Hey Sexy Cookie, You’re Actually Just A Cutie!

Because I am one curious baby dolphin…


GOOGLE IMAGED the word CUTE to see EXACTLY what photos would be curated.

Now the reason for this search was because the amount of times people have called me “CUTE” (and definitely NOT sexyWOMP. WOMP.)… Had me convinced that MY mug shot would pop up first in the search engine results.

GiGi Eats Celebrities Mug Shot LAPD

Alas, I was wrong

Instead… This is what popped up…


Okay, Gina (The Trainer) wasn’t ACTUALLY the first photo to show up… But she too shares my slight irritation** about being called CUTE (and never sexy) all the time. 

Those dimples, though… Not sexy?

Basically… People are telling us we look like…



According to GOOGLE IMAGE… That little fluffy bird cartoon thing has been dubbed CUTE.

Am I one to counter GOOGLE’S beliefs? I mean, that search engine is ALWAYS right, no?


That being said… Gina and I decided to counter everyone else’s beliefs in thinking that she and I (along with the rest of the “cute” girls in the world) CANNOT be sexy



Talk about a challenge… Because holiday sugar cookies are… Notoriously “ADORABLE” (gah! I think that word is WORSE THAN being called cute!)




Christmas CUTIES

To make these cuties…

  • Preheat your oven to 360 degrees. 
  • Combine all the above ingredients and then before you put your food coloring into the mix, divide the cookie batter in two, so you can get festive and use red and green food coloring (or blue and yellow if you want to go the Hannukah approach). 
  • Shape cookies and place on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for… 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how powerful your oven is, and if you decide to line your baking sheet with tin foil, parchment paper or just spray it with non-stick spray (these things change baking time). 
  • Plate cookies and sprinkle with powdered swerve and try, just TRY, not to eat the entire batch! 

So Tell Me…

  • Tell me your definitions for both CUTE and SEXY
  • Have you ever been called CUTE before? How do you feel about it?
  • When you think of the word CUTE… What comes to mind? 
  • Did Gina and I miss any simple tips/tricks to transforming your cuteness into sexiness? 
  • Google your name… What’s the first image that pops up?
  • How many Christmas/Holiday cookies have you wolfed down so far? Wait… Who’s counting? 


**Disclaimer: Gina and I are 100% happy with being dubbed CUTE (this is simply a joke if you don’t already get my humor). And all girls (and guys) out there who are also labeled as CUTE should be PROUD and own it. Everyone brings a certain spice to this world… So proudly season the world with it! My spice = Cinnamon… What’s yours?


  1. You are hilarious! And these cookies are cute, sexy, delicious… Basically just everything!!

  2. Ugh! I can so relate!!! I think it’s because I’m shorter. I think that immediately puts me in the “cute” category!

  3. Sexy fades. Cute is forever!

  4. Haha I used to get so mad when I was little and people would call me cute because something about the word felt undignified like people were laughing at me. And now of course being in comedy I live for people laughing at me so…

  5. Any time that cookies are involved….. :)

  6. We need to make these cooking again and again. So good!

  7. You ladies are sexy short woman nowhere near cute. I can’t wait to make Christmas cookies this year. Lovin that duck face. I’ve never used coconut flour; I’m going to change that this year. Protein Christmas cookies??? Yes, please. Enjoy your trip to Asia! I’ll be watching you :) In a non stocker way of course.

    • Girl, you can watch me in any way you choose – LOL! It’s a free country! 😉 And THANK YOU! We will take with pride the compliment of being SHORT & SEXY! HE HE HE!!

      Now off to make more cookies because, HELL YES!

  8. I do love cookies. Sugar free cookies have no calories, right? So I can eat lots

  9. Hahah. This is so funny and relatable. I always hated being called cute, especially by other girls! Now, I just embrace it. I am also 4’10”. Those cookies do look good though! It makes me want to try the recipe out!

  10. I think these cookies are cute and sexy and so are you! Totally doable to be both, I say! I get “cute” a lot more than I get “sexy” too. I think looking like I’m still in college has something to do with it.

    • EXACTLY! I still look like I am in college (and sometimes HIGH SCHOOL) as well! LOL!!! But hey, let’s own it – looking young is NOT a bad thing 😉

  11. Haven’t meant a cutie cookie or an ugly cookie I didn’t like. Easy enough to make

  12. Cute and sexy are different why not be both?!

  13. I’m so excited! I THINK can actually eat this recipe (dairy and wheat allergies)… holiday cookies or cookie exchange parties are usually such a “whomp whomp” for me. So this is a fun change :D. Thanks for sharing.

    PS: The cute little bird reminds me a but of the popular toy of the year, Hatchimals. What do you think?

    • Elisabeth!! Guess what?! You can pretty much eat ALL of my recipes because I have a dairy & wheat allergy too! I also cannot have sugar, soy, nuts, and fruit!! So gobble this recipe up when others are chowing down on the sugar-packed diabetes bombs and you will be ALL SET and still feel like the rest but know you’re doing a whole bunch of GOOD!!!

  14. Never meant a cookie I didn’t like. These look cute and yummy

  15. I love you guys & of course you GiGi cause I know you personally! As for me, since I am SHORT & don’t get cute or pretty, I will take cute any time of the day! :) BTW, you are beautiful and cute & sexy & all that stuff. LA just makes us think we are shit! xoxoxo

    I wrote this on your YouTube video! :)

    • OMFG YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD WITH THAT ONE!!! LA makes everyone feel like utter shit balls! Thankfully I am actually pretty happy with myself! It’s shocking that LA hasn’t ruined me like it has ruined others. I have to thank my awesome support system and upbringing honestly! Level Headed = The Best Way To Live Life!!

  16. I must confess that I tabbed on over to my browser and searched for “find chuck norris”. That said, the cookies sound awesome, and as someone on a quest to kick mine and the fam’s sugar habit, it looks like a recipe we’ll be trying.

    • BA H HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did you find when you searched Chuck Norris? LOL! 😉

      And yes, you need to DEFINITELY try this recipe, I promise you and your family will be convinced that you do NOT need added sugars thanks to this recipes and others much like it (I have several others!)

  17. I make a heart clogging pound cake usually but without fail are going to try this recipe in a week for my annual friends dinner party. Really not a party but fun. Being cute for me disappeared when cashiers started calling me sir :( now I’m just plain handsome :) Remember the smallest things are sometimes the most precious. You both travel safe have an amazing time.

    • Handsome is a GREAT THING to be!! So own it, OWNNNNNN it! 😉

      And trust me, I always joke (but believe) that the BEST THINGS come in tiny packages – ha ha ha!

      • The Adidas live on, your trip will be complete. Have you seen Brittany’s gift list ? and I have the goods to make the cookies for next week :)

  18. hated being cute to anyone but my husband… but I love these cookies.

  19. This video was hilarious. I’ve always been ‘cute’, never sexy. I’m fine with that, haha! Can’t wait to try these cookies.

    • I am not going to lie, I am totally A-OK with being CUTE Chrissy! I mean, with a lot of make up and a push up bra, I could MAYBE be sexy – but ain’t nobody got time for that! LOL!

  20. I definitely wasn’t expecting this one, but I’m glad you shared this. I think cookies can be both cute and sexy… or maybe that’s just the cookie monster in me? :)

  21. Super cute and funny post. The cookies sound good too, we will have to give them a try!

  22. Lisa J Lewis says:

    What a fun and colorful recipe! It looks so easy! Loving the photos!

    • Colorful is always best in my opinion! :) Color is alluring, and makes you want to try the recipe and then you do and your day is BRIGHTENED!!

  23. I love how you used coconut flour for these cookies! Must try them!

  24. Sexy is sooooooooo boring and overrated…BUT you two are too cute and too adorable! Adorable cutie patooties! So adorable and so cute…I can’t stand it!!!!! BTW, those cookies are dang cute and adorable too! You know what? I think I need to add more lip gloss next time I make cookies so I can be cute and adorable at the same time too.
    p.s. did I tell you guys that you look super cute and super adorable?

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!! Well, shoot. You have convinced me to put CUTIE PATOOTIE on my business cards.

      Wait, why would someone just “so cute” even have business cards – LOL!

  25. OH YA, I’ve totally wolfed down too many holiday cookies so far hahah, but there’s more to come so I need to be careful haha. PS I lovee all your videos, you’re hilarious girl!

  26. Whatever, girls can be both cute and sexy who cares what others say! Right? I think you’re both sexy and cute and that video was hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh!

  27. Elizabeth O. says:

    As always, it’s hilarious to watch you in your videos! Landon might not be so happy about that little stint so it’s great that you covered it up, haha. You both are sexy regardless of what others say!

    • He hasn’t watched the video yet, so I am not sure if he was OKAY with that snip or not. I was a little worried about that part honestly… I mean, as a married woman, I have to be a little more conservative??? LOL! Mayyybeeeeee……… HA HA AH HA!

  28. I LOVE LOVE cookies. Loved watching your fun video.

  29. Cute is far more better than sexy, with sexy you’re just sexy, with being cute, you’re nice, friendly, easy to talk to, you’re a natural beauty and sexy to the people that matters – like your partner! I would always choose cute over sexy! Cute is forever;) #CelebrateBlogging!

  30. Hey Embrace Your CUTE GiGi…My Gram was Cute even at 70….Yet Sexy? I wont know! She was sexy when younger though…so Cute will outlast Sexy every time!
    Cookies…Yumm. gonna test out this new Crimbo recipe!

    By the way I am short sexy and cute so there :p

    • Oh yes! I am definitely convinced at this point that CUTE is WHERE IT IS AT AND WHAT we all want to be! 😉 Thank you for further confirming that to me Julie!! – And I have to agree, you’re a hottie!

  31. cristinaleau says:

    Funny post. I can’t wait to try those cookies.

  32. You two are so adorable and sexy!! The cookies look festive and fun…didn’t expect that you had food colouring at home :-))

  33. I was always called cute in high school—when I yearned to be beautiful. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. But in my advanced age, I’ll take cute 😉 But these cookies are beautiful AND scrumptious!!

    • I hear you – I will certainly take CUTE over nothing these days, that’s for sure – ha! My cookies, well they hope to be delicious in everyone else’s eyes! 😉

  34. I actually don’t think I’ve ever been called either before. Well of course my husband says I look nice or beautiful or whatever – but cute? Or sexy? I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard those words directed towards me. Though that could be because my husband knows better than to objectify me. I’m one of those crazy women who prefers to be called beautiful over sexy 😉

  35. Ya’ll are so funny! I can totally relate – I’m always the cute one being 5’3″. My grandmother always said we go from little girls to little old ladies….so I guess cute is better than THAT alternative, but eh. It would be so cool to be the “Sexy” one just once – as like dress up or something lol – I picture that being Sofia Vergara or someone tall and curvy lol!!

    • Oh man, there is no in between cute and old? LOL! Crap! Lets hope technology changes that before we hit “old” – hahahahahahahah!


  36. My husband says I am everything – cute, sexy, and gorgeous. What a fibber! LOL. I think I am more like those cookies – deliciously plump.

    • He is NOT a fibber and he adores you to no end, thus thinks you are EVERYTHING! :) AS HE SHOULD!

      PS: If you are ANYTHING like these cookies, then I am going to want a bite!

  37. Those hats are definitely cute! You? Heck, I’ll call you whatever you want. Just as long as you give me some of these terrific looking cookies! Really fun post and video — thanks.

  38. Karlyn Cruz says:

    Those cookies ugh! Really like it love making cookies in my house. BTW your hats it looks amazing let me try that one.

  39. Vegas says I’m the sexiest. She’s basically senile at this point. Actually, she loves Jennifer Aniston… who I would says more cute than sexy.

    But FUCK all of this. I just want to be funny and eat delicious cookies.

    • Vegas and I have the same taste in ladies! HAHAHA! But seriously – I have the BIGGEST crush on Jennifer Aniston! GAH! TEAM ANISTON all the way! And yes, you are sexy! 😛

  40. You’re hilarious & those cookies looks amazing!

  41. Loved this fun and cheerful post. I spent years in the CUTE category now I’m in the OLD category :)

  42. Fun cookies and always good cookies. These are fun and good.

  43. Girl, I can totally relate! But I’d say these cookies AND you are hella sexy. Take that “cute”. Just don’t tell my husband OR YOURS that I said that. hahahaha. <3

    • Tee he he he he!! No way, I think your husband might agree that these cookies are sexy and want to … Eat them with you, if you know what I mean? LOL!

  44. Since “technically” no Christmas cookies have been baked yet, NONE! haha I’ve got bags of preportioned cookie dough in my freezer ready to be baked to be given away as Christmas presents. I’ve sure I’ll be Quality Testing a few whilst baking.

  45. okay the cookies are adorable 😉 they’re red and green for the holidays, how could they not be?! 😉

  46. We love making holiday cookies, but I think having you guys in our kitchen would make for one hilarious day of baking! I can feel all the fun you guys had making these cookies.

  47. It’s all perspecitve. :) Hurrah though for Christmas cookies. One of my favorite things about the season!

  48. I don’t think I’ve ever been offended by the word cute. I also don’t think I’ve ever thought about it. Thanks for motivating me to start some holiday baking!

  49. I feel like I get cute more for the way I act/the fact that I look young/am pretty short, haha. 😛

    Ahaha, you’re super cute as a dolphin. 😛 Those cookies are super cute, and that’s pretty awesome that they don’t even have sugar in em’! I love the addition of coconut milk and hoorayys for protein! I have a hell of a lot of protein powder that I’ve been trying to start baking with–I may have to try to make it work into this recipe! 😛

    • OMG YOU AND ME BOTH FARRAH! SOooooooo much protein powder! LOL!!!! You will have to make a lot of different batches of these cookies with all the different kinds you have and see what you like best! haha!

  50. You ladies are so….CUTE…HAHA JK JK!!! No, but seriously, I couldn’t help but smile while watching the entire time :)

    Haven’t had any holiday cookies yet, but I have been getting my share of free food (yay for work holiday parties, lol)!

  51. I’ve been called a lot of things, lol!

    I fear when you decided to become a comedian you got the cute label. If you want sexy, you need to do dramatic roles.

    When I Google my name the first image that pops up is some very tall guy stuffing a basketball of course!

  52. I don’t know where I first heard it but I always think of “cute means ugly but interesting” whenever someone calls me cute, haha.

    Mind you, I feel like I’d rather be called cute or pretty over sexy because I feel like it’s just awkward, haha.

    The first thing that comes up when you google my name is…… me!

    • UM WHO THE HECK SAID THAT about cute – cause that needs to be erased from your mom because that is SSOOOOO not true at all! Ha!

      And you see – GOOGLE IS ALWAYS RIGHT 😉

  53. What a cute post from two lovely, gorgeous, foxy women!

  54. You babes are so beguiling! So I googled my name and of course the fabulous epyonymous Jewelry Designer pops up — she’s cute/sexy/beguiling, so I’m just fine if people assume it’s me. If i add my blog name after I get a fierce workout ab shot, if google my name and hometown, I get a different midriff baring workout shot. Oops . . .or yay! hahahha

    • Ah ha ha ha ah! YAY to all of that. Try googling GiGi … Before GiGi Hadid was a thing… And you get… PORN STARS – LMFAO! Or transgender people. Or poodles. LMFAO!

  55. Christmas cake is more my thing but your fun way of presenting stuff GiGi will “force” me to try these. Thanks. :)

  56. [ Smiles ] This is another recipe that I will have to veganize!

  57. Cute is a good thing. I need to give these cookies a try. Seems you’ve mastered the coconut flour thing. It absorbs so much more liquid, that there’s a lot of guessing going on. Thank.

    • Oh yes, I definitely tend to add little bits of liquid at a time with coconut flour until I get the consistency I want. I won’t lie to you and say I haven’t made any mistakes before – ha ah!

  58. You are adorably sexy :-) Protein Powder Baking Mix? I have to check that out! So happy to see holiday cookies on your post he he.

  59. HI Gigi,
    You guys or girls sure are cute a little on the crazy side but definitely cute! I love your colorful cookies especially since they contain no artificial coloring. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

  60. Yet once again great cookie everyone would enjoy.

  61. I am always looking for new cookie recipes, thanks for the share. And I too believe the word “cute” is for baby ducks and puppies. It is still better than other things people might mutter, however, so…

    • Exactly – we always have to think “there is always something worse someone could say about you” – and take it as a compliment! 😉 We are baby ducks! LOL!

  62. You had me at sugar free!

  63. Oh those cookies look delicious. And sugar-free too – must be healthy! :-) I’m definitely going to make those.

  64. So fun and these sound tasty!

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  65. Haha! I love that you’ve called them Christmas cuties!

  66. Wow, what a whole lot of delicious spondoolishness. Love the cookie and the sexy blog.. And of course you. Have fun.

  67. Hi GiGi,
    Just a note to let you know that I have chosen our post as one of my features this week on Real Food Fridays blog hop that goes live every Thursday @ 7pm EST. Thank you for sharing your valuable information with all of us and helping to make this world a healthier place to live.

  68. I have everything to make these! Woot! Also, I LOVE clutch baking mix… so freaking good. Like even just strait from the bag with a spoon (#noshame)

  69. If I Google my name my photo shows up, I guess because my given name + surname is quite unique even in my home country

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