No Kidding About Kidneys

Ten points for who ever can guess what the topic of today’s post is.

Kidneys! No not the beans, the ones in your body that are crazy multi-taskers, cleaning your blood and ridding your body of waste.

I totally saved you from some absolutely repulsive and graphic kidney pictures by the way. I myself will not be eating for the next… oh 5 minutes, out of pure disgust after Googling REAL kidney photos. It’s actually crazy how much kidney beans and real kidneys look a like! Maybe kidney beans are actually the kidney of a plant? Okay, I’ll stop.

This got me to shut up

Sarah Hyland, you know that cute girl who plays a teenager yet looks about five years old on Modern Family, recently came clean about having a kidney transplant this past April after struggling with kidney dysplasia.

Wait, come again. Sarah had a kidney transplant? She looks so healthy. This just goes to show you really cannot judge a book by its cover.

Kidney dysplasia is obviously not the newest amusement park ride at Six Flags, it’s actually a condition that forms when a baby is in the womb. In kidney dysplasia, the internal structures of one or both of the baby’s kidneys do not develop normally. The reason why Sarah could survive with such an ailment all these years (she is 21, not five) is because this condition only affected one of her kidneys and you only need one to survive.

Unfortunately, the one prevailing kidney in her body was not exactly an “A+ student,” causing her enough extreme pain and fatigue to need a transplant.

Daddy to the rescue!

While it’s typically extremely hard to find a kidney donor, Sarah’s father swooped in and made it happen. What are dads for, right?

Now while you cannot predict whether or not you or your child will have kidney dysplasia, it’s always a good idea to treat your kidneys as though they are one of your most prized possessions… Yes, even more so than your Action Comics, No. 1 (who are you kidding, you don’t own this comic book!)

In order to keep your kidneys functioning like a brand new Bugatti Veyron, start your engines by…

  • Get plenty of heart pumping exercise
  • Quit smoking
  • Lose weight if you’re over weight
  • Reduce your salt consumption
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Eat nutritious & heart-healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, etc.
  • Nix all refined foods from your diet

Oh… and eat kidney beans! They’re shaped that way because CLEARLY they’re good for your kidneys!

Which one is Mary-Kate and which one is Ashley?


  1. You can easily figure out which foods are good for what part of the body. Think about how carrots are good for eyes, walnuts and almonds are good brain food, tomatoes good for heart and asparagus is good for circulation

  2. I love kidney beans, and I love the kidney organ. I was fortunate enough to see some on a real life cadaver in my anatomy class. Nothing like a cadaver organ to get your hunger going!

  3. Thanks for sparing us the internal organ photo collage! :)

  4. I love kidney beans! Does that matter? More importantly, Gigi not many people could pull off a comical approach to a kidney transplant :)

    • Takes some skill right?! I just don’t like negative talk 😉 Even if it’s about a serious subject!


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