Munching The Med: Part One (from Athens to Santorini)

Do you remember what it was like to take your first EVER bite from an EXTRA LARGE cup of Dippin’ Dots?


For me, that experience (when I was, maybe 6?) was insanely mind-blowing, as I felt as though I blasted off into an alternate universe where only delicious mouth parties exist


Well, my experience of getting the BEST brain freeze of my life, thanks to shoveling in Mint Chocolate Chip Dippin’ Dots way too quickly, pretty much mirrors my experience aboard Oceania Cruises’ Riviera Cruise Ship as this adventure was also mind-blowing, making me feel as though I launched into that same parallel macrocosm… Where of course, only SCRUMPTIOUS mouth parties exist!


Alternate realities can be quite confusing to understand at times (have you seen The Machinist or Donnie Darko?), but The Food Pervert (who joined me on this, what felt like a “fanta-sea”) and I filmed and pieced together a “behind the seas” of the entire experience to better help you taste it…


So over the next few weeks… I will be “seaducing” you with all the “ships, giggles and nibbles” that took part when The Food Pervert and I cruised from Athens, Greece to Rome, Italy aboard Oceania Cruises’ Riviera Cruise Ship.


You won’t be witnessing The Food Pervert devour any Dippin’ Dots though (no dairy for me anymore!)… Those are just way too inelegant for Oceania Cruises, which are known to offer up the best cuisine at sea (and offer culinary-centralised cruises, like the one Pervy and I embarked on)!


Some of what you WILL see in PART ONE of our “NAUTI” adventure, though…

  • Almost getting trampled by the Evzones carrying M1 Garand semi-automatic rifles in Athens
  • Pretty much falling off a donkey and landing in a steaming pile of Greek Donkey dung in Santorini
  • Being reported as missing after the ship set sail (I got distracted by the sweet nothings all the Octopus was whispering in my ear).
  • My Food Perverted Bestie face planting into Mt. Everest-sized portions of all the desserts you could ever dream of
  • Perfecting my squats in a grocery store in Crete
  • Venturing under the ship (with Chef Alban) to see just what it takes to feed all the hungry mouths (roughly 3000) aboard the Riviera 

And too much more to list… So you’re just going to have to SEAS THE DAY with us!


So Tell Me…

  • Have you ever been on a cruise? What was your experience like?
  • Tell me about one of the most memorable experiences you ever had abroad.
  • Have you crossed visiting Greece and Italy off of your bucket list yet?
  • Cruises, yay or nay? Ever heard of Oceania Cruises before?
  • Do you like gyros?
  • If you’ve ever lost your luggage while traveling, what did you do?
  • Do you remember the “ice cream of the future” (that uh, really had NO future at all)?



  1. Those colours!!! I want a cup of those!

  2. Haha Your cruise looked like a blast! I SO need to go on another one soon!

  3. All those colors draw in the little and big kids overtime.

  4. Ha you know I tried dippin dots but I was not a fan. Now a cruise does sound fabulous! I’ve never been but it is on my list of things to do!

  5. Erinn Sluka says:

    I have never been on a cruise, nor have our boys. We are thinking next fall!

  6. Took our first family cruise last christmas, loved it! Fun for everyone!!

  7. I’m kind of terrified of cruises. But not gyros! I’ve got lamb in the fridge for Friday night gyros this week!

  8. I totally remember my first bite of Dippin Dots, it was a mind blowing experience and oh so tasty. I’ve been to Santorini but I avoided the donkeys they seemed a little unhappy and uncontrollable lol. Greece is one of my favorite countries, it’s so beautiful, tons of great food, rich history, friendly people, and so much to see. The Chilean Seabass with poached egg looks divine!!!!! I can’t wait for part 2, now I’m starving. That kitchen was overwhelming in a great way.

    • Ah ha ha! You’re SO RIGHT about the donkeys! LMFAO!! SOOOOOOO right! And um, the food in Greece is just … On a whole other level. When Tara and I got back to Cali, we cried for at least a week every time we ate something because it just wasn’t the same, LOL!!!

      Now I want to make chilean seabass and a poached egg 😉

  9. I know jealously is unattractive. But holy shit I’m jealous. We did Greece on our honeymoon and I’m still recapping our Italy trip from a couple of weeks ago… sooooo maybe jealous isn’t quite fair. It wasn’t a cruise though! But really. I want to go back so very bad. Let’s skip the election and run. Mmmmmmk?

    Also, 100% agree on the tomatoes. I don’t know what they do to them over there but they are the most amazing tomatoes I’ve ever put in my mouth. And I’ve put a lot in my mouth. #TWSS

    • We just need to get the heck out of the states. Seriously. I need some tomatoes in my life – And I will no longer look at them when I am in the states. Tara and I went for Gyros the other day and the tomatoes on the salad were SOOOOOOOOOOOO SAD! We pretty much busted out in tears! LOL!

  10. I have never been on a cruise but after reading this I want to!

    • Oh you have to put it on your TO DO list Jay! I had never been on one prior to this trip and it was LIFE CHANGING. A huge huge huge game changer!

  11. Oh wow! I so want to be on that cruise! What a tempting and amazing experience. Xx

    • It was above and beyond Erica – you must must must! Seriously you need to put going on a cruise on your bucket list ! :) Specifically OCEANIA CRUISES!

  12. Ok the facial expressions of the guys behind you are pricelss! LOL We took a cruise in the Greek Isles a few years back some of the prettiest places I have ever been

    • Right?! Absolutely amazing – do you remember which islands you stopped on specifically? Also, what cruise line did you take? I am ALL about cruises now! hahaha!

  13. The cruise looked incredible. I’ve been on one cruise, and I was terrified for the food, but it ended up being pretty decent. Nothing like the Oceana cruise, but I was happy with my experience. And the lack of fanny packs.

    • What cruise line did you take? Next adventure you want to take with the hubs, you def should look into Oceania!


  14. Love gyros!! Actually it’s my husband’s TOP favourite dish. Have never seen dipping dots in my life, let alone to try one…looks so fun!

  15. I’ve never had dippin dots lol. I do love Gyros and I’ve never been on a cruise. looks so fun

    • You need to look into it! It’s a blast. Beyond a blast actually. We did not want to get off the ship when it was over. I kid you not.

  16. This trip sounds so amazing! So I did have my luggage lost once on a trip. I was flying from Vegas to DC for a wedding and my red eye flight got cancelled after waiting on the tarmac for 2 hours. I had to stay overnight in the Vegas airport to catch the very first flight out in the morning which would put me in DC just in time for the wedding. Arrived in DC with NO LUGGAGE. The only thing I could find on the way there was Walmart, so I showed up at that wedding rocking a 2 day unshowered body dressed in a Walmart skirt and tank top.

    • OMG NO. NO and more NO! I would have just been sooooooooooo UGHHHH! However, what an AMAZING EXCUSE to NOT have to dress up! Tee he he he he! Dressing up = bane of my existence. The first night in Greece we had a fancy dinner and I showed up in my plane outfit = AKA: jammies… And you know what?! No one could say ANYTHING to me becauseeeeeee I had an excuse! 😉

  17. You both are so much fun!!! I seriously need to come with you next time. I will be in a bag they cannot lose! And, that bathroom is going to make a lot of folks in NYC jelly. It’s HUGE!!!
    Of course the food is to die for but really just looked like an amazeballs experience. Can’t wait for part duex.

    • Ugh it really was AMAZEBALLS. And I never ever use that term. But really, that’s the ONLY way to describe it! GAH!

      Do pack yourself in my suitcase for the next trip. Or maybe Tara’s. She has better luggage luck than I do and we def don’t want you lost!

  18. Jacqui Odell says:

    I have lost my luggage. It took a month to get back! I had to file so many claims…it was nuts!

  19. Such an amazing trip GiGi!!!!! After all that, where are you headed for the honeymoon????

    I am NOT a cruise person… can’t be on a boat all that time with people! :) Cranky old broad here. I want to get somewhere & be there & have my space. :)

    FOOD everywhere!!! I am not a foodie so I would have to be showing something else… xoxoxoxo

    • Oh man, we don’t know where we are going on the honeymoon… I keep pushing AFRICA… But even when we do decide, we plan on going next year at some point. That being said, we are going on a FAMILY VACATION to South East Asia in December (into January)… So stay tuned for THOSE recaps… However my family is NOT too keen on video creation, so it will probably just be a FLOOD of photos! haha.

      And honestly Jody. I am like you. I thought the cruise was going to be cramped and just claustrophobia central but NOT AT ALL! It was so spacious and I rarely bumped into ANYONE!! It’s WAY BETTER THAN SoCal! lol

  20. Sounds like you had quite the adventure! Can’t wait to hear more about it – who knows…you might even convince me to book one. I’ve always been pretty skeptical of cruises, but you seemed to have a blast, despite some mishaps. =)

    • Oh I am going to convince you. This cruise was ABSOLUTELY life changing. Seriously the best way to get SEE IT ALL!!! And Oceania Cruises, specifically, treats you like an absolute QUEEN… And feeds you like one too!

  21. Wow wow wow I’m so jealous! I don’t like the idea of being on a cruise ships and sleeping under the water–but it would be worth it to go everywhere you did.
    As for dipping dots…they never were my thing but they are charming to look at:)

    • Actually, we were NOT sleeping under water – the part in the video where I say, “we’re going on a submarine” – that is when we are officially UNDER the water… So we are sleeping above it 😉 AKA: you cannot tell me that you’re scared of cruises and you MUST go on one at some point in your life!

  22. Mmmmm!! Dippin Dots!!! Best experience ever!!! Never been on a cruise, but it’s in the near future :)

  23. Oh yes.The “ice cream of the future.” Well, still waiting!

  24. Looks like delicious fun (and thank you for indicating that the dippy dots are NOT dairy-free 😀 )

  25. Ok, now I kind of want some Dippin Dots haha. But I really can’t wait to hear more about your trip! I’ve only been on one cruise before, but I think if I do it again, I’d want to go on a fancier cruise like yours. Sounds fun!

    • What cruise line did you go on and where did you sail to? This experience really changed the travel game for me – I never thought highly of cruises until NOW!

  26. Whatever was on that plate you had looks DELICIOUS. I do remember dipping dots! They still sell it everywhere even at the movies. I was never a huge fan, maybe one day they will finally take off for real.

    • At the movies?! I have never seen that before! And I hope they don’t TAKE OFF- no need to have another source of sugar for the world to get obsessed with – ha ha!

      Lets have everyone get obsessed with seared scallops and Chilean sea bass!

  27. So fun!! I have always wanted to go to both Greece and Italy but haven’t made it to either yet. I’ll just live vicariously through you. And I would LOVE that octopus. Looked so good! And the gelato too :)

    • Live vicariously for sure – and get yourself that much more excited about going!!! 😉 I had never been prior to this trip and always wanted to go… And let me be the first to tell you that, I would go back in a HEARTBEAT!

  28. I’m sure taking a cruise is absolutely amazing if only I wasn’t so terrified!!

  29. Oh swoon. I just need to see all of this. This was so epic. Can I have your autograph?

  30. :Hi Gigi, lovely blog with lots of fun. Love the colorful dippin dots but yet to try it. Not sure if its selling in our country, must look around our supermarket when I buy groceries.
    Been on cruise from Singapore….lots of fun, entertainment and needless to said the food is really awesome.

    Have a great week, regards.

    • NOOOO! The point of this post is NOT for you to try and FIND Dippin’ Dots – LOL! It’s for you to experience this cruise with me. I would never advocate anyone eat sugar! lol

  31. I love Gyros!! Ahh, i mean who doesn’t love GYROS right! Your cruise looks like a blast!

  32. OOkay Gigi Sign me up already…for the next Cruise…Such fun and you actually make it Waaaayyy so much MORE fun Santorini, you shoulda stayed overnight, what an adventure I wold indeed not want to ,leave that boat either :)

    • Yeah I wish we could have stayed overnight in Santorini but sadly, the boat left at 4pm!!! :( One of the earliest departure times – WOMP WOMP! Oh well, I GUESS……. We will just have to go back! haha!

  33. I’ve been on a few cruises and had the best time! I really enjoyed following along on your trip on Instagram and have to admit I was a little jealous! Looking forward to seeing more of the trip.

    • 😉 I am not trying to make anyone jealous…. I am simply trying to motivate you to book one for yourself because you NEED to experience this awesome for yourself – but for now, my videos will do it for you! haha!

  34. I think we’re all ready to be “seaduced!” Cruises are fun — we’ve been on several. All on RSSC (Regent), which is owned by the same group that owns Oceania. In fact we’re thinking of doing a transatlantic next year. :-) Fun post & video — looking forward to more!

  35. We don’t get dippin dots here – wish we did, they look great, although probably not conducive to getting back on track with my running. 😉
    Have a beautiful day.
    :-) Mandy xo

    • I think I need to take the Dippin’ Dots picture down because everyone is getting distracted by them and that is not the point of this post AT ALL- bah ha ha ha! I do not advocate anyone eat sugar, ever… So please don’t go on a hunt for them. 😉

  36. We love dip n dots! They are so delicious and my SIL had them for her wedding reception!

    • Ah ha ha! That’s funny. At my wedding reception, we will be having Sprinkles Cupcakes – but I honestly do not care about dessert because I can’t eat it!

  37. Omg, it’s been forever since I had dippin dots :) They’re so so good! And cruises seriously have some of the best food. I remember just eating the entire time on my trip.

    • Ah ha ha ha right?! I was a little worried about THAT aspect, not going to lie – but there was also a sick gym aboard the ship that I hit up every day! 😉

  38. We talk about going on a cruise all the time! But having three under three just would be insane to go right now! Love the thought of it though lol

  39. You guys are so adorable! Wish I could have crashed your little boat party, so maybe next time 😉 Funny thing is British Airlines lost me and Hubby’s luggage for 5 days when we flew into Rome. They couldn’t have cared less if we got it back but we were going on a Silversea Mediterranean cruise and needed some clothes. Luckily we grew some big balls and stormed the airport on way to the ship…we got our luggage. heeheehee #badass
    p.s. can’t wait to see y’alls part 2!!!!
    p.s.s. I’m sooooo jealous of your yummy octopus

    • I am shocked that BA didn’t really care… The customer service in Athens for American Airlines was so so so so so nice and friendly, and I won’t lie – after being up for like 24 hours, I might have shed a tear out of frustration, and he was so sweet about it. He went over the top for me 😉 Stupid BA being A-Holes! HA! But I am proud that you used your basassery! 😉

      Part two is being exported from Final Cut as we speak.

      I want more of that octopus so so so badly, and I saw whole Octopus at the store, but it’s just NOT the same. WOMP!

  40. I haven’t had those in over like 2 decades! Makes me want to go grab some. It was awesome.

  41. When I first tried Dippin’ Dots, I was in the happiest mood for like an entire week! Haha, I always went for the cotton candy flavor!

    And LOL at the group of guys in the back corner of that first pic! That pita bread looks heavenly!

    • I think I only ever got the Mint Chocolate Chip flavor! Ha Ha – I am such of fan of mint chocolate (regular chocolate – GROSS, lol).

      And yeahhh I def noticed those dudes checking out Tara and I when we were filming our little video, LOL! We just considered them “fans”!

  42. I’ve done one cruise ship for my honeymoon it was tons of fun! Though with my time in the Coast Guard I spent more than a few years worth of my life at sea.

    Lots of xp abroad, my favorites have probably been the Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala and running across Haiti for three days.

    Italy and Greece…..not really on my list.

    I’ve never really been a fan of Dippin’ Dots, but my girls love them.

    • OMG OMG I HAVE ALWAYS wanted to explore the Mayan, Inca, Aztec and Olmec ruins!! Ugh! It’s high on my list (but under my Africa adventure)… I have to ask though, why are Italy and Greece not very high on your list? You might be on of the first people I have ever heard say that!

  43. Okay so I’m writing this comment to you with a complexion that is slightly green thanks to a whole lot of JEALOUSY!

    Holy wow! How awesome does your trip look!??!

    • Oh the trip was AMAZINNNNNGGGGGG!!! Sorry, did that just make you ever more green? LOL! Part 2 and 3 coming to make you as green as spring grass – LMFAO!

  44. It looks like you girls had so much FUN!!! Weee \o/ 😀 Greece is beautiful. You absolutely NEED to visit Croatia :**** Can’t wait for part II 😉 Cheers girls 😉

  45. This is really sounds fun! I haven’t go in cruise but I would love too if I have a chance

    • You definitely need to research cruises the next time you want to go on a vacation! I love the fact that they’re typically ALL INCLUSIVE!

  46. Oh my gosh, what a blast you must have had! I haven’t been to Greece, it’s on my bucket list. It looks like the most beautiful place on the planet.
    I’ve cruised a little but I cruise more in my own boat.
    Best cruising experience – on the deck of our suite and a seaplane flies by and my (now ex) husband dares me to jump up on the table and flash them – sure thing! Two glasses of champagne and I’ll do anything. Five minutes later though, the same seaplane goes by. It had circled the ship and come around for another peek! hahaha.
    Can’t wait to hear more about your adventure!

  47. I have never been on a cruise but I want to be on that cruise. Sounds like so much fun!

  48. I did an Alaskan cruise with Ryal Caribbean. It was great!! Interestingly, upon my arrival in Vancouver, the luggage was absent :-( It showed up the next morning. Yeah, they gave me this tiny little bag of necessities for the night, haha!

    I’d love to go to Santorini! I have plans to go to Greece one year with two German friends, but when I arrived at their home, they said Greece is too crowded in the summer, tossed my a pup tent and said we were going to Scandinavia instead!

  49. Aww, you guys are so adorable! I love cruise, your trip sounds so much fun. And those cups look stunning. :)

  50. You two are NOT having fun 😀 I’ve never been on a cruise but my parents love them! I keep telling them they forget to add me to their itinerary lol. The seafood and gyros look amazing. Any kind of meat on a spit I’m a fan of. You have to go to Nova Scotia and have a legit donair…so good! Have fun on the rest of your trip :)

    • Part 2 and 3 coming your way soon…. Just to show case how much we are NOT enjoying ourselves AT ALL! 😉

      And noooowwwww off to eat GYRO!!

      Nova Scotia is where it’s at though huh?!

  51. Never done a cruise. Look like fun. Will have to check into a cruise

  52. I love rainbow colored food!

  53. Ole’ can’t stop laughing :) and glad to see you both took the safety drill seriously :) !! I believe the Adidas made a come back ??? Someone would have to wheel me around in a cart with all that food to eat. Great re cap of events, Now I want to eat everything I have seen here. What a journey.

    • ADIDAS ARE BACKK!! Just you wait for what I have in store for them, LOL!

      And trust me, by the end of this trip, Tara and I certainly felt as though we should hire someone to push wheel chairs for us because we couldn’t walk anymore, we were just so so so full – LOL! That is to come in upcoming videos 😉

  54. Greece and Italy are on the travel list. Hope to cross those off within the next 5 years. Had gyros for dinner two days ago as a matter of fact! Love ’em!

    • Gyros all day every day in my personal opinion. When I am not eating salmon, I am eating chicken gyro! LOL!! And I need more RIGHT NOW 😉

      I hope you get to Greece & Italy within the next year!

  55. No, I’ve never been on a cruise and I have yet to visit Greece and Italy. Gryos… yum, but I haven’t had any lately. I could go for some of that. Hmmm, I think that you said ice cream of the future. I can’t comment on that. I haven’t had that ice cream yet. I’m sure that it will be very tasty. Super tasty. Cold and amazingly tasty. Oh. Yes. What was my most amazing experience overseas. I think that it might have been in Guatemala. Oh, yeah. Lake Atitlan. You get on the boat and cross the lake and visit Santiago de Atitlan. It is beautiful and fascinating and just thoroughly amazing.

    • Dippin’ Dots catch phrase from back in the day was “ice cream of the future” – however, it totally fell off the face of the planet and I am glad. It’s nutritionally void and packed with sugar. Gyros however are full of protein and deliciousness, so eat all of those that you want, ha ha!

      Oh man! Now I must seek out Lake Atitlan and see what it’s all about! THANK YOU for the tip!

  56. First off, I thought I asked you really nicely to take me in your luggage and you didn’t. I was waiting at Tom Bradley for you guys and you were no where. I guess it’s ok because if I was in your luggage I woulda got lost and it woulda been a whole THING. I love this video. To start, the lady in the red jumpsuit when you guys landed gave zero shits about your video. She needs to be found and tagged LOLOL!!!! And you guys during the test drill??? Lawd have mercy you guys are such joksters!! And of course you found the SALMON!!!! Like a bawse. Ugh you guys are too cute and please know I inserted myself in every aspect of this video!!!

    • What time were you at TB? Our flight took off at 6:20 AM not PM 😉

      And yeah, you lucked out – everything happens for a reason – cause you would have just wound up in Philly – LMFAO!! Oh and that woman in red – we have stories about her and her family, THAT IS FOR SURE!! (AKA STALKERS!)

  57. I marked Italy off my bucket list as done last year! Now this river cruise looks super fancy pants and I cannot wait to see more!

    • While I could totally X Italy off the list, I know there is SOOOOO much more of the country I have yet to see, so it’s not 100% off, it just moved down the list now 😉 If someone were to say, “hey GiGi, go to Italy…” I wouldn’t say no, but now… My focus is AFRICA! hahaha!

      Part Two coming TUESDAY :)

  58. Oh, the Dippin’ Dots! You crazy chicks sure look like you had a good time! I’ve only been on one cruise. I got drunk, fell down, and ended up on crutches. Good times.

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, it’s VERY easy to get drunk and then FALL OVER on a cruise… I mean, the booze is just A FLOWIN’ and … It can sometimes be a bit rocky – hahaha! What cruise line was this and where were you going – or were you too drunk to know this information? BAH HA HA!

  59. What an incredible experience. I feel as though you need to go again and take me with you;)

    • I mean…. Would you want to go again, or would you want to go……… TO say…. I don’t know, Africa? Spain? Morocco?! I have officially been bitten by the TRAVEL BUGGGGG!

  60. I still remember Dippin’ Dots from when I was a kid. A European cruise sounds amazing!

  61. I have never been on cruise but I want to and it’s my dream! Those color looks so pretty and I want a bowl now :-)

    • No – NO bowl for you, ha ha ha! That’s not what I am pushing… I would never advocate sugar, LOL! Now…. How about a juicy scallop?? Yes? 😉

  62. I bet you had a colorful brain freeze with the dippin’ dots! Hahahaha! Would have enjoyed seeing it on the video! Haven’t been to a cruise before. I bet it was relaxing!

    • Except…. The post reads that I had Dippin’ Dots when I was a kid, and I was comparing my experience to eating those, to the experience I had on the cruise itself. I haven’t had Dippin’ Dots in eons because I have food allergies (one of them being dairy, another sugar)… So, yeah, that wouldn’t make the video.

  63. HI Gigi,
    I’m jealous – I want to go with you!! It sounds like so much fun and I hope you enjoy yourself and eat properly – no processed foods. LOL! Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

    • I would never in 5 million years eat processed foods – the food aboard the Riviera (Oceania Cruises) does NOT used processed foods AT ALL either!!! So I am in luck! 😀

  64. HAHAHA what?! You got reported as missing? Ok that’s funny. DUDE, I’m so jealous of your amazing trip!! Did you have like the best time ever or what?!

    • OH MY GOD – THE BEST TIME EVER! Seriously, probably one of the best experiences of my life, THUS FAR! Just you wait for part 2 and 3! ha ha!

  65. So fun! I’ve never been on a cruise but we did visit Italy and Greece for our honeymoon and I still dream about going back all the time! Nothing beats the gyros in Greece – SO good! Eeks and I’ve never tried dippin’ dots yet – I know what’s wrong with me??!

  66. Love cruises! Only been on a few but they are the most stress free way to travel. Most memorable (and horrifying) experience was the wind picking up my lanyard as we headed back onto the boat. My passport flew out and missed falling in the water by an inch. I was traveling with my 3 year old niece who was obviously NOT getting back on without me. (Her passport was fine). I almost got stranded in a foreign port of call with a toddler!!!

    • OMG OMG OMG OMG! I would have died from the heart attack I would have had while watching it fly!! HOLY CRAP! You are BEYOND luckyyyyy!!!!!!!!
      Where were you?

  67. I love dipping dots too and can remember the first time I had a brain freeze from it.

  68. I had tried cruising but a long time ago and it was fantastic, I was so full everyday with full buffets on every restaurant I think I gained 10 kgs when I was there :)

    • Ah ha ha ha! That is totally what cruises are NOTORIOUS for!!! Thankfully this cruise had an EPIC gym that I went to every single day for at least an hour and a half, and then we were walking around all day looking at the sights so NO pounds were gained… If anything, we lost some weight, LOL!!

      Where did you cruise to?!

  69. My cruise before marriage and children was so long ago, I don’t remember much. What I do know is how much better cruise lines have gotten of the years! I was focusing on the ship, entertainment and the destinations but wasn’t looking much at the food! Now you have me thinking about the food.
    You inspired me to start looking at cruises again! I think it’s time to go again.

    • Oh the food – that’s ALL I think about, ha ha ha ha ha! I could stay on the ship all day every day, as long as the food is AMAZING! Luckily, we went to amazing destinations (part 2 coming Tuesday)… So we lucked out in that regard too 😉

      It will be interesting for me to look back on this cruise in years to come and remember when I “took a cruise before I got married and had kids” – ha! 😉

      AND YES – LOOK INTO ANOTHER CRUISE – so so so so so worth it!

  70. OMG reminds me of my cruise there too, did those islands. Such fun and so cool you saw the food storage of the ship lol. So culinary-centralized cruises? Hmm..

    • YES! CULINARY CENTRALIZED CRUISES!!!! In part two (coming Tuesday) I showcase the cooking class we took, along with more eats and other treats, LMFAO!

      When did you go? What cruise line did you take?

  71. I’ve always wanted to go on a Mediterranean cruise! Yours sounds like it was amazing. I loved seeing all of your pics on Instagram. I’ve been on a Caribbean cruise and a Hawaiian cruise and loooooved them both!

  72. I too love to cruise and oh what a great time we have eating while we travel! Thank you for sharing Munching The Med from Athens to Rome on Oceania Cruises, Part One at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing!

  73. Awesome. Just awesome. I loved every minute of jealously watching this GiGi and I can’t wait until the next installement. I’ve never been to Greece, but I’ve pretty much covered the rest of the Mediterranean and it’s amazing. And your food OMG!

  74. I have never been on a cruise yet! Hope to get one in soon though!

  75. Hi Gigi,
    Look at all these comments! We cruise often but we take Princess.
    Thanks for bringing your post to last week’s Pit Stop.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

  76. There’s nothing like munching on amazing meals port by port! Thank you for sharing your fun and festive video “Munching The Med from Athens to Rome on Oceania Cruises” with us at the Plant-based Potluck Party. I’m Pinning and sharing this!

  77. Oh girl, the first time we went to Italy they lost one of our bags too! I didn’t get it back until the day before we came home, haha! Definitely not ideal! I’m glad they got your bag back to you before you started cruising!

    All your food looks so yummy! Those gyros! And tomatoes! Greek food was SO good!

  78. How fun! I’d love to go on a cruise like that. If I could cruise and eat dippin dots at the same time I’d be in heaven!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday! I can’t wait to read more about your adventures!

    • Ah ha ha ha!!! I could see you doing both at the same time 😉 I myself was cruising and eating scallops – haha… Scallops are my kind of “candy”! 😉

  79. Ahhh this all looks so amazing! Love the dancing haha :)

  80. Looks like an awesome trip!! Ahh getting your bag lost is the worst, especially when you’ve flown for like 14 hours… glad that you got it pretty quick! When I was in Ireland in September my bag got lost for just like an hour and I was not a happy camper…luckily it just got temporarily misplaced!

    • AH HA AH AHA HA! I would love to know exactly how you acted when you knew it was missing? Initially I just laughed… For like the first hour of trying to figure out WTF to do. Then I cried for about 1 second. Then I was just making fun of myself but internally a little grumpy. LOL!

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