I Was Poisoning Myself…

Over here in THE STATES… It’s full-on SPRINGTIME!


And you know what that means!?

Ladies… It’s time to start wearing bras and shaving your legs again…

And gentlemen…

DAMMIT! So lucky! You don’t have to shave your legs or wear bras! AND YOU GET TO PEE STANDING UP!

Or do you?


Well while you may certainly want to CONSIDER doing those things (but hey, do what you want!)…

What really comes to mind when I think “springtime” is:

Spring cleaning.


It’s time to get rid of all those [hopefully] paid bills from 2009… That shark hat you got as a holiday gift… The giant stuffed dragon you won at a carnival when you were 13… The canned green beans that ACTUALLY EXPIRED two years ago… All your orphan socks

tupperware and socks laughing

MaybeJust maybe… Consider taking down your holiday decorations and throwing them away? And yes… I REQUEST that you ditch the jacket YOU YOURSELF purchased that inflates every time someone LIKES something you posted on Facebook.


Looks like she’s only gotten about 20 likes today… LOSER.

I kid! I kid!** 

Oh and one other request… PLEASE do not take your THROW AWAYS to my place…


Expect for the shark hat… I most certainly NEED that. 


Yep. Necessary for life. 

My house already feels like the dumping grounds for “I DO NOT WANT THIS CRAP IN MY HOUSE” stuff… And honestly, I myself am trying to get rid of things so I can live clutter free!


It’s the way to be?

Sorry, just felt like rhyming, as you can see.

Oh snap, try and stop me!


AAAANNNYYY WHO… There is one thing in particular that I am RIDDING FROM MY LIFE… And not just for the spring, but FOR GOOD! That one thing is the thing I am referring to in the title of this post… As it was POISONING ME.

If you want to know what it is… Tune in to THIS WEEK’S VIDEO… It’s most of a confessional, to keep myself accountable and potentially help any of you who might, in fact be poisoning themselves as well!

So tell me…

  • Since this is basically a CONFESSIONAL POST & VIDEO… How about you confess something?
  • What have you recently gotten out of your life that you’re thrilled about?
  • Who has made the biggest impact on your life thus far?
  • Spring cleaning… Have you gotten to it yet this year?
  • What is the hardest possession you’ve ever had to get rid of?

**PLEASE DO NOT base your self-worth off of SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS & NUMBERS!


  1. Everyone is fighting a hard battle (title of my next column), but yours has been much harder than most, GiGi! I’ve always been impressed with your courageous attitude and strong will.

    This may seem minor, but I had been taking this herbal pill everyday and choking in it. About two weeks ago I found another brand of the same thing and it is so much easier to swallow, yay!!

    Well, since we only have one day of spring here in Florida before summer, I missed spring cleaning, lol.

    Sorry about this, but I have made the biggest impact on my life, for good or ill.

    • Do tell me more about this HERBAL pill!?! 😉

      • It’s a Solaray product and their “cheap” capsule material would get stuck in my throat. Getting the same thing from Vitamin Shoppe solved the problem.

  2. Women don’t wear bras in winter? This is news to me! ha ha I did a bunch of :spring cleaning” in the winter, it feels good to get rid of useless crap that sticks around the house.

    • UGH! Can you come to my house and get rid of all the CRAPPPPPPPP please?!?!?!

    • OMG Jen, can you come to mine after GiGi’s

      Seriously Gal, you are winning okay so no more relapses. Your body is working with you, you just gotta talk to the man inside of you…huh did I just say that! Anyhooo yup Talk To you daily affirm your perfect health and addiction free life it is done. Heal thyself! And stop killing me with laughter, even when you are talking about something serious!

      • Ah ha ha ha ah! I just have a way with words? 😉 I try not to take ANYTHING toooooo seriously (even if it is serious) because I don’t like being sad or depressed or anything! hahaha! I will just continue to talk to the MAN in me? lol

    • I agree. Why don’t women wear bras in winter?

  3. I’ve come across GI doctors who love using Miralax and others who say it’s pretty much like poison. I’m really glad you’re no longer shackled to your apartment!

    • Around here it is often recommended. Not in massive amounts, though. In response to spring cleaning–moving generally takes care of that!

      • Oh no joke!!! This is why I have sort of PUT OFF spring cleaning, cause I know in the back of my mind, I am just going to be moving by the end of the year most likely! haha!

    • Thanks Farrah, I appreciate that :) and it’s so annoying all the difference of opinions in the world! UGH. Makes everything 100000000 x more confusing!

  4. I had to grin at all the different images that came to mind when I read your post. And the video? thank you for making my morning today!

  5. I’m a skeptic when it comes to pills and you post this right after I finished watching Perscription Thugs on Netflix.

  6. Wow. That’s crazy. I’ve been told by the doctor to give my boys Miralax on occasion for constipation…but I’ve stopped because I’ve heard so many bad stories. Yours just solidifies it. I’m glad you’re not shackled to your apartment anymore!

    • I have heard so many bad stories, but that never stopped me before – but since it has negatively affected me now, NEVER AGAIN!!

  7. As a nurse yes I’ve pushed Miralax on folks who have not have not had a BM in a few days but I personally don’t find it to be useful on a daily basis. I’m a big proponent of food as medicine and eating the right foods will (mostly) manage our bodies appropriately. There will always be some need for more aggressive intervention at times.

    Spring cleaning happening here today. Not me but my wife is beginning her KonMari method today. Should be interesting and I know it will overflow into the rest of us as well.

    Thanks for sharing your personal story, it helps others dealing with the same or similar issues.

    Confession: I haven’t made a number of amends to people that deserve it from me. Oh and pork products make me gassy.

    • LMFAO!!!!! Pork is gross, so I would associate it with GAS 😉 I am sure your wife LOVEEEEESSSSS when you eat bacon or pork chops, hahaha!

      And I agree, food as medicine for sure. And thankfully my diet has helped me with a lot of other issues, but THIS ISSUE is more than a food thing unfortunately. Too much fiber = DEADLY to me, which is odd, but true!

      Oh and lastly, I think for the next few weeks, EACH WEEK you should make amends with at least ONE old foe of yours!

      • Thankfully I eat very little meat and I almost never eat pork, bacon included. If it is in house it is for the girls and they eat it all.

        I think you are right. Some amends are long overdue and I need to jump on them and stop hiding behind “Do no harm”.

  8. I used to love keeping everything for “sentimental” reasons but most of the time there wasn’t anything significant about the things I was keeping. Now I relish in cleaning out my closet and the rest of my house every few months. If I don’t wear something in a season I know there’s no reason for me to keep it. It’s gotten easier to do as the years have gone on.

    • UGH I HEAR YOU! As I get older, I am tossing more and more things out without caring, as opposed to thinking, OH MAN I AM GOING TO NEED TO KNOW WHAT I DID 5 years ago ON THIS DAY, so I BETTER KEEP MY PLANNER. No. JUST NO. hahahahahaha!

  9. I listened to the whole thing! Ah, love. True love. If Cassidy vomited all over a hospital, yeah, I’d still love him. A lot.
    I’m always interested to hear about your journey, and of course, wanting a true cure, even if that doesn’t exist. Bye bye, Miralax!

    • THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO much for always supporting me Tamara!!!! And I totally bleeped out the bad word at the end JUST IN CASE my little lady friend was listening too! 😉

      And hey, love is certainly UNCONDITIONAL so I would EXPECT YOU to still love Cassidy!

  10. YIKES! I feel you on this, I was like this with tums!! So bad so bad. Glad you’re not hooked on that anymore! SUSHI is a much better thing to be hooked on and we are wayyyyyyyyy overdue on catching up!

    • TUMS huh!? Well I mean, they taste like CANDY so I can understand that!!

      Did they have any negative affects on you??

  11. I started spring cleaning last weekend. It was freakin exhausting but necessary. I almost don’t recognise the living room anymore since it’s so clean. Should probably vacuum a bit more often LOL
    I’m moving on to a wardrobe spring clean next…hopefully I get to it before spring actually ends.

    • Spring Cleaning could be an awesome work out for sure!!! I am sure there are work outs on YouTube that talk about squating as you get rid of old clothing from the closet! LOL!!!

  12. hahah omg that jacket is not real!! …. IS IT? I’ve had to part with many clothing items over my years of moving around. That’s always difficult to me. It’s hard being such a materialistic person 😉 😉

    • Would you like me to buy that jacket for you – so you can add it to your closet full of clothing you want to get RID of?!?! lol!

  13. You’re so badass you don’t even need major internal organs.

  14. I’ve stopped procrastinating as much as I used to. My productivity is up and my house is clean(er) than it used to be.

  15. Best part about winter – no bras :) I have four kids – I have to spring clean regularly otherwise our house looks like a tip from the local second hand store.

    I got rid of a really crappy boss a few weeks ago – its made it tough but I am still thrilled about it!


  16. So if I didn’t wear a bra I would probably give myself a black eye LOl. Oh I need someone to come spring clean for me

    • LMFAO!!!!!!! I JUST CRACKED UP! Would I sound like a perv if I ask you to post a video of this on YouTube. Yes. Yes I probably would! HAHAHAH! So no… I DIDNT ASK! LOL!

  17. I am not a pill lady my point of view is whenever feeling sick better go to the doctor and I have never tried miralax. I just add fiber to my diet and drink a lot of water and that works fine however I do not have any intestine issues.

    • The problem with me, is I cannot do fiber. Fiber kills me, so yeah, it’s tough for me… I am thrilled drinking a lot of water and fiber work for you though :)

  18. tara pittman says:

    I have not done spring cleaning this year. I am protesting it and it will be ok

  19. Spring cleaning, yeah been meaning to do that…for 3 years! Spring? One day I wear sandals one, one day a big jacket here :-( Phew never had Miralax in my life.

    • Ah ha ha! Well honestly, I kind of like that type of weather! I love the change up every day. Los Angeles is wonderful with nice weather all the time, but I do love seasons and RAIN!!

  20. To answer my questions:
    No confessions on my part lol
    I got a toxic job out of my life.
    Either my boyfriend or my mom for sure have have the biggest impact on my life. My bf taught me how to dream again and he is a huge reason I started my blog.
    I did my Spring Cleaning when I moved in November, I probably should get in the closet and get rid of some things.
    I can’t think of the hardest thing I had to give up. I did have my apartment broken into so all of that sucked lol
    I don’t think I have a Ben and Jerry’s favorite. I really like vanilla or cookies and cream.
    This whole hospital thing sounds horrible, I have digestive issues but this sounds like hell.

    • So I love your boyfriend. Can you give him a HUGE HUGE HUGE hug for me?!?! You’re lucky you have someone SOOOOO understanding in your life! :) He is a TOTAL KEEPER!!!

      And yes….. This can be hell, but I always look at the situation with a glass 1/2 full attitude!

  21. Lol… gigi this post sky rocketed in the very first few lines. Rest came flowing and was amaz8ng. Cleaning… noooo…. i have to start to throw off all clutters.

  22. Congratulations!! I know how addiction goes and that is fabulous that you came clean about it. And brave!
    I have never struggled with supplements but I did have a wicked diet coke addiction I broke about 6 years ago…

    • Oh man, DIET COKE is ROUGHHHH! My fiance had THE WORST ONE EVER when I met him! OH MAN. Luckily I have helped wean him off of his crazy addiction. Don’t get me wrong… When we are on “vacation” he goes for it, but he always asks for permission which is cute. LOL!

  23. First things first….Tonight Dough Ben & Jerrys or the new Oreo PB one that is dairy free.

    Okay now to the TMI!!! I’m a Miralax sister!!! I can’t believe 8 cap fulls!!! Bless your heart! I was at 2 and then was like this is getting ridiculous!

    I have IBS-C (lovely) and all my parts still (though my mom has no colon – so I don’t know if all my parts are quality lol). I was on Zelnorm until it was pulled from the market. Then Amitiza which made me sick as well…so I started making dietary changes including Miralax.

    One time during the 2 cap days – I ended up puking all over the place too! :( My poor boyfriend (now husband) witnessed it all….I guess that’s how we know we have good ones.

    Since I am still on my journey (minus Miralax) and have struggles but not as bad luckily. I had CVS (cyclic committing syndrome) as a kid and now perioral dermatitis (6 years now 😡) – so I know it’s something autoimmune…but I also think stress plays a HUGE role in mine too. Nervous little nelly here.

    Thanks for sharing your story – it really spoke to me and can definitely relate to the frustration.

    • IBS-C is my LIFE! **High Fives** LOL! And I was told about AMITIZA but I heard it made people feel sick, and uh, that’s what I am trying to GET RID OF in my life, so yeah… NO.

      So right now… I am seeing a doc and he prescribed me: Linzess. While not AMAZING – it also isn’t painful and doesn’t make me sick and as of the moment seems to be helping a little bit. I have only taken it for about 10 days at this point though, so who knows what it might be like for the long haul. I am scared my body is just going to get used to it and then I am going to started OD-ing on that too. UGH! WHY CANT OUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS JUST WORK! You would think that without a colon, I would be WOOOOOSHING through life LOL … Alas! ha! But I am thrilled that you and I could connect on this level! Feel free to email me anytime when you need to vent, cause it’s OBNIXOUS! And even though we have AMAZING MEN in our lives… Sometimes complaining to them just doesn’t sound like a good time!

  24. Your videos are always so much fun and informative at the same time! I am in the midst of spring clenaing and also going through our pantry at the same time. I am getting rid of pop and trying to limit our processed foods. I know I am a diet pop adict and it is a hard one to quit!!
    BTW- My favorite Ben and Jerry’s is cookie dough!

    • Ugh! Have you ever tried ZEVIA????? It’s THE BEST pop replacement! You can delicious flavor and carbonation without the crappy additives!!

      And oh man, B & J’s… MISS IT SO SO MUCH!

  25. Thanks for Vodka tip :) Now I know all :)

  26. OMERGAWSH – Girlyfriend – you have been “spring cleaned” from the inside! I feel for you – I couldn’t imagine going through all that you have as far as all the pricks and prods and surgeries and stomach issues! And WOA – I had no idea Miralax was so bad – actually, I’ve never taken Miralax ever but my parents gave me castor oil when I was younger – maybe if Miralax tasted like Castor oil you would be revolted by it and thus it will help you sever all ties with it pronto?
    PS (on a serious note) your “giraffe” sure sounds like a keeper and I wish you all the best in your battle – thank you for your transparency – gross or not, I <3 you lady!

    • THANK YOU. You really made me smile with this comment – I mean, I am always smiling – but you know, one of those heart-touched, sentimental smiles. Yeah, I am wearing one right now!

      If Miralax tasted like Castor Oil, that company would go under PRETTY QUICK! LOL!!!! So yeah, I don’t think they’re going to take your pitch 😉

  27. Last week I did some spring cleaning but I need to do more!

    • Ugh. It just NEVER ENDS – EVER!!! Stupid TARGET and it’s sexiness asking us to BUY EVERYTHING the second we even see it in the corner of our eyes!

  28. Wow…what an interesting post!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  29. My favorite form of spring cleaning is cleaning out my closet because it gives me room for more clothes 😉 And you’re hilarious!

  30. Ugh I can relate in so many ways with the whole bloated bump thing- why can’t I just have a flat belly like a normal human?! 😛

    • UGHHH RIGHT?!?!? Funnily enough, even “normal” humans have issues they’re battling with – they just don’t talk about them! lol

  31. Holy crap *pun intended?…* you have been through so much with your stomach and intestines, Gigi. I feel for you! I’m happy to see how positive you are about the whole experience, though. And I wish I didn’t have to wear bras in the summertime! Although I do admit, I frequently go braless with just a t-shirt on when I walk from my apartment to our apartment office to get the mail…Which is at least 1/5 mile from my apartment.

    • Ah ha ha! Oh man, you should see me when I get my mail in my apartment complex… Naked under my giraffe robe! AH HA HA HA AH AHA HA! 😉 I mean… We are still “at home”… Right?! And if a wardrobe malfunction happens, well, “YOU’RE WELCOME EVERYONE WHO SAW! You’re welcome!”

  32. Ugh, I agree with the above commenter who said you’ve been spring cleaned from the inside. So sorry to hear!

  33. I love that you share your experiences, GiGi! The information you share is so valuable and you do it in a way that drives it home. Great job! I will be cheering you all the way on your journey, friend!
    Biggest impact? The man of my dreams. He’s made me smarter, nicer, more patient and ummm…hotter, lol.
    PS. Calorie-free ice cream is what I need in my life!!

    • I like to drive things home….. LOL my mind obviously went to a naughty thought when I wrote that, COMMON GIGI get your mind out of that dang gutter – GROW UP! hahaha! But thank you for accepting this and cheering me on through this journey, I truly appreciate it!!

      And um, do you recall my ever talking about WINK FROZEN DESSERTS?? Well… That stuff is pretty much calorie free ice cream if you ask me!! <3

  34. We have started Spring cleaning, but still a ways away from finishing. Maybe by next Spring.

  35. There are so many better ways to spring clean your system, glad you have stopped poisoning yourself!

  36. I suppose I shall comment on this!! I always forget that replying to you via text is not the same as leaving an actual comment! Loved this, very raw, but fun at the same time. Perfect balance. You know what I’m working on purging from my life, and my confession for you is that I often wish I could live in a tree to fling poop at people.

    • Um……… We can arrange for you to live in a tree house. In fact, I do believe HGTV is casting a show for people who want to live in tree houses… Not sure that poop slinging is a part of the casting notice, however, it would make for quite the interesting episode.

      AND DUH. I would tune in.

  37. wow…i am sure this will help many many people.

  38. Gigi – I’m in such shock. Even pediatricians recommend Miralax! I always had a weird feeling about it though and after watching this video I will definitely walk to other way when I see a bottle of Miralax. But seriously, thanks for being so open about such a sensitive topic. Clearly this is not easy to talk about but you almost made this a stand-up comedy. Thanks for sharing your story. You are are such a hero and great role model!
    Pinning and stumbling!

    • Isn’t is crazy? I mean, obviously they’re not telling their patients to OD on it, but it certainly becomes a dependency type of thing, especially if you struggle on the regular with my issue! I highly recommend you find another avenue to take if you ever suffer from digestive woes!!! And thank you for being so supportive!

  39. Well I know glycol is a component in anti freeze so ingesting it is a no no. The only medication I will take is when I get Lyme I’ve had it 8 times. Instead of saying oh poor me you push on and find the good in it. I’m glad you have a positive person in your life that helps you build the confidence to fight through it. Ok now for the Fresh Prince thing what’s going on with that ?? and sounds like Brittany needs a vacation again.

    • OH Fresh Prince, Mr. Giraffe/ The Captain and I all played GOLF TOGETHER on Saturday!!!!!! All by happenstance! It was AWESOME!! 😀

  40. I take the medications that are absolutely necessary, even painkillers are not on that list. Miralax or anything like that would most definitely not pass my lips. Not a health freak or anything but there are so many natural ways of achieving the same result…a seat on the throne. Thanks for sharing this GiGi. :)

    • I do NOT and will not EVER take pain meds! NOPE! I hate antibioics too, so why I got sooooo obsessed with Miralax is beyond me! Even when it was causing me so much pain and sickness! :(

      I need to get me one of those Squatty Potties – hahahahahaha! Have you ever seen that AD?

  41. I love that even with this story you make the whole mood so lighthearted and positive–your energy is contagious!! I just try to eat whole foods, drink plenty of water and try to destress as much as possible if my digestion is acting a little wonky! Good luck Gigi!

    • YES! Destresses is essential! People tend to not realize that stress can play a HUGE HUGE HUGE role in digestive issues, all the way to ULCERS! It’s crazy! We all just need to take deep breaths and realize that life is WAY TOO SHORT to stress out! It will work out in the end!!

  42. Oh, girl! I totally feel you on the digestive woes. My digestive system SUCKED for so many years and I was told I’d always have problems too. Everything they prescribed made everything worse and it wasn’t until I listened to my body and did my own thing (and let acupuncturists stick all the needles in me) that things got better!

    • ACUPUNCTURE!!! So you believe in it huh? I have heard A LOT about it…. A LOT! But I haven’t tried it!

      • YES! I was totally sceptical at first (I tried it only because they were offering a free trial for chinese new year hahaha) but I cannot believe how well it worked. I didn’t even have it for digestive issues originally as I was having circulation issues, however, they worked out that the circulation issues were linked to my digestive issues and focused on that and everything changed.

        It sounds like some weird acupuncture society is paying me to say it but you seriously need to give it a try! I tried pretty much EVERYTHING and that’s the only thing that worked!

        • Strangely enough, everything is linked to digestion – everything happens in your gut, which is why I have been affected negatively over the past 923489294832 years – ha (yep, I am old). Initially, Miralax works like a CHAMP but then it starts to get lazy! I am glad you’re not addicted to it like I was.

          And now… I am going to look into acupuncture! hahaha! I don’t think they’re paying you, I definitely have things in my life that I promote like CRAZY for free, so I get it! LOL! I will report back! 😉

  43. Elizabeth O. says:

    Spring cleaning will always be one of the most stressful days of my life but the most rewarding too. And somehow, I still end up finding things that I should’ve thrown away years ago. Weird. That video was wicked!

    • UGH! RIGHT?!?!?!? I feel like it just NEVER EVER ENDS!! Ha! I throw so much out, get so happy and then the next day I am like, WAIT A SECOND…… It still feels STUFFY in here! LOL!

  44. I’ve been on a crazy spring cleaning kick! The closet has been getting a huge overhaul! Glad you discovered the source of some woes!

  45. I have been spring cleaning for weeks! I hate this chore, so it takes me a lot of time to finish it. I love the video.

    • You’re done by fall and then…… All the stuff starts piling up again because you start receiving holiday gifts! HA HA!

  46. well. I think I’m going to do spring cleaning on the medicine cabinet and throw away the miralax. Ouch!

  47. Lexie Lane says:

    Thankfully, I seldom eat meat. Lol. I am with you on cleaning. I hope someone will come over and clean the house for me.

  48. You mean I could have gone through the whole of winter without wearing a bra? Where was THAT memo?
    Now that I am pregnant, I am finding any excuse not to wear a bra haha.

    • Ah ha ha! Pregnant women don’t have to wear bras! They can rest their ladies on their stomachs… Right? lol

  49. Haha, you’ve picked the right pictures to make my day. Spring cleaning’s usually not my cup of tea, it just reminds me of a time when I would use the situation out of frustration. And what was I frustrated about? A friend that became my worst enemy!

  50. This is such a fun post. I love the vodka story! We should stay away from Miralax.

  51. Great post! I love your sense of humor! I will definitely be back to read more!

    • Thank you! :) Even serious subject matters are spun to be light-hearted in my life… You can’t always take everything so seriously

  52. Melissa says:

    Ok – I’ll confess something too! I HATE spring cleaning. I hate cleaning in general. The moment I’m done grad school and have real money I will pay someone to clean for me. No shame. Why bother when I do a bad job anyways haha

    • Ah ha ha ha ha truth! I will confess that I have someone clean my home 1 time a month, but it’s not a spring cleaning thing… They can’t go through my closet and just throw away clothing they don’t like – ha!

  53. You mean Ben and Jerry’s isn’t calorie free? And doesn’t cure cancer? Life isn’t fair, is it? Fun video. And I want a shark hat!

    • AH HA HA AH! If you didn’t know B & J’s wasn’t calorie free….. Then you should probably be 10,000 pounds! LMFAO!!!

  54. I have so many digestive issues I totally feel you I am glad you are okay and figured out whats was going on. I am listening to a podcast right now about new development in GERD which I’ve suffered from FOREVER. The digestive struggle is SO real

    • WHAT ARE YOU learning from this podcast?! I would love to know :) My mom has sent me some AMAZING podcasts about leaky guts and what not!

  55. The hardest possession would be anything that I collect, I love collecting board games, old cameras and Magic the Gathering Cards but sometimes when they become really expensive because of time and rarity its a hard decision to sell it or keep it. Like yesterday a sold once piece of card for $350 and it was hard to let go, thinking I should not have done that but yes I sold it after keeping it for 20 years and I acquired it for only $10 during those times.

    • OH WOW! That is INCREDIBLE! Do you feel like if you kept the card for another year + you would have been able to make more? I think you made a SOUND decision to sell it! $350 for one card is awesome… You made $340 off of it – GAH! You did well Raymund, YOU DID WELL! I am sure you have other cards that are rather valuable as well!

  56. Girl, your story is so intense. I’m so sorry to hear that you had to have your large intestine removed and that it didn’t fix everything. That’s crazy! And the dependence on Miralax had to be so difficult to break. I’m so impressed with you! I feel like that would be a hard thing to break both physically and mentally. So glad you have supportive people in your life to help keep you accountable! So this is probably a TMI sort of question (but you started it 😛 ) do you have a method that helps keep you regular now?

    • I am currently on the hunt for this method to be honest… I recently started seeing a new doctor who has prescribed me a pill that I have since been on for about 9 or 10 days at this point… He gave me 16 pills so we shall see. So far the pill is interesting. It doesn’t make me sick, I actually feel normal, which is great… And it’s helping to some degree, which is also great!! WOO WOO! I think in a few months from now, I may do a follow up post/video because I mean… I KNOW EVERYONE IS SOOOOO curious about my regularity now, right?! LOL!!

  57. OMGiGi. Seriously, I know we’ve talked and you’ve shared online before but I didn’t know exactly what happened with your intestine. That is awful. That doctor: super shady.
    So. My confessions:
    1. I had more of a winter cleaning when we moved. I’m about 1200 square feet lighter. Minus my workout clothes and summer shirts :/
    2. Cutting out wheat or gluten or whatever made the biggest difference on my digestion and stomach aches. Drinking coffee is helpful to me too. I can eat *some* gluten now and then and my body tolerates it ok but I can’t have it multiple days in a row or I get sick. Also, I do better with cake flour and I couldn’t figure out why, but I learned that it has less gluten in it (thank you Julia Child.)
    3. Not a confession but I used to work with a dietician and she would sometimes recommend Miralax for the kiddos we saw, with a strong warning that it should not be used regularly (ha!) And I often worked with families with children already taking Miralax every day and needing to increase it because it stopped working. It’s awful.
    Anyway, that’s my story. Glad you shared yours 😀 See you again soon!!

    • AH HA HA HA HA HA! Julia Child is quite the “healthy food” educator! 😉 I am glad you have found what works for you though, after much trial and error!

      And SEE!! Perfect example right there! Miralax is a ADDICTIVE substance that needs to NOT be OD-ed!! Man, if I started using it when I was a kid, I could only imagine how much WORSE I would be right now!! GAH! 😮

  58. Peeing standing up is just too much hassle. You see I’d always forget to put the toilet seat back down and Lady Lynne would moan at me constantly. So now I sit down. Just thought you’d like to know as I wouldn’t want you to stereotype all guys into that “standing up peeing” category. Lol. Have you trained your man to do the same yet? 😉

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is hysterical!!! I honestly don’t get bothered if the seat is up… I just slam it down, ha! That being said, I do believe Mr. Fiance was “trained” very well when he was younger! His parents raised him right!

  59. Yay for spring! That video is so much fun. And this is a beautiful post! You are such a pretty girl with some great sense of humor! Happy weekend! :)

  60. If you leave that dude a flaming bag of dog poo… please let me come and film it.

    And spring cleaning?! HA! I have a dude that comes to do that for me 2x a month.

    • YOU ARE 100% invited! LOL!!!

      And um, I need a dude to come 2x a month, 1x is just not enough for me… Cause I get lazier (when it comes to cleaning) every day! LOL!

  61. Hi GiGi! I’m happy you figured out that Miralax is not good for you. I used to have constipation issues years back but ever since I began taking Flaxseed oil capsules I haven’t had a problem. The combination of drinking a tall glass of water (room temp.) with the juice of 1/2 a lemon, 8 (8 oz.) glasses of water a day, and flaxseed oil capsules took care of most of my digestion issues. I hope you find that combination of things that will help you. 😀

    • I am THRILLED you found what works for you!!!! I love flaxseed but never thought about pills. I know eating massive amounts makes me insanely bloated and causes pain, but maybe pills are a different story…. Hmmmmmm!!! Ideas swirling in my head! THANK YOU Vashti!

  62. Thanks for sharing your post with us as #CCBG Creatively Crafty Link Party http://tryit-likeit.com/entries/link-party

  63. Wearing bras? What? Who made these spring rules?! Luckily, I have finished up my spring cleaning and now that it’s done, it’s time to start making my way around the rooms again because where I started spring cleaning is already pretty gross again.

    • HOW ANNOYING IS THAT?! I feel like the SECOND I purge of things….. Other stuff starts CREEPING IN!

  64. Oh my goodness – WOW!! I think breaking up with Miralax was clearly the best decision ever! (Bye bye 8 scoops, hello freedom!).

  65. Honestly, I just ended a friendship someone who has always been a negative Nancy in my circle and it felt good. Negativity has no place around me. You control what’s around you so I chucked that friendship and moved forward.

    Kia / KTS

    • I just ended one yesterday. She doesn’t really know it, but she FLAKED on me for the umpteenth time and I am just NOT okay with that. Cancel plans if you need to, sure. But not 10 minutes before every time. So you gotta do what you gotta do!!

  66. Freeeeeaking Miralax…I definitely relate to so much of this. I used to get so anxious when I wasn’t home to take mine also and literally walked around feeling like a preggo ogre days and nights. I’m so glad you’ve broken up with Miralax for good (me too!) and gah loving your vids!

  67. That shark hat reminds me these adorable shark slippers and shark bowl I got for my friend for Xmas. Haha.

    Had to read up on MiraLax and noticed that apparently the FDA says it can contribute to neurologic disorder development, in addition to its damaging effects on the digestive system. How on earth did this drug even get approval in the first place??

  68. Informative! I have used Mirlax before and glad I don’t anymore! Love the information , especially the way you delivered it!

    • Thanks lady!! I am going to help you when you make your first video… But first – SHAWARMA! 😀 😀 😀

  69. Wow, that was eye opening!!! I’m sooooo glad you figured out that Miralax was poison. Sooooo freaky! I used to take 1/2 a Unisom to help me get to sleep sometimes and I realized after a few weeks that my body had become dependent on it! It was freaky. I don’t touch the stuff now!!!

    • GOOD! I AM THRILLED you won’t touch the stuff!!! Our bodies are SMART and they will get used to EVERYTHING we continue to ingest… Typically not in POSTIVE ways :(

  70. Thanks for the entertainment and the truth about Miralax. So sorry for your continued struggles, but you’re the girl who can find a way and keep positive and encourage all the rest.

    Keep at it girl your the greatest.

    • I certainly hope so! :) I try my best… I try and let my struggles inspire others! Thanks for stopping by Kathleen, and showing your support!

  71. Hi Gigi,
    I am so sorry. When I responded LOL to your telling me your latest headline was you were poisoning yourself, I didn’t mean to be insensitive. I thought you were kidding.

    • Oh no, not incentive at all! I mean, my situation is in fact almost comical because I knew I was poisoning myself, yet STILL doing it!!

  72. Hi Gigi,
    Forgive but you are crazy – I mean that in the nicest way possible. You always make me laugh when I read your posts. I have heard of Mirrorlac or whatever it is called but I never use anything like that due to my food allergies and sensitivities. I have found that you can get depended on almost any laxative even natural ones like Senna tea. it is a good laxative but you shouldn’t use it every day only occasionally. I am really sorry to hear that you had all those physical problems and as far as doctors goes I have found you must do what you know is right and listen to what your body is telling you. Glad things are getting better for you Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

    • I take being called crazy as a HUGE COMPLIMENT! Because I honestly feel like if you’re not at least a little crazy – then well, you’re just plain boring, ha ha ha! I am glad I can make you laugh 😉 I always try to put a smile on people’s faces because I mean, smiling is the best – and always makes you feel better about everything! Seriously, if you’re having a bad day, and you smile at yourself in the mirror, you instantly feel happier!! So when I have a terrible stomach ache, I just smile as much as possible, which helps at least a little bit! ha.

      THANK YOU for sharing my experience with Miralax with others too, hopefully it will help others potentially find some relief as well.

  73. You are hysterical. I love your realness. Sorry about the health issues you have had to endure but I love your comically funny, bright PSA about it. Love following your blog.

    • Thanks Melissa! I try to make light of EVERY situation whether it be negative or positive! 😉 I am glad you appreciate that!! Life is way too short to be depressed about everything all the time!

  74. I’m not confessing anything! I swear, I’m completely blameless!

  75. Talking about bras – this my THING. I have tons of different bras. All colors, all shapes. Almost like a different bra for eat shirt or dress LOL
    Soooooooo – in order to make some room for new ones, I threw away – right to the trash some old ones (old means more than a 6-7 months)
    And today I just got a new one pink-one :)

    • Oh I am terrible at that. I need to get into my closet RIGHT NOW and discard everything. I can manage to do it, and then I put the clothing in my car and then….. It sits in my car FOREVER!!!! ah ha ha ha ha ha!

  76. Oh what fun it is to read and view your wonderful posts and videos! Thank you for once again delighting us by sharing your life and candid insights with us at the Healthy Happy Green & Natural Party. I’m Pinning and sharing this!

  77. Not wearing bras in the winter? That’s the first I’ve heard of this.

  78. My sister’s dog also had what Marley had — that stomach flipping thing. Nice take on “Spring Cleaning” here. I have found that probiotics keep things moving nicely for me. And that’s all I will share about my bowels here. I like to keep an air of mystery. :)

  79. Spring cleaning….I’ve been getting into it! Last week I completely re-did our bathroom, and that felt amazing. Today I think I’m going to clean out the “Junk drawer..” Ugh!

  80. So basically your stomach thought you were a cute Labrador retriever? That’s really strange. Terrible all the shit (pun intended) you’ve had to deal with and it totally sucks. Glad you got off that miralax crap though. My confession is I love sharks and I would wear that shark hat every day if I owned it. Also, my favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is Boom Chocolatta. Man, I love that stuff. Unfortunately I’m not eating it lately because I’m eating super duper clean and I omitted dairy from my diet…and potato chips…and all wheat products…and sugar…boooooooooooo. The good news is I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time so going to continue my clean eating and walk on by Ben & Jerry’s 😉

    • I am surprise my stomach doesn’t bark…. Oh wait. YES IT DOES! LOL!!!

      And wait. YOU LOVE SHARKS?! I AM PETRIFIED OF THEM!!!!!!! GAH! Do you want to go swim in the ocean and pet one? THAT is what I have nightmares about, lol!

      So do tell – how’s life with out all those foods?

  81. You are so amazing! As you know & we chatted about, I have the same issues as you with the pregnant tummy although nobody ever believes me & at night,the worst! I think I mentioned I have been using beet powder in water to drink to help me poop BUT in general, all this stuff gets worse with age. Did I miss what you’re doing now? The washer was going & I am old & hard of hearing so I might have missed what you do now. :)

    I so need to declutter!!! I hope to move in the future & that will make me do that. Locally, not far away! My sis said she would help us with moving costs.

    LOve you GiGi!!!!

    • You did not miss what I am doing now because I just started something new and it’s TBD as to whether or not it will help! ha ha! Today I haven’t been feeling good, but I think it’s an ALL OVER BODY thing (aka, sore throat, etc).

      And you’re right – NO ONE BELIEVES!!! L tells me it’s in my head (my bloatedness) but ugh, I FEEL IT!! At least he’s “blind” to it though, that’s nice! 😉

      MOVING helps declutter… Perhaps that’s why I am procrastinating and not doing much… Cause I know I am going to be moving soon? lol

  82. ha ha, your posts are so witty and lighthearted. Love them. I’m half thinking of sending you a shark hat in teh post lol.

  83. Girl, SERIOUSLY. Your videos are SO AWESOME, so funny, so relatable, and so stinkin’ cute. So I have problems with “slow motility” too. Granted, I still have all of my intestines, but I’ll tell you that I can relate (in a minor way) to your hard-to-poop journey. The best solutions for me have been: removing most grains (gluten containing grains fo’ sho’), eating iceburg lettuce daily (ha!!! the generic-seeming crappy lettuce that I used to laugh at — stating that it had “no nutritional value” — well, maybe it doesn’t, but it has poop-producing value), cleansing from the inside out with Zendocrine and/or lemon essential oils, and doing daily hip circles. Every day. 50 of ’em.

    And I agree… Miralax is not a good thing… Not a good thing at all.

    • # 1 – THANK YOU FOR THAT. I appreciate that. Relatable content that also make people laugh = my goal 😉 And I mean, who hasn’t had a hard time… On the toilet? LMFAO!

      # 2 – Zero grains in my diet, which helps for sure.

      # 3 – I friggin’ ADORE iceburg lettuce…. He he he! I eat tons of spinach, but perhaps should bring more ice burg into my life, love the crispiness…

      # 4 – Need to look into zendocrine…

      # 5 – Hip circles huh?!?! Is that another name for something else? teeee he he eh ehe he! If so, I have ZERO problem doing them on the daily! AH HA HA!

  84. Sorry you had to go through all that! It sounds awful. :( I’ve had my fair share (or rather, unfair) of digestive issues, but never had anyone tell me to take that nasty stuff. Glad you’re off it for good!

    Thanks for sharing this at Savoring Saturdays, GiGi!

    • How do you handle your digestive issues Raia?!

      • Sleeeeeep them off and drown my problems in dairy-free dark chocolate. :p They’ve gotten a LOT better since I did the GAPS diet. Adding in fermented stuff at pretty much every meal seems to help, too.

  85. Such a honest, thought-provoking post! Thank you for sharing your wit with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

  86. Love the information given in this post :-) Love watching your videos and I am not gonna miss any. Have great weekend!

  87. wow, this is quite a story!
    I have not heard of the medication, and sure as hell not going to have any of it in the future.
    I am currently battling cancer, and I am sure I will be thrilled when I get cleared.

    • Battling cancer? Well, my story sounds pathetic in comparison. I really hope you’re doing alright and fighting hard core!! I cannot wait until you get cleared too!! :)

  88. Oh wow! I had no idea you had struggles like this. I always kind of picture you as this perfect, happy chica. I really appreciate that you shared this with us.
    To be honest, I have never heard of Miralax. I will definitely steer clear. I am one of those lucky people that doesn’t really contend with digestive issues. I used to have a ton of constipation for a really long time as I really enjoyed eating the Standard American Diet, but since going vegan and just eating healthier in general, everything’s groovy down there for the most part 😉
    My confession is that I had treatment for an eating disorder and although my treatment is finished, I still really struggle with balance with food & exercise and trying to love my body.

    • You know. I am thrilled you see me (or saw?) as the HAPPY person, because I truly am. Sure, I have difficulties, but so does everyone! I just decided to share this because, well, I mean, a lot of people have these types of issues and they’re too scared or embarrassed to talk about them – so let me just step up to the plate! LOL!

      Oh and I know for sure that even if you have overcome your eating disorder – it will forever be a lifelong battle! Keep on fighting though Kimmy!! You’re killing 😉

  89. Ahhh! I’m in that trap now! My gyno told me to start taking it after I couldn’t crap after having Kara. I’ve been taking it for almost 3 months now. Not.Good. Guess I need to stop that and start drinking kombucha or something more natural. Thanks for sharing. I love your openness…

    • STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Email me, we can discuss. gigieatscelebrities at gmail

  90. OMG you are so right about Miralax. I had to take this after the birth of my second son and I don’t think my system has been the same since! This is my first time visiting your site. Nice job.