an idiot… Oh wait, I have a feeling a lot of people I know would say that I actually don’t care all day every day cause my dress code is… Well, not fashion forward! lol

  5. Duh.

    • Bah ha ha ha ha aa ha! Cause chocolate SUCKS anyways! LOL! I mean……. Wait, isn’t this recipe made of chocolate?

  6. Totally adore! I hate Halloween too…the bucket loads of candy drive me crazy. (Love the hot dog costume though lol.)

  7. Hahaha OK so I LOVE Halloween, but I’m with you on the stupidity of slutty costumes and parties. THE ONLY reason I wanted to dress up this year, IS DISNEY! Otherwise you won’t catch me dressing up for nothing. I am the one that sits home and gives ALL THE CANDY AWAY in hopes that I won’t touch it. I loved, LOVED all things Reese’s, but I was more of an entire CUP fan opposed to the pieces. I also ate Butterfingers like they were going out of style. I want to try these, so make them for me and keep them in the freezer so I can eat them with MY COFFEE OMG!

    • Arman posted a butterfingers recipe on his blog today, YOU MAY need to go check that OUT yo ha ha ha!! And um, Halloween night, you better believe we will be chillin’ with NO CANDY in sight 😉 – JUST THESE treats! DUH!

  8. Most creative costume: a guy in all red that came late in the night..said “I’m your period, sorry I’m late..”
    Favorite candy..NO IDEA. I’ll eat it all. well, most of it..
    Worst part..all the SLUTINESS. I will be home, drinking wine with a friend.. bahaha


    • THAT IS THE BEST DAMN COSTUME ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally just HOLY F**K that’s good, OUTLOUD!

      Miss you too FYI! You should be coming over to my place on Halloween!!! 😛

  9. Your very cute niece must have seen your Bachelor audition :-)

    I love Halloween!! I’ve done several different costumes, but none could compare to when I dressed up my German Shepherd as Miss America. He was fabulous in his sash and tiara!

    Three Musketeers was always my fav candy.

    I would think that for people who don’t have dietary issues, and who want a healthy peanut and chocolate taste could combine cocoa, peanuts, and some sweetener and be all right.

    My least favorite part is that they don’t celebrate it like they used to here; when the whole town dressed up and partied all night!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST DIED. The Bachelor. I can’t. I love that you remember that 😉

      I have to see a picture of your dog as Miss America, DUH! 😉 Especially because it’s a German Shepherd!

  10. Sexy Urinal HAHAHA Im dying. No one wants to be peed on accidentally at a hazy frat party…

    • Girl, I KNOW you’re going to dress up like a Sexy Urinal this year… Or really any “sexy” night?? I know your weird sexual fantasies…. BAHHH HA HA HA AH AH AH AH!!

  11. Cute post! LOVE that Corgi image!!! We have a Corgi Mix :) I’m not sure if I will dress up…maybe just wear my hair in pigtails or something that day…not sure…lol…I know last year I went as a conspiracy theorist and made a aluminum foil hat to keep the aliens from reading my mind! teehee

  12. OMG…I laughed so hard when reading this. And i took the dare…yuck!!!! But the picture of the baby made it all good again. I don’t celebrate Halloween, but that recipe is something I can do anyway :) Thank you for sharing.

  13. Very funny!! Not dressing up this year. Planning to hide in the dark at home. Just kidding. I dressed my 10 year old son up as a golfer who was hit was a golf ball. We used facial glue and I created a look a like golf ball out of Styrofoam and adhere it to his forehead. It was pretty funny. Any chocolate that has caramel in it, you can find me scarfing. My least favorite part of Halloween is when I take the kids around and the homeowners who ask “What are you supposed to be?”

    • THAT IS SUCH A CUTE IDEA! BA HA HA HA AH HA HA AH! I thought for a second he was ACTUALLY hit by a golf ball 😉 What is he going to be this year?

      PS: I would totally hide in a dark room at my house too – and you know what? I PROBABLY WILL!!!!

  14. I love dressing up for Halloween, but I make my own costumes, which I also love seeing other people do. Last year I was Rosie the Riveter and this year I’m Peggy Carter (from the Captain America movies and her own TV show), so it’s all about the female empowerment over here. I’m excited to try it out this recipe. Anything peanut butter and chocolate is always good, especially when it’s had a healthy makeover.

    • GIRL YES! I love you for being insanely CREATIVE and making your own costumes!!!! Hopefully you’re not going to be a “slutty” Peggy Carter – LOL!

  15. This post is great lol. I laughed so hard. I hate all the “sexy” Halloween costumes too, like really…a sexy urinal? I think I’ll go as a witch this year. A totally non-sexy, but very horrifying witch lol.

  16. I vote for the sexy board game! LOL love all of the options. Can’t wait to see what you actually wear

  17. Lovely.. and so cute baby..

  18. Your cake balls look so good and I had no idea you could buy reeses flavoring. Amazing! I can’t wait to check out other candy flavors! Great recipe…

  19. You never cease to make me laugh!! A sexy urinal – really?!?!?! Who comes up with this stuff? I try to rarely eat dessert, but when I do, I love chocolate and peanut butter!!! And I can’t wait to see what you end up as on Halloween!!!

    • If you can believe it…. THERE ARE WEIRDER BRAINS OUT THERE THAN MINE… People ACTUALLY think about dressing up as SEXY urinals! LMFAO!!!!

  20. If you really want to know–I think Halloween sucks. And it is supposedly everyone’s favorite holiday of all.
    That said, I put my plastic pumpkin with the lightbulb inside in the front window last night.
    But more importantly I also set up a Dia de Los Muertos altar last night– to honor our loved ones who now walk in the next world. I think Day of the Dead is a beautiful holiday. And I am going to make your healthy Reese’s cups to put on the altar. Mom will know they are for her.

    • Oh my goodness, I am honored that you will make my Reese’s balls and put them on the alter. Seriously. I am blessed and thankful to give you the recipe!

      PS:I AM THRILLED that I am not the only Halloween hater too.

  21. 😀 that was hilarious 😀
    as to dress-up – nope. I just throw a white poncho and… the kids think I’m a ghost ( really??? :/)
    giving out candies is the best part of the Halloween for me 😀
    and I don’t see why hot dog cannot be sexy 😉

  22. Sounds like my kind of halloween treat!

  23. Love the hot dog costume. PLUS I have a vacuum attachment for my dog and she loves her grooming sessions haha.
    Halloween is my least favorite holiday, so I will not be dressing up. I can’t wait till the cobweb and spider decorations are all gone!

  24. The fact that you photoshopped your face onto all those costumes makes me love you ever more!!! ahahahah. that is tooo funny.
    I must say i’ve had my fair share of ‘sexy’ costumes… but this year i’ll be just landing in HK so it’ll be something like cat ears and normal clothing for me!

    • My photo shop skills are NOT on point. DAMMIT! I was trying to convince you I actually had a PHOTO SHOOT with those costumes ON! BAH HA HA!!!

      And yes!!!! DO wear cat ears or something of that nature on the plane!!! THE BEST! I bet some of the flight attendants will…..? Well, depending on your airline I guess!

  25. HAHAHA A sexy UNRIAL? OMG! That cracked me UP! I love your take on this! Very intelligent and creative for sure! Love your sense of humor, glad I found your blog!

    • Aw why thank you Joely!! I am glad you found it too -love making some new friends over here on the inter-webs! 😉

  26. haha that costume is hilarious. i definitely stay away from the sexified anything costumes and always go for a funny couple or joint costume…i have a good one planned for this year but can’t share until i pull it off! your photoshopped pix are killing me.

    • OMG I CANNOT WAIT to see what you dress up as!!! 😀 😀 😀 I am sweating in anticipation! But seriously, I am! lol

  27. uhhhhhhh peanut butter cup flavoring that doesn’t have peanuts?!?! I think you just changed my life. Going to buy some STAT. ERRMAHHGERRD so excited!

    • RIGHT?!?!?!?! WHEN IT CAME TO MY DOOR – HOLY CRAP, the yelp of excitement must have scared all my neighbors! LOL!!!!

  28. Oh god I hate dressing up for Halloween. As an actor it just feels like work, haha

  29. These little chocolate balls look frightfully delish!!!! I gotta have that sexy urinal outfit NOW!!! Not to wear for Halloween, just to wear to the grocery store. We went to our a Halloween party last Saturday and we dressed up as an 80s couple because had everything in our closet (yes, I still dress like it’s 1982 so whatever…). Didn’t know that about black holes so thanks for the 411. Most creative costume for me was a heavily bearded guy dressed up like a sun maid raisin box and he was the girl. Hahaha! I can’t stand store bought Halloween candy because tastes like s**t so if I eat candy, it’s either homemade or bought from a local candy store. Least favorite part about Halloween is that there are not enough scary movies to watch around that time. Have to admit the peanut butter cup flavor concentrate is a little strange but I may just have to buy it to see what it’s like. Happy sexy/slutty Halloween :)

    • You NEED to get that peanut butter cup flavoring – it is ON POINT and will 100% BLOW YOUR MIND!

      And I am right there with you, you wear sexy urinal costume and I will wear sexy outhouse costume to the grocery store! 😉

  30. Baaahahaha sexy urinal. I love the hot dog costume though.

  31. Hey… wieners are sexy too! Well, to some people… 😉

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just died. Seriously. Pissed my pants. Fell on the floor. Died. 😉

  32. Almond Joys are life. And Halloween kicks butt. The end.

  33. BALLS AND WEINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) You are hilarious!!!!!

    I can’t even remember the last time I dressed up!!!

    Cookies would be in my mouth! :)

  34. So how do you really feel about Reese’s Pieces? Lol, don’t hold back GiGi! I’m so craving a handful of those Chocolatey Balls of Love :)

  35. GiGi’s peanut butter balls :) look’s like a fun recipe for two. My mind wandered to shredded coconut sprinkled on top before cooling. never a dull moment in the GiGi kitchen. As a little kid my favorite candy was little candy bars of just chocolate covered coconut, Mounds ?? it’s been a few decades, more like century’s I didn’t get a notification this time for posting. .
    Thanks for the laughs and recipe.

    • OHH darn it! I do have shredded coconut flakes in the pantry! I am not a huge fan of their taste, BUT, they would have made the BALLS look pretty! ha ha ah! As opposed to the “turds” they look like – LOL!

      And I have NEVER had mounds before, probably because I am not a coconut flake person.
      And I am alarmed you didn’t get a notification about my posting! The email did go out this morning :( But I am glad you came to visit anyways! Tuesdays are my days! 😉

  36. By the way CONDRADULATIONS what a fun Aunt you will be !!!!!!!! and yeah I clicked on the link why was Demi mixed in there ??

  37. I have NEVER seen that urinal costume before. BLECH!!
    If I go out, I’ll be a “flapper girl” this year. Not slutty, of course. My 12-year old boy chest prevents such a thing.

  38. Haha your hot dog costume!

    Reese’s and Reese’s Pieces were some of my favorites back in the day, so I love that you made them healthier!

  39. If someone were to walk in on me scarfing candy they’d see….me having a passionate love affair with Ferrero Rocher. Ya know those little gold balls of nutella filled heaven. It was a sad childhood that nobody gives THOSE out trickertreating Xp

  40. Yeah I agree I don’t know when Halloween became more about showing off your buns then candy. I don’t know what I’ll be yet. I normally figure it out the day of lol

    • Well perhaps you should be some hamburger buns just to make fun of all the ladies showing off their… “Buns” 😉

  41. Oh my gosh, they’re vegan, they’re vegan, they’re vegan!!!! Thank you! (I don’t get a lot of candy around here that I can eat).

    And you are one of the few women I know that can make a hot dog costume sexy. :-)

  42. UGH I have the same feelings about halloween! That urinal costume HAS to be a joke, right?!

  43. you had me at SEXXXXXY URINAL.
    The husband can be that and Ill be the plunger?

    • OMG YESYES YES YE YS YE SY YES!!! THIS has to happen and UM….. YOU MUST take a picture and send this to me, and I will GIFT YOU WITH SOMETHING AMAZING!

  44. This had me ROLLING! Bahahha so funny! Thank you!

  45. Damn girl….you are one sexy hot dog! 😉 One year my friend, and I went as dead joggers…I think we were 12 or 13. Just wore sweats, sneakers, put on white face makeup and ratted the heck out of our hair. I LOVED dressing up for Halloween.

    • OKAY NOW THAT is a cute costume, however….. A little scary too – it might have scared some people out of jogging, LOL!

  46. A sexy urinal? Really? That’s crazy.

  47. I’m not dressing up for Halloween (though, if I had the money – I would totally dress up as Mary Poppins, Marty as Bert and Charlotte as a little penguin! Mary Poppins is one of my all-time favorite movies.) That said, we are dressing Charlotte for trick-or-treat (she’s just oging to stay on the porch with us.) I can’t wait to see her in her little ladybug outfit. Few things are cuter than a baby in a costume. Also, my least favorite part of Halloween – all the chocolate temptation! I don’t buy candy that tempts me – instead I buy Laffy Taffy and hard candies. It’s made trick-or-treat so much easier because I’m not tempted with a huge bowl of chocolate the whole time. I know it’s full of processed junk but it still tastes so good! AH.

    PS – Your costume is even scarier after the recent hot dog news this week 😉 AH

    • Not going to lie – if I were a mom, I would have WAY TOO MUCH FUN dressing up my kid as something amazingly adorable. If I had a boy, maybe a little golfer or football player – ha ha ha and if I had a girl, oh man, the options are just endless!

      And right? My hot dog costume is NOT sexy, it’s scaryyyy!!!! BOO! 😉

  48. Halloween literally is an excuse for every girl/young woman/woman/cougar to dress like a skank and NOT get riddiculed for it. It’s more like “Oh what a great idea to wear next to nothing! Such a creative costume!”
    It could be the prude in me, but I say NO thanks.
    Also, how the heck am I supposed to go on an epic candy binge while trying to keep my tummy sucked in at the same time? Cause I totally pick candy over abs every time.

    • GIRL – if you’re PRUDE then I should wear a chastity BODY SUIT! LOL!!! Oh snap, I should be THAT for halloween. I should wear a burlap sack that covers every inch of my body and say, I don’t want to be sexualized this Halloween – BOOM! LOL

      AND YOU MAKE AN EXTREMELY VALID POINT – eating massive amounts of candy while wearing a two piece outfit, um… That’s like an oxymoron!

  49. Oh my, you crack me up! I love the hot dog costume! I’ve always wanted to dress up like food… maybe next year. :)

  50. Love this post! Such a great sense of humor 😀 I can’t believe they made a sexy urinal! Thank you so much of enlightening me! and great treats!

  51. Reese’s Pieces most definitely don’t suck. Although of course we all suck them down. 😉 Nice healthy version of these. And half-price candy? I’m in!

  52. Your hotdog costume is perfection!!! And so is this post. I am not much of a Halloween person… Especially now that I am back to being gluten-free, dairy-free, and off the sugar train (sigh) makes those boxes of Halloween candy much less exciting haha

  53. I have tried the vacuum cleaner on a cat – did NOT go well. Sorry, love Halloween. Going to a Russian themed party – going as a mail-order bride. Heading over to see recipe.

    • LOL! I DO NOT THINK a cat would like that vacuum cleaner, AT ALL!

      But you don’t have to be sorry about loving Halloween! I mean, each to their own 😉 AND OMG I cannot wait to see a pic of your costume!

  54. Dang it, girl, you’re one sexy hot dog – hopefully gluten-free, peanut-free and suitable for any and all allergic folks ;).
    Would you be very shocked if I told you Halloween isn’t a big deal over here? No seasonal candy, no big parties – nada. Hence no favourite or least favourite parts about it. Or maybe my least favourite part is that I can’t knock at your door to get those better-than-Reese’s balls :D.

    • You best believe my HOT-DOGGIN’ self is all things allergen-free! 😉

      And nope, not shocked at all. Halloween is very much an AMERICANIZED holiday – GAG ME! I wish you would come over on Halloween so we could PEG people with candy as we scarf ALL THE healthy Reese’s Balls! 😉

  55. Heck yeah – I love me some addictingly good-for-me chocolatey balls! BTW – did you have balls on the brain because you were in a weiner (outfit that is) :)
    Seriously, these balls sound fabulous GiGi!

    I think that urinal is THE most creative Halloween costume I’ve ever seen!
    And if someone were to walk in on me scarfing candy… well, I’d have balls (these balls) in ma mouf!

    • I LOVE THE MAGIC THAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR HEAD. Balls and Wieners. It will shock you but… I didn’t even make that connection until JODY mentioned it!!! You and Jody = THE BEST! ha ha ha!

      BTW since you seem to love balls so much, you should volunteer to be a BALL GIRL…. On the Tennis Court but of course 😉

  56. Love all the cute, fun and scary costumes that come out during Halloween.

  57. Great recipe and costume! Agreed on Halloween and we’re actually going to a costume party this year which is way out of my comfort zone. Lol at the urinal costume! I got really tired of looking through all of the “sexy” costumes trying to find inspiration, ugh!

    • What are you going to dress up as for this Halloween costume party?? That would totally be out of my element too! GAH! ha ha ha!

  58. The hot dog costume is only sexy because YOU’RE in it!
    Also, love the new spin on an old but terribly unhealthy favorite.
    I’m going to be Supergirl for Halloween!
    By the way, you’re not missing much. Candy. Meh.

    • I SAW YOUR SUPERGIRL Halloween costume! – However I am shocked you’re not going in your other Supergirl “costume”…. BAH HA HA HA HA HA!

  59. you are absolutely hysterical.. can we be friends? and I really am going to make these. I’m impressed with you too

    • OF COURSE we can be friends!! DUH! What would be even cooler is if we lived close by – then we could be REAL IN PERSON friends, however virtual is just fine too! 😉 Some of my besties I have are from the Internet and in fact, one of my best friends from blog world is visiting me RIGHT NOW! 😮

      GO make some balls and I will go check out your blog! 😛

  60. Yeah, Halloween. It’s a lot of nonsense if you ask me. 😉

    In Scotland we get kids going round our doors, they’re called “guisers” they basically knock at your door, sing a song or tell a few jokes and you’ve to give them bags of sweets and stuff. Lynne and I generally turn all the lights off at this time of year, in the house, to make it look as if though no one is home, because we can’t be bothered with this “nonsense”. And plus we’re Scottish so we don’t want to part with our money, let alone our sweets!

    However I DO LOVE your alternative to Reese’s Pieces. I ate bags of the stuff, once I’d discovered it in Vegas last year (can get it here but only in “American Candy Stores”, funnily enough). Yours is definitely more healthy! 😀

    Cute costume by the way 😆

    • OMG you sound like my parents. They would ALWAYS turn off all the lights. Close the gate and make the house look super un-inviting because they are private people and don’t want anyone to come around! LOL!

      And ugh. You only discovered Reese’s Pieces LAST YEAR??? Oh man, you have some catching up to do! LOL!!!

  61. Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing on the Healthy Living Link Party.

  62. As a self proclaimed board game nerd, I love the idea of a costume based on a game! So clever!

    The hot dog one is super hilarious too!

  63. Anything chocolate . . . . and aside from that I love those Hot Tales — the jelly-bean like cinnamon sugar bombs!

  64. I keep looking for a “sexy Baba Yaga” costume to no avail.

    This year I’m going (in my own home–someone bring me candy) as Lady Bathory–after she rinsed off.

    Basically, I’m parading around in a bathrobe. The blood of the virgins already down the drain.

    Also, fruit slices (the candy kind, don’t give me an apple) for the win.

    • Won’t lie to you, I had to google Baba Yaga! – aha ha!

      Your costume sounds comfortably terrifying! GAH! I had to google who the was, and the images I found, quite disturbing – much like Halloween candy! 😉

  65. hahaha, your costumes are the best (I still start snickering whenever I see that sexy urinal costume). :]! I didn’t get to celebrate Halloween this year either, but seeing the super cute costumes on the pediatrics floor made up for that! 😀

  66. Sexy urinal…hahahahahahahaha

  67. You forgot sexy cop. I tell ya’ only you could make a hotdog and a urinal look sexy.

  68. Ha! I hate the sexy costumes too… but to be honest I think more so this year because I’ve gained some weight :/
    BUT I did dress up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz since my pup kind of looks like Toto and I thought that would be cute =)
    I had a very fun halloween with some fun treats without going crazy with the indulgences. Nice balance. Your Reese’s Pieces Balls look so good!
    And you are a completely adorable hotdog =)

    • YAY FOR not going crazy this Halloween! I hope you no longer have any candies in your house, ha ha! It might not be bad the night of, but when the treats LINGER, that’s when things get BAD! ha!

  69. I don’t like Halloween either, but girl, those costumes cracked me up! I do love your hot dog onesie! I can’t believe you did a makeover on the Reese’s Pieces!

  70. For Halloween my dream get up would be Iron Man hulkbuster

  71. I loved your hot dog costume and these delicious sweet treats!

  72. That is definitely the sexiest hotdog costume I’ve ever seen. And I do love Halloween, but I’m pretty sure that I’m actually a ten year old trapped in a 33 year olds body.
    Peanut Butter is the devil!

    • LMFAO!!!!! Love! However what’s funny is….. People think I look 10 but… I sometimes feel like I am a 60 year old trapped in a younger person’s body because… I hate going out, lots of people, etc, etc – HA HA HA! Give me a cup of tea and HGTV any day BAHHHH AH AH AHA HA HA AHA H! #lameAF 😉

  73. Bwwahhh, I love your hotdog costume! I totally hear ya about all the sexy costumes out there. What is up with that? I love Halloween though! Those Reeses Pieces balls look awesome. Yum!

  74. You crack me up. I totally agree, why does Halloween need to be sexy?! We did a family costume and dressed up as Star Wars characters, it was pretty awesome. The photo is on my instagram. Those knock off reese’s look amazing!!

  75. This post made me laugh out loud :) Thanks for making my day, girl!
    Your hot dog costume sure looks comfortable and warm. I like it a lot better than say, the sexy urinal. What?!

  76. I LOVE this…the costume, the humor, the healthy recipe. I wasn’t much of a Reese’s Pieces fan, but I was obsessed with Reece’s peanut butter cups. Because my son’s allergic to peanuts, I will try something similar with sunflower seed butter. I love your comment on David Blaine, you are definitely a clean eating magician.

  77. I love Reese’s PB cups but not the pieces. How about you just make some more and ship them to me, mmmmkay?! I love fall and October, but could careless about Halloween… which I’m sure will change next year when baby girl is here. I don’t mind the dressing up, but I hate that it’s all about the candy. It’s not like we have a childhood obesity prob or anything :/

    • If I made these for you, I would probably eat them before putting them in the box… And then I would send you an empty box with a note inside saying – WHOOPS.


      And yes, you’re GOING TO LOVE dressing up baby lady when she comes!!! I know my sister is going to have way too much fun doing that too! LOL!

  78. A sexy urinal?! What.the.hell. See, I would have guessed that you’re a fan of Halloween… I feel like you dress up in funny costumes on the regular! Ha.

    • Maybe that’s what my problem is! I dress up ALL THE TIME in quirky weird things…. That I hate when everyone else does? LOL!