Not So Naughty, Frosted Mini Shepherd’s Pies

Frosty… The snow man… Was a jolly, happy… soul.

GiGi Dubois as Santa Claus

Oh wait, WRONG HOLIDAY! My bad!

My brain just went on a tangent because the recipe that Tara and I have created for all of you this week, includes some FROST ACTION

Shepherd's Pie

Frost… Frosty… Common, you can’t tell me your brain doesn’t travel to the North Pole when you think of that word.

However, the second you start watching the latest Saint Patrick’s Day themed video featuring Tara and I

GiGi and Tara celebrate St. Patrick's Day

By the way, You will have to vote on whether or not you like the new name we gave ourselves…

Your brains (BRAINS! BRAINS! Ha, that sounds weird) will most likely travel by multi colored unicorn to the end of a rainbow, where you will be greeted by Leprechauns dancing Irish jigs atop pots of gold while throwing back frothy green beer and stuffing their traps full of our Shepherd’s Pie creation!

GiGi and Tara Hold Up Frosted Shepherd's Pies

Or maybe we will take you on a mind-cation to Papua New Guinea, where wild boar roam freely…..

Wild Boar

O….KAY…. You know what? I will just let you see for yourself!

Hopefully we at least take your taste buds to the kitchen with our latest pièce de résistance… Oh wait, that was French…

With our sárshaothar!! 

Wild Boar Shepherd's Pie frosted with cauliflower

Wild Boar Shepherd’s Pie with Cauliflower “Frosting”

To make this magical “potluck”… Click here for instructions!

Creepy Irish GiGi


  • Do you have a lucky charm? If so, what is it?
  • What is the most exotic meat you’ve ever eaten? (Veggies – what is the most exotic FOOD you’ve ever had?)
  • Would you walk out in public with Shamrock nipple covers on? Ah ha ha!
  • Have you ever had Shepherd’s Pie before?
  • If you were to find the end of a rainbow, what would you hope to discover there?
  • Who is now going to sing Christmas songs for the rest of the day?
  • Do you consider Lucky the Leprechaun a celebrity? (The Lucky Charms cartoon character)
  • How cool would this movie be: a movie featuring ALL of the cartoon characters featured on cereals! OH MAN, I need to start writing the screen play ASAP – who wants in on this MAGICAL project!?

Announcement: This Friday… I WILL be posting a SPECIAL GiGi Eats Video/Blog Post! Come on by for a BITE!

Announcement # 2: I would truly appreciate if you’d support my latest venture: GOSSIPER

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  2. WHAT!! Wild boar? That is TOO COOL. I have never had that before but would totally be down for trying it.
    I come from a family of hunters (bird hunters mainly) so I’ve had just about every bird out there… dove, quail, duck, I think even mallard. Some wild rabbit was passed my lips, along with fried alligator at Bass Pro Shop years ago lol. I like wild game WAY better than store bought stuff. 😉

    • Oh I could NOT agree more! Wild game is where it’s AT! What’s your favorite bird?? I haven’t really explored that world quite yet, but I am thinking a need to because I definitely get pregnancy-like cravings for chicken, LOL!

  3. Umm this is awesomeness – I’m sooo making this over the weekend. Ha, meal planning: check! Thanks girl how about next week you plan all my meals because i’m lazy. :) Have a great one GiGI! -Iva

    • WAHOO! I cannot wait to hear the full report as to whether or not you liked this recipe – however I have a hard time believing that you’d hate it!!

      And okay… Next week your dinner meal plan =
      Monday: Grilled Salmon and Asparagus with Lentils drizzled in olive oil
      Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas
      Wednesday: My mini meatloaves I made a few months ago for Dude Food
      Thursday: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Middle Eastern Turkey Burgers (on the blog too)
      Friday: SUGAR COOKIES! LMFAO!!!

      How does that sound?

      • Woohoo I’ll let you know if I messed it up or not 😉 I’m down for chicken fajitas, turkey burgers, and always sugar cookies. I just devoured a pack this week that my coworkers wife made for me. YUM!!! Thanks for the suggestion love! You’re quick 😛

  4. I’ve never had shepherd’s pie but anything with cauliflower frosting has GOT to be good! And yes, Lucky=total celeb.

    • Oh wild boar is on a whole other level. It’s a red meat. It tastes far more like a burger than chicken, but it’s sweet. I would say it’s a mix between beef, bison and ostrich, however, you may not have ever had ostrich before! LOL

  5. Pharrell Williams’ hat has nothing on yours!

    Great recipe! Something I’ve never had! We have wild pigs in the area. They’re just too cute to use. Think Babe but a dark brown.

    I have a lucky stone that a white witch gave me just before my medical boards and I passed :-)

    I tasted lion once and it was terrible.

    My rainbow is the “pilot’s halo!” (Google it) Shows that it is indeed the glory of the journey that is the most important thing!

    • I’ve heard lion is NOT good! I wonder why so many people kill the cat for meat then! Weird.

      And OF COURSE you have met a witch before, LMFAO! Do you have a BOOK Dr. J?! I mean, if you don’t you seriously NEED ONE – for all of your stories!

    • I cannot wait to hear the full review!! :) It is quite MOUTH PLEASING! And eating left overs the following day – Not disappointing AT ALL!

  6. My good luck charm is actually a huge meteorite that fell from the sky…except it turned out to be a big old hard pile of poop….oh wait, that’s actually from Joe Dirt, my bad! :)

    • BAH HA HA HA HA HA!! Good thing I have SEEN that movie! 😉

      Makes me want to watch it as I eat my mini cakes! lol

  7. Well well lassie’s you look magical delicious !!!! we need some new talent for the next run of
    ” Mc Knob’s Lucky Adventures” :) I’m all for this recipe readily available ingredients and easy to put together. Never had a lucky charm and by all means I’ll wear the Shamy nipple protectors out and about. At the end of my rainbow would be a 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda, the holiest of holy’s for a car buff. Oh yeah you lady’s will need your Shamrock covers and Tara must bring the antenna’s for the audition’s. You both should go around shopping with those outfits on and promote your blogs.

    • LMFAO – loving the monkier, 😉

      Oh and don’t you worry Shillelagh, Tara and I go out in far more revealing outfits to promote our blogs, LOL!!

      Can’t wait to hear what you think of THIS recipe. Can you get wild boar where you are?

      • A friend went hunting in TX. and brought back a fair amount, by the way your idea is really good especially if the copyright holders gave you a release to use the characters. There has been many and would really be a novel idea but it need’s bunny’s to :)

        • If you’re questioning the originality of this recipe, it’s 100% Tara and my creation! :)

          But actually I do know what you’re saying 😉 I think we would need some bunnies, it would CERTAINLY WORK !

          • No I was talking about your cereal character idea, I mixed two different things together in one sentence. I actually told my neighbor about this recipe a little while ago, he has a freezer full of venison and is going to try it.

  8. Love the Nicely Naughty girls – catchy!!!
    Ummm……I’m digging the shamrock nipple covers – maybe I should try to get some before Monday – don’t want to be without my green!!!

  9. Love the placement of your shamrocks. I haven’t a clue where I would begin to find wild boar in this neck of the woods!? People look at me oddly when I ask for buffalo meat!! Clearly, I live in the wrong state!!

    • Do you have a Sprouts near you? Maybe not. All else fails, just use some bison when you can find it… Or some ground grass-fed beef (if you can find that)!! Or… You can use the good ol’ ground turkey and/or chicken!

  10. haha!! Yes to shamrock nipple tassels. (tassles?) Totally.
    The most exotic meat I’ve ever had..I fear it was liver, maybe? Duck liver? I don’t know! I am not a very adventurous eater.
    My lucky charm is these rainbow shamrock socks I have that say, “My Lucky Socks.” I wear them on scary jobs, on flights and to the dentist. Works like a charm!

    • I think one night you should make this recipe while wearing nipple shamrock tassels and your lucky socks….. Make sure the kids are at your parent’s house that evening, LOL!!!!!!! Your husband would very much enjoy this I am sure. OKAY this comment just got XXXXXXX rated!

  11. What a great idea using cauliflower that way!! For a little more creaminess, you could add in some cashew flour too; it would totally work in this recipe!!

    Hmm… Reindeer meat, I think. I had a couple of pounds of reindeer that I made into amazing steaks! Loved it!! After that, I’ve sampled the gammit at the Bareburger joints; they have all sorts of fun things!
    Shamrock nipple covers? Yeah, I’d totally rock those puppies!! Maybe I should do a Paddy’s Day race with some of those one of these days… That could be a lot of fun!

    • Isn’t reindeer just ELK? Then when you think about it, it’s not that exotic? LOL. Okay, I just bursted your cool meat bubble, I’m sorry. It still is FLIPPING PHENOMENAL!

      And wait? You wouldn’t rock those Shamrock nipple tassels at church?

      • Of course I would!! I subscribe to the Buddhist theory of “somewhere in the middle.” As that pertains to this, I figure it’s appropriate to consider the two states of clothing: naked, and ski-gear. Half-way between those? Obviously shamrock nipple-tassles!
        My only question is this: since it’s so obvious that shamrock nipple tassles are “the middle way” – why aren’t they selling like hot-cakes in Asia?

    • LMFAO! Lets have a British Dinner party – the second you step into my house, you have to talk with an accent, and the first person who gets out of accent, has to do ALL THE DISHES! 😉

  12. Whoaaa wild boar? That’s a little intimidating! haha the weirdest meat I’ve ever eaten is probably turtle meat. I had turtle soup….typing that out now just sounds wrong. I’ve actually never had Shepherd’s Pie before but it looks like some great comfort food. And Shamrock nipple covers? Uh I’m running the Shamrock Shuffle in a few weeks that sounds like the perfect costume (jokkkkkes…1) it’s too cold and 2) just NO haha)

    • LMFAO! Just no? Seriously? Well where is this Shamrock Shuffle. I think I might have to come cheer you on as I wear nipple shamrocks – while waving wild board shpherd’s pie around! LOL!

      What on earth does TURTLE taste like?

  13. Oh hang on, let me go see if I still have my wild boar in the freezer. HAHA WHHYY did you just happen to have that on hand!?!?! I love your shamrocks…so scandalous. YAY you went with the name, cute. I dig it. If I weren’t a vegan, I would totally add cheese too..good call Tara.

    • LOL! You NAUGHTY NAUGHTY girl you. Since you’re so naughty, I will be saving the shamrocks for when you come to visit……………… Venice Beach here we come!

  14. only time we’ve had wild boar is when we were traveling in Italy during college, remembering liking it 😉
    and love the hat! such a hottie :)

  15. Ha. I don’t have any boars. . I think of boars as pigs! haha. I am mainly veggie and the most exotic thing I’ve eaten is probably…I don’t know? I remember my grandma making turtle soup once when I was little. Then again, I didn’t know there was turtle in the soup until my parents told me later on! As for fruits or veggies, I ate a lot of exotic fruit in China, if that counts.

    • Turtle Soup huh?!?! I have NEVER had turtle! I am intrigued! 😉

      And of course EXOTIC fruit in China counts! I have been to China and that fruit creeps me out… And some smell REALLY REALLY bad! LOL!

  16. The recipe looks great and I almost died with the mention of Colin Ferrell’s “meat muffin” – seriously, crying as I type! :) Thanks so much for linking up with us again!!

  17. My father served me Wild Boar when I was in my 20’s–he and his buddies went out on one of the Islands and hunted (sad face) anyway, he served some sort of Boar Bolognese- GiGi, it had wirey hair in it.. I choked, and was pulling long threads from my throat- it was like some sort of mid evil torture. So while these do sound divine, I think I’ll use grass fed beef for fear of reliving my past. It’s a family joke, we love to retell the Boar story, so it was worth the torture.

    • OMFG OMFG OMFG!!! I would be completely RUINED from Wild Boar if I experienced the same thing you did! I am gagging over here. OMG! Please do use grass-fed beef, or even elk or venison if you can find them! Please don’t ever ever ever choke on wild boar hair EVER AGAIN!

      It would make a really weird tombstone sentence: Died by the hair of a boar.

      OKAY MORBIB! Stay away from the boar Lisa! lol

  18. Love shepherd’s pies. I do mine with sweet potato or butternut squash ‘frosting’ – yours look very good.

    Have a LEAN GREEN Saint Patrick’s Day and do some more o’ that jig!

  19. What a fun post! I can say that I have never eaten wild boar before but you never really know as I do live in Hong Kong. In the New Territories, wild boar run free it could end up in a soup or dim sum. I love the idea of the cauliflower mash topping. Great low carb dish. Take Care, BAM

    • That’s so interesting! Wild boar just running around like squirrels do in the US. ha! Are they as mean as I have read?

  20. YUMMMMMM!!!! The minute I get a stick blender, I am making this because I need something to mash them taters, cauliflower and white magic.

    Dude, I am a meat eater of adventure- kangaroo is on my constant rotation. You’d love it.

    • I want to try Kangaroo so badly! It’s definitely NOT readily available here in the US though……… And I ain’t paying $500 for shipping costs to get that hopping “beast” on to my dinner plate! 😉

    • Thank you Coco! Green actually is my favorite color, I need to have more green shirts, that was my only one and if you can believe it, I’ve had that T-Shirt since….. 4th grade!!!

  21. I am English, of course I have had Shepherds pie 😛 In England, we have those once a week or so! I am sure the Irish do even more! I love it, and have tried many variations since moving to the states, but now I have a new one. It is kind of creeping me out to call it frosting though haha.

    Have a wonderful St. Patricks Day! I think you should move forward with the production of your movie 😛

    • LOL! Tara too was very unsure about calling the cauliflower FROSTING as well! I personally think it’s hysterical. We needed to just SPRINKLE these with chives 😉

      And yes, production will commence in about 2 months, LOL!

  22. LOL that last picture…I’m dying. Yeah yeah when I hear frosted I think of the snowman which immediately makes me want Christmas even though I actually want summer…I think? Or I thought. I’ve never had shepherd’s pie but I’ve heard it’s delicious if that counts? Ha.

    • Christmas in the summer? Oh heck yes. Lets both go to Australia and celebrate XMAS when it’s summer!

      And I have an assignment for you missy: Make Shepherd’s Pie this weekend! I want the full report!

    • That’s the only green t-shirt I have. LOL!

      Lets make wild boar burgers the next time you come over… Or better yet, Ostrich! :)

  23. Okay SO I am NOT very adventurous when it comes to eating. I actually used to be super SUPER picky, as you know, BUT my latest adventures have been: Tilapia and Kale, both wins for me 😀 this pie looks DELISH, but it has my foe cauliflower in it -_- SHAKE YOUR SHAMROCKS GIRRRLL <3

    • AH HA HA HA! Ah yes, the CAULIFLOWERRRRR – so not friendly for the IBS. Do you ever WANT to know what my stomach felt like after I pounded 5 of those!? LOL! You did not want to be around me, I will tell you that much 😉

      Have you ever tried Black Cod? I say you ditch the Tilapia and go for the Black Cod…. Why? I actually made a video about tilapia being not so good :(

  24. Who has wild boar in their fridge?! Now I’m wondering what else you store in there. Human fingers? Monkey BRAINS? I love cauliflower mashed fauxtatoes!! That’s one of the few cauliflower swaps that’s worked out for me, so I’m hooked (and biased). I’d want to find a magical genie at the end of a rainbow, complete with unlimited wishes. I’m dreamin’ big over here!

    • Muahhh ha ha ah aha ha! There is a DEAD LOCK on my fridge so people cannot go poking into my Fridge of Magical Tricks 😉 You will just have to keep watching in order to see what else pops out! LOL!!

      And DUDE – THERE IS NOT LIMIT to how big you can dream, In fact I would love to go on that rainbow end HUNT with you!

  25. Bareburger has wild boar and ostrich meat. I think both are pretty exotic. I would hope to find a huge pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so I could stop working! Haha.

    • I WISH there was a BAREBURGER over here in LA. We have every other type of restaurant aside from one of those! YUM! What have you ordered there if you’ve been?

      And oh heck yes! That pot of goal will have NO BOTTOM! 😉

  26. Though I would not walkin public with shamrocks in my nipples, I can make a shirt and dance at home like it is nobody business 😛 the recipe sounds tasty buuuuuut I’m vegetarian, so maybe a meat substitute or tofu can make it work 😀

  27. This is such an AWESOME idea for St paddy’s day, you will make a lot of people green… and I mean that in the jealous sense, not the sick sense 😛
    LOVE it 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • AH HA HA HA HA!!! That’s too funny. Well, I guess if I tried to serve these to a Vegan, they’d turn GREEN from being nauseous! 😉

  28. If we are going to talk frost…frosty then I want to see a giant frosted cupcake!

    I haven’t jumped on the cauliflower bandwagon yet but I’ve been seeing it in lots of paleo recipes as a potato alternative. Gonna have to give it a try soon.

    • Oh YOU MUST! You’ll like it, I know it! :) I think if I diced up bell peppers (yellow and orange) really tiny and sprinkled them on top of these mini cakes, they could totally pass for cupcakes!

    • Bison is amazing! It gets a little tough when you cook it too long, which is why… I eat it RAWWWW! ha ha! 😉

  29. Cool recipe, cauliflower frosting…I was thinking it was going to be mashed potatoes! I’ve never had wild boar. Most exotic food…once we ate a toxic fruit for a school project…we didn’t know it was toxic of course.

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  31. That is just absolutely adorable. You so made me laugh and I guess I will try it with cheese just to make sure it sticks together. Thank you so much for linking up in the Fitspiration for Moms party

  32. Fun recipe!! My birthday is the day before St Patty’s Day so I typically love going all out for the holiday :) BAHAHAHA omg, the nipple cover question make me laugh out loud. You’re hilarious.

    • Ah ha ha! Well………… You know what you have to do on your birthday then, right?!?! Run around in your BIRTHDAY SUIT with shamrocks on ONLY 😉 AH HA HA!

  33. Haha where in the world do you find WILD BOAR?? I mean, I know you can find it at restaurants, but I have NEVER seen it raw. Maybe in like…Nebraska or Idaho or somewhere like that. And of course online. You can find everything online.

    • I actually got it at Sprouts Market – you may not have one near you? But if so, check out their Frozen Meat section!!!! They also have ostrich, elk, venison, etc! :) My favorite. You can totally get it on line too but I fear the shipping $$ might be more expensive than a month’s rent! LOL.

  34. As if I didn’t love you before, I am now flying out there to move in. I hate potatoes, thus I’ve never had this Irish delight. But cauliflower? That I can get down with! and boar??? I have to find this here. I ate it all the way through Italy.

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  36. Hi GiGi,
    I wish I could be a guest at your next dinner party! Your culinary creations are so creative and amazing! What a naughty! Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe on the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

    • Just a little naughty though 😉
      And yes, I am an interesting breed who just happens to have wild boar in her freezer – ha ha ha! You don’t even want to know what else is in there!