It’s Time For A Do Over

I am 10,000% POSITIVE that ALL OF YOU have wished at one point or another that you could “DO OVER” at least one crappy instance/decision/event in your life…

Do Over

For instance… Do any of these situations ring a bell:

  • “Why the heck did I think it would be a GOOD idea to agree to watch my neighbor’s four-year-old sextuplets while she’s on a week-long cruise through the Mediterranean… The day after I get my infected MUST COME OUT NOW wisdom teeth removed.
  • “Ughhhhhh. It was stupid of me to enter that hot wing eating contest… 100 hot wings in 5 minutes… I. Can’t. Even. No. I. Will. Gimme. Trash. Can. NOW.”
  • “If only I left 10 minutes earlier!!!!! Then I would have NEVER hit that… Wahhh!! Did it HAVE TO BE A Rolls Royce Phantom!”
  • “Man, I wish we used that free condom that activist gave me the other day on the street corner. Shit.”


In the words of Twenty-One Pilots… Or Cher?: “If we/I could turn back time…”

(Which song’s tune came to mind when you read that line?)

Well, until Apple decides to GET ITS SHIT TOGETHER and INVENT a TIME MACHINE already… You’re stuck with harping (or perhaps… LEARNING?) over your bad decisions. Because yep… You can’t go back and DO OVER what you wish you could….

UNLESS… You’re in a movie… Specifically, the movie Do Over.


I mean, with a little movie magic… ANYTHING can happen. Have you SEEN Mars Attacks?

Well… If you haven’t… Don’t think for even a nanosecond that watching the movie Do Over, starring my guests on the latest GiGi Eats, is going to give you any sort of hint as to what Mars Attacks is about because Do Over has ZERO to do with aliens from Mars coming to Earth.

Do Over is actually a comedic indie-flick (hitting all streaming platforms October 11) where a group of friends (played by Drew SeeleyJonathan BennettAmy PaffrathZack Lively and Gina Field [she also wrote the story]) decide it’s a REALLY good idea to find “the one they lost IT to” and do over that oh so awkward AF special life event.

sponge bob square pants sex meme

So yeah… No parallel to Mars Attacks. At. All.

Sorry… There is no alien role playing in the movie Do Over.

Naughty Alien Role Playing Sex

Gina, common, WHY NOT?

Drew Seeley Amy Paffrath Gina Fields GiGi Dubois 1

But really, I actually wish Tim Burton (the director of Mars Attacks) could go back and DO OVER the day he said “YES! Lets make a movie about a fleet of Martian space crafts surrounding the world’s major cities…”

That being said… Mr. Burton has what you might call F&^% YOU money flying out of his pockets (hello Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), so I guess he can do whatever the heck he wants with his greenery.


And that’s me once again getting insanely OFF TOPIC!

Ohhhhh look… CHICKEN WINGS!

Roasted Chicken Wings Legs

Nope, I didn’t just “DORY” again… Chicken wings are actually what the cast of Do Over wanted to DO OVER so as to make them a bit healthier (and Keto-Diet friendly)… Because who doesn’t want to DO OVER the hand movements of grabbing said wing (or leg) and bringing it to mouth and then munching on their roasted to perfection juiciness, tossed in a healthified buffalo sauce!?

Drew Seeley amy paffrath gigi dubois gina field

NO ONE. That’s who… So with that, I give you, the latest GiGi Eats, where I am joined by some of the cast of the movie of Mar Attacks, excuse me, no, Do Over… Where we talk about our first times, what it’s like working on a movie with your significant other, and some behind the scenes secrets, all while making crispy chicken wings and legs! 


Paleo Buffalo Wings Legs

Overnight Marinade for Chicken:

Buffalo Sauce Ingredients: 

So clucking good and ain’t nothing but a chicken wing…

  • Coat chicken in MARINATE mixture and then lay chicken on a baking pan in fridge preferably overnight.
  • When ready to cook chicken, preheat your oven to 400 degrees and when ready, bake your chicken for about 45 minutes, to get nice and crispy.
  • While the chicken snaps, crackles and pops, it’s the perfect time to make the buffalo sauce.
  • Simply combine all the above ingredients into a bowl and whisk together.
  • When the chicken is completely cooked, let it rest for a minute or two and then either dunk your chicken wings/legs into the buffalo sauce or place all chicken bits into the sauce bowl and coat meat completely.
  • Serve your wings/legs up with diced cucumbers and tomatoes, celery and carrots, or WHATEVER you want!

You will definitely want to do this recipe OVER AND OVER AND OVER again… It’s THAT good!


  • You know the first question I am going to ask… So answer it! 
  • If you eat chicken… How do you like to prepare it? 
  • Have you ever worked with (at a job or on a work project) with your spouse? How’d that go?
  • What bar food could you eat 50 pounds of in one sitting?
  • Do any of those above situations truly ring a bell? 
  • Who’s going to watch Do Over when it hits all streaming platforms!?

Drew Seeley Amy Paffrath Gina Fields GiGi Dubois


  1. Crap-Free for the win!!! I’m sold!

  2. I love buffalo wings and I can always appreciate a healthier version of some of my favorite foods! YESSS!

  3. Hi Gigi,
    What would I do over? I would have had a stronger psyche and been less rigid a whole lot sooner, LOL.

    • I think A LOT of people would have to agree with that! I always answer the question of “what would you say to your younger self” with the answer – “to not care what other people think of you!”

  4. Nothing like a good do-over! I love bars that have popcorn or big bins of peanuts. They definitely know how to get people to drink more with those salty snacks- ha!!

  5. We love chicken wings oh look squirrel.

  6. I’m not sure what I want to do over anymore–I’m scared it’ll change something else and ruin things! :O

    100 hot wings in 5 minutes!?!?! That’d be instant regret for me too, hahaha. Those buffalo wings look amazing! <3

    • Girl, I think the same things! I think everything happens for a reason, for the most part, so everything that happened in our pasts were MEANT to happen so as to learn for the future! 😉 IE: If you have already eaten 100 Buffalo Wings, you know for the future to NEVER EVER do that again! LOL!

  7. Ha, that sounds like a terrible idea! My first time wasn’t all that bad but I still wouldn’t want to relive it. Ugh. I honestly don’t think there is anything in life I would want to do over… I really think everything happens for a reason, as cheesy as it sounds!

    • Girl, you and me both. I really think that all of my previous experiences in life have truly shaped who I am … INCLUDING my first time, ha! So I am just like you, I don’t think I would change anything. Except maybe going to Africa instead of competing in snowboarding back in High School.

  8. Reading this is making me relive SO MANY do-over. My first time being one of them. My parents were gone and my boyfriend came over… we totally did it in on the couch in my living room. It was terrible. TERRIBLE. Explains a lot, huh? LOL!

  9. You know what I could eat 50lb of: SALMON SKIN HANDROLLS

    If only I had a roll of toilet paper like that…

    • YOU ARE MY SOUL MATE. SOUL MATE I TELL YOU! Going for some tonight 😉 And prob tomorrow… And then again for sure Thursday! LMFAO!

  10. I think I could do 50lbs of Buffalo wings…just not the extra spicy kind. They are in my top 10 of favorite foods!

    • I am actually really not a SPICY kind of person – so no spice for me either and I could definitely do 50 – 100 pounds! 😉 What’s your # 1 favorite food??

  11. I have a few haircuts that I would love to do over. Just not the best decisions. Not terrible, but not great. I would also do over my decision to race the crap out of the Chicago Marathon. And thus break my back. #ohwell
    And I’m basically a goat–put 50 lbs of anything in front of me and I will likely eat it all.

    • GIRL … THAT is a great way to describe yourself – AND ME. Although I feel like I am a carnivorous panda cause they eat 20 – 40 pounds of food a day… And that’s me!

  12. SOOO many awkward moments in my life where I want for a do-over

  13. I’m just happy I now know what buffalo flavouring is. I seriously had no idea except that it tastes good haha

    • LMFAO! REALLY??! That’s funny!!! I knew it was spicy and comprised of chili and oil… And then my taste testers confirmed that I got the ingredients right when they tasted the creation!

  14. I dont eat chicken but this looks so good. Maybe I should use the sauce on tofu.

  15. This looks delicious!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  16. Well of course, I’d like a few do-overs!! I’m trying to decide if there were more verbal or action do-overs :-) Sometimes life does give us second chances, so that’s the good news. The bad news is, why do we always think we will be smarter the next time?

    • Ah ha ha ha! RIGHT?! Sometimes I will “re do” something I know I shouldn’t and then after I think to myself: “UHHH WILL I EVER LEARN?!?!” hahaha! And I personally think people get into far more trouble for verbal things than actions!

  17. We all have things we wish we could do over I am sure

  18. I’m grinning. Amazing post. The chicken wings look yum too

  19. Oh , these chicken wings look so good! For bar food…I could probably eat several pounds of nachos or chili cheese fries …but then I would regret it later.

  20. This food is amazing, I agree about the chicken wings!!!

  21. I am going to try baking my chicken breasts tonight like this as well as a modified version of the sauce. I wish I had the paleo mayonnaise to make the sauce!

  22. Hehe most nights I’ve wished I could do over probably did involve thinking my liver was invincible if ya get my drift…as for bar food? I eat French fries SO MUCH. So much. But I’m getting picky about them. But then if I’ve a had a couple drinks I’m usually a little less so…

    • Where is your favorite place to buy French Fries in LA?! My fiance is OBSESSSSSSEDDDDDDDDD beyond belief – ha!

      And girl, I am pretty sure you’re NOT the only one who wishes they could take back some of those nights where the BOTTLE one! ha.

      • I love the fries at Mess Hall but…I don’t know my new quest in life is to have a running review on fries in LA. I was thinking of starting a blog called WineFries. Or French Fried Wine where I review the drinks and fries everywhere…where does your fiancé like fries?

        • GIRL WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! I review all things CHICKEN SHAWARMA and SALMON SKIN HANDROLLS on Yelp, ha ha ha! You need to review all the French Fries.

          Hmmmm Fried Wine… Wine Frites (fries in french which I am sure you knew), Wining & Frying… Eh, sounds too much like an actually cooking blog. Or you could just call it FRIED. Might be taken though!

  23. You put so much energy behind every blog post recipe! I love this one. I’m sold.

    • Thank you for noticing Kimberly! I definitely love writing/creating my blog posts and videos and always post things I am very proud of (or think are amusing – haha! My brain is weird).

  24. My do over would probably be back in high school…using a fake ID to get in a bar…then developing a relationship with the bouncer based on utter lies that I was about 8 years older than I was, lol. Oh, how times have changed.

    These chicken wings look delish!

    • OMG THAT IS A FRIGGIN’ PHENOMENAL story – hahahahahahahahaha! How long did that go on??!

      • Hahaha for months. The bar threw me a going away party when I “got a new job” and was moving to Boston (aka I was going to college). Like a legit drink all you want, DJ only plays your music, and we bought you a cake kinda party. THEN he came to Boston and called me to visit and I had to make up a story about why I couldn’t have him to my apartment (BECAUSE IT WAS A DORM).

  25. I enjoyed the video :-) This recipe sounds amazing and wings look so yummy. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  26. Looks a-mazing!
    You wanna know what I wanna do over?
    COLLEGE! Can I do it again? Please!?! I’ll eat more salad and less curly fries!

    • AH HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA!!! Oh man, everyone is saying they’d re-do school. I would NEVER in 10 million years want to re-do school, ha! Hated EVERY second of it, even if it looked like I liked it! NOPPEEEE!

  27. Great chicken recipe this one I can do. I don’t go to bars never have and never will. I think if I did anything over it would change where I’m at today. I see life as a series of events that build on one another how you stack them is up to you. No spouse for me I’m the bachelor on the hill :) Let Captain know I’m on the look out for imposter moles :) :) !!!

    • I am much like you and DO NOT do the bar scene. NO THANK YOU. Nope. Especially in Los Angeles. Disgusting in my opinion! :-/ But each to their own, ha ha.

      And you know, it’s never too late to change things that you’re not a big fan of in your life 😉 … Oh and JUST WAIT for Captain’s next video! AH HA HA! It’s just…. Oh no, I cannot tell you a thing until you see it.

  28. I’m not sure I want a do-over. More like a just don’t! The wings look good though. My bar food weakness is skinny french fries.

    • I agree Coco, I really wouldn’t do anything over in my life. Nope. I am content with everything that’s happened, even though in the moment of some events I wish I had done something differently. But I look back now and think about how much I learned from all of the experiences I have had.

  29. Elizabeth O. says:

    I think I got lost in my own trail of thought until I saw the pictures of chicken legs and wings! LOL. I’d like to count how many time you mentioned “Do Over” in this post, so fun! I haven’t seen the movie and I guess it would be nice to watch after I do over this wings recipe for my family! Okay, that just sounded awkward.

    • LMFAO! I KNOWWWW I said it a lot – ah ha ha! But do, TELL ME how many times I said DO OVER… However, I will not DO OVER this post to change it, LOL! 😉

      Let me know if you try this recipe and how you like it!

  30. Looks like you all had a great time doing those wings over! That’s didn’t come out right but you get the point. It’s really awesome if we could do over one event in our lives, but alas, that’s not going to happen ever. I’d love to try this recipe though!

  31. Haha. This post had me cracking up. If I could eat 500 lbs of any bar food it would be pizza. Gah! I can never get enough

    • OMG I haven’t had PIZZA PIZZA in 16 years!!!!! But I remember the EXACT way I used to eat it when I could, SO GOOD!!! Ugh. Nothing is better than melty/crispy cheese!

  32. Love me some crap-free food!
    And I wish I could do-over so many things!
    Where is the time machine when we need it??

  33. Do you know how often I read a recipe that I have the ingredients for?! Almost never! This time, I actually do! Thanks for sharing!
    As far as the do overs? Eh… I’d probably leave the big stuff the same. But I’ve come up with some super witty comebacks after small arguments that I wish I could’ve used!! 😉

    • OH SNAP – right?!?!?!?!??!! Those come backs, I wish I could say some of the ones I only thought of like 10 minutes after the fact! ha ha. And YES! I AM SO PUMPED that you have the ingredients for this recipe because perhaps you will MAKE IT!!! I see so many recipes on line that look AMAZING but I don’t have the ingredients either so… I then forget about the recipe and move on! ha!

  34. Lol thanks for making me laugh! I think everyone has some of those cringe moments to look back on.

    These look great! I’ve been eating a lot of plain food due to not knowing what seasonings restaurants use or just because I don’t know how to cook yet. Will have to give these a try.

    • Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions when you go out to eat. I ask a laundry list, so as to make sure I get exactly what I want! :)
      That being said – it’s time to get you in the kitchen and cooking!

  35. For chicken I will go for honey soy or just the good old southern style

  36. Wonderful post! Loads of fun stuff, and the video is wonderful. As is the recipe. :-) Thanks so much.

  37. Nicole Escat says:

    I have so much fun reading this post. There are so many wonderful things happening here.

  38. If chips and salsa count as a bar food..I could demolish their whoooole supply. I kinda burnt myself out on chicken wings after working at Hooters (lol) but for these I’d be willing to give it another go. And I actually shuddered at the thought of having to relive losing my virginity. GAH

    • OMG tell me more about your Hooters experience!!! I saw UNDERCOVER BOSS HOOTERS edition and it was VERYYYYY interesting.

      And thennnnnnn tell me the story of you losing your virginity. DUH! 😉

  39. Hmmm to answer your question…

    If I eat chicken I prepare it by walking into a restaurant, asking for wings, and waiting patiently til it comes to my table. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wait, does that count?

    Don’t answer that, it counts!!!

  40. I have to give this marinade a try – my kids love chicken legs!

  41. Oh man, a do over of my first time. How awful was that shit! lol

    Not a huge fan of any sauces on chicken, I just like seasoning. I’m also fussy and I don’t like too many spicy things, but maybe that’s just me and I’m boring. HA! :)

    • BAH HA HA HA HA H HA HA!!! No one is boring, we are all just unique and know what we like 😉 Especially when it comes to… Sex – he he he!

  42. This looks like such a great recipe – I love anything buffalo! Can’t wait to give it a a try.

  43. Hahaha who am I kidding?? I’m sitting there like “where are my wings i only ordered them 20 seconds ago????!!!!”

    *Sigh* Stop knowing me so well, Gigi.

  44. Looks awesome! #BrillBlogPosts

  45. You are hilarious – the first time sex one! :) That is one party in the kitchen! :)

    I always hate to say this cause people say not to BUT I would do a ton of things over and/or differently – it is what it is…

    I make chicken boring & easy! :)

    • I would be curious to hear what one thing in particular you’d do over. You are totally allowed to say it Jody, why not?! I mean – no one is you and/or lived your life, so if you want to do something over – THEN LETS HOPE APPLE invents that damn time machine soon!

  46. Haha! I could eat 50 lbs. of Buffalo Wings w/bleu cheese dressing! Of course, I would have the carrot sticks & celery to get my veggies in as well!! Love this…going to check out that Avocado may, I’m intrigued :-)

    • I mean, it’s ALL about balance, right??
      And DO IT – that mayo is on a whole other level and as you may remember, I am not a mayo fan – so for me to say that it truly means that stuff is amazing!

  47. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie! How cool that you got to hang our and cook for the cast! You rock, Gigi! This wing recipe is perfect. It’s going on my recipe list. You know Mini Me is chicken wing lovin’ kind of kid!

  48. Hmmm I’ve been sitting here for a good 5 minutes thinking about what I’d do over… perhaps I’d just generally say that I could do over my entire freshman year of college. I did a lot of stupid stuff that year. HA! But then again, it taught me a lot, so maybe not… Can you tell that I’m not so good with being regretful?! 😉

  49. The chicken wing recipe looks awesome – Thanks for sharing

  50. I pretty much have do over moments every single day but this chicken is something I’d want to do over and over and over and over again. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMM!

    The closest I’ve come to working with Jesse is running a youth group – and he was actually the best person to work with out of all the other leaders I’ve had on my team… probably because I could boss him around 😛

    • You bring up a good point! DO we want to DO something over because we want to re-live it a bunch, or do it over because it was just so bad?!?!?!

  51. Could you be any cuter! What a fun recipe for a fun cast of characters!

  52. No, I can honestly say there are no “do-overs” necessary in my life. I learned from everything. No regrets.

  53. You know what I’d like to do over? That time at Mardi Gras when I mooned a crowd of about 100k from our 2nd floor balcony.Pretty sure I’m on GirlsGoneWild. When I woke up the next morning my husband said “I guess you’re never running for public office.”

    okaaaaay, changing topics — chicken, I can’t stand the skin or bones, so it has to be shredded and in some tex-mex dish :-)

  54. We love chicken wings so much, something that is as much as spicy to make it the best. The Buffalo Sauce should be a wonderful add-on to try out something like this that sounds more delicious!

  55. I’ve been looking for a paleo approved chicken wing recipe. Thanks!

  56. Looooove this recipe!! I’m totally trying it out! Do over?…. Wearing the worst shoes possible to a wedding instead of wearing the shoes I had wanted to wear. The shoes I wore were uncomfortable and I tripped ON THEM, in the parking lot. Was one of those “whoa…whoooaaa… whooooooaaaa!!!” things when you gain momentum going down. Wasn’t pretty. And of course it was in front of about 10 ppl. I bawled like a baby in my jeep – ugly cry and sopping up bloody road rash on my arm with a snotty kleenex. I threw away those shoes.

    • LMFAO I LOVE THIS STORY BECAUSE… I am getting married in NOVEMBER and you want to know what kind of shoes I bought to wear under my dress?! WEDGE SNEAKERS!!! To give me a little height, but also are comfortable enough that I do not want to RIP MY FEET OFF 10 minutes into the evening!!!!! I am sorry about your mistake and embarrassment but also thankful, because you remind me that… My purchase was SMART! 😉

      Now go make this recipe – and forget about this incident! LOL!

  57. Um YUM. Must make these asap.

  58. I can totally crush some fried cheese sticks! That movie looks like a blast and love your baked wings!

  59. Fried of course. I like do overs.

  60. Just kicking it with Drew Seeley in your kitchen! Just when I didn’t think you could get any cooler GiGi! This chicken looks great! I love baked lemon pepper chicken! I could eat cheese sticks or chicken wings al day. I want to check out this movie for sure! I’ll have to try that overnight marinate,

    • Cheese sticks – I need to see what these are all about, however, maybe I don’t because that might make me sad since I cannot eat cheese – ha ha. And so you know Drew huh?! 😉 Amy is a lucky lady!

      And the overnight marinade is truly the trick to the crispity chicken you want for this recipe!!

  61. I always go for the chicken wings as a starter when I’m in TGI’s. But I’ve never really done any chicken wing recipes at home because Lynne isn’t a fan. I SERIOUSLY think this recipe will change all that! Awesome! Thanks GiGi. :-)

    • Oh I really think it will change that too because really it’s just chicken… And you can make ANY sauce to go along with it. Now if Lynn doesn’t like chicken in general, then MAYYYYBEEEE it’s not for her – lol!

  62. Lesley-Anne says:

    I want wings now and it’s only 11am. Great post :)

  63. These look insanely tasty! And I could definitely eat 50 pounds of nachos in one sitting. Ohhh my goodness, I think I am addicted to Tostitos! Gimme all them! 😛

    • OMG I USED TO ADOREEEEE those chips! There really is SOMETHING about them that makes everyone wind up saying “oh wait, where did the chips go…” (ahem, they ate them all in about 5 minutes, LOL!)

  64. These look amazing- love that they are “crap free” 😉

  65. HI GiGi,
    Holy Heck GiGi you crack me up. I never know what to expect when I start to read you post. Never a dull moment with you. Okay I have to tell you the truth I really like no crap added to my chicken and I like plain organic coconut oil with Himalayan salt sprinkled on and made on our pellet grill. I like things plain and simple that way I don’t have to worry about any allergic reaction. Your chicken wings do sound very tempting and tasty.
    I meet my husband at a job I used to work at and we started dating, but we didn’t get married until after he had found another job which was with the government because it paid a lot more and had better benefits. I stayed at the job for 16 years and he stayed at his government job until he retired a few years ago. It actually went fine because if we wouldn’t of worked together I don’t think I would ever of meet him and we have been married for over 28 years.
    Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays blog hop. Pinned & tweeted!

    • Aw! I love your story with you and your husband!!! I guess working together can actually work :)

      And I am right there with you – I am all about the plain and simple… However, I have a very weird recipe coming soon, hahaha! Which may not seem all that plain and simple – You will be the judge when I post it!

  66. These look really good! I haven’t had wings in forever.

  67. ha! Did any of those above scenarios actually happen to you????
    These are up my alley. I love my chicken wings and legs to be crap-free.
    Also, there used to be a show called Do Over starring a then young Penn Badgley as a man traveling back in time to his teen self.. to help put his family back together.

    • ah ha ha! Those above situations did NOT happen to me, thank goodness!
      The only above situation that happened to me was eating ALL THE CHICKEN WINGS! hahahaha!

  68. Your sauce ingredients are awesome! Thank you for sharing your yummy Buffalo Wing recipe at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing!

  69. So fun! I would not mind ‘doing over’ that moment of my life lol. Well the setting was perfect, not the partner. Anywhoo!!!!!!!!!! Baking soda and baking powder in a chicken marinade? Are you sure? OK I,ll have to give it a try 😀

  70. Did I comment this week? lol. I’m both too lazy and too hyper at the moment to scroll through and find out! I know I read the post but I think I was pulled away before I could put in my two bits!!
    This is looking positively delicious and I LOVE the flavors….and the pic!!
    Do over? There’s a million of them! I probably would have worn pants instead of a skirt when I was walking downtown Chicago at one of the busiest intersections in the city and a sudden wind blew up! Lots of honking horns and a very red face! hahaha

    • Ah h ah ahaha! I don’t care if you already commented – I AM OBSESSED with the fact that you decided to “do it over” and come back to visit! hehehehehee! Makes me feel special 😉 I am posting a new blog update tomorrow though, so does that mean I am seeing you twice this week -OH SNAP!!

      AND UM – I wish I were at that intersection in Chicago because I would have TOTALLYYYYYY captured that experience on camera for you and BLACKMAILED YOU! hahaha jk! 😉 Let’s hope you remembered your skivvies that day!

  71. Of wings are my food of choice as always! I don’t prepare them myself though. It’s just one of those things I eat out only! Yours do look just as delicious!

  72. hahaha..yes on the DO OVER ..hmm crappy ex. I wish I walked out as soon as I saw the
    and yes on the sex part. Too funny! But hey..I’m here for the recipe :)

    Thank you for sharing this over at Healthy Living link party, Your entry is our “most clicked/popular”. WOOHOOO! Hope to see you again..have a great day and thank you for the laugh.

  73. That buffalo sauce looks WICKED! NOMNOM :)

  74. I need a laugh, so I just came back and re-read this post :-) Oh! I also needed the recipe…Pinned it, so I can easily find it now. Cheers Gigi!!

    • OMG seriously?! THIS is one of the best comments I have ever read! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you use my blog as a place to grab a laugh! Wait, can you GRAB a laugh?? lol

  75. I love the crisped up skin tip! Just like salmon skin, I like my chicken skin CRISPAY!

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