Joan Rivers: A Toast To You!

Joan Rivers and I met a couple of times when I worked at E! Entertainment.

GiGi Dubois and Stephanie Taylor at E! News

“THE TWINS” circa Feb 2011! OMG am I wearing… GASP: HEELSCheck us out now MAKING POP TARTS!

I’m still shocked she never once told me that my outfits look like regurgitated remnants of a broken garbage disposal.

The dress code in the GiGi Eats kitchen!

She didn’t even say ANYTHING about my Adidas sandals that have been surgically fused to my feet for the past 6 years.

I wonder how many plastic surgeons have had requests for “Adidas feet”?

Because of this… And for many other reasons, including her snarky word vomit, The Food Pervert and I decided to pay tribute to the late and irreplaceable comedic gem in our latest Book To Plate episode.

GiGI Dubois and Tara Redfield pay tribute to Joan RIvers

While Joan may not have been known for her culinary skills, she did in fact have a recipe published in an Irish Charity Cookbook a few years ago. Lets just say this recipe is not as lavish as a Valentino gown with a plunging neck linestudded with diamonds and sprinkled with gold shavings (?). In fact, her recipe is blander than… A solid white tank you might find falling off a hanger at Good Will.

Dirty White T-Shirt on Hanger

Her recipe?


Buttered Toast.

While The Perv and I whipped up Joan’s excruciatingly difficult recipe, we also went a step further and created a different kind of “toast” that could certainly sashay its way down the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

GiGi Dubois and Tara Redfield eat mushrooms

This recipe would definitely be the “look (or in this case BITE) of the week” on Fashion Police (Friday nights on E!). Check it out:

Fashionable “Toast”

Portobello Mushrooms with Gremolata

  • 4 Large Portobello Mushroom Caps
  • 1 Medium Lemon, Juiced
  • 2 Cloves Garlic, Minced
  • 1 Bunch Parsley, Diced
  • 3 Large Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • 4 – 6 Anchovies (or Sardines), chopped (optional)
  • Salt and Pepper to Taste
  • Olive Oil (or Spray)
  • Cheese (optional/ if you’re perverted)


  1. Roast Mushrooms in oven at 400 degrees for 25 – 30 minutes.
  2. While mushrooms cook, combine all gremolata ingredients into a bowl and stir.
  3. When mushrooms are done, top each cap with sauce and they’re ready to work it down your tongue runway! 

“Red Carpet Ready” Toast

Joan Rivers Toast

  • 2 Slices White Bread
  • 2 TBS Unsalted Butter
  • Avocado (optional)


  1. Uh…. If you don’t know what to do here… I cannot help you because Tara had to make this. 

GiGi Dubois thumbs upSo Tell Me…

  • What is the your favorite “number” that sashays down your TONGUE RUNWAY?
  • Were you a fan of Joan Rivers and her offensively good-humored persiflage? 
  • If you had to “toast” to Joan, what would you make?
  • Are you a fan of “The Fungus”? 
  • Do you think anyone could fill Joan’s Manolo Blahniks, so to speak? If so, who?
  • Socks and sandals, yay or nay? 

BY THE WAY: THE FOOD PERVERT, AKA: TARA REDFIELD will be making her DEBUT on TELEVISION (TNT to be exact) THIS FRIDAY (October 3)!!! FORGET about going out to dinner that night, INSTEAD… Tara should be ON THE (YOUR) MENU! EEPS! SO excited!!!!! 

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  1. Ooohhh yay! Another awesome recipe. I need to get some of those mushrooms at the market on friday. I’m thinking another recipe of yours needs to go on the meal plan 😉

    • I LOVE YOU Yuliya! Seriously, you ONCE AGAIN made my day! 😀 😀 😀 – I really hope you like this. It was pretty dang delicious and leftovers were even better!

  2. Loved Joan! She made Fashion Police hilaaaaarious. I love your directions for her toast hahah self explanatory.

  3. LOL! thanks for making me smile even before my coffee! I liked her feistiness and a toast is definitely in order! I would make mine gluten free :) God bless her and I hope she’s cracking up with Robin in heaven. Love the Portabella recipe and will try soon!

  4. Well that recipe fit’s her more that it seems, “it’s toast so what eat it” LOL No bacon Tara what’s going on ?
    but that topping on the mushrooms looks really good. I eat a lot of them with rice. By the way GiGi you look extra beautiful these day’s like a tremendous weight is off your back. Please no lemon jobs either, how are all those fake lemons out there going to look when someone is 80 years old :( sorry I’m over tired and need to sleep LOL My toast to Joan Rivers is ” Oh what the F@#$ is all the fuss about” no one could be her but an honest mouth in Hollywood is much needed.
    Break A leg Tara !!!!!!!!!!

    • Ah ha ha ah aha ha aha ha!!! Making me laugh so early in the morning – you succeeded! No lemon jobs for me.

      AND THANK YOU for the compliment 😉 AS ALWAYS! You always know what to say!

  5. I was deeply saddened by the untimely death of Joan Rivers. She was a special person who, even at 81 years of age, was vigorously involved in life’s great theater of action.

    I do not own a toaster!

    Too bad you didn’t get a chance to sit down and share your toast with Joan, I think you would have liked knowing her that way.

    As a facial surgeon, from what I could see on TV, her plastic surgeon did very good work!

    • He did???? That’s so funny because everyone would rip into her facial surgery!!! I wonder who her surgeon was, do you know?

      And I too was very sad about her passing as well :( But at least we all got to experience her comedic wit!

  6. YAY for Tara’s TV debut, booya grandmaaaa! You know I despise mushrooms, but this is still better than buttered toast. I actually don’t like butter much. Not that I eat butter…but you know what I’m sayin. Gremolata…is that made from tiny gremlins?

    “AND BOOM. the toast is done.” WHOA! Such an intense scene. Socks and sandals are a must in the northwest, you’d get by just fine with that style in my area.

    • I LOVE the “boom the toast is done” part! LMFAO – it makes me laugh so hard for some reason – ha ha ha ha ah!

      And yes, if you include anchovies in the Gremolata – it is made from tiny gremlins, LOL!

      PS: You know what kind of butter you need to eat by the spoonful… We just had this discussion, lol!

  7. LOL @ Adidas feet. My sister has it, I swear. Also, love your version of toast! I’ve never had anchovies tho and I’m not sure I want to start…

  8. Socks and sandals – nay! I won’t even let my two-year-old do it… Although he has the flippy hair to pull off most things, and start trends in the toddler crowd.
    I was a Joan fan, yes. And I love that buttered toast is her recipe! Sometimes you really need that (or something like it) for the nerves before an awards show.
    As if I would know!

    • WHAT?!?! OMG NO! This is not okay! So if we were to hang out all day every day, would you get mad at me for wearing my socks and sandals? YOU BETTER NOT! I will just feed you an up coming recipe I am going to post……. HINT: the pastry starts with an E and it’s completely GIGI approved!

  9. The Fungus sounds delish!!

  10. Looks sooo good! Im a big fan of the fungus! And I got genuinely sad when Joan Rivers died (which isnt a comment sentiment of mine when a celeb dies)– she was 1 in a million.

    • She definitely was one in a million :( She will certainly be forever missed… Toasting FUNGUS to her… Hmmm is that an oxymoron? lol

  11. Well – not at all what I expected – fun, fame and toast! I did so enjoy Joan’s humor and fashion gossip – and enjoyed you fun post and toast! :)

  12. Thanks for the healthy recipe, I actually like mushrooms and would add the sardines instead of anchovies. Like your style of writing.

  13. I love the mushroom toast idea!! I LOVE portobello mushrooms- SO dang good! socks and sandals are usually a no go for me… :)

  14. Nice homage to Joan-she will certainly be missed. Must have been quite the experience to have met her

    • Oh yes! She was a force to be reckoned with, always saying the funniest things ever! SO unpredictable! ha ha! Loveeeeed it :)

  15. Socks with sandals – whatever makes you tickle :)
    I think it’s great that you are saluting a legend is such a fun and innovative way.
    Loving the site.

    • Ah ha ah ah! “whatever makes you tickle” – I officially LOVE that phrase! And thank you so much for toasting with me and Tara!! :)

  16. I’ve always found buttered toast to be a most difficult recipe to master. Still working on it… this gremolata… it sounds fantastic!

  17. If I was making Joan Rivers toast I would make it with Anise bread as we just went through a big world anise shortage so it must be exclusive and that harsh anise flavor always gets me in the back of the throat and makes me go Haa Haa. Just not in a laughing way.
    Socks with sandals always!! The socks keep the snow off your feet. DUH!

    • OMFG that was HYSTERICALLLLLLL!!!!! And I totally just heard Joan Rivers laugh in my head! AHH HA HA!

      And YOU ARE SO RIGHT CINDY….. Socks and Sandals = SNOW SHOES, duh!!!

  18. Another yummy snack GiGi! and if your not hungry, those two portobello caps could double as a bra!

    • This is what I just did after I read this comment: (outloud) BAH HA HA HA – OMG I love LISA!

      Yep, that’s exactly right! And now I am considering a mushroom bra for my next video!

  19. I love this. I did a personal letter to Joan Rivers on FromCtoC. She touched so many peoples hearts. So sad to see her go. But I love the tribute. And the adidas haha!

  20. Dude. That is my toast. Joan stole mah toast! Hahaha!

    Also, the Irish think we’re weird:

    • Ew I hate them. Fruit Loops are LEGIT! They can suck it. BAH HA HA HA! Go eat some Haggis… Wait is that Irish or Scottish? WHATEVER! Ahh ha ha!

  21. I loved Joan Rivers! I didn’t always agree with her, but I loved that she spoke her mind and political correctness be damned. She was a trail blazer, and it’s so cool you got to work with her!

  22. I think I’ve made Joan’s recipe a time or two! I feel so Hollywood! The mushroom dish looks delish!

  23. LOVE mushroom with almost anything. This post is again, HILARIOUS. Love your writing.

    • Then you are TOTALLY going to LOVE this recipe, seriously, so good, and even BETTER as leftovers!! 😀 😀

      And I am glad I could make you laugh!

  24. I need to find myself some XXL portabella mushroom caps! I don’t have them anywhere here. We only have button mushrooms 😛

  25. This toast recipe looks amazing…it is making me want a snack right now :)

  26. Joan Rivers is such an awesome woman. A legend!

  27. Umm, socks and sandals? No, just no. (Of course, my kids live in socks and crocs…)

  28. That mushroom recipe? Yes. Socks and sandals? No, just no. (Of course, my kids live in socks and crocs…)

  29. So, that mushroom recipe? Yes. Socks and sandals? No, just no. (Of course, my kids live in socks and crocs…)

  30. Hahah awww I love this!! Missing Joan and really missing fashion police :(

  31. Those mushrooms look good!!!
    So exciting for Tara to be on TNT!!
    And, I’m not really a socks and sandals girl:)

  32. I wasn’t a huge fan of Joan Rivers, although her death was so sad. Thanks for sharing such a delicious looking recipe!

  33. Great “Toast” for Joan! I am a huge mushroom lover and your toast recipe sounds mouthwateringly delish!

  34. Those mushrooms look DELICIOUS! :) Joan Rivers was such a visionary–and such a role model for young, female comediennes. I bet she would have loved her send off!

  35. Loved Joan Rivers and loved Fashion Police! Missing it already!
    This recipe looks awesome and I’m going to make it – with cheese, lol. Thanks for a fun video, Ladies!

  36. Ha! Buttered toast! That is fantastic :-) I like your take on it too :-)

  37. Our fan is seriously addicted to mushies so I am so in. Very cute. Loved JR. Still do.
    The Accidental Mama

  38. Yum!! Off to toast some toast for Joan!

  39. I can’t believe she never told you to get rid of those addidas sandals of yours! hehe

    RIP Joan. I don’t think I really appreciated her until now, sadly. She was so wild, but definitely entertaining! The Fashion Police won’t be the same!

    • LOL nope, she never told me to get rid of them, because I have a feeling she secretly loved them! I should have given her a pair! ha ha ha.

  40. I think Joan was wildly talented and extremely funny. I hope some of her legacy is a lesson to girls thinking about plastic surgery that they should not do it! Maybe her death can help a few others. Whatever the case may be, she was a bright star!

    • Yes, she was definitely a walking PSA for not getting plastic surgery. I am sad that her death could have been prevented :( Ugh, I hate hearing that if only her endoscopy was done at a hospital she would have been okay :(

  41. I would watch Fashion Police from time to time at the gym and Joan was okay – not my favorite…(I know, blasphemy!) 😀 I thought she was funny half of the time but she definitely knew how to take things to the extreme… Maybe I’m just becoming more of a prude! AH.

    • AH ha ha ah aha ha ah! Man, I loved EVERYTHING that flew out of her mouth, for her age she was sucha fire cracker, she came up with every single one of those jokes! How crazy, right?

      PS: It’s okay if you’re becoming more of a prude… I just hope not so much that you don’t come and visit again! ha ah.

  42. I was a huge fan of Joan’s and always will be! Love your energy. ^_^

  43. ahhh joan, love that buttered toast recipe. Classic. But i think i like your dolled up and “waistline” friendly one better. Yep!

  44. Such a huge loss on Joan – so caring under all the jokes too!!!!

    As always – entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. From some crazy reason socks with those same Adidas sandals are back in style with all the middle school basketball players. It makes me laugh.

  46. I had…issues with Joan. She did enjoy putting down other females quite a lot.

  47. I loved Joan Rivers!!! She was hilarious and did not hold back – YES! I love toast – especially cinnamon toast. Now that toast does not look like it has avocado on it because honestly that is not one of my favorite foods. :-)

    • Hmm cinnamon toast is bomb, I hate it always had RAISINS in it though, cause I HATE those things. I think I need to come up with a cinnamon toast recipe that’s GiGi approved! :)

      (pretend the toast doesn’t have avocado on it, ha ah)

  48. Are you a fan of “The Fungus”? –> is it bad we don’t know what that is haha

    Socks and sandals, yay or nay? haha we have done it before as we always have cold feet, but normally just love sandals

  49. Is her recipe written down? I kinda want to make some red carpet ready toast too. You didn’t quite explain 😉 😉 😉

  50. Joan Rivers was definitely really loved. We ended up accidentally driving down 5th Ave just before her funeral started and it was a mad house. Photographers, onlookers and attendees were everywhere! I like your take on her toast!

  51. Loved me some Joan Rivers. Definitely no one to replace her anytime soon.

    Thrifting DIva

  52. Oh, I LOVE that “Fashionable Toast” recipe…what a great idea! Way to go, Joan – good taste even in the kitchen :)

  53. I think those zebra stripe socks look freakin’ awesome with your adidas sandals

  54. Ha! Loved Joan and love that her “recipe” was for buttered toast. She was the queen!

    • Seriously! If the USA had queens, she definitely would have been dubbed so! HA! Imagine a country ruled by Joan, LOL!

  55. I’m so glad you created a recipe in honor of Joan! I loved her! :-( Sadly, I’m not a mushroom fan, but your recipe looks so yummy I may just have to make it anyway. I don’t HATE mushrooms, but the texture kind of freaks me out, lol.

    • Just take the sauce and put it on something else! You could even put it on fish! Mmm, I am definitely going to try that myself actually!

  56. Great recipe, i really enjoy your blog

  57. Socks and sandals like you own the place! Then no one will think it’s anything but a fashion statement. As long as you look people in the eyes, they don’t care what you’re wearing.

    • Oh girl, I strut my stuff in socks and sandals like I am the hottest runway model on the face of the planet! Represent! LOL! And I always look people in the eye and make them smile, so I definitely think that helps distract them from my horrific fashion sense! ha ha ha.

  58. These are some super cute shots. I love the mushroom toast idea! I may need to try that!

  59. omg I cannot wait to make a vlog with you. It will be the best.

  60. I think Joan would approve…of the recipe not the socks and sandals. Even I won’t even go there!

    always :-)

  62. Those mushrooms look really tasty! That’s so funny that she actually had a recipe that was just toast and butter – brilliant!

    Katie <3

  63. I can’t say I was a fan of Joan Rivers but that toast looks delicious!

  64. Okay, this may make me sound like a dummy, but I have absolutely no idea what persiflage means!?!? I could look it up (and probably will), but Gigi, that is some word there! Love that you have buttered toast as your “toast”, who could not love that! And it can be guaranteed that if you drop it, it WILL land butter side to the floor, so make sure you hold on tight!

    • Persiflage = banter/mockery – LOL!!! Well you passed the test, you actually read my post! HA HA HA! I love you! 😉 I just wanted to throw in some lingo… Proving that I have a intellectual side? ha ha ha!

  65. Joan was such a legend! Lovely recipe. :-)

  66. I love how you wrote this post! It was so Joan-esque lol I loved her!! I think my favorite number going down my tongue runway (right now!) is anything with spaghetti squash and butternut squash!

    • AH! The compliment of this post sounding like Joan, I am floored and thrilled -THANK YOU Fatima! :) I am glad I could do Joan proud (hopefully!)

      AND GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLL do you and I have the same tongue runway??????? Do not leave me in a room alone with butternut and spaghetti squash! LOL!

  67. I loved Joan Rivers- I’m still sad! But your recipe looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    • Of course! And I too am sad still :( Being that I work with E! sometimes still, it’s hard not to always think about her!

  68. What a cute theme and delicious looking mushrooms!
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  69. Lol your adidas sandals! Your adorableness totally makes up for those (or maybe THEY are why your so adorable??)
    Love this idea though! Never thought to sub portobellos in for toast. I like it.

  70. YOU DON’T OWN A TOASTER? I live in my toaster. You can come use mine any day. RIP Joansieeee.

  71. Your version of toast sounds awesome!!

  72. uhm. that portobello recipe looks SO good! I’ve actually never made anything like that. And this video was hilarious! loved it!

    • YAY! I am so glad you liked the video :) THANK YOU for watching, really though! And it’s time for you to set outside the comfort zone and make this delicious side dish/meal! :)

  73. ADIDAS Feet! Been there, done that :)

    btw, recipe looks SOOo good.

  74. Great looking recipe. Love the post – you can tell that there is an easy going personality all around. Love.

  75. Pretty much just choked on my coffee :)

  76. The fashionable toast looks so good! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  77. My daughter made up a song about “socks and sandals” …after listening to her on repeat I am definitely for them! I love Joan – and I think your fungus toast is a wonderful Joan-worthy tribute!
    Btw, I think YOU could fill Joan’s Manolo Blahniks! Just saying…xx’s

    • OMG I NEED to hear this song your daughter created!!! HA HA HA! It could be my theme song!

      AND I LOVE YOU! Someone else said that to me too about filling in for Joan 😉 However, you and I both know I wouldn’t wear MBs! lol!

  78. Avocado is SO not optional. It’s required !

  79. All the power to the mighty fungus! I’ve lost count of the number of boxes of mushrooms I buy per week … let alone per month. The amount of white bread purchased? Uh … zero. Did I answer your question??! I’d let you butter up fungus for me any day – hold the anchovies, though!
    And about those shoes … Do you prefer “fashion victim” or “ensembly challenged”????

    • AHHH HA HA AHA HA! Ensembly CHALLENGED!!!!! Walking Fashion Faux Pas? Walking Fashion Disaster? Girl Who Needs To Be Kicked Out of the Entertainment Industry? LOL!!!! – All of the above work just fine!

  80. FUNNY STUFF!!!!! Yay to sandals and socks and Portobello caps!!!

    • Someone said I should use the portobello caps as a bra, I think they would match quite well with the sandals! LOL!

  81. I am not a fun of salads and socks…. but to each his (or her!!) own!! …and these mushroom toasts look delicious!!

    • Exactly 😉 To each her own for sure! HA HA! As long as if we ever hang out, you don’t make me change! ha ah

  82. Aw ode to Joan! TOAST! I mean CHEERS

  83. I didn’t like her humor, but I think you’re funny. I enjoyed this post.

  84. I’m not a fan of sandals and socks but I have seen some people pull it off! That’s so cool that you met Joan! I have a friend that works at Fashion Police and she said Joan will truly be missed <3

  85. I love this tribute by both of you and I absolutely loved Joan and watched Fashion Police every single week and she was so funny and inspirational. Great take on the recipe using the mushroom and congrats to Tara coming to TNT. I hope Joan gets many tributes for years to come because I really can’t think of anyone who could fill her Manolo’s. :)


    • Who do you think could “replace” her on FP though? I have heard some rumors about Kathy Griffith and NeNe Leakes, but I don’t really like those options! :(

  86. I loveee roasting portabello mushroom caps! My favorite is topping it with a spinach garlic pesto and tomato — so yum!

  87. I was actually pretty sad when she passed. She was so funny. I think it was good to be a little mean spirited because honestly, people in the fashion biz and celebrities need to be taken down a notch or two!

  88. I love Joan! So sad she passed, I was in a meeting at work and my stupid co worker blurted it out like it was nothing, I literally was like WTF! In the meeting i’m all WTF LOL! I don’t know who should replace her, I heard Kathy Griffin was in the running and I don’t think that would be a bad choice actually.

    • I agree, Kathy – NOT SO MUCH! I am racking my brain over here and I really have come up with nothing. I feel like regardless of who might take her place, the show won’t last much longer after that :(

  89. Larisa Dixon says:

    Im a fan of the fungis and now of you. This post was hilarious!

  90. Great mushroom dish! And fun video. But suddenly I have a hankering to write a recipe for buttered toast. Maybe with step-by-step pictures? :-) Probably 15 or so should do it . . .

  91. Great recipe Gigi, gotta love those stuffed mushroom caps!

  92. No one can fill Joan’s shoes. They broke the mold when they made her! The toast looks yummy. A must Pin!

  93. Despite her being a little too mean for me sometimes, she was SO funny other times – awesome dedication post 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  94. She was so hilarious! The Adidas feet get me every time, my best friend ALWAYS wears them with socks in public and it drives me nuts hahahah!

  95. Awe, poor Joan. That was really sad :(

  96. Hahaha Joan Rivers was a classy bish! Keepin it classy one buttered toast at a time. My bf LOVES mushrooms and I’m just not used to their texture and taste yet – since my mom didn’t use them that much when I was growing up (she was a lazy cook). He’d love these though so I should make them for him, lol. :) Have a great one lovely and your Adidas sandals look comfortable so keep em’ on! Take Care! -Iva

    • I actually hate mushrooms – all of them EXCEPT portobellos! – It’s weird, if I eat any other kind of mushroom, like clock work I will wake up at midnight and throw up for hours – it’s so weird!

      Let me know what your man thinks about these shrooms though! :)

  97. how fun! the portabello and anchovie must be divine!

  98. Wow, that mushroom recipe looks amazing!

  99. Oh my goodness that red carpet goat! Delicious!

  100. LOL that’s fantastic and that Fashionable toast looks delish! I loved Joan Rivers, you are lucky to have met her :)

  101. Umm heck yes to sandals and socks! A permanent fashion staple in my book 😉

  102. What a wonderful ode to Joan! Loved her and will miss her! I love this healthy take on toast – mushrooms toasty melts sounds fantastic :) And by the way, hot socks and Adidas sandals – that’s always a good look 😉 😀 Love it!

    • YES! I couldn’t agree more Ceara! Socks and sandals are definitely coming back – I am going to make sure of it, and start the trend! :)

  103. That mushrooms recipe looks delicious! My whole family is a fan of mushrooms, so I know they would love it.

  104. I loved Joan Rivers’ humour! I hate mushroom–bleh :( But I would eat (gluten-free) toast any day!

  105. I love portabella mushrooms! I’ll definitely try this recipe.

  106. I didn’t know you worked at E! How cool! I bet you get that all the time and in reality it probably wasn’t that cool haha but still. Fancy toast!! Joan WOULD have a recipe for buttered toast in a cookbook lol. But I bet the anchovies + garlic in yours is an incredible flavor combo

    • I love E! it will always have a place in my heart for sure :)

      And OH HECK YES – anchovies and garlic need to get married!!!

  107. I don’t really watch that much TV. I do know Joan Rivers and saw her in E! couple times. But it’s just not my kind of thing.

    • Hey, TV isn’t for everyone and I am envious of you actually because I really miss the days when I wasn’t so connected to technology!

  108. Great recipe and so simple….minus the anchovies, haha! So crazy to think we won’t see Joan anymore…she was so bold, it was fun and shocking at the same time to watch her. I didn’t know you worked at E! So cool…..what did you do there?

    • I have a various amount of jobs! I worked at E! Online, the Casting Department and I was the assistant of one of the E! Talents. I every so often freelance for them, but otherwise just go and visit! 😉

  109. I love Joan and her blunt humor. Thats what made her who she was. When I heard the news I was in total shock and almost didn’t believe it! How cool was it to have worked at E! and have met Joan!? How awesome!

    • It was definitely a shock to me as well, however, when I heard the news that she was in critical condition for about a week, I just knew nothing good was going to come of it :(

  110. I was indeed a fan of Joan Rivers. It was a shock when she passed. I thought she would out live Melissa! Her humour was on point with always a touch of truth to it.

  111. I LOVED Joan. She was a trailblazer. I also love her recipe (and your lead up into it) because I was thinking, “Joan Rivers COOKED???!!?” :)

    The mushroom toast I would definitely try (sans anchovies, I’m afraid, you lost me there).

  112. Gigi -I think Joan may be smiling down on you. Such a great post full of personality just like Joan herself. Keep being an original girlie b/c you’re doing it well. :)

    • I certainly hope she is at least smiling up there, and making Robin and all the other greats up there laugh their asses off! :)

  113. I was a big fan of Joan, I mean, sometimes I was offended but not enough to stop liking her :) no socks and no sandals no way but sometimes I see it happen around the hood with guys.

  114. I never really liked Joan Rivers, maybe I didn’t ever give her a chance though. Love this post, you crack me up!

    • Well as long as I cracked you up, I think this was a success! ha ha! You should watch Joan do stand up on YouTube – it’s pretty entertaining!

  115. Hi GiGi,
    Hats off to you for your toast to Joan Rivers! She will be warmly remembered! I have so many fond memories of her wry sense of humor, her personal style and marvelous zingers. I adore portobello mushrooms so I am delighted that you shared your wonderful stuffed Roasted Portobello Mushrooms at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop.

  116. Oh boy, I have got to have this recipe. It really sounds yummy. Won’t you share with my readers too at my Recipe linky??? Thanks bunches and have a rockin’ weekend!

  117. That is really cool that you got to work with Joan Rivers. She was always so un-filtered, it was a hoot to watch. I don’t care much about fashion, and I watched the fashion police because of how ruthless and hilarious she could be. All in good fun, of course.

  118. You made me laugh!! Toast is so yesterday! Mushrooms rock!

  119. Bahaha!!
    What a great story, such a laugh! I think you have done Old Joany proud 😉
    Thanks for stopping by my site, it allowed me to find yours xx

  120. I love what you did with Joan River’s buttered toast! That is hilarious that she had that recipe in a cookbook. Of course why does that not surprise me? She will definitely be missed. So that is what Adidas feet look like? I wear them the same way. It’s comfier with socks.

    • RIGHT?! I agree – socks and sandals reign supreme and all the doubters and haters in the world just haven’t tried it!!!

  121. Buttered toast, that’s awesome! But I have to say that your recipe looks SO much better – YUM!

    • Ha Ha! Good thin Joan isn’t around to verbally b**tch slap you for that comment! LMFAO! Don’t worry, if she were, I would have defended you!

  122. Love your punny title after reading through your post! I think that it is very funny that she had a buttered toast recipe published in a cookbook!

  123. Say what now? You worked at E!. I worked at Style until last year. I remember bumping into Joan on the elevator at work. She was really sweet and whatever perfume she was wearing was awesome. Odd thing to remember, I know… LOL!

  124. Loved Joan, she’s certainly a rare breed- with her I don’t care what everyone else says or thinks about me. Possibly my favorite show was Fashion Police, she’s hilarious!

    • Fashion Police was definitely one of the BEST shows on TV! I am so curious as to what might happen to it! No one can fill Joan’s shoes!

  125. Er hello..avocado is never optional- at least it shouldn’t be! As much as I love toasting with some champers I can definitely get down with this kind of toast- hilarious girl you are!!

    • Ha Ha! Okay, my bad – I will ALWAYS have avocado with me….. Would an avocado cake work? LOL! And I think next time I make this “toast” I will add avocado to the gremolata! 😉

  126. Socks and sandals is something we did often in high school. It was especially common with athletes. :) Joan Rivers was very blunt, but I never really knew about all of her real comments. There was one I heard and I figured she was telling the truth because she didn’t say she was joking. But then again, who knows! I guess I never really was a fan but I never hated her either.

    • I think my feet like to pretend their athletes, which is why they request that I wear socks with sandals all the time! ha ha ha! But I am an athlete so I guess that works?

  127. I’m not one to usually fawn over celebrities but I absolutely LOVE and ADORE Joan Rivers!! She was a female pioneer in her own right. She was very classy but also knew how to laugh at herself and also not take crap from any others when they demanded she apologize. I always said if I could eat lunch or have coffee with anyone, it would be her. Now heaven has her, Robin Williams, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan and all the other Hollywood Golden Stars that have left too soon! <3 Thanks for sharing your story and recipes!

    • Seriously, having lunch with Joan would be hysterical! I would never want the meal to end!!! I would burn the lunch I just ate off by laughing so hard, ha ha!

  128. Maybe the best recipe ever. Also, Adidas and sandals hahahaha, I can’t! What a fun post!

  129. I love carbs but I reckon they are not that fashionable! I’m all up for this mushroom toast :) I love them grilled.

  130. Seriously she will be missed!

  131. It’s so sad that Joan is gone. What a funny and smart lady!

  132. It’s always so sad when we lose another famous face!

  133. That mushroom recipe sounds so good! I love anchovies, I’m one of the weird ones :) Umm…I don’t think sandals and socks are Joan approved :)


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