But seriously… What the fuck heck is on your holiday gift list.


There is probably nothing worse than having NOT EVEN ONE TINY LITTLE IOTA OF AN IDEA as to what to get your significant other, family member or even just your friend (yes, this is even worse than having explosive diarrhea for 10 straight days…)… As a gift.


I mean… After all, these are the people you’re suppose to know more than anyone else… Right?

Well shit. If they’re CLAIMING they don’t WANT anything (they’re joking… Everyone WANTS SOMETHING) and not giving you any ideas…

Why don’t you get them:

  • Bitumen
  • Ember
  • Smoke Remnants

Or in other words… COAL.


While it would be pretty hysterical to see your husband or wife (or even little Timmy) open their gift only to reveal a big pile of charcoal… We both know you probably won’t be shoveling the aftermath of a wonderful fire into a box and wrapping it with jolly ol’ Santa in a thong wrapping paper.


Well, maybe the Santa wrapping paper will happen… 

But since you’re having some extreme brain farts when it comes to what to get whomever you’re struggling with… Let me be, I guess, probiotics, to your issues and lend you some relief.

Thumbs up GiGi Eats Churros

Here come the ideas… As fast as Santa might if he were lathered up in coconut oil and pushed down a luge track…?

GiGi-Eats-Holiday-Gift-GuideFor The Freaks Of Nature Who Love Clothing & Accessories…

I don’t understand these people!

  • Woodzee Sunglasses: Whomever you get these sexy shades (which come in a lot of styles/varieties) for will… Sport wood over them!
  • Jord Watches: I could tell you another “wood” joke… But that would not be HARD at all… (he he he). But seriously, you have to see these stunning watches to believe me when I say they are pretty much the unicorns of the watch world!
  • Earth Brands Footwear: This stylish footwear won’t have you racking up chiropractor bills because they’re designed for COMFORT, not to MURDER YOUR BACK and FEET! Give the boot to your other toe crunchers and “walk your world” in Earth Brands Footwear!
  • Confused Girl In The City Leggings: From spamming my YouTube channel to becoming the closest of friends, I am in complete awe and so very proud of how far my stunning businesswoman bestie has come… Giovanna is a fellow blogger and YouTuber, who also started her own legging line inspired by healing crystals! I remember when she was first starting out… And now her booty hugging apparel comes in 15 varieties… Use the coupon code: BYE FELICIA when you check out and get 15% off! 


For Those Who Are Never Hangry Cause They’re Always Eating…

  • Wink Frozen Desserts: Eat a pint in a sitting… Eat two pints in a sitting… Even three… And never feel guilty. Yep. With 100 calories in a pint, you really cannot go wrong with these allergen-free and sugar-free frozen treats. Be careful though, because I think this line of frozen deliciousness is called Wink because you will wolf down a pint… In a WINK of an eye!
  • The Honest Bison Meat: Obviously you wouldn’t give this idea to the vegetarians and vegans in your life… Unless you HATE THEM… But the meat lover in your life will probably wind up kissing your feet and… Inviting you over for some drool-worthy grass-fed/finished meat waffles. So basically, you’re passive aggressively giving yourself a gift as well. Tee he he!
  • Vital Choice Seafood or SizzleFish Seafood: I hope you all know at this point that I love salmon. I LOVE SALMON. IIIIIII LOVEEEEE SALLLLLMMMMOOOONNNN. That’s all. [Hint. Hint. Nudge. Nudge.]
  • NuZest Protein Powder: I know all of my appetizlicious recipes using this vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free protein powder has motivated you to purchase NuZest for yourself… So friggin’ tasty, right?! Well, gift your loved one who also happens to kick ass at baking, and they can incorporate this powder into a holiday baked good to make it a little less sinful. The strawberry variety could certainly be used as frosting… As for what… That’s all up to you and your dirty mind! 
  • Power Supply: If you’re not powering your supply… After reading THIS POST… Then I question your sanity.


For the Person Who Could Spend All Their Free Time At Marshall’s, Ross, T.J. Maxx…

  • Customized Coasters: Don’t you want a coaster with my face on it? Eh, probably not… But I bet you’d love for Fluffy or Spot to have their face printed on a coaster. So do it. And then gift them to yourself.
  • Cooking Appliances/Accessories: How many of you have seen a FANCY PANTS recipe that includes spiralized vegetables… Or wafflized foods… But don’t have such gadgets in your kitchen? BOOM! And I mean, I KNOW a loose-leaf tea infuser that looks like a little dude chillin’ in a hot tub is a necessity! DUH.


For the Peeps Who Wants To Kick 2015’s Ass… 

  • Eat Smart Precision Digital Kitchen Scale: This scale might not be for the friend who wants to continue to live in denial… But if they are trying to healthify their eating habits… Knowing proper portion sizes is key. Sadly, they might be sad to find out that what they think is a four-ounce serving is actually two pounds worth. WHOOPS!
  • Subscription Box: These boxes drive me bananas. NO, I do not want a new pair of underwear every month… Or do I? This could cut down on laundry… Okay, yes, yes I do. But the ones in your life might not… And that’s totally okay because there are A BILLION (yes, I counted) different options out there to quench even the most selfish of them all! 
  • Business Cards ala DgDesigns: Fun Fact # 1… I have a sister. Fun Fact # 2… She is a graphic and web designer and creates kick ass product packaging. Fun Fact # 3… She can design your business cards… Or basically anything… Because she’s my sister and we are wizards. To contact her… Feel free to shoot her an email

Daniele and GiGI Dubois

For the Persons Who Audition For American Idol Every Time They’re In The Car…

  • Concert Tickets: Just get them one ticket though… Because if you get two, they might assume you actually want to go with them… And having your ear drums blown out thanks to pre-teens thinking that screaming loud enough will get Justin Beiber to propose to them and live happily ever after in a mansion in Calabasas… Sounds anything BUT a gift to you! 
  • Boxing, Pilates &/or Yoga Classes: Let’s be real… Yes, lets. Everyone on the face of the planet (even people in New Guinea) have FitBits… So I am not going to recommend you get someone one (they will probably end up trying to sell it on eBay)… But how many people have tried Pilates or Boxing or Coglupecarm… Okay, I made up the last class, but I am sure now that I said it, that class will be popping up at a gym near you! (PS: if you have zero people in your life who think opening a jar of pickles is a work out… You should ditch those friends. However, if that’s NOT an option, you could gift them with cooking classes. There are lots of things you can do with pickles… Once you open the jar!)
  • Voice/Music Lessons: Nothing say “I love you” more than this subtle: “you’re a HORRIBLE SINGER (or your violin skills sound like your murdering a cat)… Either get better or STFU“. 


For the People Who Are Never Satisfied… 

  • Groupon, Living Social and/or Amazon Gift Card: Do I really need to explain WHY these are good gifts? Fine. BECAUSE THEY SATISFY even the most obnoxiously picky gift receiver out there! A free dinner for two… Done! A series of three colonics… Done! A naughty toy he/she doesn’t want anyone to know about… Done! A trip to Africa… Well, if you’re EXTREMELY generous… Then sure, they can soon be galavanting with lions and zebras in Botswana! 
  • Whole Foods Gift Card: Who the hell wouldn’t be satisfied with this? WHO? We can’t be friends. 

For that F*cking A-hole Who Just Needs To Know…


gummy_penis_300_1024x1024SO TELL ME…

  • Who is the hardest person in your life to shop for?
  • What are you asking for, for this holiday season?
  • If you were going to buy ME a present, what would you get me?
  • Are you more of a giver or a receiver?
  • Be real with me… Do you think you deserve coal this year?
  • If I gave you $100 to, what would you buy?

You know what? Forget all of these ideas. Why not just give this comedic holiday snack (below) instead. While I am not in the video… You may at least recognize one familiar face… And it wouldn’t be a blog post OF MINE… Without a video! 

Giving the gift of a laugh is the best, right? Okay fine. But at least it’s FREE


  1. Hahahaha! Bag of Dicks, it’s too perfect! I’m bookmarking that idea. Perfect for a white elephant gift exchange if you ask me.

    • Right?! I could NOT AGREE MORE – he he he eh! I have a feeling, it could very well be a BEST SELLER this holiday season… I mean, who doesn’t want to find some dicks under their tree this year, right?

  2. Ha. Haha. Hahahaha! Bag of dicks. How did you know what I was getting you?!

    • I knew because if you saw up there when I mentioned my sister……….. I am a wizard. And we can read minds! 😉

  3. If I were “gifted” a $100 Amazon gift card, I would get a pair of shoes from Earth Brands Footwear! Ha, how’d you like that?! But seriously, since I have foot issues & comfort is key for me, I am always searching for stylish yet comfy shoes.

    • OMG you REALLY need to check them out then because HOT DAMN they are so comfy!! I was giving away a pair on Instagram a few weeks back! I wish I could give away a pair to you now!

  4. Every single post…dying laughing! You killed me! 😉

  5. Haha! Too bad most of these won’t work for my oldest daughter! She is just hard to shop for as she is at the age where she has an opinion and she really doesn’t want anything specific… not very helpful. I took her to a Taylor Swift concert for her birthday (she is a huge fan). I had to get the tickets 10 months before the show and keep it a secret and we were both under the weather on that day and went and had fun but my cousin (her godmother) got her bacon for her birthday and some how she was saying that was the best gift ever… umm WTF? She said she loved Taylor Swift but bacon, seriously not sure what to get her and bacon can’t be it since her birthday was a couple weeks ago and she still has bacon left (shockingly).

    • Sarah – get her BISON BACON… Available at The Honest Bison – seriously! ha ha ha ah! It’s bacon but BETTER and HEALTHIER and EVEN MORE DELICIOUS! 😉

      Or how about Justin Bieber slathered in bacon? LOL jk jk!

  6. Honestly, I JUST want an Amazon Gift Card this year because there is SO much baby-on-the-way stuff we need to get and it’s overwhelming me! We’re not even getting each other real gifts this year (hubby and I) and are going to “gift each other” things we need for our new house or the baby. It’s exciting but also…really effin scary. 😉

    • HA HA HA! THAT is what happens when you become home owners and baby owners —- you no longer get gifts, your baby and/or house gets the gifts! :( I asked my sister what she wanted and she sent me a link to some thing for her baby… And I was like um…….. Does that come in a larger size cause I don’t think YOU can fit in it! LOL

  7. You are adorable! I love all this Xmas fun! <3 :)

  8. Love the guide and humor! Great gift ideas!

  9. My mum is just the hardest person to buy for – she is super fussy! I keep asking her what she wants and she just fobs me off – some good ideas on your list (might NOT get her the bag of dicks though!)

  10. Oh great ideas!!! My ex is the hardest person I have to buy for.. maybe because I don’t want to think about him.

  11. hmmmmm Id say YES TO THE COASTERS with YER FACE ON EM
    and then buy you a set with mine on in return :-)
    This Jew is now SO SO THANKFUL we dont do gifts…

    • HA HA HA! I wish I didn’t do gifts either! I find forced gifts to be annoying because a lot of people wind up with things they don’t want or need!!! That being said, I do NEED & WANT your face on my coasters!

  12. My son would NEVER tell us what he wanted so he always got a nicely wrapped box of socks and underwear — in addition to our best guesses. Now he wants concert tickets, which you’ve got covered!

    • THAT IS HOW I AM THOUGH. I don’t want or need anything so I tell people to wrap up empty boxes for me!!!!
      AND YES! I feel so accomplished – I recommended concert tickets and they’re actually what someone wants! WOO WOO!

  13. I am trying to get myself an nice red high hill shoes but not that high and all of the them are so freakin high! So a gift card would be awesome!

  14. some good fun gifts here, we always buy each other some wacky gifts as well as the serious ones

  15. I love your expressions in the pictures! great job! You gave some really really great gift ideas, too!

    • Oh I am thrilled I did that…. I try and think outside of the box sometimes! I hope you gift yourself something too!

  16. Musical jihadists indeed, ha. You know, one of your suggestions may actually have helped me shop for someone…how scary is that?

    • Holy Moly – SERIOUSLY?!?!? I have actually proved useful? My day is complete then… And it’s only 7:30am over here! ha! 😉

  17. dying to try the honest bison! i NEED BEEF errr BUFF? and confused girl in yoga pants. WTF? but i kinda want that too.

    • I don’t know WHY you haven’t reached out to The Honest Bison yet… I can put you in contact if you’d like… My holiday gift… YO YOU! 😀

  18. despite not knowing what people want is annoying..not sure I can say it’s worse than explosive diarrhea 😛 Oh, and that last photo of you is BEAUTIFUL I must say 😉

    MISS YOU<33

  19. I love those Jord watches. I have no idea what to get my aunt-in-law (Alex’s aunt). We are having a summit this pm to finally get her gift sorted. And don’t get me started on his dad. But then again, shopping for a man who hasn’t changed his style since the 1980s (not kidding) means that we know what he likes?

    • GOOD LUCK TONIGHT!!! GAH! ha ha ha ha! I hate when the pressure is ON! I love to just NATURALLY find gifts! 😉 And what’s funny is I feel like everyone’s DAD…. Is an old dog that cannot be taught new tricks! 😉

  20. I sincerely have no one to exchange gift’s but your choices are good and have to admit I know a few people who should get those gummy weenies. Well I’m off to Tatooine !!!!! :)

  21. Bison rocks! This is such a fun list, GiGi, and I was cracking up with your narrative. You gave me some good ideas and I already checked out the coasters.
    I LOVE Sizzlefish but they don’t deliver to Canada yet *sob*. I’m off to check out Subscription Box!
    Happy Holidays :)

    • Vital Choice may deliver to Canada, have you checked them out?

      Also, I am glad I could give you some extra suggestions 😉

  22. Haha that bag of dicks is hilarious! I hate Christmas shopping because I never know what to get people. Luckily, the husband and I stopped doing big gifts years ago and he was the hardest one to shop for!

    • Ugh. I feel like MEN are just the hardest… However man in my life has basically broadcasted to the world everything he wants, so he’s simple – LOL!

  23. The kid wouldn’t appreciate probiotics lol. Seriously, all he seems to want has to do with electronics but we’re not all about that. So trying to get something out of him it’s like pulling teeth! Then there’s my grandma with Alzheimer’s; looking for book or faith based movie ideas for her.

  24. This just made me lol! Your posts always do… but I have that tea infuser and it is one of the best purchases that I’ve ever made (while roaming the isles of TJ Maxx, obvi)

    • Tee he he he! I am glad the LOLs came out. That was my gift to you? AH HA!

      AND UM – HEY TWIN… THAT PICTURE OF THAT TEA INFUSER… Yeah, I took it.. BECAUSE IT’S MINE!!!! So clearly you and I would be the BEST TJ MAXX shopping buddies ever… However, if there were only ONE LEFT of something we both liked, yeah, that could be a problem!

  25. OMG I NEED THAT NAUGHTY SANTA WRAPPING PAPER STAT!!! Sooooo freaking funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I love this take on gifting! I’ve become a fan of the gift box: makeup, snacks, whatever. There’s now a box for everyone, incluidng a dog. In fact, I sent my dog nephew a Barkbox1

  27. I have a co-worker who may get an anonymous bag of dicks. Thanks for the ideas and the laughs!

    • Tee he he he he!! I never condone giving out sugar… However…. When it comes to the A-HOLES of the world, they can eat ALL THE DICKS and get diabetes. LOL!

  28. Well you just ordered a bag of dicks, whats not to like :) One coming up….Ohhh well you deserve two for that Video, am lolling on the floor…I ant wait to watch the whole thing!

  29. My husband and I are the hardest to shop for. Him because of his size and he always wants clothes. He’s very tall so he needs to try everything on making it harder to surprise him

  30. No money here so no gifting except for the grandkids…. sometimes it is better that way – less stress & focus on other things although gifts are always nice! :)

    I would ask for peace of mind which for me right now means winning the lotto & no money stress! :)

    For you – I want you to be the next best thing on TV – you deserve it!


    • LESS IS MORE IN MY MIND so I am right there with you with MINIMAL GIFTS!!

      Last week I actually WON THE LOTTO Jody!! WON IT… $8 yo!! LOL! … Uhhh except the ticket was $3, so maybe $5 – BUT STILL! I WONT IT! LMFAO!

  31. Ok so now I need to go revise my lists! Great ideas and lots of stuff I never thought of

  32. hahah I love this! My parents always say that they don’t want anything so it’s so hard to shop for them! I always end up making them some kind of food, because who doesn’t love food?

    • Whomever doesn’t actually like food…. CANNOT be my friend! LOL!

      PS: you make the best food so I see a lot of PLEASED people in your future!

  33. Gigi, this is the most honest and interesting gift list I have read so far. Loved your style. :) Keep ’em coming.

  34. Wow!! Amazing list!!!

    I know a family that solves this gift giving problem by everyone just telling everyone else what they want for themselves. It’s very strange to me, but hey, it’s not my family as evidenced by my brother recently giving me a $1,000,000 bill blanket for my birthday.

    As for you, I saw a movie a while ago about a woman who won the lottery and used the money to make her own TV show about herself. I would like you to have that so you wouldn’t be at the mercy of the Hollywood power brokers.

    • Dr. J – That gift you suggested for me…. Friggin’ AMAZING IDEA and I love it… And I appreciate your even just saying that in general. Hollywood is quite the B-OTCH if you ask me! LOL!

  35. LOL!! This is hilarious!!! You had me laughing the whole way through!! Such an engaging and fun post!!! LOL!!

  36. Love that Santa wrapping paper! And I know some people who deserve that bag of dicks (I would have said coal before I saw that–the dicks are better). For me? That Wink frozen delight is perfect! 100 calories per serving? A pint is a serving, right? 😉

    • YES! A pint = a serving in my mind, he he he! I just got 17 pints at my doorstep this MORNING! WOO WOO! Christmas come early for me, lol

  37. Great list! I’ve told family members to get me gift cards to Whole Foods and I just receive blank stares. BUT I WANT ONE! I also love the Woodzee sunglasses!! I’m looking for a new pair too – I seemed to have misplaced my Fossil aviators :(

    • Blank Stares?!?!?!?!?!?!?! CLEARLY they do not know the power of Whole Foods. I shall give them BLANK STARES right back for you!

  38. Every year, if someone tells me they don’t want anything, my response is: If you don’t tell me what you want, I’m buying you socks. They either fess up to what they want or the get socks.

  39. Love the last one but I would like Voice/Music Lessons cause I don’t suck too bad! I just give people my amazon wish list link. No one ever gets me the 36,000$ massage chair.

  40. I am usually pretty good about buying gifts with a list. Except for my husband. He is the hardest person in my life to buy for. He feels the same way about me even though I spell it out all year long! I even keep an amazon wish list. A few years back, we started a new tradition to make shopping more fun. We call it the Great Stocking Stuffer Challenge. Hubs, our daughter, and I all pick a theme (ex:running, classy, gadgets) for our gifts and a set dollar amount, each take our own car and go shopping- alone. Then we meet up, have a causal dinner of cocktails and finger foods and watch a Christmas movie. We started off with $20 per person you are buying for and the gifts need to fit in a stocking. This year, we are upping the ante and doing all our gift buying this way. No wish lists or asking what the other person wants. Nope, one theme and set dollar amount per person. It is up to the shopper to interpret your theme. The three of us have so much fun! It makes Christmas morning more exciting too!

    • OMG I truly love this! LOVE THIS. It makes gift giving ENJOYABLE and not stressful AT ALL!! And brings a whole new level of excitement to XMAS in deed!! I think I might need to adopt this next XMAS for sure! Thank you for the suggestion Mary! 😀

  41. Everyone gets…..a bag of dicks!!! OMG hilarious!!!
    I also really love those Jord watches. You are too cool for me missy.

  42. I love this gift guide – it made me laugh AND had awesome ideas!

  43. Great gift guide, especially the last! But you need to include kids too because my spoiled nieces have no clue what they want since they have so much already – ugh! 😛

    • ha ha! oh man, kids are a different story entirely……. I am definitely NOT an ace at kid gift giving – AT ALL! I still think Beanie Babies are all the rage!

  44. Damnnnnnn, this post is S-A-S-S-Y!! You must have still been puking (and crapping) in the toilet with that lovely food poisoning when you wrote this. I have such a hard time shopping for my Hubby’s family because I don’t understand them and they don’t understand me…at all! Believe it or not, I’ve asked for Amazon gift cards this year because I’m so sick of getting shitty shit that I can’t use or don’t want. If I get a $100 Amazon card from you or someone else, I’ll buy a pair of high heeled booties I already have picked out and I would get you a big ol’ fresh wild caught salmon. Am I a giver or a receiver? Are we taking gifts or sex here? No, I do not now or ever deserve coal…unless it’s Japanese Sumi charcoal cos I’m been dying to get my lil’ hands on some of that stuff to cook with. Fo reals!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying over the sex comment, DYING… I mean, I guess you could answer any way that you please considering on my blog… ANYTHING goes! he he he he!!!

      • About an hour after I wrote that comment, I had blog comment regret, thinking that I may have offended you. Then I thought, this is GiGi and it probably takes a lot more than this to offend/shock her. I’ll keep trying thou’. hahahahaha!

  45. My darling.. what on earth would cause explosive diarrhea for ten days?? What did you eat?? My mother-in-law got very sick but it was a bacterial infection and “only” three days of it.
    Why am I talking about this?
    WTF do I want for Christmas? Not food poisoning!
    I’ll take a bag of dicks, every time. And a Whole Foods gift card with Confused Girl In The City Leggings.

    • LMFAO – oh man, if only you spent a day in the life of my stomach, you’d know what causes “distress” for 10 days! I am finally JUST getting over my food poisoning issues. BLEH!

      You should DEFINITELY look into the leggings… Then you can sport them, while shopping at Whole Foods with your gift card 😉

  46. These are such great ideas and as usual, you make me smile while giving me ideas!

    I actually really love the subscription box idea! It is like a gift all year!

  47. This is how I feel EVERY year, like WTF do I get someone! Thanks for the awesome list, when I get to the states the first thing I am going to try is Wink Desserts, I saw you posted awhile back about this and OMG it looks SOOO good! Thanks for sharing all of these ideas xo C

    • YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Wink kicks some serious BOOTY and since you’re a lot like me, I know you’ll like them! 😉
      When are you making your way back to the states?

  48. OMG! This list! There are no words for the gummies or the santas! As always, you crack me up! Cheers to you, girlfriend, and your sister! Happy Holidays! XO

  49. The hardest person to buy for is probably my son because he just doesn’t ask for anything. That makes me want to buy him more actually!

  50. Hardest person to shop for is my dad! Decisions decisions.

    If you gave me $100 well I would put it towards a Clarisonic or books, office supplies… list is pretty large this year lol

    I’m telling everyone this year they better start an Amazon wishlist and give me that by July lol

    • BAH HA HA AH! By July… Man, that’s a long time to create a list – I have a feeling their lists will be PRETTY hefty by then!

      As for you: treat yourself to that clarisonic – ASAP!

  51. Hehehe I am SO tempted to get a certain sister-in-law of mine a bag of dicks… OMG I would just lie of laughter! I think I’d need to wrap it in the Santa thong paper for extra effect….

  52. Wow…that’s a lot of ideas.
    I’m often tough to shop for because I am the type to go and get something if I want it. So Lisa and the girls generally make me little things or buy me something edible (in the shell peanuts is always a win).

    I’m more of a giver and if I were to gift you something… I dunno perhaps time off. So I’ll clean your place and you can relax.

    $100 to Amazon would definitely turn into a pile of books for the four of us though art supplies is a close second.

    • What books are you into these days?!

      • I am just finishing The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie which *might* be one of the best fantasies I’ve ever read. I’m heading back into The Expanse Series next by James S.A.Corey. I read the first one already and it’s premiering as a series on SyFy on Monday so I want to get ahead of the game.

        What are you reading?

  53. Gigi, you never disappoint! A series of 3 colonics – gah!

  54. Oh my god, you are hilarious!

    My parents are the hardest to buy presents for because I feel like they don’t want anything at all!

    • Oh mine are the EXACT same way… When they want/need something – they go out and buy it for themselves before anyone can even BLINK AN EYE!

  55. Hmm I thought I posted…I guess I forget to finish some of the things I start.

    Excellent and humorous post.

    I am generally difficult to buy for as I will likely go and get something that I want. Lisa and the girls end up buying me something edible. Works every time. So I guess that makes me easy to shop for….

    If I were to gift you something it’d be time off. I’d offer to clean up your place so you could go and relax or do something fun.

    $100 at Amazon would turn into books/art supplies for the lot of us.

    Thanks for the great post!

    • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm can you please gift me with time off and that cleaning you offered?! LOL!!!!! Although I am going to take 3 weeks off after my Dec 23rd post! 😉

      • OK so I double dipped. Apologies.

        I’d be happy to clean up. I’m really pretty good at it and I enjoy cleaning. I like to do dishes and have no fear of cleaning bathrooms. I guess after cleaning the head on the ship shared by myself and 14 other men, nothing really can get under my skin.

        • Yeah… THAT sounds like an experience that can thicken your skin and strengthen your gag reflex like a CHARM! ha ha ha!

  56. This is brilliant! My OH always insists he wants nothing but who does want nothing? A definite lie. Your ideas are good though I’d be one for the food section and really, if someone doesn’t want anything then your best bet is food right?

  57. OMG those gummies!!
    Giving gift cards for studio classes are a GREAT idea. Because they’re expensive as CRAP!

  58. LOL. These are so funny! I have a super practical boyfriend that’s impossible to shop for. I’m thinking a bicycle this year….

    • LOL that’s a GREAT GIFT!!! But seriously…. Make sure you get him a helmet too, since he is super practical and all 😉

  59. I can 100% say I am not lying when I legit say I want nothing…gifts make me annoyed because 90% of the time they are NOT PRACTICAL and just CLUTTER FUCK my room. I then take them to Goodwill a week later because if I don’t need it, it’s GONE! Or maybe that’s just when it comes to my lovely mother, of whom I adore. So I buy myself things, and she pays me back. Mainly food.

    I’d like a bag of dicks this year, please.

    • Well, once again, you are 100% me… With brown hair.

      I do not want ANYTHING for XMAS. I WANT TO GET RID OF EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If you’re going to gift me – gift me with food. DUH! lol!

  60. Hahahaha oh my gosh this is like 70% of my list!!! Thank you for saving my life lady 😘😘😜😜

  61. Haha amazingly aggressive Christmas post. I like how you categorized each person too… not just “for girls” “for dads.” this is much better.
    The easiest person to buy for would be my mother (she loves EVERYTHING) and the hardest person is my father (how do you buy things for someone who has everything they want?)
    I usually just end up donating money in his name haha. He seems to like that

    • I can’t categorize like that “for girls”, “for dudes”… Because I mean, some dudes like girly things! LOL!

      And I have to say – FATHERS are notorious for being the HARDEST to get gifts for! UGH!

  62. Your blog posts are always so much fun. Thanks for sharing on Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesdays Linky Party. Hope to see you back next week.

  63. I love this post! There definitely are certain types of people that are much harder to buy for than others! I generally like to stick with gift cards so they can actually get whatever they wanted haha

    • I love gift cards too, but BROAD giftcards. I don’t think gift cards to restaurants or specific stores are good… But places like Amazon and Groupon, that offer it ALL… Now those are good!

  64. My Dad is hands down the hardest to buy for. This year I got him Packer tickets. They play the Cardinals when my parents are visiting in Phoenix so I’m hoping a family event he will see as exciting. It’s so hard to get him to do anything. FRUSTRATING!

    • DADS – COMMON! Make our lives easier already and GIVE US SOME GIFT IDEAS!!!!!

      However those tickets sound pretty BAD ASS!

  65. This is a great list… and so funny! You really touched base on all the different types of people to buy gifts for. Thank you for sharing!

  66. seriously. dying. I’ve never laughed so hard reading a holiday gift guide in my life. I love it.

  67. I think the hardest person to shop for is my mom she always asks for super practical things like spatulas.
    I asked for a Michael Kors purse and a humidifier.
    If you gave me $100 on amazon I’d probably end up spending it on the crap my family wants for Christmas or DVDS and books lol

  68. Haha loving the back of dicks! I need to buy those for somebody. I don’t know who yet but SOMEBODY!

  69. I’m for sure in the never hangry section. All about that food, yo.
    I don’t trust people who say they don’t want anything for Christmas LOL

  70. Hahaha you just made my Friday again Gigi – laughing over each and every gift idea!!! Happy Holidays!


  71. Hi Gigi
    You crack me up GIgi! I l love to read your posts because I know I’m going to get a good laugh. I love some of those gift ideas – perfect for those hard to buy for people. I no longer buy a lot of gifts – try to keep it simple and give to those who need and appreciate it. Thanks for sharing. Tweeted.

    • I love giving to those who APPRECIATE IT (just like I love writing blog posts to people who appreciate reading/watching them)… But wait, who doesn’t?? LOL! 😉

  72. DUDE I’m digging the probiotics idea! hehehehe. Shopping where I live SUCKS because literally there’s a Target and Marshalls (although I love me some Marshalls). Good suggestions here Gigi! Always hilarious too 😉

  73. Hahaha – GiGi you cracked me up!
    I gotta say diarrhea for 10 days is pretty shitty (no pun intended) but not knowing what to get a loved one sooks too! I’m heading to Ross this weekend – heck I just might find that bag of dicks!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shitty shitty in deed!
      Good luck at ROSS this weekend… Yikes, a weekend at Ross – doesn’t sound like a gift to you!

  74. What I want for Christmas would be to go on a date with you Gi Gi, or Lindsay Lohan lol.

  75. Omg girl, you are a character! Those faces!!! But anyhoo… good list. And also, I guess buying Australian coal for friends is like.. a thing now?? –

  76. You could get me anything from this list! Loving your fitness ideas! Oh and those leggings!!

  77. You totally just made me LOL- thanks for keeping it real girl :)

  78. I always end up getting my friends something from Ross/Marshall’s/T.J. Maxx haha. At least when I shop there, I try to find something that is relevant to their interests.

    One of my friends made it easy for everyone she knew one year by telling them all to get her socks. She had quite the collection for a while 😛

  79. That wrapping paper is amazing… I must use it for all my gifts!! I’m not asking for much this year… I’m really trying to simplify my life right now~

  80. !!! The boots came in the mail yesterday (my parents alerted me, har har), but I’m out of town in Arizona for a rotation, so I don’t get to try em’ until I get back! ;_; I love all these awesome gift ideas! <3

    And yayyy salmon! <3

    I cracked up at the bag of dicks suggestion. Best gift idea ever for the assholes in life! 😛

  81. Love this! And that tea infuser guy is equal parts adorable and hilarious.

  82. Definitely an interesting post!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  83. Ooh – great gift buying guide!!! Great ideas =)
    My husband is tough to buy for. He’s one of those people that has everything.
    And yea – you’re right, people who say they don’t want anything are totally lying!!!! ;p
    I think he’s buying me a blender attachment for my Vitamix which I’m quite excited about =)

    If I was going to get you a gift – I would make you awesome GiGi friendly treats!!!

  84. I LOVE this gift guide- the most comprehensive I’ve seen! 😛 I do need to finish up my shopping though so I will be looking over your list again and seeing what I can make happen!

  85. WHOLE FOODS GIFT CARD! Yes please! Love this list and all your expressions in the pics. You are epic! :) Wait… Christmas is in a WEEK?! A FREAKING week?! Oh my goodness. I feel like last week was August!

  86. Congratulations on winning #ThePinterestGame with this pin. Have a great week!

  87. Who is the hardest person in your life to shop for? well that would be me, actually I dont know what I want for Christmas!

    • Raymund!! I am in the SAME BOAT!!! People keep asking me but I just have ZERO CLUE and quite frankly, I don’t think I even want anything!

  88. This post cracked me up! Thank you for all of the great gift ideas!

  89. Yep, I’d take a Whole Foods gift card. 😉

  90. I want monogrammed pencils.

  91. Great Christmas lists. You rock!

  92. OMG, HILARIOUS!! Although I think I may have to scrub my eyes with sandpaper after looking at that Santa wrapping paper, lol. (I will never see a mall Santa the same way again.) And while I’m not a big tea drinker, if I were, that little hot tub tea infuser man is hysterical. I may have to get one for my tea-obsessed friend! :-)

    • So that hot tub tea infuser… Yeah, that’s mine, LMFAO! It’s the best thing on the face of the planet – it motivates you to want to drink more tea because I mean… He’s such a “hot” buddy! 😉

  93. Great gift ideas! I would personally just love a big box of bison for Christmas; but then I am kind of strange.

  94. Great post, I love all your ideas, and they are great not only for holidays but also birthday gifts!