Fon-Doing With PlantFusion

“How are you fon… Doing?”


While this may sound like a cheesy pick-up lineI am quite confident that I did in fact get your attention…

So really, do tell me: “how are you fon-doing?!”

With strawberries? Waffles? Marshmallows? Bacon? ?

While all of those ideas sounds utterly mouthwatering… In order to keep this blog rated PG (for the most part at least)… How about I offer you something else to use as a chocolate fondue sauce vehicle… That is a little less “naughty” yet isn’t exactly one of the staple dippers found at lets say… The Melting Pot.

Roasted butternut squash.

When roasted, this rather phallic shaped frugetable (do you consider it to be a fruit or a vegetable? Technically it’s a fruit because it contains seeds) brings your taste buds to some pretty high foodgasmic heights (but most of you reading this already know that).

That being said… I am about to heighten them even further (multiple foodgasms? Whoops, there goes the PG rating)… By infusing even more PLANTS into the mix… For I have also decided to alter the staple sugar-packed chocolate dipping sauce that you fond-ionados (har har) are all too accustom to.


If you’d like to see what I mean exactly… Click play on the latest video



Sugar, Dairy, Egg, Gluten, Soy, Nut & Fruit-Free Chocolate & Vanilla Dips

Whirl it up…

  • Throw all of the above ingredients into a blender.
  • Puree until smooth.
  • Dip whatever the heck you want into it… You could ever Netflix and Chill with this SMOOTH “date” on Valentine’s Day.

Talk about a rather sinless, yet delectable blend of healthy and delightful elements. Now, while I am pretty sure you have all had a love affair with avocados at one point or another (or perhaps you still are?) have you ever tried courting PlantFusion Vegan Protein Powders?


These animal, soy, nut and gluten-free protein supplements contain a whooping 21 grams of protein per serving, which is insanely impressive… However, I was truly turned on by the fact that these supplements contain pre and probiotics to help support digestion… Because this just means that when you do fondue (with this recipe)… You won’t have to worry about NON-SEXY repercussions, ahem.  GiGi-Eats-Celebrities-Fondue-Chocolate-Dip

So Tell Me…

  • Do you consider butternut squash a fruit or a vegetable?
  • What would you use to submerge into either of these dips?
  • What are you dipping into this Valentine’s Day?
  • Have you ever had PlantFusion protein powder before? How did you use it?
  • Are you a chocolate or vanilla person? 


  1. You crack me up. Thank you for making me laugh this Tuesday morning! So get this: for Valentine’s Day this year, my fiance and I are going to Waffle House…They do a special for Valentine’s Day with white table cloths, roses, the whole shebang! And we even made reservations! It should be fun. :)

    • OMG I cannot wait to see pictures… Waffles are total food porn to me, ha ha ha! 😉 PS: when are you two getting married and how’s that process turning out for you?

  2. Can we put marshmallows in this or does that ruin health benefits? bwahahah

  3. I probably consider it a vegetable, but regardless, eating winter squashes this time of year is nice.

    I would definitely try either of your dips!

    Never used protein powder. I used to be a vanilla person, but now on rare occasions I have chocolate and vanilla swirled together.

  4. What would I dunk into these dips?
    My face – thats what I would dunk.

  5. A veggie! x

  6. This sounds good. As a slowly converting vegan I could really enjoy this. thank you for this awesome recipe.

  7. That is a great way to get some protein into a snack or meal. Love it!

  8. YUM! Sounds delish to me!

  9. never heard of this, but as i’m not a cheese/dairy person, it looks up my alley. i looooove squash and now feel like i need to make some tonight after reading this. hmm i like chocolate as long as it’s dark, and i like vanilla flavored stuff as well, although i’m not much of a sweets person altogether (no cake or cookies or any of that for me), so i guess i’d just choose plain dark chocolate and be done. :)

    • Oh yes! I am pumped I motivated you to make some squash tonight because UGH -SOO good!! :) In fact, I want some right now!!!

  10. I hadn’t considered whether or not butternut squash is a fruit or veggie. More importantly, I hadn’t considered it’s phallic look. I’m so ashamed of myself. Thanks for that.

    • HOLY FUCK. You didn’t!! I would expect out of ANY ONE of my blog friends YOU would be the one to notice all of these things because I feel as though we share a brain.

  11. Mmmmm I’d like to do some fon-doing with this! YUMMM! I never ever ever thought that butternut could be a fruit, but I guess I was FOOLED!

    • Ah ha ha ah! It’s funny how so many people would never even consider it to be a fruit – alas it is… What do you think eggplant and zucchini and bell peppers are? 😮

  12. That looks really good – I love squash, but my husband doesn’t, so I’ll have to just enjoy it by myself. :)

    • My fiance isn’t the biggest butternut squash fan and I am 100000% okay with that because… This means I don’t have to SHARE! he he he! Just like you 😉

  13. Yum! The avocado chocolate sounds awesome! Must try

  14. I would dip strawberries into this dip. Also squash is a veggie.

  15. Really interesting. I normally wouldn’t think of squash for a dip at all. Very healthy way of snacking. Thanks.

  16. Is it legal to use this fondue as a spread on toast?! :)

  17. What fun, as always! Multiple foodgasms for sure. I’ll have to think about what I’ll be dipping this V-day…

  18. I love squash! Your puns kill me as always. I can hear the vanilla dip calling my name.

  19. Yum!! Now I need to do this! Great way to get those veggies in too! You are too funny :)

  20. Looks like a good mix. I’m all for trying something new. You know as long as it’s not scary.

    •Are you asking just how far I’m willing to go?
    •V-Day this year is a couple painting class and probably chocolate for her.
    •I’m not much for either but I prefer dark chocolate in general and vanilla and chili powder in my hot chocolate, like a REAL Mexican.

    • I CANNOT wait to see the outcome of this painting class… Is it one of those drinking and painting situations?

      • Coffee and Canvas. So Lisa will be up all night drinking coffee so late. She’ll have to pace herself I think. Me? I can drink a pot of coffee and go right to bed.

  21. Squashes are squashes. They don’t like to be pigeonholed.

  22. Gosh am lololololing on the floor this whole article simply cracked me up…Hmmm Butternut squash isnt it a veg? I simply would dip n some cheese crackers in the fon-doo and dont even stat asking me what I will befon-dooing this valentines…iTs classified :)

    I shall defnitely be trying this out as its Alkaline time !

  23. that was quite the segue! I consider it a veggie and it’s one of my faves. I might dip some apples into your yummy looking dip :)

  24. Eat them both !! carrots and celery would be my dipping choices. I guess if you wanted bacon on a stick would be good with the chocolate “representin The Food Pervert yeah” bacon posse :) How’s Capt. Love doing ?? when is his next appearance on GiGi eat’s ??? Never heard of plant fusion before this.

    • HA HA HA HA!!!!! The Food Perv is gobbling up those chocolate bacon strips as we speak I am sure! 😉
      And “Captain Love” (he’ll laugh when he hears this nickname) is GREAT… And definitely needs to make it back on GiGi Eats… I will talk to him about that!

  25. Wow, I’d never thought about whether butternut squash was a fruit or a vegetable…I’d always just sort of assumed it was a vegetable. To be honest I’ve never been quite sure about the cut off point…! What I do know is it is awesomely delicious! I’ve managed to much my way through a whole one all by myself this week and it’s only Tuesday!! :-) Eb x

  26. Forwarding this to my SIL pronto! She will make this and, I’m sure, make the most interesting pairings with it. That way, all I have to do is show up and EAT IT!!!!

  27. I thought it was a vegetable!!! I have not tried that protein powder but I would dunk more veggies in it! :) I am more a vanilla person!!!

    So you used the squash for the phallic view?? 😉

  28. CHOCOOOLAAAATTTEEE alll da way! But I guess I’ve never really thought about whether its a fruit or veggie..its just a, SQUASH to me. BUTTT you know what that squash reminds me of right…

    you’re batting skillz. get yo mind outta the gutter 😛


    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY EXTREMELY AMAZING batting skills, LOL! However, I haven’t “practiced” in awhile, so I may not be as good anymore…

      GET YOUR mind out of the gutter now!

  29. I am tired and slow, took me a while to get the FON-DOING reference lol. But I am curious and would love to dip in there…dip what…for me to know and you to find out.

  30. I have yet to try that brand of protein…as for chocolate v. vanilla it depends on the quality and the platform, haha. I love a chocolate shake but I usually prefer vanilla ice cream because the chocolate usually doesn’t taste chocolate-y enough.
    As for Valentine’s Day, I have acting class and fully plan to bring in scene material that forces my scene partner to make out with me. Actually I think that is going to be the mandate for everyone’s scenes that day, hehehe. Yeah, single life!

    • AH HA HA HA HA! Is that even allowed? I have been told that make out sessions during acting class aren’t permitted… But maybe that’s just in improv classes?

      • HA! Yeah in some classes teachers aren’t into bodily contact. And in improv unless you are very very close to the people you are playing with that sort of thing can be dangerous territory. Our acting class has a “check in with your scene partner first” policy. And from there anything goes. Bwahahahahahah. Almost anything;)

        • You’re at UCB… Did you do groundlings? If so, what do you like better?

          • I fit in better with UCB people but Groundlings has a lot to offer that I think a lot of UCB people need (aka acting skills and emotion) so I think both are excellent for different reasons. If you are new-ish to the world though I’d say start with UCB. Or if you absolutely thrive off negative reenforcement start with Groundlings (I did but I thrive off positivity more so maybe I should not have). Either way you will be learning good improv skills. I dunno. If you wanna talk more about it shoot me a text;) I think I have your # still, if you don’t have mine lemme know!

  31. I always think of squash as a fruit, but with vegetable nutritional benefits. Am I right?
    I do love The Melting Pot, but I haven’t been in ten years. There aren’t any around here and that’s probably great. I do love dips of all kinds, though. I’d definitely eat yours.
    As for chocolate or vanilla, I’m a vanilla person with many things (like ice cream) but I love chocolate bars.

    • Pound it out VANILLA LOVER 😉 Lets eat a big huge bowl of vanilla “ice cream” sprinkled with chocolate bar bits… And catch up! 😉 I feel like I haven’t had a “convo” with you in forever!

  32. The phallic shaped frugetable comment is killing me:) We have a ton of allergies in our family and this recipe is fits us perfectly.

  33. When I think of butternut squash I think of it as a vegetable, but fruit or vegetable, it sounds amazing with chocolate! Actually a lot of think sound amazing with chocolate lol.

  34. I can’t say I ever thought of these ideas, but… maybe… I say, squinting my eyes a bit. Maybe! That’s as far as I’ll go.

  35. Oh I do like the added probiotic idea, well done Plant Fusion! I want phallic things to dip into these.

  36. Trick question. I’m a chocolate AND vanilla person. I’m planning to dip my torso into chocolate for V-Day, unmold it, and serve it as an edible sculpture, filled with vanilla whipped cream and fresh raspberries. The question is, do I consider myself a fruit? Or a vegetable?

  37. I tried the cookies and cream flavor PlantFusion protein powder before, and loved making almond milk shakes with it, and mixing it into yogurt!

    • I WANT TO TRY THAT ONE SOO badly, but I think there are a few ingredients in it I cannot consume – WOMP!! But I am thrilled to hear that it’s SUPER TASTY! I am not really all that surprised!

  38. If I had to choose vanilla or chocolate I’d be forced to request a swirl! And in that swirl of protein pudding I’d be dipping strawberries, pineapple, and sugar-free shortbread cookies. ♥

    • Sugar-free Shortbread Cookies….. THOSE sound magical…. Better than a certain someone’s appendage! BAH HA HA! (FINGER – get your mind out of the gutter!! lol)

  39. This is the second time that I’ve seen avocado in a smoothie today. I think it’s a sign. Avocados are now on my list!

  40. I tend not to have avocados in the house on a regular basis but this has inspired me to try something. Your images are a hoot, too.

    • I don’t typically have avocados EITHER…. I didn’t even know how to buy a ripe one, ha! I had to ask someone in the store because I am no avocado-pro… However, I think I might become one because this recipe is so stinkin’ good!

  41. I think of butternut squash as a vegetable and roasting it is epic! Actually, roasting it is the only way I will eat it.

  42. You are hilarious and a genius!! I love the idea of making chocolate fondue with Plant Fusion protein powder and roasted butternut squash!! Perfect!!

  43. That whole if-it-has-seeds-it’s-a-fruit thing is kinda confusing, isn’t it? I say, if we cook it like it’s a vegetable, it’s a vegetable. And if we use it like it’s a fruit, it’s a fruit. So if I serve it as a side nestled up against a main, it’s a veggie. And if I bake it as a pie, well it’s a fruit. Clear as mud, right? Fun stuff — thanks.

    • Well the problem with that theory is…. Butternut squash can be baked as a dessert or can nestle up next to your main meal!!

  44. mmm, great tip, I have been looking for a nice protein powder to up my protein intake, that sounds like a good option for me.

  45. Protein packed chocolate? Wow I’m so there. This sounds amazing I’m going to share this with my wife.

  46. This sounds really interesting, and like it would be an easy way to get more protein in your diet!

  47. It’s going to give my stomach a hug?! I’m in! 😉 Hooray for being totally sugar free! Winner winner!

  48. Nice job on those recipes! I’m all for making a healthier version of favorite foods!

  49. Great post! I’m new to your blog and really loving it.

  50. “Extended sexy time”. I lost it at that point……. couldn’t stop giggling for the rest of the video. I mean, surely you have to pause the recording frequently because you’re just killing yourself with laughter right? Or is it just me?

    Chocolate please. :-)

  51. You are a bad, bad girl! lol! Butternut squash is a veggie to me, I would dip strawberries in both of these dips, never heard of Plant Fusion protein powder but it sounds yummy, and I’m a dark chocolate girl all the way (I’ll save the white chocolate for you). We are staying in this year, eating raw oysters, making steak oscar and drinking champagne. Wooohoooo! Hope you and the fiancé have a wonderful first V-day fon-doing as engaged sweeties :)

  52. I’m not much of a chef, or even of a food blog follower, but you are hilarious and I could read your articles all day long, for the humor value alone (you had me at rubbing port fat all over your bod)y. That being said – your recipes look delish so I may have to actually attempt to enter my kitchen to try something out. You’re my type of girl – I’ll be back for more recipes and laughs :)

    • You just 100000% made my day. I can go to sleep now. DONE. Well, actually let me EAT SOMETHING delicious and then… Off to bed I go, ha! Cause as you can see from my blog… FOOD is my # 1! ha ha ha!! I’m off to check out your blog now… From the title of it… OLD SINGLE BITTER DRUNK – I have a feeling, we are going to be the BEST OF Blog Friends! ha!

  53. Definitely a chocolate person! vanilla is no match for chocolate, just imagine a fudgy rich chocolate ice cream with chunks of brownies and more chocolates, yum!

  54. Can I just dip my face in it cause yea…. that’s most likely what’s gunna be going down.

  55. Chocolate every time, but does it taste any good? I can’t help feeling it would not taste as good as the real thing? #showandtell

  56. I love you so much for this recipe!!! Hello Thursday night plans :)

    • Girl, I wish we were neighbors or at least lived in the same city—- We would have girlie date night with this recipe every week! ha ha!

  57. wow – looks healthy but delicious! Thanks for this… and thanks for making us laugh so much! I love it! :)

  58. Yum, My husband wanted me to switch over the a non-plant based protein powder and I just couldn’t! So Gross! I will have to try this one too!

  59. You are too funny and this recipe looks fun, perfect for fruit. Butternut is probably more of a veggie, but a fun add to smoothies.

    • Oh for sure! Butternut squash can be added to anything 😉 … It really can! Can you think of anything it wouldn’t pair well with?

  60. I love Plant Fusion, but I never would have thought to use it in a dip, especially a chocolate one. You are brilliant!

  61. I love butternut squash, but for me it’s always more of a savory dish, with pepper and salt. I can’t quite imagine how it would taste with the addition of a sweet dip…

  62. I’ve never even considered making fondue healthy before. Sounds good though!

  63. I love butternut squash. It’s a veggie in my books but I eat it up like a fruit since it’s so sweet and delicious.

  64. I’m not a big fan of fondue unless it includes chocolate, but I do love PlantFusion! They’re one of the few veg. protein powders I’ve found that I actually like. Also, whey can be bad for diabetics ( my bf is type 1 ) so it’s great to use a protein powder that’s plant-based because it’s easier on the kidneys. :)

    • I don’t ever advocate whey protein – Not just because I am lactose intolerant but because I truly believe that dairy or dairy derived products are meant for human consumption… So you and I are on the same page – ha ha! Have you tried the other protein powder I talk about frequently… NuZest? It’s vegan too and kicks butt!

  65. Wow, a recipe which actually fits with my eating plan, this I will be trying. So glad to find you at #showandtell

    • :) I am THRILLED it fits within your eating plan!!! It’s so hard to find recipes sometimes that cater to ALL restrictions!

  66. You’re adorable! This is such a great, healthy way of doing fondue!

    Karin |

  67. How the heck did you ever come up with this?! It’s bomb – I mean, seriously brilliant but I have a feeling you mind is always running like a bajillion miles an hour. Am I right?!

  68. Another entertaining post with a fab sense of humor that makes any recipe sound good. Butternut pumpkin, I would call it and it is a vegetable. But if I lived in the US I think I would call it a fruit. Your recipe sounds yum.

    Blogger’s Pit Stop

  69. Oooh, that chocolate reminds me of yummy chocolate mousse made with avocado—so luscious! I’d be happy to dip away with some roasted squash :)

  70. I was a vanilla person until I hit my 30’s because I was allergic to chocolate. (Yes! it was a nightmare, lol) Somehow, it disappeared – I suppose because I didn’t eat it from the time I was 10! I had forgotten how delicious it was and now I crave it all the time. This looks delicious so I’ll give it a try.
    Have a fun Valentines!

  71. I love fon doing and the melting pot. I didn’t realize it was a chain. Here I thought San Antonio was the only place it existed. I am just this weekend is a 3 day weekend! especially since we might not get to celebrate v-day till Monday.
    It’s your first V-day engaged right? That’s super exciting.

    • Ah ha ha! I have never actually been to the Melting Pot before, but I remember hearing about one in Denver or Boulder, COLORADO… So I know it’s in more locations! ha! What do you think you will do to celebrate this LOVE-ly day?

      And yes! FIRST Valentine’s Day engaged!!! And guess what fiance is doing right now?! Kickin’ ass in the LA Marathon!

  72. Currently been loving butternut squash so I’m glad to see this recipe! Butternut squash is a vegetable to me. I can’t be convinced to believe it is a fruit lol. I’ve never had any sort of fondue except chocolate fondue, so this sounds like something new to try!

  73. It looks so creamy and flavorful! I love the addition of avocado, considering that I’m absolutely addicted to it 😉 Thanks for sharing, Gigi!

  74. I think you make the best facial expressions that I’ve ever seen. EVER.

  75. I was kinda concerned about this post because I was reading it when my mom walked into the room and you happened to be talking about PG ratings but the top of that butternut squash looked kindasorta phallic, hahaha.

    Butternut squash is a vegetable to me! :] It is also apparently the vegetable I would be if I were to be a vegetable (my friends designated it for me because of my butt).

    I would dip fruits into this!

  76. I’m so far behind on your blog, gah! I’ve never thought to combine squash with chocolate, but it makes perfect sense given how sweet it is. Off to catch up on your posts!

  77. So yummy! Thank you for sharing your healthy and delectable Sugar, Dairy, Egg, Gluten, Soy, Nut & Fruit-Free Chocolate & Vanilla Dips recipe at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

  78. Sounds like an awesome amount of protein! I am definitely a chocolate person. Thanks for sharing this at Savoring Saturdays linky party. Hope you’ll join us again this week.